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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's tuesday, april 19. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a huge decision is expected today on a plan to provide some relief for renters dealing with soaring prices. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in san jose with the proposal. reporter: good morning. the city's housing department has been studying this for some time and has strong recommendations on how to get sky high rents under control. the housing department is asking the city to try and tie rent increases to inflation which is at about 3% a year. currently the law lets landlords raise rent up to 8% a year in san jose. the housing department also wants to block landlords from passing off debt or construction costs to the tenants. what's more, the department also wants some kind of protection for tenants should they get kicked out for someone who is willing to pay higher rents. one councilmember is pushing
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for developers to pay a affordable housing fee. that was shot down. >> once you start missing your rent, you get evicted. so people in this position are now potentially homeless and we want to be able to prevent people from being homeless. >> reporter: it should be a lot of passionate public comment today. the vote happens at 1:30 p.m. here at city hall. live in down san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> that begs the question. what is the average rent in san jose now? >> reporter: $2,400 a month the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment. that's double what it was 7 years ago. >> all right, kiet do in san jose, thank you. voters are started casting their ballots that crucial new york primary. today's results will likely determine the direction of the race for both parties. brian webb shows us how things are shaping up. >> reporter: the polls are now
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open in new york with one of the largest primaries in state. hillary clinton voted in her hometown of chappaqua with a 10- point lead in the polls. >> i need your help to keep going and to make the case for the kind of country that we want for our children and our grandchildren. >> reporter: yesterday, bernie sanders pounded the pavement and ramped up the pressure hoping to pull off an upset win. >> this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. >> reporter: for the republicans if donald trump can capture more than 50% of the statewide vote it puts him in position to win all of new york's 95 gop delegates. even a slip of the tongue during his speech in buffalo didn't seem to trip him up. >> i watched our police and our firemen down at 7-eleven down at the world trade center right after it came down and i saw the greatest people i have ever seen in action. >> reporter: ted cruz who criticized trump's new york values is bracing for a tough day while insisting he is the best bet for the gop to win the
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white house. >> if we unite, we will win the general, we will beat hillary clinton and we will turn this country around. >> reporter: the polls show trump has more support in his native new york than ted cruz and john kasich combined. brian webb for cbs news. >> trump that is talked about the 9/11 attacks as he campaigns across new york. he visited the 9/11 memorial for the first time earlier this month. time now 6:03. let's get a check of traffic and weather. >> accident on the 280 in san francisco southbound right at geneva. not a lot of details. they have called out tow crews south 280 at geneva. northbound 280 moving nicely out of daly city into san francisco. no delays now on 280 extension. 101 in and out of san francisco
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also seeing nice speeds right now. towards the bay bridge we are bogging down through pinole. you will see brake lights through emmyville getting to the bay bridge where the metering lights are on and you're backed up into the maze. 23 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. slow out of tracy. westbound 580, 19 miles per hour in some spots towards greenville. better after that. it's okay towards 680 interchange. traffic alert in effect patterson pass shut down in both directions. that's west of midway for an accident where a vehicle went 60 feet down the embankment there. looks like it will take some time to retrieve the vehicle so expect the closure to be there for quite some time. 680 sluggish into pleasanton. north 101/280 101, 280/680 to
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237, slower. here's the forecast. >> gianna, go ahead and pick a color. >> red. >> red? okay. i'll give you some red right now. this is our live weather camera looking out from our kpix 5 studios due east towards the oakland area. and the estuary, alameda, you have a little bit of red. official sun-up at 6:28. what a sunrise due to the cirrus clouds that are drifting across the horizon. we'll call it partly sunny today. cooler. mid-50s oakland through concord. today's numbers coming down but still pleasant. temperatures into the 80s. you will feel the difference. still above average for this time of the year.
