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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 28, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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mmmm, yoplait. no problem! tonight: a on.. as >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> no curry, no problem. tonight, a golden celebration as the warriors advance in the playoffs. >> after the warriors blasted past the rockets, sky above oracle arena lit up in fireworks where kpix5's christin ayers is now. hi christin. >> reporter: guys, this was an embarrassing loss for the houston rockets tonight. and victorious for fans. the final score was 81-114. a rough game for the rockets. the warriors steam rolling their way to the end of the
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playoffs an silencing any critics who said they couldn't play without curry. fireworks outside and on the porch. tonight, the warriors had something to prove to prove they could stewpot without their star player. >> it would have been fun to have him out there, but they played fabulous. >> reporter: that was an understatement, the team blew out the houston rockets from start to finish. >> it was awesome. klay was just so hot. >> reporter: without curry, some fans told us their enthusiasm about the series was sagging. stub hub says ticket prices dropped 5% since curry was injured and we noticed some empty seats in oracle arena. but that didn't stop the team from delivering a performance worthy of their mvp. >> when they bring them back, they will hit on all cylinders.
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>> they will take on the la clippers or the portland trailblazers next. reporting live at oracle arena, christin ayers, kpix5. >> steph curry was technically there cheering on his teammates tonight. there he is. 43.8 seconds left in the game pumping the fist. if you want tickets to the semifinals, you can buy them or at least try to beginning on friday. our sports director dennis o'donnell will have all the highlights and locker room reaction coming up a bit later. >> it is touched in the water. it touched down. a waterspout. >> wild weather here in northern california. this waterspout touched out in lake berryessa in napa county. meanwhile, in sacramento county, hail came down hard and fast in rancho cordova this afternoon. and check out the damage here. the hailstorm knocked down part of this room in the valley home area. paul, some crazy stuff out
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there today. >> yeah liz, more than 200 lightning strikes mainly in the central valley. snow all day long in the sierra and one strong thunderstorm over lake berryessa. this is what it looked like earlier in san jose. we have video to show you of the rainfall. we got light rain before lunchtime. then the really activewet sir an area of low pressure passed overhead. tonight, things are calmer. a live view from treasure island shows you mainly clear skies and the rain is now finished. we will check the radar. kpix5 high-def doppler showing you showers over the diablo range. have you noticed the past couple of days how windy it has been? four straight days at sfo with a 40 miles an hour wind gusts. we will talk about how much the winds relax and how warm we will get this weekend coming up. >> all right paul. new twist tonight in the case of some sheriffs deputies caught on camera beating a suspect. joe vasquez has some new video
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that is raising some serious questions about what their superior did next. joe? >> reporter: the public defender says he took a gold necklace from a suspect and it was caught on camera. >> my eyes popped open. i could not believe what i was seeing. >> reporter: the enhanced surveillance footage released by jeff hadachi shows a white circle around a sheriff's deputy twirling something shiny in his hand. >> what you see in the video is one of the deputies, not the deputies involved in the beating but the one that came afterwards. we believe he was a superior officer and he is swinging that chain around. >> reporter: a gold chain belonging to stanislav petrov. the deputies hit him with their night sticks over and over again. none of the deputies has been
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charge with any crimes. >> two witnesses have come forward saying these officers bribed them by giving them the chain you can see the officer swinging drugs and money in exchange for their silence. the big question i think anyone who has seen this video. seen the evidence, is going to ask is why vice president they been charged? do we have a double standard? >> we already had this video. >> we disclosed this to the public defender that we knew about it. that it was part of our investigation. >> reporter: spoke person ray kelly. >> that part of the video is shocking. it is shocking to see something like that. but these are allegations that need to be investigated. if they are true, they are very disturbing. >> reporter: we know the san francisco district attorney has been investigating the case for the last five months. what is still unclear is whether there will be charges against these deputies or when. live in the news room, joe
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vasquez, kpix5. >> the search son tonight for a man accused of shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the head in pacifica. police say 25-year-old ricardo colindras is considered armed and dangerous. it unfolded on terra nova boulevard. he tried to kidnap the victim and she fought back. that is when he shot her in the back of the head. incredibly, she survived. a neighbor ran to her aid after she heard the shots. >> i asked her if she needed a blanket or not. it was cold this morning. but, she was sitting up an fine. she is darn lucky. >> the victim's unborn baby is expected to be okay as well. police say the suspect is possibly driving a silver toyota camry. more trouble for a former san francisco police lieutenant. curtis liu has been charged with obstructing the rape investigation of another police officer. liu accused of making
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misleading statements and withholding information. that information was about the man seen here. former officer jason lai. both men work in the terra bell station in the sunset. lai has not been charged with sexual assault. they up covered racist and homophobic text messages exchanged among the men and two other officers. liu retired and lai resigned. new problems for the empty seats battled chancellor at uc davis. linda katarhi has been placed on leave. she has been criticized for using school funds to scrub bad press from the internet after campus police pepper sprayed protesters in 2011. some new reports surrounding the death of prince. law enforcement sources are telling cbs news the singer had
