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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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california republican convention. and we're told
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some have just got now at noon, protestors out in force at the start of the california republican state convention and some have just gotten through the police barricades. >> many of those protestors upset over donald trump. he is expected to address the crowd this afternoon. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> reporter: i'm allen martin live here at the hyatt in burlingame at the gop state convention. protestors have been in place since early this morning. the crowds are only growing. we have a reporter live out with those protestors. we have a reporter in the banquet hall where donald trump is scheduled to speak at noon today. we are now told because of the protests that's been delayed until at least 12:45. but as i say, i'm in the atrium. this is the lobby if you will where there's a lot of lobbying going on here among state delegates here in california. let's take a look at donald trump's plane. he has arrived. the plane is at sfo. he did arrive this morning. but as far as i know, he is not
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here at the hotel at the hyatt just yet. but protestors are expecting him. they have been here since early this morning. protestors arrived. they have been standing out on bayshore avenue holding signs chanting many of them very upset about donald trump's policies and plans to build a wall along the mexico border. banners are unfurled here at the hyatt. in the windows facing east toward the airport, that was finally taken down by security when they could. we had another banner here inside the atrium as well that was suspended with balloons. the hotel security staff took that down and as the balloons popped i have to tell you it caught a lot of people's attention not a sound you really want to hear at an event like this with all the security. all right. talking about security, they are here because of the protestors. anne makovec is outside with them. i understand they have broken
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through some barricades. >> reporter: yes. very tense moments here just a few minutes ago. you can see the crowd is fairly subdued right now. you have all those officers in riot gear. they were able to push the crowd back because just about five minutes ago, that crowd actually busted through the police line and some of them started entering the hotel. this whole perimeter is blocked off. so people are not able to get really near the hotel unless they have a special credential or they are a guest of the hotel or a member of the convention. so that's how they were able to keep protestors away but just the sheer force. hundreds of protestors pushing their way in they were able to break that police line. it only took about three minutes for police to regain control. they were, from what we could see, using their batons, as well. so there was some level of having to push the crowd back forcefully. we haven't heard about any injuries from that. it doesn't look like the crowd has responded back in any sort
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of violent way. so the way it stands right now is the crowd is just standing behind what is a new police line of, as you can see out here live, officers wearing riot gear. there are plenty of officers around this area and there are more headed here right now because once that happens, once you have this whole crowd trying to get into the hotel, the burlingame police called for more backup. they called for more help. that was easy for them to do because the office of emergency services here in san mateo county has been activated. so they have another group of police officers now staging in the parking lot of a nearby hotel. but before this even happened, they had a lot of officers, the chp, the sheriff's department, officers from surrounding city departments because they really didn't know what to expect. i mean, at the beginning he would were told it could be up to 10,000 protestors. it looks like really less than 1,000 actually turned up. but they were able to make
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their voices heard. a lot of them, um, most of them, i should say, the vast majority, i think i only saw one actual trump supporter in this crowd so most of them want to send a message to donald trump that he is not welcome in a liberal area like the bay area. a melting pot if you will. so, um, we'll continue to monitor the crowd out here in front of the hyatt regency and old bayshore highway which is closed down as we speak. i'm anne makovec live outside. let's go back to allen inside. >> reporter: all right, anne, thank you. i understand chopper 5 is overhead as donald trump's motorcade is making its way from sfo where his plane landed earlier. his motorcade making its way down bayshore and here to the hyatt hotel here in burlingame. i mentioned earlier the police presence. i can tell you, i got down to the peninsula about 9:30 this morning and every off-ramp of 101 that i saw multiple units from the highway patrol, then
