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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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pacifica on lockdown for muf the morning. good afterno we start with breaking news. a shooting puts three schools in pacifica on lockdown for the morning. good afternoon. police released details on the shooting that affected terra nova high school, lacy middle school and ortega elementary
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school. they went into a so-called secure campus mode until about 30 minutes ago. the shooting occurred at the nearby casa pacifica apartments on terra nova boulevard. police say a 25-year-old woman was shot in the head by a person that they are describing as a transient. we found police tape and an officer standing in front of one of the buildings. police moments ago releasing this mugshot of the suspect, named ricardo colindrez. they are looking for him. we'll have updates as we get them new at noon, investigators are looking into a death on apple's cupertino campus. a male employee was found dead this morning in a conference room. the sheriff's department is calling this an isolated incident and no one else was involved. and this is the kind of thing they say when investigating a potential suicide. they do not believe anyone else
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is at risk. bart released the results into the investigation of what caused a car to crash into a sand berm last week. anne makovec reports from oakland. >> reporter: bart wanted to make sure that we all understood this was not a problem with its new car, nor was it operator error. bart says this was a problem with the testing equipment itself. it was a disappointing sight last week when a bart's new "fleet of the future" train car crashed into a sand pile during a training run. >> stuff happens and you learn things. >> reporter: part of the car's braking system lost power because of a short in a wire caused by someone slamming a car door on that wire. >> as a result, that system shut off and blacked out, the brake system ran out of brake fluid. there was no damage to the car only going 5 miles an hour at the time of the crash. bart is now removing the car
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door that shorted the wire. >> we retested it. we verified it worked. came out with the results. weigh continue to test. we may -- we continue to test. we may find another issue. >> reporter: bart is facing questions whether they are testing instead of the manufacturer. the reason, bart's track is 6" wider than a standard system. >> somebody designed bart in 1960. i don't know what the thought process was. >> reporter: bart is going to resume testing very soon. it ordered 775 of these new cars. they are expected to be slowly rolled into service before the end of the year. life in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. weather is the other big story this noon. lightning and rain around parts of the bay area today. it was a slick drive on the golden gate bridge with gloomy skies out there and, of course, all those raindrops. and commuters in oakland had to take it slow on west 880. roberta is tracking it on hi- def doppler. >> it has been so active this
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morning! incredibly active with lightning strikes primarily east of the bay. good afternoon, everybody. let's go ahead and go to our live hi-def doppler radar. you see that we still have a line of showers very heavy downpours. but primarily in throughout the central valley from stockton south along i-5 and then a little cell moving out of the livermore area now and the precipitation is now sagging to the south of san jose. but look in its wake, we still have rain in san jose. this is a live weather camera taking a look out towards the santa clara valley. rainfall amounts have not amounted to much. but this is what we were forecasting, .15" in the central bay, over .2" in the hayward area. also seeing over .2" in mount st. helena. now we are tracking thunderstorms and the possibility of one developing at any point of the afternoon. those details are coming up a little bit later. westbound 580 in dublin is
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back over after a deadly crash. cell phone video shows the fiery scene east of the 680 interchange. it started around 6 a.m. the crash involved six vehicles including a big rig. you can see the charred aftermath. one person was killed. several lanes were closed after the crash, snarling traffic for hours this morning. drives could use the express lane on the highway. an agreement in the eviction of a 99-year-old san francisco woman. the details are being worked out but iris canada will be able to stay in her lower haight apartment of 60 years with certain conditions for now. >> the judge adopted his ruling today which we were okay with. um, we hope that um, miss canada is going too be able to remain in her home. obviously, at this point, she is going to have to come up with, um, payment of -- of a fee owed to my client or going to have to agree to execute paperwork so this building can be converted to condos. >> both sides will be back in
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court within 30 days. new video this noon of a mail theft in vallejo. there's been a rash of them lately there and in nearby american canyon. surveillance video shows a van pulling up to a mailbox two saturdays ago in the glen cove neighborhood. you can see it, it happened early in the morning around 1:30. the driver goes for the mailbox then comes back to the car a few minutes later with an armful of goods and drives off: as we reported last week, neighbors have been complaining about stolen mail for months now. there are as many as 300 cases. postal authorities say that th thieves apparently use master keys that they swiped from mail carriers. faculty members from city college of san francisco are out of class today and on the picket lines for the first time ever. 1500 employees from ccsf are on strike demanding administrators increase their pay by nearly 20%. they are also upset over a plan to reduce the number of courses offered by over 25%. federal transportation officials are hashing out the
