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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: abdul is a cofounder of the south bay islamic association and that hasik is quiet but he would often join his parents for prayer at the mosque. he was a little quieter. >> reporter: what set him off is the question. sources say hasib had mental health issues and struggled with his sexuality. >> it is a bit of a shock to me. now i don't know if this was known in their family and how the family was feeling. i have no idea. this subject never came up and nobody in the community knew about this. >> reporter: police have not released an official motive in the case and they are not saying why they are not doing any on camera interviews. as for the suspect he declined jailhouse interviews. maria medina, kpix 5. an exclusive report from kpix 5's devin fehely. he is in tracy, and that's
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where one of the brothers reportedly hid out. >> reporter: we spoke to a close friend from his time at de anza college in the bay area and he talks about a bizarre 24 hours of hiding out with the suspect. >> told me that he was on the run because of the murder of his parents. >> reporter: matthew says hasib golamrabbi showed up in tracy after two days on the run confessing almost immediately while offering chilling details about his parents murder. >> he shot his dad five times in the back and he would not stop screaming so he had to end him quickly which is, um, which prompted his mom to, um, scream and, um, ask what was happening. >> reporter: matthew says fearful for his own safety and the safety of his family, he let the accused killer hide out in his bedroom closet for nearly 24 hours. >> he was in my closet. i brought him food. i brought him water to make sure he was well nourished. >> reporter: but matthew says all the while he was hatching a plan of his own and when his friend finally left his house
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he called police relieved that his part in this bizarre and scary ordeal was over. >> your good friend comes to your house that you haven't spoken to maybe in half a year and he tells you that he has killed his parents. it's very alarming. >> reporter: now, strangely enough, huh, he didn't mention his brother's involvement. coming up at 6:00 we have new details about how he planned to hide from police and how he planned to shift the suspicion away from himself. in tracy, devin fehely, kpix 5. a developing story now. don't bet on the future for the raiders in oakland. raiders owner mark davis was in las vegas today making a presentation before the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee. he pledged to put $500 million towards a new stadium in vegas if the rest of the funding is approved by the nevada state
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legislature. it would be built on a lot next to the airport and blocks from the strip. >> this is the goal of my lifetime. when my father passed away to continue his legacy with this football team the number one thing was to find a stadium and find a home. and that's what i'm looking to do. >> davis got some support from another big name in sports, david beckham. the soccer star was there to pitch the benefits of a new stadium in vegas and said he hoped to see a major league soccer team launch there, as well. oakland officials say they were blindsided by davis' vegas trip and ahead at 6:00 what could be an effort by a famous 49er to help keep the raiders in the east bay. well, nfl dreams about to come true for a homegrown bay area quarterback. and really any minute now we are expecting to learn jared goff is the top overall pick in the nfl draft. goff grew up in the north bay played football at marin catholic, in kentfield. how good was this kid? well, he lost only four games
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in his entire high school career. goff went on to start as a freshman for the cal bears. he caught the eye of many pro scouts. tonight, all indication are that he will find a new home with the l.a. rams. a short time ago we caught up with goff and his mom briefly on the nfl red carpet in chicago. and he was trying to keep things light. >> hi. [ inaudible ] >> hi. >> the draft just now getting under way. dennis o'donnell is monitoring the situation now and will join us with a jared goff update [ chuckling ] a little later on. campaign 2016 and the republican presidential candidates heading for the bay area. all three are speaking at the state's gop convention in burlingame. security barriers are up around the perimeter of the hyatt regency. tickets are already sold out for front-runner donald trump's speech tomorrow. thousands of protestors are expected. burlingame police say they are
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ready with extra help coming from other local, state and federal agencies. >> have contingencies in place for everything that could go -- making combinations so everything proceeds smoothly and peaceably. >> after trump's talk during the lunch program, john kasich will address the convention tomorrow evening. ted cruz and carly fiorina are set to speak on saturday. earlier today a message in the sky for google. a plane flew over the tech giant's headquarters in mountain view with a banner reading, don't be evil, hashtag, dump trump. more than 450,000 people have signed a petition urging google not to sponsor the republican national convention if trump gets the nomination. donald trump is in southern california this evening and reporter michelle gile on the orange county event that's expected to draw both supporters and protestors reporter: things got vocal in the line outside of the
