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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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shot of the bay bridge right there. it's friday april 15, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm kenny choi. brian you've been promising us great weather. is it going to happen? >> the weatherman taketh and -- no, it's going to be very nice. temperatures will be even warmer than promised so that's good news. and today is one step in that direction. so we're going to have a nice warm day. we look live from the top of the transamerica pyramid. chilly start. it will be a nice sun if i finish. we'll have -- it will be a nice sunny finish. we'll have a great weekend. we're already looking at a "sig alert," a special chp advisory. southbound lanes of the nimitz nimitz virtually shut down. only the right lane is open now with an overturned big rig. we have a live crew on scene. we'll have pictures coming up. but it's going to put a snag in the morning commute. also i've heard, kenny, michelle, they plan on keeping the southbound lanes shut down for several hours while they
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work to off-load the big rig and get it righted. more on the breaking news. the big rig on its side blocking the northbound and southbound lanes of the 880. this is a live look right now. our photographer is stuck in traffic heading towards the accident. we'll have much more from the scene. we'll have updates in traffic as the morning continues. in pleasant hill a simple case of tailgating turned into charges for a man who reportedly wouldn't back down. officers say around 9:00 last night they tried to pull over a mercedes suv for tailgating someone in oakland. but the driver sped away ramming two chp cars to escape. when that didn't work, police say he ran away. but a k-9 caught him. the driver was arrested after being treated for dog bites. he now faces charges of felony evading police plus assault with a deadly weapon. a wild scene on a bay area freeway that snarled traffic
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for hours. it all happened in fremont. but the story doesn't end there. betty yu is in newark to explain reporter: we are on cedar boulevard and central avenue not far from fremont. but this is where fremont police finally caught up to most of the suspects. this is the wild ending to what police say started as an armed robbery in millbrae. crash on southbound 880 just past thornton. the men in this white car scrambled to flee and managed to shut down both sides of 880 just as rush hour was getting under way. the backup lasted hours. >> vehicle that they were pursuing a white sedan hit another vehicle, came to rest in the freeway and the suspect parties fled. >> reporter: fremont police spotted the white car shortly after an alert to authorities. it then slammed into another car and the men inside started running across the highway. >> very dangerous. very dangerous. people on the freeway don't expect someone to come running across the freeway.
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so the fact that fremont pd shut it down is probably a good call initially. >> reporter: this is what it look like for drivers for almost 3 hours as fremont police search for the suspects. one was immediately caught. three others were later detained nearby. i was also in the thick of that traffic mess. it took me about an hour and a half to travel five miles. normally it should be about a ten-minute drive. we are expecting to hear more details from fremont police and the san mateo sheriff's office. in newark, betty yu, kpix 5. police are working to find out what led to a woman's death in lafayette thursday. the woman was found dead inside a home on rosedale avenue. police are calling the circumstances suspicious. a relative asked police to conduct a welfare check after not hearing from her for several days. when officers arrived, they found the 66-year-old. in monterey county relief at last for a father whose car was stolen with his 2-year-old son inside. kpix 5's devin fehely spoke to
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the man about how tough it was to wait. >> reporter: a split section decision that jake's father will regret leaving his 2-year- old son inside the car with the keys in the ignition and running and he ran inside the house. >> i was parked in front of the house right in front of my driveway and i went back just to lock the door and within a split second the car was gone. >> reporter: that was the beginning of a seven-hour ordeal including an amber alert and massive search for the missing 2-year-old who has asthma a condition that, if left untreated long enough, could be serious. >> my concerns were like look, you know, what if something bad happens to him? i was just thinking the worst. you know, i had to stay strong and hope for the best. >> reporter: eventually, a tip led investigators to this barn where they discovered the abandoned car with precious cargo inside. >> the child was inside the car. they broke a window. they gained access to the child. the child was okay. he is safe. he is breathing. >> reporter: police say jacob appears unharmed. it's not clear how long he had been there.
