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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. we're learning more about a traffic stop that turned in police shootin good morning. it's friday, april 29. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm tv. kenny choi. we're learning more about a traffic stop that turned into a police shooting in milpitas overnight. police say it started when officers pulled over a car at the executive inn near the on- ramp to 680. they discovered the suspect had three open warrants. no word on the suspect's conditions. protests turned ugly in southern california after a donald trump rally. the presidential front-runner is expected to appear in san mateo county today. anne makovec joins us from the hyatt regency where republicans and protestors are about to gather for the party's state convention. >> reporter: this is normally a quiet airport hotel.
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you can see barriers have already been put up outside the perimeter of the hyatt regency preparing for who knows what this morning when it comes to protestors. police say anywhere from two to ten sh thousand people. put that in perspective, burlingame has 28,000 people. this is a big deal for a small city. this was outside costa mesa down in southern california. protestors taking to the streets outside of the venue. there was some fistfights and vandalism on a police car by protestors. when it was all said and done, about 20 people were arrested. earlier in the evening, donald trump addressed a packed house inside the event center. >> this is incredible. we love you, we love you. i want to thank that group. see what it says? latinos for trump! i love that, thank you! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: trump is set to speak at a lunch event today here in burlingame at noon. john kasich is going to speak at a dinner banquet at 7:30 p.m. ted cruz tomorrow at noon and his new running mate carly fiorina is going to speak tomorrow evening.
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now, all of these people sort of signed on to speak at the california state gop convention within the last month or so. otherwise, they weren't really interested in california until it turned out that our vote is really going to count when it comes to the primary. live in burlingame, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> we have seen the chaos in the previous events by protestors. how are police securing this event? >> reporter: they started planning for it when they found out that donald trump was specifically coming because he seems to draw the highest number of protestors. you can see they have these barriers here outside of the hotel. it's a difficult spot that they're in because this is private property here so they have to work really in conjunction with the management of the hyatt on how to secure it which i did, by the way, look, you cannot rent a room anymore this weekend here at the hotel. but the pd is working with allied agencies around the bay area, state law enforcement and the feds to make sure that nothing goes wrong here today.
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live in burlingame, anne makovec, kpix 5. san francisco police are investigating a sexual assault on a 74-year-old woman. take a look at your screen. police are looking for this man. police say the suspect entered the woman's apartment on sunday and sexually assaulted her before leaving the area. in san jose, a double homicide becomes a family affair. two brothers are now in custody accused of murdering their parents. kiet do is live in san jose on one of the suspect's next steps after the killing reporter: good morning. in just a couple of hours, hasib golamrabbi is in jail now but has a court appearance here it the hall of justice in downtown san jose in a couple of hours. police say he was the mastermind behind the plot. they coerced his -- that he coerced his little brother into the killing. we are getting details about what happened from a friend in tracy. this as we are learning new details about what happened after police say he shot and killed his own parents. we have tracked down a friend in tracy at his home where golamrabbi stayed for 24 hours.