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pacific amphitheater in costa mesa as trump supporters began walking inside and protestors moved closer. [ yelling ] >> reporter: several hundred donald trump supporters came to the fairgrounds in the afternoon to be with one another. it was just 24 hours ago that trump supporters found out their candidate was coming to town. >> i'm here because i think it's important for everybody to come out and support donald trump. we have to show the entire world that we all stand behind him and we support him and we won't be intimidated. we want to make our voices heard. getting tickets was easy. getting down the 405 was easy as well. >> reporter: this 68-year-old woman from newport beach got a free ticket online. she is lined up to go into tonight's rally, a great- grandmother who is proud to say that she has never been moved to vote for a president before donald trump. >> wow, this guy is like this is the a real strong guy and every other president before this has been very weak and easy -- you know, they say all
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these things but never happen. i really felt instantly this is the connection, this is the right man for me and he may be a bully, i get that, but i want to be behind the bully. >> that was michelle gile reporting. a lot of blunt talk on the campaign trail this season to say the least. [ chuckling ] >> last night at stands former house speaker john boehner didn't hold back on fellow republican ted cruz. >> i have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch. >> cruz said he doesn't really know boehner, nor has he ever really worked with the former congressman. in about 20 minutes, staffers will open a new campaign office for hillary clinton in downtown oakland. volunteers for the democratic front-runner will be phone banking there through the june primary. mayor libby schaaf is expected to be at the opening ceremony at 14th and franklin. a tempting target for some thieves. >> cars left for hours at bart
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parking lots. the high-tech tool designed to crack down on crime. >> on this breezy afternoon in santa clara, i step out of the way and show you the winds of change literally for your san francisco 49ers. we are at the draft party. the 9ers are picking number 7. i have your seven-day forecast with more breeze coming up. >> and clean and green. the new seal of approval for cleaning products. >> and how nasa is getting in on the fight against the zika virus. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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parking lots. the east bay times reports bart police want to test a new tool to fight crime at bark parking lots. the east bay times reports officers have installed two automatic license plate readers at the macarthur station to launch a pilot program and
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eventually install the technology at every station. police heap it cracks down on property crime the most crimes at bart stations. twin psychologists busted for bilking san mateo county out of thousands of dollars. prosecutors say lori palmer and marley palmer are 39-year-old twin sisters who overcharged the county for therapy sessions for victims of violent crime. they claim the sessions didn't actually happen. they pled not guilty on all charges. they are free on bail and will be back in court in july. a scary landing at the hayward airport this morning. chopper 5 captured the scene after this single-engine plane made a hard landing. officials say a student pilot skidded off the runway coming to a stop on the grass. there was some damage to the propeller and nose gear but the pilot was the only person on board and uninjured. three people connected to one of the san bernardino
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shooters are now behind bars. federal prosecutors say they were involved in a marriage fraud scheme and lied under oath to obtain immigration benefits. those arrested include the brother and sister-in-law of terrorist syed farook. the third arrest is the wife of enrique marquez, jr., farook's friend who is accused of buying the assault rifles used in the december 2 attacks. police gunned down a man dressed as a panda with chocolate bars strapped to his chest after he threatened to blow up a baltimore tv station. security officers say the suspects showed wires under his jacket demanding to air a message from a flash drive. when he left the building, police say he refused to cooperate and a sniper shot him. he is expected to survive. no explosives were found. a new map highlights the potential hot spots for the zika virus here in the united states. researchers factored in locations where you can find the mosquito that primarily spreads the virus.