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60s from stinson beach to inverness. 82 degrees from terra linda into san rafael. low 80s around sonoma as well as cloverdale. the full forecast at 18 minutes after the hour with the allergy report. >> thank you. more than 100 people need a new place to stay after a fire tore through an apartment building in sunnyvale. this is the scene on friday at the twin pines manor apartments. >> here's how the apartments look now. you can see the signs posted stating that all 81 units have been declared uninhabitable because of the damage. the palo alto city council is taking another week to decide whether or not to ban two-story homes in the royal manor neighborhood. the majority of homes there were developed by joseph eichler. they are one story with signature floor-to-ceiling windows. some long-time residents say two-story homes would ruin the
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neighborhood's original charm and compromise their privacy. they claim someone standing on a second-story could see right into their homes. >> what do you say to folks who say just get some curtains? >> it would change the quality of of the ulterior in particular. >> i don't think that's right. i think that i'm a physician near palo alto, we pay our taxes, it's taking a right away from us. i don't like that. >> the council says it decided to delay the vote because some residents who initially supported banning two-story homes have changed their mind. a house literally hanging off the edge will be lifted out of a danger zone today. the house is teetering on the edge of some crumble cliffs in pacifica. el nino storms have chipped away at the foundation but the owners weren't leaving without a fight. when all was said and done the house will be moved 20 feet. people who use public transit in san francisco will have a chance to speak out about a proposed 25-cent surcharge for passengers who pay fares with cash.
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the municipal transportation agency is also expected to vote on some budget issues today. the meeting is set to begin at 1:00 this afternoon at san francisco's city hall. late last night, the san mateo city council rejected a development plan that would have meant the end of the city's only public ice rink. back in the day, local olympic medalist peggy fleming and kristi yamaguchi skated at the rink at bridgepointe shopping center. a city zoning ordinance requires it to stay but there's no wording that requires it to be open. in 2013, the current owner san francisco-based sti holdings, did not renew the lease of the rink's operator so it's closed. >> it's ridiculous! it's ludicrous. it was the obvious will of the previous city council who put this land restriction in place to have an operating rink. >> sti offered the city $3 million to remove the ice rink requirement. it's unclear whether the rink will re-open. tentative deal to keep the
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raid nerds bay area is official today. the alameda county board will sign the bill during a council meeting today. it solidifies the agreement to extend the lease for a year. 6:09. a trip to washington, dc was anything but sweet for the founders of ben & jerry's ice cream. how they ended up in handcuffs. >> and state legislators are reviewing several proposals today that focus on gun safety. but the suggested restrictions have some gun owners saying they feel like second class citizens. >> good morning. the sun is coming up. the temperatures are coming down. we have rain in the forecast. the full outlook is straight ahead. >> most of your traffic hot spots are in the east bay on 580 and the bay bridge, more coming up. ,,,,
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beloved character actress d roberts has died. official sun-up at 6:28. this is the scene from mount vaca. see all those clouds? partly sunny today. making for a terrific sun-up. rain is in the forecast. we'll time that system together in less than 4 minutes. >> reporter: beloved character actor doris roberts has died. her career spanned more than of 0 years in tv, movies and the stage. she is best known for playing incruisive momma reba roan on the sitcom "everybody loves raymond." she won four emmys for her role. she won a fifth for her work on the 1980s drama st. elsewhere. she was 90. pearl jam is the latest band to cancel a show in north carolina because of a state law that critics say discriminates against gays and lesbians. the ban released this state -- the band said, the hb2 law that was recently passed is a despicable piece of legislation
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that encourages discrimination against an entire group of american citizens. the band also apologized to fans who have tickets. other performers who recently canceled shows in the state include bruce springsteen and ringo starr. two of the biggest names in ice cream had a brush with police yesterday. ben cohen and jerry greenfield were arrested at the u.s. capitol for unlawful demonstration activities. they were taking a stand with democracy awakening which seeks to get big money out of politics among other issues. police processed ben & jerry on the scene and they were soon released along with 300 other protestors. happening today, gun safety is on lawmakers' minds. one bill out for review could make high capacity magazines off limits for good. jackie ward is live in our newsroom on the gun laws that are likely to spark some outcry. reporter: this is one of several gun measures on today's agenda. one of the rifles used in the san bernardino shoot had gone a 30-round magazine and the gun that killed kate steinle had
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previously been reported stolen. senate bill 1446 would prohibit possession of any ammo-holding device for an assault style weapon that holds more than 10 rounds. another bill would require firearm owners to report their gun lost or stolen within five days of realizing it. in the case of george steinbrenner the gun that killed her had previously been reported, the case of kate steinle, the gun that killed her had previously been stolen. those against the proposal like the firearms policy coalition say this would, quote, devastate the gun owning community. they are saying these suggested restrictions are gun-mageddon and they are tired of being treated lie second class citizens. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> is this the same that what the lieutenant governor is trying it get on the ballot? >> no. if these go through it would make lieutenant governor newson's policeman moot. >> thank you. bay area dog owners who want to walk their pets off leash have a better shot than ever before. a group that pushed successfully to get dogs
