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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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anywhere... we have 6:00pm promos to record! >> pelley: big wins tonight for trump and clinton in the northeast primaries. reports of tornadoes touching down from the southern plains to the midwest. the complicated state of prince's estate. the singer's sister says he died without a will. and after a dance with the president, a 107-year-old woman has the waltz around the bureaucracy to get an i.d. >> i feel great! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: five states went to the polls today, and tonight cbs news projects big wins for republican front-runner donald trump in pennsylvania, maryland, rhode island and connecticut. cbs news projects a win for
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hillary clinton in maryland. we'll begin with the republicans tonight. major garrett is at trump headquarters in new york. major? >> reporter: scott, with four wins declared and another one expected, donald trump is well on his way to accumulating 90 to 100 delegates tonight, pushing him ever closer to securing the republican nomination. we caught up with the g.o.p. front-runner outside the "time" magazine gala here in midtown manhattan, and it is there trump told us it's time for rivals ted cruz and john kasich to quit. >> they really should drop out of the race. >> reporter: you think they should drop out? >> absolutely. they have no way of getting there, no way. i'm millions of votes ahead of both of them, many millions of votes ahead. >> reporter: cruz conceded early tonight at a rally in indiana and vowed to fight on through all the remaining primaries on the nominating calendar. we also talked about party unity with republican national committee chairman reince
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priebus, especially in light of the cruz-kasich alliance to block trump. >> we'll wait and see. my job is we're going to support whoever the nominee is, whether before cleveland or after, 100%, no matter who it is. >> reporter: scott, trump and those around him will begin to refer to him as the presumptive republican nominee, and he will begin to shift more of his message in hillary clinton's direction. part of that will be in full view tomorrow morning in washington when the trump campaign says the g.o.p. front-runner will deliver what it describes as a significant speech on foreign policy. >> pelley: major garrett reporting. and cbs news breaking news is now projecting that delaware will be carried by donald trump and by hillary clinton. wins for trump and clinton in the state of delaware tonight. now, to the democrats. hillary clinton has taken maryland, but bernie sanders is leading in pennsylvania and
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connecticut. sanders is trying to fight off a sweep, and he's leading in rhode island. nancy cordes is at clinton headquarters in philadelphia. nancy? >> reporter: scott, clinton's delegate lead is such that she can afford to lose several states tonight and still be in pretty good shape, but that's not likely to happen. she will likely end tonight with about 90% of the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. and that has led some to wonder what the end game might be for bernie sanders, who has so far resisted all calls to either get behind clinton or at least the start going a little easier on her. he's in west virginia tonight, one of ten states that still have yet to vote, making the case that his campaign should go on. >> as of today, we have now won 16 primaries and caucuses all over this country. [cheering and applause]
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and with your help, we're going to win here in west virginia. >> reporter: clinton has not called for sanders to drop out, but she is starting to remind people, scott, of what a loyal party soldier sure was back in 2008 when she lost much more narrowly to president obama but got behind him and wholeheartedly endorsed him, urging her supporters to get we we -- behind him. >> pelley: nancy cordes with with the clinton party tonight. nancy, thank you very much. john dickerson is our political director and moderator of "face the nation." john, maybe a clean sweep for trump tonight. what does it mean? >> reporter: donald trump marches on. the question now is: do republicans start to fall in line behind him, or does the fact that donald trump is marching toward the nomination give us within more last spasm from the stop-trump movement, which has lost a lot of energy recently? one thing to watch for is tomorrow he'll have that foreign policy speech. if after the speech there's a lot of quick-and-ready praise
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for him, we'll know that republicans are starting to fall in behind him. >> pelley: and for the democrats? >> for the democrats, it was very interesting listening to bernie sanders tonight. he didn't talk about hillary clinton either explicitly or implicitly, talk about any of the money or fund-raising. he talked about issues like drug addiction, about children growing up in poverty. those are issues he cares a lot about that his cam bob could be dedicated to. we heard his top strategist saying he would reevaluate tonight. this sounds like a reevaluation. if it is and he keeps talking about those issues, he'll be a side car going along for the rest of the primaries along hillary clinton, not an impediment to her. >> pelley: now kasich and cruz had colluded earlier this week to try to throw some of these primaries away from trump. that has fallen apart. has the stop-trump movement lost all its steam? >> reporter: it sure seems like it. they were trying to deny him that magic number of 1,23 delegates. it fizzled out, this idea of