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he showed up to the friend's house unexpectedly to confess. matthew says he brought the older brother food and water out of fear of what the accused killer might do to his family. hasib hid in the closet and shared bizarre details of the murder of his mother and father. >> he shot his dad five times in the back and he would not stop screaming so he had to end him quickly, which prompted his mom to, um, scream and, um, ask what was happening. >> reporter: meanwhile at evergreen high school the younger brother 17-year-old omar was in class on monday, the very next day after his parents were found shot to death in their home on lucas court. >> did he look any different on monday? >> he was just quiet, just walked right past. >> reporter: police did not give a motive but sources say the older brother had mental health issues and may have struggled with his sexual orientation. hasib's court appearance set for noon today. there's a prayer service for the parents at the muslim community association in santa clara for 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. kiet do, kpix 5. >> where did hasib get the murder weapon? >> reporter: so the "mercury news" is reporting that the father was a hunter with one firearm in the house. >> thank you. california's high-speed rail project is moving forward. the board that oversees it
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approved the latest $64 billion business plan that calls for trains to run from the strat valley to the san jose area. the final plan comes with 26 pages of changes. among them is a commitment to include service to merced. that could cost more than $1 billion. the trains are expected to start running in 2025. let's check in with george now for a look at our morning commute. >> reporter: it's friday so we keep our fingers crossed for a better than usual traffic. so far not too bad. the bay bridge westbound, the backup building here because the metering lights were activated around 5:30. but notice the 880 ramp over the toll plaza. not too bad. so it's only a 20-minute trip time. i just checked with the chp and they haven't cleared this crash, rather, the investigation on 680 southbound. so that's why we're adding delays. give yourself 19 to 20 minutes for the southbound ride leading down from walnut creek and if you are heading for 92 and the
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san mateo bridge still a good ride. in the next 30 minutes or so on a typical day we should start to see things back up. what kind of day is ahead of us? let's check in at the weather center. here's roberta. >> how about a good preview, george, what do you think about this? had this is our camera from mount vaca. what do you see? >> the sunrise. >> look how beautiful it is. >> is that below a cloud layer? >> yes. absolutely. ding, dipping, ding, ding. good job there! we have some clouds rolling in off the coast all associated with a trough that's passing by the bay area. partly sunny today, no rain. wind advisory tonight through saturday at 10 a.m. gusts at 45 miles per hour through the highest elevations. blustery again at the coast.
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we have had five days of windy conditions. winds up to 1 right now in san ramon -- 12 right now in san ramon and 17 in fairfield. northwest winds increasing to 30 miles per hour and gusts to 45. high temperatures today locally very similar to yesterday from the 50s and low 60s along the seashore, 60s around the peninsula. low 70s santa clara valley up to 76 degrees in the delta and 74 in santa rosa. weekend will be warmer and i have that forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. a judge has dismissed a lawsuit against san francisco over the hetch hetchy reservoir in tuolumne county. the reservoir has provided much of the water for san francisco's water system since the 1920s. but an environmental group sued hoping to drain the reservoir and return it to its original landscape. the judge ruled the case was preempted by federal law and exceeded the statute of limitations. former cal quarterback jared goff is ready to go to
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work. the rams selected the marin native number one overall in the nfl draft last night. he sounds like he is eager to prove himself to his new team and the fans. >> i think i did a lot of stuff in my college career that shows that i can be very successful at the next level and i think everything i can bring to the team is important, as well. >> goff's selection was overshadowed by a bizarre story line playing out during the first round last night. tackle laremy tunsil from ole miss fell to the dolphins at number 13. right before the draft began, video of him smoking a bong was posted on his twitter account. tunsil is projected to go much higher and the video cost him millions. >> man, somebody hacked my account, man. made that mistake, you know, several years ago. somehow somebody got my photos and hacked my twitter account. and apparently somebody attacked my instagram account. >> as if things weren't bad enough, his instagram account was "hacked" and messages were
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posted showing him asking his college coaches asking for help to pay his mother's bills. ole miss is under investigation for similar violations. for years wine was stolen from restaurants in the bay area. now two men with fine tastes are behind bars. the suspects are from mountain view and modesto. both are charged with conspiracy to transport stolen good. the thefts include pricy wines from the french laundry in yountville and alexander steakhouse in cupertino. investigators say the bottles started disappearing as early as march 2013 and all that wine was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. later today a peace walk will be held in oakland. it starts at 6:30 tonight at st. benedict on 82nd avenue. it comes in light of the 93 homicides that happened last year. police say it was the first time homicide rates rose in two years. the owner of some popular bay area restaurants is getting threats over a chang of eating habits -- change of eating habits. matthew is eating a hamburger
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for the first time 40 years. he owns two vegan restaurants and owns a farm in vacaville. he said he realized farm animals helped keep farmland from turning to desert. he said he slaughtered animals to eat. some vegans feel betrayed and they are going to protest. >> you're telling us that you're killing your cows and you're selling them. which essentially is completely hypocritical. >> and it turns out all of the money that i have spent on your company is being pumped into a farm killing animals! i'm so heartbroken! >> according to the hollywood reporter, matthew and his wife have received death threats. time now is 6:10. it was supposed to be a simple resolution honoring a movie legend but a bill in the assembly starts a fierce debate instead. >> tgif in the weather department here at kpix 5 where we are forecasting seasonal high temperatures today.
