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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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thursday, april 28. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we're happy that the warriors have won. >> i was in my glory last night. i had the warriors on last night and anaheim and the predators because i wanted to see who the sharks are going to be playing friday night so i was going back and forth. it was a great night! [ laughter ] >> eating tacos, too! >> and rain, and a good thing, too. >> it was a perfect day for me yesterday. and today we're going to just -- [ laughter ] >> today we're going to jump up 10 degrees throughout many areas. hi, everybody. theagain, you have your teal blue honoring our san jose sharks. and you have your blue honoring our golden state warriors who slapped down the rockets last night, wasn't pretty. 51 in san jose. later today near 80 inland. full forecast in minutes.
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>> good morning. southbound 880 between stevenson and fremont we have roadwork. that will be there also for another half-hour and north 880 between fremont and maui look out for roadwork there until 5:00. developing news in san jose. we have learned that a new gruesome double murder is one step closer to being solved. the sources told kpix 5 that a suspect has been arrested for the murder of golam and shamima rabbi. the man is in custody, their oldest son. the couple was found dead in a their home on sunday. a message behind their bodies read sorry, my first kill was clumsy. there is a new twist on the case involving bay area deputies caught on camera beating a suspect. new video shows an officer may have stolen the victim's chain. joe vazquez has more reporter: >> my eyes just popped open because i could not believe what i was seeing. >> reporter: the enhanced surveillance footage released jeff adachi shows a white
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circle around a sheriff's deputy twirling something shiny in his hand. >> what you see on the video is one of the deputies, not the deputies involved in the beating, but one that came afterward, and we believe that he was a superior officer, and he is swinging that chain around. >> reporter: a gold chain which adachi says belongs stanislaus petrov. he led police on a high-speed chase earlier. another video shows deputies hitting the suspect over and over again with the nightstick. no one was charged. >> two witnesses have come forward and said that these officers bribed him by giving them the chain that you can see the officer swinging, drugs and money, in exchange for their silence. the big question i think anyone who has seen this video seen the evidence, um, is going to ask is, why haven't they been
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charged? do we have a double standard when it comes to police officers? >> we already had this video so this is not news to us. we have already disclosed to the public defender that we knew about it that it was part of our investigation. so i don't understand why he is releasing it now. >> reporter: a sheriff's spokesman. >> that part of the video when we saw it is shocking and for me personally as a law enforcement it's shocking to see something like that. but these are allegations that need to be investigated. if they're true they are very disturbing. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> we know san francisco's district attorney has been investigating the case for the last five months. what is still unclear is whether the deputies will face any charges. the pacifica police want your help finding a man accused of shooting his pregnant ex- girlfriend in the head. officers consider this man 25- year-old ricardo colindres armed and dangerous. but his ex-girlfriend may prove helpful because she is still alive. she reportedly fought him off yesterday morning at the casa pacifica apartments when he tried to kidnap her. according to neighbors, colindres shot her in the back
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of the head. that's when somebody ran out to help her. >> well, i asked her if she needed a blanket or not. it was cold this morning. but she was sitting up and fine. she's darn lucky. >> the victim's unborn baby was unhurt. police say the suspect is probably driving a silver toyota camera. fresno police are using a new tool to petter connect with the community. the police chief is conducting surveys on the app "next door" to get feedback about how they are doing. it's an app that allows neighbors to connect with one another to share information. the deputy chief says it's an important tool for effective policing. >> this allows us to get information from the community in real time. it also allows us to give information back to the community. >> and so far, they have been getting a lot of feedback online. the chief says they will continue with them.
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they will continue routine polling going forward. in the water, it's a waterspout. >> northern california had wild weather this week. people were stunned when a waterspout touched down on lake berryessa in napa county yesterday. [ noise ] >> but mother nature really showed her wrath in sacramento county. hail fell hard in rancho cordova yesterday afternoon and chopper 5 caught the thick fog and drizzle by san francisco's ocean beach. the city saw a strong burst of rain yesterday morning before things warmed up early in the afternoon. >> that was amazing video of a waterspout. how common is that? >> we usually get one or two a year. but it is very rare. yes. and when you say we had the warm in the afternoon hours that's when we had more thunderstorms and the hail in the sacramento area. we had a lot of instability out there. paul deanno and i were texting each other going, wow! wow! it was just a great day across the bay area yesterday!
