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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i'm kenny choi. a san jose community is stunned after a double homicide over the weekend and police say that the killer is still out there. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in san jose with the latest on the police investigation. kiet reporter: good morning. our cameras were rolling when san jose police evidence technicians were carrying out large pieces of drywall. on it appears to be messages written by the killer addressed to one of the couple's sons. look closely you can see written in big block letters, take care of your brother or he's next. the bodies of golam rabbi and shamima rabbi were found shot dead sunday inside the home on lucas court after the family had been trying to contact them for some time. an unidentified witness said there was another message apparently addressed to the children saying, quote, their mother begged for her life. there was also a mock apology saying, sorry, my first kill was clumsy. and there was yet another message that hinted at some kind of illicit relationship saying to the effect, you can't
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love someone without telling them. police have questioned the underaged son but are still looking for the adult son. police are not saying he is a suspect. they want to question him because they think he has information about the case. >> kiet, what are people saying about this cupel ? how active were they in the community? >> reporter: the couple had been residents of the community for a long time and they volunteered and were upstanding people, they will be missed. that's it from a local islamic center. >> thank you. happening today we expect to learn new information about a big sinkhole in moraga that opened up last month at ring boulevard and center street during a storm. tonight the town will present results of the forensic study for repair options. governor brown declared a state of emergency to cover the repair costs. we know the full scope of fire safety changes being made by officials in san francisco.
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the proposed requirements come after a series of fires in the mission neighborhood last year. landlords would have to make sure that fire alarms are loud enough to wake sleeping tenants. they would also have to take steps to slow the spread of attic fires and help those who are left without a place to live. >> some folks are lucky enough to be able to be place need nonprofit housing and to also get support from the red cross. the first couple of days. beyond that, there's not a lot of resources right now for tenants to find housing in san francisco. >> others end up living on the streets or in their cars waiting for their units to be rebuilt. a bay area man walked away from a crash. the police say the driver was speeding down east branch parkway when he lost control. he hit a tree so hard the engine was knocked out of the car. police say a similar crash
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happened near the same spot just last month. that time a woman was killed when she hit trees after losing control of the car. the public is invited to weigh in on rules for automated cars. the national highway traffic safety administration is holding a meeting at stanford. they are working toward developing guidelines for self- driving cars. the meeting is at 9 a.m. at stanford's center for automotive research. register online to make comments. self-driving cars, would you do it? >> no. i don't even like the way i drive. >> that's why you have to have the robot. >> that's not going to happen. [ laughter ] >> how about you? >> i don't think so. i'll wait and see. >> i have seen you drive. >> i would be willing to try and read the newspaper while -- >> no. >> -- on the way to work. >> i want to be in control of my vehicle. [ overlapping speakers ] >> roads will be wet today. gianna has more information about that coming up.
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right now let me give you our live hi-def doppler radar. no rain within our vicinity but there it is. it's upstream. we have rain all the way around the northwestern quadrant of the state of california into the fort bragg area. we'll have spotty scattered showers today and a good chance of an isolated thunderstorm containing small hail. in addition to that the winds are picking up. oakland now west 21. it's a double white knuckler as you hold on to the steering wheel over the bay bridge this morning. what do you do in the wind if you have a car driving itself? >> i don't know. >> right? okay. 12-mile-per-hour winds in novato. cloud cover over the san jose region. if we see any rain there less than .10". 45 to 51 degrees. here's your forecast. we do call for today a spotty scattered showers about a quarter inch in the highest elevation. a chance of a thunderstorm and then look at the weekend, gang. 90 degrees inland. we'll talk more about that but first here's gianna. >> first reports of an accident on 880. we were hoping to see it on a live shot because it's not too
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far just north of the coliseum. they first reported it on the southbound side but moments ago, i saw chp crews on the northbound side. left lanes may be blocked on high street. north 880/238 to the maze 16 minutes. no delays southbound. wind advisories are in effect for bay area bridges. that includes the bay bridge so two hands on the steering wheel as you work your way across the upper deck. san mateo bridge wind advisory. 13 to 14 minutes to go from 880 to 101. golden gate bridge no specific advisory has been issued here. traffic light out of marin southbound 101. 580 into san francisco, only 14 minutes. have some roadwork along 101 near freitas parkway that's been wrapped up. in campaign 2016, the presidential front-runner in both parties have racked up big
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wins. five states in the northeast held primaries yesterday. republican donald trump scored a clean sweep. the front-runner is pulling further away from challengers ted cruz and john kasich. >> i started off at 17. i'm winning. it's over. as far as i'm concerned, it's over. these two guys cannot win. there's no path to the white house. >> in the democratic contest, hillary clinton was four for five yesterday. she now has 90% of the delegates needed to win the nomination. bernie sanders got a surprise victory in rhode island. he says he is still not quitting but acknowledges that he needs some lopsided wins ahead. the key suspect in november's deadly terror attacks in paris has been transferred from belgium to france. salah abdeslam will be placed in isolation. he will go before investigating judges for eventual charges. salah abdeslam was the most wanted fugitive and was caught after four months on the run.
