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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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in time. enjoy a dry weekend. >> the next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, april 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump promises new campaign tactics as he focuses on a potential showdown with hillary clinton. the mr. flaolympic flame is way to brazil. first on "cbs this morning," tom hanks returning to studio 57 to talk about his new movie. he spent nearly eight weeks living in north africa. we begin with a look at "today's eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i love running against crooked hillary. i love that. better, better.
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bernie wouldn't be as much fun. >> donald trump sets his sights on hillary clinton. >> that's right, we'll fire hillary. hillary, you're fired. now clinton is talking togetherness, rolling like a nominee, and it's contested convention or bust for anybody who's not trump. president obama speaking in saudi arabia where he met with leaders. >> i'm confident that a year from now, we will be able to say that because of these actions, all of our nations are more peaceful. the longest drug tunnel ever found on the california/mexico border. >> we seized over a ton of cocaine and three tons of marijuana. more rain is forecast for flood-ravaged houston this morning. >> there are still neighborhoods historic changes to the $20 bill. abolitionist harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson. >> yeah! whoo! queen elizabeth is turning 90. >> she will be celebrating all day and for the next couple of months. ♪ happy birthday
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espn has fired baseball analyst curt schilling after he posted an insensitive message regarding transgender bathrooms. a softball game in virginia comes to a standstill when a dust devil blows through the field. went through the roof! >> and "all that matters." >> we are turning the empire state building crimson, the red, s that signifies donald trump. >> new york turned a building blood red, as was prophecized. >> i like to imagine him rubbing >> what the hell is happening? >> i'm winning, that's what's happening. whoo! >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump's campaign now sees a clear path to victory in the republican presidential race. a campaign memo obtained by "the washington post" predicts he will get more than the delegates needed to win on the first ballot at the gop convention. trump is also shaking up his unconventional tactics and promising a more traditional approach. >> in an interview published yesterday, trump said his campaign is evolving and, quote, i'm not going to blow it. his top aides meet today with party officials at an important meeting of the republican national committee. major garrett is at the meeting site in hollywood, florida. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the republican national committee and donald trump can't seem to make peace. the rnc chairman, reince priebus, called the gop front-runner part of his obligation to telephone every primary winner, but during that conversation, the two could not reach a cease-fire over trump's persistent allegations against rnc rules being rigged against
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him or resolve their differences over whether trump would participate in any more presidential debates. >> i walk into the voting room and they gave me a thing. and i saw stiff, stiff, trump. >> reporter: in rallies donald trump drew big crowds and reverted to his nasty side when referring to top rival ted cruz. >> ted cruz, lyin' ted. oh, he lies. >> reporter: that ended trump's flirtation with decorum. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: at his new york victory party. trump knows his next big fight with cruz will come may 3rd in indiana where cruz's strategy to deny trump the nomination by winning most of the state's 57 delegates will be tested. >> i'm millions of votes ahead, millions. it's a rigged, crooked system that's designed so that the bosses can pick whoever they want. >> reporter: cruz conceded he
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can't win the delegates required to secure the nomination. he predicted future contests in south dakota, washington, oregon and montana will block trump's path. >> i'm not going to reach 1237, and donald trump is not going to reach 1237. >> reporter: for cruz, the only option left is to fight trump for delegate loyalties in cleveland in july. >> what is clear today is that we are headed to a contested convention. >> reporter: trump advisers still predict an outright nomination victory and a general election showdown. >> hillary, you're fired. if she ever gets the chance to run. i think she's being protected. >> reporter: trump said a campaign against clinton would include criticism of her e-mail scandal and possibly criminal charges if he wins the white house. >> well, you have a six-year statute of limitations. >> right. >> and certainly this falls within that period of time. >> reporter: trump senior advisers will make a presentation to rnc members about how trump can win the nomination. cruz and john kasich made similar presentations.
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trump's narrative will be the only one based on plausible mathematics as opposed to hunches, aspirations, and intentions. >> all right. thank you major. bernie sanders told supporters he can still win the democratic nomination, but the associated press says that hillary clinton can lose the rest of the primaries and still be the nominee. the sanders campaign says it raised $46 million in march, compared to clinton's more than $29 million. both candidates spent about as much as they took in, and sanders will have to keep spending with five primaries coming up on tuesday. 384 democratic delegates are at stake. nearly half of them are in pennsylvania where the latest poll shows that hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 13 points. president obama is making a personal appeal to middle east allies to step up the fight against isis. the president met this morning with gulf arab leaders at a security summit hosted by saudi arabia. margaret brennan is in riyadh with why the president is facing skepticism. margaret, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. well, saudi leaders say they're confused by president obama's mideast policy, urging them to share the neighborhood with iran, their longtime enemy, and a country that both consider to be a state sponsor of terrorism. smiles for the cameras disguised an otherwise tense summit with gulf leaders. today's meetings focused on how to counter an explosion of mideast violence that they believe is being fueled by longtime foe iran. >> it's always a pleasure to be here. >> reporter: the u.s.-brokered nuclear deal has also made rulers here deeply suspicious of president obama's intention. saudi leaders in particular feel he has jeopardized their status as america's key ally in the middle east. >> president obama tried to reassure the members of the gulf cooperation council, or gcc. >> given the ongoing threats in the region, the united states will continue to increase our security cooperation with our gcc partners including helping them improve their own capacity
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to defend themselves. >> reporter: president obama's arrival on wednesday was not met with the usual pomp and ceremony given to visiting leaders. it also wasn't broadcast on state tv. but u.s. officials denied that was a snub. and in a two-hour-long meeting yesterday, president obama tried to clear the air with king salman. but frustrated saudi leaders are already looking towards the next u.s. president, whether it's hillary clinton or even donald trump. now, despite all of this frustration, both saudi and american officials tell me that they need each other, and they are determined, charlie, to maintain this strategic military alliance. >> thanks, margaret. margaret brennan in saudi arabia. before the president returns from his overseas trip, i will go to europe and interview him next week in germany. you can see that conversation tuesday here on "cbs this morning." and more tuesday night on my pbs program. looking forward to that. southeastern texas this morning
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is bracing for more thunderstorms. the houston area is struggling to recover from days of historic rains that killed eight people. a traffic camera captured dramatic video of one driver who got trapped in the rising water. manuel bojorcas is in houston. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the floodwaters here in houston are slowly starting to recede, but there is simply so much that places like this apartment complex remain flooded. with vehicles submerged. and there are dozens more vehicles in the distance behind me also ruined. the rain has been on and off here for the past four days. further complicating the city's rescue and recovery efforts. after another round of soaking rains, streets still look like waterways. and many homes in the houston metro area are still under water. >> i'm all the way down here on the left-hand side. >> reporter: mike moore wanted to help. so he rented a canoe and has been paddling his neighbors in and out for supplies.
