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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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alert is in effect, includi parts of the bay area. developing news. a car stolen with this two- year-old boy inside. now an amber alert is in effect including parts of the bay area. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. the chp has issued an amber
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alert for several counties including santa clara and santa cruz. 2-year-old jason vargas is missing after someone stole his parents' car with him inside from soledad in monterey county just before 7 a.m. today as the boy's parents were warming up the car. the stolen car is a 2015 black honda accord, license plate 7lie244. it has continued windows and damage to the left rear bumper. authorities hope someone recognizes the boy or the car. jason has asthma and needs to take his medication this afternoon. the warriors had a record- breaking win and now they begin the nba play-off run this saturday. as anne makovec reports from oakland, fans are already gearing up for the post-season. >> with the greatest regular season record of all times! >> reporter: at that moment the golden state warriors became the first nba team ever to win 73 games in a regular season.
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today fans are still riding that high. >> it is just amazing to see them at this point. >> reporter: dozens flocked to the team store at oracle to buy warriors gear. >> i got a jersey, i'm waiting to see what else they have. >> 73, you know? that's history. >> reporter: last night's win broke the record set two decades ago by the chicago bulls including golden state coach steve kerr. >> i will say the same thing now that i said 20 years ago. i don't think this one will ever be broken. >> curry for 400! >> reporter: steph curry now has another shooting milestone under his belt becoming the first player to make 400 three- pointers in a season with more plans for the play-offs ahead. >> we need 16 wins, uhm. it's nice to be able to focus on that goal specifically now. >> reporter: tickets for saturday's game against houston start around $200 and it is a home game here at oracle and fans are ready to roar. >> hopefully go all the way and take the championship again. >> reporter: you can see the
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winning net from last night has been taken off the hoop. it will eventually be on display at the nba hall of fame. at oracle arena, anne makovec, kpix 5. even president obama is giving golden state some props. he posted on twitter, congrats to the warriors. a great group of guys on and off the court. if somebody had to break the bulls' record, i'm glad it's them. the president has a home in chicago and is a bulls fan. the warriors start round one of the play-off run against the rockets saturday night in oakland. game 2 will be at home on monday. games 3 and 4 will be in houston april 21 and 4 and if necessary games 5 and 7 would be in oakland. as if that wasn't enough excitement, the sharks begin their run in the stanley cup play-offs tonight. san jose's first round opponent the los angeles kings. you will recall two years ago it was the kings who came back from three games down to eliminate the sharks in that year's play-offs. games one and two will be
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tonight and saturday in l.a. games three and four will be in downtown san jose monday and wednesday night at 7:30. a quick walk from the shark tank san pedro square is already decked out for what hopefully will be a long play- off run. the square's landmark arch is now a sharks sign and banners are displayed up and down the block. the former concord naval weapons station could soon serve a new purpose. the "chronicle" says concord city council members have agreed to talk to redevelop the shuttered base. the only firm still in the running for the first phase of the massive reuse project plans housing, parks, shops and community centers. the family of a cal football player has settled a wrongful death suit with the school. he died in 2013 during a training session. his parents say the defensive end ted agu had a blood
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abnormality and shouldn't have had such a strenuous workout . the family settled for $4.7 million after months of negotiations and litigation. berkeley police need your help identifying this man. they say that he and another person walked into the apple store on 4th street and stole an ipad on april 3. the surveillance photos are pretty clear. officers don't believe it's related to any other ongoing thefts from apple stores in the bay area. to campaign 2016 now. tension is building ahead of tonight's democratic debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in brooklyn, new york. meanwhile gop front-runner donald trump is taking jab at the republican party. kenneth craig reports. >> reporter: donald trump appeared on fox news and accused the republican party establishment of trying to derail his campaign. >> i could win pennsylvania by a landslide, get 17 delegates and somebody else could get
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like 35 or 40 and they didn't even win but they have connections into the machine. >> boo! >> it's not right! >> reporter: the latest cbs news national poll shows trump maintains a significant lead over senator ted cruz and john kasich. as for the democrats, the same poll shows hillary clinton with a 10-point lead in the empire state. clinton will work to keep the lead when she faces off against bernie sanders during a debate here tonight at the brooklyn navy yard less than a week before the new york primary. later today, sanders will deliver a speech at a civil rights summit. clinton addressed the same group yesterday and accused sanders of ignoring them. >> if we're going to ask african-americans to vote for us, we can't take you for granted. >> reporter: bernie sanders attacked her for her ties to wall street last night. >> if somebody gets paid $225,000 for a speech, it must
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be an unbelievably extraordinary speech! >> reporter: 70% of the votes in new york's last primary came from the city's five boroughs. kenneth craig, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> donald trump has agreed to speak at the california republican convention in burlingame later this month to give the keynote speech. appearances by ted cruz and john kasich were previously announced. >> typically by the time the presidential primary comes around to california the case has been decided already. so it's exciting to have a contested race with three candidates coming. >> the convention runs three days beginning april 29th. california's primaries are june 7 among the last to be held in the nation. and another political note. republican candidates for several offices will gather for a forum in danville today. the offices include u.s. senate, state senate and assembly and the contra costa county board of supervisors.
