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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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station... now two employees are wounded. gunfire at an east bay gas station now two employees are wounded. good evening to you. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. the shooting happened at an arco gas station in alameda. employees say the man with the gun had caused trouble before. kpix 5's joe vasquez is live
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tonight. >> two people shot here in a popular stretch of park street in alameda, an area normally safe, not the case last night. the violence started just before 11:00 last night. a man who employees recognized as someone who had painted graffiti on the gas station earlier in the day walked in to the store last night. the clerk told him he should leave, which he did. the two employees who were here last night said the man came right back and shot two of their work mates in the parking lot. >> like two continuous, then one take a second. >> reporter: the manager identified the employees as been i'm goitem known as beanie. >> i heard beanie like ahh, got shot in his leg. so i moved this way, i find him holding his chest and saying call 911. >> leo is holding his chest.
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beanie was shot in the leg. >> he told me leo and beanie got shot. we called the police and everybody. >> what happened to the guy, the shooter? >> he ran. >> reporter: the manager of the gas station said he turned over surveillance footage from the suspect of when he was in the store. no cameras captured the shooting himself. customers were not able to confirm the surveillance image to kpix news. i talked to two different friends who met with both victims today. they tell me beanie is out of the hospital. leo is still in recovering. he's in pain. looks like he's going to be okay. reporting live at alameda, joe vasquez, kpix 5. a pedestrian was struck and killed in san jose, it happened on highway 101 around 4:15. chp says a vehicle broke down on the highway. as the driver got out to check the problem out, another driver who told officers he had fallen asleep sideswiped the car,
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killing the man. chp officers say the driver pulled over and called 911. also in san jose, a brush fire scorched several acres just a few hours ago. multiple agencies joined the fight along coyote creek. there are reports the fire started near a eucalyptus tree grove. it didn't take long for firefighters to get the flames under control. there's still no sign of the two vallejo teenagers who were swept out to sea yesterday afternoon. search crews were out looking for any sign of them. yesterday the boys and their friends waded in to the waters, but the 17 and 18-year-olds never made it back to shore. the warnings about potential rip currents and strong surf didn't keep people away from the beaches this sunday. it was packed with people on the sand and in the water. we talked to the people patrolling the coastline. they say while days like today are beautiful, they can also be some of the most dangerous. >> when the bay area gets nice warm weather and winds out of
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the east, the beaches all around get really busy. >> it's kind of deceiving. on a foggy cold day you probably wouldn't want to attempt it but on a hot day it looks pretty welcoming. i don't think i'd recommend it. >> yeah, so ocean beach is not a swimming beach. it's an extremely dangerous beach with a lot of currents and wave action. for kids it's really an ankles only type place. there's absolutely no swimming for children. ocean beach is a surfing beach and there aren't lifeguards. we're a beach patrol unit and we patrol the beach and we make safety contact and let people know that it's not safe to swim here. >> no, definitely not. there's some strong rips out there and for us it's helpful to get out in to the surf but for a swimmer it can be pretty dangerous. if people aren't accustom to that and don't have the proper equipment, mainly surfboards, wet suits, swim fins and things like that, it's not a place to be recreating. >> the sand is really uneven so you can be at a spot where
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there's a nice little stand bar and you have your footing, you take one more step in to deep water, you get swept out like an underwater river. >> if you were to be caught in a rip current at any beach, the most important thing to do is stay calm. you're not going to be able to fight it if you swim directly back the way you came. you need to go parallel to shore. if you think someone is in trouble, call 911. stay safe, know your limits, don't turn your back on the ocean, and it can be a dangerous place. >> despite the risk, it was a big beach day today. people are still sprinkled on the shoreline of ocean beach, seen as yesterday's tragedy. temperatures remain in the upper 70s in downtown san francisco at this hour. concord, livermore. still at 82 degrees. despite the big high over the west coast, there's still rain on the way. details in the forecast in a few
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minutes. in ecuador, rescue missions today after a devastating earthquake rattled the country's central coast. the magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck yesterday. more than 240 people are now confirmed dead. more than 2500 others are injured. the ecuadorean government has deployed nearly 15,000 armed forces and emergency workers to search for survivors. reporter rafael hernandez shows us the overwhelming destruction as rescue crews try to find those buried under mountains of debris. >> reporter: this you see right here is an overpass that would on a regular day be used widely by drivers but as you can see, it's a little more than just debris. if it so happens to be a driver was passing by just in the minute that this overpass or this bridge fell, and fortunately he obviously died. even though this is one of the bigger damages that you can see in this city, it is nothing compared to what we have seen in other cities in the north area
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of ecuador, such as porto viejo and munda. it can only be described as a war zone. not only have buildings fell down but also there have been a lot of people missing, and it is widely suspected that they are all underneath the debris, so crews are working very hard and very intensely on finding these people that are probably trapped. there are even some stories of a baby that was found underneath debris in a house. what we have here is a national emergency and security forces all over the place are trying to find people, trying to identify how many deaths among the victims of what can only be described as the worst earthquake ecuador has had since 1979. rafael hernandez for cbs news. still ahead, on the eve of the anniversary of our own
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magnitude 7.8 quake, wait till you see how we're preparing for the inevitable next one. >> think your phone is secure? how hackers can get your personal information in just seconds.
