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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, april 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz and john kasich announced they're joining forces to stop donald trump from winning the nomination. an yourgent manhunt continu for whoever killed eight members of the same family in a preplanned execution. and comedian larry wilmore joins us in studio 57. he shows us just what he has in store for president obama's last white house correspondents dinner. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener: your world in 90 seconds." i'm only interested in the first ballot. i'm not interested in second, third, fourth. like the fighters, a knockout.
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boom, boom, first round. >> cruz and kasich unite against trump. >> their goal is to stop donald trump. >> do we really want to turn on the television and see two rich new york liberals debating the general election? as for the democrats, hillary clinton is looking ahead to the general election already searching for a running mate. >> we are the future of the democratic party. we look forward to fighting this out through california. >> the u.s. is adding more military might in the battle against isis. >> i've approved up to 250 personnel including special forces to keep up the momentum. >> statewide man hunts intensifying for whoever shot and killed eight members of the same family in ohio. >> this could be drug related. it could be gang related. it could be revenge. former browns quarterback johnny manziel indicted in a family violence case, accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. >> beyonce debuted her new album, described as her second visual album.
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>> all that -- >> the greatest basketball player. >> isaiah thomas put his son in front of the microphone. >> they have finally won the series! >> "snl" dedicated the airwaves to prince. and the boss played one for prince. ♪ purple rain purple rain ♪ >> on "cbs this morning." puerto rico's debt crisis was the focus of last week's "tonight" and some founding fathers star power help. ♪ paul ryan at your house i'll wear my hamilton blouse ♪ ♪ citizens are suffering stop the bleeding, stop the loss ♪ ♪ help puerto rico it's just 100 miles across ♪ thank you. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is and assignment. norah o'donnell is off. you're in good hands. anthony mason is with us along with josh elliot along with our digital network. thank you to you both. republican rivals ted cruz and john kasich are teaming up to stop donald trump. the two candidates announced late last night they will work together to try to prevent donald trump from winning three upcoming primaries. he's accusing them of collusion and calls their effort a, quote, everything that's wrong in washington and our political system. >> it begins with the indiana primary a week from tomorrow as cbs news battleground tracker poll shows trump leading cruz there by five points. major garrett is in washington to look at the possible impact of two political rivals targeting the front-runner. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ted cruz and john kasich are essentially treating the battle for the gop none nation like a
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tag team wrestling match. this unprecedented alliance comes in advance of what is expect ed to be a five-state primary sweep by trump on tuesday which means it may be too little too late. >> i'm only interested in the first ballot. i'm not interested in second, third, fourth, 19. >> reporter: donald trump predicted he would win the nomination outright. this late night statements sunday, strategists for both ted cruz and john kasich announced a bold new plan to stop him. kasich's camp will, quote, give the cruz campaign a clear path in indiana while cruz will, quote, clear the path for governor kasich to compete in oregon and new mexico. the strategy adds fodder to trump's accusations that cruz is using under handed tactics to sway delegates ahead of a possible contested convention. >> cruz is going and he's whini wining and dining and bribing people. >> reporter: cruz denied trump's charges. >> i told the delegates backstage, listen, i can't send
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a 747 to fly you to 18 holes of free golf at mara lago. that ain't going to happen. >> reporter: still, trump said he feels like a boxer in a rigged match. >> the judges are going to be against you just like this system is rigged because mr. trump, let me tell you, the judges can't help if i knock that guy on his ass if i knock him out. >> reporter: if he doesn't prevail at the gop convention -- >> if a guy that is losing by all those millions of votes wins, i'll tell you what, we're going to have some people very, very angry. really. they're going to be very angry. >> reporter: kasich, despite lagging way behind in both poll numbers and delegates, told "face the nation" he's looking at potential running mates. >> what's your reaction to that? >> you don't want to have yourself in a position you have to pick somebody out of a hat. so i have some skilled hands who are beginning now to take a look and figure out who would really fit. >> reporter: we've also learned that cruz may announce his running mate before indiana's may 3rd primary. no decisions on this front have
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been made. the name that comes up most in cruz world, karly fiorina. >> let's go back to the cruz/kasich alliance. do you think it could backfire? >> reporter: i haven't seen anything like it. it could backfire. there's no time for kasich or cruz to worry about the backfire aspect of this. they have to consolidate the anti-trump vote and any super pac money that may come along and do it now. they have to gain the attention of those republicans still on the fence about trump, and this is the best way to do it both strategically and in the media. so this strategy is high risk in every respect. it is unprecedented in every respect. it's really the last option that cruz or kasich or anti-trump forces of any kind have left. >> major garrett, thank you for that. meanwhile, polls show that hillary clinton is the favorite in all five democratic primaries tomorrow. the clinton campaign starts running a new tv ad today in pennsylvania, connecticut, and maryland. its goal to bring democrats together before the july convention but bernie sanders is
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not ready to go along with that just yet. nancy cordes is in philadelphia where both candidates will hold rallies tonight. nancy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. he is not standing down at all. in fact, of the five states that vote tomorrow, sanders hit all five over the weekend and he was all over the airwaves, too. he is also still going after clinton, though with a new nod to reality. >> that is not secretary clinton's view. >> reporter: with his white house prospects dwindling, sanders has begun pushing clinton more overtly to adopt his agenda. >> madam secretary, if you are concerned about climate change, join me in imposing a tax on carbon. >> reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker finds nearly eight in ten pennsylvania democrats now expect clinton to be the nominee. but nearly half say sanders has had a positive influence on her candidacy because he made her adopt more progressive views.
