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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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here's roberta gonzales. i have been waiting all week to say hello. >> we warned him. >> i've really been the nice one on the set. it's exciting driving west over the bay bridge into the city, we could see the embarcadero lit up in blue and yellow. did you see that? >> no. >> the warriors colors? >> no. >> i must have been asleep. >> lee saying she saw it. we are verifying that. tammy lee, our production assistant as well. i'm not seeing things, people. good morning. heading out the door, what a mild start to yet another near record day, temperatures currently, the cool spots 49 degrees, slow to cool in san francisco after a record shattering event on sunday at 81 right now, 66 degrees. if you've ever wondered what an offshore low looks like, that's
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it. full forecast still coming up but right let's bring in gianna. roadwork between highway 80 and 4, only one lane open. few brake lights southbound 101 university and embarcadero, construction there as well. they've got two lanes shut down until 5:00 this morning and a first look at the altamont pass, traffic moving nicely working your way towards the dublin interchange. ecuador, people trapped under rubble. at least 272 people died after a magnitude 7.8 quake struck in the middle of the nice, centered by fishing ports along the country's pacific coast. at least 1500 people were injured. 10,000 troops have been deployed to help with the rescue effort. six of ecuador's coastal provinces now in a state of emergency. a vallejo couple survived all the shaking in ecuador. they cold kpix5's joe vazquez
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how this quake compares to anything that's hit the bay area. >> i'm from the bay area. we feel earthquakes but this was pretty intense, more than anything we have felt in the bay area. >> reporter: alice grandleman and bill freedman are vacationing in ecuador 20 miles from the epicenter of today's earthquake. here are some of their snapshots of the damage. >> all of the buildings here are made out of cement and the slide walls had crumbled down, bricks had crumbled down on the side. >> reporter: alice and bill are healthcare professionals. she at ucsf, he at kaiser permanent. once it was over, it was still dicey. >> we were really kind of scared because there was a tsunami alert. we didn't know how serious that was. we had no way to get out, no place to go. all we had to go -- we had to go back to get our stuff.
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>> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. >> in the end a tsunami never followed the aftershocks but the couple could have trouble getting back to vallejo since the closest airport sustained quite a bit of damage. >> the quake was centered along ecuador's pacific coast but was felt far inland with so many injured and missing, efforts continue nonstop to find survivors. manuel bourqueess reports. >> reporter: rescuers dug through crumbled concrete only to find lifeless bodies. the quake also claimed lives about 85 miles south in the coastal city of monta. this desperate worker tried digging with his bare hands to find survivors. three are alive and a girl is dead, he said. onlookers cheered as this teenager was pulled from a crushed hotel in the city. this appears to be the moment the quake hit, customers in this store in keto panicked as
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shockwaves knocked items off the shelves and took out electricity saturday night. as far as 150 miles south of the epicenter, the powerful quake caused buildings and roads in the city of goyaku to collapse. first responders searched for survivors. ecuador deployed thousands of soldiers to help people like vanessa santos. she says her sister, sister-in- law and nephew were killed. manuel bahorquez, cbs news, los angeles. a quake caused heavy damage in many local cities. in san francisco it touched off a huge fire that destroyed hundreds of blocks. several events are planned today beginning at 5:12 a.m., the moment the quake struck.
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yesterday a disaster drill was held in san francisco in an attempt to get people prepared in the event of another major quake. the drill was organized by san francisco's neighborhood emergency response team which was created after the loma prieta quake in 1989. >> generally people panic because they don't know what they are doing. i think after this experience we know what we are doing now. hopefully we can be helpful to others. >> volunteers played the roles of victims in classrooms at marina middle school and then waited for search and rescue teams to find them. u.s. service members are helping with disaster relief efforts in southern japan where two powerful quakes struck over the weekend as well. u.s. army aircraft will bring water, food and blankets to areas cut off by landslides and damage to roads and bridges. >> we are glad we are able to support in any way the japanese government. >> meanwhile rescuers are combing through debris for 10 people still reported missing. japanese officials say at least 42 people were killed and nearly 1100 injured in the two
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quakes. they hit the region near kumamoto city thursday and early saturday. san francisco's mayor had japan in mind this weekend. ed lee thanked the country for its help when we faced tragedies. >> people of japan have been helpful whenever there's big disaster that happen here. we want to understand and again appreciate the internationalness of our cities. >> but ecuador's natural disaster wasn't lost on lee. the mayor released a statement saying his prayers go out to the victims of the massive quake. two vallejo teens never made it back home. search crews have stopped looking for the two young men who got caught in a rip current on saturday. the boys were in choppy water with friends when they got pulled into the sea. 20 rescue swimmers, two life boats and a helicopter were unable to find them. and since it is likely to hit the 70s again in san francisco, the coast guard is warning people do not turn your back on strong waves.
