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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> pelley: protesters force onald trump on a wild detour. >> then we went under a fence and through a fence and oh, boy. it felt like i was crossing the border, actually. >> pelley: a funding battle disarms health officials in the fight against zika virus in the u.s. >> the miami dolphins select laremy tunsil. >> pelley: a top n.f.l. prospect's draft night goes up in smoke. the leaked video that cost him millions. and a judge sentences himself to jail, in an extraordinary act of compassion. >> he had to be held accountable, but i just felt i had to go with him. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: this is our western edition. with his primary sweep this week, donald trump's path to the nomination is virtually clear, which may be why protesters threw up roadblocks today. near san francisco, crowds forced the republican front- runner to ditch his motorcade and slip into the state republican convention on foot. chip reid gets us started tonight. >> reporter: outside the hotel where donald trump spoke, r:ndreds of protesters chanted their disdain. others threw eggs at police in pot gear. trump joked about the challenge it all presented, getting inside the hotel. >> and then we went under a fence and through a fence, and oh, boy. it felt like i was cross the border, actually, you know. it's true. ( laughter ) >> reporter: once across, the contrast could hardly have been sharper. california delegate and trump fan woody woodmer wore a trump tie while his wife, donna, showed off her ivanka wardrobe. >> any woman can look like a fashion model with ivanka's collection. >> reporter: this establishment republican audience received
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trump politely, at times enthusiastically. >> there has to be unity in our party. there has to be unity in our party. ( applause ) >> reporter: it's yet another sign that mainstream republican audiences are starting to accept him as the likely nominee. if it's trump, will you go along kicking and screaming, or happily? >> i will do my duty and vote for the man, if it's trump, because i want a republican in the white house. s foeporter: as for ted cruz, he was endorsed today by indiana governor mike pence, who at the same time avoided taking any shots at trump. vo i'm not against anybody. .ut i will be voting for ted cruz. >> reporter: cruz also continued to hit back at former house speaker john boehner, who in a speech this week, referred to the texas senator as "lucifer in the flesh." ng suggested boehner was angling vi be trump's vice president in an interview with cbs "face the nation" that will air in full sunday.
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>> you know, a trump-boehner ticket would really say, the washington cartel in all its force, one has been funding the cartel, the other has been giving in to democrats for years, which is why boehner lost his speakership. >> reporter: the protests here today were tense at times, scott, but the good news is they did not turn violent. e ere were only five arrests and one minor injury. >> pelley: chip reid in burlingame, california. chip, thank you. the next primaries are tuesday in indiana. and today, bernie sanders joined union workers at a carrier factory in the state capital. the air conditioner and furnace maker is moving jobs to mexico, which is raising the thermostat ss a hot issue. mark strassmann is there. >> today, we are sending a very epud and clear message. >> reporter: bernie sanders' message of economic inequality resonated with this union crowd today in indianapolis. >> respect your workers. respect the american people. >> reporter: united technologies
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owns carrier. its indianapolis plant, which ntkes furnaces, gained national attention in february when this secretly recorded cell phone video became public. it showed a manager telling workers the plant will close. >> to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterrey, mexico. >> reporter: 1,400 union employees will lose their jobs. lakeisha austin, a carrier thsembly worker, shot the video. >> i thought that it would be very important to record. it's a big letdown. ve saddens me that they've made this choice. nd reporter: carrier's union says its indianapolis workers average $34 an hour with benefits, and mexican employees will make $6 an hour with benefits. y e company refused to discuss wages, but did issue a statement saying outsourcing "will allow us to operate more cost effectively. we recognize the impact on employees, their families, and the community."