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children whose mothers were infected with the zika virus may have more complications than previously known. there may be a broad range of outcomes from zika during pregnancy beyond microcephaly. so far 388 cases of zika have been reported throughout the u.s., all travel-related. and tonight the warriors hope to clinch their first round play-off series with one more win over the houston rockets but they will have to play without steph curry who is out for a couple of weeks with a knee injury. kpix 5's anne makovec is inside oracle arena which will soon be "roar-acle" arena reporter: it's quiet. it's going to be definitely on fire come 7:30 tonight. but as you mentioned, the warriors are going to have to play what could be the final game of the first round of the
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play-offs. they will have to play without steph curry. tonight they could clinch the first round. tonight game 5 of their best of 7 series with houston. they are leading 3-1 and steph curry is going to be sitting this one out after spraining his knee in houston last week. he is expected to be out for two weeks missing the initial four games of the second round if and when the warriors advance . [ soundby unintelligible ] >> we believe in ourselves. >> reporter: another highlight of the play-offs so far, coach steve kerr was just named nba coach of the year. so another something for the
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warriors to be proud of. now, i guess one upside of curry not playing is tickets are cheaper, a little over $100. live in oracle arena, anne makovec, kpix 5. happening today, in san jose a chance to peer into the future of videogames. the sillicon valley virtual reality expo says it's bringing in the largest group of vr companies ever. it involves met sets and accessories you can use with your smartphone. the expo is today through friday at the san jose convention center. damage after storms raced through overnight. now states are bracing for more. >> plus, usually runners work for months to prepare for big races. next we'll introduce you to the 12-year-old who finished a marathon by accident with no training. >> it's 1:30.
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>> good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. it's fired up. it's ready to go. it's live hi-def doppler radar. we'll share with you where it's raining. >> and expect delays on 880. we are getting more information on this accident. details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there were five reported people in parts of kansas, oklahoma, texas and missouri are waking up to assess the
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damage from a night of intense storms. there were five reported tornadoes across the region. don champion is in oklahoma where one reported tornado hit overnight. >> reporter: severe storms drenched parts of the middle of the country overnight. the rain turning stairs into waterfalls in kansas city and flooding the streets of wichita. >> hydroplaning all over. >> reporter: texas rangers fans scrambled for the exits before the rain came down in sheets. in other areas it was hail that sent people running. >> wait for it to past. we have been through this before. >> reporter: days of storm warnings have parts of four states on alert. tornado-force winds damaged parts of oklahoma. this doctors clinic in cha cota was hit and so were several other businesses in the area. >> it was the only city that received this much damage in a
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concentrated area. there's been widespread reports of damage here and there but this day, you know, it was -- it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: this sped-up video shows spinning clouds never quite form twisters. >> if those winds are not turning with height you're not going to have that wind shear to produce widespread tornadoes. >> reporter: as the storm moves east, severe thunderstorms warnings in effect from st. louis to houston. don champion, cbs news, chacota, oklahoma. prince made millions during his lifetime but it's unclear who will control it now that he died. his assets are unknown, his reported net worth $300 million. his sister stated she doesn't know of the existence of a will. she is asking for a special administrator to divide his estate. how does he not have a will? >> he didn't expect to die. >> a court document also lists
