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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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you are looking live in san jose at the airport, monday april 25. good morning. thank you for joining us. search teams in san francisco will resume their search today after a hiker said that she saw a body. jackie ward is out at the scene. >> reporter: search teams have been out here searching for a body. the woman said she saw it near mile rock yesterday. park police and members of the fire department looked on multiple trails for the corpse but tended up empty handed. the coastal rescue teams know the area well and are confident they will find something out here soon. >> there is a lot of trails. they start off big and, you know, inviting and then meander off into smaller and smaller areas and it can be difficult.
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>> reporter: authorities tell us that the woman waited hours to tell them. they are not sure why. you are advised if you see a body to call 911 immediately. the san francisco fireplace will be out -- fire department will be out here at daylight to look. and residents can't believe a tragedy in san jose on lucas court in the evergreen neighborhood that butts against the foothills of east san jose. friends and relatives went to check on the family there after they were not able to contact them. at some point, police called out to the home and found a man and woman dead. police did not name the victims but according to the mercury
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news, friends were saying that a couple lived there with their sons but did not want to speak on camera. >> you want to feel safe but i guess we're not. >> police have not released any information on the suspects or motives and are asking police to ask -- people to call police if they have any information. earlier in san francisco, the high winds caused the closure of several bridges, and yeah, whipping across my window overnight. yeah, and the great highway shut down because of the sand blowing on the roadway. you know what? it's just as windy this morning but we allowed the advisory to expire. hi, everybody. plan on a pretty breezy day albeit seasonal with temperatures where they should be around this time of year.
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half moon bay, 15 miles per hour wind speeds and 15 in san francisco. napa, 6, so not as windy inland as on the seashore. this is the view for the transamerica building, the pyramid i should say. pristine conditions and unlimited disability but when you couple it with an air temperature of 44, it feels like the high 30s. we are seasonal, spot o and san francisco, 50, and san jose. today with blue skies, 68 in alamo and blackhawk and danville. otherwise, 70s in discovery bay and blue skies along the coast and windy at bodega bay and invernness, and 70 at windsor and st. helena. i'll regroup and coming up, i'll tell you when rain will
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return to the bay area. george? thanks, roberta. as ann was talking about earlier, it's all about the winds and wind advisories are still in effect. when issued by the cpr and caltrans, these are not in teaks with the -- connection with the weather service but when drivers driver across the bridge. both the did you -- dumbarton and san mateo bridges are under an advisory, so keep a tight grip on the wheel. look at the drive time, 14 minutes towards the dublin interchange and earlier problems with debris in the lanes for west 580 has been cleared. we are tracking some delays for the warren freeway, highway 13 southbound through the oakland hills after you come off
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highway 24 towards joaquin miller. there is construction there and likely to be there for perhaps as long as another hour for the southbound highway 13 ride. kenny? >> george, thank you. good news for job seekers. san francisco county leads in employment growth. san francisco's employment jumped 5.7% to 573297 employees in 2014, an increase of nearly 31,000 workers. the number of employees in the information sector in san francisco is at 56684 workers. prices at the pump have jumped by 8 cents in the last 3 weeks. the average right now in the golden state is $2.18 for regular gasoline. analysts say that the hike in part is due to crude oil prices going up. don't expect any relief.
