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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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we spotted one >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> this san jose couple murdered inside their own home. only on 5 tonight, we spotted one of the chilling messages the killer apparently left behind. >> mark sayre is at san jose police headquarters. mark, you got an exclusive look at that key piece of evidence. >> reporter: police remained at the scene of the crime tonight and we were there as they removed a physical piece of the house that contained some very disturbing words. around 8:00 tonight, we saw san jose police remove this piece of dry wall from the evergreen home where the two bodies were found. on the dry wall, you can see writing in black block letters. it appears to be a message from the killer or killers addressed to one of the couple's two
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sons. it reads take care of your brother or he is next. the bodies were found inside the home on sunday and the writing on this dry wall is not the only message found inside. one source who did not want to be identified but personally saw the crime scene said there was another message written in the same block lettering in the floor that appeared to be addressed to the children of the victims saying their mother begged for their life. then a mock apology saying my first kill was clumsy. the couple were long time residents of the community. this hinted at some type of secret relationship saying words to the effect you can't love someone without telling him. now, police have questioned the couple's juvenile son, but at this point, they have been unable to locate the adult son. police want to speak with him
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to see what he may know about the circumstances surrounding this crime. police also say tonight they believe the couple was targeted and this was not a hate crime. reporting live at san jose police headquarters, i'm mark sayre, kpix5. now to san francisco where a group of hunger strikers have new fuel in their feud with the police department. kpix5's joe vasquez tweeted this video earlier soft a big protest outside the mission station. issue number one, a string of recent police shootings. issue number two, racist text messages. some of which are so offensive, we can't say them on television. joe vasquez is in the mission right now with the latest. joe? >> reporter: there are eight hunger strikers. you can see them behind me with some family and friends. earlier tonight, more than 100 supporters turned out for a big rally calling once again for the resignation or firing of the police chief. >> yesterday was a beautiful scene, we had 25 people stays here sleeping with us.
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>> reporter: they had been camping here for a week now, angry about a spade of officer involved shootings. >> these text messages are very clear. that we are animals. and they look at us that way. >> reporter: the public defender say it is text messages were sent by jason lie to friends. one refers to african-americans as wild animals on the loose. another calls lebron james the n word. >> if you are a plumber, a carpenter, it is okay. but if you get to put someone in jail or take somebody's life from them, and do so lawfully, you don't get to be a racist. >> reporter: authorities are reviewing more than 200 criminal case ins which lai played a part as an arresting officer or investigator. cases that may have to be thrown out. >> i apologize to the public. we are better than this.
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>> reporter: chief greg suhr says lai and other officers in the texting scandal are no longer with the department. they were not fired. it was described as a voluntary separation. >> it is not every police officer but the ones who have shot and killed make it very clear they will get away with it and we can't take that any longer. >> reporter: and we are back live. despite what the hunger strikers are calling for, the mayor ed lee today said he stands by his police chief. the chief himself says he is not going anywhere. the major saying he wants the chief to continue to lead reforms. i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the hunger strikers are drinking coconut water and broth and taking multivitamins. campaign 2016, big wins for the presidential front runners tonight. these five states in the northeast held their primaries. for republican donald trump, it was a clean sweep. the billionaire businessman pulling further out of reach for challengers ted cruz and
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john kasich. >> i started off with 17. i'm down now, i'm winning it. it's over. as far as i'm concerned it is over. these guys cannot win. there is no path. >> meanwhile, on the democratic side, front runner hillary clinton was four for five. she now has 90% of the delegates needed to clinch her party's nomination. meanwhile, bernie sanders was the surprise winner in rhode island. he says he is still not quitting but acknowledges he needs some very big victories ahead. the republican candidates will be in the bay area this weekend for the state gop convention. >> to what extent california is critical depends on how trump does in the subsequent races. the races between now and june. the more delegates he loses to cruz or kasich, the more he will need from california. >> with trump coming to the gop convention, who knows what will happen. just look at the scene in
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anaheim tonight. reporter stacy butter thoughs shows us this time little kids got hurt. >> reporter: targeted with pepper police spray. antitrump protesters pepper sprayed trump supporters outside city hall before the meeting started. the chaos started when one trump supporter appeared to pull out a tazer. and another appeared to use her own pepper spray to defend herself. the trump supporters were treated at the scene. inside the anaheim council chamber, tempers continue to flare. >> you work for the people and you are not representing the people. you are representing your personal incentives and goals. >> reporter: 73 people lined up to sell council member chris