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>> i support the fight for 15. >> reporter: this was clinton last night in connecticut. >> for goodness sakes, let's raise the minimum wage. it's not right people are mired in poverty. >> reporter: clinton drew tentative support sunday from one of the biggest conservative donors, trump critic and billionaire industrialist charles koch said he might back clinton over the gop nominee. >> it's possible, well, that her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. >> reporter: lyclinton's campai responded that she's not interested in endorsements from people who deny climate science and try to make it harder for people to vote. the campaign also worked furiously to back down reports that they were beginning to consider possible running mates. clinton herself had no comment. >> i'm just working hard to win on tuesday. >> reporter: the clinton camp worries talk of a vp now will
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make it look as if she is taking it this race for granted even with 15 states left to vote, and that's why her campaign schedule has not let up at all. in fact, of the five states voting tomorrow, clinton hit four of them over the weekend. >> she's very busy. thank you very much, nancy. president obama confirmed this morning that he will send an additional 250 american troops to syria. they will work with opposition forces trying to defeat isis. >> the president delivered the news in hanover, germany, before meeting with leaders of four european allies, one group of militias fighting isis in syria says they're happy to get more troops, but they need more weapons, too. margret brennan is traveling with the president. she's in aerzen, germany, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the president's decision expands the american military presence inside of syria, something he has been reluct an to do. but this is an attempt to squeeze isis hard before he
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leaves office. the additional u.s. troops will intensify pressure on isis inside their stronghold of syria. >> i've approved the deployment up to 250 additional u.s. per n personnel in syria including special forces to keep up this momentum. they're not going to be leading the fight on the ground, but they will be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces they continue to drive isil back. >> reporter: the 250 special forces expands the u.s. presence from 50 commandos to 300 inside syria. they'll provide intelligence, support and logistics to kurdish and arab forces who are fight to go recapture raqqah, the capital of the islamic state. the u.s. insists these forces will not be in combat but admit they will be in harm's way. the announcement comes just days after the president deployed another 200 advisers to help fight isis in iraq. european allies still reeling from recent terror attacks urged
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the u.s. to do more, specifically create a military protected safe zone inside syria to stem the flood of refugees. but the president said yesterday that would require a large number of ground troops, a commitment he's still unwilling to make. >> it is very difficult to see how it would operate short of us essentially being willing to militarily take over a big chunk of that country. >> reporter: now the decision to send more troops comes as the president's attempt to broker a ceasefire in syria has collapse ed. gayle, he blames russia and the assad regime for that failure which has complicated his efforts to ebbed the war. >> all right, margaret brennan reporting from germany, we thank you. we mentioned charlie rose is interviewing president obama today in germany. we'll bring you parts of the interview tonight on the ""cbs evening news" with scott pelley"
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and then tomorrow morning and tomorrow night on charlie's program. an investigation whether a tornado touched down near houston. firefighters in league city, texas, believe severe weather cause add power line to explode and catch fire last night. earlier in the evening people reported seeing funnel clouds form. high winds tossed around debris, a trampoline wound up in the bed of a pickup truck. there are no reported injuries. a huge manhunt is under way this morning for whoever killed eight members of an ohio family in what authorities call preplanned executions. their bodies were found friday at four separate crime scenes in the pike county area, roughly an hour south of columbus. david begnaud talked with the two men leading the investigation outside piketon, ohio, close to where some of the bodies were found. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. within the last 24 hours teams have fanned out through wooded
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areas right near the crime scene. investigators are specifically looking for evidence that may have been left behind by the killer, male or female. as of this morning in terms of a motive, investigators are looking at everything from revenge killing to gang involvement to possible drug activity. three marijuana grow operations were found at the crime scenes and this morning the local sheriff says there may well be more than one killer. what is it that opens the door to the possibility there may be more than one killer? >> you have multiple crime scenes. you have eight people in a family that were murdered. so is there a possibility one person may have came to one house, then to another, then to another, then to another? yes. and then ten or better miles away is another crime scene. >> reporter: pike county sheriff charles reader says he has never dealt with a mass killing like this. the members were members of the rhoden family. seven adults and a 16-year-old young man. authorities say some of the victims put up a fight, all of
7:14 am
them shot in the head. >> there is blood all over the house. >> okay. >> my brother-in-law's in the bedroom. it looks like someone has beat the hell out of him. >> reporter: 19-year-old hanna rhoden was killed as she slept next to her 4-day-old infant. that baby and two other children were not shot and had been placed in state protective custody. >> we've received over 100 tips. we've done between 50 and 60 interviews. >> reporter: and you have the $25,000 reward. >> we have a $25,000 reward for someone who gives us good information. >> reporter: the surviving members of the rhoden family have been warned, it is their family that was the target. >> i told them to be armed, to be prepared, to protect themselves. >> reporter: this rhoden relative was too scared to even have his face shown on camera. >> all of us are torn up and, you know what i mean, freaked out because we don't know there's still killing. >> reporter: mike dewine is ohio's attorney general a
7:15 am
facebook threat directed to the family mentioned chris rhoden jr. are you aware of this facebook threat? >> i am aware of the facebook threat. every piece of information is valuable and our investigators are certainly take that go into consideration. >> reporter: seven of the eight autopsies have been completed. the last one is going to get should be finished by the end of the day today. you heard the sheriff say he has told the rhoden family to arm themselves. i can tell from you speaking with rhoden family members who won't even put their face or name on camera all of them are armed right now. >> a very scary story. thank you very much, david. investigators this morning are trying to pinpoint exactly what caused the death of prince last week. interest in his music is soaring. the very best of prince is number one on the billboard charts. and prince dominates the top ten songs on itunes right now. jamie yuccas is at the music icon's paisley park home. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:16 am
prince's publicist says a musical celebration is being planned at the same time a state senator is introducing a bill to make purple minnesota's official state color. it is one of many tributes pouring in for prince. ♪ >> reporter: days after prince's unexpected death, those who loved him are still struggling with the sudden loss. >> i'm finally able to kind of just doesn't feel real.still - >> reporter: at prince's paisley park home, family and friends handed out mementoes to fans. prince's final resting place will also remain private. >> they didn't know him like we do, so we want to keep it as that. >> reporter: sunday minnesota's hockey team held a moment of silence.
