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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 15, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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the wild scene on a bay area the wild scene on a bay area freeway.. that snarled trafc for hours. it all went down in fremont but the story doesn't end t. betty yu explain. chaos in rush hour, tonight, the wild scene on the bay area freeway. the story does not end there. betty is a in newark to explain. >> reporter: we are here on central avenue not far from fremont and this is where police finally caught up to the suspects. this is the wild ending to what started as an armed robbery. a crashed just port - - the men in this white car scrambled to
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get from police and managed to shut down the interstate this afternoon. the enormous backup lasted for hours. >> the vehicles they were pursuing came to rest on the freeway. the suspect parties took off on foot. >> reporter: it was spotted shortly and the men inside started running across the highway. >> it was very dangerous. people on the freeway arnett - - are not expecting someone to come running. >> reporter: this is what it looked like over the last three hours. one suspect immediately was caught and three , and three others were later detained nearby. i was in the thick of the mess this afternoon and it took about 1.5 hours for me to travel 5 miles.
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normally it should be a 10 minute drive. tomorrow we are expecting more details from the police and the sheriff. we have breaking news in wasn't hill, a hill, a police chase comes to an end after a suspect rammed his suv into chp cruisers. the officer tried to pull over a mercedes for tailgating in oakland at 9:00 tonight but the driver kept going and the suspect rammed a pair of patrol cars in an attempt to get away and got out of the suv and started to run. he was arrested and treated at the scene. he is . he is facing charges including felony police innovation and assault with a deadly weapon. a . a mystery in lafayette, a woman found dead in a home on roseville avenue and police are calling the suspects - - the circumstances
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suspicious. officers arrived and found the 66-year-old. detectives were at the scene collecting evidence all night. for seven hours police searched for a two-year-old a 2-year-old boy who was inside of a stolen car. devon talked to the little boy's father. >> it was a split second decision. jacobs father will always regret leaving the boy in the car. >> i was parked in front of the driveway. i went back and the car was gone. >> reporter: it was the beginning of a seven hour ordeal including an amber alert and a massive search. >> what if something bad happened to him? him? i was just thinking the worst. i had to stay strong and hope for the best. >> a tip led investigators to the barn where they found the
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abandoned car with precious cargo inside. >> they broke a window and gained access to the child. the child was okay. he is safe and breathing. >> reporter: depot - - jacob appeared unharmed. he had been found safe. a gnawing fear was replaced by relief. >> we are relieved they found the child inside of the vehicle. . it was very stressful over the last few h ours. >> investigators questioned the parents but say that crime appears random. >> this is consistent with our initial thought. someone jumped in and didn't know that a child was inside. >> jacob was found at the scene and taken to the hospital and reunited with his anxious parents. >> let's look outside in san
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francisco, after our wettest winter in five years, el years, el niño continues to weaken. paul is talking about la n iña. it is cooler than average water on the equatorial civic and this is what it looked like the last time we had la niña in december of 2010, and what can this mean for us? la niña us? la niña has a 70% chance of happening next winter, we are not talking about anything that would impact our weather anytime soon, we are talking about next winter and right now it is too early to tell the intensity potentially. or the impact here in california. historically we've had a very strong el niño, typically it will swing another way the following winter and go toward la niña. there is a lot of time to take a look at this but for now, we may be heading for essentially a a drier than average winter next winter. >> tonight, bart says the electrical glitch that crippled
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service for two weeks is pretty much gone. but the cause is still a mystery. the power surges knocked out dozens of our cars for a while about one month ago. a team of outside consultants were hired to pinpoint the source. and finances are in need of repair as well, the agency project did for $77 million in deficits over the next decade because of slowing revenue from ticket sales and text sources. a major victory in california for public schools teachers. a reversed ruling that has thrown out tenure and job protections, protections, nine high school students sued saint - - claiming that tenure violated their right to equal
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education because of poor performing teachers were allowed to remain in classrooms. >> this is is a victory for students and teachers alike. if this were allowed to stand, it would in effect allow teachers to be fired arbitrarily, without due process. >> the plaintiffs plan to appeal the issue saying every student deserves a great public education. but california education law takes this impossible. and they say they failed to safeguard constitutional rights of students. a class in brooklyn, clinton clinton and sanders face-off five days before the big new york binaries. veronica is here with the debate that had some pretty tense moments. veronica? >> reporter: a lot of that stake, hundreds of delegates are up for grabs in next week's primary and it did not take long for heated exchanges on
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the stage. first up, candidate decision-making skills. >> i said the exact same thing. >> senator, . >> senator, please. >> reporter: clinton and sanders came out swinging with sanders questioning clinton's judgment. >> i questioned her judgment when it comes to the war in iraq. [ cheering ] news - - [ crowd noise ] the worst policy in the country. >> talk about judgment and the problems he has answering questions about even his core issue, breaking up the banks. how about the greed and the recklessness? [ cheering ] [ crowd noise ] >> i've had - - i found a d- i found a d- voting record from the nra. >> both candidates have connections to new york and newark and clinton served in the new york setter - - senate and sanders was born there. but the candidates were stick - - sticking to points that voters have heard of four period >> it is hard to win people over at this point but