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the trend is expected to continue with the higher-cost summer blend gas. and making sure that tour buses don't take visitors on a dangerous ride. 20 people were injured in a crash by union square last november. now, an appropriations committee is looking into a proposal to force buses to be inspected more often. right now, only a sample bus from each fleet is investigated, making 70% unchecked. you can see this police car was in rough shape after a issue extra. the white lexus that struck it also suffered damage. the driver probably rap a red light or a stop sign, and everyone is expected to heal. a rally for janitors 2 work across silicone valley. the janitors are trying to negotiate a new deal with
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subcontractors, looking for higher wages, health benefits, and stronger protection against workplace harassment. the rally happens at noon at white plaza on the stanford campus. and the college of san francisco is planning a one-day strike as the union and district are arguing overbay. the union said that the district presented details about an offer to the news media before bringing it to the bargaining session. that strike is expected to start on wednesday. today marks day 5 of a hunger strike, not eating and will continue until the police chief is fired or mayor ed lee resigns. the group has grown from 5 to 7 outside of the mission police station as they try and bring attention to police brutality. >> sacrifice a life for someone
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innocently killed. so we'll sacrifice ourselves. >> mario woods was carrying a knife and was shot and killed when he refused to drop it, and another man that was armed with a taser that police thought was a pistol, and most recently, a shooting on april 7. president obama announcing increased military involvement in syria. details next. and a shark takes not 1 but 2 bites out of a teenaged surfer. how he is doing right now. i'm tracking rain and i'll tell you when to expect it. and high winds are the news for the transit this morning. we'll be right back after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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authorities examining evidee in ohio call the killings ia rural good monday morning, everyone. this is a beautiful view from the transamerica pyramid, clear so skies, unlimited visibility but rain is lurking. we'll track it -- the storm in
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four minutes. seven adults and a teen boy from a single family were found shot in the head on friday in several homes in pikes county, and now, the state attorney general said that the shootings were methodical and well planned and saying that other relatives should arm themselves. police are not saying much about a motive but found marijuana operations at some of the crime scenes. president obama is expected to announce he is spending more troops to syria. that decision comes after meetings with saudi arabia and germany. >> reporter: rescue workers rush to help victims of another government assault in a syrian city on sunday as the civil war continues. the u.s. will step up its fight against a third site of the conflict, the islamic state.
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250 military personnel will join 50 already on the ground in syria, many, special operations forces working closely with local fighters. obama has previously said that the effort to aid moderate syrian forces is badly hindered with the civil war. >> we have to get a political solution inside of severe weather why. >> reporter: this a week after the u.s. upped its forces. >> we are going to place additional advisors with the iraqi worses. >> reporter: 200 forces will bring the total there to 4000 and will be aided by increased fire power all while america sends more money to the kurdish fighters who have been effective at pushing back isis. >> military officials say that the new forces in syria are
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encouraging sunni forces to join the fight. a florida teen is telling facebook friends about the time he got bitten by a shark, twice. he has been surfing since he started kindergarten and may have helped prepare him for the attack in smyrna beach. >> the second time i was bit, it was like i lost my foot. i was freaking out, and i crawl inside on my stomach and i saw that i still on my foot, and i was like yes! >> while the bites were bad, kelton still had the strength to shoot video from his phone on his ambulance ride and hospital visit and plans to be back in the water in a month or two, lucky to be alive. >> the downgeneration, going to film that.
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>> everything is documented. >> i would be feeling sorry for myself, but, hey. [laughter] the future of video games comes to san jose this week. >> the silicone valley expo promises to be the largest of its kind, and a lot of them show headsets and accessories you with your phone. virtual reality, getting crazy. kenny, the good news we have, not often we have good news in the traffic center, but we are not looking at major incidents so far. it's a pretty good ride as it is here on the golden gate bridge, an easy drive time from downtown to the toll plaza, set up for the morning commute. no wind advisories here but on the benicia and bay bridge, high wind advisories in effect
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and have been since just after midnight. also affecting your ride for both the san mateo and dumbarton bridges, 92 and 84, look at the bay shore freeway, the green showing and the nimitz, an easy ride, and we are picking up more time for the westbound 580 drive, now 15 minutes and a wind advisory in place for the altamont pass as well. also, tracking your ride on 13 southbound, starting to pick up the construction here just south of highway 24 but it will slow your ride a bit through the oakland hills and driving through the south bay this morning, 101 northbound looks good, 11 minutes up to 237. the 280 rideout towards 85 from downtown at just 11 minutes and the guadalupe parkway looks good from highway 85 up to 101. the drive time at under 10 minutes so far. let's head to the weather