7:17 am
and on saturday prince was honored by another music great. ♪ never meant to cause you any sorrow ♪ >> reporter: bruce springsteen opened his new york city concert with a classic. ♪ purple rain purple rain ♪ >> reporter: nbc's "saturday night live" aired a special tribute featuring never-before-seen footage of the singer performing at the show's 40th anniversary after party. ♪ >> reporter: newly released footage shows prince addressing an atlanta audience earlier this month during what would be his final performance. >> once again, i have to apologize for the cancellation. >> reporter: while it could be weeks before autopsy results reveal more answers, fans continued to descend upon his home. the last place he was seen alive. theodore matthews says he drove 23 hours from virginia to pay his respects. >> i really believe in my life i will never meet and love another artist like i have loved prince.
7:18 am
>> reporter: authorities do not suspect foul play or suicide. prince is said to have thousands of master recordings worth millions of dollars. under minnesota state law it says the closest blood relative would inherit it all if there isn't a will. prince has one full sister and many half siblings who would split it. >> thank you very much, jamie, reporting from minnesota. you know, i was there saturday night when bruce springsteen walked out. you're scream and screaming because you're so glad to see him and then he starts singing "purple rain" and have thousands of people go quiet just to hear bruce's voice singing that song. he said prince inspired him when he went to go see him perform. it was quite a moment. >> a beautiful thing. "purple rain" has been on perpetual hum all weekend long. >> meanwhile, golden state could face yet another playoff game without its star player, steph curry. he slipped and sprained his
7:19 am
right knee during sunday's playoff game against houston. it was his first game back after he missed two games with a sprained right ankle. that does not look good. now it did not keep the warriors from winning. they took a 3-1 series lead in the best of seven affair. golden state hosts game five on wednesday. curry is set to have an mri today as california's bay area holds its collective breath. >> you really hope he's in good shape. >> there was pain going down. a shooting outside a high school prom trapped studentsen side for hours. ahead, why a school from the kpix weather center, good morning. we have a view this morning towards the skyline of san francisco, pristine but you cannot see how down right blustery it is with the winds out of the northwest at 15 increasing to 20 and temperatures in the 40s to low
7:20 am
50s and chilly out the door. 50s, 60s, and up to 70 and rain arrives on wednesday. beyonce opens up and takes aim at her husband. >> ahead, how the lease of a revealing new album is allowing beyonce to gain further control of her music and career. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this
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up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. a capitol hill insider tells "60 minutes" about the pressure it spend huge amounts of time
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fund-raising. stories from congressman ed double homicide. a couple w killed yesterday in their he good morning. it's 7:26. thank you for joining us. san jose police are searching for suspects in a double homicide this morning. a couple was killed yesterday in their home in the evergreen neighborhood. officers have not released any information about how they died. in san francisco, a public meeting to stop coyotes from roaming in residential areas and has beening pets. they have been spotted around vernal heights and ingleside road. coming up, the latest on beyonce's new album. ywhere, eve and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas.
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kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. welcome back to the kpix traffic center as we take a
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look at delays on interstate 880 in the southbound direction jamming up because of problems with an accident and the good news it's been cleared over to the right hand shoulder. and i want to alert to you another problem that continues to slow your ride in the south bay on highway 87 northbound the guadalupe parkway with a construction vehicle stuck on the shoulder. the ride is backed up to highway 85. good morning. the time check, 7:28 and the live weather camera looking forwards angel island and alcatraz. wind swept blue skies and temperatures in the 40s except for oakland at 52. we have breezy winds northwest at 13 and highs, 50s, 60s, and 70 degrees and windy, northwest winds at 20 to 30 and rain
7:29 am
arriving on wednesday.
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this aircraft successfully flew from hawaii to california powered solely by the sun. the nonstop journey aboard the solar impulse 2 took nearly three days. the plane cruised at just 28 miles per hour but can double its speed during the day when the sun is out. it weighs 5,000 pounds, and its solar panel-packed wings are wider than a boeing 737. the pilot is one of two flying the solar-powered aircraft around the world. is this a good idea? i'd be afraid, what if a cloud comes -- >> little morning haze. >> then what happens? >> pretty cool. >> it works, it's very cool. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, a high school prom turns into a
7:31 am
terrifying shooting scene. a former student opens fire outside the high school dance before he was shot by police. how an officer may have prevented a much bigger tragedy there. plus, beyonce takes a not-so-veiled shot at her husband in her brand-new album. ahead, how she's trying to transform the music business. time to follow the headlines. the "washington post" reporting the white house may release secret 9/11 documents. an update we first told you about on "60 minutes." of a key congressional report. former congressman bob graham said the papers could she that saudi arabia supported some of the hijackers. "the charlotte observer" reports on a call to repeal op a new session.
7:32 am
critics say hb-2 limit protection for the lgbt community. apple's watch made a stronger debut than its iphone. analysts estimate about 12 million apple watches have been sold since it hit the market a year ago. roughly six million iphones were sold in its first year. the watch is apple's first all-new product since the ipad. the ipad's first-year sales reach good $19.5 million. -- reached about $19.5 million. >> surprised by that. >> i think a lot of people are. "newsweek" reporting on why you may soon need to tip your uber driver. as part of the proposed settlement, the company will allow drivers to post signs informing customers that tips are not included in the fare. those who want to tip will need to do it in cash because the app does not offer the option which, for me, was the point. >> i always thought the tip was included. >> i did, too. >> part of the sale point of the
7:33 am
whole thing. and "the milwaukee journal sentinel" says an 18-year-old who wounded two students at a wisconsin high school prom reportedly had an interest in guns. an officer shot and killed the gunman outside the high school northwest of milwaukee. jakob wagner had a high-powered rifle and large clip of ammunition. we have more on the investigation of the shooting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. school official and police credit an officer who was assigned to patrol the school parking lot with preventing further injuries and possible casualties. police lights filled the parking lot of the high school late saturday night after former student jakow wagner opened fire on two students leaving prom. >> we use different buildings in the school. >> reporter: the training helped prevent wagner from going inside the building, possibly shooting
7:34 am
more students. the suspect was taken to a hospital where he died. police say the two victims were injured. pictures show the students huddled inside the gym for three hours until police said it was safe to leave. >> the cops honestly did a great job. >> reporter: drew schwarz and melissa young were there. >> i got prom king, then it turned out to be this. i'll remember it as more of a shooting. >> reporter: wagner was a senior at antigo high last year. he reportedly had been dating a current student who broke up with him last month. students who knew wagner described him as introverted, aloof, and a long-time victim of bullying. >> we can d kind of bond because we were bullied by a lot of the same people and kind of in the same ways. i think we all knew that he was bullied. >> reporter: today school officials are making counseling services available in all schools for stu allergies.
