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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 26, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. steph curry is out for two weeks, he goes down, and tonight ticket prices are following suit. >> fans say if curry doesn't play they don't want to play. >> reporter: that's right, a lot of disappointed fans we spoke to today after the announcement that it would be two weeks, they say the games won't be the same without him, another thing that won't be the same, the ticket prices, they might be a lot lower. the slip, the stumble, the limp and now world that curry is benched for at least two weeks
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with a sprained acl. >> that's about the best injury he could have had in that it will heal quickly and won't require surgery. >> reporter: but tell that to phones who let out a collective groan twitter abuzz with tweets about it. one fan paid for than $300 last year to watch a regular season game. >> first we want to see curry. >> reporter: but now he's out. would you pay that much for a game he wouldn't be in? >> >. i wouldn't, no. >> i have to be honest and say heck no. >> reporter: fans say as dynamic as the warriors are. >> it's not as exciting a game without him, not at all. not even close to the same. the spirit is not there. >> reporter: that may be impacting ticket prices testimony high roller seats are
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still sky high, but we also found tickets as low as $125 for the game against the rocket, and craigslist cheap tickets abound. prices are dropping for a number of reasons, one curry's injuries. fans say they'll still cheer for the team, but won't shell out the big bucks they would to watch the mvp. >> i have to go buy a ticket now, i'd wait two week for a game he'd be in. >> reporter: curry hasn't spoken a lot about this, but did sented out a -- send out a tweet thanking fans for prayers and messages, feeling the positive energy, and god is great, all things considered i'm going to be all right. a nanny cam lands an east bay babysitter behind bars on charges -- abuse charges, after she was caught hitting and shaking the ten month old. back in february another
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babysitter, a 20-year-old was charged with felony child abuse after she was caught trying to suffocate a 13 month old boy in her care. gun fiere you wants at -- erupts -- gun fire erupts at a popular bay area park, and now one man is dead and there's a man when you wanted for a teen considered -- man hunt for a teen considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: the initial call was about a loud group of men in a neighborhood. >> there was a verbal argument taking place somewhere in the area of the 600 block of 1st lane. >> reporter: within minutes they arrived here at orange park. witnesses heard the gunshots. >> i heard three shots, pop, pop, pop, that's it. >> reporter: three shots? >> yes. >> reporter: and then you saw two men on the ground? >> yes. >> the gun fire took place. two adult victims with single
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gunshot wounds, treated and taken to a trauma center. >> reporter: two schooling south san francisco high school, and early cerito elementary were placed on secure status, and students were played leaving school because -- delayed leaving school because the police were searching for a suspect. the suspect got away. they released this picture of a teen that's a person of interest in the homicide. a hunger strike in san francisco gets out of control tonight. demonstrators crowding inside the mission police station, angry over being denied access to the station bathrooms. after a loud confrontation, police backed down. the group started the hunger strike friday, protesting recent police shootings, and understanding the mayor app -- understanding -- demanding the
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mayor and chief's resignations. and for the first time california is sending new senators. >> reporter: where he is, we talk about the presidential -- yes, we talk about the presidentennable race, but -- presidential race, but there's also a senate race, so five candidates, three republicans and two democrats held their very first debate. >> that resonates particularly. >> reporter: the attacks mostly aimed at harris. >> i do believe her back on track program has frankly gone off the tracks. >> you know, i mean, let's stop with the political attack stuff. >> reporter: the attorney general is considered the front runner, so those that shared the stage were fighting for second place. sanchez touted her experience with armed services and homeland security committee. >> it's easy for people to talk about what's going on with
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national security without actually having the experience. >> and i think it's great she's on the committee, but it would be even better if she actually went to the committee hearing meets. >> reporter: student debt was also a hot topic. >> i think we should make community college free. >> i think if you want to see something get really expensive, make it free. >> reporter: also on the program, ron untz, the man behind the english only ballot mir. >> should voter take you seriously? >> i've been deeply involved in public policy for 25 years. >> reporter: while they expressed different opinions during the debate, afterwards they were all in agreement. >> i think i made it clear i'm the candidate with ideas, and i'm confident we'll end up being the republican on the ballot. >> i think i have a better chance of getting the general election than the other two republicans. >> reporter: you know, we talked to one woman in the