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the bay area has a very low risk for zika. south florida and texas have moderate to higher risks. this comes as the sonoma county department of health services confirms its first positive case of the virus. the person was bitten by mosquitos while traveling in central america. consumers are getting more information when they go shopping. >> the government has unveiled a new label that will be placed on cleaning products that it considers safer. consumerwatch reporter julie watts has more. what do they mean by safe? >> reporter: they call the program safer choice the labels called safer choice and the government says it's intended to steer consumers towards products with chemicals that have been scientifically demonstrated to be safer or healthier for the environment and for humans and some names have made the list including a greener version of bay area- based clock products. a trip down the aisle reveals fragrances and chemicals so how
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can you tell which ones are safe? >> organic products or that don't contain harsh chemicals. >> heavy ingredients. [ inaudible ] >> sometimes plus this me. >> reporter: while the u.s. environmental protection agency may soon be changing that packaging a bit, the epa just unveiled the first federal label for cleaning products to help consumers determine which products are using the safest ingredients. >> we are giving them energies about what they can use on the basis of epa science that tells them it's safer. >> reporter: epa administrator gina mccarthy says there are currently more than 2,000 products that qualify for the new safer choice label. companies voluntarily submit products for consideration and mccarthy says the epa examines the ingredients so consumer don't have to. >> it's not about learning the chemistry. it's about being able to go to the supermarket and buy products that you can easily see are the safer choice for you. >> reporter: and figuring out exactly what's in the product isn't as easy as checking the bottle. the working group reviewed 400 products and nearly half
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received a poor rating for transparency of ingredients. a majority also contain ingredients linked to respiratory concerns and a quarter linked to cancer. >> this is a way to supplement our regulatory authority by pointing out chemicals that are safer. >> reporter: the epa has little power to remove hazardous chemicals already in the marketplace so by alerting consumers to products that don't contain them they can influence what goes into products by changing demand. >> i would look for the stamp of approval. >> it will make it easier to find products that are healthy for me and my family. >> reporter: now, some environmental groups say that this is a big step in the right direction, but that safer choice doesn't go far enough. in fact, we cross-referenced a few products on the safer choice list and found some that got the epa's seal of approval actually got an f rating on the environmental working group's healthy cleaning guide. so a few discrepancies there with some of these products. downstairs in the kitchen, i'm julie watts. >> thank you, julie. new details on of the investigation into the death of
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prince. investigators are looking into whether prince died from a drug overdose and whether a doctor was prescribing him drugs in the weeks before he died. among the things investigators are looking for is whether a doctor was on a plane that made an emergency landing in illinois less than a week before prince died. prince was found dead one week later at his suburban minneapolis home. cal fire investigators have determined the cause of last year's deadly "butte fire." they say it was sparked by a tree that came into contact with a pg&e power line that happened near butte mountain road in amador county on september 9. the fire spread into calaveras county burned for three weeks. two people were killed. more than 900 structures destroyed including 500 homes. cal fire hopes to recover $90 million in firefighting costs from pg&e. switching gears, paul deanno live at great america tow 49ers draft party. great day to be outside.
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>> it is a little breezy but sunny and beautiful. i step out of the way because the number one draft pick overall has just been selected. dennis will have much more information coming up but the gentleman who was just picked first overall graduated from marin catholic high school. jared goff is now a quarterback for the los angeles rams. the 9ers of course pick in about an hour. number 7 we're here at great america next to levi's stadium where we're having the 49ers draft party. 7500 fans are expected to watch the first and only draft pick for the 49ers coming up after 6 p.m. it's a nearly packed house in santa clara right now. as i mentioned it's breezy once again. that's keeping temperatures down near the water. san francisco only 60 where the airport we are still seeing wind gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour. livermore 68. north bay warmest at santa
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rosa, 77 degrees. not completely dry. it's dry and clear here. on the back side of the low that gave us the thunderstorms yesterday, we have a few isolated thunderstorms north to south along the spine of the sierra right now. they are moving away from the bay area away from tahoe but it's still somewhat stormy over the mountains. tonight still breezy. kind of cool. santa rosa 46. fairfield 51. san jose 49. concord 59. high pressure building into the west a strong ridge of high pressure. low pressure is exiting to our east. we are kind of caught in between. that's why the winds are still pretty strong today. and that's why we are seeing a north-to-south wind between the two areas of high pressure and low pressure so an evening breeze tonight. some low cloud cover. that ridge will win out and we are going to get milder over the next couple of days. normal temperatures tomorrow and sunny skies. warmer and breezy saturday as the ridge gets to its strongest and biggest influence on the