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why do you feel compelled to do it, to help out? >> it's community. i mean, you know, the people here are suffering. everybody's losing cars, jobs, livelihood. you just want to help. >> reporter: some are already trying to pick up the pieces. steven cobb's home was ravaged by floodwaters. the people helping him, complete strangers. cobb is thankful. >> i wouldn't be able to do it. all this can be replaced, but we live in the greatest community, the greatest city. >> reporter: the city of houston is trying to prevent future tragedies. this new video shows the moments after claudia drove her suv around a roadblock and into the deep floodwaters. the 25-year-old drowned in her car before a toll worker could reach her. >> we've got to identify every location like that, and we've got to put in place a barrier system that prevents people from driving in. >> reporter: although thunderstorms are in the forecast throughout the day, the system that dumped this record
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rainfall here is now past us with the city now looking towards the weekend to dry out. >> all right, thank you, manuel. the damage from last week's hailstorm in texas is being called the most expensive in the state's history. baseball-sized hail shattered the car windows and pummeled homes. and insurance group estimates the cost of the destruction at nearly $1.4 billion. the united states is reportedly reached an agreement with volkswagen over the automaker's rigging of diesel tests. the company acknowledged last year it installed software in cars that misled customers about emissions. a german newspaper reports the agreement calls for each affected vw owner in the united states to receive $5,000. customers reportedly can also have their cars updated for free to comply with emissions regulations. michigan governor rick snider called the first criminal charges in the flint water crisis deeply troubling. two state regulators pleaded not guilty to misconduct, evidence tampering and violating water treatment laws. a flint city employee is also charged.
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>> they failed in their responsibilities to protect the health and safety of families of flint. they failed michigan families. indeed, they failed us all. i don't care where you live. >> michigan's attorney general also warns that this is only the beginning of the investigation. he says no one including the governor has been ruled out for possible prosecution. police in southernedly say are no obvious signs of foul star in wwe star chynna. she emerged in the 1990s to become one of the best-known and most popular female professional wrestlers in history. she often competed against the men. at one point she was a wwe women's champion. after retiring from wrestling, she appeared in reality tv shows including "celebrity rehab." she was 46. federal investigators in southern california say they found what could be the longest cross-border drug tunnel.
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they announced wednesday that the tunnel discovery led to a massive drug bust. the tunnel apparently stretches the length of more than eight football fields from tijuana in mexico to san diego. carter evans shows us how agencies nearly $30 million worth of drugs. >> reporter: barely wide enough to squeeze a person through, this unassuming hole transforms into an elaborate underground maze. >> clear. >> reporter: zigzagging for half a mile, the cramped, compact tunnel stretches across the u.s./mexico border. and investigators say it's an unprecedented drug-smuggling system. >> we believe this to be the longest tunnel that we've discovered in the district to date. >> reporter: as part of an eight-month investigation, federal agents seized more than one ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana worth nearly $30 million. the tunnel stretched from tijuana all the way to this industrial park in san diego where the drugs were loaded. only about three feet wide, the
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tunnel was remarkably complex. >> ten feet down in this hole, it's really a completely different story. it is equipped with a ventilation system and a commercial large elevator that i would estimate could hold eight to ten people. >> reporter: investigators say this is the largest single seizure of cocaine related to a tunnel along the california/mexico border. most of the cocaine smuggled into the u.s. comes in on small boats and even makeshift submarines. we saw this firsthand when we traveled with the coast guard last year following a record $200 million drug bust in the pacific. so far six people including one u.s. citizen have been arrested in connection with this latest seizure, and they face drug trafficking charges. for "cbs this morning," carter evans. a teacher's aide in milwaukee is under arrest this morning after video shows him manhandling a student. the video taken yesterday shows
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him pushing the 14-year-old student to the floor. the student was treated for minor injuries. another student in the class told our milwaukee affiliate, that's wdjt-tv, that the two were arguing before the attack. the supreme court is considering laws this morning that make refusing an alcohol test illegal. the eight justices heard oral arguments yesterday. it's a crime in several states to refuse a breathalyzer or blood test. jan crawford is outside the supreme court to show us why some believe police should get a warrant first. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so you know, the fourth amendment, it generally says that the government can't search you or your house without a warrant unless you give consent. but it can suspend your license if you refuse a breathalyzer or a blood-alcohol test. and in some states, that refusal can send you to jail. police across the country have relied on blood and breathalyzer tests to fight drunk driving. but in 14 states, police can perform these tests without a warrant. and in some of those states
7:16 am
drivers who refuse could find themselves behind bars. drivers in minnesota and north dakota filed the three cases under review after they were pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. >> the search warrant is required in every case. you're going to take more police officers off the streets. >> reporter: kathy keena is a government lawyer fighting against requiring warrants. >> in those smaller jurisdictions where there are only one or two officers and you're requiring them now to get a warrant in every situation, not only is the public safety on the road going to be affected, but just public safety in general. >> reporter: during the 70-minute debate, some justices seemed to side with the states regarding breath tests. justice stephen breyer said what is wrong with a breathalyzer test when it can save lots of lives and is given to those people where there is probable cause. but others question whether police could order a test without a warrant. justice anthony kennedy, "you're asking for us to make it a crime to exercise what many people think of as a constitutional right."