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♪ they don't love you like i love you slow down ♪ beyonce showing her enormous influence on popular culture. after the surprise release of her groundbreaking new album, "lemonade" is generating buzz for its intimate look into the marriage of a music power couple and for the way it's being released. vladimir duthiers of our digital network wbsn is here with more on beyonce's vision and business savvy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, "lemonade" premiered saturday on hbo but was only on the on-demand platforms for just 24 hours. it was unusually available for purchase exclusively on tidal, the fledging streaming service she owns with husband jay-z and others. this morning, it appeared for sale on itunes. like a handful of people
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
in. ♪ >> reporter: to put this in a bit of perspective, at the end of the last month, tidal had about three million subscribers. we don't know how much of a bump they got from the release of "lemonade," but they have catching up to do. spotify has 30 million paying subscribers and apple has 11 million. everybody's talking about it. >> i could have used that baseball bat. just saying. >> i hear you. >> i heard you have a good swing, gayle. >> i don't remember the details, but i could have used that bat. everybody's saying jay-z must be upset. people are assuming they're
7:47 am
talking about infidelity in the marriage with him -- >> the one line leaves no question -- >> no ambiguity. it ends, as you go on, there are songs with jay-z kissing her feet and caressing, and blue ivy's running around. i think it's genius on both their parts. >> and i say, everybody's talking about her business sense. we've been talking about prince for the last few days. prince is the guy who pushed more than anybody to release music on his own terms. >> yes. >> this is the result of it down the road. >> you know what's something, prince and beyonce have the same publicist. she is very busy these days. >> she's clearly influenced -- >> a lot going on. thank you. an astronaut completes the london marathon workout, stepping foot on the course without stepping foot on the course is what i'm trying to say. we'll show how one spaceman set a record high above
7:48 am
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a british astronaut this morning holds the new record for the world's fastest marathon while in space. tim peake completed sunday's london marathon aboard the international situation on a treadmill. he ran the 26.2 miles in three hours, 35 minutes. on earth the winning time was three hours, 30 minutes. starbucks wants to kick-start the effort to fight hunger. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella. spread the happy! if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new.
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see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. now in the bay area... plot the next leg of their aroun the- world journey. they it's 7:56 and i'm kenny choi. the two pilots of the solar impulse in the bay area are planning their next leg of the around the world journey landing at moffett field on saturday and will likely fly to phoenix later this week. the warriors' steph curry will have an mri on his knee. he slipped on the wet floor in the playoffs game. the warrior lead that series 3- 1. and coming up this morning, more details on the amount of time that members of congress spend to raise money for their parties. weather and traffic in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
a check from the kpix traffic studios as we continue to monitor windy conditions around the bay with a wind advisory still in effect for the bay bridge. you can see we are still quite slow along the east shore freeway as well as 580 and the maze. they've lifted the wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge but it's still in place for westbound 92 and over to the weather center. here's roberta. wind-swept blue skies. good morning, everyone. i have to share this from angel island and alcatraz and visibility is unlimited, and temperatures have cooled to the 40s and oakland at 52. but the winds have been blowing out of the northwest at 20 miles per hour and it will continue to blow throughout the day with 50s and 60s and up to 70 degrees today and we will have less wind on tuesday and rain arrives on wednesday, and look at the weekend.
7:59 am
warmer. ,,,,,,,,
8:00 am
more real news ahead, including congressional fund-raising facts you didn't see last night. david jolly is here in studio 57 and he says chasing money nonstop cheats americans. but first today's eye opener. >> ted cruz and john kasich essentially treating the battle for the gop nomination like a tag team wrestling match. >> of the five states that vote tomorrow, standers hits all five. he' still going after clinton. the president's decision
8:01 am
expands the american military presence inside of syria. something he has been reluctant to do. >> teams have fanned out in wooded areas looking for possible evidence left behind by the killer or killers in this case. police credit an officer who was assigned to patrol the school parking lot with preventing further injuries. >> there's no team out there wants him. and he's facing charges that could put him behind bars. >> everybody is talking about titles this mark. >> everybody is talking about it. >> i could have used that baseball bat, just saying. i was there saturday night when bruce springsteen walked out and then started singing "purple rain." thousands of people go quiet to hear bruce sing that song. it was quite a moment. the president means alotd to you on a personal level. >> yes. >> so much so that you're not going to sing? >> no. one has nothing to do with the other. i'll make fun of my parents. i've been making fun of them for years, are you kidding me? don't get close to me, jim. the jokes will start flying.
