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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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left shows the chaotic scen the state g-o-p convention yesterday -- when protestert ald trump's same location completely different scenes. this video on the left shows the chaos at the state gop convention yesterday when protestors got violent during donald trump's appearance. but today, peaceful and calm outside the hyatt regency in burlingame. and good evening to you, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. allen martin is at the hyatt in burlingame for day 2 of the gop state convention. allen, a little bit of a difference today, it seems. >> reporter: oh, yeah. very quiet day indeed compared to yesterday. in fact, donald trump today tweeting saying the protestors in california were thugs and
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criminals, many are professionals, they should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement. no protestors for ted cruz's arrival today. more subdued to say the least. the senator hopes his campaign strategy can at least slow the trump train that's barreling toward the convention. cruz was the first speaker up today. he spoke at the luncheon. our anne makovec was in the banquet room for that and has highlights. >> reporter: yeah. right now, the banquet hall is empty. they are preparing it for carly fiorina who is going to speak at the california gop convention tonight. but at lunchtime, it was all about ted cruz. ♪[ music ] >> god bless the great state of california. >> whoo! >> reporter: senator ted cruz tailored his stump speech specifically to the golden state. >> listen, as republicans in california, y'all are a hardy bunch. >> reporter: he points to what he calls misguided regulations put in place by liberals,
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citing the state's plan to save the endangered delta smelt. >> in my experience, three inch fish go great with cheese and crackers. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> reporter: this was the scene outside of the hotel today compared to the throngs of protestors donald trump's appearance brought out yesterday. [ screaming ] >> reporter: for the california republican party, it's the convention like never before. >> hopefully the enthusiasm will carry over to the june 7 primary and people will stay in the booth and vote for our down ticket candidates. that's the sort of silver lining that we're looking for out of this drama. >> reporter: cruz got a little more california credibility when he got the endorsement of former governor pete wilson, who has also been blamed for the decline of the state gop because of prop 187, that galvanized the latino vote. cruz now goes on to fight for delegates in each the state's 53 congressional districts. >> california's such a tough spot for republicans.
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how are you going to make an impression here? >> well, california for the first time in decades is hosting the decisive primary that will decide who the republican nominee will be. and our strength in california is grassroots. it's the men and women you see standing right here. >> reporter: but, of course, it is all about the money when it comes to politics. ted cruz did make a promise to a state that's used to being treated like a political atm. we'll talk more about that coming up at 6:00. right now live in burlingame, in the ballroom i'm anne makovec back to allen upstairs. >> all right. thanks, anne. joining me now kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen. let's talk about donation in a minute but first let's talk about some new poll numbers coming out from indiana. >> that's right. "usa today" poll, cruz is at 45% and trump at 29%. something that's got to make the cruz team pretty happy right now. they have been working so hard in indiana.
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they just got a coveted governor's endorsement out there. hey, if cruz were to win in crane, trump we need to do extremely well here in california knowrd to clinch that nomination if possible but he would have to do really well. >> let's talk about ted cruz's speech. obviously outside was a big difference, no protestors. what about inside today what we heard from him compared to trump? >> he focused a lot on character, on temperament and was really trying to impart to the crowd this is a historic event dealing with a supreme court for decades to come and again he did emphasize that california is going to be the state who is going to really pick the nominee. >> okay. let's talk about some money because ted cruz talked about donations, he brought up some trump's contributions. is this sort of -- was he trying to say, look, he is not really one of us? >> reporter: to some degree yes. cruz has consistently attacked trump's conservative credentials trying to say he is late to the party. and so we actually fact checked
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his allegations and we found that donald trump had in fact given money to kamala harris, given her $6,000, $3,500 to jerry brown. and $2,500 to gavin newsom. so i'm sure we'll hear a lot more about those issues in the coming days. >> quickly, is it unusual for people to play both sides of the aisle? >> that's certainly what donald trump is going to say. but now that kamala harris is running for u.s. senate and gavin newsom is running for governor we may see some refunds coming from those campaigns who don't want anything to do with donald trump. >> we'll hear more from you at 6:00. >> thank you. tonight's keynote address at the dinner is the other half of the cruz ticket, carly fiorina, almost named as his running made so we are looking forward to that tonight, guys, and then of course this convention is going to wrap up tomorrow. but for now, back to you, juliette, brian. >> all right. see you in half-hour, allen and melissa. thank you so much. the democrats are certainly focusing on attracting bay area voters, as well. this morning, senator bernie sanders' campaign opened this