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murray they don't want the proposed resolution that would denounce trump's rhetoric. >> do you feel like mother teresa? what you are doing is not right. >> this is not your business. your business is to govern anaheim. keep your noses out of the national election. >> reporter: after so much opposition, we are told that the council member made a motion to change the language on the resolution so that it is included all candidates and didn't just name trump. no word yet on a vote. that's the very latest from orange county. stacey butler, kpix5. we are learning about a body found in a recycling bin in alameda. it is confirmed a woman climbed into the clothing bin on blanding avenue yesterday morning and died of asphyxiation. it is unclear if the woman was homeless. a bay area driver walked away from a scary crash without a scratch tonight. that is the car's engine on the
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road. police say he was speeding down east branch parkway when he lost control and hit a tree with such force. the engine was knocked right out of the car. police say a similar crash happened near the same spot just last month. this time, a woman was killed when she lost control of her car and hit several trees. tomorrow, the faculty at city college of san francisco are staging a one-day strike. the union representing teachers, librarians and counselors say the college is negotiating in bad faith. the dispute is over salary. the faculty wants a 4% raise over three years. on top of the cost cough living increases. they also want prior salary levels restored. administrators are offering a 9% raise over two years. tomorrow was supposed to be the first day of registration. it has been canceled. apple suffered a quarterly loss. their overall sales came in at $50.6 billion.
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that is compared to $58 billion for the same period last year. this is the company's first loss since fall of 2001. >> they need another product. right now, they have not shown what that will be. that is where a lot of the anxiety and questions around apple are now. >> the main reason for the drop, slumping iphone sales. they are down 16% this quarter. those droughts are not officially over, but the drought shaming is at least in one part of the bay area. christin ayers explains why one district will cut water users some slack. >> reporter: we met him last year, one of the biggest water wasters in the east bay. >> the amount was $4,000 and my reaction was complete shock. >> reporter: east bay mud slapped dave bingham with sky high water fees after a pipe broke on his property. also on the list, oakland as owner billy bean. >> we have to draw a line somewhere. >> reporter: the utility's tough stance resulted in half a
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million dollars of fines in water guzzlers like the retired oil executive who uses 12,000 gallons that day at his mansion and the venture capitalist who uses 8,000 gallons on his property in alamo. that was then. but now east bay mud is suddenly changing its tune. the agency says the customers reduced water usage by 24%. and after a flood of complaints, board members voted to suspend the excessive use fee. are you worried that could send the wrong message to excessive water users? >> we will continue to work with all of our customers, in particular, customers on the high end. >> reporter: but despite a stage four drought, they will stop penalizing water wasters in their pocketbooks. >> it sends the wrong message. i have no problem with charging people more for water. >> reporter: instead, east bay mud will try to educate water wasters and reserve the right in the future to bring back the fine. >> if we need the ordinance in
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the future, we can use that tool again. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. >> and the excessive water fines will stop as of may 3. this bay area boy disappeared more than 30 years ago. tonight, how police finally tracked down the prime murder suspect. >> this bay area man suddenly died in a strange twist in his case. tonight, how the search for justice ended in this wiener shcnitzel parking lot. >> and how students can score free college tuition. >> snowing in the sierra and raining in humboldt county. coit tower looks good for the warriors. your somewhat wet forecast coming up. ,,,,
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fairfield.. never to be seen
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again. that was more than 30 years ago. tonight.. finall. >> a little boy snatched from his bedroom in fairfield never to be seen again. that was more than 30 years ago. but tonight, finally, an arrest. the boy's uncle told andria borba it is not the ending he wanted. >> reporter: the road sign near where toshiro honda was kidnapped in 1984 has faded but the memories of the ransom have not. >> my mom called me and told me that toshiro had been kidnapped. i got the same feelings again. and, they are always there. >> reporter: yesterday, decades later, a break. as the solano county district attorney filed first degree murder charges against this man. michael fesherang in toshiro's death. he was a family friend and he was already in custody for different child molestation
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cases. the story of toshiro's abduction in the middle of the night gripped the bay area in 1984 with the family begging for help to find their son. >> the more people looking out for my son, any evidence of where he is at will help. >> reporter: much of solano county was covered with flyers with toshiro's picture. >> that picture has appeared on 2,000 posters throughout fairfield. >> reporter: but still, the case ran cold and the kidnapper never got in touch about ransom money. they tried once again to solve it years later. >> technological advances will give us new avenues in the investigation. that is what happened in this case. >> reporter: in the nearly 32 years since the kidnapping, the road where he disappeared is gone replaced by a park and ride and a home depot. but as toshiro's uncle puts it, their boy still never came