8:02 am
♪ hello, i'm gayle king with anthony mason. two presidential candidates team up to stop donald trump from getting that republican nomination. ted cruz and john kasich announced their alliance last night. they need a contested convention to have any chance of the nomination themselves. kasich's campaign said it will take the resources out of indiana to help ted cruz win that state's winner take all by primary next week. cruz's campaign said it will clear the path for kasich in oregon and new mexico. >> 172 gop delegates are up for grabs in tomorrow's primaries and trump is favored to get most of them. trump has 844 delegates right now. he's the only candidate who can reach the necessary 1237 delegates before the convention. trump said in the statement last night, quote, when two candidates who have no path to victory get together to stop a candidate who is expanding the
8:03 am
party by millions of voters, it is yet another example of everything that is wrong in washington and our political system. >> meanwhile, 384 democratic delegates are at stake in tomorrow's primaries. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 755, including super delegates. without them, her lead narrows to 291. pennsylvania has 189 delegates and both candidates will be campaigning there later today. clinton will also be in delaware while sanders will be in connecticut. on "60 minutes," norah o'donnell took us inside the fundraising practices of sitting members of congress. many feel pressured to spend hours every day, sometimes up to 30 a week cold calling donors for campaign contributions. florida republican congressman david jolly, who's running to replace marco rubio in the senate, introduced legislation in january. he wants to make it illegal for
8:04 am
federal officials to directly solicit campaign funds. it keeps lawmakers from doing their jobs and cheats taxpayers. here's part of his conversation with norah you didn't see last night. >> you can ee them com and go from the call suites and you can tell when members of congress are missing in action. you know where they're at. riht? look at how many members of congress are not at hearings or not on the floor and hard to find and i know personal testimonies from colleagues. colleagues who have told me they had to miss family vacation because there was an end of quarter deadline. >> do you think americans realize how much time their members of congress are spending raising money? >> i don't. i think they know that there is too much money in politics. but the whole purpose of my stop act is to pull the curtain back on the amount of time that members of congress spend raising money. in any other profession, if you spend 20 or 30 hours a week
8:05 am
doing a job other than what you were hired, you would be fired. but we've accepted that it's acceptable and it's wrong. >> congressman jolly is among more than ten candidates from both parties seeking the florida senate seek trying to stand out from the crowd and joining us at the table. thank you for being here. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> you're not optimistic this bill can actually pass. steve israel, a democrat, said called it not meaningful. not going to take money out of politics. if that's the case, why do it? >> let's not get off on a bad note, but all due respect, he waited until he announced his retirement to lament how much time he spent raising money. i'm tryin to do something about it while i'm in congress. it can get done, but it's going to take the will of the american people. the anger of the american people learning you have a part-time congress in a full-time world more time shaking down the american people for money than
8:06 am
doing their job. we can get it done. one member of congress, it is a challenge with leadership. that's true. >> i heard you say some members actually missed family vacations because they were on call duty, so to speak. what are the consequences if they don't raise money? are there consequences? >> your own reelection. people talk about the amount of money in politics. that's true. and so it takes a certain amount of time to raise that money. so you do have to raise sufficient money for your own reelection. but then there's also an expectation to raise money for your party and that's on both sides of the aisle. an expectation you'll spend time asking people to support your party and hitting certain targets. a half million dollars, a million dollars, so forth. >> if you don't hit the targets, what happens? >> you know, leadership gets to make decisions in terms of where you go in congress. committee assignments, whether or not you receive a chairmanship, other perks, i suppose. and then what they do offer to some of your large donors are trips, excursions. my colleague rick nolan called this telemarketing. the incentives are similar. the more you raise, the more benefits.
8:07 am
>> it speaks to a larger problem. money in politics. it seems that you are weaponizing shame here to a degree and yet you have a super pac supporting you with hundreds of thousands of dollars. so why not speak to the bigger issue? >> two things. first, i would also say my super pac is less funded than all of my other opponents. so is the super pac going to decide this election? certainly not on my behalf. but to your point, too much money in politics. we need broad comprehensive finance reform. i'm a republican to step up and say, let's do it. i'll support campaign finance reform. >> how do you do that? >> that's a multiyear debate with complex constitutional issues, right? how do you protect the privilege of people to contribute with reasonable regulations on that participation? but right now, if we focus solely on the stop act, we can get this done now. one simple change. stop members of congress from
8:08 am
directly soliciting contributions. this is about getting back to work. put down the phone. get back to work. >> what reaction did you get from people after the story last night? >> i said to my wife, the only people who are angry at us are guilty as charged in washington, dc. the affirmation from people across the state of florida and across the country is very real. a third grader understands, do your job. do your job. in any other profession, if you spent half of your week doing something other than what you were hired to do, you would be fired. >> you said your stop act is either courageous, a campaign ploy or political suicide. are you prepared to possibly lose your job? >> if it means losing my job, to bring light to what should be a national scandal, my wife and i are happy to accept that fate. >> did you have a discussion with your wife about this before you did it? >> i did. this is very real. to confront a problem in the face of colleagues who you respect, this isn't to judge my colleagues. this is to judge a system.
8:09 am
but to bring to light on what is a scandal is always hard. >> you mentioned tapping anger to a degree here. and in doing this now in this political season, what sort of, tapping this anger you believe will do what for you? there is a degree of campaigning here for you. >> i want to pass the stop act. members of congress get paid $174,000 a year. if we don't pass the stop act, let's cut their salary in half. they spend half of their time raising money and not doing their job. >> have you heard for he's a jolly good fellow? advertise -- 'tis the season to be -- >> anything that will get the stop act. >> is that original? >> people can sign our petition. let's get it done. >> thank you. our best to mrs. jolly who came today in the green room. very nice. tomorrow, house speaker paul ryan returns to studio 7. we'll ask him tomorrow what he thinks about this. nightly show host larry is
8:10 am
getting ready to follow in the
8:11 am
coffee giant hopes to fill much more than just cups. >> i'm john blackstone in california where starbucks is tackling the problem of hunger in america by pledging to donate all its unsold food to those in need. we'll show you how they plan to accomplish this coming up only on "cbs this morning." ming up only on "cbs this morning." i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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♪ starbuck recently announced a few plan to donate 100% of its unsold food to charity within five years. the federal government believes 30% to 40% of the nation's food supply is wasted each year. in 2014, nearly one in seven americans lived in households that at some point were unsure where the next meal would come from. only on "cbs this morning," john
8:16 am
blackstone shows how starbucks found a way to overcome some of the hurdles. >> we've got certain items we keep for just one day. from open to close. >> reporter: during the four years he's worked at starbucks, jordan ellison has often cringed while watching unsold sandwiches, parfaits, and food boxes go to the garbage every evening. >> we are affected at a human level when we see something that's perfectly good that could feed needy families going to waste. >> reporter: he wasn't alone. after many starbucks employees voiced concern, the company decided to take action. >> they used their voice and said, we see an opportunity. you need to help solve this. >> reporter: solving it became jane maly's job. many starbucks stores were already donating their pastries which can easily be bagged and dropped off at nearby charities. creating a program to include perishable items gathered from thousands of stores nationwide was a challenge.