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rules for self-driving cars. kiet do reports from stanford where industry experts are weighing in. >> reporter: the national highway traffic safety administration coming to sillicon valley was a no- brainer. when you think about it, in many ways the valley is leading the way when it comes to developing self-driving car technology. 150 of the brightest minds in the valley working on self- driving cars right now came to the public meeting at stanford university today. the agency wants to hear as many ideas from as many stakeholders as possible as they draft legislation and guidelines aimed at reducing fatalities. now, google's head of autonomous vehicles has said self-driving cars will be available to the public by 2020. here's what nhtsa administrator dr. mark rosekind had to say about that. within the next decade? >> absolutely. it's already here. i think what the question is going to be is, how soon could we get is safely on our streets. >> reporter: the other question, can carmakers be held liable when there's a crash? >> i think there needs to be a -- a strong showing that people are standing behind their products and so i'm not sure
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exactly what that would look like but i think that people in this space need to convince the public that technology is market-ready. >> reporter: in 2014, more than 32,000 people died in car crashes, most because of human error. nhtsa wants to use safety technology to get the number down to 0. at stanford university, kiet do, kpix 5. campaign 2016, this afternoon texas senator ted cruz is expected to announce that he has chosen former hp ceo carly fiorina as his running mate. donald trump and hillary clinton are cementing their status as front-runners for their party's presidential nominations. as craig boswell reports, they are now eyeing each other for a possible general election matchup. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee. >> reporter: donald trump says the race is over. >> the businessman scored larger-than-expected victory in the five states that voted tuesday. trump is now on target to win
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the nomination before the convention something ted cruz and john kasich can't do. cruz isn't going anywhere. >> washington and new york want this general election to be between two rich liberal new yorkers who agree on virtually every issue. >> reporter: trump is already trying to sound more presidential with a speech focusing on foreign policy. his message may be overshadowed by a statement about hillary clinton. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has going is the woman's card. and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. >> well, if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! [ screaming ] >> reporter: clinton won four out of five states tuesday and now needs just 18% of the remaining delegates to lock up the nomination. >> whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that unites us than divides us. >> whoo!
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>> reporter: clinton and trump may be jumping the gun. neither has clinched the nomination and the fight moves to indiana which votes next tuesday. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. tense moments at a protest in anaheim. a protestor sprayed two children with their grandparents. the officials of the town were hoping to ban trump from the city. no injuries or arrests. the gop candidates will be here in the bay area california convention in burlingame next week. a scare at the white house for a second day in a row. a man threw personal belongings over a fence on the white house grounds prompting a two-hour lockdown. one person is now in custody. just yesterday, a man jumped the fence along the opposite facility where presidential staff work. he was arrested. the paris attack suspect is
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back in france charged with terror-related offenses. salah abdeslam was europe's most wanted fugitive until his capture in belgium last month. he is charged with terrorist murder and using bombs and other weapons following the november 13ths attack in the french capital. his attorney says his client would explain himself later. still ahead, wild weather. tornadoes heavy rain and hail in parts of the country. and it may not be over yet. >> here in the bay area animal experts come to the rescue of a stranded baby seal.
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dozens of buildings are flattened. from look at the damage of weather from the country's mid six. dozens of buildings are flattened and millions of people from texas to virginia could be in the path of more severe storms today. cbs reporter don champion takes
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a look at the damage already done and the clean-up. >> reporter: severe weather tore through the nation's midsection overnight. >> oh!! >> oh, wow. >> reporter: huge hail battered cars in oklahoma. the storm damaged dozens of buildings including this medical facility in checotah. the awning and roof are ripped away. >> it sounded fast and, um, quite serious. >> reporter: the wind startled bob out of bed. from the air you can see the roof of this home is blown several feet in luther, oklahoma. throughout the reasonable crews have the tough task of removing trees like this that block roads and restoring power to thousands who spent the night in the dark. the heavy downpours sent water cascading over steps in kansas city, missouri, and caused flooding in wichita. lots of standing water all over the place.
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flood warnings are in effect throughout the day. don champion, cbs news, checotah, oklahoma. caught on camera, a small plane crashes into a tree and bursts into flames in alabama. witnesses rush in to help and from another camera, you can see a nearby business owner's reaction at that time crash. the pilot had minor hand injuries. the federal reserve is keeping the interest rate unchanged and no word on when the next rate hike may happen. u.s. is seeing solid job gains. twitter stock was down 16% after reporting revenue short of forecasts and issuing a disappointing outlook. stocks are still down. apple sank 7% this morning and remains down a day after reporting its first quarterly revenue decline in 13 years. the tech giant says it had its first-ever decline of iphone sales. and here's a live look from wall street. let's see how the market is doing right now. you can see the dow is up about 75 points.