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candidates are doubling down and being even more scripted than they usually are and sanders could be at a a disadvantage on tuesday. new york holds a closed primary a closed primary and only people who have already registered can participate in the election so to some degree it will hurt bernie sanders because he does benefit from independent votes. a new news poll gives clinton the lead over sanders nationwide. 50% say clinton is the preferred dimity - - nominee. and some say she is the best candidate to handle terrorism and national security. sanders is taking a short break from campaigning to attend a complex - - conference in vatican city. four years, sentenced go years, sentenced go home prices have shot through the roof. tonight, there is a sign that
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the housing market may have reached the peak. >> and time to put your cell phone down at the movies, one movies, one of the biggest movie chains may let you text in the theaters instead. >> how do you ,,
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for years.. four years, to be exact.. some surprising news in a city that's knownr skyrocketing real estate pr. kpix 5's andria borba is alg the embarcadero in san frano to explain. andria after going nowhere but up for years, four years to be exact, the surprising news in in the city that is known for
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skyrocketing real estate prices. we are in san francisco with andrea to explain. >> reporter: we are - - you can't get a place a place for $100,000 in this area but this year, it's only - - with views like this it is not a surprise, the san francisco real estate market is hotter than the base of the sun. but just as things cool off by the wind of change moves in for homebuying. >> last spring was the most ridiculous i've ever seen the market. around out of we started to feel it reach back a little bit. >> reporter: eric says the market is balancing from record levels.
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>> it is currently 20% less than it what it - - than what it was last y ear. >> reporter: compared to last march, the median price is actually down 1.8%. >> prices are starting to even. there is such a big run up, nothing lasts forever but this run-up is not sustainable year after year. >> . >> reporter: there is also concern for the number of properties hitting the condo market. there are currently 63,000 units. >> if you are buying into the condo market, there is a lot of supply. you need to be repaired to hold your property long-term. >> reporter: if you are looking for when to buy, sell, or hold, look no further than the bed and breakfast of the world. so we are looking at the industry and what is happening
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there and if you can forecast what is happening with the technology industry, you can use that to predict what will happen with san francisco real estate. >> the median price of a home in san francisco is just over $1 million. a guy armed with swords is suspected in a rash of home b urglaries. this man was arrested, justin hobart, a , a 27-year-old man who is recovered with a single sheet dual sword weapon. he carried the swords with him during his burglaries. a bombshell decision in the manson family murders, a parole board recommended parole, a reporter says that there is still a big question tonight. >> reporter: inside of this
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house, the lobby on the family ambushed and murdered by manson family members pick one of the women charged was originally sentenced to death. a state panel recommended parole. and sharon tate was there as state officials deliver the jaw- dropping news. >> goodness, i goodness, i cannot tell you what injustice this is. i have the right to speak here because family members are scared to death of these people still. i know the carnage that has happened to the lobby on to family and their extended family and what has happened to generations. >> she is numb. she's ready for this. she has . she has been ready for this for a long time, it should have happened a long time ago. >> reporter: he admitted that he disputed in the killings and
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detail the use of a pillow and lamp cord to hold rosemary down. she said she only joined in the stabbing after she was ordered to do so. the parole panel agreed that she showed rehabilitation in prison and that she committed murder out of manson's mind control. but the governor must sign off on her receipt - - relief. - - her release. another recommended her parole but the governor denied him three times. tattoos made him stick out in a crowd and a man wanted in an armed robbery is behind bars now. here is a look at the newest mug shot of charles justice who was a red - - arrested yesterday. now take a look at a previous mug shot of the man, somewhere along the way he got another
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tattoo on his neck. he is charged with robbing a nordstrom rack in pleasant hill. >> forget turning off your phone, if one theater gets its way, movies could become the new hotspot for texting. the ceo of emc diesels know fox theater says millennial's are not going to movies anymore and he thinks it is because so phone use is frowned upon and he is making a push to allow texting in the theater to draw a younger throughout. others are not sold on the idea. >> people act like it is a life link. can you not let go for two hours? >> i i go to the movies to watch a m ovie. if i want to text i will go home. >> many moviegoers say that the bright blue light so phoned him it is the most distracting parts. >> if you were the golden state warriors how would you finish - - celebrate the best season in nba history? kristen found out tonight,
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tonight, where are they hanging out? >> reporter: they were hanging out at this restaurant and having a a nice dinner with some of their closest coworkers, it was such a well- kept secret that many employees here in even know that the warriors would be here tonight, but at 7:00 stuff curry and green and thompson and their teammates all came to their - - came to a a restaurant to have a meal and a drink. a lot of laughter was coming from the table and as they were eating, highlights from the game were playing nearby. i caught up with the team as they left the restaurant just hours ago. >> we are here to celebrate, we are here to celebrate. we are here to celebrate. it feels amazing. it's amazing. it's great. >> okay, good luck, and good night. >> . >> not everyone was talkative tonight.