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wait until you see the warmer weather for the weekend. >> and take a look at san jose where we have our first incident of the morning slowing the ride on 101 out of downtown. a new accident slowing the trip at mckee road. fortunately only one lane blocked here. we'll have details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ good morning. this is your friday. we're taking a look at our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid. we're looking due east and i don't know if you can really see it, it's not that well defined. but we have a bank of low clouds, some patchy fog that is rolled in off the ocean. we'll have the friday weather forecast coming up in less than 4 minutes. roberta, thank you. pg&e is paying a big amount for
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also year's "butte fire." cal fire came one a price of $90 million. it started when a pine tree hit a pg&e power line. it burned for three weeks in amador county last september. two people died and more than 900 structures were ruined. that's why cal fire says that the fine had to be big to cover the damage. >> we find that there's negligence for wrongdoing like we have in this fire, it's our responsibility to recover the taxpayer dollars that cost us to fight the fire. >> after the fine was doled out, pg&e said: one control advocates plan to turn in more than a half million signatures to qualify an initiative for california's november ballot. the measure would make california the first state to require background checks at the point of sale for ammunition. the initiative would also allow authorities to seize firearms from owners who bought the firearms legally and were later
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convict of a felony or a violent misdemeanor. one of hollywood's most famous cowboys won't have a holiday in his honor. the california assemblyman pushed to make may 26 john wayne day but several lawmakers crushed his plans. they felt wayne's comments about racial minorities were offensive. the lawmakers pointed to disparaging comments about blacks and indians and public support of white supremacy. oakland mayor libby schaaf is not giving up hope that the city will figure out some way to keep the raiders from leaving town. >> we have gotten through our lease negotiations and now we are hitting the ground running to get the raiders a permanent stadium that is responsible to the taxpayers, to the fans, to the nfl, and to that great team that belongs in oakland. >> yesterday raiders owner mark davis agreed to pay for a third of a new $1.5 billion stadium in las vegas. unlv football would also use it. before anything happens nevada
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lawmakers would have to approve financing for the stadium. all right. in less than four hours the warriors will start selling single game tickets for the nba western conference semifinal. >> yes. the general public will be able to buy tickets beginning at 10 a.m. on golden state will host the winner of the series between the clippers and trail blazers. >> i think the clippers are crippled with injuries. two-star players are out. i have seen portland play twice at "roar-acle" so far this year. they are a tough act. it's going to be fun. >> go "dubs." time now 6:17. let's check traffic. by the way, i got to start rocking the bowtie one day. >> yeah. >> inspiring. >> not that hard to do. i can show you in about two or three hours. [ laughter ] >> good to know in case of an emergency. on the freeways, take a
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look at 680 here. calaveras boulevard. up above that overpass is the freeway. they are investigating a shooting here that occurred in the overnight hours. that's why the on-ramp to 680 northbound is shut down. over to san jose, looking at the ride on 101 in the northbound direction, our first incident of the morning is here at mckee road. and it's slowing the ride coming up from interstate 280 and a bit before. but the overall drive time here not that bad so far. we continue however to have the two right lanes shut down on 680 southbound. i think if there were any other day but friday we would see a bigger impact. an accident occurring near the midnight hour and they still have the two right lanes shut down for the investigation. here's the bay bridge and your westbound ride as you can see coming in at 21 minutes. not too bad a backup at all. it's right to the foot of the macarthur maze. and your ride on highway 92 to the san mateo bridge looks good. as you can see, the westbound
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ride is moving smoothly here. this is the side that generally begins to back up around 6:30. friday, however, we might see a little better condition. and we want to alert you to the fact that the accident cleared here from 680 southbound but traffic is still backed up for that southbound ride especially heading out of concord and as you can see it affects more of the ride coming down on 242 than it does for the ride on interstate 680. let's head over to the weather center. here's roberta. this is gorgeous. this is our live weather camera from mount vaca. and we are looking at official sun-up which was at 6:16 just minutes ago. it's in action right now. we have some clouds filtering in overhead. i'll share with you where those clouds are topping from but right now 40s and 50s as you step out. you might want to grab a jacket. those clouds are rolling in from a trough to the north of us. it's precipitation-free but nonetheless we'll have some cloud cover today. we'll call it partly sunny and then we have the return of a
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very shallow layer of low clouds and fog hanging very tight to the seashore. 11-mile-per-hour winds at this hour in san francisco. 12 across the bay as we move due east into san ramon. and the winds are at 17 in fairfield. these winds will rotate to the north and to the west. and this blue highlighted area reflects and denotes our mountain areas right here in the bay area where we will have a wind advisory in effect later on tonight all the way through saturday morning. wind gusts to 45 miles per hour. we have had five straight days of very windy conditions. so the winds increase later. the warmer temperatures will return and that will be over the weekend. high pressure continues to traverse east and build in and bubble over the bay area and as it does so some warmer air mass and some wind ushering the pollen around so that count continues to increase over the weekend, as well. 79 at the state capital. sunshine throughout the state. meanwhile, we'll have partly sunny skies. 50s, 60s at the beaches. these temperatures are seasonal and very similar to yesterday.
