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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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now, getting used to the quick changes we have here. saying aloha to the high 80s. trying to get some sleep, going to sleep earlier and earlier. >> well, welcome. a new push to make sure that sexual predators are brought to justice no matter what they get caught. jackie ward explains how. jackie? >> reporter: good morning, michelle. this issue was raised after the bill cosby issue. and some people realize that the statute has expired so they are working on changing the statute of limitations for rape. 80-year-old helen hayes is the oldest of more than 50 women who have accused cosby of
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sexual assault. she was 38 when the allegations happens, but hayes cannot file charges against him? >> if i was 19, i would have said, bill, you are so silly but at 38, i said, bill, what the hell do you think you are doing? and i think it scared him and he left and said have a nice dinner, ladies. >> reporter: the bill would apply to crimes committed after january 31, 2017 and those allegations who have not expired. jackie ward, k, and ix 5. one bay area community has come together to call for the change of a controversial street name. the marin county board of supervisors will consider changing gunshot fire road to sunrise fire name. they are saying it's
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insensitive because it's near the location of the recent murder of steve carter in 2015. and let's check in with gianna for a look at the morning commute. good morning. a couple of things. redwood city, if you typically use el camino real between carter and roosevelt, it's shut down for at least another hour as crews work on a vehicle that hit a power pole overnight, and there are delays in and around the area. use an alternate if you can. highway 4 near big sur, an accident has cleared, and brake lights westbound 4 for the morning drive through pittsburg and northbound 101, monterey road to morgan hill, stop and go conditions. and we'll see brake lights past 880. 101, a live look at sfo. if you are headed along the
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peninsula, traffic is light along 101 in both directions near the airport and traffic is looking good. if you have an early flight, we have no delays to report through this portion of the roadway. right now, a look at the forecast with brian. good morning, gianna and good morning to you. a mostly cloudy start and a mostly sunny finish. high atop the transamerica pyramid this morning, you are seeing this, a look at the bay bring and mostly cloudy skies. 53 in san francisco. 48 in santa rosa. and here's what's happening. another weak cold front with another chance of rain for thursday morning. but today looks are the well, partly cloudy skies and on the mild side and a chance early thursday and then a sunny and warm week ahead. a complete look at the weather but first, the latest. >> thank you, brian. a beloved former football
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star and his wife shot, and police are trying to figure out why. will smith, a former new orleans saints player, had just left dinner with his wife when they were attacked. smith was killed and his wife was hit in the leg. police thought it was a road rage shooting but now they say smith might have been targeted. >> will was a humble man, and what i admired most was his continual drive to do better, to be better on the field and off the field and be a great man, a great father, a great husband and he accomplished all that. >> 28-year-old cardell hayes is held on second degree murder charges, bail set at $1 million. he will being charged in the attempted second degree murder of smith's wife. santa clara county supervisors will consider reforms that could spark changes at the jail.
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kiet do is live at the main jail with the push for improvement. kiet? >> reporter: good morning. the board of supervisors will hear about the report, a list of everything that is wrong at the santa clara county jail. there is a long list of recommended changes, everything from installing an independent auditor and overhauling the welfare fund and grievance system and improving the culture and attitude of the guards towards the inmates. lori smith convened the blue ribbon panel following the beating death of an inmate. three jail guards are charged with homicide and are waiting trial. smith pound out it would take two years and millions of doll torse replace the security camera system, so she made a costco run and installed an $800 system she paid for with
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her own credit card. several months ago, a former judge and kpix analyst threatened to quit the committee. >> it turns out that we are not permitted to know, at least things i think are -- i cannot participate. and i won't because i am not going to operate in the dark. >> reporter: all 19 members of the blue ribbon committee voted u man vote -- to unanimously to adopt the recommendations. the meeting this morning will start at 9:00 a.m. kiet dough, kpix 5. a santa rosa woman who allegedly set herself on fire to avoid eviction could face a
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single felony charge for wreckly starting a fire that caused $600,000 in damages. she suffered 30 deagree 30 -- degree burns on her body and was saved by her son. goldman sachs has a settlement regarding the 2008 crisis. the actual amount could be $4 billion, reduced further through government incentives and tax credits. the bank will avoid criminal penalties. today, president obama will designate a new monument in washington to honor the women's equality movement. this comes on equal payday to highlight the gaps between men and women, and glass door will be hosting an online discussion on the issue featuring hillary clinton and other experts. it's 6:07. new york is next up on the
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primary schedule but at least 1 candidate is focused on california. >> and this allergy season could be a bad one. what is making things worse and how can you get relief? >> i wonder if it has anything to do with rain. the forecast coming up. >> and we have reports of delays on the dumbarton bridge. details are coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ forecast in just a few minu (shutters ratt hey, it's tuesday morning, april 12 and we'll say happy birthday to someone who got their bachelor's degree from cal in 1938 and sold 91 million children's books, one of the most popular authors of all times, beverly cleary, 100 years old today.