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.. gold-rush tomorrow marks the 110th
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anniversary of the earthquake that shook and the fire that destroyed gold rush san francisco. >> you can't really say we're overdue for the next big quake, but you can say we are due for it, and some people are getting ready. the neighborhood emergency response team, or nert, organized simulation disaster drills. they waited for nert search and rescue teams to find them. they assessed practice in lifting heavy objects to free and evacuate injured victims. the program was created in 1989 after the loma prieta earthquake. still ahead, hillary clinton leading the pack in two key states, but why one of her top stoirters -- supporters could still be suede. -- swayed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new poll numbers out today hillary clinton leading amo s in new york ahead of in a race for the white house, new poll numbers show hillary clinton leading among democrats in new york ahead of the primary on tuesday and also leading here in california. but as anne makovec reports, bernie sanders is not backing down. even one of clinton's top supporters could be swayed. >> we don't need another diagnosis of the problem. we need solutions. and that is what i am offering. >> reporter: an important contest on both coasts, it appears to be working. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders in new york 53% to 43%. she spent the weekend here in california where she's also leading 52% to sanders' 40. >> let's look at what's really at stake here. >> reporter: both democratic candidates took to the sunday
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morning talk shows where sanders complained about being beaten up by his opponent. >> they've gone after us in every single area. in a way that just this represents my view. >> reporter: he tried to highlight their differences on the federal minimum wage, the war in iraq, and fracking, and he beat the drum of campaign funding. >> i think you can judge a candidate based on how you raise money and who you ultimately become dependent on. >> reporter: clinton took in a lot of cash this weekend including star george clooney who held a fundraiser for clinton on knob hill. >> i've been a big fan of her. >> reporter: even clooney admits to feeling a little bern. >> i hope he stays in the entire election and if he wins the nomination, i'll do whatever i can, including, if asked, a fundraiser like this, again to try to give him or her, hillary, i hope she wins, a senate. >> reporter: both candidates are setting up their campaign
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infrastructure here in california. ahead of the june 7th primary. with 548 delegates up for grabs. in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. on the republican side, polls show donald trump has a sizable lead over ted cruz and john kasich. trump currently has 54% with cruz following at 21%. trump campaigned today hoping to add to the lead before tuesday. nearly 2/3rds of americans own a smart phone. now a tax on the devices are growing. in the next 60 minutes, sharon investigates why they're so vulnerable and the important role hackers play in protecting our data. >> is everything hackable? >> yes. >> everything? >> yes. >> if somebody tells you you can't do it? >> i don't believe it. >> reporter: john herring offered to prove it. so he gathered a group of ace hackers at our las vegas hotel. each of them a specialist in
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cracking mobile devices and figuring out how to protect them. >> would you put your money in the bank that didn't test the locks, we need to try to break it to make sure the bad guys can't. >> how easy is it to break the phone right now? >> pretty easy. >> do i need to connect to it? >> yeah. >> reporter: it started when we logged on to the hotel wi-fi. at least it looked like the hotel wi-fi. herring had created a ghost version. it's called spoofing. >> this looks legitimate. >> it looks very legitimate. so are you connected? >> i am. >> and i have your e-mail. >> you have access to my e-mail account? >> yes, it's coming through right now. i have a ridesharing application. your mobile phone, and more importantly, i have all the credit cards associated with that account. >> ooh.
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coming up on 60 minutes at 7:00, see how the hackers were able to listen in on the phone calls and track the movements of a congressman from california using only a cell phone number. as we head in to the evening hours tonight, still dangerous out by the shoreline, even though temperatures remain fairly warm. rip current flags are in monterey county. so the problems we're having in the bay area are holding true through much of the coastline from monterey and north. so here's what's happening tonight. we're looking at temperatures that remain in the upper 70s along the shoreline. and the high pressure that's over the west coast, we get one more warm day. that's a pretty good ridge of high pressure that's just offshore. but it's going to be beaten down by a succession of lows that are just to the west of the highs. so that finally by the end of the week, we'll stand to get another chance of rain in the bay area. the beach hazard advisory posted tonight. seas 5 to 7 feet, which doesn't sound like a big deal. but because these are long period swells, they run gently up the shoreline but they create
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a pull back in the ocean when the waves and surf go back out. strong rip currents still a possibility. looking ahead in the futurecast, next chance of rain comes thursday night. we get a strong onshore flow, so the moisture that's out there is just headed straight for the bay area. probably not a lot. tomorrow still looks warm, by the way. this is a futurecast of what everything should look like tomorrow. through tomorrow about 6:00. there's not much. clear skies, it will be warm. not quite as warm but it will be close. central valley in the 90s. along the shoreline, mid 70s. overnight lows tonight on the balmy side. sun up tomorrow, 6:30 a.m. numbers remain well above average. in san francisco, 78. we hit a record in san francisco today at 81. concord for tomorrow will be 86. san jose, 85. oakland, 83 degrees. the south bay tomorrow, sunshine and temperatures in the mid 80s. 85 for morgan hill, los gatos. along the shoreline, cooler. still good beach weather. mid to upper 80s for the east bay tomorrow. plenty of sun, plenty of warmth
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at antioch and brentwood. 90 degrees in the north bay. warm again. beautiful day for san rafael in mill valley, petaluma, santa rosa. by the shore, the numbers will be in the 70s again and plenty hot for this time of the year. mid 80s from ukiah to catalina. we'll be looking for sunshine tomorrow. then things do begin to cool down. tuesday the numbers collapse back in the 70s. by wednesday, more clouds move in as the onshore push continues. and we'll continue with partly cloudy skies. that will lead to a chance of rain in the north bay thursday night. then on friday it looks like we'll all get wet. saturday and sunday frankly when we get beyond friday, models diverge. one says yes. the other says no. we'll have to wait till paul pastelok -- until paul deanno comes in. expect for there to be a lot of sports ahead. here's dennis o'donnell. the latest on the conditions of steph curry. will he or won't he get a green light in game two?