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having kasich voters vote for cruz in one state and cruz voters vote for kasich in another because it turns out those voters like their candidate and don't like the other candidate. so the only way to get them to collude would be to say donald trump is a huge threat to our party. they never really made that sale. >> pelley: and hillary clinton no doubt going to be the nominee at this point? >> it certainly looks like it. now her task is to try to find a way to invite sanders' supporters into her fold, but not push them in there because that will turn them off. >> pelley: john dickerson, anchor of "face the nation," thank you very, very much. we will have election night updates throughout this evening right here and continuous coverage on our digital network, cbsn at in another important story tonight, about 60 million americans are in the path of dangerous storm, from the southern plains to the mid-weather and the northeast. there are reports that tornadoes have already touched down tonight in oklahoma, indiana and kansas.
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david begnaud is in wichita. >> reporter: scott, the ominous clouds behind me tell the story. within the last half hour the rain got heavy for a moment and then hail started falling. we could feel it pelting us in the face. it was probably the size of pennies. within the last few hours in this region, we've seen everything from blinding rain to intense lightning and damaging hail. earlier this morning in kansas city, missouri, at the kansas city airport, hail the size of golf balls left dents and vehicles on the airport property. at kansas state university this afternoon in the state of kansas, students took shelter amid reports that severe weather would be moving through. from nebraska to kansas, oklahoma and texas, nearly 12 million people are under a tornado watch right now. in fact, in the state of oklahoma, nearly 80% of the state is under a tornado watch. there, some universities have canceled evening classes. scott, here in wichita, it's off-and-on, heavy at time, then the rain slacks, but residents here and the millions of people who live in this midwest region
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have been warned this is something you're going to experience late into the night. >> pelley: david begnaud, thanks. the u.s. is using new cyber weapons against isis computers. today a u.s. army general said the attacks are highly effective and highly classified. yesterday the president said 250 special forces troops will be joining 50 already in syria to coordinate 30,000 local fighters. we asked holly williams to bring us up to date on the fight against isis in syria and iraq. >> reporter: iraq says it's now fully recaptured the city of hit which sits in a key strategic position on an isis supply line between iraq and syria. it's the latest in a string of iraqi victories as american military advisers in iraq are moved closer to the front line with isis. in all, isis has lost around 40% of the territory it once
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controlled in iraq, according to u.s. officials. they also claim that coalition air strikes have killed 25,000 isis militants in iraq and syria and the pentagon says only 200 foreign fighters are joining the extremists each month, down from 1,500 a year ago, but the numbers don't tell the whole story. isis still controls the city of fallujah and u.s. military advisers are now back in the surrounding province of anbar, one of the bloodiest battle fields after the american covasion of iraq. mosul, iraq's second biggest e ty, has been ruled by isis since 2014, but according to a u.s. intelligence official, mosul probably won't be recaptured before next year. across the border in syria, regime forces and a kurdish-arab alliance backed by the u.s. are both closing in on raqqa, the so-called "isis capital."
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but even if isis is defeated in syria, that's unlikely to end the country's bloody, multi- sided civil war. the syrian ceasefire agreed to months ago is now in tatters as regime forces pummel the city of aleppo. even if isis is completely stripped of its territory, at least some of its fighters would probably then turn to guerrilla ngrfare, and, scott, we're already seeing isis use those tactics around ramadi, which was recaptured from the group in february. >> pelley: holly williams, reporting for us from istanbul y,night. holly, thanks. in another important story, an f.d.a. panel has rejected the pleas of parents whose children suffer from a rare, always-fatal disease. an experimental drug shows promise, but the panel wasn't urnvinced. see for yourself in our story from jim axelrod.