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running free at richmond's point isabel is trying to help dog owners win a standoff with the ggnra which is proposing restricting off leash areas and eliminating some altogether. now the group that won for point isabel says it has the experience and manpower needed to take on the ggnra. public comments are accepted until may 25. it's a view that hitchcock would love. a new clock tower penthouse is up for sale in san francisco. take a look at the living room. absolutely beautiful. the tower at soma and rincon hill was constructed in 1907. it has a full 360-degree view of soma. it has an outside patio accessible from two bedrooms and it will cost $8.5 million. >> we'll just look at the
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pictures. [ overlapping speakers ] >> let go to traffic and weather at 6:17. >> 580 this morning, westbound is extra busy. that's because of the closure on patterson pass. westbound 580 bogged down well before 205/580 connector connector even beyond mountain house so out of tracy westbound a lot of delays past greenville into livermore a lot of folks using 580 instead of patterson pass. it's shut down west of midway. this is due to an accident where a vehicle went 60 feet down the cliffside there. so that's going to take some time to retrieve that vehicle. you have a lot of delays as a result. so once you got past there it gets better. express lanes help out on parts of 580 altamont pass to 680, only 17 minutes.
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south 280 at geneva accident off to the side. some activity northbound. northbound 280 into san francisco no troubles. checking your drive along the eastshore freeway, tapping the brake lights coming away from hercules stays slow past richmond and you get a break into berkeley and then you see a lot of brake lights towards the bay bridge this morning. metering lights are on you're backed up into the maze. that's a pretty shot. you'll appreciate that, roberta. 4 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze -- 24 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze towards the bay bridge northbound 101 out of san jose slow but better past 880. did you see my shot of the bay bridge? >> yeah! want to see my shot? i got a shot for you right here. >> oh, that's pretty. >> this is from the transamerica pyramid looking due east. isn't this just amazing? this is the bay area, this is sunrise, officially at 6:28. high, thin clouds are drifting overhead. last night you probably saw the halo around the moon caused by the clouds and the light
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through the clouds and ice crystals that causes refraction. that is what we're experiencing this morning. we are also experiencing a cooldown but pleasant. shower chances thursday. it will rain on friday. and boy, we'll be welcoming the rain because it will push down the pollen. the alder and ash and juniper are going nuts. they are blossoming so pollen count is high. the dome of high pressure that brought us record warmth and heat, it was 83 in san francisco for a record tying event yesterday, 91 for a record in san jose, well that's beginning to nudge east and weakens. low pressure key component. i put this computer model together so you can get a good idea of when the rain will arrive. wednesday we'll see cloud filter in. we'll call it partly sunny. thursday about this time, partly to mostly cloudy skies with chance of rain in the far north bay as it nicks the
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cloverdale clearlake area. there's your friday morning and as we skirt through friday we'll see less than a quarter inch of rain. 80s and 90s in the monterey bay. 60s in the high sierra. no records today. temperatures still above average 70 in san francisco. in his 70s in oakland through piedmont into alameda and el cerrito. 83 through the santa clara valley. here's your wednesday transition day. then we have some rain arriving late thursday into friday. dry skies over the weekend. but backing up again. make it a great tuesday. 6:20. cars could soon become a thing of the past at one of the bay area's most popular tourist destinations. the plan straight ahead. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, could the warriors take game 2 without their mvp steph curry? and they weren't the only play- off game in the bay area. can the sharks win on their home ice? the puck drops coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. you know that old expression there is no i in team? we saw that play out last night as the warriors won easily without the mvp. and the best part, curry gets to rest his ankle for three more days. late first half warriors up 6, bogut tips in it thompson who buries the three. thompson finished the game with 34 points but houston made a run in the second half. warriors up three but shaun livingston started in place of curry. he had 16. warriors win 115-106 to go up 2- 0 in the series . >> we want too make sure steph is right and his foot is healthy so we'll see how he responds the next couple of days and if he is not right
6:25 am
being up 2-0 gives us more cushion. >> ronnie jacked out of his mind for game 3. what a start for team teal. 30-second into the game thornton scores, 1-0. later in the period l.a. on the power play. game tied at 1. it would stay tied all the way until overtime with less than four minutes in overtime the kings score. l.a. wins 2-1 cutting the sharks lead 2 games to 1. the road team has won every game in this series . the sharks have the worst record at home and they have to correct that problem for the next game in san jose. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight.