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>> ocean beaches is not a swimming beach, it's an extremely dangerous beach with a lot of currents and wave action. for kids it's really an ankles only type place. >> and remember there are no active lifeguards on duty at ocean beach. experts say if you're caught in a rip current, the best thing to do is to swim parallel to the shore. and that's something that raanta, you always tell us, do not turn your back on an angry ocean. >> i wasn't swimming in our local waters in the past few days but i was swimming in other waters and they are powerful. i was surprised to see fathers and mothers with the children and their back to the ocean wading with the children and i was like please don't do that. and you're very aware of the situation too, coming from a waterlike place. >> in hawaii, there are definitely strong rip currents there and you always have to think it's more powerful than you think, right, from shore, it doesn't look that bad. >> until you're riding it and then it slams you against the ocean floor and knocks the wind
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out of you. be very myself and careful -- mindful and careful. a high temperature in the city of san francisco officially at 80 degrees. we will have temperatures near 90 degrees in our inland areas. right now very mild, stepping out after a record high day yesterday of 81 in san francisco, 63 degrees, san jose at 58, santa rosa in the upper 40s, 57 degrees in concord. kick start a brand-new workweek, temperatures around the bay area very, very summery. 70s common around monterra, daly city, half moon bay, up to 90 brentwood, tracy, oakley and mountain house. and temperatures in the 70s and 80s north of the golden gate bridge. your full forecast still coming up. let's send it over to gianna. >> 280 around west burle looks like a vehicle stuck in the
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bushes there off to the right side of the roadway so slight spectator slowing, action off to the side but no injuries. looks like they are trying to clear this quickly as you work your way through there. stay along the peninsula, this time on 101 southbound between university and embarcadero, look out for roadwork, construction in effect, two lanes closed, that will be there until 5:00 this morning. and taking a look at traffic at the bay bridge, so far pretty light as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. a sign of the times, hundreds of renters in west san jose being evicted so their building can be torn down and replaced with newer apartments and businesses. as kpix5's maria medina reports, those renters have an impossible task trying to find affordable places to live. >> reporter: kim brown and her neighbors refuse to leave quietly. in about a year all of them will have moved out of the reserve on winchester boulevard in san jose. but where they will be is a question many of them say they
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can't answer. >> every single day i wonder where i'm going to go. >> reporter: the reserve is rent controlled and kim and her neighbors say finding housing around the same price in the area seems almost impossible. >> and i don't feel like i should have to live like a college student as an adult with a room in somebody's house. >> reporter: they've got until may of next year to move out so the owner can tear down the 200 unit complex and build 600 units with businesses, while the owner says the new complex won't be rent controlled, the redevelopment is part of the city's plan to build more housing, which will help with the housing crunching in the long run. the tenants say it doesn't matter. >> five years from now, that will be great but what are you going to do about the 500 plus people that are being evicted? >> it's nice they are trying to renovate the city and all that, but we don't have anywhere to go. >> reporter: the renters are being offered relocation packages, but many of them say it's simply not enough knowing they will just be moving somewhere that's much more than what they are paying now. >> it's going to force me to
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live somewhere i don't want to live, somewhere i don't feel safe or it's going to force me to move so far away that i'm going to pay more in gas anyway. >> reporter: the relocation packages include refunding the tenant security deposit but for some they say that's just $100, not enough for moving expenses. they are offering more money for those who make a certain income but many say they simply don't qualify. in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. >> some of the tenants will be at tomorrow afternoon's city council meeting where council members will consider changes to the city's rent control policies. currently the maximum rent increase is 8% a year but only for units built before 1979. proposals include lowering the maximum rent increase, expanding rent control rules to newer buildings and including directions which are -- duplexes which are currently not included. 30,000 runners prepare to
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take part in the 120th boston marathon. a look at the heightened security and the inspiring story ahead of today's race. that's next. ,,,,,,
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athletes are getting ready to start the 120th running of the boston marathon this morning. this is a live look there, as you can see people are starting to get ready. it is the third marathon since the 2013 bombings that killed three people and injured hundreds more near the finish line and as don champion reports, security remains tight. >> reporter: on the eve of the iconic boston marathon, workers painted the symbolic blue line that guides runners to the finish line. along the route police will be forming a blue line of their own. >> undercover officers working the crowd, bomb sniffing bombs, any marathon when you cover that amount of distance, unfortunately, you can never say the whole route is secure. >> reporter: boston police
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commissioner william evans ran the 2013 race when two terrorists set off pressure cooker bombs near the finish line killing three people. patrick downs lost a leg in the bombings. today he will run the marathon for the first time with his prosthetic leg raising money for students with physical disabilities along the way. >> we want to help to ensure that other people with disabilities are also celebrated for the obstacles that they have overcome. >> reporter: many runners taking part in the marathon had to qualify, some say the way the city came together after the bombings inspired them to be here. >> just because that happened, we are not going to stop, we are not going to stop running and that's not going to be the end of this race. >> reporter: richard wester crossed the finish line 2 minutes before the bombings, he says today is about moving forward. >> celebrate the fact that we are alive, that we are running and that there's more good in this world than evil. >> reporter: 30,000 runners will take part in the race.