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the forum starts at 5:30 at blackhawk country club. bart is determining how to punish seat hogs who crowd trains and take up more than one seat. the board tabled an earlier proposal calling for a $100 fine for the first offense and $500 for repeat offenses. the enforcement would be complaint-driven. the new proposal would only go into effect during commute hours. protestors are taking to the streets today in many parts of the country as part of the annual fight for 15 campaign. this is the scene today in chicago. they are calling for a nationwide minimum wage of $15 an hour. california just passed a statewide law that will increase the minimum to $15 over a few years. sonoma will begin a unique program for the homeless. the homeless court will allow homeless to resolve issues like traffic citations and minor infractions. the goal is to remove things that might appear on background checks and prevent them from getting jobs or housing.
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the court will be in session at the hall of justice in santa rosa. bay area biotech firm theranos may have to shut down of the company promised to revolutionize the blood testing industry with new technology. but federal regulators say the lab has persistent problem. they now want elizabeth holmes to step aside from the company she founded saying she failed to fix those issues. >> it would be one thing if theranos was a company that was just trying to build their device and get it up to marketability. but they're not. they're a company that's already entered the testing field. they're already generating results. >> the feds also want to know if theranos has given anyone shaky test results. they are demanding a list of the patients who had work done at this newark lab this year. still ahead, scaling a 25- foot wall to rescue an injured family. how a good samaritan's training helped him get them to safety. >> extra time to file your taxes. how a little known holiday is buying americans a few more days this time around.
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>> showers overnight, this afternoon looks good. and now for something completely different as we head into the weekend. things are changing! we'll have the forecast coming up for you after the break. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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kyle matthew amos is accuse fatally shooting "darnell la angelo slaughter"... on blos fairfield police are trying to find a man suspected in a homicide. kyle amos is accused of killing a man on blossom avenue on april 6. last night police shut down part of stevens and james streets for several hours after getting a tip that amos was in a home in the area. investigators later learned he left before the s.w.a.t. team arrived. talk about right place right time. a woman crashes her car full of kids know a south bay gym and then a crossfit coach pulls off
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a daring rescue. today he tells us how he did it. kiet do with the story you'll only see on 5. reporter: greg pena is a good samaritan ninja. you realize how much risk you put yourself at by doing all of this? >> i don't think i had a clue. >> reporter: on march 26, greg was about to coach a crossfit class at the los gatos swim and racquet club. the workout area is next to a retaining wall for highway 17. all of a sudden there was a loud crash and a plume of smoke. an suv had overturned with a mom and her three young kids inside. without hesitation, greg scaled the 25-foot wall. we timed him and it was less than 15 seconds. then he cut the babies free who were dangling upside-down. the driver said she and her children are all okay. she was shocked when we showed her footage of greg climbing. she was desperate and scared and said he came out of
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nowhere. >> god sent this angel. yeah. >> reporter: you're probably thinking what i'm thinking. climbing that 25-foot wall is easy. it's not. >> whoo! >> reporter: scott graham is a firefighter who was on the scene that day and nominated greg for a citizen medal of valor. would you call him a hero? >> absolutely. yeah. i know he wouldn't call himself that. but, you know, yeah, i think what did he was heroic. >> reporter: that following sunday said a prayer. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: asking our lady of guadalupe to protect greg and give him strength wherever he goes in life. >> i would like to think that anybody would have done this. >> reporter: in los gatos, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits has fallen again. weekly jobless application dropped by 13,000 last week to 253,000. that now matches a march figure that was the lowest level since
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1973. not much of a change on wall street. the dow is up 7. this year, everyone has three extra days to file their federal taxes. that's because every april 16th washington, dc celebrates emancipation day. that's the day in 1862 that the act freed slaves. this year, it falls on a saturday so it will be observed on friday april 15th, which is tax day. and that changes the tax filing deadline to april 18. to kpix 5 weather now. a live look from ocean beach where a high surf advisory is in effect until 8:00 tomorrow morning. it goes from point reyes all the way down the peninsula coast. officials are warning people about the potential for sneaker waves and rip currents. now let's get a check of weather with brian hackney and the rest of our changing forecast. >> beautiful day under way for much of the bay area after we had a few showers move south overnight. but out of the bay area by
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sunrise this morning for the most part all of the showers just shredding apart down to the central valley. for us we are going to be looking for increasing sunshine as low pressure moves inland. slight chance of pop-up showers in the north bay this afternoon. and there will be some buildups over the coast range but aside from that it looks like we have gotten a clear day. earlier today low clouds offshore and now it's clearing out and futurecast shows mostly clear tonight, a sunny start to friday and it should be a beautiful weekend. increasing sunshine today with a few clouds over the coast. clearing and warmer friday. this weekend looks nice and warm, temperatures in the mid- 70s inland, sweet weekend on the way after the rainy weekend we had last week. the forecast highs a little off averages so a little bit of a bite in the air today. san francisco 60 degrees. in concord 65. san jose 67. and oakland 65 degrees. all a little bit shy of average. down in the south bay though,