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bay area. 71 degrees tomorrow for san jose. san rafael 70. san francisco only 64 pacifica only 58 so summertime temperatures. concord high tomorrow 74. inland highs will reach the mid- 80s over the weekend so a pleasant weekend outside near the bay mid-70s along the coastline upper 60s. next week as the onshore flow returns everybody cools down 70s inland monday and tuesday and by next thursday even a chance of a few showers with highs only in the mid-60s. we are back out here live at the 49ers watch party. next on the clock the eagles picking number 2, 49ers picking number 7. all this drama about number one draft picks. you guys remember where joe montana was drafted? >> sixth round, i think. >> reporter: it was the third round. >> third round. >> reporter: he was the 82nd pick. jack thompson and steve fuller were quarterbacks that were picked before joe montana. i don't remember those names either because they weren't that good. joe montana turned out pretty good. so we hope the 9ers number one pick is amazing but history shows you don't need to be a
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first round pick to become a really good football player. back to you. >> no doubt. tom brady sixth round. >> there you go paul, see you later. breaking news. a bay area football player picked number one overall in the nfl draft. >> let's get right to kpix 5's sports director dennis o'donnell. dennis. >> i think paul stole my thunder! but by virtually every nfl draft analyst, quarterbacks were expected to be the top two picks of the nfl draft. the los angeles rams have the first pick, here's what they did. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the los angeles rams select jared goff, quarterback. [ applause and cheers ] >> a cal man goes to the rams who just relocated from st. louis to los angeles. he grew up in novato a marin guy in the land of the 49ers and raiders but right now this guy is the symbol of an nfl
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resurgence in los angeles where it has not had nfl football since 1994. the rams also have veteran quarterback nick foles already under contract and the 49ers have the 7th overall pick in the nfl draft. so this is going to be interesting because there's going to be a lot of pressure to get goff under center as soon as possible with football returning to los angeles for the first time in many, many years. in fact, since the raiders bolted from southern california to northern california. so jared goff with the fourthers coveted at one time to be their quarterback is now a quarterback within their division for the division rival l.a. rams. how about that? we'll have the 49er update coming up at 6:00. >> really interesting because it draws all kinds of now different questions about what's going to happen with the 49ers do they stay with kaepernick go with another quarterback? >> lots of drama. >> dennis, thank you. he made international
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headlines after being chased on the bay bridge. >> the new home for ponch the pup. next. >> but first, the markets are down today. ,,
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car.. while using turns out snapchat is getting sued after a georgia man says a teen driver smashed into his car while using the app. the teenager driving this white mercedes allegedly used the app's speed filter and topped out at 113 miles an hour. then she slammed into this mitsubishi. snapchat users can take videos, then choose from a variety of filters like one that shows how fast you're going. the lawsuit argues filter is an incentive for snapchat users to drive excessively fast. remember that cute little chihuahua that was rounded up
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after running across the bay bridge? the little guy now has a new home. not surprising here, hundreds of people from all over the country inquired about adopting ponch. he had been staying at the san francisco animal care and control. and since his lengthy sprint across the bay bridge earlier this month, he ran and ran until chp officers finally caught up to him. pet officials say they needed to find owners who were just right. >> we needed a quiet household with no kids somebody with small dog experience because he will bolt. so they need to be prepared to, you know, keep an eye on him because he is a runner, horrible. >> his hobbies including napping, snuggling and going for walks. >> not a bad life. small dog experience. that's something to shoot for. back after a quick break. stay with us. ,,
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,,,,,,,, they've s i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, they have been slowly disappearing from bay area freeways. now the final curtain call for the call box. why the emergency tool is being retired for good. >> cheering on their number one kid we are live with jared goff's family and friends as they celebrate the nfl draft's top pick tonight. as he stayed grounded on his rise to football fame. that and more at 6:00. >> all right. thank you, allen. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next.
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the latest news and weather, always on >> pelley: a bizarre bomb threat at a tv station. police shoot a man in an animal costume. ( gunfire ) two airliners nearly collide. a pilot slams on the brakes. >> sorry about that. that was my mistake. >> pelley: children and doctors are killed in an air strike that destroys a hospital. teenagers record their crimes to ant noticed online. and the refugees weren't welcome until they changed the heart of a new england town. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. a tv station in baltimore was evacuated today after a man wearing sunglasses, a surgical


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