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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we have an additional staff of about 40 of rec and parks cleaning up after the event finishes. >> reporter: the other challenge is enforcement. there wasn't much of that from what we could see. the city said nothing was supposed to be sold but there were people selling edibles. someone was selling lsd on the sidewalk. we saw children although they weren't supposed to be here, being pushed around in strollers. the rangers said they have 28 extra people working today to keep tabs on things to make sure nobody got out of control. when i talked to them about an hour ago, they say so far, so good. ken? >> yeah, emily. forget for a second the marijuana. um, having that many people in the park in a confined area all at one time presents some unique issues. any issues at all with arrest or law enforcement? >> reporter: so far, at least from what we have seen,i talked to the rangers again an hour ago, they said nothing, although he did hear about one parent being taken out of the park earlier because they brought a child but that's the
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only time we heard of anything and there were several children being wheeled around in there so at this point, not yet. most of that happens over in the haight a little later when everybody spills out in that direction and they are going there now. >> reporter: emily turner live from the park, thank you. pretty tough getting around there. a lot of streets are closed around golden gate park. no traffic except muni buses. san francisco police may add more street closures as it becomes necessary. >> it could very well be the last year that recreational marijuana is illegal in november. according to a poll 56% of americans say the use of marijuana should be legal. that's a new "high" and a slight increase from a year ago. 36% think it shouldn't be legal. that's down 7 points from last year. for another perspective on today's event, head over to our facebook page. emily talked to students at one
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bay area high school where the 420 phenomenon is believed to have started. check it out at meanwhile, in san jose, an unusual alliance to stop measure c, which would gut the city's current medical pot laws. former mayor chuck reed and some other city leaders joined reps from medical marijuana dispensaries at city hall today. once political adversaries, the group is uniting to oppose the measure on the june ballot. >> it's creating a completely unfair operating and unsafe environment for the citizens and the patients of the city of san jose and you have illegal collectives not paying taxes not paying into the state coffers, not having workers' comp., and not testing the medicine and selling that to patients. >> among other things, measure c would lift zoning restrictions and allow dispensaries to open next to a
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daycare, a church or even a home and gut the strong regulatory system currently in place and reduce penalties for selling marijuana to children to a $100 fine. the face of money is changing. for the very first time a woman will be be on the $20 bill. kpix 5's mike sugerman says it's not just the 20 but the 10 and 5-dollar bills are changing, too. mike. >> reporter: liz, show me money! and now it's time for the ladies. not just one but several. and if time is money, many say it's about time. it's no longer just about the "benjamins." it's now also about the harriets. harriet tubman. >> a woman could grow up as a slave, remain illiterate, and through her heroism and her vision and her determination, help to change the course of the country. >> reporter: harriet tubman was an escaped slave who helped others to freedom through the underground railroad. >> i have three great granddaughters and the only
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thing they learn in history is about martin luther king, jr. >> reporter: thelma simmons is an oakland activist who says this can be used as a "teachable moment." ♪[ music ] >> reporter: alexander hamilton is reliving his 15 minutes of fame on broadway in the musical "hamilton," so successful that popular sentiment was to keep him on the $10 and put harriet tubman on the $20 instead. that's okay with tubman backers. >> it's time we sort of broaden the concept of -- of what it is to be an american. >> reporter: who do you think that is? >> um, that's a great question. >> reporter: yeah. the others named today, grace the back of the $10 bill might be harder to identify. like sojourner truth. >> i know who she is. >> reporter: you do? >> yes, sir. >> who is it? >> she was a civil rights activist. >> reporter: others include susan b. anthony, katie stanton, alice paul. >> and frances scott key.