7:17 am
justice sonia sotomayor called these laws a very drastic change, asking "do we dispense with a very important requirement in our law, that before you search -- particularly the inside of a person with a needle or in an intrusive way -- that you get a warrant?" now, critics of this law say this is pure government overreach and that police could easily get a warrant when they're transporting a drunk-driving suspect to the hospital where they do those blood tests. a decision in this case and others is expected by june. gayle? queen elizabeth ii is brita britain's first monarch to turn 90. boom is right. a gun salute in london's hyde park this morning marked the queen's birthday beginning a series of celebrations there. mark phillips is at windsor castle, that's west of london, where the queen, another boom, is greeting well wishers. mark, be careful and good morning! >> reporter: good morning, gayle. well, not too many 9-year-olds get to celebrate their birthdays
7:18 am
by taking a walk among a crowd of several thousand complete strangers. but when you're the queen, it's part of the job. normally this birthday which is her real birthday is an official state event celebrated in june. normally this one is a private affair. just with family and friends. but 90 is special, it is last time she did this was on her 80th. and this is part of three days of public celebration of this event. later today, she will light a big beacon bonfire here at windsor castle to be matched by similar bonfires and beacons across the country. there will be a family dinner this evening which the princes say they're going to try to keep their grandmother up late. that's not likely to interfere with another event tomorrow, a lunch with president obama at which he will likely convey the birthday greetings of the former colonies. nora? >> aww. mark phillips at windsor castle. >> that's so great at 90 that you can take a walk. >> absolutely. >> and she's always got her
7:19 am
purse. you never wonder what's in the queen's purse? >> she looks kind of like my mother. >> does she? >> yes. >> she looks great. >> how many generations will we see there? >> i know. there's those pictures out with her grandkids are just darling. absolutely darling. all right. you could soon ditch your cable box and still get all your favorite channels. ahead, how one cable giant is beginning to transform the way its customers watch tv.,,
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ahead, why they think somebody is after her. >> the news is back after this right here on "cbs this morning."
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♪ i could rise above women are finally getting back on paper money. ahead, julianna goldman to the secretary of the treasury about who's in or out and how alexander hamilton put up a battle. and charlie talks to louis
7:26 am
c.k. a rare interview here only on "cbs this morning." this morning.. after a homi last night. he's accused of stabbing his good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. police in san jose says they have a man in custody this morning after a homicide last night. he is accused of stabbing his own father to death at a home on the 700 block of mill stream drive. faculty at city college in san francisco say they are going on strike next week. the union and district are at odd over faculty pay. the one-day strike if it goes as planned would be the first in the college's history. >> coming up on "cbs this morning," harriet tubman is the new face of the $20 bill. julianna goldman is in washington at the treasury building where she spoke to secretary jack lew. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,
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westbound 580 at grand line injury accident with a motorcycle so heavy delays westbound. relief to the top of the pass. slow there. then better at the dublin interchange where traffic is okay to 680. backed up at the bay bridge. slow off the carquinez bridge off the eastshore freeway. 54 minutes. it was a dark and gloomy morning! take a look at our live weather camera looking towards oakland, alameda and piedmont. we have temperatures currently in the 50s and 60s under mostly cloudy skies. mainly cloudy today, 60s and low 70s. cooler than yesterday. south breeze to 10. rain tomorrow. ,,,,,,,,
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you may have been knocked down, but south america always best when she is lying down -- but america is always best when she is lying down with her back on the mat. >> i'm sorry, what? at no point did he think this was weird? >> how does that line make it past the first graph of the sheet. >> that is when america's at her best, lying down with the back on the mat, lights on, and with a firm handshake, and back to your separate beds for some quiet weeping. if you know what i mean. >> we know what you mean, stephen colbert. all the people who look at the speech go -- use would think somebody would say, hey, you sure we want to say it that way? welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up, new clues about a woman killed inside a texas church.
7:31 am
did she have a warning about the danger that she faced? why someone who knew her does not think this crime is random. money talks and andrew jackson walks. the battle over changing our 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills is over. ahead, a look at the monumental women who will fill your wallets. time to show some of the headlines. the "washington post" reports on vice president joe biden calling on researchers to speed up progress in the fight against cancer. biden leads the cancer moonshot initiative. he urged scientists wednesday to share data and tell him what changes needed to be made. biden's son beau died of cancer last year. increased patrols by russian attack submarines triggering echoes of the cold war. this is a chilling piece. western military officials say the intensity of activity rose nearly 50% over the past year. analysts say it's a challenge to the u.s. and nato. russia has spent billions of dollars on new diesel and nuclear powered attack
7:32 am
submarines which makes your interview with the president about his relationship with putin even more interesting. >> yeah. "usa today" reports that comcast is loosening its grip on tv technology. the cable giant will let some customers watch or record cable tv without leasing a set-top box. oh, happy day. the xfinity partner app is initially for those with roku tvs or streaming players and 2006 samsung smart tvs. the rollout is scheduled for later this year. >> teams inevitable, doesn't it? >> it does. "bloomberg news" reports how ford opened its wallet to get a glimpse of tesla's electric technology. ford paid nearly $200,000 for one of tesla's first model-x crossover suvs, that was $55,000 more than the sticker price. automakers commonly buy new products from rivals. "new york "daily news"" reports on the firing of curt schilling for remarks on b
7:33 am
transgender people. he scoffed at letting people use bathrooms according to their gender identity. espn called the comments unacceptable. family members of a woman murdered at a texas church said her husband worried about her safety before her death. missy bevers taught an early morning workout class there. still no trace of the suspect. a video shows a person dressed in police gear at the church. vinita nair with details. >> reporter: good morning. there are reports that police are combing through missy bevers' emails and more. the atf visited the church with a bomb-sniffing dog. investigators still haven't said if the suspect is a man or woman. despite tips flowing in, police still can't identify this person in a helmet and police jacket days after missing befrs was killed in a texas -- bevers was killed in a texas church.
7:34 am
>> maybe it was a crazy person. you can't make sense out of crazy. >> reporter: her mother spoke to reporters. >> her husband told her to be prepared, you know. he had worried about something like that that early in the morning. >> reporter: bevers was killed at the creekside church of christ monday morning. she arrived early for her scheduled 5:00 a.m. fitness class. surveillance video from inside shows a suspect roaming the halls before she arrived. police believe these boarded up doors are where the person broke in. >> she seemed a little more reserved. ri >> reporter: mark garcia works at jaime where bevers used to work out. he said in recent weeks, the 45-year-old didn't seem like herself. >> i don't think she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. i feel like someone was after her. >> i couldn't stand it. >> reporter: patsy macy took classes from bevers. >> i couldn't stand that somebody hurt her. >> reporter: she's hoping for justice. >> i want them to catch this person, a man or woman, whichever, and i want them to pay the ultimate price.