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[ laughter ] >> good morning. no need for our live hi-def doppler radar this morning. in fact, what we're doing is getting straight down to business. taking a look at the current conditions in and around our microclimates as we look at mineta international airport. we dipped into the 50s throughout the tri-valley. it is 50 in santa row. san francisco is cooled down to 51. it's now 55 in oakland. these are the numbers you can expect today. we are going to warm in many neighborhoods by 10 degrees. 60s with abundance of sunshine at the beaches today. 60s and 70s peninsula, 80 brentwood and fairfield. 79 santa rosa. wait until you see the weekend forecast. that's coming up in less than 10 minutes. first here's gianna. >> we take a look at our bay area bridges right now. no wind advisory this morning. things are quiet on the roads. here's a live look at conditions at the bay bridge. so of traffic is light out of oakland into san francisco so
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far. no delays there. metering lights not on for another hour. oakland so far, so good both directions off to a great start this morning no delays from 238 into oakland. southbound 880 clear into hayward. san mateo bridge this morning, so far, so good easy ride between 880 and 101. the warriors put on a show last night at oracle arena even without steph curry. and the bay area of course is celebrating their advance in the play-offs. kpix 5's christin ayers was at the game reporter: fireworks at oracle arena outside and on the court. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the warriors had something to prove that they could "steph" up without their star player. >> go "dub nation"! they done good without curry. >> they didn't miss him at all. it would have been fun to have him but they played fabulous. >> reporter: that was an understatement. the team blew out the houston rockets from start to finish. >> it was awesome. klay was just so hot! >> reporter: without curry, some fans told us their
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enthusiasm about the series was sagging. stubhub told us ticket prices dropped 5% since curry was injured. and we noticed a number of empty seats in oracle arena but that didn't stop the team from delivering a performance worthy of their mvp. and fans say this will only make them stronger. >> we are all-around team. you know? it lets the team build chemistry without him so when they do bring him back, they will just hit on all cylinders. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> so the warriors will take on either the l.a. clippers or the portland trail blazers next and dennis o'donnell will have locker room reaction coming up in the 5:00 hour. and by the way, steph curry may not have been playing but he was there. he was cheering on his teammates last night. and this was his reaction with 43 second left in the game. he is happy. the chancellor of uc-davis may be out of a job. linda katehi is on administrative leave accused of hiring outside consultants to clear the internet of video
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showing campus police pepper spraying student protestors. an investigation is also under way to see just how the chancellor was involved in hiring family members for campus positions. women would be required to register for the military draft under a plan just approved by a house committee. but the congressman behind it voted against it. he says he was just trying to spur conversation about the role of women in the military when he introduced the plan. bay area congresswoman jackie speier voted in favor of it. senate lawmakers still need to sign off on the plan. the 2016 gop candidates turn their focus to california. donald trump will speak in southern california today just one day before the gop state convention kicks off in burlingame. winning the golden state would help trump win the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the gop nomination for president. and fresh mudslinging on the campaign trail but it wasn't between the presidential candidates. andria borba shows us how a california senator is throwing
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jabs at ted cruz's new running mate reporter: first the action from ted cruz. >> i will run on a ticket with my vice-presidential nominee carly fiorina. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: and then the reaction to his vp pick, carly fiorina from the twitter birds and those tweets from a very unlikely source. you can call barbara boxer senator shea. in a series of caustic tweets from her personal account, barbara boxer took the cruz- fiorina ticket to task. i predict that the latest carly fiorina merger will be as successful as her last one. or this 140-character burn. cruz-fiorina equals a perfect match. he wants to ship immigrants out and she is a champion at shipping jobs out. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen says the tweets are fitting for a senator ending her career. >> it's a beautiful thing to be liberated by not having to run for election again. [ chuckling ] not that she would necessarily lose many
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votes by going after a republican. but she clearly is feeling like she can say anything. >> reporter: remember, senator boxer and the former head of hewlett-packard went head to head in 2010. >> having run in a pretty bruising campaign against fiorina she can't be thrilled to have carly coming back to california to stump once again for the republican party. >> reporter: it's something the senator addressed in a conference call. >> now she is coming back again. it's like a bad dream, you know? >> reporter: unsurprisingly, it's also the subject of a tweet. cruz thinks fiorina will help in california. maybe he doesn't know carly left after she lost by a million votes. >> she won the republican primary with 56% of the vote. so maybe cruz is banking on her having some residual fans here in california. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. time now is 4:41. it's a small pill that packs a huge punch and now health officials are sending out a warning about the painkiller