8:17 am
>> it's a lot more complicated than just putting it in a box and taking it to a food bank. >> yes. you introduce something complex when you introduce food that needs to be refrigerated. we had to partner with experts like feeding america who are experts in moving food in a safe way. >> reporter: feeding america is the nation's largest domestic hunger relief and food rescue organization. in 2015, its network of warehouses, food banks, and food pantries saved over two billion pounds of edible food that might otherwise have gone to waste. >> a lot of food here -- >> reporter: al brislain, ceo of feeding america. what it was like when the ceo of starbucks came to you and said we've got an idea. >> my first answer was, really? you're really going to try to take this on? it takes so much planning. all the routes, making sure the temperature is right. making sure that the food is still nutritious and fresh. then they started talking, and
8:18 am
their commitment came through. >> reporter: after a year of research and food safety testing, starbucks recently rolled out a food donation pilot program in arizona and here in california. in san diego, jordan jellison manages one of 30 starbucks locations now donating all of their perishable foods every day. >> for us, it's simple. we just take that food, put it in a passion, zip tie it up, put -- put it in a bag, zip tie it up, put it in the fridge. >> reporter: later a driver with feeding america stops at each of the participating stores, checks that the food has been depth proper temperature, then loads it into crates and on to a refrigerated truck. within hours, the seafood delivered to food banks and -- the food is delivered to food banks and missions. there the yogurt parfait may go into lunch bags for children or be served immediately along with starbucks breakfast sandwiches on the food line. >> it's something that they couldn't afford, and we're able to provide it through programs like this with starbucks.
8:19 am
it's making a real difference in their lives. >> reporter: starbucks plans to donate five million meals to individuals and families in need this year and hopes to extend the program to all of its 7,600 company-operated stores in the u.s. over the next 12 months. >> it should be bigger than starbucks. should be other companies that hopefully use our blueprint and are able to donate food that they might not be donating today. >> if other companies emulate this, think of the exponential impact that it's going to make around the country. if we could move that needle just a little bit, we're going to make a real difference in fighting hunger. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san diego. >> we live in a cynical world, but that is unquestionably great. >> like he said, if everybody emulates this, the volume could become huge and so important. >> thanks to howard shultz. hope he's getting calls saying, hey, how do you do that? >> look forward to seeing the impact. coming up, little prince george sparked something of a
8:20 am
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prince george is a fashion trendssetter. already the bathrobe he wore when meeting president obama sold out in minutes. normally costs $39 at the british retailer called my first years. the company tells "cbs this morning," prince george's county sister will also look fashionable. >> we're going to send princess charlotte for her birthday our pink hightop trainers with "princess charlotte" on either side of the shoe and a matching robe to the robe that george wore when he met president obama. that will have a nice pink trim. >> there is still hope. if you want the robe, it's available for preorder. he would have been cute with the pajamas. the robe was a touch -- >> looks like a teeny industrialist. >> looks awesome. larry wilmore of "the nightly show" joins us after the local news. did you order the robe? >> get him a robe! >> he looked like he was running
8:25 am
the meeting. >> see you after the break. larry's getti are searching for suspects double homicide. a couple w killed yesterday in their evergreen home. officers ha not released information abt how they died. c1 kers are o make sure the de officers have not yet rereesed any information about how they died. today state lawmakers trying to make sure the deadly balcony collapse in berkley can't happen again. their meeting will review what has changed to review contractor oversight. ,,,,,,
8:26 am
before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or
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at a bank of america near you. here is a commute update from the traffic center. as we're looking at a slow ride on the nim met freeway, 880 in the northbound direction, typical delays with a 36 minute trip time for your ride. >> and really jammed up here through the south bay on the freeways. look at that 101 northbound drive time, 39 minutes. and the quad lupe parkway still over a half-hour for the northbound ride up to 101 on highway 85. >> >> good morning.
8:28 am
8:27. let's head to the south of san francisco to san jose, home of the san jose sharks. yeah! lots of blue skies there. not a cloud in sight. what you cannot see are the very windy conditions. right now winds out on the northwest. they are in san jose at 12. couple up with the air temperature 51 and a little cool. upper 40s in livermore. here are some o wind speeds. 13 half moon way. 10 sam ramon. winds will blow today northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour. temperature-wise upper 50s through the 60s. up to 70 degrees. when you look at these temperatures, they are quite seasonal. partly cloudy skies for tuesday. rain will arrive on wednesday anywhere from 1/4 of an inch in san francisco.