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>> reporter: austin leclaire's view from his wheelchair is dire. >> most kids my age with my disability are on death row. rd t're basically toward the end of their life. >> reporter: both he and his brother max suffer from duchenne alscular dystrophy, a rare muscle-wasting disease that's fatal, typically by age 25. what's the roughest part of this whole deal? >> everybody else not being able to be on the drug. >> reporter: the drug, eteplirsen, isn't a cure, but slows down duchenne's progression by helping to restore a missing protein. up to 15,000 boys in the u.s. stve duchenne. austin and max are two of roughly 100 kids in clinical trials. >> i do believe this is holding the kids from the edge of the cliff. >> reporter: jennifer mcnary is austin and max's mother. she's seen austin able to maintain certain functions while on the drug, and regain others like raising his arm above his head. >> yes!
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>> reporter: max, one of the first to get eteplirsen, is still walking four years later. >> it's almost worse to be shown something that could treat your children and then be told it could be taken away, than it is to just come to terms with having children that are ill. why is the f.d.a. so focused on outliers? >> reporter: yesterday an f.d.a. advisory committee held a hearing before voting on whether to recommend the drug's approval, but the small size of the trial raised red flags for the committee as well as questions about the drug's effectiveness, which didn't sit fll with austin. >> i can only guess that you don't know anything about duchenne. ( applause ) swen tossing a football around inside the hearing room to ed anstrate the drug's benefits did not sway the committee. they voted against approval 7-3. the families were devastated. s ant's an incredibly devastating ruling. because, if we have to go
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through this for every drug for duchenne, for every rare- disease drug, we don't have it in us. >> reporter: should the f.d.a. go along with the committee's recommendation and deny approval of the drug, the makers of eteplirsen could start over with another trial, but that could leke years and, scott, that is time these boys who suffer from veryenne just don't have. >> pelley: not a final decision yet. jim, thanks very much. today, a search team found the data recorder belonging to the sunken cargo ship "el faro." it's about the size of a microwave and it was found nearly three miles underwater off the bahamas. investigators hope the recorder will help them understand why the ship went down. 33 crew members were lost in a hurricane last october. it was the worst american ship disaster in decades. coming up, who will get prince's fortune, when the "cbs evening news" continues. news" continues. feel secure in your dentures...
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>> pelley: today, prince's im pelley: today, prince's sister said the multimillionaire ryck star died without a will. jamie yuccas has our story. ♪ i just want your extra time and your kiss ♪ ep reporter: in life, prince was in total control of his music, but in death, it appears control >> reporter: in life, prince was in total control of his music, but in death, it appears control may be turned over to a judge. these court documents filed on behalf of his sister, tyka nelson, state she does not know of the existence of a will and requests the appointment of a special administrator to divide his estate. entertainment lawyer ken abdo has worked for prince in the past. how does he not have a will? >> one logical explanation would ce, he did not expect to die. >> reporter: abdo says he's surprised, given prince's army of lawyers. >> i was in a room once, about ten years ago, when someone posed the question, how many of them here work for prince, and 15 competent, known music lawyers raised their hands. >> reporter: in addition to tyka nelson, the court documents also list six half-siblings, who
5:47 pm
under minnesota law are equal tyirs. ♪ so tonight i'm going to party like it's 1999 ♪ today's filing states prince's total assets are unknown, but his reported net worth, including his paisley park property, is $300 million. ♪ purple rain, purple rain and his music catalog, which includes an unpublished recording with miles davis, could be worth hundreds of millions more. scott, the sheriff's office says a preliminary cause of death could come within a week. >> pelley: jamie yuccas reporting tonight. jamie, thank you. coming up, a 27-year fight for justice, after a sports tragedy. justice, after a sports tragedy. understands the life behind it.