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happy birthday, beverly. look at this. this is deep in the heart of texas where some areas were hit by hailstorms, hail the size of baseballs that damaged homes and cars in wylie. >> it's incredible. i have never been through anything like this before. >> there was so much damage that the local school district canceled classes. the delegate system has lit a fuse for donald trump. don champion on the candidate's newest frustrations on his rival's efforts to win in new york and california. >> get him out of here. get him out. get out. >> reporter: during a campaign stop, donald trump railed against the so-called rigged system. >> i end up winning louisiana. when everything is done, i find out i get less delegates than a guy that got his [bleep]
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kissed. give no a break. >> reporter: the rnc chair defended the process in a tweet saying in part, the rules were set last year, nothing mysterious, nothing new. cruz has shifted his attention to california where he said that the gop nomination will be decided. >> donald, 65,000 people voted in the state of colorado. they just didn't vote for you. they voted for our campaign. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton maintains a double-digit lead in new york over bernie sanders. >> he voted for the law that tells gunman gun hand -- manufacturers and sellers
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continue. >> reporter: sanders still trails clinton in the overall delegate count. don champion, cbs news, new york. as for the delegate numbers in new york, 95 are at stake for republicans and 247 on the line for the democrats. and soon we might see less of donald trump on 13,000 customers have signed a petition asking amazon to drop men's wear from the collection. dozens of companies have distanced themselves from the billionaire after his campaign launched. a meeting to focus on the super bowl 50 fund, designed to help groups in low income communities. late march through may is usually a rough time for people with pollen allergies, and this year is worse than most.
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the allergy and asthma clinic of san mateo has been busy. and they say although it doesn't start earlier, it's more intense and ash and oak trees are in full bloom and grass will follow. >> there is no such thing as a good spring in northern california but unfortunately, this spring has a lot of pollen and is making people uncomfortable. and i think el nino has contributed. >> doctors recommend to keep your windows closed on window days, change your clothes when you get home and watch the pollen out of your hair so you don't sleep with the pollen in our pillow. a saddened for a 25-foot long snake in malaysia. the 550-pound python died on sunday. it was discovered by construction workers and kept
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in the office where it was fed and cared for as wildlife experts were contacted. so on that note, we have a check on weather and traffic. >> i'm up first? >> you're up first. okay. it's crawling along out of the maze with metering lights turned on at 5:30. 24 minutes for your drive time westbound 80 heading to the maze. nimitz freeway moving along. and construction delays working down to hayward, 238 southbound, stop and go past the bum dumbarton bridge. we have word of an accident on the west end to 101 and traffic is backed up in that area, so give yourself a few minutes there. 17 minutes for the drive time between 880 and 101 out of
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hayward into concord. and we have activity for a vehicle that hit a power pole at 2:30 this morning and we have crews on scene and police, so use an alternate with the northbound side of el camino real shut down. more 101 out of morgan hill, stop and go conditions. and that's easing up a bit until you get to 280-680 when traffic fills in. 280 still looks like a better choice headed through downtown san san jose. 580, westbound is slow out of tracy. 18miles per hour in spots and eases around greenville with better speeds towards the dublin interchange. 680, delays on the southbound
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side out of pleasantton into the sunol grade and that's a look at your morning drive. time for a look at the forecast, brian. thank you, gianna. cloudy looking at the tblaij has been carrying traffic since no 12, 1936, bay bridge, looking beautiful. temperatures postally in the 50s. san francisco at 53. chilly in santa rosa at 48. here's how it looks from high atop the west coast, low pressure still over the desert southwest and low pressure up over the gulf of alaska and we're in between with partly cloudy conditions and numbers will top out in the mid-60s. on the futurecast, look at the clouds slowly clearing and increasing sunshine and into the nighttime hours, a weak disturbance approaches to the north and keep us with drizzle tomorrow, but today, looks