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the play of the day from major league baseball, toronto at boston, santa clara native troy tulowitski at the plate for blue jays. >> the curve ball. a little pop-up . long run for jackie bradley. hein and made the play. dives [ applause and cheers ] >> that's a dandy. >> what a catch. the red sox with the diving catch and the play of the day. in the end they lost. thousands of staff members at a bay area university have had their tax information stolen. how an employee at the school made it all possible. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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human waste on the bay area streets. d in texas this mo a legal battle is developing over a program designed to cut down on human waste on bay area streets. >> and in texas this morning, rescue crews are trying to reach people and animals caught up historic floods. >> from our kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everyone. hard to believe after record highs yesterday we have rain in the forecast. i'll tell you when to expect it. >> and we have hot spots in the east bay. your top traffic trouble spots coming right up. >> good morning. it is tuesday, april 19. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. a standoff in sacramento over gun safety. one of the bills on the table could make high capacity magazines off limits across the state. jackie ward is live in the newsroom with the safety measures that will make waves. >> reporter: another proposal focuses on reporting stolen guns so there's a lot being
6:31 am
discussed at the state level today on firearms. the conversation continues to be driven by recent shootings that happened right here in california. a rifle used in the san bernardino shooting had a 30 round magazine. 30-round magazine and the gun that killed kate steinle had previously been reported stolen. >> there is knee sport or hunting purpose for these -- there is no sport or hunting reason for these magazines. just it kills far too many at one time. >> another shooting took place on pier 14 and killed kate steinle. the gun that killed her was previously reported stolen. her death is a big reason for this bill. at that time thieves have tax information for 3,000 employees with the academy of art in san francisco. kpix 5 obtained a copy of this letter dated april 13 informing employees of a breach that exposed workers' w2 forms. on march 4 someone in hr received an email that looked
6:32 am
like it was from a senior executive requesting the tax data so the hr employee complied. the breach wasn't detected until april 5 when an employee who tried to file his taxes found out someone else already had. the academy of art is working with the fbi on this investigation. deadly storms in texas are expected to continue today. at least five people died monday when torrential rain sparked flash flooding in the state. houston got the worst of the high water when up to 20 inches of rain fell yesterday. the governor has issued a disaster declaration for nine surrounding counties. several school districts in texas are closed today. those storms swept in too fast for some ranch owners. nearly 100 horses were stranded in the floodwaters. dozens of residents jumped into action using rope and other tools to help save the animals. one marine who jumped right into the water against police advice says he felt like it was his duty to save the horses.
6:33 am
>> i also racehorses internationally. they are part of the family. so i would do what i would do for my family have to save them. the texas animal health commission also helped with the rescue. time now 6:33. >> reporter: we have had record highs for the last couple of days. 91 in san jose. 83 in san francisco. that's are records established in 1914. this warmth is unseasonable. we have changes in the forecast right now. this is our live camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid due east. we have a thin veil of high cirrus clouds. otherwise we'll call it partly sunny. 46 santa rosa. 59 san francisco. very mild around the bay. so cool from yesterday's record events. this is our satellite and radar. you can see that we have this area of low pressure tightly
6:34 am
wound up off the coast with clouds against the west coast. this is what will shield some of our sunshine today. temperatures coming down as a result. you will feel the difference but nonetheless still well above average for this date. the winds will be light and variable not a factor during the afternoon hours. 83 degrees in san jose. down from 91 yesterday. east of the bay numbers low and mid-80s. again, a bit of a breeze there late day 10, 15 miles per hour ushering the pollen around. alder, ash and juniper counts are high. 60s at bodega bay. cloverdale 82. we have the full allergy report and rain in the forecast coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. delays at the bay bridge westbound into san francisco. the morning commute in full swing metering lights on backed up into the maze all approaches
6:35 am
seeing brake lights westbound 580 slow-and-go through the maze. westbound 80, 34 minutes. southbound 880 out of hayward, we have a lot of brake lights there. pretty much from 238 down into fremont. 22 machines for your drive time to go through the portion. north of the there 880 through oakland actually doing okay near the coliseum. this doesn't slow down until after 7:00. so if you are hitting the roads, so far, so good. you will see brake lights north of there heading towards the bay bridge. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, right now westbound starting to see some slower speeds. a few brake lights there about an 18 to 19-minute ride to commute from hayward to foster city. you will see delays along 101 to the peninsula. better through the altamont pass. from the top of the pass to 680 is okay. east of there big delays as folks use that instead of patterson pass which is closed