7:35 am
she did, so they need to. >> reporter: on saturday, there public a public funeral for missy bevers. on his facebook page, her husband brandon thanked the public for their outpouring of support. >> thank you very much. a former president of the united states is being evicted from the face of the $20 bill. the u.s. treasury confirmed yesterday their former slave and iconic abolitionist, harriet tubman, will replace andrew jackson who was a slave d they're going to look a lot different than what's inside your wallet right now. african-american opera singer marian anderson broke new ground by performing on the steps of the lincoln memorial in 1939. born into slavery, harriet tubman became one of america's
7:36 am
most famous abolitionists. now both will make history again. >> this is bigger than just one square inch of one bill. we're talking about the 20, the 10, and the 5. >> reporter: last summer, treasury secretary jack lew said he would pick a woman to join alexander hamilton on the $10 bill. after public outcry, he decided to go bigger, putting tubman on one of america's most-used bills. >> it showed that young people, old people, at home and school were thinking about this, thinking about what democracy means to them. ♪ >> reporter: fans of the broadway smash hit "hamilton" played their part, too, rallying to keep the first treasury secretary in print. you're not denying that "hamilton the musical" played some part in this? >> i wouldn't exaggerate it. i give a lot of credit to the crew of "hamilton" for bringing american history to life for so many people. >> reporter: sweeping design changes for the renewed bills will be unveiled in 2020 in time
7:37 am
to mark the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. the $10 will be rolled out first, featuring susan b. anthony and others like alice paul who marched for women's suffrage on the steps of the treasury in 1913. abraham lincoln will stay on the front of the new five, bout back, marian anderson, eleanor roosevelt, and martin luther king jr., commemorating historical moments at the lincoln memorial. charles ross is a descendant of tubman. >> going to keep one in my wallet as a constant reminder of where we've been and where we're going. >> reporter: when exactly you'll be able to use a cub man 20 at the tubman museum will be up to the next president. >> i'm pretty confident that will take on a life of its own. >> reporter: technically the next president could change these plans. but lew says he hopes it doesn't happen. ultimately, it's up to the federal reserve to decide when currency goes into circulation.
7:38 am
flew has asked the -- lew has asked the fuad expedite the process. the timing is security and making sure it can't be counterfeited. >> thank you. a lot of people very happy about the decision. >> i don't know of anybody firmly against it. >> me neither. >> i know someone in the paper said, our money is catching up with our history. it's a recognition that the country has changed. >> yeah. >> i know. they have that song, all about the benjamins. now all about the tubmans, baby. >> we like this. the tubman 20s. >> baby, give me some. >> give you a couple of tubmans. the olympic torch is lit this morning. rio is facing a discharge journey to the summer olympics. coming up, battling zika, stopping terror, and dealing with waterways compared to raw sewage. and if you're heading out, you can watch us live with the cbs all-access app on your digital device because we know this for sure -- you do not
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wow! >> oh, my god! holy cow! >> holy cow is right. that's a close encounter of the wet kind, you could say, north of san diego. a paddle boarder got a little splash sunday by a playful gray whale that came up for a little air. i don't know, guys, how you stay upright after that. >> i know. strong core muscles there. >> indeed. good balance. >> good balance. this morning the olympic torch was lit in greece to kick off the countdown and relay to the summer game in brazil. the torch will not burn at a sports venue during the games
7:44 am
but in downtown rio. the -small problem of a virus being spread by mosquitoes. ♪ >> reporter: this video made by the brazilian government shows rr re io as a stun -- rio as a stunning and energetic city fit for the gods. nearly seven years after it was chosen to host the summer games, there's a new reality in rio. >> when brazil was awarded the games in 2009, it was a stable condition. in the interim, it's become destabilized. the president is facing impeachment. >> reporter: brazil's senate
7:45 am
will vote next month on when to impeach president dilma rousseff and several other high-ranking politicians are tied to a massive corruption scandal with the state-run oil company. there are also concerns about security. brazil has multiple entry points because it shares a border with ten other countries that experts say terrorist could exploit. >> they see that there's opportunity in maybe loose border control, we governance, corruption. the islamic state and al qaeda are always looking for major venues where they can make a very powerful statement. >> reporter: then there's zika. the world health organization has declared it a global health emergency because it causes serious birth defect. u.s. soccer star hope solo is planning to attend but admitted in february she's concerned. >> at some point, i do want to start a family. i don't want to be worried. >> reporter: mosquitoes aren't
7:46 am
the only pest posing a problem. alligators have been breeding near the site of the olympic golf course. and rio's main olympic waterways are so contaminated, experts say athletes competing in the equivalent of raw sewage. one athlete believes he got flesh-eating bacteria after sailing in rio's waters. the international olympic committee says rio is on track to host the games. all but two of the venues are finished, and after a slow start, ticket sales are finally picking up. >> the 2006 theme is ready to rise to this challenge and to deliver olympic and paralympic games that will reflect the brazilian warmth,
7:47 am
expected to cost $11 billion. norah? >> wow. >> all right. i just wish they would figure out something with zika. it's hard to see pictures of babies. >> you would hope that a country wouldn't have to go through all these problems when something they desperately wanted to bring good attention to them. >> get the international spotlight. >> i do enjoy the olympics. the sounds of louie armstrong no one knew,, [ doorbell rings ]
7:48 am
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7:52 am
musical genius. we're looking at newly discovered video of jazz legend louis armstrong. this is the only known footage of him in the recording studio. before yesterday, experts did not know it existed. you can see armstrong working on his 1959 album. the rare video was acquired by the house museum. it was found in a storage facility. >> what a treasure. never know what's in storage. as queen elizabeth turns 90, we'll hear from a cousin. d wind. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot. (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most... how'd ya do? we won! nice! that's another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ hi dad. uh huh.
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7:56 am
the fatal stabbing san jose police have released this video to find leads in the fatal stabbing of 33-year-old michael maynard who was killed in july 2014 near south market and park. they are calling these men persons of interest. now that "420" is gone, dispensaries like oakland's harborside health center say that they are ready to back any ballot that legalizes recreational marijuana here in california. coming up on "cbs this morning," brigham young university is in the spotlight for the way it handled sexual assaults. we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,
7:57 am
,,,, good morning. troubles continue along 580. this time it is westbound near san quentin where we have an accident over to the right
7:58 am
shoulder causing a backup across the span of the richmond/san rafael bridge. drace this morning you will see stop-and-go conditions at the toll plaza, as well. delays this morning. speaking of bridges, here the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving okay on the southbound side of 101. 580 in san francisco, good drive time 16 minutes for the portion of the road. elsewhere the san mateo bridge stacked up 30 minutes now between hayward and foster city westbound san mateo bridge very busy across the span. and still slow at the bay bridge with the metering lights on. roberta. >> good morning, everybody. what a difference a day makes. our live weather camera illustrates at this particular time mostly cloudy skies out over the bay waters. and we'll see the clouds continue to thicken as the more progresses. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. very mild. a southwest wind today rotating to the south to 10 miles per hour. 60s and 70s for your daytime highs today. 68 degrees in oakland. meanwhile we'll have rain showers on friday. dry on the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ i've got the power good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, april 21st, 2016. and welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including "time's 100 most influential people." melissa mccarthy and christine lagarde have been here to studio 57. find out who else made the list. first here's today's eye opener at eight. >> the two could not teach a cease-fire over rnc rules being rigged against him. saudi leaders say they're confused by president obama's mideast policy, urging them to share the neighborhood. the rain has been on and off here for the past four days, further complicating the city's rescue and recoveriey efforts.