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don champion, cbs news, boston. >> today's marathon also marks 50 years since the first woman completed the race. that ground breaking woman, bobby gibb is the grand marshal this year. developing news in fairfield where police are looking for these homicide suspects. officers have asked for the public's help filing kyle amos and demeet -- demetrius kelly. trotter was killed nearly two weeks ago. happened about a quarter after 4:00 yesterday afternoon just north of the al em rock avenue interchange. the chp says the victim had gotten out of his minivan to check a noise when he was struck by the pickup. he died at the scene. some of the victim's family members were in the minivan and saw it happen. the pickup driver stopped and called 911 and is cooperating with investigators. to campaign 2016, clinton
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and sanders are swaying new york voters before tomorrow's primary but reporter kim hutcherson shows us why they are working to raise major cash in california and where the money will go. >> reporter: fundraising in focus as bernie sanders and hillary clinton complain before new york's primary. outside a fundraiser saturday at george clooney's california home but the actor pushed back explaining why such big money events are necessary for democrats. >> the overwhelming amount of the money that we are raising is not going to hillary to run for president. it's going to the down ticket, it's going to the congressman and senators to try to take back congress. >> reporter: sanders admitted that clooney had a point. >> he is right one of the great toojth of life today is the degree to which big money is buying elections. >> reporter: sanders is -- after taking some heat on the
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subject. so far clinton has raised more than $15 million for so-called down ticket races. new york times columnist charles blow says neither candidate will be able to implement their aagendas without a friendly congress. >> both of them likely to run into a -- a lot like this one and no way that any congress that looks like this one is going to do half or even a quarter of what those two democratic candidates are saying that they want to pursue. >> reporter: i'm kim hutcherson reporting. >> clinton is likely to win. numbers show she has a 10-point lead over sanders, 53% to 43%. 4:48 right now. your tan looks mighty nice. >> very close to the equaider -- equator and didn't take long as well. they are in the rain forest, they are suffering from the drought as well so they are welcoming the rainy season which begins in another two to
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four weeks. very dry conditions there, very hot conditions as well at 95 degrees. our temperatures are going to be warm to downright hot, flirting with 90 degrees in many of our inland locations. good morning, everyone, rise and shine. i love seeing this view from our kpix5 studios looking due east toward alameda because when you're looking due east and see the red lights blinking on the top of the bay bridge, we see from the bay water to the tip top, it stands 525 feet tall as far as that top of the bay bridge is concerned. you can see it so we know we have no clouds out there limiting visibility. temperatures in the upper 40s in santa rosa, 61 degrees in oakland. san francisco 63 degrees after a record shattering event on sunday at 81. notice the winds are slight to downright calm. west wind at three in san francisco. these winds will remain on the light side today, very gentle, up to about 10 miles per hour. we do have some storminess due
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west of san francisco. you can see this area of low pressure titlely cooled right here -- tightly cooled right here, influencing our weather by the end of the week. until then we have high pressure, it's the key component, it will continue to contribute to record high temps. 90 in fresno but equally as hot today in antioch, brentwood, discovery bay. 70s to near 80 at the beaches today, 80s common around the bay side, a mountain view back into saratoga. 88 degrees record high event in concord. near 90 in san jose. extended forecast, i actually placed rain in the forecast late thursday into your friday, accumulation still a little sketchy at this time, could see some rain lingering into your saturday, we will keep you posted on that but right now take a look at your roadways. high gianna. >> good morning and let's jump out and take a look at conditions along 280 this morning southbound right at west 4, reports of an accident,