6:36 am
west of midway. vehicles may soon be banned on the eastern roads of san francisco's twin peaks. the mta could vote on the plan today. the proposal calls for allowing only walkers and bikers in the area. if approved the project will have a two-year trial run starting on june 1 a ribbon cutting is scheduled in concord to usher in private jet service to southern california. jet suite will begin service between buchanan field and burbank bob hope airport. it's a private jet charter operator offering trips to individuals and groups up to 30 people. first flight is 9:30 a.m. from concord this morning. today the san francisco supervisors will consider whether it's worth it to spend millions to fix a fire suppression system at sfo's largest hangar. the super bay hangar is at the north end of the field at sfo next to fire station 2. the hangar's automatic suppression system failed to contain a fire
6:37 am
last december. workers found several leaks in an underground water pipe. emergency repairs would cost $4.3 million. eventually the plan is to replace the entire system for $20 million. san francisco mayor ed lee has a new strategy to combat homelessness. he is essentially blending five departments into one to create a department on homelessness. lee says the city plans to build 3,000 new shelter beds and find an extra $30 million to help with the homeless problem. meanwhile, some supervisors are pointing out why last month's effort to clear out homeless camps was not a good fix. >> homeless is up 4%. but beyond the numbers, i think qualitatively, it's as bad as i have seen. they didn't clear division, they pushed them to smaller streets. >> he hopes to get $30 million
6:38 am
in funding in 4 years. the chinese christian union wants urinalysis out. they are not user-friendly. a scary situation outside the state capitol building. the fbi and s.w.a.t. teams at the state capital after a man barricaded himself in his car blocking an intersection for hours. the car's windows were covered in brown paper with words scribbles on it. during the standoff, the man inside screamed at police and snapped pictures of the scene outside. eventually the man surrendered. his roommate told police she had to get a restraining order against him after he allegedly threatened her with a baseball bat. to campaign 2016, three presidential candidates have ties to new york and right now voters are making the decision. former new york senator hillary clinton hopes new york voters are still on her side. meanwhile, donald trump hopes
6:39 am
to remain the front-runner despite calling september 11th 7-eleven by mistake at a recent rally in buffalo. but senator irene cruz and bernie sanders know that making a comeback in new york could give them a better shot at securing the presidential nomination. time now 6:39. things >> after months of research and debate the topic of rent control reaches a head here in san jose. the city council set to vote on it in a couple of hours. >> taking a look at the big board now, the dow up 46 points. we'll be right back. ,,
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good morning. you can expect these numbers across the bay area today. it will be cooler by a good 13 degrees in many locations but
6:43 am
still 13 degrees above average in san jose. yesterday a high of 91. partly sunny in redwood city 82. east of the bay into the 80s. good morning, san rafael. you can expect a high today of 80 degrees. partly sunny at cloverdale at 82. the latest on the devastating earthquake in ecuador. 413 people are now confirmed dead including an american and two canadians. more than 2,000 are injured. more rescuers hope to find survivors. yesterday in manta, rescuers managed to free 8 people who were trapped for more than 32 hours in the rubble of a shopping center. the red cross says up to 5,000 people might need temporary housing because of destroyed homes. in japan, 45 people are now confirmed dead after a pair of
6:44 am
major earthquakes there. food shortages and cuts to water service are hampering relief efforts. 100,000 people are sleeping outdoors during aftershocks. netflix with a disappointing report this morning. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. netflix continueses to dominate the video streaming space. but it's running into some issues. its revenue was up 25% in the 1st quarter from a year early to nearly $2 billion. and it added another 6.7 million subscribers but international growth is not meeting estimates and there's concern coming from wall street estimates over that. also on rising competition to netflix which could weigh on future subscriber growth including from the likes of amazon and hulu. amazon announced a new stand- alone prime video which is cheaper than netflix. as a result, netflix shares are down by 8% in the early going this morning. home builders is have not been
6:45 am
busy this spring. the commerce department reports that housing starts in march were down by 8.8%. weakness pretty much all across the country and also permits and applications for future building down by 7.7%. the decline in march was the biggest in five months. stock market is coming off a solid day. the dow closed above 18,000 for the first time since last july. things are looking better than they did in january during the big sell-off. let's see where we're heading this morning. there's pressure on the tech sector coming from netflix, also from ibm and rambus on their earnings results. the dow is already so far up over 30. nasdaq down 11. s&p up by 3. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. today the bay area's biggest city will take on the issue of soaring rent prices. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in san jose with a plan to protect renters. kiet.