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6 half siblings to under minnesota law are equal heirs. a new litter of some of the most majestic wildcats are on display at the san diego zoo. three sumatran tiger cubs were born on january 28 and are expected to continue nursing from their mother for the next few months. the zoo is currently home to eight sumatran tigers and zookeepers say their mother joanne and the cubs are doing great. >> she is excellent and has been exploring all the nooks and crannies of the exit especially near the pool. she is making sure they don't get into trouble. >> it's estimated that there are fewer than 350 sumat transtigers left in the wild. they're beautiful. >> it's so cool to watch. >> let's check the roads with gianna. >> we have this trouble spot along 880 right now southbound near high street a couple of cars tangled up. one vehicle hit the center divide two left lanes blocked
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and we are seeing delays as a result. give yourself a few extra minutes. northbound another troubles. 38 to the maze will take 16 minutes this morning. high wind advisory in effect for the bay area bridges. that includes the bay bridge, so far we are seeing extra volume as you head out of oakland into san francisco. no delays. wisconsin for the san mateo bridge. drive times still 12 minutes between 880 and 101. the golden gate bridge way to i quiet easy out of marin from 580 to san fransco, 14 minutes. south bay traffic is looking good. we are seeing slight delays northbound 101 out of morgan hill. then you're going to see some pockets of slowing as you work your way past 280680 but overall decent speeds along 101 with your drive times about 11 minutes to go from 280 to 237 on that northbound side. so far 280 off to a good start as well as guadalupe parkway. bart no troubles to report right now. everything is on time
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systemwide. the rest of mass transit checking in with no problems. ace train is good. caltrain, muni metro and the ferries, as well. roadwork in effect until 7 a.m. so something to think about if you are traveling out of pacifica this morning or daly city. 280 to serramonte boulevard until 7:00. 101 an earlier stalled vehicle southbound near sfo cleared. traffic okay in and out of the peninsula. 92 to san francisco about the same as 280 out of the peninsula into san francisco. no delays on 380 over towards sfo. but we might have some slick surfaces today for more on that here's roberta. >> the minimal rainfall about a tenth inch or less maybe a quarter inch in the highest elevations but nonetheless as gianna was explaining earlier a lot of times the oil comes
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close to the surface of the roads so be mindful of that. it's our hi-def doppler. this is live data so we see we have light rain showers across the northwestern section of the state picking up light snow around the siskiyous. and then it looks like some pretty hiv every heavy rainfall entering the garberville area. cloudy in san francisco. that's a flag on top of the embarcadero a stiff west wind at this time. some winds are up to 22 miles per hour. temperatures are all in the 50s except for santa rosa now at 45 degrees. we will be picking up today the winds out of the northwest up to 30 miles per hour. eight-mile-an-hour winds now in hayward but oakland at 21. 12 in novato. fairfield to the delta. this area of low pressure doesn't have a lot of precipitation associated with it but it has a lot of power and energy and it has a lot of
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instability some colder air mass that's going to override the mild conditions that are in place right now so the end result is, a good chance of an afternoon thunderstorm containing small hail. here's your futurecast. you can see the hit-and-miss showers today near the morgan hill area at lunch hour. we could see a heavy downpour so we are going to keep an eye on it especially at the delta. we could get a thunderstorm right there about 4:00 towards the evening drive. and then as fast as it comes in, it will rapidly exit for our thursday and high pressure builds in. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. but meanwhile today a good chance of thunderstorms in throughout the central valley. we do have scattered rain showers in the offing in the greater lake tahoe area and also a thunderstorm possible in monterey bay. our numbers slightly below average now. 50s beaches, 60s bayside, 60s inland. this is seasonal. thursday into sunday, we do have a gradual warming trend until we flirt with 90 on sunday. temperatures hold steady in the