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norco. it may not be what it seems. >> the fed says not so fast. why they're cutting you a break for now on interest rates. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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seen dragging her dog besidr car in this video that went vir. the owner claimed the dog w dragged, and there police in stockton finally caught up with a woman seen dragging her dog beside her car in this video that went viral. the owner claimed the dog was not being dragged and there was no tension on the leash. but many people online who saw the video called it animal cruelty. she was given a warner. the carcass of a gray whale that washed up on a beach is going to be cut up and trucked to i alandfill. park officials made the announcement after deciding it would be difficult to tow the 30-ton we'll out to sea or buried at the beach in san diego county. it will cost $30,000 to move it to the landfill. a scary encounter in the sky between birds and a packed plane. here's what the american airlines plane looked like after birds crashed right into
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its nose! the jet was carrying 150 people and 6 crew from seattle to dallas. but after the strike it turned around and went to the seattle tarmac. the airline promised everyone would get to dallas as soon as possible. music icon prince had prescription painkillers in his possession when he died according to law enforcement sources. they say that he also had drugs at his home. it's not clear whether the medications played a role in his death. tmz reports that prince was addicted to percocet for years. the singer reportedly started using the drug with hip problems. results from autopsy will be release in a few weeks. across the bay area sales of a counterfeit drug are on the rise. but public health officials say it packs a stronger punch than heroin. betty yu shows us why the small pill has authorities so worried reporter: it looks like the real thing but health officials say this pill is disguised as the popular painkiller norco.
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and it contains fentanyl, a dangerous narcotic. >> it is 25 to 50 times more powerful than heroin, 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. >> reporter: 7 overdoses have been reported in contra costa, alameda, santa clara and san francisco counties since late march. no deaths have been linked to any of these cases. the dea says the fakes are made in china smuggled into mexico and california. health officials believe the overdose cases are linked to norco pills sold on the streets. >> it's the biggest priority we have in the region right now is to take these pills off the street and to stop the people that are selling these pills that are hurtling people. so we have to -- we are conducting a thorough investigation. >> authorities in the sacramento area have seen the damage fentanyl can do. at least 10 people in the
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region have dialed from overdoses since march. spacex announced on twitter that they plan to send an unmanned spacecraft to mars as soon as 2018. in january, elon musk says he wants to send the first humans to mars sometime around 2025. nasa says they are behind it. if all goes as planned a modified version of the dragon spacecraft called red dragon would be sent to survey the terrain and collect soil samples from the planet. >> i know if roberta had her choice she would go there. >> i would love to go into space. i don't know if i could confined in such a small compacted area. >> so excited seeing earth. >> and not eat mexican food. >> than can vacuum seal it for you. >> i'll look into that. [ laughter ] >> in the 40s inland. it is now 51 in san francisco. our live weather camera looking
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toward san jose mineta international airport. no reports of any local airport delays. 52 degrees in concord, clayton and walnut creek. we are off to a breezy start in the city by the bay. san francisco a west-northwest breeze at 12. 11 at sfo. it's going to be a blustery day at the beach although warmer. it's flat right now as far as the winds are concerned around suisun bay into american canyon. 8-mile-an-hour winds in santa rosa. so our disturbance from yesterday that brought us a quarter inch of rain is over las vegas bringing beneficial rains to the desert southwest. what you need to know today is the clear start. going to have some breezy northwest winds 20 to 30 along the seashore, generally 10 to 20 around our urban areas. a warming trend in time for the weekend. so the area of low pressure that brought us unstable air yesterday with the thunderstorms in brentwood, tracy and discovery bay it's out of here. now we return more to the influence of high pressure. a northerly wind means it's
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going to really warm us up in time for the weekend. official sun-up at 6:17 and by the time it sets at 7:58, smack in between, our numbers are going up by 10 degrees inland. we only had a high of 62 degrees in livermore yesterday. today 71. 60s and 70s at the peninsula today. 75 in napa. outside number 80 degrees in discovery bay and brentwood and the east bay. meanwhile the same on friday. we are flirting with 90 by sunday. >> good morning. we jump to the roads right now. we are starting to see a few cars out there through the altamont pass with road construction. let's go live first to 24 westbound through lafayette. we had an early-morning accident with all lanes shut down everything now cleared you can see the traffic moving along with no problems westbound. if you are traveling out of walnut creek taking 24, all the