6:46 am
>> reporter: good morning. just a couple of hours the san jose city council will be debating and voting on a list of proposals to help tenants struggling to deal with high rent in san jose. chief among them topping the list is rent control. the housing department is recommending the city tie rent increases to inflation which at last check was 3% a year. currently a landlord can raise rent by up to 8% a year. the housing department recommends the council approve an ordinance that would block landlords from passing on debt or construction could see on to the tenant. one councilmember floated the idea of tenant protection which would liar a landlord to pay for someone's rent and goes for several months should they get evicted for another tenant willing to pay higher rent. this has owners and landlords saying enough is enough! some of them are walking awhat. >> apartment buildings railroad going up for sale in the city of san jose. people are afraid of what's going to happen next. and that will likely continue to happen. >> reporter: months of research and study and debate come to a head today. council set to vote on this
6:47 am
topic at 1:30 p.m. at city hall in downtown san jose. kiet do, kpix 5. >> how much is rent in san jose now? how fast has it risen? >> yeah, it is crazy here in san jose. the rent currently now for a one bedroom on average is about $2,400 a month for a one- bedroom apartment double from seven years ago. >> thank you, kiet do. california senate has put its foot down on powdered alcohol. yesterday senators approved a bill that bans the product. supporters fear the powdered form of alcohol's enticing to teens and the state stable will take up the building let's check the roads with gianna. >> it continues to be busy westbound 580. slow-and-go continues through the altamont pass. it's better once you connect over to 680. here's a live look at 680, 580 interchange, the dublin interchange. this looks good. east of there you have all these brake lights a lot of folks using 580 instead of
6:48 am
patterson pass instead because we have an accident there patterson pass closed west of midway both directions for a serious accident. slow in tracy into livermore. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on. backed up into the maze 34 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze off the eastshore freeway. delays off westbound 580, as well. over to 880 southbound, brake lights here from 238 down towards highway 82. that will take you 23 minutes. most of those delays into hayward connecting over to the san mateo bridge a bit of a struggle. we have brake lights here now. 22 minutes between 880 and 101. northern 238 to the maze is 28 minutes. bart on time system wise. all mass transit is on time. good on 101.
6:49 am
92 to the 80 split, 20 minutes. here's roberta. i have a picture. it's susan who is actually an employee here at kpix 5, she works in our sales department and she just sent me this photograph and i said, hey, you came to work early this morning. she said, no, this is from her living room window. okay. susan! do you have a spare room? like can i just move in with you? look at that view! i could do weather from her living room. > don't you think? >> yeah! we would miss you roberta. >> hey, everybody. keep those photos coming here to kpix 5. let's go 60 miles to the south to san jose where we have a veil of thin cirrus clouds draped across the horizon. we are going to refer to it as partly sunny today. san jose 91 yesterday, a record. now 57. it will cool down. joe, he lives in san jose. and his backyard and his little
6:50 am
microclimate, 90 degrees at 3:05. you will cool down today. you will feel the difference. but it's still going to be about 13 degrees above average across the santa clara valley. next chance of showers thursday. it will rain on friday and we'll have dry skies for the weekend. if you woke up this morning and you eyes are itching, it's the alder, ash and juniper counts. they are medium to high. speaking of high, high pressure is now beginning to weekend as it goes east replaced by an area of low pressure that's going to cloud us up on wednesday. you see the clouds roll in. there's thursday morning on futurecast at this time. rain in the north bay. we'll see rain on friday and less than a quarter inch. meanwhile, 54 going up to 90 in fresno. it's also in the 50s going up to 70 in monterey bay.