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80s inland away from the bay monday and tuesday. make it a great "hump day." runners usually train for months ahead of a half marathon but a 12-year-old in new york crossed the finish line somewhat by accident. she rushed to the starting line sunday morning because she thought she was late to the race. and she says someone told her to jump in with a group of runners. so she did. the girl had only signed up for the 5k so after four miles she realized something wasn't right. >> i asked her how long it was and she said it was 13 miles. and that's when it struck me that i think i was in the half marathon instead of the 5k. >> but she decided to keep on running anyway. she says at one point a police officer told her that her family was looking for her. she ended up sprinting to the finish line and she has a shiny medal to take home with her. >> good for her. >> awesome. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, rarity this morning,
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folks. everybody is a winner in this morning's sportscast including a santa rosa baseball team that did something that's never been done before. you'll see what it is coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. play of the day... red sox at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. delays continue in oakland. south 880 near high street, a vehicle hit the center divide. it's now facing sideways two left lanes blocked. injuries reported so a lot of activity. you will need an extra five minutes to go southbound 880 from the maze to 238. it will take you 19 minutes. good morning, everyone. it is quite an accomplishment for a team to throw a no- hitter. but what a local team did last night is believed to be unprecedent in high school history. in santa rosa sonoma academy's oscar mccauley finished off the coyotes six straight no-hitter in a 9-1 win over tomales high. they haven't allowed a base hit in over the month and this is their fifth season playing baseball. >> it's incredible, right? >> i would say so. that's an original spalding glove. giants and padres scoreless,
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scoreless no more. span off the brick, 1-0 giants. johnny cueto struck out 11 including a strike 'em out throw 'em out double play to end the 8th inning. cueto a complete game shutout and they won. eight strikeouts, no walks, top of the 7th a's up 3-0 and there goes marcus semien sixth homer of the year two-run shot. the a's snapped a three-game losing streak 5-1. as you already know steve kerr is the nba's coach of the year. the warriors will try to wrap up their series against the rockets tonight. our sportscast will emanate from oracle. see you tonight. play of the day, red sox at the braves. boston has a man on first in the 4th inning, pop fly to right, runner goes, check out atlanta's second baseman daniel castle makes an over the shoulder catch and throws to first for the double play. the replay shows the ball pops out of castro's glove and he
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grabbed it with his bare hand. red sox win though, 11-4. that is your play of the day. as dennis said, the warriors do have the chance to clinch round one of the play- offs today. coming up, live from oracle arena, we'll show you how strength in numbers might come in handy. >> reporter: and we have exclusive details of messages written by a killer at the crime scene of a double homicide in east san jose. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. the evidence shown only to r crews. and a trump rally turns violent in southern california... and this time, ffle. a disturbing message from a murderer in a home where a couple was killed. >> a rally turns violent in
5:30 am
southern california and this time children get caught in the scuffle. >> live hi-def doppler where it's raining coming up. >> and we have our eye on this accident along 880 plus delays building at the bay bridge. details coming up. good morning, it's wednesday april 27. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. tonight and excited crowd will cheer on the warriors at oracle arena. they hope to close out a first round play-off series win against the houston rockets. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is inside the arena where tip-off is just hours away reporter: you can see the sea of yellow here behind me. every audience member that is coming here to the game of the -- sorry -- round one of the play-offs, will get one of these shirts and help cheer the team on. of course, the theme, strength in numbers, is going to come in handy because they are going to be without their mvp tonight.