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center, roberta. what will it be like? george, welcome. so nice to see you today filling in. >> thank you, a pleasure to be here. >> so nice, and nice to have you along for the ride at 5:17. it's a chilly start to the day and clear skies and unlimited ability. a cool 44 in santa rosa, and steve, a weather of watch in los altos this morning quite breezy, and just how breezy is it? 15 and it's flat in pleasanton but picking up the wind in redwood city at 11. 16 for northern san rafael, breezy in the inland areas and along it is seashore where today we will pick up winds at 20 to 30 miles per hour and
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with the passage of friday's cold front that dumped beneficial rainfall, making for a nice day, and hey, we have more rain coming and we'll increase the cloud cover on tuesday, and when we see the rain on wednesday, it will lower the pollen count but until then it's on the medium to high side so if you have discomfort, you need to be prepared. we have a pressure gradients with the low up to the north of us, and that area of low pressure will bring us rain showers. let's track it together, future track. there is the cloud cover on tuesday and there is wednesday, dumping in the north bay, light rain showers in the city by the bay around the peninsula, and then it will sag south and traverse to the east. by the time it's out of here, over .3" and just over .4" in
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san jose. we will look at nearly .50" in many neighborhoods. today, seasonal, albeit breezy to downtown windy. rain by mid week, sunshine on thursday and friday and leading into the weekend. and this is how confident i am about the forecast. i did not want to put out my lawn furniture because i knew we had rain on wednesday. and then, no rain until maybe mother's day. that's about it. >> it's not too early to look forward to the weekend. it will be gorgeous. >> a lot of sunshine, yeah. >> we'll hold you accountability. >> electric. -- thank you. over the weekend, there were 2.3 prince songs downloaded. the 57-year-old singer found
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dead last week at his paisley park compounds in suburban minneapolis. it could be weeks before the cause of death is released. for a second weekend in a row "the jungle book" took top spot at the box office with a 10-day total of $191 million. and the second top spot, "the huntsman" and "barbershop." the next story sounds like it could be from a movie but it was in dublin, california. a bear cub was found wandering around the neighborhood and climbed a tree before they could tramping -- tranquilize it and return it to the wild.
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coming up, how did the warriors respond without their mvp? that's straight ahead. and e-mail us your cool school. ,,,,
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here's a live look from the kpix traffic center at the ride on interstate 580 westbound. and that drive time of 15 minutes out of the altamont passes is only part -- pass is only part of the story. it's backed up towards tracy for a couple miles and a high wind advisory in place for the westbound 580 ride and a number of bay area bridges. inning second good morning, everybody. the warriors are just one win away from the second round of the playoffs. will mvp steph curry be with them? he left yesterday's game dieing -- diagnosed with a knee sprain and will have an mri today. they turned the game that was tied at 55-55 at the half into
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a 21-point lead. and a rough afternoon for angel pagan. a double play, and miami hangs on to the win to avoid the sweep. and in toronto, jose bautista with a 2-run shot helping to beat oakland, 6-3. and in daly city, the 12th hole, running out of gas at the swing when this 70-foot putt for birdie, cruising for her second career lpga victory but the great part is describing the wind. her caddy's reaction when she sank that putt, and she said holy blank. and i underline blank. so we'll find out the results
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of steph curry's mri tonight at 6:00. see you then. dustin pedroia, the sox' baseman, hitting a foul ball on the left field line, and he makes a beautiful catch all while standing and holding his baby. after the game pedroia had 3 hits and scored a run and the red sox were on top 7-5. search teams at land's end are hoping that daylight will help them to find the dead body that a hiker said she saw yesterday. and investigating a double homicide and the killers are still on the loose. ,,,,,,,,
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who killed a coule in their couple in their home in the south bay? en curry be well a double homicide with a lot of questions left unanswered. who killed a couple in their home in the south bay? >> will steph curry be well enough to play in the warrior's next game? >> good on monday to all of you, sunshine but i'm tracking rain. >> from the cbs traffic center, no major incidents to slow your ride but highway 87 backed up from highway 85 with construction. it will be out there for a while longer. good morning, everyone. it's monday, april 25. a search is expected to resume near lands end in san francisco within the next couple hours after a hiker told
5:31 am
police she saw a body on a trail. jackie ward is live at the area where crews have yet to turn up signs of human remains. jackie? >> reporter: that's right. search teams are hoping that daylight will help them out. last night, search efforts, they came up empty handed. they were searching for a body after a woman saw it around mile rock, she said in the afternoon and didn't call police until several hours after seeing the corpse. >> sometimes, it's upsetting seeing a body. so that could have been it but other than that she came back to help and we were not able to find this body. >> reporter: authorities tell us if you do see a body, call 911 immediately. don't wait. the search efforts will resume this morning. they are just waiting a couple of hours until the sun comes up. jackie ward, kpix 5. in san jose, a couple is
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killed in a quiet neighborhood and residents in evergreen are wondering how safe they ever were as police investigate the double homicide. >> reporter: good morning, it's been an emotional night as dozens of family members have lined up behind the crime scene tape looking for answers but not a lot from san jose police. family members have been trying to contact the family for sometime and went to the home on lucas court and called police. they found the couple dead. the couple from bangladesh lived there with two sons in evergreen, one of the more affluent neighborhoods of the area. neighbors are shocked. >> it could happen anywhere.