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sunshine a few clouds floating around, temperatures in the mid- 60s. east bay ditto over mount diablo a few buildups but otherwise temperatures in the mid-60s for afternoon highs. north bay chance of a pop-up shower or two. otherwise temperatures will be in the mid-60s today. and in ukiah 58. lak -- lakeport 59. 70s over the weekend. sunny and dry into next week. so have a good one. opening up a new world for people who are deaf, with disabilities. the life skills they are learning thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. that's coming up. >> also, we want to invite all of you pet lovers to send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. today tip of the day is going to be with purple artichokes. when you overcook them they become green again. this is what you want to do. first talk about selection and storage. when you buy them, like all artichokes, the center leaves right here tight and close together. squeeze them. when you squeeze the artichoke and hear it, that means they are nice and fresh. and you want to make sure that stem is nice and green free from any cracking. when you bring them home in the
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refrigerator right away. what i like to do with these purple artichokes is boil them with lemon but not too long maybe about five to seven minutes. then simply cut them in half and put them on the grill, olive oil, salt and pepper and that's it and then grill them for a while. the flavor is out of this world. look how beautiful they are. purple chokes, enjoy, it's spring. i'm tony tantillo, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. matches my jacket. >> yeah. looks good. for people who aredow of every deaf, life can be quiet and sometimes lonely. life can be quiet and lonely for people who are deaf. but an east bay woman is opening up the doors to a brighter, fuller world. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: imelda rivas has seen a transformation in her 25-year- old son, antonio. >> before it was, "oh, don't touch me," just looking down. now he comes home, he looks up and he makes sure he gives everyone a hug. >> reporter: antonio is deaf, and he has autism and cerebral palsy. imelda feared his future would
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be quiet and isolated. then he started coming to the nonprofit deaf plus adult community, or dpac. >> it gave me hope that my son was not going to end up just in front of the tv, just passing his life in front of the tv. >> reporter: nancy eddy co- founded dpac in newark in 2013. it's the only bay area nonprofit that accepts deaf adults who also have other disabilities and behavioral challenges. >> it's amazing, and i just feel so blessed that i've been able to do something like this. >> reporter: nancy's own daughter, christy, is deaf, with disabilities. and when she became an adult, she aged out of public education programs. so nancy developed dpac to offer a range of activities, from academics and life skills to creative arts and exercise for six hours on weekdays, supported by government and private funds, and it's free of charge to participants like emerald brown. >> i like zumba a lot. we dance all the time.
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>> reporter: about 30 adults enrolled in dpac go on weekly field trips, led by some 20 staff members, many of whom are also deaf. they also serve the community, picking up litter and volunteering at the food bank. >> their esteem builds. "i'm doing something worthwhile." >> reporter: not everyone knows sign language when they get here, but this is a place where they can learn. >> [sharon signs]: good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> [sharon signs]: thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: and communication leads to friendships. that's important to gillian baldwin's son, walter. >> they don't feel an outcast. they feel like they're a common community, and they're excited to be here. >> reporter: she can't thank nancy enough. >> she has a "deaf heart." she knows how to work with the deaf community. >> reporter: so for helping to create a program to enrich the lives of the deaf plus adult community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to nancy eddy. sharon chin, kpix 5.
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>> to connect with the group dpac use the link on our website, we'll be right back. ,,
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follow an amber alert... affecting santa clara and s cruz counties. 2-year-old jason g after someone we are continuing to follow an amber alert affecting santa clara and santa cruz counties.
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2-year-old jason vargas is missing after his parents' car was stolen with him inside from soledad. the car is a 2015 black honda accord, with the license plate, 7lie244. we'll continue to follow this and bring you update on and that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a great afternoon. hope to see you right back here tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado
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♪ [ indistinct conversations ] >> bill: so, liam looks good, don't you think, considering what that lunatic put him through? >> katie: have you heard anything from the police? i mean, they know where she might be? >> bill: no, nothing yet. adam and eve. >> katie: oh, my god. a married couple. i don't even want to think about that. i just can't believe the lengths that she would go to. i mean, kidnapping him, holding him captive. she needs to be put away for a long, long time. what? >> bill: you're -- you're just sort of animated, katie. >> katie: [ chuckles ] okay. is that not a good thing? >> bill: well, it just makes me wonder.


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