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prescription painkillers in his possession and at his home when he died and tmz reports he battled a years long addiction to percocet. he reportedly began using the drug while suffering from hip problems. and a potentially deadly pill is now popping up in the bay area. public health officials are warning about counterfeit drugs laced with fentanyl. betty yu with the push to get this dangerous drug off the streets. >> reporter: they look very much like the real thing, but health officials say this pill is disguised as the popular painkiller norco and it contains fentanyl. a dangerous narcotic. >> it is 25 to 50 times more powerful than heroin and morphine. >> reporter: seven overdoses have been reported in contra costa, alameda, santa clara, and san francisco counties since late march. no deaths have been linked to any of these cases. the dea says the fake tablets are likely made in china,
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smuggled into mexican drug cartels and into california. health officials believe the overdose cases are linked to the pills sold on the streets. >> it is the biggest problem we have in the region. to take the pills off the street and stop the people selling the pills that are hurting people. so, we are conducting a thorough investigation. >> reporter: and fentanyl can be deadly. at least ten people in the sacramento area have died from overdoses since march. presidential candidate ted cruz picks his running mate and then barbara boxer goes off. tonight, just wait until you see the u.s. senator's barrage of insults. >> how did this brand new bart car end up in the sand? tonight, bart's unusual explanation. >> and tourists are snapping pictures. neighbors are fed up. tonight, why they say an old
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ransaked by police. the city of santa clar >> a big settlement for a bay area muslim man whose house was ransacked by the police. mohammed monib will get $500,000 after police conducted
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a military style raid on his house with guns drawn in 2014. he claims police were after a camera. he was accused of stealing. a camera was never found. charges were later dropped. he sued the city saying the raid had racist overtones. a botched robbery turned dally. tonight, we know the victim of the pittsburgh massage parlor murder. 29-year-old liu wa zhon was shot in this super massage on atlantic avenue. the store has been closed since it happened sunday. a suspect entered the business demanding money. there was a scuffle and the victim was shot. the suspect is on the run. in san francisco, one person died in this nasty crash near at&t park just before the giants game around noon today. witnesses say the cmw tried to turn left. they used the jaws of life to try to free the passenger
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inside that bmw, but police say that passenger died. it is unclear who was at fault. bart knows why a new train car it was testing slammed into a sand barrier now. chopper 5 was over the hayward testing facility last friday as the men in yellow were digging the car out. bart says the crash wasn't caused by a problem with the car or operator error. the braking system lost power after a door slammed shut on an electric cable. >> as a result, that system shut off. >> the auxiliary breaking system also ran out of fluid. it was only traveling 5 miles an hour and it was not damaged. turning to the race for the white house and fresh mud slinging on the campaign trail. but it was not between the candidates. andria borba shows us how a california senator is throwing jabs at ted cruz's new running mate. >> reporter: well, the announcement came the day after
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cruz lost five primaries. he changed the conversation and then one of carly fiorina's former rivals unleashed on twitter. first, the action from ted cruz. >> i will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> reporter: and then the reaction to his vp pick, carly fiorina. you can call barbara boxer senator shade. in a series of caustic tweets, she took the cruz fiorina ticket to task. i predict the latest fiorina merger will be as successful as her last one. or this one. cruz fiorina equals a perfect match. he wants to ship immigrants out and she is a champion at shipping jobs out. kpix5 political analyst melissa cane say it is tweets are fitting for the senator ending her career. >> it is a beautiful thing to be liberated by not having to
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run for election again. not that she would lose many votes going after a republican, but she clearly is feeling like she can say whatever she thinking. >> reporter: remember, senator boxer and fiorina went head to head in 2010. >> having run in a bruising campaign against fiorina, she can't be thrilled to have carly coming back to california to stump once again for the republican party. >> reporter: it is something the senator addressed in a conference call this afternoon. >> now she is coming back like a bad dream. >> reporter: it is also the subject of a tweet. cruz thinks fiorina will help in california. maybe he doesn't know she left after she lost by a million vote. >> she won the republican primary with 56% of the vote. maybe cruz is banking on her having some residual fans in california. >> reporter: now the timing of today's announcement not only changed the conversation on the cry mares but deflected
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attention from republican front runner donald trump who gave his first foreign policy speech today. in the news room, andria borba, kpix5. >> here is the headline on the washington post. ted cruz just threw a hail mary named carly fiorina. and on the democratic side. vermont senator bernie sanders is slashing his campaign staff. he is laying off 225 of his employees as he shifts the focus to california. how would you like to make $4 billion in an afternoon? mark zuckerberg is reaping the benefits of facebook's strong first quarter earnings. he is the sixth richest person in the world worth $51.7 billion. enough to bump oracle chairman out of that top spot. facebook announced it made $1.5 billion in profits for the first quarter. it is up nearly 200% for the same time last year. and the company reported 1.65
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billion active monthly users. that is up 15%. tonight, some people in san francisco are complaining things are getting a little out of control in their neighborhood. too crowded and too noisy. veronica de la cruz tells us it is all because of one particular house. >> can you guys guess? it is very full. we are talking about one house. full house. people are flocking to this famous victorian. now, it has been going on for years. ever since the it is come originally debuted in the 1980s. >> it is very important to say. >> we all still look good. >> but ever since netflix launched this spin-off series, fuller house, earlier this year, neighbors say there are more crowds of onlookers. >> tourists will come. there will be lines.
