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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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our top stories tonight. windy enough to flight an iron kite in the bay area, and maybe even play havoc with ships at sea. a wind advisory in effect as we look live at ocean beach. we'll have the latest in your forecast. >> and two san francisco police officers are being checked out at the hospital right now after getting in to a car crash in the bayview. police say an suv ran a red
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light or a stop sign before ramming in to the officer's car near phelps street and evans avenue. the officers are expected to be okay and we're told the suv driver is cooperating with police. >> right now outside the mission district police station, protesters are entering the fourth day of their hunger strike, living only on water and getting weaker by the day. one protester already passed out. >> they tell our anne makovec, it's a small price to pay to get rid of the police chief. >> dent let us -- don't let us die. don't let us faint. >> reporter: on day four of a hunger strike outside the mission police station, this group has grown from five to seven. >> what does it feel like to not eat for 92 hours? >> it's a process. your body goes through things you haven't felt before. >> reporter: they're calling for the resignation of san francisco police chief greg sure or mayor ed lee, all to call attention to what they see as fatal racism by police. >> we're not willing to sacrifice another life of
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someone innocently killed. we said we'll sacrifice ourselves. >> reporter: some of the killings they point to, mario woods who was shot and killed by bayview police in december. he was carrying a knife and refused to drop it. alex nieto was killed two years ago. he was armed with a taser that police thought was a pistol. most recently police shot and killed luis gangora april 7th. >> it's emotional, the support we've gotten. the water, the love. >> reporter: including a visit from a mission district priest. >> we want these young people to know that they're very much in our hearts. >> if people want to protest, they have every right to do so. >> reporter: mayor ed lee said he wants to see the department use less than lethal force like stun guns. >> if there are groups out there that feel we're not doing enough, i invite them to give us their opinions. >> we can stay out here for 100 days. >> reporter: but this group wants their opinions to yield results. >> i don't want to sound stupid and naive and be like until we
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get justice. i'm saying until i've had enough. >> the u.s. department of justice is right now conducting a review of the sfpd at the request of the mayor and police chief. anne makovec, kpix 5. campaign 2016 now. five candidates hoping to represent california in the u.s. senate will hold their first debate tomorrow. they're hoping to fill the shoes of senator barbara boxer who will retire at the end of her term. state attorney general kamala harris is considered to be the frontrunner. another hopeful, former state republican party tom de la caro. along with u.s. representative loretta sanchez, and republican rob unz who ran in 1994. the race for the republican presidential nomination comes to the bay area this week. gop frontrunner donald trump
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will deliver the keynote speech at the state republican convention. by this time in the race, the nomination is decided, but this time around california voters could play a big role in the outcome. >> here in the bay area, for example, we don't normally see anything other than candidates coming here to raise money. we don't see them campaigning here. so we're expecting to see advertising. we're expecting to see mail. we're expecting to see rallies. we're expecting to see campaign activity which we haven't seen in decades. >> trump has hired sacramento gop strategist clark to direct his state campaign. john kasich will speak after trump. and ted cruz will speak on saturday. ahead of that convention, john kasich will make a stop in san francisco and he'll hold a town hall meeting hosted by the commonwealth club. he'll talk economics, national security, foreign affairs and energy. tickets start at $35. >> but first thing's first. all of the candidates are gearing up for the next round of primaries. voters head to the polls in
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pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware, rhode island, and maryland on tuesday. brian webb reports the frontrunners are expected to dominate but their competition says don't count us out just yet. >> reporter: some people waited seven hours today to hear donald trump speak in hagerstown, maryland. did he sound more presidential like the campaign is promising? >> i'm self-funding my campaign. nobody controls me. >> reporter: a cbs tracker poll shows trump with large leads in big primary states like pennsylvania. he's the only republican candidate who can win the nomination before the july convention. ted cruz is already moved on to indiana and its primary may 3rd. >> 65% to 70% of republicans nationwide recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. >> reporter: republican donor billionaire charles koch rocked the party today, suggesting democrat hillary clinton might make a better president than any of the republicans in the race.