8:01 am
>> reporter: they can suspend your license if you refuse a breathalyzer and in some states that refusal can send you to jail. not too many 9-year-olds get to celebrate their birthdays by taking a walk among a crowd of several thousand complete strangers. but when you're the queen, it's part of the job. will be unveiled in 2020. they're going to look different than what's inside your wallet now. >> it's all about the tubmans, baby. >> i know, the tubman 20. hillary clinton had a big night. >> we proved once again there's no place like home. >> that's right, hillary won her home state. uh, no, not illinois. no, no, not arkansas. no, not the ice kingdom of arrendale. huh-uh. new york, there you go. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. donald trump's campaign reportedly predicts he will go
8:02 am
to the republican convention with more than 1400 delegates, enough to win the nomination. his rivals insist they still have a chance. ted cruz and john kasich met yesterday with national committee members in florida. they are trying to sway party leaders to their cause. trump's top advisers will make his campaign case today. >> cruz now admits he will not get the necessary 1237 delegates to clinch the nomination, but he says donald trump won't get that many either. the front runner tells "the wall street journal" that his campaign is evolving. trump said coming soon are policy addresses, teleprompters and a speechwriter. and he vowed to be more effective and more disciplined. you think he needs a speechwriter? >> i don't know. he seems to do very well off the cuff, yeah. >> not necessarily on policy. >> that is true. that is true. all right. hillary clinton's first stop after winning the new york primary was pennsylvania, and bernie sanders will campaign there today. pennsylvania is one of five states voting on tuesday, with
8:03 am
189 delegates at stake, it is the second largest contest left for the democrats. 475 delegates will be awarded in california's primary in june. clinton needs 456 to clinch the nomination. that is about 27% of the remaining delegates. sanders needs 1,211, a little over 70%. brigham young university is gripped by protests over how sexual assault is handled. demonstrators joined victims yesterday on the utah campus. some alleged victims say they've been investigated for possible violations of the mormon school's honor code which bans premarital sex and alcohol use. undergraduate maddy barney who says she was raped has filed a legal complaint against the university. she accuses byu of violating the federal title ix law. it prohibits sex-based discrimination in education and addresses sexual violence. cbs news legal expert rikki klieman is here. good morning. >> good morning.
8:04 am
>> let's talk about this federal complaint. specifically what does it allege? >> what it alleges goes back to her facts. she says that she was raped, and it took her, then, four days to report it because she was so concerned that something bad would happen to her from the university. about two months later, she received a notice from the university that she, although she is a victim of a sexual complaint, that she is also in violation of the honor code. so -- >> help us understand that, rikki. >> exactly. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> it certainly doesn't make any sense to someone who thinks that if you're a victim of a sexual assault or an alleged victim, that something bad should happen to you. if you go to the police, that you should be able not only to tell the truth, you must tell them the whole truth. >> but how does she, the victim, violate the honor code? that's why i'm confused. >> because the honor code at byu, as it is at other conservative institutions, may
8:05 am
go so far, because it's a mormon institution, to say you violate the honor code if you drink alcohol, if you do drugs. but most important, if you are not chased. if you have premarital sexual relations. they won't even tell her what her honor code violation is. so she's working in a bind. she gets upset. she's having trouble with classes. they will not support her and give her rape services that they would give to a victim because her lawyer tells her, correctly so, do not cooperate with the honor code violation because it may hurt your criminal case. >> does she know all this and so therefore she did not report and it took her four days to report because she understood all these possibilities? >> i don't think she understood them quite in the detail that they occurred, but she understood enough to know that simply her conduct of having a man come up to her room and even engaging in the slightest kind
8:06 am
of contact with this man, that may be considered improper, that at that point in time, she could go on probation or get kicked out of the university. you know, she's not alone here. >> explain how title ix is part of this. >> well, title ix, we all know about it here in this room, and our viewers know about it because title ix says you will not have sexual discrimination, you will for the have discrimination based on gender. and you will not have a hostile sexual environment. so what normally happens in title ix is that a school must investigate a sexual assault allegation and protect the alleged victim. and they would look at the victim and the accused. here the accused is not a student. so they're only looking at the victim. it's really a mess. >> a lot of people scratching their head this morning about this. thank you. >> 100,000 signatures on her behalf almost. >> thank you very much, rikki klieman. first on "cbs this morning," oscar winner tom hanks returning back to studio 57.
8:07 am
he spent nearly eight weeks in one of the most remote parts in the world for his new movie. we'll talk about that and some other stuff,
8:08 am
hamilton creator joined us last week to talk about creating the hit broadway musical. >> i wasn't much of a history student as a kid. my research was in biography and then finding a connection. and empathetic connection to hamilton. and then learning all the stuff as i was writing it. i'm the teacher who's learning it a chapter ahead of his students. >> this morning, he's one of "time" magazine's 100 most influential people. ahead, "time's" editor shows us who else made the cut. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪
8:09 am
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♪ i read that when you were younger, it was suggested to you that you change your name to lenny williams, is that true in i thought maybe that was one of those urban legend stories. >> no, it was true. i think that i was a -- i was a breakdancer at the time, and i had this sort of step haircut.
