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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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sparks fly on a buy area street, but no on one tried to stop this bike thief. what would you do next?
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. university. only on 5 tonight: we discovered how one fake email address -- c cost thousands of employees their identities. borba on how th a massive securities breach at a bay area university. only on 5 we discovered how one fake e-mail address could cost thousands of employees their identities. >> kpix5's andria borba is how the breach was finally discovered one month after it happened. this affects every single employee. >> i asked san francisco's academy of art how could something like this happen. the school said its hr protocols were followed, but the criminals just found a way to beat the safeguards and fool a company employee. re wondering how ba kpix5 obtain >> with one click of a mouse they apparently sent out w2 forms for thousands of employees. >> tonight 3,000 employees with the academy of art are wondering how bad the damage
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is. kpix5 obtained a copy of this letter dated april 13th informing employees of the breach. r s been an >> we are dealing with a sophisticated international internet fraud and we're doing everything we can. >> on march 4th someone in hr received an e-mail that looked like it was from an administrator with the academy of art. the e-mail address looked legit, but it wasn't. the e-mail had been spoofed. >> someone should have looked at the letter closely. people who deal with nsitive information should have training in this in this day in age. >> the w2 snafu wasn't detected until april 5th. that's when the irs told an employee who tried to file their taxes that someone else already had. >> somehow it went under the radar. >> dave stelk has been an instructor at aau for four years. he signed up for the two years of free credit monitoring the academy offered in the wake of the breach, but he filed his
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taxes on march 20th and doesn't know if his return is already in a criminal's hands. >> no one will know for sure until my tax return is supposed to come back. so experian doesn't even know. there's a lag time. >> the academy of art is working with the fbi to trace the source of the data breach and the criminal master minds behind it. we wanted to know if the person responsible for falling for that bogus e-mail was still working with the academy of art. >> reporter: has that employee been fired? >> you know, that's information that i cannot, am not at liberty to discuss with you. that is being handled internally. for seven. the academy of >> now the credit monitoring lasts for two years, but irs returns can be amended for seven. the academy of art told me if employees are still having problems seven years from now, they will continue to help. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. firefighters trying to determine if a child started this fire at a condo in fremont tonight. you can see the flames shooting
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from the second floor bedroom on royal app drive. it took less than 20 -- ann drive. it took less than 20 minutes to put out. no one was hurt. a family of four lives in that condo. new trouble tonight for an embattled bay area biotech federal. the new york times is reporting the justice department has launched a criminal investigation into thayer nose. the company built a 9 bill -- therinot. the company built a $9 billion business on its blood thinning lab. the feds could should down its flagship lab in newark depending on what they find and last week they banned the founder elizabeth holmes from the industry for two years. not a blowout like game one, but a win nonetheless. the warriors take game two of the series without their star steph curry. >> you know that old expression
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there's no i in team? that is the golden state warriors and we saw this addage play out tonight. warriors won rather easily without their mvp and the best part, curry gets to rest his ankle for three more days. late 1st half andrew bogut tips to clay thompson, buries the three. thompson finishes with 34 points. houston made a run in the 2nd half. warriors up just three and shaun livingston answers. warriors win 115-106 and lead the series now two games to none. >> we want to make sure steph is right and his foot is fine and healthy and so we'll see how he responds the next couple of days and if he's not right, obviously being up 2-0 does give us a little more cushion if we decided to sit him, but it will be based on his health, not the series score. >> pregame right there, bottom
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line, i think curry makes a great decision resting the mvp. he gets three more days. they don't play till thursday. he'll be fully healthy i think by then. livingston, andreing a dale had, this is the deepest team -- andre iguodala, this is the deepest team in the nba and they showed it off tonight. >> if he sits him again, you got to start thinking wow, this is serious. >> that's a good point. you know curry fought hard with the coaches to play tonight and fortunately they decided to rest him. >> thanks. we'll see you in a bit. the warriors tweeted out this for the toe right after the game captioned let it -- this photo right after the game captioned lets it rain. >> christin ayers is out at oracle tonight. >> reporter: it was raining inside oracle arena today and for thing off here, the fireworks going off after --
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things off here, the fireworks going off. for fans it was a little tough. she he shelled out big bucks to -- they shelled out big bucks to see steph curry and he sat it out on the bench. who are you most excited to see tonight? >> probably curry. >> steph curry. >> reporter: but this was the only glimpse fans got of curry tonight in his uniform during a warm-up. he did some drills, took some shots and left the court after only 10 minutes. curry sat on the bench tonight nursing a rolled ankle. fans said this was the warriors chance to test their motto, the phrase plastered all over oracle arena. >> we have strength in numbers. >> reporter: ultimately the warriors delivered. >> we miss steph, but the players are equally as able to carry the team. it was a fabulous game. we loved every minute. >> it was a little rough, but they pulled it off. >> steph wanted to stint out one more game i think we could still -- to sit out 1 more game i think we could still do it. >> sit out one more in houston and then we'll go game four in
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houston. >> reporter: just like dennis o'donnell said, the deepest team in the nba, fans predicting a sweep based on tonight's performance and some of them actually hoping steve kerr will keep curry on the bench for game three back in houston. cristen ayers, kpix5. a security scare at the state capitol tonight, a man barricaded in his car blocking an intersection for hours and forcing the bomb squad to do this. a "suspicous device" in the trunk. the car's windows we with [ bomb detonation ] >> they detonated what they called a suspicious device in the trunk. the car's windows were covered with brown paper with words scribbled on it. during the standoff the man inside screamed at police and napped pictures of the scene outside. -- snapped pictures of the scene outside. >> what's ultimately important is we were able to open up lines of communications with this individual and were able to effect a safe conclusion without anyone getting hurt. >> the man surrendered.