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>> reporter: it's lucretia mud and she may have been taken better pictures in her day. she was a abolitionist and women's rights advocate that we'll get to see more of when the new bills start being printed in 2020. and new on the back of the $5 bill, eleanor roosevelt, marian anderson and martin luther king. mike sugerman, kpix 5. we have some breaking news out of san jose tonight. a vta light rail train has hit a woman and an ambulance rushed her to valley medical center a short time ago. we don't know her condition at this point. this happened at race street at park more avenue west of downtown san jose. and vta just told us that she old a closed pedestrian gate to cross the tracks when she was hit. the vta train service in the area has been delayed. we'll keep you posted. on highway 17, the driver of a flatbed truck was killed after going down an embankment
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near los gatos about 1:30 on northbound 17. the truck smashed into a large water main near the los gatos creek. investigators say it's possible the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. tens of thousands of renters in san jose won't face big rent increases ever again. the city council voted at 2 a.m. after a long debate to prohibit landlords from raising the rent more than 5% each year. this applies to apartments in buildings built before 1979. that's 44,000 units in town, a third of all rental properties in the city. >> you know, you need some protections now because the renter -- the owners now are grabbing, you know, trying to make as much money as they can and i don't know how long it's going to last. >> one councilmember proposes a $1 billion bond for more affordable housing. next month the council will take a look at limiting the number of rent controlled buildings that are demolished each year. over the last week we have had a number of drownings off
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the northern california coast and we have now learned that a lake county sheriff's deputy was swept out to sea. jacob steely and his 11-year- old son were along the mendocino county coast on monday when a rogue wave pulled them out into deep water. the boy is okay. but authorities found jacob floating face down. he remains in intensive care in a chico hospital. police looking for the man who shot and killed a driver on highway 4. the victim's chevy impala went off the highway and into a fence on california avenue near loveridge road last night. the officers believed the gunman targeted the driver. there have been at least 18 other shootings on east bay freeways since november. the feds said today they uncovered a zigzagging tunnel between tijuana and san diego that drug traffickers were using. the nearly half-mile-long passage has a rail system, ventilation and lights plus an elevator on the mexican side. agents found dozens of packages
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of marijuana inside and arrested 6 people in the san diego area. a u.s. attorney says the north end of the tunnel was hidden by a commercial trash bin. >> we believe this to be the longest tunnel that we have discovered in the district to date. it's approximately 874 yards in length. >> the feds say three of the men arrested had taken the trash bin and partially unloaded the goods into a truck inside the bin and that truck agents found about 7 tons of marijuana and more than a ton of cocaine. new at 5:00 a disturbing graffiti mesge targeting a national movement turns up an affluent bay area high school. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us police are investigating the incident as a hate crime reporter: custodians discovered the racist and pro donald trump graffiti scrawled on benches and walls at palo alto high school monday morning. vandals wrote, black lives
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suck. and trump 1,237 a reference to the number of delegates mr. trump needs to gain the republican nomination for president. >> i was like surprised. >> reporter: brendan one of the few black students on campus said he did not feel threatened by it. >> project some low life kid couldn't say it to anyone's face. >> reporter: custodians took it down and then called police who are investigating this as vandalism and a hate crime. the palo alto school district is also investigating and trying to get students who may know something to step forward. >> we work very hard to maintain a safe learning environment and so when we see this kind of language on our campus, you know, we have to take it seriously. >> reporter: according to u.s. census palo alto is less than 2% black. white and black students said there are underlying racial issues that sometimes creep into school. >> i think there's race problems everywhere. hopefully, with time, we'll minimize some of it and be more accepting of one another.
