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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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,,,, the e-class has driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus
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on the e350 sport sedan. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> bart's car of the future crashed into this pile of dirt. tonight, what happened. the train car crashed during a test run in hayward. tonight, andria borba asked bart what went wrong. >> reporter: bart service was not disrupted and no one was injured but bart is trying to figure out why their new car didn't stop. >> this is not how we wanted things to go. >> reporter: just a bit of understatement from bart tonight. around 2:00 when the brand spanking new bart car of the future that rolled out to much fanfare two weeks ago. >> they will help relieve congestion. >> reporter: overshot a test track between the hayward and
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union city stations and was buried in eight feet of sand. today, it was supposed to be a test run. >> we were training our new train operators today but it has not been determined if it was operator error or something else. >> reporter: video from chopper 5 shows the new car was filled with sandbags to simulate the weight of actual humans before it slammed at 5 to 10 miles an hour. >> we have to make it as realistic as possible. >> reporter: bart spokesperson taylor huckabee says once it was dug out, it seemed okay, without significant damage from the impact. >> if something like this were to happen, we want it to happen on the test tracks. why we have the long testing period. >> reporter: bart is working with car maker bombardier to
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see what if anything may have gone wrong mechanically on their brand new car. andria borba, kpix5. >> the autopsy on prince is complete, but lit be a while before we know how he died. tonight, the tributes are pouring in outside prince's home in paisley park. he had millions of fans all around the world. as allen martin tells us, the pop icon dies alone. >> reporter: this van pulled out of the medical examiner's office this afternoon. returning the body of prince rogers nelson to his family. >> this is a tragedy for all of us. to you, prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. to us, he is a community member and a good neighbor. >> an autopsy and toxicology test took place earlier today. >> the pieces of information gathered in the process will be sent to labs for further testing. so that answer is pending and it will take days an weeks to complete those particular investigations.
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>> reporter: staffers found prince slumped in an elevator on the first floor of his suburban minneapolis compound yesterday, alone, and unresponsive. >> we have no reason to believe at this time it is is a suicide. >> reporter: a week ago, prince's charter jet made an emergency landing in illinois. prince's aide said he suffered from the flu. other reports blamed a drug overdose. prince was once engaged to oakland singer sheila e. >> he was a genius. the music he created and what he has done and left in his legacy of music for the fans is something all of us will never forget. his music will live on. >> prince was a very private person, but when asked if he was a healthy person, he said he would let the medical examiner talk about that when the time comes. allen martin, kpix5. switching gears, let's take a live look outside san francisco after some scattered showers. things are clearing up around
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the bay area. earlier today, we saw downpours. this is from san jose this morning. brian hackney is in for paul deanno tonight. >> at the official reporting stations, we have to go to oroville where they have light rain and snow at tahoe. but here, there's just a few places where we are picking up echoes on the doppler tonight. there could be a few drops overnight, but it is pretty much over. but, when it came down, it came down pretty good. saint helena got an inch-and-a- half. san jose four tenths, livermore, a third of an inch. there is more on the way, but in terms of the timing, the amounts and the whens and the wheres, we will cover all that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> an eyesore in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood should be gone by the weekend. crews are repairing a massive seasonnic hole. cate caugurian with the damage and the search for a cause. >> reporter: repair work on this busted sewer line is
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putting a drain on michelle tong's business. >> nobody comes. >> reporter: her customers typically drive up to her drive cleaning shop but today, you can't park here. >> i had no idea and i looked and there was a giant hole in the middle of my street. >> reporter: crews here still don't know what caused the break that caused the giant hole. >> we do know that this particular pipe is actually quite old. 100 years old. >> reporter: as for the rest of the pipe along this second of sacramento street ... >> the sewer was actually inspected with a video camera earlier today and it looks very healthy and fine. >> reporter: san francisco public utilities commission says the ruptured pipe didn't affect power, gas, or water to nearby homes. just parking. >> i had to circle around a couple of times before i could find a spot. i thought it was just the rain, but this makes sense. >> reporter: it is old infrastructure haunting san francisco, but they are trying to stay ahead of the game