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his roommate told police she got a restraining order against him after he threatened her with a ball bat. she said the man was angry at his wife and tried to put a propane tank in the often of their home. frightening ordeal for one father, his car stolen with his son inside. tonight soledad police have this man in custody. recall is arrested carmen maldonado at a remote farmhouse in south monterey county. police say maldonado stole a car that was left running in the driveway last week with 2- year-old jacob vargas in the back seat. hours later the car of found abandoned near a barn in mont -- car was found abandoned near a barn in monterey county with the little boy safe inside. maldonado was charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. more safety inspections for tour buses are one step closer to reality in california. the initiative was inspired by this crash in san francisco's union square back in november. under the current rule the chp only inspects a sample bus from
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each fleet. that means roughly 70% of tour buses are not inspected. the new legislation passed its first legislative hurdle today and now goes to the appropriations committee. campaign 2016, the crucial new york primary, just hours away and veronica de la cruz tells us the front runners are counting on their hometown ties to put them back in the win column. >> that's right, ken. donald trump needing a big win to get back on track to the republican nomination. on the democratic side hillary clinton's double digit lead over bernie sanders still too close for comfort tonight. to the brooklyn- born clinton has a te hillary clinton is counting on a win in her adopted homestate of new york to regain her momentum. she has lost seven straight contests to the brooklyn born bernie sanders. clinton has a 10 point lead over sanders in the latest cbs news poll. >> i never count any chickens before they hatch. >> but sanders has come from behind before, most notably his surprise win in michigan where clinton also had a double digit lead. >> if we get a large voter
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turnout tomorrow, we're going to twin here in new york. >> realm -- to win here in new york. >> realm frontrunner donald trump needs a big win -- republican frontrunner donald trump needs a big win in new york and a few other states to lock up the nomination. if ted cruz is nominated, he warns it will be a bloodbath for the gop in november. >> nominating donald trump hands the election to hillary clinton. >> trump needs to secure the gop nomination before july to avoid a contested convention. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. tonight we've learned about half a million californians may not get to vote in the june primary after all if they don't act fast. an l.a. times investigation found many voters who thought they were registering with no party preference actually selected american independent. that's a minor conservative party whose members aren't eligible to vote in either primary. voters have until in a 23rd to
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amend their registration. a cal student kicked off a flight for speaking arabic, tonight how the airline is defending its actions. >> plus a brazen bike theft caught on camera and no one bats an eye. tonight we want to know what would you do? >> does this open air urinal look discriminatory to you? tonight the group suing plus the amount of dolores park.
