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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  April 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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instagram video if you are just sent us it appears to be some sort of building and not a brush fire. we are going to stay on top of this for you we will bring you any new information just as soon as you get it. the solar powered solar impulse to the first solar plane attempted to circumnavigate the globe is now and -- within hours of completing its latest leg right here in the bay area. maria medina is standing by with what happens next. >> reporter: in about six hours -- in a few hours the solar impulse 2 will be making its lending her. we are going to take a and it takes a look at where this plane is that. it has been circling the bay area and if you are near the golden gate bridge look up in the sky because pretty soon you
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will be able to get a glimpse of the solar impulse to. in the meantime let's go ahead and take a look at video of this amazing aircraft. the pilot is trying to fly around the globe using clean technology. he took off from hawaii on thursday headed here to mountain view and is supposed to land here in the next few hours. the plane has got 17,000 but -- 17,000 solar panels and that is what has given pattern -- power to the battery. back at her life the plane was supposed to land here at 9:00 and has been pushed back to midnight. of course we will bring you the video of the historic landing in just a few hours. >> i know the wind will be picking up and they cannot help them but why don't they just landed now. >> good question we want to know why we have to stay here until midnight. what they tell me is that they need the wind is to die down in the actually need the air
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traffic to die down as well so it's got to make this landing and it's got to make all of that die down before it can land here. >> looking forward to it. the pilot tweeted out this selfie earlier today. he said hey california i'm in your airspace safe travels we will see you soon. in oakland today competing ideas of how to tackle the high cost of housing. the mayor is trying to drum up support for hers affordable housing plan the activists are pushing one of their own. >> reporter: affordable housing advocates are collecting signatures to try to strengthen oaklands rent control. volunteers went to get 35,000 signatures by jim to qualify the initiative on the november ballot. >> we need something on the ballot to guarantee their rate
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increases. oakland is the fourth most expensive rental market in the country. some activists say the mayor is not doing enough to slow down displacement so they are forcing the issue. >> the people i have been living with for 20 years are disappearing to antioch and places where the rent is lower. >> reporter: right now landlords can increase rent based on the rate of inflation but if home improvements are made the landlord can then go up to 10%. activists want to count the increase to 5% and require landlords to get permission from the rent board. the mayor fires back saying the ballot initiative does very little pilot because the state prevents rent control on single- family homes condos and apartments built after 1983. roughly half of the units and rental housing in oakland are covered by rent control and that's because the state restricts them.
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i think there are other ways that we could strengthen tenant laws that would have an even bigger impact. >> reporter: the mayor wants voters to support her plan to set -- protect 17,000 existing units and build another 17,000 apartments. she held a town hall meeting. she said the units would come from city fees and new taxes on alameda county homeowners. >> most say that this is the most comprehensive ambitious plan they have ever seen. an elderly bay area woman at the center of a hot button eviction cases getting help from an unlike resource. tony robbins says he will help pay for 85-year-old george's rent at her burling game home for the next 10 years. it's not the first time see as race to the rescue. last month the build out a soup
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kitchen in the tenderloin run by a pair of nines. he helped strike a deal with the landlord he will stay open for at least another year. one person is in the hospital after being pulled from a burning home in oakland. around 7:00 a.m. no word on how the fire started. in san francisco crews have finished repairing a sewer main break and massive single -- sinkhole. it was about some -- 10 feet deep another 20 feet wide officials are waiting for the concrete to dry and then the road should be back up in tonight. drivers in the area are dealing with a very different issue. the storm that blew through the bay area yesterday turned to snow amounts. drivers were digging out the chains and they might have been a little bit annoyed but emily turner shows us the ski resorts that are still open and loving it and she is in squaw valley
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tonight. >> reporter: not a bad assignment. the people appear are loving it. they are staying up until memorial day one of their longest seasons in a decade but it is even a possibility they might say open or reopen for the fourth of july. it looks like january on the top of the mountain thanks to 20 inches of snow last night and a redeeming year of weather in the sierra. for the first time in 10 years many resorts are staying open. squat is even staying open until memorial day this year. >> we are really celebrating this year it has been fantastic to go >> reporter: the white weather has allowed skew results to recoup a little bit from previous years of subpar snowfalls. >> it has been a great way for people to reconnects with natural snowfall. >> reporter: skiers are excited about it to -- also.
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>> it's amazing. i don't get to come up very often. i was questioning whether i would come up this weekend and i am so happy i did. >> reporter: snowfall is about average for snow valley -- squaw valley and possibly more with coming storms. >> we have home of the month -- we have a whole extra month. we are not closing until may 30. this storm put this in a good position for the rest of the season. >> i wasn't paying that class of attention. my friends wanted to come up i knew it was going be excellent and it will keep coming up. >> reporter: if you want to be a spring scare it's not too late. squaw valley is not the only resort open up your. one thing for you to remember before you put your skis or snowboard up there will be more snow. the folks appear say brian i will -- appear say the least.