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as you get closer to the hotel, the police presence includes not only highway patrol but burlingame police, millbrae police, san bruno police, even palo alto, east palo alto. they're all here. and as i said, highway patrol is making its presence very, very clear. earlier today, we had some protestors show up -- i showed you the video of the woman dressed in paint who was escorted out of the banquet hall earlier. i'm told that code pink the group code pink has rented a room here at the hyatt hotel so they could have a presence inside. she made her way into the banquet hall early and was removed. then that banner that was unfurled from here in the atrium the lobby of the hyatt, that hung up there for quite a while because it seems like hotel staff and security couldn't figure out how to get it down. they had extended it on to some metal arms out closer towards the window could clearly be seen from the street and the
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protestors could see it out in front. then we also had another banner that was unfurled here inside the atrium back behind me exactly where the rooms are. it was suspended by balloons and when the hotel staff tried to take that down, the balloons started popping and that caught everybody's attention down here in the atrium, which as i said earlier it's sort of the lobby and if you want to take it that far, it's the lobbyists who are right here behind me. but we are showing you chopper 5. it's live over donald trump's motorcade as he goes to the hyatt. originally scheduled for noon to speak at the luncheon, he is going to speak at the luncheon. in fact, i'm kind of surprised all these people are not down in the luncheon hall at the moment because that's the place to be. emily turner is in the banquet hall. she is going to be reporting there live, i'm told that we actually have riot police in place, um, we -- if you saw what happened in orange county last night, i was talking to,
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um, one of the, um, state's republican delegates who was here earlier, um, this morning, she was down in orange county last night. she said that for the most part, inside it was very calm. even outside earlier in the evening, everything was pretty peaceful. but after trump arrived at 7:00, and after he left in fact, after he gave his speech, things turned ugly and the video from southern california showed police cars that were being -- protestors were overturning them after jumping on top of them and breaking the windows. so certainly law enforcement here in the bay area wants to avoid that. but this is a huge event. this is the state gop convention. and donald trump the highlighted speaker at noon, we're expecting john kasich to speak, also ted cruz will be tomorrow's speaker as well, and i'm going to bring melissa caen in here alongside of me and melissa, i guess we shouldn't be surprised that donald trump's speech is being delayed given the protests going on and
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what happened in southern california. >> for sure. if the police weren't already nervous about being able to control the protestors last night certainly -- everyone woke up this morning and saw the footage from orange county and thought this is definitely going to be big. and, you know, the bay area, you know, we have such an active protest community. >> absolutely. >> i think even bigger maybe than southern california. so if that's what happened down there, i think we are all nervous about what will happen here. >> we are keeping an eye on the motor indicate as donald trump is expected here at the hotel in minutes. so we'll go back to you and feel free to come back to us as soon as he gets here. >> the motorcade stopped and he is in the middle of security and people with him. they are getting close to the hotel. and they are walking now from the motorcade presumably to the hotel. passing some live trucks along the way. >> absolutely. you can see donald trump there what appears to look like the candidate with the redneck tie
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one of the security men just switched over or actually pushed that necktie back for him. we saw the motorcade from the airport and then it pulled up to the hotel a an in go. >> this is a diversion from the protestors. we saw him get out of the vehicle and then he went down a staircase and now it looks like he may be going into maybe a backdoor way so we are not seeing any protestors around that area where donald trump is entering the building. that's an area that was closed off to protestors. nobody out there. and so donald trump is inside the hyatt right now. of course, this is a delayed speech. he was supposed to speak at 12:00. he just entered the building at 12:10. >> let's go back out to burlingame. anne makovec is live right outside the hyatt regency. anne. >> reporter: from what i understand, he came down the
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street that way and wasn't able to be near the protestors. there was no reaction. there's a lot of confusion around here people not knowing if he was or wasn't in the building. what was going on. you can see -- okay, i'm not really trying to get, um, whacked with an egg but that's what protestors are engaging in right now. at the front doors i want to give you a shot of that one more time because you can see the riot police in formation around the entrance to the hotel because that is what protestors stormed about 10 or 15 minutes ago. they were able to get inside. so that was a real breach of security here. police are going to make sure that that does not happen again. now that he is inside, now that he can start his speech, um, it seems as if perhaps the protestors will disperse. they won't be able to block his entrance. back to you guys. >> anne, we want to make sure that you're safe in your