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it's unfortunate. >> reporter: so far, no description of the suspect. for now, we are live in the east foothills of san jose. san francisco police are investigating a possible homicide in the tenderloin district. a body was found there early this morning. we will bring you updates throughout the morning. today in sacramento, lawmakers are trying to make sure that a deadly balance -- balcony collapse from last summer won't happen again. water got trapped in the wood during construction and caused dry rot. a state committee will look at what's been done since last summer to prevent oversight. and a big sinkhole in
5:34 am
moraga is being studied to determine the cause and options for repairs. it opened up last month in a storm and governor brown declared a state of emergency to recover the repair costs estimated at $3.5 million. and roberta is looking at the wind, and in san francisco, it was whipping around my windows. yeah, and you can get the sand from the beach on the roadway, never a good thing, and a windy day albeit sunny and seasonal. good morning, everyone. 5:34 and look at how beautiful this is. the official sunrise isn't until 6:20 but bright out there at 5:34. sanda rosa, 44 and mid-40s throughout the area. where is it windy? san francisco, 15, and flat
5:35 am
winds in hayward and into pleasanton and west winds at 8 in san jose and breezy in novato and the san rafael area, so breezy today and number wise, we are where we should be, spot on. high 60s and low 70s around the peninsula and santa clara valley. willow glen, a temperature of 70. 70 in pittsburg and discovery bay, and 69 in kentfield and high 60s towards we wrap around to the clover dale area and increasing winds in ukiah. over to george. you can't see the wind, roberta, but we have plenty of it as we continue to track wind
5:36 am
advisories for a be in -- for the bay area. the bodega and san mateo and dumbarton bridges are under a wind advisory and as well for the interstate 580 ride westbound this morning coming through the altamont pass. things are really slowing down as we continue to build the drive times now at 17 minutes. but the heaviest traffic is trying to get to the altamont from tracy and 205 and we continue to track major delays with 2 of the 3 lanes blocked on the guadalupe parkway, northbound 87. check out the drive time past highway 85 and 87. it's now 21 minutes to get from 85 northbound on the guadalupe parkway to 101. the campaign 2016 has two
5:37 am
republican rivals teaming up hoping to keep donald trump out of the oval office as the billionaire clinches state after state. ted cruz and john kasich said they will work as a duo to hopefully take down trump. their rival dismissed the alliance saying that the two have to have resort to collusion. they are not the only underdog in the race for the presidency. >> we want to nominate a campaign based on yelling and screaming and cursing, or do we want to unite behind a positive, optimistic, forward- looking, conservative campaign? >> we are going to continue. we are going to fight this out until the last vote is passed. >> hillary clinton's campaign feels confident in 4 of the 5 states in tomorrow's primary but sanders is hoping to get the nomination. and donald trump will be heading here to the bay area
5:38 am
giving a keynote speech this friday at the state republic convention in burlingame. strategist tim clark overseeing trump's california campaign but governor kasich is getting to the bay area first. earlier on friday he will have a town hall meeting hosted by the commonwealth club to talk about economics, national security, and foreign affairs. the republican candidate will also speak at the convention not long after donald trump and ted cruz grab the mic on saturday. the warriors win last night but steph curry was hurt at the end of the first half. he slipped on the wet floor, did the splits and grabbed his knee in pain. he had just missed the previous two games with an ankle sprain. >> he is very upset. i just feel awful for him. hopefully, heel be okay before too long. we don't know.