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digging up and replacing old sewer line. until all of that is complete, we can expect to see more sink holes in our future. in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. an elderly burrlinggame woman in a hot button issue, tim robbins cias he will pay her rent for the next ten years. this is not the first time robbins has raced to the rescue. he bailed out a soup kitchen in the tenderloin run by a pair of nuns. he struck a deal with their landlord to keep them open another year. a solar powered plane is headed straight for the bay area on its journey around the world. it is expected to reach mountain view tomorrow night. you can track the flight radar online. it shows up at a red plane flying 25 miles an hour. crews are getting ready for the
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solar impulse 2. >> reporter: the solar impulse 2 continues its three-day flight to mountain view on its trip around the world. the weight of a mid sized car and wider than a boeing 747, it relies on solar power from 17,000 solar cells. by day, it charges four batteries with energy to fly at night. they can sleep while the plane is on auto pilot. as switzerland native picard flew over the pacific ocean, he spoke live with the secretary general who presided over the signing of a climate change agreement. >> be pioneers. be adventurers, be explorers of the solutions of today. this is how we can make a better world. >> we are inspired by your pioneering spirit. >> reporter: the solar plane began its historic plane in 2015 from abu dhabi to show
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that clean technology is the way of the future. >> it is a fantastic opportunity for new solutions. new clean technology solutions. >> reporter: in preparation for saturday's west coast landing, a crew from nstle research center arrived. they are supplying food for the pilots. >> it is basically packaging up real food in a format that they can eat at any temperature, any pressure, any time of day. >> reporter: the solar impulse 2 is expected to land here at moffet field at 9:00 tomorrow. sharon chin, kpix5. voters are getting sales pitches from presidential candidates including automated calls from donald trump. as jennifer mcgraw reports, they are going after independents. >> reporter: california counts for the first time in generations.
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>> california is actually going to matter and it is going to matter greatly. >> reporter: karen bernal with the sacramento for bernie sanders group says they started last september joining forces but this weekend is the official launch to take on voters. >> i haven't seen the depth and breadth of this kind of excitement over a campaign. it is uncharted territory. >> reporter: many of the presidential candidates are gearing up for california including hillary clinton who announced her leadership team and trump who sends this message. >> in order for your vote to count, you must be registered to vote as a republican. >> reporter: the call reported by trump himself was made to 1 million independent voters. you must be registered as a republican to vote for him. >> we have seen district after district, huge numbers of republicans planning to vote. >> reporter: registering as a nonpartisan voter, you can only vote in the democratic, libertarian, and american independent primaries. the three that have allowed
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crossover voter. the republican, american independent and peace and freedom parties do not allow nonpartisan voters. that decision affects one in four voters who have chosen a no party preference option in california. >> this is their chance to determine our nominee. >> reporter: report, from the capitol, jennifer mcgraw, kpix5. crooks are breaking into bay area mailboxes. hundreds of them. and the crime spree has brought some delivery to a halt. >> this has been unveiled in the bay area. tonight, why hundreds of families can find comfort in this statue. >> and, you might see something new on california highway signs. tonight, why critics say it is a disaster waiting to happen. ,,,,,,,,,,
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have a new way to remember . >> tonight, people who lost children to violence in alameda
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county have a new way to remember them. this memorial statue was unveiled. the statue has more than 400 names on it of kids killed since 1994. the hope is to provide a new place for people who suffered loss to find some measure of comfort. >> it is going to raise the consciousness of our community. that you know, this violence has to cease. it has to stop. all the senselessness of all of this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. >> the top of the statue has figures of three children who died. an extra headache for hundreds of people here in the bay area. they have to go to the post office to pick up their mail because of a series of mailbox thefts in vallejo and american canyon. emily turner with the investigation. >> reporter: they are lined up
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like black friday at the post office, but instead of mailing packages, they are here to pick them up. a recent rash of mailbox thefts has compromised more than 300 people deliveries. until the burglaries can finally be solved. >> it is is a shame that someone has come to this where we can't collect important information. >> reporter: the post office inspector says there have been 23 reported break-ins in the vallejo and american canyon areas since february 1. and likely, more than have been unreported. crooks are cracking over cluster boxes, picking the locks on others and possibly using a counterfeit master key on others. once inside, they have your mail and all of the information that comes with it. >> no one needs my information. they can get into my bank accounts, my visa accounts and steal my money. >> reporter: mail theft is a federal crime and the post office's law enforcement arm has launched several investigations into the spike.