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>> they're terrible role models. so i don't know how we could support them. >> we have to do something more. >> reporter: clinton stopped off at baptist churches in philadelphia sunday morning, well on her way to the democratic nomination. but don't tell that to bernie sanders who is still challenging her on the issues. >> impose a tax on carbon. >> reporter: john kasich made the rounds on sunday morning talk shows, saying he's the only republican who can win the white house. brian webb for cbs news new york. president obama touched down in germany today on the final leg of his six-day european tour. alongside chancellor angela merkel, the president defended a trade deal between the u.s. and the european union. he also discussed the importance of germany and the u.s. working together to defeat isis. the president returns to the white house tomorrow night. back in the u.s., a shootout at a kansas motel sent four federal law enforcement officers
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to the hospital. [ gunfire ] u.s. marshals and the fbi were looking for an armed robbie -- arm robbery in topeka. >> a little panic, trying to listen for gunshots because it was a lot of gunshots. it wasn't just your typical if you hear gunshots, it's a few. it was a lot of gunshots. it was like grand theft auto. >> fire broke out in the hotel during the siege. a body was found inside. no word on whether it was the suspect. the four agents who were wounded are expected to be okay. a massive five-alarm fire that destroyed an apartment complex under construction near phoenix broke out last night and was whipped up by strong winds. flying embers prompted firefighters to evacuate a nearby apartment complex. two firemen and three police officers suffered minor injuries. the cause not known. investigators say the construction site was in the
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framing stage and the wood provided plenty of fuel. in minnesota tonight, a sea of purple as tributes to princeton to grow. the unique ways the singer's hometown is honoring the man who put minneapolis on the musical map. >> reporter: the bells at minneapolis city hall didn't ring. they rocked. prince's hometown honored him by playing a few of his hits from the bell tower, like kiss and 1999. outside his paisley park estate, thousands of fans flocked to pay their final respects to prince with purple balloons, flowers, and even a guitar. fans from all over the country still can't believe he's gone. >> i really believed in my life i'd never, never, never love another artist like i've loved prince. >> it hit me really hard the
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first day. i sobbed at work and came home and sobbed. i'm able to compose myself but it doesn't feel real at all. >> tributes continue to pour in, showing how influential the pop icon was across the world. the minnesota wild honored their state's favorite son, putting his famous symbol in the stands and pausing for a moment of silence before their hockey game. in uptown minneapolis, a purple faced mural of prince and a dove commemorated his death. a public musical celebration of prince's life is being planned. >> an autopsy was performed on prince's body but it could be weeks before we know the cause of deathment we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ly balcony collaps time now for a look ahead at the big stories happening around the bay area this week.
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the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley will be the focus of a hearing at the state capitol. six people were killed and seven others were hurt when the structure gave way last summer. investigators determined water trapped in the wood during construction led to dry rot. tomorrow a state senate committee will discuss what's been done since then to tighten contractor oversight. state lawmakers are also tackling tour bus safety this week. remember that crash in san francisco's union square last november? they'll be discussing a proposal that requires stricter rules on how often the buses are inspected. right now the chp only inspects one sample bus from each fleet. that means about 70% of tour buses are not inspected at all. on wednesday the town of mirago will present the findings on the sinkhole. governing ground declared a state of emergency to help the town with repair costs estimated at $3.5 million. the town said if it tried to fix
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the problem itself, there could be nothing left if another emergency like an earthquake were to happen. >> just wipes us out. wipes out every reserve we had. >> palo alto city council is expected to vote on a proposal that would ban two-story homes in the royal manor neighborhood. the neighborhood is made up mostly of single story ikeler homes now. neighbors worry if they build up, they'll be able to see straight down in their windows. >> what do you say to folks who say get curtains? >> it would change the quality of your interior. >> i don't think it's right. i'm a citizen here in palo alto. we pay our taxes. it's taking a right away from us. >> the vote is set for tuesday. the san francisco symphony will become the first major orchestra to live stream a world premier performance on facebook. the new work auditorium by composer mason bates will be available to audiences around
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the globe for free. the performance at davey's symphony hall is set for wednesday night at 8:00. still to come on the newscast, close your eyes. the newest option for bay area travelers who want to sleep their way to los angeles. >> we'll show you the new wearable tech device allowing doctors to keep a closer eye on parkinson's patients than ever before. >> the wind is up and before long the rain will come down. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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italy than san francisco... outside the fairmont hotel today, it looked more like italy than san francisco. the 26th annual california meal brought an impressive collection of vintage race cars. it was a walk through time displaying top of the line cars from 1927 through 1957. the event is the largest free car show of its kind in america. and more cool rides down in palo alto where people got to test ride a fleet of high tech e-bikes and it's part of a multicity tour. riders went up hills with ease using the new low resistance technology, which allows you to bike for miles without breaking a sweat. electric bike makers hope the event will change the way people commute. and there's a new option for getting from the bay area to los
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angeles. and the best part, you sleep the whole way. it's called the sleep bus and it doesn't look all that comfy on the outside. inside it's a whole different story for the cost of about $100. each passenger gets their own individual pod complete with a bed, power outlets, wi-fi, coffee. the sleep bus departs from the san francisco california train station at 11 p.m. it arrives at the santa monica pier about six and a half hours later. you think that's a quick trip? check this out. british astronaut tim peake joined thousands of runners down on earth to run the london marathon today. he did it harnessed to a treadmill with a simulation of the route playing on his ipad. he finished the 26.2 mile race in three hours, 35 minutes. that's impressive enough. but when you factor in the speed of the space station itself, he
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actually traveled about 60,000 miles during that time. incidentally at an orbit height, he'd have to run about nine and a half marathons to make it back to earth. >> i love all the math implicit in that story. is it the same though when you're running in zero g? >> is it? >> i'd have to think they've got him tied down some way to that stair master thing. strong winds tonight in the bay area. they'll peak in the next few hours. wind advisories through midnight tonight. 20 to 30 miles per hour. gusts will exceed 35 miles per hour. 54-mile-per-hour gusts. half moon bay, 40 miles per hour. you'll notice you get out to livermore, not so strong. so the closer you are to the shoreline, the stronger the winds will be in the next few hours. see the red? that's the strongest winds. and that's pretty much confined to the shoreline. right around the bay shoreline
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and also the pacific shoreline. these winds will ease up overnight tonight. a few high clouds up top. the numbers right now mostly in the upper 50s and low 60s. san jose, 62 degrees. santa rosa, 62. in oakland, 62 degrees as well. here's what's happening synoptically. gradient tightening up between the low and the high. that means we get the winds tonight through the early morning hours. tomorrow will still be windy, just not as windy as it was today. how about sky conditions? as you look at futurecast. by the time we get in to the wednesday timeframe, we'll get wet, but in the meantime, windy tomorrow. a little on the cooler side. next rain chance coming in wednesday. not a big rain maker. we'll clear it out on thursday. next weekend we'll be in the 80s inland. nice and sunny by saturday and sunday. heading out of the bay area, looks pretty good to mendocino.