8:29 am
enjoy your day.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, emmy-winning comedian, that would be emmy wilmore, is here. hey, larry wilmore, in our toyota green room. what -- we can't wait to talk you to, larry wilmore. he will talk about sharing the white house stage with president obama this weekend. didn't mean to interrupt. and we'll talk about the presidential campaign. and how hollywood has a stage all its own. giving tv shows and movies a
8:31 am
plot. the "wall street journal" reporting on a proposal announced for a huge merger two of newspaper companies. gannett is offering to buy tribune publishing for roughly $815 million. gannett owns "usa today" among other publications. tribune publishing owns papers including the "los angeles times" and "the chicago tribune." gannett says the move would co. tribune publishing has yet to respond to our requested for comment. "the new york times" has a surprising wedding announcement from former pennsylvania senator harris wofford. he says he plans to marry a man 20 years after the death of his wife of 48 years, he was married to her. his fiance is 50 years his juni junior. he said he done expect to see same-sex marriage equality in his lifetime. the wedding is scheduled for saturday. guys, i have no so many questions. where to begin. >> if you read it, the power of love. >> yeah. the power of love. lot of questions there. of his
8:32 am
albums were sold. i guess we all woke up to how wonderful he is. >> how much better he is at his songs than we are. >> we're learning that a lot now, too. >> all so true. the 2016 presidential election season is a gold mine for "the nightly show with larry wilmore." when candidates are on the left or right, they're at the center of his economy. >> candidates know the way to new yorkers' hearts is through their stomachs. they've been spotted eating hot dogs, italian food, more italian food. all of the italian food. good lord, kasich, do you have a
8:33 am
tapeworm? apparently hillary is like crazy into hot sauce. have you heard this? i'm not making this up. when she was in the white house, she had a collection of over 100 different types of hot sauces. when she became a senator, she moved them to a private server in her house. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. [ laughter ] >> i think most people know exactly how slimy and creepy you are. bernie's such a pacifist. he won't apply pressure to get the wrinkles out of his own suits. donald trump's the baby. yelling and whining and keeping everyone from having an adult conversation. [ laughter ] plus -- plus, his hands are the same size as that baby's. that's right. donald trump has baby hands! google it. we'll be right back! >> let's do this! wilmore brings his unique brand of comedy to washington, d.c., this weekend as a featured entertainer at the annual dinner
8:34 am
of the white house correspondents association. he joins us again at the table. welcome back, larry wilmore. >> thank you, nice to be here. >> they say it's one of the most pressured jobs you'll get. everybody's watching, everybody's judging. and i want to know, are you ready, and how are you feeling? >> i was nervous as soon as i heard i was going do it. at least it's not like the middle ages where if you don't do well when you perform for the king you get beheaded. >> you got the call and said yes right away? >> oh, yes -- no, i don't want to perform for the president -- >> tell the president i'll get back to him. >> the people that you have skewered will be in the room looking at you. how are you feel being that part of it? >> i think they like it. it's like group masochism. people go expecting to be kind of roasted and that kind of thing. it's all in fun. everybody knows it's in fun. >> how do you approach this? it's different than what you normally do. >> yeah. okay, you say, well, 9 % is cbs
8:35 am
jokes. -- 90% is cbs jokes. after that, what's left? obama -- >> who's sitting right there, larry. >> i know. >> that's the thing. that's what i think is dicey. the president and first lady are right there. you have to take a couple of jabs at him, or do you? >> of course. you have to. >> everybody knows you're an obama supporter. >> i like obama a lot. remember, i only supported him because he was black. i can attack his positions all i want. >> one person who will not be there, donald trump. >> yeah. >> a man you have called -- >> donald trump's not going to be there? >> i quote, "a shallow fool," end quote. >> yes. >> we've learned that his campaign adviser, paul manafort said -- >> he agreed with that? >> the candidate is evolving. he's playing a part. i wonder your reaction to the fact that donald trump may have just been playing a part. >> he want to be a substantive fool is what you're saying. playing a part -- come on. donald trump's than good of an actor.
8:36 am
he is not. you know, but this -- this whole thing -- i don't think he expected to be here. it really seemed like he was just putting his toe in the water and then suddenly this tidal wave came and started swimming and realized he's on top and everything. it's really been amazing. >> anger is something you hear a lot. that he's tapped this -- raw, visceral emotion. do you in your day job, is this a gift? do you see -- >> when i'm not working on "the nightly show," yeah? when i'm at the defense plant -- do i see the anger, is that -- >> no. do you see this as a gift? as surreal as it's been to watch? it must seem like -- >> no, it's great for committeeians. fantastic -- comedians. fantastic for us. as the whole trump fiasco writes has. that's the thing, he's so funny and unusual, it's almost
8:37 am
impossible to write a job funnier than the real thing. when tina fey did sarah palin, all she would do is say the lines -- palin said, you couldn't write anything that funny. that's kind of the trump denominator. you can't write anything funnier. >> what i think is great about your show, larry -- and i do record it. >> thank you, gayle. i watch your show, too. >> we thank you. it's one of the few shows that takes on race. people say, why does he always talk about black people? why does he always talk about obama? i find your take on race interesting because it's not like you say that you're always pro, that you're always pro black people, that's the beauty. we make mistakes, too. >> oh, everybody does, yes. i've always been contrary -- my nature. and i just like having that conversation and just looking at all sides of it. i mean -- >> not an easy conversation to have. >> exactly. >> it's not. >> let's talk about race.