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but we will increase those temperatures tomorrow. sunday the warmest day of the weekend coming up. 86 degrees inland. we do have the livermore country wine festival going on this weekend and a baseball game tonight. clear and breezy as the a's return home game time temperature as manaea takes the mound for the good guys at 64 degrees. go a's. ♪[ music ]
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good morning. round one of the nfl draft is over. the 49ers walk away with two football players. the first defensive end deforest buckner out of oregon. 7th overall. the pac-12 defensive player of the year 10.5 sacks last year then they traded up with kansas city to get guard josh garnett from stanford. another pick of note was quarterback paxton lynch, who was taken by denver killing the potential colin kaepernick trade possibility.
6:25 am
>> so is there any reason in your mind to not think kaepernick is going to be on your team? >> i never thought anyway, so my thoughts haven't changed since i sat down with you at the combine. i think that's what i said and i'm sticking to it. >> number 14 the raiders pick karl joseph the safety out of west virginia who is expected to replace charles woodson on the roster. he was born in haiti, had five picks in his first four games before tearing his acl in practice. general manager reggie mckenzie didn't want to talk about other options. >> one guy i know who we considered was karl joseph. we got him. >> going down the board you guys scrambling at all? you thought he would be gone long before youpicked? >> we were scrambling to make sure we had the right phone number for karl joseph. [ laughter ] >> raider really are looking good. cal quarterback jared goff the first overall pick, wentz the second pick.
6:26 am
eagles for him. the first two picks are quarterbacks. san diego with joey bosa. elliott goes the cowboys. so they will get it on again today. in hockey the nashville predators visit the san jose sharks tonight in game one of the second round series. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. it is 6:26 right now. the mayor of san francisco has some harsh words for his police department as details of even more racist texts between officers emerge. >> reporter: and thousands of people expected to descend on burlingame today ahead of a donald trump appearance. coming up we'll tell you how police are preparing. ,,,,,,
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and another bay area county its first confirmed case of zika
6:30 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i'm kiet do. we're live at the hall of justice in downtown san jose where the young men accused of killing their parents will be making a first appearance in just a couple of hours. another bay area county has its first confirmed case of the zika virus. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning. sure, it's going to be warmer this weekend but i'll tell you about the advisory you need to know about. >> and finally some better news for your drive through the san ramon valley. . accident is cleared from 680 southbound at bollinger canyon road and speeds are recovering. >> good morning, it is friday, april 29. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. the state republican convention comes to the bay area today. and if the scene in southern california last night is any
6:31 am
indication, things could get ugly! huge crowds of protestors show up last night in costa mesa and they were violent. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in burlingame where law enforcement is getting ready in case there's a repeat. >> reporter: barriers are up outside of the hyatt regency which is near sfo. normally a quiet airport hotel. but this weekend it is going to be the center of activity when it comes to the republican race for president with the state republican convention taking place here. donald trump will speak at noon. police are expecting anywhere between 2,000 and 10,000 protestors outside. here's some new video of police preparing for their operations this morning. the burlingame police department working in conjunction with the sheriff's office, the chp and federal agents. they are not sure what to prepare for. check out the speech last night in costa mesa.