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good. the rain over the weekend boosted rainfall, livermore at 278% of average rainfall and san jose, way ahead. santa rosa, 43% as the bulk of the rain on saturday and sunday in the east bay. that doesn't look too bad, and neither does this. today, mid-60s, santa rosa, 68, and 67 at fairfield and 67 for san jose, and we get rain coming into the bay area, not much. it will come in conveniently in the wee small hours of thursday. but today and tomorrow, mild and partly cloudy. but we'll have a warming trend that will find us in the mid- 70s saturday and sunday. after the chance of rain coming in on early thursday, meantime, today looks great. that's the weather. here's michelle. brian, the san mateo city
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council has decided on a controversial measure to provide help to evicted renters. steph curry's brother pulled off a move that is the talk of the nba. and the first place as come home red hot. they hut --out hit the angels. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. where is the respect for your oakland athletics? they come home after sweeping seattle and are in first place and are playing the angels who feature the best player in baseball, and i've seen a bigger crowd in the kpix restroom. you go fishing, keep the bait lower than this. mike trout out in a hurry.
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now, the as had 10 hits but managed just one run and lose 4- 1. steve kerr played for the bulls game that won 72 game, and now, as coach of the warriors, he could say break that record. and his teammates are letting him have it. >> luke longley will have a snarky joke for me and everyone else will mutter expletives under their breath. and seth curry recorded his second straight 20-point game and tripled his career high in assists with 15. the kings beat the suns, 105- 101. george karl played seth curry
6:25 am
39 minutes, a career high. seth curry is the talk around the nba this morning. and back to mlb for the play of the day. the chicago cubs hosting cincinnati. chicago's jason hayward at the plate. >> a cardinal last year and a cub now and look at this lay by adam duval. >> cincinnati's adam duval with an impressive catch and play of the day but it wasn't enough for the reds who fell to the cubs 5-3. one bay area city is taking immediate action to keep police and firefighters from seeking greener pastures. >> and a bill that would get rid of the statutes of limitations in california for sex crimes like rape. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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from rolling through the bay area... a major push begins today to prevent trains packed with coal from rolling through the bay area. >> and a six-month long investigation into the everything that is wrong with the santa clara county main jail. big changes could be coming. >> and we could have a chance of rain. but in the meantime, sunshine. details coming up in a few minutes. a bits of a snag at the golden gate bridge. what that means for the morning drive. >> good morning, everyone. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the time is 6:29. the chp is trying to track
6:30 am
down the drivers involved in an illegal sideshow on the bay bridge. the stunt had traffic on the eastbound span backed up to the city. by the time the chp got there, drivers sped off so they could not make an arrest. they are working leads in the 5- minute video. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is live with more details on a new bill. jackie? >> reporter: michelle, it's a bill that many sexual assault victims are pushing for, one that would allow them to charge their abuser no matter how much time has passed. this bill was introduced in light of the case against bill cosby. right now, the statute of limitations in california is a decade meaning that helen hayes here in california cannot press
6:31 am
charges against bill cosby. >> if it's abolished, maybe it will save someone from being attacked. you can hide like he did for all these years, laughing at everything and saying they can't do anything to me. >> reporter: laws like that don't act retro actively, so even if it passes, hayes would not be able to take action against cosby. one of the reasons that the limitations exist is to make sure that defendants are prosecuted with evidence that hasn't deteriorated with time. jackie ward, kpix 5. two berkeley graduate students have filed a sexual harassment suit against professor blake wentworth and the state of california.