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>> carrier will not be leaving indiana if i'm president. >> reporter: presidential campaigns pounced from the left and the right. >> i've read about carrier, and i've got a set of plans that will incentivize companies to treat workers like the assets they are. >> we're going to see carrier's jobs coming back to indiana. >> i believe it's all political b.s. >> reporter: frank staples has worked here for 11 years. vicky burrus for 20. what are you going to do? >> pray that i can get another thb somewhere until my time, retirement time. >> reporter: does carrier represent something more? >> yeah, they're a good symbol of corporate greed and running for the border. >> reporter: this plant will close for good in three years, and, scott, while the company says it will pay up to four rears' college tuition for laid off workers, vicky burrus told me nine members of her family will lose carrier paychecks. le pelley: mark strassmann for us tonight. mark, thank you. well, today we learned how the
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u.s. air force mistook a hospital in afghanistan last october for a enemy hideout. eo people were killed in an air strike on the charity hospital that's run by doctors without borders. bevid martin reports 16 service members are being punished, but none faces criminal charges. >> reporter: the 3,000-page investigation into the destruction of the hospital details a series of mistakes and miscommunications whose only excuse was the fog and fatigue of war. the report called the strike by the devastating firepower of an a.c.-130 gunship, a disproportional response to a threat that did not exist. the actions of the american commander who called in the strike and the aircraft commander who are carried it out "were not reasonable under the circumstances." general joseph votel, the joerall commander of the war in afghanistan, said the litany of human error did not, in his opinion, add up to criminal negligence. >> there was no intention on any of their parts to take a shortcut, and they were
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attempting to do the right d ing. unfortunately they-- they made a wrong judgment in is particular case, and ended up targeting this doctors without borders facility. >> reporter: the gunship was given the coordinates of a tevernment building taken over by taliban fighters, but its targeting system zeroed in on an open field instead. the air crew picked out the closest building that resembled the one they were supposed to hit and unwittingly targeted the hospital. but they were not certain, and kept radioing the commander on the ground. "looking for clarification on the building to be struck." the ground commander, who could not see the target from his position, gave the go ahead, and oncording to the investigation, "willfully violated the rules of engage." "rounds away," the aircraft reported, firing the first of 211 rounds. some of the 16 officers and men who were disciplined were relieved of command and given letters of reprimand that will end their careers. families of the victims received
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payments of $6,000 or $3,000, depending on whether their family member was killed or wounded. doctors without borders called the punishments "inadequate" when compared to the deaths of 42 people. scott? >> pelley: david martin at the pentagon. david, thank you. well tonight, the syrian dictatorship and russian forces are on the offensive to encircle the city of aleppo, the stronghold of the rebels who rose against the government five years ago. a new partial cease-fire was agreed to today, but not for aleppo, where the dictatorship hopes to break the back of rebels, regardless of civilian suffering. holly williams reports. >> reporter: the latest attempt e a lasting cease-fire doesn't even mention aleppo, a bleeding wound of a city that used to be syria's commercial hub and is now again a killing field. all they can do in the rebel- held areas of aleppo is wait, as more air strikes rain down on
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their neighborhoods. the syrian regime, along with its backers in russia and iran, is trying to recapture all of aleppo. the rebels are fighting back, and in this madhouse of a city, they're counting the cost in body bags and shouting their grief to the sky. while the outside world negotiates over syria's future. this internet video appears to show a survivor of air strikes yesterday, a little boy who was freed from the rubble of a hospital destroyed by a direct hit. today, many of the attacks were reportedly around mosques on the muslim holy day. the wonder is that anyone is
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still living in aleppo at all, let alone risking their lives to treat the wounded and pull survivors from the wreckage. things could be about to get even worse for the people of aleppo. scott, the u.s. says that russia has moved heavy artillery to just outside the city, sparking fears of a new offensive or a siege of rebel-held areas. >> pelley: holly williams on this emerging humanitarian disaster. holly, thank you very much. there was more severe weather ouday in the southern plains. ominous clouds glowered southwest of oklahoma city. the storm turned a truck over. 30 counties remain under tornado watches tonight. d.e f.d.a. has approved the first commercial test for zika, nee mosquito-borne virus that causes severe birth defects. quest diagnostics could begin offering the test as an option for doctors next week, and it comes as communities are
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pleading for money to help keep the virus from spreading. dr. jon lapook has that. >> reporter: in houston and surrounding harris county, cu million a year is currently spent on mosquito control. public health officials estimate it will take another $2 million to mount an effective defense against zika. mustapha debboun is harris muunty's director of mosquito control. and what do you need? >> i need additional inspectors to send them around. i only have a-- you know, four, and i would like to double that. >> reporter: inspectors would target potential mosquito breeding sites, like the ones we visited in houston after heavy rains earlier this month. debboun said they also need 40-60 mosquito traps, specifically designed to catch the species that carries zika. they cost $200 to $300 a piece, and that's just to start. >> if we add one more trap or two more traps, you need a human being to go and set it up. someone needs to sort them, i.d. them, take them to the virology onb, and we need an additional virology person.