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brian i will pass it back to you. >> it took us three hours to get a pair. we were driving conservatively. the roads were wet but not unsafe. if you want to come up come on up to it was so nice people were skiing in shorts and t- shirts. bart riders should allow for extra time along the fremont moving this weekend. they have to use the free bus bridge between the san leandro and base station as workers repair the tracks between the two stops. normal service will resume monday morning. >> it is still not clear what caused a brand-new part car to crash -- part car to crash at slow speeds. it overshot the track and hit a big pile of dirt. the $2 million car was going
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between $5 million and 10 -- five and 10 million -- five and 10 miles an hour. there was no significant damage. officer said this man took off and i tried to pull him over at southwest boulevard and state farm drive just before 2:00 in the morning. he ended up crashing into a stop sign and running off. there were two passengers in the car but they were not hurt. a bizarre freeway chase ended with the arrest of a naked woman. police say the woman behind the wheel took off after trying to run over her own parents in pasadena last day. the 100 mile-per-hour chase went all through northern la county and into simi valley. then it took a really weird turns. about an hour later the woman parked her suv in downtown los angeles and try to casually slow -- stroll into a bar.
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>> it looks like the bouncer will not let her in. >> gets weirder. the woman continue to strip native -- naked and police arrested her. despite all the chaos nobody was hurt. speak now or forever hold your leash. angry dog owners take this massive march to the streets of san francisco. the force of nature off the california coast. we will tell you why so many killer wells are suddenly showing up. maybe it is to bask in the sun which will have plenty of in the next week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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through the streets of san francisco today to protest a proposed plan by the "natiol park service" that would significantly cut off-leash walking areas. kpix five's cate cauguiran s there and spoke to frustrat dog owne bay area dog owners march through the streets of san francisco to protest the proposed plan that would significantly cut off leash dog walking areas. we were there and spoke to some frustrated owners. >> people have been walking the
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dogs in the area for the last 70 years and suddenly they want to cut it. >> with assigning one hand and a leash and the other hundreds marched with their pups at san francisco crissy field. this mighty march another effort by bay area dog owners to get the national park service is an urge them to scrap a proposal to use -- cutdown dog access. >> they don't understand the cities and they ought to be someplace else. >> in february the national park service proposed limits on the golden gate national recreation area. >> we are only occupying less than 1% of the area. >> reporter: the national park service says the changes take into account the wildlife but they say the changes hurt more than help. >> they are just wrong on this issue and say that the restrictions of dog access will
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have a profound impact. >> the changes will cut 90% of impact in off leash areas. >> it will make the city go backwards. why would you want to live in a place that does not like dogs. >> reporter: the national park service and golden gate recreation area did not respond to a request for comment. >> we did reach out to the national park service to get a comment and so far no response. when we do get it will pass it along. prosecutors police and community activists in contra costa county about better efforts against human trafficking. they declared today a day to raise awareness help victims and catch offenders. they want to enforce the public most -- posting of human notice -- of notices about human trafficking. >> through investigating
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workers compensation fraud cases and tax fraud cases we haven't covered massive labor trafficking in restaurants, massage parlors, elder care homes, and even a marijuana dispensary. >> it is seen as a quarter for human trafficking because it's close to oakland and san francisco and links to highways that intersect the state. a minister is behind bars on child sex assault charges. fernando maldonado is accused of sexually assaulting and under aged girl for more than three years. he worked as a minister in pleasant hill and is being held on $725,000 bill. we are used to seeing traffic warnings and amber alerts on highway signs but what about advertisements. bob hoff is pushing a plan to fund california road repairs without money. he says the state to pull in about $200 million a year advertisers would bid for spots by caltrans would have the final say on the content.
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some drivers are concerned the messages would do more harm than good. >> i don't think it's a good idea because you will be looking at what the sign or the billboard says rather than the traffic. >> the plan still needs to clear a few hurdles before it lands of the governor's desk to it would be rolled out before we see ads on all highway signs. an unusually high number of killer wells are putting on a show for boaters and tourists on monterey bay. where are they coming from and why? we went out on the water to check it out. check out the force of nature. >> reporter: just a few minutes crews outside of last landing harbor the land begins to sink in the horizon a spectacular show of nature is taking place. a friendly pod of dolphins swims beside our boat as they hunt and feet on cruel and that will seems to way to the crowds of tourists before diving and preaching in the monterey bay.
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>> it is just kind of mind- boggling. they come out of the water just we see how big they are and how they act. >> reporter: in recent days an unusually high number of killer whales leave to be attracted by warmer el niño waters is bringing the dramatic struggle between predator and prey to the surface. mike stack of sanctuary cruises recorded the moment when a pack of work is ambushed unsuspecting dolphins. >> that was insane. they are running right now. >> reporter: the dolphins swimming for their lives even outpaced the boat. they snapped this image of an orca flipping it often high in the air to stennett before making it a meal. >> workers are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet and a lot of the marine mammal same -- they hunt have teeth.