6:32 am
protestors took to the streets outside of that venue. some fistfights, vandalism on a police car, about 20 protestors were arrested. and back here in burlingame, police trying to prepare for whatever happens this afternoon. >> everything is in place, making preparations to proceed smoothly. >> reporter: trump is set to speak at lunch today at noon. john kasich will speak at a dinner banquet at about 7:30 this evening. ted cruz is featured tomorrow at noon and carly fiorina tomorrow night. tickets for the trump event this afternoon are already sold out. the only saving grace here when it comes to what police might have to deal with is the fact that this is a daytime event. hopefully everybody will keep it cool. live in burlingame, anne makevoc, kpix 5. as for the democrats, hillary clinton's campaign has opened its first bay area office in oakland. the facility on 14th street is
6:33 am
where volunteers will make those phone calls trying to win more support ahead of california's june primary. oakland mayor libby schaaf was there yesterday evening to help kick things off. and bernie sanders' campaign will open an office in oakland tomorrow on college avenue. in the wake of a racist texting scandal, san francisco's police chief is ordering every officer to take an antiharassment class. it comes as the department continues to release messages sent by a former lieutenant and two former officers. the notes were found during criminal probes of former officer jason lai and retired lieutenant curtis liu. most officers are shaken by the prejudiced notes. the new texts retrieved from lai's phone apparently include disparaging comments about minority suspects. they also insult colleagues perceived to be homosexuals. some of the messages ridicule blacks in ferguson, missouri where police shot a man. and this comes just one day after mayor lee wrote an open
6:34 am
letter blasting the officers involved in recent scandals and calling for greater accountability throughout the department. quote, they dishonor and disrespect the communities they serve and the sacred badge they wear. i will not tolerate their existence within our ranks, nor will our chief of police, nor should you. >> authorities are now reviewing more than 200 criminal cases involving lai including three murder cases. those cases may have to be thrown out. in san jose, two brothers are behind bars accused of killing their parents. kpix 5's kiet do is live in san jose with details on where the suspect hid right after the killing. kiet. >> reporter: yes. good morning. hasib golamrabbi granted a jailhouse interview to the "chronicle" saying his younger brother was completely innocent. that he wants to get the true story out there but the true facts would only be known if and when this thing goes to trial. speaking of, golamrabbi will be making his first appearance at the hall of justice in downtown san jose in a couple of hours. after the parents were found shot dead inside their san jose
6:35 am
home over the weekend, a friend by the name of matthew kuci said hasib showed up at his home in tracy unannounced and confessed. he brought the brother food and water out of fear what he might do to his family. hasib stayed in a closet for nearly 24 hours and talked about how he shot his father in the back five times. the nonstop screaming attracted the attention of his mother. as soon as hasib left matthew called police and hasib was arrested. police didn't give a motive but sources tell us that hasib was the mastermind who coerced his younger brother into the killing. sources say hasib may have mental illness and struggling with sexual orientation. a psychologist says certain mental health conditions can come out when kids leave the home around the age of 18 to 22. >> and perhaps some kind of trauma happened to the older
6:36 am