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there will be a lot of traffic. it has been pretty challenging when you are trying to get home or trying to park your car. >> by the way, the producers of the original tv series used footage of the victorian for the show's intro, but the show itself was actually filmed in burbank. something not not a lot of people know. >> they are still looking for uncle jesse. >> the house is there two seconds in the opening? >> yeah. >> got to love it. >> there you go. >> thanks veronica. the fight over public access to a popular beach near half-moon bay is going to court. the owner of the property next to the pathway to martin's beach blocked access with a locked gate and a no trespassing sign. people ignored it anyway. a citizens group is fighting to get the path reopened. they claim the previous property owner dedicated a right of public passage to the beach. the san francisco court of appeals says that is enough to
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take this case to trial. this baby seal is warm and cozy after being stranded on ocean beach. the little pup was found all alone this morning. police kept watch to make sure no one would bother it. marin marine mammal rescue came and scooped the baby they say was severely malnourished. it is unclear how long it had been away from its mother. it will stay in marin under veterinarian care until it regains it strength. another pup resting safely tonight. >> yes. there have been a lot this winter. >> there have. there has been snow in the sierra. snowed all morning. it is still snowing above 6,000 feet. wonderful news. we are adding to the snow pack in april and a few showers east of san jose. skies cleared after a thunderstorm right over mount vaca and the city of vacaville. a fantastic sunset.
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san francisco, 53. 52 livermore. concord, 56. skies are clearing. winds are relaxing. i have received many tweets and e-mails saying when is the wind going to relax? the answer is tonight and tomorrow. santa rosa, 44. pacifica, 49. round one was light rain. round two, that was with the area of low pressure. a tornado reported there. a waterspout over lake berryessa. that is moving away. so what is moving in? a very large ridge of high pressure which will hang out about three or four days. i stopped futurecast at 5:00. these are up ther level winds. you see things moving from north to south or northeast to southwest. that is an offshore wind. the air is chilly. doesn't matter if the wind is coming from the other direction. the entire bay area running 5 to 15 degrees warmer than average. but tomorrow is thursday. lit be warmer but not crazy
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warm with more sunshine and less wind. temperatures will peak coming up this weekend. comfortable day tomorrow. no rain. san rafael, sunshine. 72. fremont, 70. concord, 75. san francisco, 68. equally as pleasant friday. low to mid 70s near the bay. we will cool off by the middle of next week. >> well within that comfort zone for both saturday and sunday. >> perfect spring weather. i'll tell you what sounds nice. how about game five in the warrior ins. >> that does sound nice. >> yep. >> well, you know how we struggle when you are not anchoring. our mvp is missing. the warriors struggled tonight? let me put hit way. you could cut the highlights at halftime. game five, highlights coming up. o'donnell who s out at orace arena... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> want to get you up to date on breaking news in that double
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homicide investigation in san jose. we were speaking earlier of. a source tells kpix5 that police have a man in custody. the oldest son of golam and shamim arabi were found murdered inside their san jose home. the older son had not been seen since his parents were killed. police had been looking for him in the central valley. more on that story coming up as we get more information. in the meantime. another big night for the warriors. dennis o'donnell is out at oracle arena with our sports tonight. dennis? >> reporter: that's right. the warriors did not skip a beat. at least for tonight, curry remaining out with that knee injury. they jumped out on houston from the get go. curry's replacement shot. an 8-0 lead. livingston had to make steve
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kerr happy. draymond green goes right down the lane. free-throw made it 57-37. green finished with 15 points. klay thompson caught fire. buries the three to make it a 28-point lead. then 0 seconds later hits from walnut creek. he had 27 points on seven three- pointers. the warriors win the series four game to one and advance to the second round. >> when steph goes down, they raise their level of play because one of their brothers has fallen. it is special for all of us to watch. >> i think it is good. a confidence booster for everybody. we would rather him be out there. but when he is not, we have to pull together. it is not just one guy. >> we live in strength in numbers. everybody keeps saying it. so make sure they trust us.
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we will show them what that really means. >> reporter: the second round series is the blazers or the clippers an that could begin as early as sunday. ,,,,,,,,
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>> welcome back to oracle. across the bay, brandon belt showed why. after today, the padres couldn't wait to sail back to san diego. bottom four, giants leading 6- 4. belt drive ins two more with a triple. he finished a home run shy of the cycle. giants finish off the sweep and win 13-9. jim harbaugh visiting with his buddy bob melvin in detroit. 431 feet. that baby goes. that made it 4-0. gray lasted
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just two innings and the diagnosers the tigers beat the as . the sharks will play nashville in the second round. home ice. rid night, that game will be 7:30. game two. so, you could conceivably have the warriors playing here and the sharks and the playoff ins san jose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30.
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>> late show is next. >> next newscast tomorrow morning. 4:30. ,,,,,,,,,,
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