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until the case is solved, these folks' mail will be kept here where it is safe. >> something has to be done. we don't need to be here waiting in line. so i don't know. they got to do something. >> reporter: post office investigators want you to know they are taking this very seriously, they are going to try to figure out who is responsible and how they are getting into these mailboxes. emily turner, kpix5. breaking news from southern california now. police involved in a chase with a female driver on the 101 freeway in the west los angeles area. speeds reaching more than 100 miles an hour. there are reports that the chase is related to a domestic dispute. we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them. meanwhile, fiat chrysler is recalling more than a million jeep, dodges, and chryslers worldwide. the problem? drivers can't tell when they are in park. the gear shifters have been
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confusing some people whose cars have rolled away. more than 40 people have been hurt. a state lawmaker has a novel idea to raise money for road repair. sell advertising time on the overhead signs caltrans uses to post traffic alerts. we look into how these might work and a possible downside. >> reporter: from traffic warnings to amber alerts, we drive by these changeable traffic signs every day. >> when it is not used for those messaging services, advertising needs to be up there. >> reporter: a state senator is pushing to bring much needed funding for california roads through a public private partnership he says would not cost taxpayers a dime. >> i'm looking for money that is not raising taxes on people more. >> reporter: sb1397 would allow advertising companies to bid for spots but caltrans would still have complete control of the content. there are 700 of these signs along the state and they may look simple now, but imagine with advertising dollars pumped
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into them, this simple sign could get a state of the art major upgrade. so where will this ad money go? back into the roads. it is set to generate $200 million a year for the state. >> any amount of investment helps tanned dollars we do expect would go back into the repair and upgrade the state highway system. >> reporter: high-def in addition upgrades that could look similar to this. or this amber alert where you can actually see a picture of the little girl missing versus just words on a screen. but could the signs be adding to distracted driving? >> i don't think it is a good idea. you will look at what the sign says or the billboard versus the traffic. >> reporter: others say it will take away from the important messages these sines were meant for. >> if we started advertising on it, what i would see as an amber alert scene, i would probably noted take it as seriously. a second confirmed case of zika in san francisco tonight.
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this time, a pregnant woman. doctors confirmed she recently visited central america before testing positive. there is no risk to public health locally. all bay area cases so far are travel related. >> the species of mosquito that transmyths zika is a specific kind of mosquito. it has not been found here in san francisco. >> the woman does not have zika symptoms and is getting care. the first san francisco woman diagnosed with zika has since fully recovered. tonight, california crabbers can cast a slightly wider net. health department officials have lifted the fishing advisory along the coast all the way up to humboldt bay. that means crabbing is fair game. the season was stalled for several months after tests found high levels of demoic acid in the crabs but they have since been cleared for consumption. it rained here today
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meaning snow in the sierra. cars were backed up for miles. reporter macy jenkins found out why two drivers, it's a race to the alter. >> my fiance is not too happy now but we will make it. >> reporter: two packed cars and bumper to bumper traffic. not the wedding present daniel had in mind. >> i'm getting married. >> reporter: the road from stockton to tahoe not what we expected. >> reporter: after six hours in the car, their journey is not over. >> we are trying to find a place to buy chains because the ones we have with us are too small. >> reporter: a couple of miles west, a gas station pull of drivers scrambling to get the chains on the tires and inside, it is a weary wait just to buy the right equipment. >> they didn't have our size. now we have to see if they still have it and it will take a another two or three hour to go up. >> reporter: and of course, another wait for someone to put the chains on the cars.