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a vehicle off to the side on the roadway there, looks like it may have gone into the bushes. that's according to chp, so they are working on getting a cable to retrieve that vehicle. no injuries have been reported. hopefully they won't have to take any lanes down to get that cleared up. but right now things are moving okay along 280. eastbound 80 at red top road word of an accident. it is facing the wrong way in the left lane so that's going to cause a bit of a snag working your way through there. no delays on the westbound side. you can see all the green on our sensors so traffic moving nicely as you work your way along the east shore freeway. jump the bay bridge where we have no delays right now. you are clear if you are commuting out of oakland into san francisco. your drive times only 18 minutes as you go from westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze this morning. altamont pass so far, so good, westbound 580 working your way towards 680 only a 15 minute ride from the top of the pass there, no delays there, east of there and that's where traffic begins as you work your way out of tracy on that westbound side, brake lights into greenville but overall traffic
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on the eastbound side, bearable, no struggles there. and no delays in both directions on the san mateo bridge. john legend may being tired the next -- be a little tired the next time he grabs the mike because he now has a baby girl. his wife chrissy teigen delivered luna simone teigen last week. baby luna is the couple's first child. how does all you can eat mcdonald's french fries sound? it's happening at least at one location. we will tell you where next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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later this morning, a bill en sentences for good morning on this april 18th. time check for you now, it is
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4:54 and these are the numbers you can anticipate today if you are heading out the door. it's going to be another warm to downright hot days, 70s at the beaches, 85 degrees in sunnyvale, nearly 90 in san jose. east bay numbers topping off at 90 in antioch, brentwood, tracy and discovery bay. 83 degrees in sha hoe -- vallejo. busy day in the bay, you've got the giants, sharks and warriors in town. right now 880 looks good but when the warriors take on the rockets tonight you will see busy conditions along the nimitz freeway so expect to see delays. you might try b.a.r.t., a great choice to get out to oracle. later this morning, a bill looking at toughened sentenced for fentanyl dealers is up for a hearing. 11 people already died in the northern part of the state in recent cases in and around sacramento. the drug was disguised and sold by dealers as the painkiller
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norco. many of the pills available on the street are actually laced with fentanyl. >> chemists that are mixing the ingredients so you could have what's called a hot pill, one pill might have a grain or two more of fentanyl in it and that could cause someone serious injury. >> the u.s. drug enforcement administration issued a nationwide alert last year about the dangers of fentanyl. the government gave you a few extra days but today is officially tax day. you have until midnight tonight to submit your taxes or request an extension to avoid a penalty. the deadline normally falls on april 15th but a legal holiday in washington pushed it back. amazon prime is going monthly, challenging netflix. you can now pay tends 99 cents a month for a -- $10.99 a month for a full prime membership or $8.99 a month. until now prime has only been available as an annual subscription. the company started to test this monthly option through a partnership with sprint last
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month. get ready to supersize your fries if you order at mcdonald's in st. joseph, missouri. that restaurant about to offer all you can eat french fries starting in july. customers will also be able to place their order at a kiosk, that's supposed to speed up some service. and orders will be brought to a customer's table. the franchise owner says that they will offer hundreds of customizable burger and dessert choices. no word yet on if the all you can eat program will come to other mcdonald's. >> hopefully to the bay area, right? 4:57 right now. it was yellow tagged and told it was unsafe to live in but the owners of this home in pacifica are not moving out without a fight. how they plan to keep their home intact. and final bids are due today for the purchase of yahoo and it looks like one mobile phone carrier is at the top of the list. ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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this is a live shot, a beautiful live shot this morning atop the transamerica building. time now is 5:00. it is monday, april 18th. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. right now in ecuador, rescue teams are digging through rubble to save earthquake survivors. the magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit the country's pacific coast on saturday, it was centered about 100 miles northwest of keto. at least 272 people died from the violent shaking and structural damage, over 1500 people were hurt and now thousands of troops are helping in hard hit areas. many people had no choice but to sleep in the street and for now six coastal provinces are in a state of emergency. a vallejo couple that survived the shake told us how the shaking compared to what they felt back home. >> we are from the bay area. we feel earthquakes bu


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