5:31 am
here's some video of the team practicing yesterday. tonight game five of the best- of-seven series with houston. they are leading 3-1 right now. and steph curry will be sitting this one out after spraining his knee in houston last week. he is expected to be out for about 2 weeks total missing the initial four games potentially of the second round if the warriors advance. >> this is an amazing group of players who care about each other. they care about winning. and they let us coach them and that's tops. [ applause ] >> reporter: and that is the newly crowned nba coach of the year steve kerr. so that's another feather in the warriors' cap that they have to don tonight as we hope to take care of this first rounded of the play-offs right here at home which is lucky, and tickets a bargain for tonight. you can still get them for a little over $100 and get a seat. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> they got cheaper once it was
5:32 am
an announced that steph curry isn't playing. >> i have been to a couple of games without curry playing this season and upper level right now about $132 and that's the going price. where i used to sit last season the tickets are like 350. i was getting them for 50 bucks last season but, you know, it's okay. and, you know, it is strength in numbers. i'm betting on my klay thompson to have a big night tonight. >> it's going to be a fun game to watch tonight. good morning. live hi-def doppler, no rain locally for your morning commute. but there it is lining the northwestern section of the state of california from eureka and light snow in the trinity alps. here's our wind speeds as of right now. those have been increasing out of the west 21 in oakland. northwest winds later today increasing 20 to 30 miles per
5:33 am
hour. breezy at the delta 15 miles per hour. this is the scene look out toward san francisco. mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the 50s except santa rosa now 45 degrees. so with the spotty scattered showers today and about .10" of rain expected, more like a quarter inch in the higher elevations, 50s and 60s, i cannot rule out the possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm containing small hail. we'll talk more about that coming up at 18 minutes after the hour but right now let's send it over to gianna. >> we are monitoring this accident blocking lanes southbound 880 at high street two left lanes blocked emergency crews on scene. 18 minutes for your drive time so still early traffic light a little slow past the scene but no problems after that southbound towards hayward. northbound 880 looks good. so far, so good past oracle and the coliseum. don't forget tonight though with the warriors in town playing the rockets, busy on 880. wind advisory in effect for the
5:34 am
bay bridge. metering lights are on. the backup is building. delays out of oakland into san francisco. wind advisory across the span of the san mateo bridge. a couple is found dead inside their san jose home and a bizarre message is written on the wall. this morning, police are looking for answers. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in san jose with the latest on the police investigation. kiet reporter: good morning. the killer used a black marker on the walls and floors and wrote a series of disturbing messages. our cameras caught one of them. look closely and you can see written in big block letters the words that say, quote, take care of your brother or he's next. apparently written by the killer and addressed to one of the couple's two sons. that end what the only message written inside. a source who didn't want to be identified but saw the crime scene said there was more writing on the floor, sorry my first kill was clumsy. and another one addressed to the children saying, their mother begged for her life. finally one of the messages
5:35 am
hinted at a secret relationship saying something like, you can't love someone without telling him. the bodies of golam and shamima rabbi were found sunday after family were trying to contact them for days. the couple had been shot. san jose police did not believe this was random. they believe that the family knew the killer. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. hunger strikers at a police station in san francisco are now protesting a second issue. they held a demonstration outside mission station late yesterday. the strikers initially focused on a string of police shootings. now they are also protesting racist text messages between officers. >> these text messages very clear that we're animals. they look at us that way. >> i apologize to the public. we are better than this. >> the strikers and supporters want chief greg suhr to resign.
5:36 am
the messages were allegedly sent by jason lai with derogatory references about black people. some cases involving officer lai may have to be thrown out. a fire pushed 30 people out of their apartments. it started about 7:00 last night inside a three-story building on delaware street. a block west of shattuck. the fire started in a steeling and damaged two apartments and then a water pipe ruptured causing additional damage to four units. so far it's not clear when people who evacuated will be allowed to return to their homes. for the first time employees from the city college of san francisco are set to strike this morning. the employees are demanding administrators increase their pay by nearly 20%. they are also upset over a plan to reduce the number of courses offered by over 25%. universities have canceled classes for the day. some east bay water customers will no longer face heavy fines for using too much water. the east bay m.u.d. board of directors voted to suspend and ordinance to charge water users who surpass 1,000 gallons a day. water district officials say
5:37 am
customers have cut use by 24% and drought conditions are no longer dire. >> are you worried that that could send the wrong message to excessive water users? >> we'll continue to work with all our customers and in particular customers who are on the high end in terms of their water bills. >> east bay m.u.d. fined excessive water users half a million dollars since the ordinance went into effect last year. the fees will be suspend the starting on tuesday may 3. time for the economy now. today financial markets will be watching for action by the federal reserve. hena daniels from joins us. >> reporter: good morning. wall street is awaiting this afternoon's announcement by the fed on interest rates. experts widely expect the central bank to keep the rates steady, but making a rate hike in the future likely.
