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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live -- live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix5 news 
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considering and why it will spark some outrageous. tuesday april 19. breaking news out of's out of pittsburgh, and -- an investigation underway after a deadly hit-and-run. a driver was speeding pass a patrol car around seven -- and refuse to stop when an office -- officer with -- turned on his light -- land. high-speed crash into a fence and kept him -- going before ditching his car. police found in several box blocks from the scene. when they got to the golf course, he noticed the production had been struck and killed. the victim had no idea that that. new the golf course will be closed for several hours. new gun safety regulations are being considered at the state capitol. jackie ward is life. they are using we can recent shooting at . 37 bills for her today in one of the proposals this requiring owners to report guns
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lost or stolen within five days. her killing an example of yet another death involving a stolen weapon. she was killed on your 14 by the now was reported stolen days earlier by a federal officer. it will also force can -- gun owners to report that there weapons were found within 48 hours of the recovery. they don't oppose reporting losses stolen firearm, it's the temperatures restriction that will criminalize at not mean a certain -- meeting certain deadline. we will criminalize the fact that he -- affect they found it in the art going to sell it and -- in the comic con. you're damned if you do you're damned if you -- your damned if you don't. i want to reiterate that for the -- hold the gun owner as well as -- to protect against the use in criminal activity. governor jerry brown has of -- vetoed set -- similar right
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legislation starts before. they are confident that he will up approve this because it's a plan that until several bills that make california safer. the bill passed five-two now we know -- in the nation. a developing story, chapter five over a scene of a crash in berlin game this morning. they got a call before nine that a garbage truck hit and 85- year-old cyclist. on northbound el camino. the cyclist was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. a hearing is wrapping up right now in the case of the 19 annual woman was being a think that in the home and sent pieces go. protesters gathered to show support for iris canada who lived there for more than a half century. joe had been a deal had been reached to give her a permanent state from the addiction. -- a stay from the eviction.
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they don't have to go far from home to do it. hillary clinton and bill clinton arrived that there chappaqua polling station to vote. for this will be her home state of new york a big win in today's primary. >> i urge everybody to, please, come out in bold before -- and vote before 9:00 p.m. clinton is the front runner that has seen bernie sanders win eight of the last nine primaries. this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. donald trump is hosting a little hometown help propel some too big -- sent a big victory. he is noted in his midtown manhattan synagogue a few locks from the trump towers. trump is up over the 50% mark and all of the polls and if those numbers will be could end up winning nearly all of the 95 delegates available in the gop primary.
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trump is sitting at 755 delegates right now in -- and he needs 1237 to caps off the nomination without a four -- four-part at the convention. we are going to do it in the first ballot and get to the big 1237. ted cruz in john kasich turned their attention to next week's contest. voters in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island vote next tuesday. the san jose city council weighs in on the new rent control ordinance. many live in the city are urging the council to act by limiting annual rent increases in strengthening petitions against an ear infections. take will consider expanding the rent control rules to newer buildings and duplexes that are currently left out. lesson an hour from now, people who use public transit will
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have a chance to speak out, the -- then municipal transportation agency will hold up public hearing and the boat -- maple and some budget issues. among the items per post 25 cents surcharge for passengers to pay fares with cash. hiring outside contractors to help the agency break into lost iphones is not the only solution, the hearing stems from the battle between the fbi and apple on whether the base the company was obligated to help with breaking the iphone used by the gunmen. they are dependent upon the fragility of the systems. also they are very time intensive and resource intensive which may not be scalable to enable us to be successful. amy hassett the fbi said that there's no one-size-fits- all for law enforcement to recover encrypted communication, she said each decision must be made case by case. now suppose its largest taste tested for unmanned
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aircraft system. one of the six faa sites around the country where the drawings -- the drones live simultaneously. we have all four starting up. >> at -- at the nasa in mountain view at the bit of history, they are conducting the most complex test the date of its air traffic management system for drone. commend this is virginia we have two airborne. 22 drones flying in three different sites from alaska to texas all being tracked in real time. after working on this for a year and a half, the team is all smiles. look like a proud father. >> it's a pretty big step for us to see the system working in all areas of the us at the same time and performing the expected. the drone pilots -- pilot sending the flight path seen in the blue line. if there are no conflicts like flying too close to an airport,