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office on college avenue in oakland. sanders opened his first california office in l.a. earlier this month. and just this past thursday, hillary clinton opened a campaign office on 14th street in downtown oakland. she is scheduled to speak at a fundraiser in san francisco this coming friday. president obama poking fun at the republican candidates when he takes part in his final white house correspondents dinner to understand. larry wilmore hosts in washington, dc at the white house correspondents dinner tonight and celebrities will attend. human plumes over park street in oakland where a dock was on fire. one witness shot a photo of huge plumes of smoke when it rose into the air. firefighters responded around noon to the fire. they put it out before the whole pier was destroyed. >> the good thing is the pier is totally detached from the shore. so they were able to make a quick size-up that there's no
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boats or vehicles attached and no lives threatened at that time. >> the black clouds people saw were caused by the oil-infused wood that was used to build the pier. investigators are still looking into what caused the fire. a cyclist in oakland is dead after somebody shot him around midnight near lake merritt. police said 29-year-old ernesto lora, jr., was in a bike lane when he was shot. he had just moved from texas. detectives don't know why he was killed or who pulled the trigger. they don't think it was a robbery attempt. a few hours earlier nearby several gunmen fired into a group of people on a sidewalk in front of a liquor store on san pablo avenue. crime scene investigators say more than three dozen shots were fired. four men and one woman were wounded. they are expected to survive and detectives say that this is probably gang-related. a push to address the rising demand for affordable housing. a look at the new community coming to part of the east bay. >> an alert for drivers. why nissan is recalling nearly
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4 million vehicles. that's next. ,, ,,,,
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shortly before 1 a-m today. officers indigo oak a san jose man is behind bars police say that he killed his wife. shortly before 1 a.m. today, officers went to a home on indigo oak lane and found a woman with a gunshot wound. 48-year-old sonya died at a hospital. later in the day her husband was arrested, 63-year-old james nalan. crews in fairfax are working to clean up a giant bay tree that fell this morning at perry park. it didn't hurt anyone, but it crushed three cars and damaged a couple of homes. phone knows why it fell but the concern is -- nobody knows why it fell but the concern is to keep others from falling. >> somebody could walk by,
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neighbors in the area. we are going to alleviate the weight of the surrounding trees so no others fall. >> crews are expected to take the rest of the day to clear the road before it can be reopened to traffic. well, it's going to be may so it's the season for real estate. today some people eager to see available homes amid the bay area's housing crunch, got a look inside the first batch of just completed houses in the east bay. kind of rare. these days. kpix 5's da lin is in dublin to show us the turnout of potential buyers and see if he is going to buy one himself. hey, da. >> reporter: i don't have the money for these homes. a little pricy for me. but this is one out of 800 homes making up a new community in dublin and open house is now done. but this place was packed earlier. and i found that a lot of these folks are people priced out of sillicon valley, a few people from san francisco, as well. >> i like the dining, the way the dining is attached. >> reporter: this first time home buyer rents in santa clara and works in sunnyvale.
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>> we want to pick up a place where we have a good school district, at the same time we have a good neighborhood. >> reporter: after following this brand-new development for the last eight months, he and his wife finally got to see it in person. like many of these potential buyers, the software developer's priced out of sillicon valley. >> it's way too expensive. i don't want to buy something too expensive. and it's congested. >> reporter: about 1,000 people came out today for the first preview of wallace ranch, a gated community with 806 homes in east dublin on tassajara road. >> from townhomes to estate homes, averaging probably square footage from 1500 to 4500 square feet. >> reporter: the townhomes start at $500,000 to $600,000. the largest homes go for up to $1.5 million. >> do you have an interest? >> reporter: this retired tech worker moved to dublin from fremont a few years ago. he is ready to buy another one.
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>> we're looking for a house for our daughter. she lives in san francisco. rent is high. she can commute from here using the bart. >> reporter: the dublin bart station is 10 minutes away. that's also why this marin county renter is here today. >> pretty expensive in marin especially if you are looking for new construction. >> reporter: yeah. these homes will be ready to be moved into in july. it will take about 3 to 4 years to completely finish all 806 homes in the community here. now, dublin has a major, major issue because of these new homes. the city added about a few thousand homes in the last decade or so. it only has one high school in the entire city. and that high school is overcrowded. so dublin scrambling to build a second high school in this part of dublin. live in dublin, da lin, kpix 5. on the consumerwatch now, nissan issued a recall affecting almost 4 million cars because of airbag problems.