5:39 am
>> the initial report is curry has a sprained right knee. today, the medical staff will do an mri. the warriors have today and tomorrow off and will play game 5 at oracle on wednesday night and can clinch the first round series with one more win. money tells us that airlines are forced to fix the dreamliner. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann and kenny, and we'll see what i understand cover mood investors are in. the u.s. markets are looking at a rough start to the day. on friday, the dow closed up 21 points and the nasdaq was down 39. the airlines are forced to fix the dreamliner saying that it will prevent an icing problem causing the engine to shut down mid flight. in january, anne one of the
5:40 am
engines on a japan airlines flight shut down and could not be restarted. the plane landed safely. and fiat chrysler is recalling several vehicles for a shifter that can confuse drivers, believing their car was in park when it wasn't. and your costco membership will probably go up as they will raise priceses -- prices from $55 to $60 for a regular membership. they last went up in 2010. >> what kind of details are beyonce fans finding in her new album? >> people are going nuts about this. >> reporter: i know.
5:41 am
it includes accusations of betrayal by her husband, jay-z. it came out on tidal that was ranked 207th most popular app and then rose to 24th after queen b's album was released, and it's now also available on itunes due to high demand. >> hana daniels, thank you. coming up, a plane that runs only on solar power lands here in the bay area. we'll tell you what's ahead for solar impulse. >> and taking a live look at the 880 in oakland. george will have much more in your traffic alert and watch what we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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impulse two are now in the y area... and plotting the ne leg of their around- the- w journey. the solar powered plane
5:44 am
the two pilots of the solar impulse 2 are waking up and plotting the next leg of their around the world journey. they landed at moffett field on saturday night. the lead pilot flew from hawaii on the riskiest part of the journey and took only short naps and wore a lifejacket and parachute. >> and i was thinking all this hard work was worth it. there were hundreds of reasons to be nervous and scared because we don't -- we are doing things that nobody had done before. >> the next leg will be coming up after they find the right weather path. they are trying to prove it's possible to live with clean technology. a veterinarian said many dog that is escaped from collapsed buildings after the earthquake in uke ecuador,
5:45 am
came out, looking for their owners or offspring. the quake struck a week ago on saturday and caused $3 billion in damage. in the north bay, a horse named kitten had a terrible accident. the 6-year-old mare was exploring skyline park and took a fall and was trapped upside down between two big trees. expertsand measures response teams worked for hours to get her loose but sadly, her injuries were too severe and they had to put her down. and a dead whale washed ashore in san clemente yesterday. it's believed to have been quite young or hit by a ship. they will not bury her nearby,
5:46 am
worried that it would draw sharks. and this is world penguin day. the tuxedo-style coat is more than just stylish. it's a cam camouflage that helps them steer clear of predators, and you have to see this. >> my penguin walk. >> you are getting into penguin day. >> and i am dressed like one. >> it would be something to see them walking across the bridge. well, let's start with wind. we're starting with traffic but it's weather that's the big story with wind advisories up for freeways and bridges. the san mateo, dumbarton bridge, and the bay bridge as you saw even the benicia bridge under advisories this morning and so is the ride on
5:47 am
interstate 580 which gets heavier and heavier. this is the altamont pass approaching the dublin interchange. the heaviest traffic is still backed up trying to reach interstate 580 from tracy and i- 205, and let's head to the south bay. construction northbound 87, and a new accident on 101 northbound at oakland road and it's starting to tie up traffic between 280 and 880 on the 101, and those construction delays are severe s as it's backed upto 85, and the drive time from 85 to 101, 9 minutes. northbound 101, that drive time will slow as well. mass transit is still enjoying a pretty good ride as we have
5:48 am
not tracked any delays. the drive time through the east bay, 580 westbound, 16 minutes. 880, 238 to the maze, just 16 minutes. the carquinas bridge is a good roll from 80 westbound down to the maze at 21 minutes. roberta, it's blustery out there. how long will it be with us? pretty much all day, george, and look. blue skies and the official sun up at 6:20 and giving us a glimpse at a sunny and seasonal albeit windy day. do you remember last week? i know. it's hard but we were at 60 in san francisco most of the week and now, 10 degrees cooler. you will feel the difference stepping out. it feels down right raw at times. san ramon, not that windy.