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they often stolen or kill their prey before consuming it. >> he captured the carnage left behind when a killer will preyed on a gray well cap. they will separate them from their mothers and hold them under water to drown them. >> when they are in the middle of an attack it can be hard for passengers to watch it. >> reporter: they are not unusual in monterey bay but there estimated number is about double that of a normal year. like any hunter they will stick around for the next meal or move on to wherever the hunting is good. on the monterey bay than bermudas kpix 5. the one thing we are not seeing is any rain. the doppler has completely dried up as the system that we had moved three yesterday in the 1 1/2 inches of rain all headed south and east into the mountains where as you saw earlier it produced no in the sierra. for now nothing here or here so it got clearing skies around
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the bay area. it will get windy tomorrow and there's a high surf advisory. right now the numbers are mostly in the mid-60s. we're standing by to recover our temperature from concord. sunny and windy for -- for tomorrow coupling with a low or third -- over northern utah. high pressure out of the pacific means it will be windy evening as we get mostly sunny skies for tomorrow. we have a weak front approaching that can produce a shower or two tomorrow afternoon. strong rip currents and the threat still at the shoreline as we have beach hazards advisory by the national weather service by tonight. here's what i mean on the futurecast. will begin to clear down a little bit and down south right over here you see some pretty good buildups over the mountains just south of hamilton. so if you are up top you might see a little bit coming down tomorrow but by night at this time they are skies. here's the other thing that
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will happen. as we rolled his ahead this is how women should develop. here is how everything brightens up by four of five or 6:00 as we at the coastline. especially windy at the shore tomorrow without variable clouds that will be sunny but wendy have a slight shower chance. the next chance of rain moving in by wednesday real rain later in the day could linger through thursday morning. this is near highway 1 bixby bridge marathon will be happening tomorrow. 72 hour redding and 34 at yosemite they look at some afternoon rain. central valley is nice and along the shore it's not that bad either. we have numbers in the mid-40s summers at the morning it 6:22 am and the problem there which
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is one into the mid-60s for much of the area. in san jose tomorrow 60 degrees and here in san francisco 63. we will be looking for partly cloudy skies tomorrow and on monday and tuesday partly cloudy skies and next to the rain coming on wednesday and thursday and as we head into friday and saturday and tomorrow and tomorrow we will creep in his pace from day to day. that is shakespeare who died 400 years ago today at the age of 52. never has the bay area been so captivated by one man's ankle. will steph curry play tomorrow or will he sits out another game hear from the man himself next. how an inappropriate text could get your kid kicked out of school if state lawmakers get their way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the american cancer society. ain set off from t today people hopped aboard
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the niles canyon railway to benefit the american cancer society. the train set off at three different times with two picks costing -- tickets costing $25 for each adult. there was entertainment and free wine tasting as part of the event called ride the rails for really. they donated the entire train and crew for this fundraiser. here's something fans did not get to do very often by a wreck -- buy tickets for the second round of the stanley cup playoffs. tickets for game one are already going for upwards of $500 on stub hub. the sharks closed after opening play in the series last night with a win over the kings. the bigger story is whether steph curry is coming back or not coming back. >> i will make this suits happy because i'm using the word trending.
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trending in the bay area for sports this hour nba playoffs step curry -- steph curry this evening curry says thumbs-up. he was at practice in houston with no complications with health -- which held the meta- games two and three which the warriors lost. he entered the ankle area in game one last saturday. he -- third warriors lead the series 2 games to one. >> how many minutes he will play or how well he will play who knows. got a lot of confidence in his game and i think the last two days have given him confidence in his body and that's important. >> the only thing i need to be sure about is the stability of it and when i need to call on a certain mover pivot or plant and change direction or speed that it will be underneath me.
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>> they would not say it but from the houston rockets i'm a little nervous. that's 20 some odd points coming at you and a huge cluster of three-pointers. >> and he is fired up to play i am sure. >> we will see you in the next half hour. >> also coming in tributes pouring in for prince but we don't have answers. you can get anything delivered to your door including gourmet pot to >> the solution could be buzzing for allergy season around your own backyard.
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news. >> our top stories tonight: we are looking live at history in the making as the solar impulse 2 makes its way to mountain view, now over the golden gate bridge. it is the first solar plane attempting to circumnavigate the globe. fleeting the 9th leg of its tour. >> tom peating plans are on the table for affordable housing in oakland. volunteers are planning a possible ballot initiative that they say would strengthen rent control. marilyny says she has a plan of her own. >> a late season snow making for an epic end to the ski season. some resorts including jaw valley are staying open later than they ever have. a minnesota senator is pushing to make purple the official state color in honor
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of prince. family and friends are paying their respects to the music icon. >> reporter: a sea of purple guards prince's paisley park home and it's getting bigger by the day. the megasuperstar's friends and loved ones, including prince's girlfriend, gathered to mourn his death on saturday. >> she didn't tell me until we were two stop lights out there from getting here. i almost had a fit. >> reporter: prince rogers nelson was found dead wednesday morning. >> it's electrifying. you leave and you're like what did i just see? >> reporter: to help prince's fans get through this thing called life, some amc movie theaters are showing his iconic movie purple rain through the weekend. a hand written note left at a growing memorial says it all. you


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