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audience, and she said after watching the debate she's not sure who she's going to vote for, but she's clear on who she won't, so the debates already impacting the race. >> all right t for that. in a new radio ad, florida is trying to poach jobs from california by trashing the state's minimum wage hike. >> the minimum wage hike hurts the same people it was supposed to help. it's time to leave california. this place is beautiful, but you can't afford to live here. >> ready to leave california? goo to florida instead. >> the ads hit san francisco and los angeles this week, and next week the florida governor comes to california to try and persuade businesses to relocate there. apple about to make history again, this time for all the wrong reasons. tomorrow lit announce that it lost money last year, and that hasn't happened in more than a
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dozen years. the big factor? plummeting iphone sales. they'll be banging on a return to the black later this year when the apple 7 is expected to be release. take a live look outside right now. we've had some wild wind lately, but tonight things are finally starting to die town a little bit. earlier this evening, strong gusts shook trees in downtown soars, and in southern -- san jose, and in southern california kentucky fried chaos. a giant kfc bucket was knocked over by the wind, but the manager says it brought a lot of customers hoping to snap photos. and tonight a bumpy airplane ride turned dangerous over san jose. >> reporter: the hawaii airlines flight headed to honolulu was making the initial climb out of san jose when at 14,000 feet the boeing 767 hit
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turbulence. the passengers were buckled in, but four crew members were hurt. it continued to honolulu where it landed five hours later. this california driver took her dog for a walk with her car. yeah, tonight police want to know who is that woman? this guy wore a halloween mask and pointed a rifle at gamblers, tonight the moments of terror at a bay area casino. and can't tear yourself away from the internet? why your addiction may get you out of jury duty. and winds are relaxing and rain fall is moving in. how much rain ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this bea >. police in los angeles had an unusual high speed chase tonight from a bear. this bear was spotted roaming around the campus of los angeles mission college when officers approached it, it made
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a break for it, climbing over fences and running down busy streets, and even confronting a dog. animal control was eventually able to tranquilize it. they'll give the bear a medical exam before returning it to its natural habitat. when most people take their dog for a walk they walk with the dog, but tonight a woman's approach on social media -- approach has social media an fire. >> that's okay, i'll report you. she's dogging the dog -- dragging the dog down the road. >> reporter: it's a possible case of animal cruelty. >> disgusting. >> reporter: amanda got on the driver's tail and shot this video and confrontation. >> hi, is there a reason why you're dragging your dog by a rope? >> reporter: a woman driving with a dog tethered to the outside of car. >> you have a dog and you don't feel like getting out to walk it then you shouldn't have a dog. >> reporter: the video posted online immediately got the
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attention of stockton animal services department. >> this presents to me a bigger problem in our society. >> reporter: and the director. >> we have a lack of humane education not only for adults but children as well. >> reporter: he points to a child inside the car the dog is attached to watching and learning. >> we don't teach children it's okay, this is what happens. >> reporter: a stockton animal services investigation to identify the woman is underway. he could recommend/charge of animal -- a charge of animal cruelty using the code saying the leash, rope or chain should be affixed in such a manner it prevents the animal from becoming entangled or injured. animal services ran the plates on the vehicle but it's not registered in several years, so they're trying to track down who was behind the wheel driving that car. steve large, kpix 5. >> that was hard to watch. a masked man carrying an
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assault rifle was able to rob a bay area casino and get away around 5:00 this morning at the california grand casino. investigators say no shots were fired when the man brandished the rifle at a card table. surveillance video shows him wearing a halloween mask and orange gloves. they believe he's six feet tall and 200-pound. >> person came in with a weapon and pointed it at staff and customers as well. it was frightening, and got out as quickly as we could, but when we got out the suspect was gone. >> cameras also caught the suspect leaving in a silver get away car, believed to be a bmw or mercedes-benz. you think you had a bad day? no. a wild end to a hit and run rampage in san mateo. police say this driver crashed into a fire station, then a
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safeway store, and tonight we see how it all ended. >> reporter: it was a wild ride on the peninsula for the driver of the silver sedan. the 54-year-old driver hit a pole after being nudged to the shoulder by a san mateo sheriff patrol car that somehow ended up wedged beneath it. >> when the car hit the pole it bounced a little, and the patrol car went right under neither the back of it. >> reporter: chris was working at his repair shop and saw the silver car leading deputies northbound in the southbound lane. he said it sideswiped another car before crashing. >> the car was going in the wrong lane and it seemed real dangerous, you know, and i'm surprised nobody really got hurt more than they did. >> reporter: a driver and sheriffs sergeant were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the driver first crashed into a fire station, firefighters came out to help but the driver refused and sped away.