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location there. you did show some of the protestors throwing things. were those eggs? >> reporter: yeah. those were eggs. [ laughter ] >> so the only thing that we're going to end up with there is a big old mess. not trying to get involved in that, either. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but as far as -- as far as injuries, as far as safety, that doesn't appear to be a concern out here right now. there was a brief scuffle with one trump supporter who was support of being blocked in by protestors. police were able to get that person out safely. no arrests have been made at of about 10 minutes ago. so overall, for the mass of people that we have here about 1,000 people, it is fairly safe. >> all right, anne, thank you. we are going to take a look at this live picture from chopper 5. we were expecting between 10,000 protestors but as anne, the crowd is fewer than 1,000. >> at one point anne said it got dicey as protestors broke through a police barricade. of course there are a lot of
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officers down there who have riot gear, just ready really for anything. and we are told that the burlingame police department did call for more backup at one point. >> we saw the motorcade -- donald trump's motorcade leaving the airport around 12:04 and then arriving at the hotel just a few minutes ago. now we are going to send it back out to burlingame where allen martin is inside the hotel. allen. >> reporter: yeah, kenny and michelle, again, i'm in the lobby here. the banquet hall is one floor below us. before he arrived at the hotel he sent out a tweet his campaign did anyway. so let me read that. he just tweeted out, quote, we are now at 1,001 delegates. we will win on the first ballot. and we are not wasting time and effort on other ballots because
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the system is rigged. that is his theme over the past few weeks. it's a rigged system against him. but at this point, it looks like he is counting on the fact that the system is going to play out in his favor. and certainly we have seen a lot of support here for donald trump. that's not to say that there aren't kasich and cruz supporters, as well. but -- [ laughter ] >> as i say, this is where the lobbying happens. and as soon as donald trump takes to the stage and starts his speech, we will be bringing you parts of that speech and some analysis from melissa caen. >> all right. allen, thanks so much. we'll be right back. ,,
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killing their own parents. burlingame, site of the sta republican convention... protesters out welcome back. this is another live shot inside the hotel -- the hyatt regency in burlingame where the
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state republican convention is taking place. donald trump was expected to speak at 12 noon today. that has been delayed until 12:45 and we just saw just moments ago donald trump entered the hyatt regency in burlingame. in other news, two san jose brothers are behind bars accused of killing their own parents. together they will make their first court appearance this afternoon and kpix 5's kiet do reports that comes as large crowds are expected to pray for the family. >> reporter: the victim's family decided to move the funeral service here to the muslim community association in santa clara to accommodate the large crowds. hundreds of people are expected to show up today. the caskets will be rolled in for short solemn ceremony after the mandatory weekly prayer happening at 1:30 p.m. those who knew the family say they will pray to "allah" hoping that they will get mercy in heaven. >> they are close friends. i for myself never expected to
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be in the funeral. i expected them to be in my funeral. >> reporter: golam and shamima rabbi were killed in their home over the weekend. their two sons were arrested but didn't give a motive. police sources tell us 22-year- old hasib golamrabbi was the mastermind who coerced his younger brother into killing their parents and he had mental health problems and was conflicted about his sexual orientation. the d.a. will charge the younger brother 17-year-old omar as an adult. a friend who lives in tracy described how hasib showed up unexpectedly stayed in a closet for nearly 24 hours and confessed to the killings. >> he told me that he couldn't shoot his father in the head because that's a dishonor because he wanted his father to be buried with his face. >> reporter: there will be a prayer service to reflect on the events that happened this week. this is taking place at 7 p.m.
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tonight. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a racist text scandal is rocking the san francisco police department and chief suhr is holding a news conference to discuss the steps. this comes after the second racist text scandal the department has had since 2014. in this latest text scandal the public defender says former officer jason latexed a friend referring to blacks as wild animals on the loose. this week mayor lee wrote a letter saying: >> the chief orders all officers attend an anti- harassment class immediately an investigation is under way into an officer-involved shooting in milpitas. it happened this morning during a traffic stop on northbound interstate 680 at calaveras boulevard. kpix 5 is told that the officer pulled over a man who got out of his car and ran away.