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this was not a celebration but just a chance for the troops to rally ahead of the game against the rockets, that is round one of the playoffs coming up saturday afternoon. >> a a little bit of celebrating, not a lot. >> they were definitely celebrating. okay, chris okay, chris and i thank you. and the weather was nice tonight, tonight, a pleasant evening, and it will be warrior was warmer when the golden state warriors celebrate the second week of june. we have a beautiful evening out there tonight and if you are heading out to the evening, the morning surf will be rough throughout the night. a high risk of recurrence throughout the weekend. lake shasta is gorgeous, 95% full. how much water is in the reservoir? as much as 7 million backyard swimming pools. a lot of water sitting in the
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lakes and four times as much water as just six months ago. a great shot earlier this evening down to 43 degrees. santa rosa already in the 40s. livermore at 41. san francisco is in the middle 50s. tomorrow everyone drops below 50 degrees and napa tomorrow morning is 41 degrees. vallejo has a chilly morning in the south bay as well, 46 degrees tomorrow, not as chilly as the wind direction is changing. the offshore flow is 35 miles per hour at the beach and tomorrow the northwind is coming off of the land to warm us up, temperatures into the seventies, smiled 70s, smiled are starting tomorrow, and going into the weekend, a building ridge of high pressure continues to build up and the northern wind will be coming to northeastern wind. in offshore wind will develop and the warmest days will be the weekend days. saturday and sunday the high will be in the 80s 15 degrees above average. a .
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a breeze this evening, clear and chilly, and the warmest days are your weekend days. . alejo is at 72, livermore at 72 degrees, and add 10 more on saturday, three or four more on sunday. 70s and in the bay, 70s and the coast, and the onshore flows return. do you remember last saturday? 55 degrees and rain, not this saturday, it is going to be gorgeous for the next week or so. we will tell you about the innocent mistake that prompted police to object to kids from the san francisco giants can. ,,,,,,,,,,
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were in colorado this week. and it was an unforgettable first game for two young ros fans. thats because they got kick out. the giants and colorado this week, an unforgettable first game for the young rockies fans who, kicked out of the game. the father of the six and seven
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-year-olds sat his voice down in the ninth row and they hoped a pop fly would had in their direction and instead they got a home run. a giant home run. they decided to throw the ball back which is against the rules. >> we had to be escorted out. and in the >> the family says they learned an important lesson before their second rockies game. next time you catch a a baseball, you get to keep it. >> that is ridiculous, it is a a tradition to throwback the right - - oppositions baseball. >> it is ,,,,,,,,,,
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losing to the kings after leading 3- games to none in 2014... their first- round opponent??? the kings the sharks are back in the playoffs with the first time since losing to the kings, and after leading three games-0. and do remember who their first- round opponent was? the kings. the backup goalie is with the short - - sharks. trevor lewis scores in a san jose power play. tied three in the third and joe wraps it in the third. the lead 4-3 and hold on because jones turned back a flurry of shots. 22 saves and the sharks pull
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out 4-3 and they take an early lead in the series. if the 40 niners were thinking about drafting a new quarterback, the planes met - - plans may have been foiled. they acquired their first pick overall for the titans for pics in this draft and two pics for next year. the rams are reportedly favoring - - and the head coach sounds like he has swallowed a canary. >> i'm a defensive guy. >> here we go. >> i've always been a a defensive guy. you know? with some defensive players on the go - - on the board. >> six solid innings against the dodgers, not the same in denver. de la rosa is in the fifth. two run double by nolan erin otto. the giants gave up - - big daddy king was charged with six
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of those runs and the giants lose 11-6. that game lasted 3.5 hours and one woman had to search for the answer of how long a baseball game could last. check it out, it out, it was only the second inning when she did - - i'm guessing it's the last time she will try online dating. [ laughing ] that did not work out well. she had to sit with that guy for another seven innings. [ laughing ] ho
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. the leachate was next. [ laughing ] have a good ,,
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