5:38 am
yesterday the dow was up 13. chipotle posted a quarterly loss as trying to bring back customers. they reported sales down 30% in the 1st quarter. it launched a campaign offering free meals to lure back customers giving away five million entrees. another computer security firm is warning that actual [ indiscernible ] cruz and kasich campaigns are vulnerable to hackers. their apps could lead to sensitive personal information being hacked from users' phones. the cruz campaign dismissed it. kasich's campaign it no comment. lyft is rolling out its first national tv commercial. it targets millennials with the message, riding is the new driving. it highlights all the things that can go wrong as a car owner from parking tickets to fender-benders. >> hena, hershey will start selling a new product. tell us about that.
5:39 am
>> reporter: meat bars. chocolate maker will start telling crave protein bars made from dried meats and a combination of other ingredients like cranberries and quinoa to keep up with america's changing tastes. they will hit stores in august. >> you had me at hersheys but lost me at dried meat. >> wow. >> guess we'll try it. hena daniels,, thank you. two little girls were pepper sprayed with their grandparents at a protest in anaheim. [ inaudible ] >> the pepper spraying incident was one of several scary moments outside the anaheim town hall. the city council was meeting to discuss a proposed trump ban in the city. both supporters an opponents of trump showed up. >> sprayed me in the face. and then at the same time i was backing away he sprayed that little girl at the same time. i know what he looks like. we got a picture of him and
5:40 am
we're going to prosecute. we're going to file charges against him for assault and battery not only on me but on that girl. >> the person responsible has not come forward or been identified. the gop candidates will be in the bay area at the end of the week at officials are preparing for protests. it is 5:40 right now. donald trump and hillary clinton winning big after primaries yesterday. so how close are they to clinching their parties' nominations? our politicallage list is in next to weigh in. >> and here's a live look at the 880 in oakland. traffic is moving along. we'll have more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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on his legendary quest, jack created a breakfast worth waking up for. the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. with provolone, cheddar, pepperjack, and a crispy hash brown. then he announced it to the world in the most legendary way. ah-hem. ‚ô™triple cheeeeeese! the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. just 6 weeks until the primy in california. analyst melissa caen the front-runner are pulling ahead after primaries yesterday and now there's six weeks in the primaries here in california. kpix 5 political analyst
5:43 am
melissa caen joins us this morning with more. first question, will bernie sanders drop out? >> well, you know, he doesn't have a path to the nomination at this point. but it's clear he is not going to drop out. and there's still something that he can do. he has millions of dollars. he has this, um, sort of platform as a presidential candidate where he can continue to talk about the issues that are important to him and importantly focus on changing the democratic party platform to include some of his issues like single payor healthcare for example. if he does this he will probably move away from attacking hillary clinton and move forward with more positive messages about what he stands for. so i think we'll probably see him stay in the race with a slight shift toward influence and less toward trying to get the nomination. >> so we have been hearing donald trump saying he is going to win. what's the nomination picture looking like for trump? >> really good. he has interesting elections coming up and the numbers look
5:44 am
excellent for him. people in the republican party will have to realize it is likely this man is going to get votes he needs to be the nominee before the convention. and so this idea of an open convention a brokered convention is practically dead. it leaves only the remaining option to sort of upend the convention change the rules and nuclear option seems to be the only thing to be done once he gets the votes he needs. that looks likely. >> either way this election is now taking a spot in history. >> it has. we're talking about trump and we are crunching the numbers. but america, let's remember, last night, for the first time in history!! a woman basically clinched the presidential nomination of a major political party. now, whatever you think of hillary clinton or her politics, that is a pretty big deal. >> back to bernie sanders. there's a lot of pressure. hillary clinton was saying when she has to drop out and she had