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you heard that warning from enforcement? but when it comes down to it.. would yo anything? joe vazquez shows us the outrageous video. nats track: the surveillance video begins with a man in a trenchcoat and a cane, limpg do ia ... he wal if you see something, say something. but when it comes down to it, would you do anything? joe vazquez has the surveillance video. >> reporter: it begins with a
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man in a trench coat and cane listening walking down to a bicycle, pulls a pour saw from his bag and the sparks begin to fly. think at the time when you heard the noise? j: honestly i had this weird thought that maybe i hadn't locked the bike to the rack i was worried. but when i h that weird noise ... i did' think out to look the ear splitting grinding seems to go forever. people walk casually by, most never even looking his direction. finally the thief cuts the lock, rides the bike down the sidewalk and walks away. >> a bold move. >> reporter: the bike belongs to julia robertson at berkeley who was attending a comedy show at stage works friday night. she locked her bike up around 7:00 and walked inside. during the middle of the show she and the other audience members actually heard a loud noise coming from outside. >> it sounded like grinding. it was a grinder that he pulled out of his bag. he was grinding away, didn't take that long. >> reporter: what did you think at the time that you heard the noise? >> i honestly had this weird thought i hadn't locked the bike to the bike rack and i was worried obviously, but i didn't think of jumping up and running to look for my bike. so when i went outside, the bike rack was there, but my bike was not there.
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it was gone. >> reporter: what shocked and disappoints julia and quite frankly, anyone who have seen the video is the fact hardly anyone stopped to help except for this one lady. she said something to the thief, but by then he was leaving. >> she did what she could. >> reporter: on the nightbeat i'm joe vazquez. >> julia reported the stolen bike to police. the man with the trench coat, cane, new bike is still on the loose tonight. that bike is worth about 1,200 bucks. the scene from friday's fire at the twin pines manor apartments in 110 people will have to find a new place to live after fire gutted their apartment. this was the scene at the twin pines manor apartments in sunnyvale friday. here's how the apartments look now. you can see the signs posted stating that all 81 units have been declared uninhabitable because of the damage. fire investigators are looking into what caused the fire. it's like a scene from the movie up. starting tomorrow crews will lift a house in pacifica out of
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danger. you can see why. this house is literally teetering on the edge of some crumbling cliffs there. el nino storms have chipped away at the foundation, but the owners weren't leaving without a fight. when all is said and done, the house will be moved 20 feet back. 5's ju ich spoke with kicked off a flight for making a phone call to a family member in arabic. >> reporter: he called his uncle in baghdad from the airplane to tell him in arabic about an event he attended in l.a. he was excited, but that's not what another passenger thought she heard. >> she turned around actually and she starts staring at me and i knew that there's something wrong. >> reporter: the 26-year-old uc berkeley senior said he ended the conversation with a common arabic phrase meaning god willing, but he says it was misinterpreted as a potentially threatening comment.
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what did you say? >> i said if god is willing, i will call you. it's a phrase that 350 million arabs use it. 1.6million muslims use it. >> reporter: but an arabic speaking southwest employee escorted him off the plane and down a secure hallway to be questioned by fbi agents. >> the agent said you need to be honest with us and tell us everything about martyr, being a martyr like martyr, the word which called means shahid. so she heard the wrong word. basically they associated that word with jill hard. >> reporter: when we contacted southwest airlines --jihad. >> reporter: when we have contacted southwest airlines, >> admit that you have singled out the minority that we are part of this country. >> reporter: when we contacted southwest airlines,
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they told us they tried to call the passenger several times. "our crew responded by following protocol required by federal law. it was the content of the passenger's conversation, not the language used, that prompted the report leading to our investigation." southwest airlines has refunded his money for that unused ticket, but he says he still wants a formal apology. in berkeley juliette goodrich, kpix5. they were humiliated when conductors kicked them the train for being too lou details of the settlement -- have not been disclosed. tonight a settlement in the discrimination lawsuit the napa valley wine train. the women claimed they were humiliated when conductors kicked them off the train for being too loud, details not disclosed. ian union calls meanwhile a religious group is suing the city of san francisco to get those open air urinals removed. the san francisco chinese christian union calls them
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offensive and grossly unseemly and claim they don't meet plumbing codes and aren't user friendly for women or people in wheelchairs. expect to see a lot more police at golden gate park this wednesday weeding out 4-20 troublemakers. the annual pot smoking holiday has become a huge headache for neighbors. this year the city is making some changes which include closing streets, rerouting muni, adding porta-potties and organizing the clean-up. talk about timeless really, a new clock tower penthouse just hit the san francisco market. check this thing out. how would you like this for your living room? the tower constructed in 1907 has a full 360-degree view of soma. the outside is complete with a patio accessible by both bedrooms. and the whole thing will only cost you a cool $8.5 million. >> wow. it was make way for ducklings along 101 this