boy. they probably love each other, the two boys, and so, you know, i think that they can kind of collaborate in making a decision to kill the parents. >> hasib told the "chronicle" he wasn't expecting five-star treatment inside the jail. he was calm and articulate. described being behind bars as a, quote, life experience temporarily. now, the first appearance set for noon today at the hall of justice. there will be a prayer service for the parents at the muslim community association in santa clara at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. kiet do, kpix 5. >> religious customs call for prompt burial. is that happening today as well? >> reporter: yeah. that will be after the prayer service. that will be happening at the 5 pillars farm cemetery in livermore again this afternoon. >> thank you. let get another check on weather with roberta. >> today will be similar to yesterday but we'll see the warming trend over the weekend. sunday will be the warmest day coming up. this morning, i was driving in san francisco in the east bay
6:37 am
and once i hit the bay bridge i saw that wall of low clouds and fog. you can see it right here. our live weather camera from our kpix 5 studios. it's gray outside associated with an area of low pressure off the coast. no rain, partly sunny today. 48 degrees in santa rosa to 54 now in oakland. the winds are the story. the winds have settled at sfo but 11 in san francisco. across the bay, due east, about 40 miles inland, san ramon with a 12-mile-per-hour wind. 17 at fairfield. these winds are going to increase and rotate around to the north and to the west and see that blue highlighted area? that reflects all the mountains in the bay area where we have a wind advisory tonight through tomorrow. some wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. yesterday, for five straight days, we picked up winds up to 40 miles per hour at sfo so another breezy to windy day here in the bay area and again
6:38 am
seasonal. 50s, 60s at the beaches today. 60s across the bay. approaching 70 peninsula. mid-70s to the east and to the north. we have that weekend forecast featuring 80s. that's coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. how are you doing, george. >> doing very well this morning. we are not tracking any major incidents. but we have some slowdowns. let's start in san jose. 101 in the northbound direction, our accident which was first reported at mckee turns out to be closer to alum rock and it's backing up the ride as you head northbound coming up through south san jose. and no sooner did we clear up our problems here on 680 southbound, they have reopened the labors, now there's a pothole reported in southbound in the second lane from the left after they have reopened the lanes. for your ride to the bay bridge westbound slowing now there was an incident at the yerba buena island on-ramp. so they slowed the metering lights down. the backup reaching toward the maze and now a 25-minute trip.
6:39 am
outside experts have finally come up with a root cause and lasting fix for this sinkhole in moraga. the forensic experts believe the ground gave way last month because eight inches of rain washed away key layers of soil. consultants are now designing a reinforced pipe to prevent another sinkhole from opening up. they say construction should take up to three months. new this morning, the first case of zika is being reported in sonoma county. health officials say a resident contracted the virus after being bitten by mosquitos while on a recent trip to central america. but they are assuring that the mosquitos which transmit the virus have not been detected in sonoma county. zika virus infection can lead to early pregnancy loss for an expectant mother and birth defects in newborns. a badminton coach from san jose high school faces charges for allegedly dating a 15-year- old student. police arrested 21-year-old loc nguyen on campus. she is now out of a job after
6:40 am
just three months. in sonoma county, a registered sex offender is back in custody. jonathan hoppner assaulted a mental health worker assigned to monitor him at a motel in santa rosa. hoppner faces several charges including battery and violating his parole. time now 6:40. a bay area tech ceo is receiving some strong criticism for his opinions on street vendors. details on the controversial comments. >> and a popular east bay restaurant is closing its doors after nearly a century in business. ,, ,,
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6:43 am
good morning. welcome to your friday. today's high temperatures under a partly sunny sky a cool 58 degrees in half moon bay. plus some blustery winds. otherwise 60s and low 70s common around the peninsula. 71 degrees in san jose bested by our east bay numbers.