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disney could soon have some major competition. the "wall street journal" reports comcast is in talks to buy dreamworks animation for more than $3 billion. the hotel studio and comcast the largest cable operator in the country are not confirming. just 100 days in opening ceremonies only 62% of tickets to the olympics in rio have been sold. the host country brazil has been plagued by problems from political corruption scandals to the zika scare. there are concerns that rio may not be ready to host and worries about whether organizers can fill the stadiums with so much negative publicity. opening ceremonies are set for august 5. the "dubs" hope to wrap up the series with houston tonight clinching a spot in the second round with a win at oracle arena. the team has had a couple of days to rest and there have been plenty of developments since sunday's game in houston. steph curry is out for two weakness with a knee sprain and coach kerr has received the nba
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coach of the year award. tip-off is at 7:30 tonight. so good news and bad news. to weather knew, here's kpix 5's roberta gonzales. >> it's so active this morning. we have been watching lightning strikes. just now i detected another lightning strike this time around in the central valley. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. you have to look to the north, you can see the lightning that just popped up. this is live data streaming in. we have the scattered showers around the northwestern section of the state, snow in the trinity alps, snow at mount shasta as well this morning. a front came through at 7:30 this morning producing lightning around discovery bay. lightning just popped up outside of patterson. this cell is moving out, this line of some pretty heavy rain moving due east as it sags south. we have been getting rain around alviso.
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it's drifting towards the mount hamilton area at this particular time. because of the diminishing showers, we have a lot of unstable air mass behind it. according to our time lapse, it looks like everything is quieting down just in time for the giants game. a few leftover raindrops on the camera lens in san jose and some very breezy conditions. temperatures are all under 60 degrees at this lunch hour. now, lindsay patton one of our weather watchers in pacifica said one brief heavy shower but mostly light drizzle. .03" so far in pacifica. winds at the coast 20 miles per hour, inland 14. and 14 in berkeley, 18 in the delta through fairfield. this is a very fast-moving cold front and again sagging to the south traversing to the east, it is moving out as quickly as it moved in so as it does so, behind it there we have a lot of unstable air mass and even though our futurecast illustrates that we should be
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quiet because of the colder air taking over the mild air we have been experiencing, we could see thunderstorms at any time this afternoon containing small hail. so our eyes to the sky. 60 monterey where the winds are up to 28 miles per hour at this time. today's highs with the northwest wind 20 to 30 into the 60s under 70 everywhere. there you have the sunset. we can have a lot more activity before sun goes down tonight in the form of a scattered thunderstorm. otherwise, high pressure nestles in and we'll be hitting 90 degrees easily in someone's backyard by sunday. probably mine. >> in yours. >> my backyard gets hospital. >> okay. we'll be over for barbecue. >> thank you. experts on the marine mammal center are tending to a baby seal found stranded in san francisco. it was found on ocean beach this morning. at this point they believe it's an endangered guadalupe fur seal. not clear how it got there. coming up, dicing dyson getting into the business of hair, the latest tool to get you the perfect do. >> we invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about
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their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is beautiful spring celery in the market. would you look how beautiful this is? nice and crisp. mint green. nice and clear at the cut. look at these beautiful leaves.
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here's the key. [ squeezing it ] >> that means it's fresh. celery is great in so many different things. also great in the beginning with a lot of chefs to use celery because it's aromatic with onions and carrots to start so many recipes and in salads. what i like to do is eat them with peanut butter. i love it! truly good. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i got to buy this bunch because i broke it. bye. this next story is going to stir some debate. it's a company known for its sleek high-priced vacuums. now dyson unveils a supersonic hairdryer. they say it has a smaller motor making it lighter, faster and quieter than other hairdryers. it took over 4 years and more than $200 million to develop. so how much will customers pay? the dyson supersonic is expected to retail for about $400.
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>> you think people are going to pay that price for a revolutionary hairdryer? >> well, people really care about their hair and they care about their beauty. so i think they will pay for it. at least i hope they do. >> your wife says yes, you say no. right? >> i say negative. >> no. >> supersonic -- $400? >> it's expensive. but i don't know. according to people it's worth it. too much for me. >> i do like the vacuums. >> it looks cool. right? it's expected to be available in the u.s. in september so you have until september. >> you, too. reminder if you have a consumer problem or question email or call us. ============b r e a k ============== that's he k-p-i-x at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have a great afternoon. we're done. bye! captions by: caption colorado ,,
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