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afternoon. this mama duck and her brood found themselves in a tight spot near the airport in mail bray, but they were -- millbrae, but they were lucky duck. chp stopped traffic, scooped up the whole family and relocated everyone away from traffic. >> wow that. photo really quacks me up. >> that was terrible. pretty nice day outside. >> it was, weight a day for ducks with no rain around, but it's coming. today it's all about record highs. how about 91 degrees in san jose shattering the old daily record by 5. mountain view, record for you, oakland record for you, san francisco tying a record set 102 years ago, but that's a daily record high. what about the entire month of april? nowhere close. the record for san francisco for all of april, 94 degrees set back on april 8th, 1989. evening in palo alto, beautiful night for a stroll, 70s, 65 now
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in livermore, 58 santa rosa, 40s and 50s overnight under clear skies, napa 49, oakland 53, fremont and redwood city 52. tomorrow changes, above average but not as warm as our ridge of high pressure is weakening and beginning to move away. something new is moving in, a big area of low pressure. it will return the southerly flow which is one version of our onshore flow, a flow from the ocean any month any time of year will cool us down and we will see that happen beginning tomorrow, really taking shape wednesday and thursday. speaking of thursday that low gets close enough we may see a few scattered showers. starting the week around 90 we'll end with highs in the 60s and scattered showers both thursday and friday. so a significant change coming as the week progresses, clear, mild tonight, sunny tomorrow but not as warm. we'll be cloudier wednesday with some showers moving in late in the day thursday. tomorrow perhaps more comfortable, won't be close to 90, close to 80. vallejo 81, livermore 84, san
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jose 83, cooler in san francisco by 9 depp, a high 74 degrees. -- 90 and saturday and sunday the onshore flow keeps us cool. you get a couple hot days. mother nature says i'll turn on the air conditioning for you, boom, flow from the ocean and the heat is gone. paul had a great story. he had two tickets to the warriors game tonight and when it was announced curry wasn't playing, boom, there goes the value. isn't it amazing? a playoff game and curry's appearance whether he plays or not, still matters. who stepped up minus steph curry tonight? the warriors answer. we'll take you inside the locker room, reaction from the victorious team minus steph curry next. >> coming up later stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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warm-ups tonight and abrubt left the court and changed into street clothes..the fit real tes the po steph curry took the court for warm-ups tonight, abruptly left the court and changed into street clothes, the first real test for golden state this post season. curry will have three more days
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to rest his sore ankle. andre iguodala took his place with four three's in the half much to the delight of curry and golden state. 2nd quarter klay thompson scores on the reverse layup, gets the foul. thompson with 34 points tonight. even the big men stepped up in curry's absence. off the draymond green miss andrew bogut slams it down. he had 10. golden state led by 12 in the 2nd half before houston made a run, but time winding down. 2-lines warriors pull away in the 4th winning 115-106 and lead the series two games to none. >> the warriors obviously didn't have curry tonight. do you see this as an opportunity that got away from you guys? >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you think you slowed by winning a playoff game -- showed by winning a playoff game without the mvp? >> so much easier without him out there. with steph on the floor he sags in the paint, doesn't move the
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ball, very selfish teammate. i'm just kidding, man. he's the exact opposite of that. >> we got a lot of players on the team that can play, three all-stars. everybody has to step up. we wasn't worried. steph will make sure he got his ankle right and come back better than he was. >> game three thursday. can the giants protect a one run lead in the 9th inning. >> and can the sharks win on home ice? the puck drops next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ice...after winning two gamn los an the sharks hate when the media brings this up, but his team struggles on its own ice after winning two games in los angeles. sharks had a chance to put the hammer down in game three in san jose. rodney long jacked out of his mind for game three. look at that, what a start. just 30 seconds into the game joe thornton scores to give san jose an early 1-0 lead and here we go, right? but later in the period l.a. power play andre kopitar scores and the game tied 1-1. it would stay tied all the way to overtime, but less than four minutes in overtime tanner pierson ends it with his first goal of the series. l.a. wins 2-1 cutting the sharks
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lead two games to one. the road team has won every game in the series. giants johnny cueto showing his skills extend beyond the mound. way back and way back and tell it good-bye. unfortunately it's for the diamondbacks. that game is tied right now in the 11th inning. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, ,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. late show with stephen colbert is next.
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>> our next newscast a mere five hours away, tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> you going to be up. >> bright and early. sure. we'll see you then. >> i think i'm ready. are you ready? >> stephen i'm ready on day 1. >>stephen: no i mean about the sandwiches. >> >>announcer: tonight, stephen whroms hillarwhromtion hillary . jesse tyler ferguson, katharine mcphee and a musical


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