6:44 am
up to 80 degrees in brentwood. 75 in pleasant hill. north bay numbers that are partly sunny skies into the low and mid-70s and hello cloverdale at 77 degrees. all right, time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you! we're in orange county with the protests after a donald trump rally. plus we have a preview of the "60 minutes" investigation into whether an american company sold faulty safety equipment during the ebola outbreak. also mellody hobson on uber's announcement on tipping policy and chris anderson is here with what makes for a great speech. the news is back in the morning. so see you right at 7:00. >> see you then. big news this morning ray mcdonalding san jose-based tivo. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks
6:45 am
brooks. >> reporter: a big deal in sillicon valley. tivo being bought by robi based in santa clara for $1.1 billion. the company develops technology for tv viewing guides has 18 million users in the u.s. that's more than what tivo had. they reached dominant with its dvr technology in the 2000, to 2007. it's weakened since then. tivo has a bigger name brand than robi so they will take on the tivo and a after that merger is complete. lots of other news that's moving the markets this morning. i have a report on consumer spending in march up only a tenth of a percent. decent spending on clothing but we saw sales of cars fall off. consumer spending has been weak over the past few months. one bright side is that wages were up by almost a .5%. a pretty decent gain. two tech firms in the bay area are getting a bounce back in
6:46 am
their stocks. linkedin and pandora topped expectations. each has been under pressure this year. they had fourth weak fourth quarters. chevron a $725 million loss, low oil prices cutting into the revenue. stock market off a tough day. lower again. so far dow down 60. nasdaq down 11. s&p off 6. pandora up 8%. linkedin moving higher by 4% on their respective results. kenny and michelle, back to you. >> thank you. a bay area tech leader is drawing criticism for what he said on social media about street vendors. on facebook, a ceo mark woodward responded to a post about some vendors operating near a home in willow glen. woodward wrote, quote, if that was my house, i would go out there and make their life miserable. i would do whatever it took to
6:47 am
make them leave. if that meant destroying some of their produce or standing out there with signs to chase everyone away or just make them very uncomfortable. the post has been deleted. all in all not a bad commute this morning. worst incident now is in san jose. ride on 101 in the northbound direction, before i get there, let's update you on interstate 680 here our live look. 680 on the overpass there and the on- ramp is still blocked with this police investigation from an overnight shooting. i mentioned the 101 accident. that's been slowing the ride at mckee. this is our incident on 680 southbound. what we started the morning with was a fatal accident that shut down two lanes. that crash has been cleared.
6:48 am
sadly, however, now that the accident is gone and all lanes are opens a pothole was discovered in the second lane from the left so we are still looking at slow traffic on that southbound side from bollinger canyon almost all the way to the dublin interchange. here's your bay bridge ride. we have seen an uptick in the drive time. now 26 minutes. the backup reaching on 580 and into the macarthur maze. earlier occurring problems at yerba buena island. they are clear now. there's why the metering lights were slowed. as we're past 6:30 we are seeing congestion now on the san mateo bridge for your westbound ride. that turns it into a 16-minute drive. the drive time as you can see is not bad. coming down from central san rafael, short drive into the teens. coming down from 37, a 28 minute trip time. and tracking the ride for you
6:49 am
here on the nimitz freeway, later this afternoon and this evening, heavy traffic of course because of the friday commute but also a start time at 7:05 and also an advisory for the south bay because it's the sharks at the shark take tonight playing the nashville predators 7:30 your start time for that game. so it will be a little crowded especially as you come off the guadalupe parkway. let's head to the weather center. roberta, what's in store? >> george, i need you to sing along with me. >> okay [ humming ] >> our san jose sharks! playing right there. >> i'll clap. >> right there at the shark tank later on tonight. it's round 2 of lord stanley cup action as the predators come to town. the puck drops at 7:30. but before that, there's the street party going on. temperature will be in the 60s. a breeze. you can see the flags on the flight right now southeast up to 6 to 8 miles per hour in san
6:50 am
jose. currently it's 52 degrees. otherwise 40s and 50s. the other half of the story is the breezy conditions in san francisco right now, winds out of the west at 11 miles per hour. 12 in san ramon. meanwhile in fairfield winds up to 17. winds will rotate to the north and to the west later today increasing to 30 miles per hour some of these gusts up to 45 in the highest elevations of the blue areas so a wind advisory goes into place later on tonight through 10 a.m. tomorrow. linda in napa, clouds are forming. we have a bank of low clouds and patchy fog tight to the coast. that right there is a trough that is rolling in. partly sunny today. temperatures similar to yesterday and the warmup this weekend and relaxing winds. high pressure in the bay area winds ushering the pollen around. itchy eyes already this morning. blame it on the oak, mulberry
6:51 am