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home. >> the only good outcome, the only closure that makes you feel good is when the child is returned. >> reporter: in fairfield, andria borba, kpix5. >> counterfeit pain pills killed 14 people in the sacramento area. now, those drugs are starting the show up in the bay area. the pills are disguised to look like narco, but laced with fentanyl. bay area hospitals treated seven patients in the past month. a south bay woman wanted justice after her brother died of an overdose. len ramirez explains how she helped police bust his suspected dealer. >> reporter: justin signs dined on april 13 of an apparent overdose shortly after buying street drugs in a san jose parking lot. the victim's sister went through his cell phone and found a recent text message exchange between her brother and the apparent drug dealer talking about norco pills. my home girl still have the pills if you want them. could you hook up six pills for
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$40? another text came in later that said i have more norcos if you want to get any. the sister who did not want to be identified called police and agreed to help in a sting operation with federal drug agents but luring the deal tore this parking lot on north capitol avenue. they arrested the dealer and he is being held pending a $50,000 bond and could soon be released to a drug treatment facility. >> can you say anything about the charges? >> i do not have comment. >> reporter: both lung's defense attorney and the federal prosecutor assigned to the case left the courthouse after a custody hearing without comment. toxicology reports are due back in the next couple of weeks and will help to determine whether or not justin sign's death was just an overdose or another castoff fentanyl laced drugs. len ramirez, kpix5. a new push tonight to ban pot smoking in apartments. the bill introduced at the state capital would allow
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landlords to prohibit tenants from smoking medical marijuana in rental units. it is similar to the state law for cigarettes. a recent study shows secondhand marijuana smoke has the same negative effect on the system as cigarette smoke. the public utilities commission was supposed to be one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the world. but as maria medina shows us, many of the celebrated features have failed. >> reporter: it has got solar panels and wind turbines. and with a price tag of more than $200 million, city leaders touted it as the greenest office building in north america when it opened in 2012. >> does it live up to its title? >> it does. >> reporter: but fast forward three years and the public utilities commission is questioning whether the building lived up to its
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expectations. after all, 525 golden gate avenue is the agency's headquarters. >> going forward, you have to look back to see what worked and what didn't in odder tore make sure you are spending your dollars effectively. >> reporter: while charles shehan says the panels worked well, the company filed for bankruptcy making it impossible to replace parts. but the biggest failure, the wind turbines. >> they generated electricity. they worked. but, the design, the installation, the amount they generated, did not meet our expectations so we are still looking at ways we can upgrade them. >> reporter: getting parts for the turbines is impossible because the manufacturer also filed bankruptcy. and you know, there is some good news, the spokesperson says they are surpassing their goal when it comes to water conservation. also, in 100 years, they do say they will save $4 billion in rate payer savings. maria medina, kpix5. >> hundreds of bay area students have the chance to
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score free college tuition. college of marin is going to cover tuition and fees for 500 marin county high school seniors for the fall semester. students need to apply for the 90th anniversary scholarship. it did not look like it at all outside today, but rain is moving in tonight. and by tomorrow morning, some parts of the bay area will get light rainfall. already raining to the north. already snowing over part of the sierra including right along highway 50 and i-80. great sunset once again. a sliver of clear sky behind the golden gate. it is is a chilly night. livermore 52. san francisco, the 50s all evening. santa rosa, 55. concord, 57. but with the blanket of cloud cover, temperatures won't move much in the next six to seven hours. redwood city, 49. santa rosa, 45. the clouds are on the increase and we have a low pressure area off the oregon coastline which
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will force a front through the bay area. translation, you will get some rain tomorrow. that's the good news. the not so good news is not going to be that much rain. 6:00 in the morning we are cloudy, but the rain is still sitting offshore, so much of the morning commute will be rain free. this is a new update now. on futurecast, which says very widely scattered showers. if you get a tenth of an inch of rain with this futurecast, consider yourself very lucky. but then we get another opportunity for rainfall after some scattered showers in the morning. the low pressure area passes by and over the central valley firing off a few isolated thunderstorms in the north bay and east bay. out toward fairfield and vacaville. and vallejo. we could see a few showers with some small hail or an isolated chance of a thunderstorm through about 5:00 tomorrow. then rapid clearing. it is all about the sunshine from thursday all the way through the weekend. if you have outdoor plans, this ridge of high pressure will give you a lot of warm weather. big ridge equals big warmth. we will push 90 by sunday.