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>> very disappointing, like, such a educated place to, um, kind of go down to that level. >> reporter: and some students blamed mr. trump himself for inspiring the hate messages. >> you have someone like that going up for president and it basically is being okay, there's a lot of the things that he says. so i think it allows a lot of kids people that do feel like that to speak up and say stuff. >> reporter: students say the incident has prompted discussions about race and politics both in and out of the classroom. in palo alto, len ramirez, kpix 5. after their big wins in new york last night hillary clinton and donald trump are moving on to the next rounds of states voting next week. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island vote on tuesday. cbs' craig boswell tells us all the candidates say they will still fight it out until the conventions. >> reporter: donald trump says he will be the republican presidential nominee. >> i love running against crooked hillary! i love that! >> reporter: trump won big in
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new york tuesday and is now just 393 delegates short of clinching the nomination. ted cruz insists he will stop trump from getting the magic number. >> i'm not going to reach 1,237. and donald trump is not going to reach 1,237. >> reporter: the texas senator says the battle won't be settled until the convention in july. >> at that point it is going to be a battle to see who can earn a support of the majority of the delegates elect by the people. >> reporter: john kasich believes an open convention is where he steps in. >> since i'm the only one that consistently beats hillary, in every, single poll and they lose in virtually every, single poll, i think we'll have a good future here at the convention. >> reporter: for the democrats seeking the white house, the five states voting next tuesday add up to more than 460 delegate hillary clinton met with mothers of gun violence victims in philadelphia wednesday. >> we have been talking about change for centuries. let's get a woman in the white house. that's a real change. [ applause ] >> reporter: a new monmouth university poll shows her with a 13 point lead over bernie
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sanders in the keystone state. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. some are calling them unfair airfares. major carriers raise prices on certain flies and critics charge they are breaking the law. >> coming up, the firefight launched right here in the prayer. >> coming up in weather the timing for rainfall for changed and despite what your social media feed may have said why tonight's moon will not be pink. >> and california governor jerry brown officially moving out of the bay area. how much he is selling his oakland home for. ,,
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attorney is accusing the lat airlines illegally jacking-p prices on certain tickets. new at 5:00 airfare warfare a bay area attorney accusing the largest airlines of
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illegally jacking up their prices on certain tickets. specifically, ones where you visit more than one city on the same trip. consumerwatch reporter julie watts reports. >> reporter: this lawsuit was filed in san francisco this week alleging price fixing and collusion among the airlines. new rules went into effect that no longer combine the lowest individual fares for the multicity trips. you no longer get the lowest price on each individual language. changes took place around april fool's day although most travelers still haven't heard. many multi-city flights got more expensive. for instance, in its announcement of the new fare changes united demonstrated two one way flights from l.a.x. to houston and houston to new orleans would cost a combined 189. but new fare rules would require passengers who want to travel from l.a.x. to new orleans instead book one ticket for 363. >> all of them are the same.
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>> reporter: this san francisco attorney points out the three major airlines united, delta and american, all impose the same rules with virtually the same language at the same time. >> if they did it individually they never would because then the others would be able to take their customers away, elimination of competition and it's price fixing. >> reporter: alioto says until now, the airlines would allow you to book a multi-stop itinerary and pay the lowest price for each leg. >> then they discovered some legs were very low because that was areas in which they were competing against low cost carriers. >> reporter: the lawsuit on behalf of travel agents says the airline threatened to charge agents the difference in fares if they continued booking the cheaper individual legs. american airlines calls the lawsuit without merit and says the move eliminated the loophole. meanwhile, united says it makes changes to its prices or fare rules union lal rattily to ensure competitiveness. delta declined comment on pending litigation.
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alioto says the lawsuit is intended to prevent the airlines from enforcing their new rules which mostly apply to business travelers and individual consumers we still can price out individual legs and, of course, the multi-city trip but ken and liz, if you do that, make sure you clear out your cache and browser history between each purchase or they may be tracking it. >> thank you. a new dog park is coming to pleasanton. the city council just approved the new off leash park along the maryland murphy cain trail near bernal avenue. it will be 1.5 acres including everything from dog seesaws and hoops to dog drinking fountains and shade structures. it will cost about $600,000. construction should begin next month. new at 5:00 governor jerry brown is ditching his oakland digs. the 4100-square-foot japanese inspired home in the oakland hills is set to hit the market tomorrow. it's located on skyline boulevard, has 3 bedrooms, 4
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bathrooms, price tag, a little over $2.5 million. today former governor arnold schwarzenegger pumped iron live on facebook live streaming his workout session in venice and offered t-shirts for sale to raise money for a charity that provides after- school programs for kids. pump it up. >> his workout videos back in the late '70s. imagine if they were on facebook live which would have been 20 years before facebook which would have been crazy. >> that would have been really crazy. he really was ahead of his time! [ laughter ] the cooldown continues in the bay area. rainfall may impact the drive to work on friday. let's head outside on this beautiful wednesday evening. we have fog off in the distance. this camera is in san jose, that's mount tam off in the distance. that's out great the visibility. temperatures are cool and comfortable.