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the first problem is with a sensor in at least five models. it doesn't detect a front seat passenger. the second problem is with front seat child restraint systems. the airbags inflate when they shouldn't. and that only affects sentras. nissan will notify owners and fix the problem-free of charge. popular deli closing its doors for good today. you won't believe how long some devoted customers waited for a sandwich. >> we're ordering up a repeat of today's' weather if you don't mind. we'll take two there are changes on the way. it's coming up after a break. ,,
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today some raiders fans who want their team to stay in oakland went to raiders headquarters. people clad in waders, jerseys, demonstrated in alameda. they demanded that owner mark davis take more initiative to get a new stadium built in oakland. davis has repeatedly threatened to move the team out of the bay area. >> you need to commit to
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oakland. we have committed to you through losing seasons and it's time for you to commit to the oakland worldwide raider nation. oakland is our capital and we want to see some leadership from you. >> just two days ago, davis spoke to a stadium committee in las vegas and he said he is willing to spend $500 million to help build a new stadium and move the team there. well, today is the end of an era for a deli that's been serving everything from mortgage that della and proscuitto to pasta and their special gravy. people lined up starting at 7 a.m. to get sandwiches, la san yeah, ravioli, for the last time at genova deli in oakland. four generations. same italian family have run the deli in the temescal district. it's closing for good because of a rent dispute. >> sad to see it close. i have been coming here since 1975 with my grandmother. the history is leaving unfortunately. >> the owners say it's not just the rent. other costs like utilities have
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been climbing fast and they didn't want to raise their prices. the owners plan to keep another deli open in napa. tonight's powerball jackpot is at least $314 million. it's rolled 16 times since the last time a winner matched all five numbers and the powerball number and that's happened march 2nd. so we'll find out the numbers at 7:59 tonight and we'll have them for you right away at we have a few numbers right now as a matter of fact. they all look good with unusually warm readings throughout the bay area with clear skies as we look from the top of the pointy head of the transamerica pyramid toward the back-to-back suspension portion of the bay bridge which has been out there since 1936 doing a fantastic job. 68 degrees in san francisco now. oakland 74. livermore 78. santa rosa 79. still warm even at 5:30. the surf is up as that's not swell even though there's a big
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one out there strong rip currents tonight. so have a care at the shore. surf has been up quite a bit lately. it was gusty winds today but looks as if things will begin to settle down tomorrow as the battle between high pressure in the eastern pacific and that low pressure that's now kicking up into colorado will finally begin to relax a little bit. and as that relaxes, the winds ease up. tomorrow looks stellar! it will be in the 80s tomorrow. you get an idea in the futurecast wind gusts through tonight and then here's tomorrow afternoon. not bad. 12 miles an hour. that we can deal with. and in terms of the sky conditions, all day tomorrow looks sunny until we get to, look at this the low clouds just pop up around noon. monterey peninsula, work their way toward the bay area. that's the first hint that things are going to begin to cool down into monday. that stratus returning to the shoreline. but it will be sunny tomorrow number late in the day when the stratus creeps up the shoreline by sunset. so sunny and warm sunday. it will cool off monday. and the next chance of showers
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will be moving into the bay area by late wednesday. it's not much of a chance and right now, the models aren't agreeing terribly well. a few showers in the lake tahoe and yosemite areas tomorrow. otherwise, high and dry from redding to fresno. numbers in the mid-80s. at the shoreline nice. 72 eureka, 74 monterey and a few clouds by tomorrow afternoon at the aquarium down there. sunrise tomorrow at 13 minutes after 6:00. overnight lows tonight in the 50s. here's how it looks for temperatures tomorrow. well above average. can you believe it's may already? >> numbers in the 70s at the shoreline. not a bad beach day if you want to handle the traffic. temperatures in the mid-80s for the east bay. and plenty of sun. north bay tomorrow night by