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so it's a domino effect. >> this entire room would transform into another laboratory room. >> reporter: they are converting two storage closets into a lab with new equipment that could test mosquitoes for zika. price tag-- $320,000. >> we would like the resources. we have asked for resources. we are waiting on them. >> reporter: conditions in the south make it likely a mosquito there will eventually become the first infected with the zika virus in the u.s. dr. umair shah is in charge of public health for harris county. what will happen the next day after the first case of locally transmitted zika? >> all of a sudden, people are going to say, "oh, my gosh. let's get funding. let's do all these things." well, we have an opportunity to s t those resources there and change our policies today, and yet, we're not thinking about it in the same way. >> reporter: the white house has requested $1.9 billion to fight zika and the mosquitoes that carry it, but members of congress have left town for a week, without providing any sditional funding. and, scott, today, the c.d.c. reported that a patient in
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puerto rico has died from a rare complication of zika. >> pelley: hard to imagine why there's a delay. vector, thanks very much. an expensive hit for an n.f.l. draftee. and, steve hartman with the judge who sent himself to jail, when the cbs evening news continues. continues. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3. adding crestor, along with diet, lowers bad cholesterol. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing,pregnant,
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>> pelley: i >> pelley: in football, the facemask penalty is 15 yards, but when a player fills his mask with a cloud of marijuana smoke, the penalty is much higher. jim axelrod on the top draft prospect who paid through the nose. >> offensive tackle laremy tunsil. >> reporter: as he waited for the n.f.l. draft to begin, university of mississippi left tackle, laremy tunsil, had every reason to expect an unforgettable night, perhaps even being the top pick. >> laremy tunsil was number one on my board. >> reporter: oh, it was rgforgettable, all right, but not in the way he would have liked.
5:46 pm
13 minutes before the start, this video appeared on tunsil's verified twitter account, 30 seconds of him wearing a gas mask and using a bong to smoke pot. the fallout was immediate. ( booing ) >> with the first pick-- >> reporter: he wasn't the first pick. >> with the second pick. >> reporter: or the second. >> with the third pick. >> reporter: or the third. two excruciating hours later, tunsil finally heard his name called. >> with the 13th pick in the 2016 n.f.l. draft, the miami dolphins select laremy tunsil. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: since the higher you were drafted, the more you make, laremy tunsil's social media snafu cost him between $13 million and $20 million. >> there are an infinite number of tools by which to demonstrate levels of stupidity. >> reporter: corporate t cruiting consultant steve levy says you don't have to be an iopiring professional athlete to learn from tunsil's mistake. >> everything has an infinite
5:47 pm
lifespan on the internet. it never goes away. it's up to you to try to think ahead of time. >> reporter: because this stuff follows you to the grave. se it follows you to the grave. >> reporter: tunsil admits the video was him, but says it was aro years old and his account was hacked. ry you can't trust everybody, like i said, i don't know who did it. i don't know what happened. but like i said, i'm blessed. >> reporter: the fallout from this is far from over. whoever put up the video also posted texts in which tunsil seems to admit taking money from a coach at ole miss. scott, that could land the university in hot water with the n.c.a.a. >> pelley: jim axelrod for us tonight. jim, thank you. d ming up, how the queen one- deped the president. feel secure in your dentures...
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why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. >> pelley: a gas pipelin >> pelley: a gas pipeline explosion rocked western pennsylvania this morning. a fireball soared hundreds of feet. one man was burned, escaping his house before it went up.
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well, it's not often that the queen gets involved in a twitter war. she and prince harry traded barbs with president and mrs. obama over the upcoming invictus games for disabled vets. >> message. oh, it's from michelle. how very amusing. itt's watch it together? >> yes. >> let's have a look. >> hey, prince harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the invictus games? >> careful what you wish for. >> boom. >> oh, really. please. >> boom. >> pelley: take that, mr. akesident. the invictus games featuring 500 athletes from 15 countries open in orlando a week from sunday. up next, steve hartman with the judge who balanced justice and compassion in a jail cell.