5:49 am
concord is calm, and we will have a northwest breeze at 20 to 30 at the seashores and an area of low pressure is building in and high pressure is in place getting what we rever to as a pressure gradient. this is what we need to know kickstarting the brand new work week, sunshine albeit breezy. the pollen report with the wind is moving the pollen around and blame it on the oak, mulberry, and grass. and your eyes are itchy, sneezing and wheezing. this is the winds that will remain with us all week long. you can see the increasing cloud cover and wednesday this time of the morning, a wet morning commute. rain will move in fast and exit just as quickly. here's how much rain we can anticipate, nearly a .25" in the east bay, and san
5:50 am
francisco, nearly 3 quarters or more and by the time the sun sets tonight, we will have temperatures where they should be, 50s to the 60s and approaching 70 degrees the further east towards discover bay and antioch, tracy, brentwood, we cloud up on tuesday and leads to rain mid week and sunny skies on thursday. see sunday's temperature approaching near 90 in the inland areas? bumgarner heads to the mound for the good guys as we say hello to the padres. it will feel windy. bundle up. there is a new way to get from the bay to l.a., a bus that promises something that a plane cannot deliver. >> a chance to kickoff your shoes and put your head on the pillow. it's called the sleep bus. you have to see the interior to be swayed. for $100, every rider gets a
5:51 am
pod with a bed, power outlets, and wi-fi and coffee and will take off at 11:00 a.m. from the cal trains station and 6 and a half hours later arrives at the santa monica pier. that's pretty good for a round trip, and coming up, a warning about the detergents pods. we'll tell you why. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, san francisco and to all of you. this is our live weather camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid due east and, boy, not a cloud in the sky. it will be windy but seasonal. george? and wind advisories, roberta, for the bay area bridges for interstate 580. some construction delays but thankfully, no major incidents. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway and through downtown oakland, it looks great. george, thank you and the new logo of the 2020 tokyo olympics was unveiled with three varieties of blue rectangular shapes to represent countries and cultures and waste of thinking. the last logo was scrapted over
5:55 am
-- scrapped over plagiarism. parents, more children are still being hurt by eating detergent pods, more than 6 2,000. new pods have been introduced containing a bit ear tasting substance on the outer film. >> introducing a new bag on the outside of the pods. >> they will monitor the changes to make sure they prevent poisonings. after setting social media on fire with her album, "lemonade," beyonce is putting on a fundraiser for flint and detroit, michigan. she is calling for people to
5:56 am
get involved and she teamed up with the united way to announce they'll give out water to residents affected by the contaminated water supply, and her new album, "lemonade" is now available on itunes. it was originally only released on tidal. but it likely means being released just there it won't reach the top of the charts. the sun is on the way up, and the san francisco fire department is expected to be out here at land's end for a couple of hours to search for a dead body. and a man and woman are dead in a double homicide. the killers are still on the loose. ,,,,,,
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and i'm anne makovec, in for michelle griego. some rattled nerves in a san jose neighborhood this morng after two people turned up good morning. it's april 25. some rattled nerves in san jose after two people turned up dead inside a home. we are live outside the house with the investigation into this troubling discovery. >> reporter: of this house is dark and quiet, no lights inside. police cleared the scene a short time ago. and this started in the evergreen neighborhood of san jose. relatives had not heard from the victims in a while so they went to the house to check on them. police went to the home to investigate suspicious circumstances, and neighbors did not want to talk on camera but celled us that the couple was from bangladesh and lived there with two


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