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wentworth still works there. police officers and firefighters in palo ate --alitiy on are getting a much- needed raise. firefighters say they the pay hasn't kept pace. new firefighters start out at $85,000 a year. so the city council voted unanimously to give salary bumps to the police officers and firefighters, a 2.5% raise in three installments. a tough loss in the battle for affordable rent in san mateo last night. the city ordinance would have required landlords to pay evicted tenants' six months assistance. property owners are saying that wouldn't be fair. and which bay area city is at the top of the skyrocketing rent prices? don't have to look far.
6:33 am
it's oakland, a 1-bedroom, $2300 and 2 bedrooms at $2700, the highest year to year increases in the united states. >> welcome to the bay area. >> yeah, sticker shock yet? >> i am not going to get used to it and every year, the same story, 10%? >> everyone in the milky way galaxy wants to come here but we are glad to have you here, by the way, and thank you for coming to channel 5 this morning. today, the numbers will warm into the mid-60s by the time all is said and done. 54 in the city and 56 in san jose and here's what's happening. low pressure's going to sink south and this time from the gulf, not from in southern california. this is a more traditional
6:34 am
direction out of the gulf, a light cold front on thursday morning and we'll get a quarter of an inch of rain. today looks good and we'll wait for that. partly cloudy and a shower chance on thursday and a sunny and warm weekend ahead with readings in the mid-70s. all smooth sailing for weather. what about traffic, gianna some. unfortunately, not the best news out of marin. reports of an accident at the golden gate bridge. five gates are still open southbound. we are not seeing delays yet. it's still early but it may back up. the drive times, okay, 14 at south 101 from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. but they have the accident blocking toll gate number 4. south 101, busy opinions through pet petaluma.
6:35 am
the bay bridge, backups into the maze and delays expected on the dumbarton bridge, an accident working towards 101 and a live look at the san mateo bridge. drive times, 20 minutes through 880 and 101 and a new wreck, south 85, a counter commute, northbound 85 stop and go for the morning drive. michelle? today in sacramento, a state senate committee will review a plan over coal shipments. opponents are concerned that dust from the coal may pose a risk to people and the environment. this afternoon, senator hancock will present her plan before the transportation committee. a tentative deal reached between bart and the labor union to prevent another strike for at least the next four years. the current contract was set to expire next year.
6:36 am
critics say that bart workers are already among the highest paid in the nation with a generous benefits budget. this as bart plans to ask voters to approve a 3.5 billion bond. >> the bond measure is about capitale ininvestment capital -- investment in the system. none of this is for the workers. >> the public will be disappointed to hear this and it's more of an uphill climb to get the bond passed. the california highway patrol today will present medals of valor to 15 state employees, honored for demonstrating extraordinary acts of bravery and heroism to save the lives of others, the highest honor that california bestows on public servants. supervisors in santa clara county could weigh in on reforms that could change the
6:37 am
jails for good. kiet do is live at the may jail with a push to transform the prisons. kiet? >> reporter: good morning. the board of supervisors will hear the findings prosecute 6- month long investigation into the jail, 120 items total including everything from installing an independent auditor and overhauling you the welfare found and grievance system and improving the attitude of the guards to the inmates. lori smith conevented a top to bottom review following the beating death of an inmate last year. three guards are charged with homicide and are waiting for trial. smith talked about replacing the camera system. last month, she pound out it would take two years and millions of dollars, and she made a costco run herself and installed an $800 camera system she paid with her own credit card. she talked about the lack of
6:38 am
transparency in a previous interview. >> our willingness to bring in an outside agency i hope demonstrates the transparency we are committed to provide and that the public has a high degree of trust in what we are doing. >> reporter: all 19 members voted unanimously to adopt the 120 reforms. the board of supervisors will likely debate to take control of the jail away from the sheriff but that is not likely to happen. the meeting this morning starts at 9:00 a.m., kiet do,kpix 5. still no sign of a missing 2-year-old girl whose mother was found dead in san francisco. they are looking for arianna fitt, sunday she is considered at risk because she is so young and her mother was found dead,
6:39 am