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clouds increase tonight. a few showers tomorrow morning. slight chance of a late day thunderstorm then. the sunshine takes over. tomorrow, coolest day of the next several. fremont, 65. mountain view, 66. vallejo, concord, napa, umer 60s with a few scattered showers. friday, saturday, sunday, 70s near the bay. 80s inland close to 90 sunday. and next week, we stay sunny and cool off a little bit as the own shore flow comes back. a nice weekend and it is nice to get rain in the middle of the week. >> scattered showers. >> nothing too heavy. >> thanks. sounds good. thank you paul. is it bad to cuddle your dog? tonight, why some pet experts are saying don't hug your pooch. >> and coming up on the late show with stephen colbert, jk simmons, jane krakowski, and chris wallace. ,,,,,,,,,,
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that's according to an artie y. the >> it is not something pet lovers want to hear. >> your dog hates to be hugged according to an article in psychology today. the author looked at the photos of dogs being hugged.
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80% of those dogs showed signs of stress. why does the hug cause stress? the researcher says it it mobilizes them. taco's ears are down all the time. >> you better be careful. >> not good. everyone is a winner tonight in the sports cast including a santa rosa baseball team that did something that had never been done before. you will never guess what that is. from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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local team did tonight is believed to be unprecedented in high school history. >> it is quite an accomplishment for a team to hit a no hitter but what the team did was unprecedented in high school history. six straight no hitter and the 9-1 win over tamales high. sonoma academy has not allowed a hit in over a month and this is just their fifth season playing baseball. >> this is incredible right? >> you have one of those right? an original spaulding glove?
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giants and padres. there is denard span. enough support for that bat. johnny struck out 11 including a strike them out throw them out. he pitches a complete game shut- out. the giants 1-0 winners. seven scoreless. eight strikeouts. no walk. top of the seventh. marcus semyon. two-run shot. as snap their three-game losing streak. you want more winners? how about warriors coach steve kerr. leading golden state to a record 73 wins. he missed the team's first 43 games after back surgery, luke walton filled in and said he was always trying to channel his inner kerr. >> we didn't want to bother him. is we said no matter what the question is, we will figure it out. we used to joke about the braces, what would jesus do. we had bracelets saying what
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would steve do? we were not going to coach what would we do. >> filling in pretty well for steve. the warriors trying to wrap it up with the rocketers tomorrow night. we thought the next team might be the clippers but the injuries down there, it could be somebody else. >> thanks dennis. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> don't miss it. it is excellent.
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our next newscast tomorrow morning. chris wallace. >> he will be talking about that, you know, tuesday super tuesday thing. >> very good analysis. >> bill walton! thanks for being my announcer tonight, man. necessary great. >> my pleasure, stephen. anything for you. but i've just got one request. would you mind mentioning my new book "back from the dead." >> stephen: wait, you mean this charming and inspirational memoir detailing a longtime grateful dead fan's remarkable journey to become the greatest n.b.a. player ever. i'm sorry, we don't have time, bill. >> okay, i'll do it anyway. but technically, i'm not an announcer. i'm a color commentator. is that a problem for you stephen. >> stephen: problem, i can fake the funk on a nasty dunk? it's not a proble >> tonight, all the way from


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