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way through lafayette, orinda into oakland traffic no problem. bay bridge we have an early backup in the cash lanes. looks like traffic is slow. the fastrak users moving with no problem out of oakland into san francisco. clear across the upper deck along the bay bridge. altamont pass so far, so good. traffic is clear toward the dublin interchange making the connector. big difference from yesterday where we had a major accident here slowing things down. but traffic is free-flowing in both directions. the only time you will see any delays on 580 is coming out of tracy. still in the yellow, speeds above 25 miles per hour. slow but moving at least to greenville and again no delays towards 680. and a look at the san mateo bridge. so far traffic is light out of hayward into foster city on that westbound side. 13 minutes your drive time 880 to 101. and speaking of 880 you have roadwork between stevenson boulevard and fremont boulevard and then on the northbound side
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at maui until 5:00. -- at mayry until 5:00. lemonade is a sweet seller. mustafaindustry forecasters say queen bee's latest album could sell 450,000 copies or more in the first week. that would continue beyonce's streak for five previous albums debuted at number one, as well. and she kicked off her formation tour in miami last night. a legendary comic bookstorery line is leaping from the page to the tv. >> perhaps you'll kill me. >> perhaps i'll kill you. >> the first full trailer is out for batman the killing joke. it's about the origin of batman's ultimate enemy the joker. it will premiere at comic-con this summer and then blu-ray and dvd. fans of batman the animated series will recognize the voices of kevin conroy as
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batman and mark hamill as the joker. parents, if you want you can spend more time with your kids today. it's national take your son and daughter to work day. 37million americans are expected to participate in more than three million workplaces. 4:52. wasting money on a gym membership? the better option you might not have thought about. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,, ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. you're watching "kpix 5 morning news." these are the temperatures you can expect today under bright sunny skies. along the coast today a little windy but into the 60s. good morning, redwood city. your high temperature will top off at 70. same in palo alto. swinging around to the eastern portion of the bay area, warm up to 80 in fairfield and brentwood. tri-valley in the 70s. santa rosa in the high 70s same in sonoma. a breeze today northwest 10 to 20. saint helena at 80 degrees. let's go to south city right now. caltrans closure in effect for south 101 connector to eastbound 380. it will be shut down until 6 a.m. give yourself a few extra minutes. the federal reserve says it will not raise its key interest rates for now. economic activity appears to have slowed despite gains in the job market. household spending has evened out even though income is up and consumer sentiment is high. the last time the fed raised
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rates was in december and that was the first time in almost a decade. facebook's ceo is raking in the cash. mark mark zuckerberg made an additional $4 billion after the company's first quarter earnings were released. forbes lists him as the fourth richest person in the world. he burned down larry ellison in the list. facebook made $1.5 billion in 1st quarter profits up nearly 200% from the same time last year. facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active users. and verizon is suggesting that workers on strike may be sabotaging it equipment. 30,000 verizon workers went on strike two weeks ago on contract negotiations. since then, the company says that there have been 57 cases of damage to its equipment and fiber lines across five states. the union that's on strike hasn't commented on the criminal acts. if you travel a lot maybe you have noticed the good deals
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on airplane tickets recently. in fact, prices are as low now as they were back in 2010. the average price of domestic airfare dropped to $363 in just the last three months of 2015. the price drop is mostly due to cheaper oil and the need for big carriers to compete with low cost carriers that are expanding into new cities. well, if you are one of the many trying to get in shape for the summer hold off on that gym membership. it may not be the best bet. "usa today" says the average gym membership costs $60 a month but 67% of them go unused. instead, apps and streaming workout videos can save people time and money. time now 4:57. a famous bay area home a cause for concern. why neighbors say it's become a huge nuisance. >> reporter: and there's been a big break in the case of that double homicide in the san jose foothills. san jose police have made an arrest.
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we're taking a look at levi's stadium. but guess what. today is the nfl draft. the 49ers will be picking. good morning, it's thursday, april 28. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. developing news in san jose where a suspect is in custody for the murder of an evergreen couple. kpix 5's kiet do is live in san jose with word that the man behind bars was no stranger to the couple reporter: our sources have confirmed that the son habib rabbi has been arrested now facing charges of double homicide. they were tracking him and followed him to the central valley and our sources say that san jose police officers were working this case out of tracy. that likely explains why investigators have been so quiet about the


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