8:13 am
>> a breakdancer? >> yeah. >> well, that that is leonardo dicaprio, just one of the fascinating people we've interviewed here. today he is among "time's" most 100 influential people. he's featured on one of six cove covers elcelebrating the list. >> others include nicki minaj, facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife, priscilla chan and actress chopra. >> christine lagarde and lynn manuel miranda, creator and store of the broadway musical "hamilton" are also on the list. "time" editor nancy gibbs joins us at the table. good morning. >> good morning. >> so what's the most exciting thing for you in this year's list? >> well, we always surprise ourselves by the people that the conversation surfaces, and it's amongst our journalists, past "time 100s," people all around the world. it's a very global list. while it always includes people
8:14 am
that people will generally have heard of like the president or the pope or president of china, it also includes people that may not be on the radar. and it's that chemistry. >> who would that be, for example is this. >> i don't know that most people know that air force general lori robinson is now up for senate confirmation to take over northern command, which is to say the protection of the united states homeland, she'll be the first woman to be a combatant commander. and i think some of the people who are either breaking records, steph curry has had the most -- >> yeah love him. >> -- extraordinary -- >> louis hamilton is on the list, i'm excited about that. >> formula 1 may not be one of the most-watched sports in the united states, but that's not true in the rest of the world. if formula 1 becomes a big thing in the u.s., it will be because of someone like lewis hamilton. >> mark zuckerberg is on the cover with his wife. >> we asked bill and melinda gates to write about them because often even though people on the list are often rich and
8:15 am
powerful, they're usually on for something other than what made them rich and powerful. so in this case, zuckerberg is not on this year because of facebook, he's on because of the commitment that they made to give away 99% of their facebook wealth to the chan/zuckerberg initiative, which like the gates foundation, the power of private foundations and individuals to really transform philanthropy has been one of the incredible stories of our time. >> do you know what's fun about the list is that you do unusual pairings. >> yes. >> where you have somebody write about somebody else. give us a couple of those that stood out in your mind that you thought were great. >> well, leonardo dicaprio where you started, obviously we could have have put him on for "the revenant," but we had john kerry write about him from the perspective of secretary of state, watching someone who has been an important leader in the debate around climate change. >> that's a really good idea. >> anybody else stand out to you? >> how about kendrick lamar? >> kendrick lamar. >> yeah, we like that. >> and having one of the
8:16 am
founders of the black lives matter movement write about the role that his music has played in giving a different kind of voice to the debate that we've been having about race in this country. we had misty copeland write about steph curry, a ballerina, and very much a role model, is able to write about one of the things that makes him such an extraordinary athlete in the fact that the guy is only 6'3" gives hope to weekend warriors. >> who do you have? >> you've got tim cook, of course, the ceo of apple and at the same time fbi director james comey at the height of this encryption debate. >> and had them write about each other. >> we had bob eiger write about tim cook, which was interesting because, again, cook obviously could be on just because of his role as running the world's most valuable company. but the arguments that he is making about encryption and where he has inserted himself in this critical debate about privacy and security really is changing the conversation and creating some unusual arguments, i think, about an issue.
8:17 am
>> are you a little nervous because you're in the presence of a "time 100" honoree? >> always. >> i can see you sweating a little bit. because charlie rose was on that list. >> i was sweating when she interviewed me at your event not long ago. >> it's always fun to turn the tables on the great interviewers. i love the fact that you all know from experience how extraordinary many of these people are. >> we do. >> and also we like fellow journalists like lester holt getting nominated. >> congratulations to him. smart, smart. the big number today in britain is 90. queen elizabeth and the british nation are celebrating her historic birthday. a look at her public and private life next on "cbs this morning." . over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. jane likes to mix things up. that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her
8:18 am
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get complete protection with the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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8:21 am
♪ britain this morning is wishing queen elizabeth happy birthday with music ceremony and personal greetings. another historic moment for a moon o who has witnessed a lot tate trapping whis which is in june. even for queens, this is the one that counts. ♪ >> reporter: the choir sang "return to sender" as the queen back her birthday celebrations
8:22 am
by visiting a post office. elvis may be the king of rock and roll, but this monarchy definitely hasn't left the building. as the new stamps issued for the queen's 90th indicate, it will be around for a while yet. one queen and three kings in waiting. and according to the second in line, prince william, she's been the best possible teacher. >> i think the queen's duty and her service, tolerance, her commitment to others, i think that's all been incredibly important to me. it's been a real sort of guiding example of what a good monarch can be. >> reporter: a 90-year-old monarch who's been on the throne for 64 years. maybe that's why the next choir sang "glad i'm 64." the queen has witnessed so many milestones over her long life.
8:23 am
a collection of 90 photographs taken over 90 years has been pulled together if celebration. this is a private milestone, too. and the latest photo of the queen with her youngest grandchildren and her great grandchildren may be the most personal. that's 11-month-old princess charlotte in her arms with william and kate's other child, prince george, in the short pants just beside her. people who know her say there are two queens. the public, dutiful one, and the private one, a country girl at heart where she can be herself. and no one knows that better than margaret rhodes, who has known the queen since childhood, and still enjoys a private friendship with her. what do you call her, her majesty, or by her first name? >> i call her by her childish name. >> reporter: so -- >> lily bet. >> reporter: lily bet to you? does she still respond to lily
8:24 am
bet? >> yes. >> reporter: and she's showing few signs of slowing down. other members of her family fill in at official engagements, but she does plenty of them herself. being there is what the job is all about. >> we have prime ministers by the dozen, but we have the queen who is always there. i think that gives people a sense of safety almost. and i think that she herself does all the things that she like to do like putting on a crown and opening parliament and things like that. at the same time, she likes to take her dogs for walks and talk to ponies a lunch with
8:25 am
president obama who's conveniently in the country. >> convenient and great. thank you, mark phil . when we come shootings in two days in the east bay. the most recent s last night -- when 8:25i time for news headlines. two freeway shootings in two days in the east bay. the most recent was last night when a man crashed into a lowe's garden center in antioch. the drive was shot in the head and is hospitalized. in san jose, all the major players in high-speed rail will be meeting today expected to vote on and improve a business plan that will lock the bullet train to come into san jose first beating out southern california. tom hanks chats about his us in film hologram for the king. traffic and weather coming up. ,,,,
8:26 am
before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or
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at a bank of america near you. good morning. traffic out of marin county. we are going to rohnert park expressway north 101. accident blocking lanes is now over to the shoulder. traffic busy there south 101 busy anyway in morning as you work your way towards 37 into marin county, traffic sluggish towards the richmond/san rafael. on the bridge you have delays at the brake lights but okay past that into san francisco. northbound 101 out of the south bay busy. 18 minutes from 85 to 280/680. brake lights past there towards 880. westbound 237 at mathilda an accident out of the left lane
8:28 am
is over to the shoulder. but we have a bit of a backup as a result and looking at the san mateo bridge, it is improving. 22 minutes now between 880 and 101. so not bad. looking a little better at the bay bridge, although the metering lights are still on. our busiest ride is off the eastshore freeway, westbound carquinez bridge to the maze right now that will take you 15 minutes to work your way through there and stop-and-go northbound 880 in oakland. roberta. >> good morning. as you step out getting the kids ready for school, what a difference a day makes. mostly cloudy skies and you can't rule out the possibility of a wayward raindrop here or there. but the bulk of the rain will be arriving this time tomorrow morning. currently, it's mild. it's in the mid- to high 50s. its now 60 apiece in concord, san jose and in oakland. today, mostly cloudy skies. 60s and low 70s, south breeze up to 10 miles per hour. the front from this area of low pressure pushes through the bay area. rain friday, dry for the weekend.