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61 for monterey and 72 at sacramento. 40 for lake tahoe. they're going to get snow showers at tahoe and yosemite tomorrow. overnight lows tonight will be near 50 degrees. sun up tomorrow at 6:20 a.m. forecast highs a couple degrees cooler than usual for this time of the year. not a big deal. temperatures in the mid 60s in the south bay. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. 680 corridor in the mid to upper 60s. by the time you get to pittsburgh and antioch, brentwood in the low 70s. petaluma, 65. 67 for sonoma. and 62 at richmond. up by ukiah, 68. extended forecast, sunshine tomorrow and tuesday but then wednesday we get showers. look at next weekend. numbers will be back up in to the mid 80s inland. that's weather. we've got more ahead. stay tuned after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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parkinson's disease.. coulde down to a device that looks finally tonight, solving one of the most puzzling problems of parkinson's disease could come down to a device that looks a lot like a smart watch. >> elizabeth cook shows us it's an easy to use gadget, but oh, what's going on inside. >> i was diagnosed with parkinson's in 2004. >> reporter: dianne pelosi-harrington was raising her kids and running a nonprofit when a neurologist confirmed she had parkinson's disease. at only 52, she had to start taking medication. >> after 12 years, i'm heavily dependent on the medicines that are available and they have side effects. you start having anything from diskinesia which are unwanted movements of the arms, the legs, or freezing. what i call freezing or on/off. >> like many parkinson's
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patients, harrington had a difficult time balancing all the different medications. at a recent doctor's visit here at the parkinson's institute in sunnyvale, she came to a conclusion. >> it was clear knowing what was going on with the movements in my body, if i could be more objective and precise about it, then he could do a better job with the medications. >> reporter: dr. dahl gave her this, a personal kineti graph or pkg, a data logger made by an australian company called global kinetics. >> the device allows us to follow their movement patterns at home throughout the five or six days that they're wearing the device. >> very simple and it actually has the beeper to remind you that you need to take your meds. >> reporter: after six days, harrington sent the pkg back to dr. dahl. then it was just a matter of a simple data dump in to a tablet. global kinetics' algorithm processes the data and presents it in a series of graphs. >> you take it at 7:00.
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that's these bold red lines. >> reporter: the graphs detail all of harrington's movements over six days. today she and the doctor can see which were periods of exercise -- >> you were probably at a gym working out. >> reporter: and which were unwanted body movements. and at one times she wasn't moving at all. >> maybe you're sitting down reading. >> reporter: dr. dahl decides to keep the medication doses as they are for now, and to consider other options down the road. he says he can see more cleary how his patients are doing once they leave the exam room. >> it really provides us another window in to what your experiences are on a daily basis. >> reporter: harrington has learned something too. >> i was surprised that it is showing my lifestyle has gotten slower in the afternoon and evenings. >> and she's feeling better about the future. >> it creates an optimistic feeling for me. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> by the way, global kinetics
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is making the pkg available to neurologists at the parkinson's institute as well as ucsf, sutter, and kaiser. coming up tonight at 11:00, it's a miracle match. a woman gets a second chance at a life saving transplant, then donates her own heart to save another. i got to talk with both women together about the rare domino procedure and their connection for life. we'll have that story tonight at 11:00. >> we appreciate you watching. 60 minutes is next. we'll see you back here at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> angie, what is this with these names on the wall here? >> we call this "the death wall." >> the death wall? >> yes. >> why is that? >> the majority of the people on this wall have died of drug overdose due to heroin. >> angie pelfrey, a former nurse and recovering opioids addict, runs the new beginnings rehab facility in rural piketon, ohio. >> in 2010, we had about 50 names total. but now. 2016, there are over 3,000. >> tonight, a story about an experiment that is being used to help end an epidemic. >> it is illegal for members of congress to make fund-raising calls from their offices, so they come to these call centers.


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