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but with news that he had been found say, the gnawing fear that his family felt was replaced by relief. >> we are really happy and we feel really relieved that authorities found the vehicle and found the child inside the vehicle. it was very stressful. >> reporter: as routine, investigators questioned jacob's parents but say the crime appears random. >> i believe it's consistent with what we initially thought. somebody was an opportunist saw a running vehicle unattended jumped him and had a child inside. >> reporter: paramedics checked out jacob at the scene but he was also taken to the hospital to be evaluated, and that's where he was reunited with his anxious parents. in soledad, devin fehely, kpix 5. developing in japan, the death toll is expected to rise after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. right now nine people are confirmed dead. at least 800 others were injured. the town hit hardest is 10 miles outside of kumamoto city. at least 44,000 people are
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seeking refuge after the quake. the military is providing aid. japanese officials say there was no risk of a tsunami. time now 4:36. and a check of traffic and weather starting with brian. >> yes. let's be the oasis of tranquility in this otherwise busy morning. there's good news ahead. things will warm up and we have beach weather on the way for this weekend. temperatures are going to be in the mid-80s on sunday. even at the shoreline the numbers will be in the mid-60s so it looks like good weather ahead if you like warm weather. we have some on tap as we look out toward the bay on this beautiful friday morning. 49 at concord. 51 san francisco. 50 in san jose. 46 in santa rose. hey, if you do head to the beach in the early going today there's a high surf advisory posted for the next few hours with a strong rip current a possibility out shoreside. all over the west coast, a building ridge means it's going to be sunny and warmer and it's going to do that in a hurry especially by saturday and sunday. the numbers are going to be up in the 80s by sunday.
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for today, 67 in san francisco. 69 at livermore. 70 san rafael. 71 for san jose. we'll have a look ahead in a few minutes. first a lot happening on the road ahead. good morning, george. good to see you. >> thank you, brian. good morning. not a great morning, though, for the ride on highway 880 this morning. we're looking at major problems a big rig overturned just before 3:00 this morning. it completely blocked the southbound side, debris kicked on the northbound side. here's your location. currently backed up now to 238 on the southbound side. now, here's the problem. this big rig was loaded. take a look here at this live video that we shot. and you can see the problem. look at it, it's up against the center divide and that's why it's affecting both north- and southbound traffic of 880. now, one of the major problems is righting this rig. it's loaded up with wine, we believe, and because of the sidewalls of these trailers are so thin, they are going to have to off-load it before they are able to get it back on its wheels. let's talk about the traffic
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impact here. so it's going to back up this 880 ride in the southbound direction. the northbound side only one lane available in the southbound direction three lanes are open on the northbound side. this could even affect your ride to the bay bridge this morning. 580 westbound not a problem. and a quick look at your bay bridge ride shows a light and easy trip westbound. michelle, kenny? >> thank you, george. bart is moving forward with a multi-million dollar plan to fix broken-down escalators at their stations which is a common complaint at bart stations. the board approved nearly $3 million to replace obsolete parts in 12 escalatessers mostly in san francisco. it will replace controllers that have operated in the escalators for almost 20 years. if you hog seats on bart you get a pass for now. they approved a plan to penalize riders who take up more than one seat but there are some details to work out
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before it goes into effect. the main thing they need to figure out how enforcement will work. the chief will submit a revised plan and the board will go over it at its next meeting. in san francisco muni has a simple hope for mission street: give buses some extra breathing room. but the plan for a dedicated transit lane has come with baggage. now red paint, right turn rules and the death of prime parking spots has many people disoriented. it started a few weeks ago when the sfmta began painting lanes. the agency put up signs forcing drivers to make right turns on mission every couple of blocks. the sudden changes sparked traffic accidents as some drivers defied the warnings and sped right through the intersections. several locals and business owners told us that foot traffic has dwindled, too, in the once bustling neighborhood. >> it is an inconvenience just because a lot of customers have stopped coming to the mission. >> and then when you see this just silence, no pedestrians just cars and buses zipping
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through, it's drastic. >> we are listening. we have made some changes based on public feedback. >> the mta is continuing to hold community meetings on the project. it says the goal is to get buses running faster and reduce congestion in the corridor. come tomorrow, the golden state warriors will be back on the court this time as the nba's winningest team. the players actually made an appearance in san francisco last night. christin ayers caught up with them reporter: it was such a well kept secret that the warriors were coming here to b44 restaurant in san francisco tonight that some of the employees at the restaurant told me they didn't even know they would be there. at p.m., seven-day forecast, draymond green and teammates and steph curry came here to have a drink last night after the 73rd victory of the season. there were a lot of laughs. and as they were eating highlights were playing a nearby tv.