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as he was being arrested, he was shot by an officer. the suspect is recovering at the hospital and is expected to be okay. stocks today, the dow is down 97 points after dropping more than 200 yesterday. and back to our top story, allen martin continues our campaign 2016 coverage from the state gop convention in burlingame. allen. >> reporter: i'm here with melissa caen and we are anticipating donald trump to speak at 12:45. that's not a hard time. but talk about some of the things he is likely to hit on. are we going to hear what we heard in southern california last night? >> yes. >> pretty much? >> a lot about immigration. we know that's a big issue for california, for california republicans. last night he talked a lot about sanctuary cities and criminals being allowed to stay in the state of california and will hit on that again. and more on the issue of the rigged election the mechanics of the election talking about how ted cruz is stealing his
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delegates, et cetera, because cruz is in the process of -- of coming into a convention in virginia right now, so trump is likely to talk about that, as well. >> tell me about cruz naming carly fiorina right before they come to california. he is not the nominee. yet he has picked a running mate. [ laughter ] >> journal certainly usual. right now, cruz is focused on indiana which is a must-win. it's certainly unusual. with carly fiorina she can be in california attacking donald trump making cruz's points so he gets a double coverage with the appointment of carly fiorina. >> so we saw some of the folks behind us holding their signs. but as you pointed out, they are not really here to change any delegates. there's no voting going on here. >> that's right. we have heard a lot about like sort of cruz stealing donald trump's delegates and that. that's not going to happen here. in california, the republicans do not elect their delegates at this convention. so that's not what they are here for. they are here to basically talk to the decision-makers in the republican party that influence
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voters making their case and no one wants to be the one candidate who didn't come to make their case in california so they are all here. >> it's a must be seen, must be heard. and we are not voting until june 7 so anybody standing behind us knows they are in a reporter's live shot, as well. >> the ted cruz people have been incredibly, um, vigorous when it comes to being seen on camera and putting up posters everywhere. they actually -- it seems like they got here at midnight and wallpapered this place. >> you talked about the protestors. let's take chopper 5 live again. it's above us here at the hyatt hotel in burlingame. protestors -- oh, i'm sorry. we are not going to take chopper 5. we'll go to the ground shot. when i got here, the crowd was small, let's than 300 but it's grown and may grow throughout the afternoon. >> that's true. i mean, look, it's a clear day outside. and there are a lot of people for a lot of different reasons who are very upset with donald trump. what i haven't heard so far is
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much in the way of pro-trump supporters. the big crashes were between the pro and the anti. it seems like right now we're only hearing about anti-trump protestors and that may be why that hasn't been much in the way of, um, physical altercation. >> there were a couple of pro trump people and they are outnumbered. donald trump is of course the featured speaker at the banquet the luncheon down the banquet hall this afternoon. that's a speech we're looking forward to obviously. we are going to hear from ohio governor john kasich this evening and then ted cruz and carly fiorina saturday. that's it from here. we are anticipating donald trump to speak. we'll be bringing you that live and, of course, always and we'll be bringing you reports at 5, 6, 10 and 11 tonight. >> all right, allen. thank you. and let's look at video from just a short time ago. this is about 12:10 when we were following the motorcade from sfo and the motorcade just
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all of a sudden stopped. donald trump and a lot of people got out presumably security with him. they went down the back stairs to a different door to the hotel where there were no protestors. he entered the hotel with no protestors and entered without incident. >> let's bring in roberta gonzales with weather. we are looking for a warm weekend ahead. >> this is our live weather camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid in a southerly direction. visibility is unlimited. you can see all up and down the peninsula at this time. temperatures are pretty much in the 50s to 60 except for concord it's 71 degrees. winds other side of this story. right now 12-mile-per-hour winds in san francisco. 21 at sfo. upstream we go towards fairfield 15. but this is nothing as the day progresses the winds will blow out of the north and northwest
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up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. 45-mile-per-hour wind kisses expected in the mountains. -- wind gusts expected in the mountains. these clouds are all associates with a trough that's hanging tight to the state. so we have some partly sunny conditions early. we have been clearing out with the wind-swept blue skies. temperatures similar to thursday. 50s beaches, up to 70 away from the bay. sunset 7:59. days are getting longer. this weekend we'll see gradual warming on saturday, bested by sunday and the 70s at the beaches to the mid-80s away from the bay. and then more of a seasonal weather pattern on monday through thursday. this weekend there's so much going on, we wanted to remind you we have the a la carte and art in mountain view. temperatures with warm sunshine in the low 80s. >> very nice temperatures for a
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festival. thank you. >> the big story today of course the republican convention here in the state of california in burlingame. let's take another live look inside the hyatt regency where donald trump is expected tour bus crash address the crowd around 12:45. the speech was supposed to start at 12:00. we'll keep a close eye on this and come back right after this. donald trump will be speakit 12:45 at the california gop convention. you can stream his speech live on our webs c-b- s-s-f-dot-com. we'll also have live team coverage on kpix 5 news at five. >> donald trump is set to sneak at 12:45. epps not the only speaker today. john kasich is in town and also ted cruz later this afternoon. this is a different story inside the banquet hall than it is outside of the hotel where hundreds of protestors are out there. you can see this is a live
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coverage from outside. a lot of protestors out there. we have seen a lot of signs that say hashtag dump trump and people out there protesting because of his stance on immigration and you see mexican flags out there, as well. >> once again, the speech coming up roughly around 12:45. you can stream his speech live on our website. that's we'll also have live team coverage on kpix 5 news at 5:00. that's it for the news at noon. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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