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government building or another book, the software proves the flight plan. if it goes outside the laundry it will go on alert. this is a research platform, but what you can do is pretty cool. using the ipad app you consume in to one particular drone flightpath. you can cap on the drone itself and it will bring up the information call sign, flightpath and pellet contact information. they wanted more than 200 agencies, companies and industry groups to create a robust tracking system for the future that could one day track tens of thousands of drones nationwide. for now, baby steps. we are anxious to get this going, we need to be rigorous about our approach and making sure satisfied on the -- as well as regular requirements to say this is -- . >> taking flight in concord and
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you should in private jet in southern california started service between the canon field and bob hope airport today a private jet charter operator, offering trips to individuals and groups up to 30 people the first white the parts from concord at 9:30 a.m. after a ribbon-cutting ceremony. a state legislative committee unanimously approved a republican-led bill to beef up oversight of the -- for oversight of the project. the bill will require the high- speed rail authority to report detailed -- authority to report detailed cost, schedule and information about each segment of the project. the bill will head to the appropriations committee and then the full assembly. of push to end styrofoam packaging -- and styrofoam packaging in san francisco. they are proposing an extensive ban on the product that's a staple at most take all places. the styrofoam is a threat to the environment and public --
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public health and industry reps say it is lightweight, reliable and cost-effective and insist the ban will not be as beneficial as it seems. it's time for the warriors to hit the road after taking a two-game 20 lead in the opening round series, golden state one game number two getting the rockets 115-106, stephon curry set out and he's still nursing the -- he still nursing the injured ankle. game three and four will be in houston thursday and sunday if the rockets win one of those games game five will be in oakland a week from tomorrow. still ahead bill cosby's wife forced to go on -- under oath the questions she has to answer about the allegation made against the comedian. texas is still remains under water, and the rescue still in the way and more rain is expected. good afternoon, the temperatures are coming down a bit. pollen report is going up and rain is in the forecast. we got it off.
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-- he got it all. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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expected to get higher... ie wake of that devastating in this developing story the death toll is 40013 and expected to get higher in the wake of the devastating earthquake in ecuador, an american and two canadians are among -- to canadians are among those killed or you there are hopeful seems like this -- there's a man being pulled alive from the rubble of a collapse still telling portal vallejo. he is more than more than 2000 people injured, up to 5000 people might need temporary housing because of the -- in southern japan, aftershocks continue in the week over a period of . major quakes, 100,000 people can't live in their homes after the quakes not knocked over thousands of
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building and killed 45 people. other areas have no running water today were flush toilets. when continues to soak houston making the deadly storm some of the worst the region -- region has seen since tropical storm allison back in 2001. ibex art blamed on the -- desired blamed on the rains and floodwaters, more than a foot fell, forms filled with water and people are using whatever they can to go to safety and mattresses and refrigerators. my town houses flooded my refrigerator everything is -- i have to dry up stairs, i have room people trying to get away because they got kid. the storms are caused by low-pressure system, greg abbott has declared a state of disaster in nine counties in the region . two news details of a concert is -- the concert is being canceled in north carolina over the lgbt law. pearl jam announces coppell calling off tomorrow shows in rally, boston is canceling an upcoming concert, the house
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bill to cut passed last month and prince cities and the state -- based on gender identity. the mandates that students -- use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender on the better birth certificates. more than 100 companies also denounce the law. bill cosby's wife will have to answer more questions about her husband so successful allegation. it will take place in boston work the cause of these have -- cosby's have a home. the plaintiffs are among the 50 women who claim cosby force unwanted contact on them. looking ahead, the first family will travel to britain to spend time with the way a family. to deliver 90th birthday greetings to -- to queen elizabeth ii, he and first lady michelle obama -- first lady michelle obama will join prince harry and the duke and duchess of cambridge for dinner at kensington palace.