8:29 am
mmm. bacon is lookin good. let's instabrag. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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we've all been there. you have that itch on your back that you just can't reach. guess what, it happens to lemurs, too. i love this video. a lemur gets help from two boys with an itch on its back by pointing it out. the boys help every time. the lemur demanded more. >> i'll do that. >> i love how he was like, don't stop, don't stop. >> that's nice. lem lemurs, like people, too. >> i love that. welcome back to "cbs this
8:31 am
morning." coming up this half hour, tom hank -- do you need any scratching? there you go. goodness. there's not enough. right there. >> teach going, keep going. keep going, keep going. tom hoianks needs another scrat. tom hanks, that's why we love him -- >> everybody join in. >> yes. >> his new movie it a salesman's life-changing tripoli s-- trip o saudi arabia. . time to show of the morning's headlines. "the new york times" reports donald trump's cessna jet is grounded. its registration expired january 31st. trump criss-crossed the country in the plane over the past several months. a campaign spokeswoman says the renewal process is almost complete. >> thank goodness. >> registering an aircraft cost about $5. safety ropts a warning from chinese -- reports on a warning to chinese officials that comes
8:32 am
in a comic strip poster. it tells the story of a civil servant who dates a handsome, romantic boyfriend. he convinces her to give him internal files. he's a spy and she's arrested. it ends with a warning that crimes endangering national security can land someone in jail. the "los angeles times" reports on a snapchat controversy. yesterday the messaging app released a lens that alters selfies to make them look like reggae legend bob marley. critics say it amounts to a digital version of black face. some question it on 4/20 a they celebrates marijuana. they said it was created in partnership with the bob marley estate and gives people a way to appreciate his music. we help his achievements. it seems much ado about nothing. they were doing a snapchat, superimposing his face. don't read into something that isn't there, people. >> thank you. >> okay. the new york "daily news" reports how a yankee threw a blazing fastball from left
8:33 am
field. aaron hicks gunned in the oakland runner who tried to score from third. the ball traveled 105.5 miles per hour. that's the fastest recorded throw ever by an outer. the as won -- an outfielder. the as won 5-2. nomophobia, the fear of being without a working cell phone. that is real. >> i don't like to miss nothing. >> i know. you're usually -- >> you're a fomo addict. >> i know it well. >> you're usual iii center. >> i like to play.
8:34 am
movie star director and producer tom hank has won two oscars, four golden globes, and seven emmys, let me say this again, two oscars, four golden globes, and seven emmy, delivering some of most famous lines. >> all my life i've been waiting for someone. when i find her, she's -- she's a fish. i'm not look figuriing for a mar bride. i just want someone i can have a decent conversation with. okay, but i get to be on top. all right. these are the simple rules. no barking. no growling. you will not lift your leg to anything in this house. wilson? houston, we have a problem. thee's no crying! there's no crying in baseball! look, we're all very impressed with andy's new toy. >> toy? >> t-o-y, toy. i'm a captain, not them. finding him so he can go home. that earns me a right to get back to my wife, then -- then
8:35 am
that's my mission. my mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> wow. in his new movie, "hologram for the king," hanks plays an aging and recently divorced salesman. imagine that time. winning an i. it contract in saudi arabia from the king. ♪ >> video -- >> i wish "a hologram for the king" were as hip as the carly ray jepsen video. that was i really, really, really like you with carly rae jepsen. >> sort of the same thing? >> somebody's heads are going to roll in the control room right now. i'm telling you -- >> we have the clip. >> i know -- you know what -- >> we have the clip. >> show it later! they're all still -- they're all still foggy from the idea that donald trump is getting
8:36 am
speechwriters on his teleprompters which i guarantee will give him a third-place finish in all the primaries. honestly, they want to put that guy with speechwriters and teleprompters? everybody say, let donald be donald. we need a fresh break. that's right. >> we need the spectacle of donald. >> let's get advisers in. >> let's turn it into something else. >> this is a job i do not want. position, free. teleprompter operator for donald trump. i do not want that gig. . at's got to be a tough job. >> back and forth appeared back and forth and back and forth. >> you were such a history buff. what do you think the campaign will say about 2016? >> i'm reading william manchester's book about american history from 1932 to 1952. this election has nothing of the 1948 election for president. it has nothing on the 1952 election for president. it is just the same thing over
8:37 am
and over and over. except this time the president of the junior chamber of commerce looks like he will have 1,100 delegates. >> dewey defeats truman. there was not a poster or political hack that says dewy would not be president. >> he went over to speech writers and tell prompters and it went right into the toilet. >> you're not ready for president trump? >> america is going to be fine. we're the greatest nation in the history of civilized, all of civilization. we'll be fine. we worked ourselves out of holes many, many times over and over again. >> does that mean trump will put us in a hole? >> i have no powers like you geniuses in the news media. i'm not saying he will be president of the united states. >> what are you saying? >> we'll have the most hilarious september and october and first week of november. in a very, very long, long time and you people will be exhausted. >> you people! >> yes, you people.
8:38 am
>> you people. indeed. what is it, the fame stream media? i know it starts with some letter that is not mainstream. >> i'll run the clip now. we have the clip -- >> let's show the clip. >> save a job right here. >> there are unanswered questions here. i can't presume to know the lay of the land or the state of the king's mind. >> you've been on the bench for awhile, alan, this isn't the schwinn days. you're not selling bikes to kids anymore. i need to know you're on point, that you're going to close this. >> this is sales! you make estimates, and you make plans, but then you get there and everything changes, but you make the sale! >> you know what you do? you make the deal! you make the deal! >> the art of the deal. >> the art of the deal. >> the rumor is that this, it is a day for the record's book. but you read it and you thought, this would be a great movie. >> well, dave edgars writes
8:39 am
movies that are almost surreal and most sub versive. logic takes them there but you can't predict what is happening. he doesn't need movies to be made out of books. >> and his books don't need to be made into movies. >> he had the most fabulous memoirs, i knew personally, screenwriters, i have a tape for that, i know how to make that into the movie. i told everyone, that book should never be made into a movie. it would lose all of the voice of dave edgars. i said dave, you're so smart to never just sell your books to movie students but this was one really worked great. >> sweet story, set the story for alan clay. >> alan clay is the american for whom life has been turned on its head. he used to make the greatest bikes in the world, schwinn.