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it was next spotted at the belmont safeway when the driver crashes into the front door, then backed up and sped away again. by this time sheriff patrol cars were in pursuit about 35 miles per hour. that's when the driver started going in the wrong direction. >> the quick thinking of a sheriff's office sergeant, he basically used the patrol car to push her off and onto the sidewalk. if not for the quick thinking of this sergeant she would have caused a head on collision. >> reporter: the sheriff sergeant was treated and released and should be back on duty soon. the suspect was still being tweeted late this -- treated late this afternoon. charges against her are pending. a new proposal could soon make jury duty even more unpleasant. if selected you might be banned from social media. one lawmakers beliefs a single -- believes a single tweet
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could compromise a select or leak information about the case, so he drafted a bill allowing the court to slap you with hefty fines if you use social media, $1,500. >> we think it will be a deterrent for jurors and improve the court process. >> the bill authorizes the committee to select some county courts for a five-year pilot program. hundreds of millions of dollars left to loved ones, but never reached them. the state says insurance companies kept the money, and tonight there's an effort to help people collect that cash. >> reporter: thousands of people in california are owed money, and may not even know it after dozens of audits and lawsuit, the state controllers office found some life insurance companies including these listed on their websites were not notifying people they were the recipients of life insurance policies. the companies instead pockets the money. >> the insurance companies
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would dip into the life insurance proceeds of people that died and pay premiums on behalf of dead people until there was no money left. >> reporter: california and 40 other states reached a settlement to pay out 2.4 billion dollars to families across the country. i talked to several people in the la area over the phone, and these are people owed thousands of dollars acourting to the website -- according to you website. the american council of life insurers released this statement saying in a small percentage of payment benefits go unclaimed. we want everyone to receive the benefits they are entitled rather than paying unpaid benefits to state governments. meantime they say the best advice is for a policy-holder to tell beneficiaries about the policy now, so they get state funding money they're do later -- get the money they're do
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later. some tea sold at cvs is recalled because it could be tainted with salmonella. an ingredient produced by the providers tested positive of it in a different product no. reports of anyone getting sick. and monday talking about rain again. >> it's nice, once a week getting the rain and helping keep the lawn green, got green over the winter, staying green in the spring, wednesday rain, but not an entire day thing. tonight dry in the bay area, less wind as well. lock at the snow fall -- look at the snow fall totals, great news. 514 inches of snow, double what you had last year at boreal, and squaw valley 487 inches,
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and mt. rose, 401. it's 53 in the city right now, santa rosa 51, and chilly night north bay, napa 43, light jacket in the morning. concord 48, san jose 46, and tomorrow in san francisco 49. tomorrow afternoon, northwest winds, what that will do is keep it breezy but not nearly as windy as the past couple of days and we return to 60s and 70s tomorrow. pleasant outdoors. one area of low pressure, why it's been so windy, it's wound up like a top. a lot of rain and snow for the desert southwest, that's moving out and farther away were less influence on us and less wind, but there's a different front driving through the bay area wednesday morning. futurecast. cloudy by tomorrow afternoon. sunny start, cloudy finish, wednesday morning about 1:50:10, 11:00, the -- 10:00,
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11:00, light to moderate rain moving through, nothing too heavy, and it's primarily before lunchtime wednesday when the rain will occur. the majority of the rest of the day mainly dry. we were breezy this evening, and clear tonight, a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. dry tuesday, showers return mainly wednesday morning. really nice temperatures out tomorrow, upper 60s, low 70s, fairfield 70, wednesday morning, showers, and done, and hello sunshine. friday, saturday, sunday 80s inatlanta, 70s near the bay -- inland, 70s near the bay. thinking sunday brunch, don't think indoor table. take the outside table. >> key brunch information [ laughter ] >> get the outdoor table sunday morning. it's going to be gorgeous and warm. >> perfect. tonight why beyonce fans are lashing out at this celebrity chef. ,,,,,,,,,,ming up on the late
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:::i aint sorry... i aint sorry::: beyonce dropped her well, it's a tale of two rachels tonight, and millions of angry beyonce fans ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> she dropped her surprise album lemonade over the weekend and fans went wild, and in many of the tracks she eludes to her husband's infidelities, specially one that's believed to be designer rachel roy, but
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some confused her with rachel ray, a popular cooking personality. curry's injury was bad news for the warriors all right, but not as bad as the clippers ,,,, the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't.
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and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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talk radio, it probably soun if you're a warriors fan and read social media or listened to sports talk radio, it probably sounded something like this. >> >. chicken little, what is it? what's going on? >> the sky is falling, the sky is falling! >> only time will tell if the sky is falling on the warrior's championship hopes after an mri reveal that had curly as a grade one knee sprain. he could be back in two weeks, but the manager isn't placing any bets. >> >. that's no guarantee it will be in two weeks, might be after, might be before two weeks, but i think it will be somewhere in that range hopefully. at this point it's just a
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guess. >> the thunder closed out their series tonight against dallas. westbrook and durant combining for 69 reports, that's pretty good although cuban told reporters durant was the only star on the team. >> he's an idiot. don't listen to him. he's an idiot. that's what we got to say about that. he's an idiot. >> he's an idiot. i'm not sure which lasted longer, water gate or deflate gate. >> that would be deflate gate. >> thank you. >> today the us appeals court rule that had tom brady must serve his four-game suspension handed down by the commissioner nearly one year ago. cheat day means you have to eat the entire gate, he pitched into the 7th inning, and struck out nine.
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way back, way back, good bye, the giants hang on for a 5-4 win. as and tigers, cabrera, his second of two home runs. 4-0 tigers. detroit was up 6-0 in the sixth. collins, lost it in the lights. fans in detroit boo collins, so look what he does, he tells everybody i'm number one, and the tigers win 7-3, and after the game collins said he was embarrassed and he apologized for easy actions on the field -- his actions on the field after being boyed. caught up in the emotions. tough day in the nba. curry is coming back, hopefully within a couple of weeks at the end of second round, but chris paul, everyone was looking forward to paul versus ,,
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our next newscast is tomorr the late show is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. walk your dog! ,,,,
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