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but the head coach didn't sm overly concerned today.. will steph curry play or won't he in game two? the jury is still out, but the head coach didn't seem overly concerned today. >> kind of changes things. we don't seem to be as good of a coaching staff when steph goes out. i don't know why. >> the warriors could choose to play it safe and sit him with game three not till thursday. but i don't think that will go
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over well with curry who did not like being a spectator. >> i was like a kid in timeout on the bench. probably didn't have a great face, frustrated because the action is right there in front of me but i couldn't be apart of it anymore. >> what was steph's disposition today? did he say i'll be fine, i'll play? was he cautious? >> he was pleasant. a nice smile on his face. looked relaxed. he's fine. he's just steph. top seed in the east, lebron james and the cavs opening up with the pistons. 4th quarter, detroit in transition. reggie bullock hits one of their 15 threes and pist ons have a 7-point lead. kyrie irving all the way to the rim for two of his 31. the cavs take game 1 of the series 106-101.
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sharks return home from los angeles with a 2-0 series lead. san jose had the day off today, but that didn't stop mark edward vlasic from getting in a little workout. >> i'll walk the dogs later. i just walk them around the block. >> good exercise. >> it is, for me and for them. >> but for the series shifting to san jose now, might not be a huge advantage for the sharks. they were below .500 at the tank this season. so much for the no place like home, right, coach? >> we haven't had a problem against real good teams at home so i don't anticipate this being an issue. we've got to have another story line here, don't we? [ laughter ] come on, people. >> laughing. the as won't be back home for 12 days as they set to begin
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a season-long 10-day road trip. apparently they improved defense all over the park. look at the ball boy, robs a fan of a souvenir. later kendrys morales skies one to left. coco battling the sun, makes the catch and wins the battle with the sun. top of the 3rd. nobody is going to catch this one. mike moustakas with a solo shot to right. 2-0 royals. that's all chris basset would allow over seven innings. bottom of the 7th. as down 2-1. jed lowrie was celebrating his 32nd birthday. comes through with a pinch hit base hit. chris coughlin scores. game tied at two. bottom of the 8th. billy burns couldn't have placed it any better. the ball rolls to the corner. it's a standup triple for burns who would score the go-ahead on a sacrifice fly by josh reddick. to the 9th, ryan madsen got his world series win today. he picks up the save against his former team. the as win 3-2 which made it an
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even sweeter birthday celebration for jed lowrie. >> it's really cool to do it on my birthday, get a big hit like that. you know, i'm not going to put too much stock in to it. it's nice that it happened. i'll take it any day. maybe every day should be my birthday. >> chocolate. >> exactly. chocolate and raspberries. pebble beach. final round of the heritage. luke donald was atop the leader board after 54 holes tied with brandon grace. he got to the ace but the former world's number 1 bogeyed the hole. up ahead on 12, he sank his birdie and opened up a two-shot lead. grace wins his first pga tour event after trailing by three shots headed in to the final round. big night in bay area sports tomorrow. you've got the sharks. i think they're under the radar, right? at least in the bay area.
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because the warriors, they also play tomorrow night looking to make it two and the sharks can make it 3-0. >> those sharks fans won't think it's under the radar. >> they will not. remember, they had a 3-0 series lead against the kings and lost. >> game day tonight. >> game day tonight, we have andrea with the golden state warriors. going to look in to the sharks. and the play-by-play voice of the houston rockets. we'll explain what the rockets plan to do. >> thanks for watching. 60 minutes is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> if your model is built upon the fact that you're not going to pay a dead person's loved ones for a policy that they have completely paid in full, to me that is just a bad policy. >> leslie stahl: he's talking about insurance companies that don't pay out life insurance policies, even when they know their customer has died. and this man's investigation found that it is more widespread than you can imagine. when you found that, what went on inside of you? >> unleash the hounds of hell. let's go after them and expose them for the unconscionable, indefensible behavior. >> bill whitaker: riker's island holds about 10,000 inmates on 400 acres in the shadow of manhattan skyline.


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