8:40 am
>> i never had one. my parents went to westen auto to get me the $45 bike. they're the luckiest people and so he ran the schwinn bike company that made all of the mistakes that seem to have been made in the last 30 years. they stopped making them in chicago. made them cheaper and cheaper. went over seas and went to china and now the schwinn bike is now a nameplate put on the same -- >> now he has this job. >> he gets to go to saudi arabia to try to sell a three dimensional holographic face time business conference. >> to the king that never shows up. >> he never shows up. >> i know we have to go to break. we have to say this, tom hanks has a love scene in that movie. >> are you trying to scare the children, gayle? >> i'm trying to sell tickets to this thing! >> i loved it, tom. >> and in the morning, too. >> it was so tender. i wanted to know what it was like for you.
8:41 am
>> before break. >> i'm going to ask my speech writers to slap something on the teleprompter. >> tom will stick around. we'll try to play more clips. coming up, we'll talk about a surprising thing he has in common with queen elizabeth. >> they're both 90. >> and very busy today.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
list yecen to this. >> what could be it, norra a. >> that is my wife! my wife's record! >> we actually like this around her. >> herself titled cd. >> guilty. >> she is the guilty one. >> the guilty loving me. the original title was i'm being punished for loving you. she monkeyed around with the lyrics. >> no, i've seen rita perform on stage. i wasn't looking for love but then i found tom hanks. >> she's got it down. i wrote that for her and she read it. she is in annapolis on saturday night with her band. we're trying to come up with a name for her band and we can't quite. rita wilson and the -- can't figure out what that is. >> i'll take that. >> we'll work on that.
8:46 am
tom, this is the other thing, i want to say one more thing about the movie. the director said this, how do you say his last name? >> tickfer. >> he is like a super intelligent child. okay. what are the toys? and let's see what we can do about it. working with tom is liberating because he is open minded to every single moment. >> well, that's true. i like to think that i am. is it hyper intelligent child? >> super intelligent. >> what i've been able to turn into the american tradition of growing up with attention deficit disorder, turn it into a lucrative career. i'm not going to change the way i do things. >> the problem is, about every 12 minutes i need to take a station break. that is the way i live my life. i have to have a commercial. >> we've been talking about the queen all morning. >> what do i have in common with the queen? >> i don't know. >> besides -- >> she looks like tom hanks.
8:47 am
>> oh, my god, yes. it looks like bosom buddies there. >> it looks like tom hanks. >> i wouldn't say it looks -- >> they say there is a similarity. >> a fleeting similarity. >> you had an event with the queen. >> i sat right next to the queen of england. at a dinner with the obamas. i mean, it was like, you had to go out, you got a piece of paper that explained how you're supposed to dress, how you're supposed to wear a light tie. >> you do have one of those in your closet. >> and we were sitting there and i noticed this gloved hand. the queen was next to me and this gloved hand placed a tumbler of clear liquid, came out of nowhere, this thing came in and i looked at it and i said what is your majoritiesty drinking this -- majesty drinking this evening? she said a martini.
8:48 am
>> somebody on her staff says what time is it? >> time for the royal martini. >> and she sipped on it. >> you called her your majesty. >> your highness is not quite enough. your majesty -- >> i thought that was reserved for the pope. >> is she very chatty? >> totally. she is pretty good at her gig. i think, you know, my job sitting next to her is to make sure she doesn't have to fumble too much. >> what else did you talk about? >> we talked about britain. david beckham was about here and i did say to her majesty that david beckham, he is a quite hand some man. oh, yes, oh, yes. >> tom hanks is turning 60 this summer, guys. i am, indeed. 60 years old. >> we've been there and it is great. what would you say to your 20-year-old, if you had to sit down with your 20-year-old, drinking a beer. what would you say? >> dear god, floss?
8:49 am
>> marry well. >> start watching the blood sugars right now, you idiot. >> and if you just calm down, would you? you'll be okay. you'll get there. and also, and, oh, yes, at some point you'll have four kids and three grandchildren. you have to have the legs for that, man, you have to have the legs for that. >> congrats, the movie is great. i can't wait for people to see that. it is a sweet, tender love story, it is funny. >> it is a movie about grown up people doing grown up things. >> we'll be right back. >> thank you,,,,,,,
8:50 am
it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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tom's movie, "a hologram for a king" opens tomorrow.
8:53 am
that does it for tomorrow. we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." any last words, mr. hanks? >> we'll see you tomorrow.,,,,,,
8:54 am
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francisco, mayor ed lee will sign an unprecedented parenl leave bill into law... it gives new eks of . time for news headlines. today in san francisco, mayor lee will sign an unprecedented parental leave bill into law. it gives new parents six weeks or fully paid time off. faculty at city college of san francisco say they are going on strike next week. the union and district are at odds over faculty pay. the one-day strike would be the first in the college's history. the warriors are looking to take a stranglehold on their series with the rockets tonight. self steph is nurse -- steph curry is nursing a sore ankle. he is a game-time decision. mainly cloudy skies, wayward rain here and there but most of the rain will be here
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tomorrow morning. right now we currently have balmy temperatures. high 50s and low 60s. it's 61 in san francisco, going up to the mid-60s. so 60s and 70s today with the cloud cover a south wind at 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, at this time, we'll have rain. a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. dry skies with sunshine over the weekend. gianna who loves her weather reports has traffic coming up next.
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good morning from the traffic center. let's go straight to 680 northbound right at berryessa. accident blocking lanes, motorcycle involved. delays northbound 680 now out of the south bay. 101 also pretty busy. our drive time 17 minutes. 85 to 280/680. delays toward 237. 280 and 87 not too much better. brake lights through oakland right now. northbound 880, 238 to the maze, 47 minutes. delays at the bay bridge. a backup there. south 880 at 92, this accident just into the traffic center. looks like may be blocking one lane. so a busy ride. backups to 238 to fremont. san mateo bridge, better as you work your way from 880 to 101. a little slow. bay bridge looks like still busy. metering lights are on.
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