and the grass count that will continue to climb over the weekend. 61 monterey bay. 50s, 60s beaches today. 60s bayside. low 70s to the south. we are talking about mid- to high 70s to the east. 79 in brentwood. 84 degrees saturday warmest day will be on sunday. we'll see some seasonal temperatures return right here to the bay area next week. make it a great friday. today is your last chance to get a taste of history in the east bay. tomorrow the popular genova deli closes for good in oakland. it's been around for 90 years. the owners say they truly appreciate all the customers who have kept coming back. they say once they announced the closure on facebook, they received comments from 6,000 people. time now 6:51. police in the south bay shoot a suspect on a highway on-ramp. what led to the confrontation. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
6:55 am
whatever. determine what led to the d of music icon, prince. authorities are now reportey lo f five. investigators are still trying to determine what led to the death of music icon prince. five things to know at the :55. authorities are now reportedly looking into the possibility of a drug overdose. the 57-year-old legend was found unresponsive in an elevator at his suburban minneapolis estate one week ago. >> three people connected to the san bernardino terrorists are facing serious charges stemming from allegations of marriage fraud. the brother of shooter syed farook, his wife and her sister were all arrested yesterday. they are charged with taking part in a scheme to allow the sister to stay in the u.s. she is married to enrique marquez, who is accused of providing material support to the terrorists. today the public will have the chance to buy warriors tickets for round 2. golden state is still waiting on the clippers blazers series to
6:56 am
finish to find out who they will face. if portland closes out the series tonight game one of the round will be sunday. if the clippers force game 7 the second round starts tuesday. tickets go on sale at 2 p.m. today. a san jose man is in the hospital after he was shot by milpitas police overnight. investigators say that it started when the officers pulled over a car at the executive inn near the on-ramp to 680. they discovered the man had three open arrests. police wouldn't provide details on why the officer opened fire. no other injuries. one of two brothers accused of killing their parents in san jose is scheduled to appear in court today. sources say hasib golamrabbi was the masster mooned and coerced his -- the mastermind and coerced his younger brother to kill their parents. he had mental health issues. i'm anne makovec live in burlingame, which is now center
6:57 am
stage in the race for the republican nomination. today they are expecting between two and 10,000 people protestors outside of the hyatt regency near sfo. people protesting an appearance by donald trump. the burlingame police department and neighboring police departments, sheriff's office, chp and federal agents all preparing for whatever may come today. this was the scene outside a trump speech last night protestors taking to the streets outside the venues with fistfights. vandalism on a police car. 20 protestors were arrested. we are hoping for peace today when trump speaks at noon. john kasich is going to speak at a dinner banquet at 7:30 this evening. ted cruz speaking tomorrow at noon. and carly fiorina speaks tomorrow night. we have barriers up outside the
6:58 am
perimeter of the hyatt. here's a quick check of traffic from the "kcbs traffic center"." delays 101 northbound to san jose. earlier problems at mckee cleared into the center divider. spectator slowing up from blossom hill. the only delay on south bay freeways. to the bay bridge a bigger backup than you would expect this morning. over 25 minutes now, 26 minutes with a backup that reaches into the maze. the bridge is clear but there were problems that occurred there earlier this morning. i want to give another shoutout to the shark tank and our san jose starks playing host to the predators round 2 action. hey, joe pavelski the captain of the team, we also have patrick marleau they are lacing it up. the puck drops at 7:0. but before that, we have a street party with temperatures
6:59 am
in the 60s in downtown san jose. right now we are at 52 degrees. otherwise 47 in santa rosa. numbers are all in the 50s. going up to a highs today similar to yesterday. sunny conditions. winds are going to be blowing again out of the northwest to 30 miles per hour. gusts to 45. so wind advisory goes into effect for tonight through saturday morning. high 50s to high 70s. near 80 degrees in brentwood. otherwise warmer on saturday. additional warming takes place on sunday. then seasonal weather returns the beginning of next week. one of the fun activities going on saturday and sunday we take you to the 25th annual livermore wine country street fest. this is huge. it's bigger than life. you know, we have a wine country in the tri-valley. lots of fun. we have kent, various wineries and it will be fun for everybody, in the 80s. >> we have the best of everything here. >> if you don't like the festival, go to the beach.
7:00 am
remember, in burlingame, there are big police presence there as protests are expected at a republican state convention. keep updated on our website and at noon. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday april 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." chaos in california streets after a donald trump rally. violent protesters clashed, drivers and police. a draft free fall after video service apparently showing him smoking marijuana. was he blackmailed? >> ronald reagan's children slam a planned will ferrell comedy about the president's battle with alzheimer's. >> we begin this morning with today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> hey, folks, it's a con job, okay? our rallies are the safest place to be on eth


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