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with new viberzi. who he claims forced him to shoot his father. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special sponsored 7-day gra >> pelley: >> pelley: sometimes the best way to help someone who has fallen into a hole, is not to throw them a rope, but to climb in. steve hartman learned this, "on the road." >> reporter: inside the county courthouse in fayetteville, north carolina, judge lou olivera made headlines with an unusual decision. >> you may be seated. >> reporter: a few years ago, joe serna was arrested for drunk driving. as part of his probation he wasn't allowed to drink. so when he lied about a recent urine test, the judge felt he had no choice. >> i gave joe a night in jail avcause he had to be held accountable. >> reporter: it was just one night, but as he entered the cell, joe says he knew it would be one of the longest nights of
5:56 pm
his life. >> when i walked into the jail thll, and they closed the door behind me, i started feeling this anxiety. >> reporter: it came back. >> it came back, a flashback. >> reporter: retired army sergeant first class joe serna did three tours in afghanistan, and has two purple hearts to show for it. the green beret survived an i.e.d. and a suicide bomber. but he says his scariest moment was the night he was riding in a eruck with three other soldiers. what happened? >> we were-- we were following the creek, and the road gave e y. and the vehicle went into the taeek. >> reporter: the truck started filling with water? >> yeah. all hope was lost. >> reporter: trapped and unable to move, joe felt the water rising past his legs, then waist, and neck, until finally, it stopped at his chin.
5:57 pm
how many guys got out of that truck? >> alive? >> reporter: yeah. >> just me. i was the sole survivor. >> reporter: joe says it still haunts him. t. so i suffer from p.t.s.d. >> reporter: among his issues-- a fear of being in small, cramped places. >> i knew what joe was going through, and i knew joe's history, and he had to be held accountable, but i just felt i had to go with him. i felt i had to go with him. >> reporter: and so, a few minutes after joe was locked up, judge lou olivera surprised the man he sent to jail by joining him for the entire night. >> we ate meatloaf, and we talked about a lot of things. >> we talked about our families. >> reporter: and the walls got further apart. >> and the walls just got-- they didn't exist anymore. he brought me back to north carolina. from being in a truck in afghanistan. that meant so much to me, sir. >> reporter: this week, joe
5:58 pm
promised the judge no more mess- ups. >> i don't want to let you down, ever. >> reporter: it's not how law and order usually works, but sometimes jail is not what a man needs. sometimes the best sentence-- >> love you. >> i love you. >> reporter: is compassion. >> thank you for believing in me. >> reporter: steve hartman, "on the road" in fayetteville, north carolina. >> thank you, sir. >> pelley: and compassion heals. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. ptaptioning sponsored by cbs wg captioned by media access group at wgbh
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as protesters tangle with police: the republican frontrunner: takes a bizarre detour on foot. oh boy it felt like i was crossing the border actuall" new at 6: fighting racism in the ranks: a ief under pressure. donald trump brings drama to the bay area. [ yelling ] >> as protestors tangle with police. the republican front-runner takes a bizarre detour on foot. >> oh, boy felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> new at 6:00 fighting racism in the ranks a show of support for a chief under pressure. >> the chief has stepped up and got rid of that. >> reporter: how the chief feels about the mayor telling his officers to shape up or ship out. >> brotherly bonding at an anime convention? how these sibling suspects spent their weekend after allegedly killing their parents. and what the oldest just confessed to police. >> and bay area traffic so miserable -- >> actually running out of adjectives to describe the traffic situation in the bay area. >> -- the growing frustration with our epic gridlock. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. >> live at the hyatt hotel in burlingame, i'm allen martin at the gop state convention where things have gotten a little busy this hour. the attendees are enjoying the reception before 7:30 speech tonight. john kasich of course the draw tonight. it's been a wild afternoon if you will. donald trump obviously the main draw here today. he was the speaker at lunch. he brought out both his fans and protestors alike. maybe more protestors. let's take a look at some of the more heated moments. chopper 5 overhead earlier. protestors pushed past the barriers toward the entrance of the hotel others trying to sneak through the bushes. they didn't get very far. here inside the hyatt hotel, in the atrium a giant banner the words stop hate sprawled on it hung from th


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