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lunches on me. let's go to the beach, live weather camera looking out ted ocean beach. you can see the markings on the beach where we had high tide at 11:05 a.m., low tide at 4:45 p.m. the closest not so clear, i think ill of high clouds, san francisco, we had a record of 83, tying it back in 1914, santa rosa mid 70s, approaching 80 right now san jose. charlie rose said it's such a nice day to send the sun. you are right, charlie, but if you suffer from allergies be prepared, the pollen count is medium to high side, it will have a better day on friday, with rain in the horizon. today is a big cool down, but numbers are well above average for -- a pleasant day.
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showers chances on thursday it will rain on friday. high-pressure )-right- parenthesis-right paren beginning to taper into an easterly direction. it will bring a shield of cloud. and into thursday see the clouds increase a chance of a spider showers thursday and -- shower thursday and friday morning activities onshore and less quarter of an inch in the bay area. it is already 73 degrees and the monterey bay area going to 79, we are in the low 60s going to 66 in the tahoe area. our temperatures from the 60s to the 70's, 80 degrees for the warmest locations told the delta, discovery bay as well. 7:50 p.m. the sunset tonight overnight partly cloudy condition and boat more cooling on wednesday with spotty showers on friday. good-looking weekend ahead as well.
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i love charlie. he checks out the weather, but -- with his cat on his lap and did some novel every day. charlie rose. >> he is in new york bay area. >> . we have some good and bad news for netflix, they now have 81 and a half million subscribers worldwide. in the us alone netflix added more than 2 million subscribers in the first three months of the year revenue up 18% over last year, but netflix predicted the subscriber growth for the second quarter want me to industry expectations. norstrom plans to cut up to 400 jobs by july. they're trying to/$60 million in costs after reporting week summer sales, he will affect employees working in the
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seattle headquarters and other regional offices. a few sales floors jobs will be affected. taking a look at the big board, financial markets wall street, dow up 41 points at this hour. if you're trying to sell your home in san francisco, why they are not selling like they used to and how come this is bad news for the market. >> your favorite ice cream flavors. the warm cookies you crave. now in one delicious treat. baskin robbins new warm cookie ice cream sandwiches.
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today is the day there is going to be with the beautiful california mandarin, the halo, the bottom line is you have to look inside the mesh bags, look for -- make sure they are beautifully orange although -- all the way around. take your time looking for them because you don't want to throw them away when you get home. and they are nice and orange and shiny that's when they are asked. make sure they are -- when you bring them home store them in a cool place, right on your collar. these are wonderful, easy to peel. great amount of juice and you can smell them. all the freshness. there you go, the halo,
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mandarin, that's good. i am years before, always eat fresh and stay healthy. you can't stop eating them. it seems -- homes aren't selling like they used to, but it's a good sign that the competitive market may be slowing down. according to website, a number of unsold homes in mid april is at the highest level in four years that's at 616, most inventories are condos would -- unsold single-family homes, 20034. this is not include the construction. a push for the city of san jose to increase minimum which to $15 an hour earlier. officials are looking into the possibility advocates a because of the high cost of living in silicon valley a lot of people would benefit the fall citizens -- citizen santa clara county priest a way to raise it to --
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that will be three years ahead of the state. the city council and alameda county board of supervisor are each meeting separately to decide whether to approve the deal. the readers in the coliseum authority reached an agreement to keep the team in oakland at least another year, but team ownership had made it clear for quite some time that the readers want to new stadium. a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question email are -- our hotline consumer watch cbs or call the hotline 888 -- fresh grocer.
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roots -- this afternoon on 5 news at five. that's it for the k-p-i-x at noon. have a great a how coca-cola is returning to its roots this afternoon. at five. you -- you were in the warriors came light right now. >> i wrote go and hang on the charlie rose.
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