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>> if you are going to come up to the sierras any time of the year, slow down, be prepared and know what to expect. >> reporter: for this wedding party. >> horrible. >> reporter: it is a lesson learned. but now, they are just hoping they can make it to the alter by tomorrow. >> as long as she is happy i'm happy. i'll make her happy again. >> that's all that matters. that is bride is happy. but they certainly were not expecting having a snowstorm in the middle of april. probably not, but when you go to the mountains anything can happen an it did. the aftereffects of that little cold front moving through came down pretty good from time to time. as you can see in the high-def doppler, just widely scattered drops around the bay tonight giving away to partly cloudy skies as we look at the fair depopulated golden gate bridge. concord is missing. there is your headline. san jose, 56. overnight lows tonight with the clearing skies and the cold
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front separating the warm air from the cool means it is cool tonight. sun up 23 minutes after 6:00 a.m. and prepare to have a pretty good weekend. we have increasing sunshine as the low moves on shore. and the ridge being to the west, it will produce some fairly brisk winds tomorrow. so, winds are in the headlines for saturday. rain, not until later in the week. we will tell you about that in a minute. let's look at the weekend. by 2:00 in the afternoon, buildups over the coast range. and some sunshine down below in the valleys but we haven't dispensed completely of the moisture. by 7:00 a.m. sunday, we will wake up to some low clouds in the south bay. we get more sunshine on sunday though. and that holds through right through monday. so when does the rain come? probably around wednesday and thursday, we will see. increasing sunshine this weekend, next shower chance by wednesdays. but in the meantime it will be
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brisk and breezy. high temperature forecast, 70 at napa. same fairfield. the numbers are fairly seasonal. close to where we should be this time of the year. as we look ahead, the numbers remain inland near 70 degrees all week long. look at wednesday and thursday. there is a chance on those two days before we dry it out on friday. we shall see that is weather for what is ahead, here is liz. >> all right, thank you brian hackney. tonight, why one of britain's youngest royals had a good reason to stay up past his bedtime. >> and coming up on the late show, julie dreyfus and sam moral. there you go. ,, ,,
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best excuse to stay up past bedtime. he couldn't miss out on meeg president obama and the fir lady! check ou >> prince george had the best excuse to stay up past his bedtime. he couldn't miss out on meeting president obama and the first lady. check out the prince's pjs and little robe hanging out with the president. this is so cute. the first couple had dinner with prince william, his wife kate and prince harry. the obamas are on a three-day visit to the u.k. i want one of those little robes. >> what if i came back tomorrow
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night and did my segment in a little smoking jacket. a pipe? [ laughter ] >> perfect, you could comb your hair just so. >> right. >> i like it. >> how about like this? hey, barry bonds moment of surprise at the game tonight. plus, san jose sharks in white here. how much did they have to work for it at los angeles? nhl playoff story ahead. ame, you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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been kind of like that ex-f, you can never get over... ..always haunting...always getting in (here)... liitter and lights >> nhl playoffs up top. the kings are like the ex-flame you can't ever get over. always haunting. always getting in here. here is game five. sharks on the attack. just over a minute into the game. slapped by. the first playoff goal. sharks up 1-0. they took a 3-0 lead into the second. but uh-oh. here came the kings. kings tied it at 3-3. but the night belonged to dunsgoi. great assist from bret burns.
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the sharks did not blow a 3-0 series lead to the kings. won it tonight 6-3 final and won the series 4-1. they play the ducks predators winner next round. barry bonds having yourself a night. the new marlins hitting coach got some big love. struck in the fifth, drove in three but the time he was done. denard span found a hole. another run scored. the giants snapped a five-game losing streak. five strike outs in seven and two-thirds innings. anyone want to trade places with chris coglin? no one is hotter than oakland. still unbeaten on the road playing long ball. a much better coglin here connected on the second. to make it 4-0. they are just feeling it now. here is chris davis and the as , a two r.b.i.
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smash. oakland has won six straight games. they are three over 500. final tonight, 8-5. so the as just red hot. the sharks moving onto the next round and the giants, mad love at 30 king streets tonight. >> a special night for them. a special night for giants fans. >> it was. it was. number 25 in orange and black in the other. >> that was weird. the marlins, yeah. >> there ease the moussic. they are playing us off. >> all right, all right, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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>> late show is next. have a wonderful weekend. >> stephen: hey, nicolaj. thanks so much for doing the show. >> thanks for having me. >> stephen: and you'll feel right at home here because central characters of the "late show" are often brutally murdered. >> you're saying people on this show get killed? >> stephen: oh, yeah. happens all the time. could be any one of us. could be me, could be you, could be my writer, gabe. >> hey. it could even be my stage manager here, athdor of house cafferos. >> me? it cannot be! for it is the eve of my daughter's wedding feast! she has just been rescued from the sand barrens. in the morrow i shall weveelt ancient secret that shall keep our house from horrors. >> did he say wedding?


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