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stinson beach 74 degrees. bodega bay 68. santa rosa 83. ukiah nice 83. and 82 for lakeport. extended forecast, chance of showers on wednesday. but again not much. and then we get into the latter half of the week and it doesn't look like there's, you know -- it will be cooler next week but in terms of rain, if we get any, it shall not be much. we shall see. that's weather. for sports, mr. glen. >> thank you very much! hey, giants in queens, ace, astros in the [ indiscernible ] and a look at rounds 4 through 7 on nfl draft day three. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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actually here... guess whos right "in the mix" in the american l baseball up top. we'll hit you with a team that's actually here. guess who is right in the mix in the american league west. head banging, we must be in oakland, jules! love the giveaways. a's and astros and look at billy burns fining a hole. a second inning basis loaded shot. a's got on the board 2-0. love the socks. a punch-out of carlos correa. todd went 6 2/3 of shutout ball. top of the ninth, double play. let's go home. a's won the game 2-0 and a 13- 12, they are right in the mix of the division. first shutout of the season. the giants continuing their
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series against the mets. bottom of the second, oh, let's go off the left field wall. michael conforto, two runs score, 4-0. 6th inning a two- run game and matt cain gives it up to wilmer flores a solo job makes it a three-run game but top 8 here come the giants. cut the deficit to 6-5 but blanco pinch hitting groundout to first to kill the threat and the metropolitans hung on to win 6 -5. the giants, their record is falling below .500. nba play-offs, it's the eve of the warriors-blazers for the second round. but the highlight at "dubs" practice today, the assistant coach. luke walton on the left is the next head coach of the los angeles lakers. he will remain with golden state as steve kerr's top assistant until the end of the post-season. he was understandably anxious when he had to break the news
5:27 pm
to kerr. >> a little nervous about making the call because, um, you know, we have such a good thing going here and i respect him so much. but he was blown away. he couldn't believe how quickly it had happened but he was so excited. it was like two friends talking. he was really, really happy for me and offered to me -- we had that call and i was at his house three hours later for dinner. >> look, jules. a little black kitty on the ice. >> run! >> but it's not bad luck for the sharks. five goals in the third to beat national last night. joel ward put them ahead for good. the head coach says ward is a player built for the post- season. >> you get to this time of year there's eight teams left in the nhl and 22 sitting at home. and there's very little separating the teams talent wise. it's usually will and strength and how hard you're willing to
5:28 pm
play. and i think that's why he thrives. those are his characteristics. they don't show up as much in the regular season as they do at this time of year when things get really tough and really hard. nfl draft, 2016 is in the books. day three today, uncle vern tell 'em what the local teams got. well, you see number 18 in green, that's quarterback connor cook. michigan state's spartans star now with the raiders. fourth round pick to be derek carr's understudy. he was 34-5 for spartans. the other three picks for the raiders today, texas tech running back deandre washington, likely to back up murray. linebacker james and alexander. quarterback jeff driscoll from louisiana tech taken by the 49ers in the sixth round. he threw for 5,000 yards in his
5:29 pm
season with the bulldogs after transferring in florida. the 49ers got running back kelvin tailor son of fred tailor. in the sixth round they used their other picks on two cornerbacks, two offensive linemen, receiver and a defensive tackle. what a day for quarterbacks. stanford's kevin hogan drafted by the kansas city chiefs in the fifth round to back up alex smith. during his time in palo alto hogan won three pac-12 titles and two rose bowls. >> kevin hogan. >> mm-hm. >> in the nfl. carrying a clipboard for just a while. >> very cool. >> they say this is the year to get quarterbacks because for the next two or three, won't be any out there. >> it's nice to see the a's with the momentum today after last night's walkoff and today they got it back on. >> two straight wins over the mighty astros. >> so monday night they're back, they play? >> monday night but tomorrow it's all about tomorrow. because the warriors and the
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sharks have play-off games. >> of course. >> see you at 6: 00 for a full hour of news of. thanks for watching. cs a grandmother and four grandchildren drown in floodwaters. tornadoes tear across texas and oklahoma. anti-trump protests turning violent. are these tactics actually helping donald trump? a state of emergency in iraq after protesters storm parliament. piles of ivory set on fire in nenya, a dramatic statement to hve the elephants. and scout's honor, regardless of utligion. o we need to put ourselves out as just we're normal people. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod, and this is a western edition of the broadcast. deep floodwaters thrn


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