5:45 am
to get her supporters to back president obama, um, you know, she is saying now the time to drop out, when is bernie sanders -- when do you think he is going to throw in the towel. >> he is going all the way. why drop out now? but the idea that the party is unified is an important one to sort of heal the wounds and get behind hillary clinton. and he said, maybe i will. but it's going to depend on whether she comes around and fully embraces sanders' platform. if she does that, like single payor healthcare, he may advise his supporters to get behind her. but he has been cagey on whether he is going to get on the clinton train. >> he is banking on the superdelegates at the convention. >> to some degree that's his only hope but they have not budged so far. he has been trying to get them to change their affiliation for a while and almost none have been responsive to that. part of that is because he is a little late to the democratic
5:46 am
party-party and so he hasn't had a lot of success with that and i think he is understanding that and again that's why that's part of why he is going to have to shift from trying to get the nomination to try to just influence the party as a whole. >> will his supporters back her? >> some. there is a bernie or bust movement that says if it's not bernie sanders, we ain't voting. trump is a big unifying force for democrats. so we'll see on election day whether the bernie sanders or bust folks really want to sit this one out. >> interesting. thank you. 5:46. let's check the roads with gianna. >> your morning commute is heating up. we have a hot spot on 880 southbound. a vehicle hit the center divide now facing the wrong way in two left lanes. emergency crews still on scene with your drive times now inching up 23 minutes southbound 880 heading from the may see down to 238. gets better from there and then you will see a few brake lights into hayward. a look at 880 northbound, if you are heading past the coliseum, so far, so good.
5:47 am
later on things get busy as the warriors take on the rockets for game five of round one of the nba play-offs. westbound 4 at 242 reports of an accident here cleared over to the right shoulder but the damage is done. your delays are 17 minutes westbound 4 hillcrest to 242 so an extra 5 to 8 minutes will be needed to make the portion of the drive especially towards the eastshore freeway. northbound 680 at crow canyon an accident over to the right shoulder here. southbound that's our commute direction. we are not seeing any troubles at least from 24 down to 580 taking you 15 minutes this morning. you have the carquinez bridge to the maze drive time 21 minutes off the eastshore freeway and looks like we are seeing a backup now on 580 westbound so you will see some delays there as you head through the maze. looks like the bay bridge is stacking up with the metering lights on and slow-and-go just past there across the upper deck, as well. it will be slower because of the wind advisories. the wind advisory in effect for
5:48 am
the san mateo bridge 14 minutes between 880 and 101. altamont pass busy especially out of tracy on the westbound side of 580. most of it originates around 205/580 connector and then a brake lights towards greenville. past that though things look better at the connector. 680 better southbound side. northbound 101 delays as you come away from capitol expressway. brake lights north of there. 17 minutes is your drive time on 101 from 280/680 where it starts to fill in towards 237. if you want to use 280 in the meantime so far traffic is light. guadalupe parkway no delays and if you want to skip the roads altogether bart is on time systemwide no delays. that's your morning drive. let's talk about the rainy forecast. are we buying a break this morning? no rain for the morning
5:49 am
commute. but grab the umbrella as you step out at 5:48. good morning, everyone. this is it. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. you can obviously see that there's no rain here but look upstream. we have plenty of rainfall from crescent city to eureka and this is really interesting because in happy camp we have an elevation there of 1600 feet and we are getting snow or ice in that vicinity there. whatever it is, it's beneficial because of the 2014 devastating fires in that area. all right. here we go with mount vaca looking out towards the sky where we see increasing cloud cover. these clouds will continue to thicken from the north and from the west. temperatures currently 450 in santa rosa to 50s across the board and tim woods he is one of our weather watchers, this morning in benicia he says it's 56 degrees and it's a perfect morning. yeah. but the winds are increasing. currently in the oakland area, westerly to 21 miles per hour and a flat wind in fremont. winds increasing in fairfield and the delta up to 15.