last seen alive on april 1. her body was found in mclaren park. eye court date today for an undocumented immigrant charged with first-degree murder for last year's death of catherine steinmere. officials will plead with lawmakers to close a major loophole on rules for pilot fatigue. >> and a farm in virginia is looking for volunteers to volunteer cuddle with her baby goats. and a look at the big board. the dow is up about 21 points right now. we'll have an update coming up. ,,
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we hate to be average but that's where we'll be today. san francisco at 62, and concord, 67, and oakland, 66, and warming up by the time we get to the weekend. today, nice, partly cloudy skies after the leaden overcast of this tuesday morning. 67 for san jose and the sun will come out later at brentwood. 63 in vallejo. the north bay, mid-60s as well with mid-60s at oakland and napa, . enjoy it. >> thank you, brian. warnings from a major silicone valley company this morning. >> and and more from financial
6:44 am
reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning michelle and kenny and welcome, kenny. pc shipments are down by 9.6% from the prior quarter, in the first quarter, falling under 65 million for the first time since 2007. sales in the u.s. are at 6.6%, six straight quarters of decline for ship wants. network gear makers are having a tough day after sunnyvale- based juniper warned that first quarter earnings are weaker than anticipated. the demands are softer that europe and asia. ciscoe shares down by almost 2%. the stock market is trying to
6:45 am
rebound after an off day yesterday. let's take a look at the big board. in the early going, the dow is moving higher by 70 points. the nasdaq is flat. the s&p 500 up by 5 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason, thank you for that, and good to see you. jason brook. police have arrested david wolfsmith. worn of the wolfpak, accused of assaulting minors and adults. anyone with information is asked to call police. a man allegedly beat an unconscious man at an orind allows party a few months ago. witnesses say that they saw him get into a fight with another partygoer outside the house party and police found blood in the driveway nearby. the victim who has never been identified, remains in the
6:46 am
hospital. the suspect is facing attempted murder charges. the two men who led l.a. police on the wildest of chases could spend 6 years in prison for a flashy drive. herschel reynolds and isaiah long were involved in a burglary at a cerritos home before the chase that end inside a south l.a. neighborhood where a crowd gave them high fives. you are used to seeing car chases in l.a., but this one, i had never seen anything like it, and no car chases on our bay area roads, gianna. no, and you are not going very fast westbound 580, a crash involving a big rig at grant line. so that will slow you down. out of tracy, sluggish, son and go conditions to grant line. past that, a better commute
6:47 am
with easy conditions, 15 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. north 101 at 116, getting word of a car fire. they have 1 lane blocked, a traffic alert issued through there. not seeings they on the sensors. but at least one lane has been shut down. down south, 101, an accident to the shoulder. richmond-san rafael bridge backing up at the toll plaza. delays westbound through there, and traffic is sluggish towards marin county, and better on the golden gate bridge, an accident blocking a toll lane. traffic is okay 580 into san francisco. northbound 82, el camino real between carter and roosevelt, lanes are blocked for an over fight accident where a vehicle hit a pole and pg&e crews are on scene, and it's expected to
6:48 am
continue for sometime as they hit a power pole, and 880, looking good but extra volume northbound into oakland. southbound, okay past the coliseum, and south of there, you will be tapping the brake lights, and you can see a 20 minute right south 880, 238 to highway 84 and we have the as in town taking on the angels. will it be a nice day for the ball game? it will be spiffy with the partly cloudy skies and we look at the sunrise and sunset -- michelle knew that that was from "fiddler on the roof." that's why we love michelle, so talented. and this is looking south from the transamerica pyramid. numbers in the mid-50s and will recover to the mid-60s by the time the sunset rolls around. low pressure in the gulf will stay up there for 48 hours or so before sending a cold front
6:49 am
our way on thursday morning. for today and tonight, partly cloudy and on the mild side and a chance of showers coming in early on thursday morning, getting to midnight in the north bay and spreading south. meantime, a nice day today and then a sunny and warm week ahead, 70s. up in redding, 71, and fresno, 73, and chilly in yosemite and lake tahoe, 51. overnight lows tonight, readings in the upper 40s and low 50s and sun up tomorrow at 12 mites before 7:00 and here's how it looks on the temperature forecast, 68 in santa rosa, and 57 at napa, and 67 for fairfield and livermore today, mid-60s and start with the clouds and end with the sun and that holds true as well for san jose. 67, and mountain view, 66, and san francisco, 62. the extended forecast, calling for rain early on thursday and
6:50 am