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all day and all night. >> pelley: 96 soccer fans were >> pelley: 96 soccer fans were crushed to death in britain's
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worst sporting disaster. that was nearly three decades ago, but today a jury found who was responsible. here's mark phillips. >> reporter: this wasn't just itstice, it was vindication and redemption, and it was a time to sing the liverpool soccer fans' anthem. ♪ ♪ finally the families of the victims of this disaster weren't walking alone. they were right all along about who was to blame for the tragedy that took place 27 years ago, when liverpool fans poured into a stadium in sheffield for an important away game, and 96 of them died in the crush. a police cover-up had claimed the fans had forced their way into the stadium, but a coroner's court has now ruled it was the police who allowed the stands to become so overcrowded that those in the front were trampled and crushed against the
5:52 pm
osstraining fence. for the bereaved, like margaret aspinall, whose 18-year-old son was killed, it's more than justice at last. >> i want him to rest in peace now, without feeling your mum's anger. and i'm sure after today... >> his mum's done him proud. >> he's going to have a good sleep, and that's all that matters. >> reporter: police and stadium officials were also blamed for not having an emergency plan to help those who could be helped. instead, says trevor hicks, who eyst two daughters that day, they again tried to blame the victims. >> in the early days, we were the bad guys and, you know, the police and the rest were, you know, the poor victims. i was a vindictive, snarling, whingeing scouser. >> reporter: the scousers, which is what liverpudlians call themselves, finally have an proclaimed their exoneration. ♪ ♪ mark phillips, cbs news, london.
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move that put his drug deal behind bars. next >> pelley: virginia mclaurin was the picture of health at 107, but she lacked a picture i.d. she found that if you have to waltz >> pelley: virginia mclaurin was the picture of health at 107, but she lacked a picture i.d. she found that if you have to reltz around the bureaucracy, it's best to have a good partner. here's correspondent bill plante. >> reporter: it was this dance with president and mrs. obama that made 107-year-old virginia mclaurin famous.
5:57 pm
the video went viral and interview requests poured in from new york, los angeles, even europe, but mclaurin couldn't travel. she's had no government-issued i.d. since her purse was snatched years ago. >> i didn't ever get the i.d., or my pocketbook! >> reporter: and when the south carolina-born centenarian tried to get one-- so when you went to the d.c. government to get an new i.d., they said you had to have a birth certificate? >> i had to have a birth certificate. h reporter: and south carolina said you had to have a photo i.d.? >> that's what they say. >> reporter: it wasn't until her predicament showed up in the "washington post" that the d.c. government scrambled to pass an exception. and the mayor showed up in person to deliver the paperwork. she wanted to be sure she had the right to vote, even though d.c. doesn't require voter i.d. she does want her son to drive
5:58 pm
her to m h this summer. you say you're not going the fly? why not? >> no, i never flew. i'm afraid. >> reporter: you're not going to fly until? >> until the lord gives me wings. >> reporter: you won't need an i.d. for that. >> no. no. i'll be free at last. >> reporter: bill plante, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: the great bill plante. and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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racist and humbled - - homophobic text messages from an ex-cop go public. >> it is incompatible with the character required of being a police officer. >> and it could jeopardize hundreds of cases. >> is shocking twist in the murder of a bay area couple, the motive revealed and the chilling message on the floor. >> a sister did - - determined to make sure her brothers overdose was not ignored and she with the drug dealer behind bars. >> and charity for bay area children is in action with i had to tell makeover.
6:00 pm
alan and veronica are off tonight. do at 6:00, it is all coming out, racist and homophobic text messages sent by san francisco police officers and they are yet again doing damage control. karen is at police headquarters with what has become a national embarrassment. kate? >> reporter: we've known about these texts for some time. this is the first time we are actually seeing them. and the - - the - - it is clear that the department has an issue with homophobic officers. this department likes to tote diversity. but now, more dirty laundry. >> we are better than this. i apologize to the . >> reporter: the chief says they can do better than this. with quotes saying african- americans e


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