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i caught up with the tv as they left the restaurant. >> we're off the record here, dear. >> we weren't celebrating. >> reporter: how does it feel to celebrate? >> amazing! great. just great. >> it wasn't a celebration. it was just get-together, you know, to spend before the play- offs. >> reporter: you heard it from festus. he said they were not here to celebrate. this is just a chance to rally the troops ahead of saturday's play-off game against the houston rockets saturday afternoon noon round one of the play-offs. in san francisco, christin ayers, kpix 5. time now 4:41. back and forth fireworks from start to finish at the democratic debate. next, why an analyst says despite hard words, this debate was boring. ,,,,,,,,
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sanders by six percent in t race for a new poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 6% in the race for the democratic nomination nationally. the two presidential candidates made their final pitch to
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voters ahead of new york's crucial primary. jamie yuccas has the recap from new york reporter: >> reporter: one of the most heated exchanges of the night came as bernie sanders and hillary clinton sparred over the issue of income inequality. >> i'm sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour! [ applause and cheers ] >> now, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight prior times. >> excuse me! >> i have said the exact same thing. >> senator please. >> reporter: google says the vermont senator was the most searched and most followed candidate of the night. in one instance he pounced on clinton after moderators pressed her to release the transcripts of her paid wall street speeches. >> if everybody agrees to do it, because there are speeches for money on the other side, i know that -- >> i am going to release all of the transcripts of the speeches that i gave on wall street behind closed doors. there were no speeches.
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[ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the stakes are high for them in new york with 247 delegates on the line. both candidates are vowing to fight all the way to the convention. >> i think we're going to win this nomination. [ applause and cheers ] >> to tell you the truth. >> reporter: a within for clinton in the state would make it mathematically difficult for sanders to catch up. party leaders say now is the time to come together. >> i believe hillary is going to win and i believe there will be unity. >> reporter: the next big prize for democrats is pennsylvania where 210 delegates are at stake. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. >> our political analyst melissa caen weighed in on last night's debate. >> tonight we saw a lot of the same stuff we've seen before. no one really making any bold moves or new moves. again, probably because they're afraid that they may stumble because that is the real danger at this point. >> the latest cbs news poll also finds that in a potential november matchup among the current presidential candidates, hillary clinton beats donald trump by 10 points
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among registered voters. bernie sanders wins against all three republican candidates beating both trump and cruz by double digits. and edging out kasich by five points. when you think of san francisco real estate, you typically don't think of these two words, lower prices. slightly lower at least. real estate site red fin says from last march the median price of owning your own address in the city by the bay is actually down 1.8% and new sales are down 15 to 20% of what they were last year. >> prices are starting to even out and, you know, there's such a big runup for so long, obviously nothing lasts forever and the kind of runup we had isn't sustainable. >> and there's some concern over the amount of properties about to hit the market particularly the condo market. there are nearly 63,000 units in soaring glass towers in some form of construction. maybe it's north or east bay or maybe it's simply solano
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county. whatever you call it, vallejo is making a comeback. the city is now on the upswing after it filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and made serious cuts to its police force. realtors tell us that homes there are the best deal in the bay. we have learned this 3100-foot square -- 3100-square-foot house with four beds, three baths and swimming pool is going for $425,000 but vallejo's location is even more enticing. >> a lot of people have been priced out of some of the other areas over the bridge and in the bay area. and vallejo is still very close for people that need to compute. >> you're a ferry ride away from san francisco, a car ride up to the snow, a short distance to napa. >> with the police and fire departments returning to full strength, the mayor says the city has moved beyond, quote, the bankruptcy stigma. time now 4:47. let's get a look at traffic this morning with george. >> kenny, we are still tracking
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major problems here with a freeway that's virtually shut down. it's the nimitz freeway 880 in the southbound direction. take a look here. this big rig accident occurred just at 3 a.m. a big rig overturned on the southbound side but it's also affecting the northbound lanes. the only good news that it occurred early enough that traffic was still light. as it is now. but what we're hearing is this is going to take so long to clear it will likely create major snags in the morning commute. you see that big rig will likely have to be off-loaded before they are able to get it righted and reopened, the lanes. now, this could even have an impact on your bay bridge ride. so let's take a quick look over at the bay bridge. the commute in the westbound direction is a pretty light one. but because of these problems on 880 south, it could send a lot of people to the bay bridge instead of heading to the san mateo bridge instead this morning. so if you use the bay bridge, you may have more company.