5:50 am
winds will rotate to the northwest today up to 20 to 30 miles per hour especially on the coast and higher elevations. satellite and radar, if we track this system together, we'll see that this area of low pressure really doesn't have a lot of precipitation with it. but it has a lot of cooler air mass so as it overrides our mild air in place, we are going to see society spotty hit-or- miss showers today the potential for thunderstorms with small hail around lunchtime in the south bay towards the morgan hill area. as quickly as it moves it, it moves out thursday and high pressure builds in. wait until you see that seven- day forecast. meanwhile, thunderstorms a possibility in throughout the central valley to the coast and monterey bay today. our sun-up is 6:18. we have partly cloudy
5:51 am
conditions. tomorrow warming under the flu of high pressure and check out the summertime temperatures by the weekend. we begin to flirt with 90 inland by sunday. make it a great day and don't forget the umbrella. time now 5:51. 80,000 chickens gone this morning after a massive fire at an egg farm. we'll take you there next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:54 am
has devestated a community conn good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." time check 5:53 on this "hump day." mostly cloudy skies in san jose. spotty showers throughout the day. the forecast is coming up. >> and some good news to report for traffic. that accident south 880 to high street is cleared. but we still have delays at least to 23rd so it's going to take a bit of time for traffic to clear out as you work your way southbound 880 from the maze to 238. a massive chicken coop fire has devastated a community in connecticut. the flames broke out tuesday evening. the plumes of smoke were so thick two major roads were closed. it took crews about 8 hours to get things under control. witnesses say the fire will devastate the local economy. >> i'm thinking this is terrible for lebanon. i mean, these guys supply a lot of eggs and everything like that. plus people's jobs. >> luckily no one was injured in the blaze. a whale that washed ashore
5:55 am
in southern california is attracting beach-goers. federal officials are still trying to determine what killed the whale. it washed ashore last week on san clemente beach. there was no sign it was hit by a vessel or got tangled in fishing nets. many wonder why it's still there. >> can't they tie it up to a boat and drag it out to get rid of it? it's bad. there's a lot of bacteria and stuff like that around, too. i mean, a lot of people swim, fish, surf. so that's the only part that i see that's not that great, just having it sit there. >> park rangers are trying to figure out how to move the carcass to a nearby landfill. a woman wanted justice for her brother who died of a drug overdose so she called police and offered to help. the woman's brother died on april 13th shortly after buying street drugs. she later found cell phone messages between him and the apparent dealer. the woman helped police by luring the alleged drug dealer to a parking lot on north capitol avenue and that's where
5:56 am
officers arrested him. he is being held on $50,000 bail. landlords can already ban their tenants from smoking cigarettes in their rental units. soon pot could be added to that list. a bill introduced at the state capital would allow landlords to prohibit tenants from smoking medical marijuana in their properties. a recent ucsf study found that secondhand cannabis smoke has the same negative effects on the cardiovascular system as tobacco smoke. the warriors are hoping they can clinch round one of the play-offs without the nba's mvp. coming up we'll tell you about the surprising benefits for fans in this scenario who want to come see the game in person. >> we have an exclusive look at some of the messages written by a killer at the crime scene of a double homicide in east san jose. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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and i'm kenny choi. the warriors can clinch a st in the second round with a n in oakland tonight... the team has had a good morning. it's wednesday, april 27. the warriors can clinch a spot in the second round with a win in oakland tonight. the team has had a couple of days to rest but there's been plenty of action off the court. kpix 5's anne makovec reports from oracle arena where the "dubs" hope to wrap up the season against the rockets tonight. >> reporter: tonight's game starts at 7:30 p.m. every who comes to oracle will get one of these. it shirts strength in numbers and they are going to hope that that's going to bring some good luck to the team playing without their mvp. but tonight, they could clinch the first round of the play- offs. the team practiced yesterday. tonight game 5 of their best of 7 series with houston. they are leading 3-1 and steph curry is going to be sitting this one out after spraining his knee in houston last week. he is expected to be out for two


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