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nothing on the radar right now nor do we expect any over the next 12 to 18 hours then we'll see changes. coastal locations watch out tomorrow heading to the beach, the west-facing beaches swells will be building, risk for sneaker waves and high risk of strong rip currents. cloudy and milder tonight. tomorrow we bring in the cloud cover and stronger onshore flow. so temperatures way above average monday and tuesday cooler today back to normal tomorrow which will be the upper 60s and low 70s. except for right along the coastline even cooler than that. xt rainfall, not with this low pressure area here. that's what kicks up the onshore flow. that's rain to our north. it's this guy way up in the gulf of alaska but we'll make good progress only 24 to 36 hours out.
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futurecast for the next couple of days, tomorrow morning, i'm not really thinking we are going to see widespread rain. there could be a sprinkle or two. the majority of the change tomorrow is in the cloud cover. tomorrow night, yeah, far north bay you will see a few showers and the timing is now earlier. yesterday i had to show you this picture at about 9:00 in the morning. we have moved it to 5:00 in the morning so 4 hours earlier. which means, roads will likely be wet for the friday morning commute. the rain may be finished, the steady rainfall but it will be wet and slippery for the friday morning commute and scattered showers are possible throughout the day on friday. a minor tweak that will impact commuters friday morning. tomorrow cloudy and sprinkles. the rain gets here friday about a quarter inch of rain not bad for april of. >> weekend looks good not terribly warm but it will be
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sunny pleasant right around 70. next week clouds and sun, mix of 80s. >> thank you. some big changes coming to the big mac. the new sizes for the burger next on kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> but first, stocks were up. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. official in hot water today. authorities announced the first criminal charges in flint's water contamination crisis. plus, counting the delegates. who has the math to clinch the nominations now? and a grassroots campaign brings big changes to the greenback. those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,
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controversy. the retail giant says transgender em
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targeted is taking the bull's eye off trans gender shoppers in the bathroom controversy. they say transgender employees and target shoppers can use bathrooms of their choice in its stores. the decision is part of target's commitment to inclusivity and was made amid a firestorm surrounding the north carolina law that makes people use the bathroom based on what their sex is. a similar measure is being considered in minnesota where target is headquartered. snapchat tends to be on the edge of trying new things. but one special effect did get the app in some hot water for being, shall we say, half- baked? the app created a special effect filter for today being 4/20. that super imposes bob marley's face on the user's face. people are calling it out online for being insensitive like digital black face. critics say that it also reduces the iconic artist to
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just being a pothead. it's a scary thought. the fbi says hackers can take over your car while you're driving. in an experiment with "wired" magazine, hackers took control of the jeep cherokee that was connected to the internet. the manufacturer ultimately issued a recall. to protect yourself you should treat your car like a computer. be wary before downloading third party material. respect recalls. and keep the software up to date. if you think you have been hacked contact the manufacturer immediately. the big mac is diversifying. big news. mcdonald's is testing out a few changes to its biggest burger. the grand mac will have two patties weighing in at a third of a pound. if that's too big for you, the fast food giant is also telling out the junior mac which gives you one all beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, cheese, onions and a
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sesame seed bun. dallas and columbus are getting the first taste of the new macs before they are taken nationwide. >> i never had a big mac. >> you don't know what you're missing. fantastic, good stuff. back after a quick break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some call it free speech. os it hate. i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight some call it free speech. others call it hate. only on "5" why the uc president says free speech is welcome even if it makes people
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uncomfortable. we'll have that and more at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: flint's water contamination is now a criminal case. three officials are charged with felonies. >> they had a duty to protect the health of families and citizens of flint. they failed. >> pelley: also tonight, the front-runners look forward to the finish line. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. >> and victory is in sight. >> pelley: uncle sam says you have some change coming as women's history gains currency. and, the tiny island that is out to save the world. they're not just tilting at windmills. >> it's a definite king of the world moment. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today, the first criminal


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