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and a quick look here at your ride on public transit this morning. we are not tracking any delays. well, here's your san mateo bridge ride. we can show you that, too. too early to see things backing up and your ride to the golden gate bridge is delay-free for 101 southbound and northbound. just a 20-minute trip time now heading out of marin from downtown novato down to the golden gate bridge. let's see what's in store for the weather. here's brian. nice weekend ahead? >> it looks good george rask, good to see you. we are starting out with mostly clear skies around the bay area, warming trend coming by this weekend. we'll have numbers in the 80s. so weather is a nice little oasis this morning. as we look at nothing but tranquility and 49 degrees in concord. oakland 52. livermore 46. san francisco 51. look at the futurecast. it almost looks like a still picture. this is a time lapse of what should happen today through tomorrow morning and not a portfolio of clouds in sight. high pressure is building in over the pacific and that's going to bring us warmer
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weather. so it will warm up a little bit today. temperatures will reach 80s inland by sun. 80s inland by sunday! even at the beaches we are going to be in the mid-70s and it will stay a little cooler next week but it will stay dry. so nice tranquil balmy even hot weather ahead for parts of the bay area this weekend. san francisco today we take a step in that direction with 67 degrees. we're all below average yesterday. today we're all above average. concord 71 and san jose. 72 oakland. the brighter colors reflecting the warmer temperatures: north bay plenty of sun and temperatures the low 70s, as well. and plenty of sunshine as well at ukiah and clovedale at lakeport clearlake windsor all in the mid-70s today. look at the extended forecast. we have numbers that will approach mid-80s sunday.
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tomorrow's going to be plenty warm as well, upper 70s around the bay and at the shore. next monday through thursday cooling down to the 70s and nothing but sun in the week ahead. thank you. time now 4:51. ending price discrimination. the new bill trying to make men's and women's products' prices equal. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to the kpix morning news as we continue to monitor major problems here for the ride on 880 southbound.
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only one lane is open on the nimitz freeway. three lanes are open on the northbound side. light enough now that it's not a big problem but this will be with us for a while. we'll give you your alternate routes coming up. a new push to end price discrimination between men's and women's products. a recent study found that 42% of the time women's products are more expensive than men's, meaning women pay an average of 7% more per item. that would be illegal under a proposed bill in the senate. local consumers are skeptical about the bill. >> the people that are used to charging more for women's products will find a way to distinguish it by saying it's a different ingredient or made differently. that's the way capitalism works. >> it's a commercial world. the retailer is not going to want to let go of that, the ability to have a higher priced item that they know women will spend more money for. >> the california retailers association released a statement saying, it's, quote, impossible to coordinate the pricing of these goods when
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placed on the retail market because it would require different pricing standards for california than other states. end quote. microsoft is suing the federal government for the right to notify customers when they are being spied on. they say the government often requests access to user information including email, photos and financial records. the company says it should be able to let those customers know about it. department of justice is reviewing the lawsuit. trader joe's isn't at the top of your grocery list anymore. according to a market force survey, after a four-year reign as america's favorite grocery store, they dropped two spots falling behind wegman's and public and public lynx. public schoolteachers in california and their unions are declaring victory. an appeals court reversed a ruling that threw out tenure and job protections.
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it was a lawsuit on behalf of nine high school students saying it violated their rights to an equal education because poor teachers were not fired. >> it's a victory for students and teachers. if this was allowed to stand it would allow teachers to be fired arbitrarily subjectively without due process. >> the plaintiffs plan to appeal. students matter a nonprofit group behind the lawsuit said, every student deserves a great public education. yet california's education laws make this impossible. today the courts failed to safeguard students' constitutional rights. you may be able to text while watching a movie at amc movie theaters. the ceo says fewer young adults are going to the movies so allowing texting could bring them back. he told variety magazine when you tell a 22-year-old to turn off the phone, they hear, please cut off your left arm
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above the elbow. and, of course, text messaging could turn off current movie- goers. >> people act like these are their lifeline. can you not do without it for two hours? that's just ridiculous. >> i personally go the to movies to watch the movie, though. if i'm going to text, i would be at home. >> many movie-goers say the most distracting part of text messaging is the bright light of cell phones in a dark theater. 4:57. next, the dramatic rescue of an infant pulled from the rubble after japan's earthquake. >> reporter: the play-offs are about to begin. hopes very high this morning in the golden state. coming up, we'll show you the new t-shirt and slogan they are hoping will take them all the way. ,
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live look at 880. one lane open, northbound three lanes open after a big rig overturned. we'll have much more on this coming up in traffic. good morning, it is friday, april 15. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. happening today, a south bay city braces itself for the inevitable. roads packed with self-driving cars. kpix 5's kiet do is live at the san jose think tank reporter: reporter: good morning, the best guesstimate we have right now for when driverless cars will be coming to the masses is sometime around 2020 give or take a couple of years so now is a good time to plan for it. in just a couple of hours the bay area urban think tank known as spur will be holding a discussion about planning for driverless cars trying to get insight into some big questions. how will they integrate and shape our city? will it lead to more traffic?


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