8:38 am
>> you guys were slaves -- that sounds like a good place to start. who does that? >> so when you talk about -- >> it's challenging. challenging, yeah. >> but of the candidates, bernie sanders it seems -- you like his authenticity, especially when it comes to social issues. he's somebody who has looked for ways i suppose to speak about these issues in ways that we haven't perhaps seen. >> yeah. bernie, i think that's his whole thing is people feel he's authentic. and his whole thing -- he's gone after crass in a way that i think people have responded to. you know, he focused on that early on. he's talked about it his whole career. i think that resonated with people more than anything. >> i love that you call yourself a passionate centrist. >> yes, yes. exactly. >> you grab the middle vigorously. >> vigorously. what i always meant is half the time i disagree with myself. that's truly what it means. it's not an ideological stance. it's more of an, okay, if the
8:39 am
facts prove me wrong, i have to go with the facts. >> if things had gone a different way, as i learned watching "cbs sunday morning" yesterday, i did not know you had skills as a magician. i heard a new term, black nerd, blerd. you could have been a famous actor. i couldn't resist this clip -- i'm thinking this is blackmail material. please roll that clip of larry wilmore in his acting days. >> it's all over the side of the building and in the back. >> sounds like the work of animals. >> strange. my first guest would have been cub scouts on a jamboree. >> you look and think, god, i was good. >> i know. i auditioned for part of one of the girls but didn't get it. >> that's life. >> i know. the facts of life. it's funny, george clooney was on back then. i think we've had similar careers. >> i didn't know that. >> could have been yours but for -- >> i'm thinking about your show don't, you've got to -- your show tonight, you've got do something with the beyonce
8:40 am
video. >> you're a big fan. i'm afraid of the bat stuff you were talking about. >> how far are you into writing your speech for the white house correspondents dinner? >> i thought i'd wing it. i don't see why that's a bad thing. >> are you working with your normal team? >> i've got a lot of people helping, sending in jokes. you know, you go over it, you try things out. you see how far you can go. you know, you try to push the line as far as you can go and then pull back. that's kind of fun. >> you're a perfect man for the job. >> it's going to be fun. >> counting on it. >> "nightly show" airs mondays through thursdays on comedy central. ahead, words truly out of this world. ♪ [ iing foreign language ] if that sounds familiar, it you're probably a fan of "game
8:41 am
of thrones."
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
[ speaking valyrian ] >> she thinks you want to eat her baby.
8:45 am
[ speaking valyrian ] >> hbo's hit drama "game of thrones" back for season six. just picked up for a seventh season. the series, though, may be pure fantasy. however, the languages that some of the characters speak are not. the show has a fully functional grammar system, phonology, and lexicon. we learn more from the california linguistics scholar inventing new languages for the silver screen. [ speaking valyrian ] >> reporter: when the actors in "game of thrones" speak in that foreign language, they aren't just making it up. it was actually invented in the home office of david peterson. he's the language wist who
8:46 am
created both -- linguist who created both valyrian and dothraki. new languages that have helped define "game of thrones." >> they actually tried to use gibberish for the dothraki scenes that were going to be in the pilot, but they didn't like the sound of it. it has to feel real in order to drive that impact home to the audience. the languages that i create are a part of that. >> reporter: you have seen scripts of the new season. >> yeah, they're -- they're all there on the computer. >> reporter: what can you tell us? >> i can tell you there's ten of them. >> reporter: the show sends him scripts with the dialogue in english, and he sends back the translation, as well as an audio recording of how it should sound. [ speaking valyrian ] >> reporter: peterson has created more than 5,000 words for "game of thrones." and all the corresponding parts of speech. every single word is its own
8:47 am
battle. >> should this word be derived from another via regular affixation, zero derived so we have it mean something different, or be a metaphorical extension of something else, or should it be an expression like -- or an idiom? >> reporter: do you drink? >> not a bit. not a bit. not like the dothrakis. so they wanted to see how to say drunk in dothraki. >> reporter: the actor creates what they're saying. >> it's like arabic and german. it's inzane sane -- insane, it's really hard. ive i recite it all the time. it's hard but a great challenge. >> reporter: historically actors sounded a bit silly using made-up words such as in the
8:48 am
"star wars" films. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: it was klingon from "star trek" that raised the bar. [ speaking klingon ] >> reporter: one of the first wholly invented languages that spawned its own books and dictionaries. in 2009's "avatar," the navi and pandora got their own vocabulary. and david peterson recently created the language for the dark elves in the latest "thor" film. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: these invented languages inspired a linguistics class at the university of california san diego. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: and they have a cult following of devoted fans. this woman busted out her considerable dothraki skills -- [ speaking dothraki ] >> reporter: on "game of thrones" actor jason momoa. [ cheers ]
8:49 am
[ speaking dothraki ] >> reporter: it's not as easy as it may seen. >> put it together -- [ speaking dothraki ] >> reporter: but that really well. peterson has created language for nine shows and three movies. >> before "game of thrones," no language actor ever thought they would be paid for their work. it was unrealistic. it's basically our golden age. [ speaking valyrian ] >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," ben tracie, los angeles. >> i think it would be so fun to invent a language. >> when you watch it, you know it's not real -- >> it sounds like a language. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is a kpix5 morning update. good morning. five minutes before 9:00. police are searching for suspects in a double homicide. a couple was killed yesterday in their home in the evergreen neighborhood. authorities are not saying yet how the two died. the two pilots of the solar impulse ii are now in the bay area. they are plotting the next leg of their around the world journey. they landed on saturday night and will likely fly to phoenix later this week. steph curry will have an mri on his sprained right knee. he slipped on the wet floor during game four of the first round playoffs which golden state won. the warriors lead 3-1. roberta has a look at your weather. >> thanks anne.
8:56 am
good morning. it is a cool start to your day and a bit on the blustery side. winds picking up to 22 miles per hour. this is from the franks america period. unlimited visibility. blue skies. temperatures cool and in the 40s and low 50s. the winds problematic today out of the northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour blowing sand on the great highway. 50s and 60s. your daytime highs up to 70s. those are quite seasonal. increasing clouds on tuesday. that will lead to beneficial rain showers on wednesday up to 3/4s of an inch of rain slated. check out the weekend with highs soaring into the 80s. a look at traffic with george. that is up next.
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here is a commute update live from the traffic center. as we are tracking problems now on el camino reyell. a high speed ended in a crash. no indication from the sheriff's office how soon it will open. they closed the streets between olive and a yoi yo but it is backed up to san carlos avenue. over 35 minutes for your trip time into downtown oakland and south bay freeways are still extremely slow northbound 85 northbound 87 still very heavily backed up as you try to
8:59 am
get north into downtown san jose.
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