about a .25" to .50" in the north bay and lesser amounts as the cold front spills south. and then getting into the weekend, looks nice, the numbers in the mid to upper 70s by saturday, sunday, and monday, and today, not bad, either. enjoy it. michelle and kenny? >> thank you. today, lawmakers will discuss the safer skies act, sponsored by california senator barbara boxer. it calls for all airline pilots to get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and cannot fly longer than 8 hours straight. it includes cargo plane pilots. the state senator committee has approved a bill protecting california patients. doctors would have to disclose when they are on probation. the bill is sponsored by state senator jerry hill of san
6:51 am
mateo. >> the doctors have been placed on probation for serious offenses such as sexual misconduct, drug abuse or felonies related to patient care. >> doctors have to report violations and suspensions to hospitals and insurance companies but not patients. only a small percentage of california doctors are put on probation, about 600 out of 137,000. after years of drought, finally good news for the first time since 2014. lake tahoe reached its rim. by comparison in december, the lake was 1.5 feet below the natural rim. according to the national weather service, 60 billion- gallons have flowed. baby goats apparently need
6:52 am
a loving cuddle, and that's where you come in. there is a call for volunteers to hold these tiny animals. over 100 goats are born in a week, and they need to be cuddled so they don't scurry off during milking time. they are calling all the way to california for help. michelle, was that you dialing during commercial break? >> that was not me but they are so cute, though. san francisco police are hoping that the public can lead them to two people involved in the stabbing death of a tourist. >> and details on a proposed bill that would eliminate the time limits for the statute of limitations for sex crimes.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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weather toda the system triggered a major hail stor texas yesterday -- c five things to know at 6:55. eye system triggered a major hailstorm in north texas yesterday causing significant damage to cars and structures. schools in hard-hit wylie are closed today. the man accused of murdering nfl star will smith is facing charges today. cardell hayes's attorneys that his client act inside self defense. and polls show that donald trump is holding a sizeable lead among republicans, and ted cruz has turned his attention towards california with a visit here yesterday. hillary clinton maintains a double-digit lead among new
6:57 am
york's democrats. a high profile homicide could prompt marin supervisors to change the name of a road. steve carter was killed near gunshot fire road and they would rename it sunrise fire road. police are hoping this sketches will help track down the suspects in the deadly robbery of a british tourist. the victim was stabbed multiple times in the head. a bill would be considered today to eliminate the statute of limitations in sex crime cases. this issue was raised after the bill cosby scandal when people realized that the crimes would go unprosecuted because the statutes have a fired. 80-year-old helen hayes is one of 50 women who accused cosby of sexual assault. she was 38 years old when she met him and because the statute of limitations is a decade in
6:58 am
california, she cannot file charges. >> ii was 19, i would say have said, bill, oh, you are so silly. but at 38, i said, bill, what the hell do you think you are doing? i think it scared him and he left and said have a nice dinner, ladies, and i never saw him to this day. >> reporter: the statute was to make sure that defendants were not prosecuted with evidence that deteriorated with time. this would be pertaining to crimes committed after january 1, 2017 and those whose limitations have not expired. john kerry ward, kpix. we have a busy ride working your way westbound, 205, stop and go conscious and looking at the sensors, it's packed at least to greenville and past
6:59 am
there, a better ride, 680 to the dublin interchange. metering lights at the bay bridge, and westbound 80, carquinas bridge to the maze, that's a 35-minute ride. the san mateo bridge, just crawling along to the 101. brian? the numbers as we head out, mid-50s for the most part. here's what we are look to have happen, readings in the mid-60s, a nice one on tap and a warming trend heading into the weekend, sunny and warm by saturday and cannot. >> kenny, your first morning showdown. >> and many more to come. humbled to be here. thank you so much. >> you did a good job. >> thank you. >> and your next local update at 7:26. >> cbs news this morning is coming up next. have a great day, everyone.
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, april 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hail as big as grapefruit smashes parts of texas. more powerful storms threaten millions today. >> hillary clinton feels the heat from a racially charged joke told by the mayor of new york city. cbs news investigates how some people lost thousands of dollars in a donald trump business venture advertised as recess oof. >> his morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,pop tree in my hoe.


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