6:51 am
our temperatures coming down but still pleasant. 80 in santa rosa. now it looks like we'll have a transition day wednesday. clouding up thursday. rain on friday. dry skies over the weekend. make it a great day. >> thank you. legal troubles for a bay area biotech company are getting worse. theranos is now in the middle of a criminal investigation. the company built a $9 billion business on its quick and easy blood testing technology. but according to the "new york times," the justice department has serious questions whether it works. right now theranos is not facing any formal charges. but the feds could shut down its flagship lab in newark fending what they find. and last week, regulators proposed banning founder elizabeth holmes from the industry for two years. a discrimination lawsuit against a bay area tourist attraction is on the verge of ending. the plaintiffs mostly black women claim that conductors discriminated against them when they removed them from the napa
6:52 am
wine train last year because they were too loud. a settlement has been reached but the attorney didn't disclose details. it needs to be approved by the wine train's governing board. he is accused of stealing a bike with a power tool and san francisco police are looking for him. the surveillance video shows him in a trench coat and cane on the 400 block of valencia and stole a bike with a power saw. people walked by, nobody looked at him. eventually the thief stole it. the bike belongs to julia robertson of berkeley who was attending a comedy show friday night. she reported the theft to police. he hasn't been found. moffield field is one of six locations for an ambitious experiment today. details on the nationwide drone flights. >> several bills that would tighten up gun restrictions are being considered in sacramento today. it's an evident to decrease the number of shootings in california. but some gun owners feel like
6:53 am
they are being unnecessarily scrutinized. you ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. voting in the new york prims is underway. donald trump is looking to beat out ted crud john k five things to know at the :55. voting in the new york primaries is under way. donald trump is looking to beat out ted cruz and john kasich and avoid a contested convention in july. and hillary clinton is hoping a win in new york would lead to increased calls for bernie sanders to drop out of the race. at least five people are dead as floodwaters in texas continue to rise. torrential rainfall yesterday caused major flash flooding in the southeast part of the state leading to thousands of rescues. a state of emergency is in
6:57 am
effect in some of the hardest h counties. more rain today. today is a year since the death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old died from injuries he got in a police van last april. the driver of the van was among the six officers charged in connection with his death. moffett field is one of six nationwide locations for he could ordernated drone flights today. nasa is hoping to develop an air traffic control system for the vehicles. six places will launch the drones at the same time. the test will allow researchers to measure the program's progress. latter today, officials from l.a. county and oakland are expected it -- from alameda county and oakland are expected to approve a lease for the raiders. the team would also have the option of remaining at the coliseum for two additional years. several gun measures are being discussed in sacramento today and state legislators are using recent shootings in california as examples of why we need stricter gun laws.
6:58 am
one of the rifles used in the san bernardino shooting had a 30 round magazine. senate bill 1446 would ban a weapon that holds more than 10 rounds. another bill would require firearm owners to report their gun lost or stolen within five days of them realizing it was gone. in the case of kate steinle the gun that the killer had was previously reported stolen. the firearms policy coalition says this would devastate the gun owning community. those against the proposals say they are being scrutinized. jackie ward, kpix 5. let's get a final look at our bridges this hour. here's the bay bridge where traffic is busy. you're backed up to the maze 37 minutes on the eastshore freeway ride. san mateo bridge loaded up 25 minutes from hayward to foster city. the golden gate bridge one of our bright spots no delays. sluggish south 101 through
6:59 am
novato but at 580 you're at the limit to san francisco only 14 minutes. the diamondbacks are taking on the giants this evening. extra busy on 280 extension this evening into san francisco. >> the temperature will be in the 50s this evening. so dress in layers. increasing clouds over the bay. temperatures mild except santa rosa 46, otherwise in the 50s. numbers are coming down today after two days of record warmth. 60s, 70s and 80s. it was 91 yesterday in san jose. so we have partly sunny conditions today and tomorrow. i think you just saw the veil of cloud outside. thursday spotty scattered showers towards the evening commute. it will rain friday less than a quarter inch. dry skies and mild over the weekend >> thank you. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. next on "cbs this morning," charlie rose sits down with president obama to discuss his foreign policy legacy and also the current situation in the middle east.
7:00 am
>> see you at noon. captions by: caption colorado good morning. here in the west tuesday april 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly and devastating floods forced more than 1,000 rescues in texas. the threat is not over yet. >> ahead of his visit to saudi arabia, president obama talks with charlie about isis, vladimir putin, and what he calls our dysfunctional political system. and it's primary day here in new york. donald trump and hillary clinton look for their first victories in almost a month. today's eye epaer, your world in 90 seconds. >> with more rain coming, we don't know where it's going to


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