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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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you're talking about presidential politics. but today it was ted cruz's time in the spotlight. in fact, we only saw one protestor outside the hyatt regency hotel today. his sign said "lyin' ted," that's how trump refers to ted cruz. what did ted cruz have to tell this crowd to try to convince california voters to vote for him? anne makovec was there for his speech. >> reporter: he covered the things you might expect. he wants to repeal obamacare. he wants a flat tax. he wants to go after icy. but he tailored his missage to his audience, the california gop. >> god bless the great state of california. >> whoo! >> reporter: senator ted cruz tailored his stump speech specifically to the golden state. >> listen, as republicans in california, y'all are a hearty bunch. >> reporter: he conceded the
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role that california normally plays in primary elections. >> year after year, y'all were used to being treated by republicans like an atm to take your money and spend it in other states. well, i can tell you right now we're going to spend more money in california than we raise in california. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> reporter: this was the scene outside of the hotel today compared to the throngs of protestors donald trump speech brought out yesterday. >> we don't want a racist! let's dump trump!! >> reporter: for the california republican party it's a convention like never before. >> hopefully the enthusiasm will carry over to the june 7 primary and people will vote for down-ticket candidates. that's the sort of silver lining that we're looking for out of this drama. >> reporter: cruz got a little more credibility when he got the endorsement of pete wilson, who is blamed for the decline of the gop because of prop 187 that galvanized the latino
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vote. cruz now fights for delegates in 53 congressional districts of the state. >> california's such a tough spot for republicans. how are you going to make an impression here? >> well, california for the first time in decades is hosting the decisive primary that will decide who the republican nominee will be. and our strength in california is the grassroots. it's the men and women you see standing right here. >> reporter: back here life in the banquet hall in burlingame where they are setting up for the dinner presentation which will be hosted by ted cruz's running mate carly fiorina. live in burlingame, i'm anne makovec, now back to allen upstairs. >> thank you. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen joins me now. ted cruz really hit trump on his support of democrats. >> that's right. during his remarks today, ted cruz mentioned that donald trump had given some money to
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california democrats and we fact checked it and found it was true. he has given money to jerry brown's campaign and to the tune of $3,500. $2,500 to gavin newsom and $6,000 to kamala harris. the most recent contribution to kamala harris was in 2013. so probably not the last you'll hear about that. >> trump will say it's not unusual for people to support whichever candidate or party thinks might have their backs. >> for sure. but people who are supporters of newsom and harris might want to know this information. [ chuckling ] >> earlier you made an interesting observation about the attendees here. you looked around and you didn't see many assembly members here. >> reporter: that's right. there were very few elected officials in this atrium. there are 28 members of the assembly who are all republicans and only three have shown up yesterday. so we talked to one of the two who did rocky chavez and asked him why. >> what elected official would like to be involved in, you know, riots?
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i don't think anybody does. so i'm sure they were staying away for that. >> you know, chavez added that donald trump has been acting in ways that are disregarding the damage he could do to the down ballot races in california this year. >> carly fiorina had actually signed up to speak here before she was named running mate to ted cruz. she is tonight. what do you think? what are we going to hear? >> reporter: tonight carly fiorina is going to try to relight the fire that she had in 2010. she lost to barbara boxer but did well in the republican primary leading up to that and so she is going to talk about california and expect her to appeal to female voters. >> what about sillicon valley money? is she reaching out for that? >> everyone is reaching out for that money. >> absolutely. thank you. as we were talking about, ted cruz's running mate carly fiorina will speak tonight. earlier today, she was in indiana campaigning with cruz's wife heidi. fiorina said ted cruz's willingness to be with a strong woman like heidi reflects well
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on him. and it looks like cruz is picking up some momentum in indiana. that new poll gives him a lead heading into tuesday's primary. the survey by the mike downs center for indiana politics puts him ahead of donald trump by nearly 16 points. john kasich a distant third but, um, could still be a close race because there are many people who are still undecided. donald trump also campaigning in indiana today. protestors did everything there they could to disrupt his stop at the convention here yesterday, too. they stormed through police barricades here and clashed with trump supporters as they tried to push their way toward the entrance of this hotel. they tried to get in, other demonstrators were trying to keep the traffic out. on bayshore avenue, they formed a human barricade outside the hotel. in fact, those protestors made it impossible for donald trump to get into the hotel from the front entrance so he went in through the back door.
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>> then we went under a fence and through a fence and, oh, boy, felt like i was crossing the border, actually. [ laughter ] >> you know? it's true. i was crossing the border. but i got here. >> reporter: at least five protestors were arrested but mr. trump thinks it could have been more. in fact, he tweeted this today. he said, the protestors in california were thugs and criminals. they should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement. so that was donald trump yesterday. today it's all about ted cruz. he gave a speech at noon. carly fiorina his running mate will be speaking at the dinner tonight. we are going to have more coming up at 6:30 for you. >> thank you. we'll check back with you then. also, on the democratic side bernie sanders opened up his second california campaign today here in the bay area on
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college avenue in oakland. sanders had another campaign office in l.a. hillary clinton opened an oakland office of her own earlier this week and she will bring her campaign to california on thursday and friday holding events in oakland and also los angeles. clouds of smoke billowed over the park street bridge in oakland today. here's how it looked as a fire started there this morning. another witness shot this photo from farther away as a huge plume of smoke rose into the air firefighters were called to the dock at 2201 east 7th street at 11:45. that's just behind the miller milling company. about half the pier there was destroyed. no boats were attached to the pier. the smoke was so black, though, because of how the wood itself was treated. >> the pier is built out of logs that have creosote in them so there's like an oil injected oil infused log which once heats up and preheats and starts to off gas starts to burn and the oil starts to burn which causes the big thick, black column of smoke which you
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saw. >> investigators are looking into what caused that fire. in fairfax, the huge oak tree came crashing down flattening three parked cars. it happened around 8:30 this morning near perry park. the tree branches also scraped a couple of houses. workers have been on scene all day cleaning it up. they are also trimming up nearby trees. >> we're concerned that another tree may fall and hurt some -- could hurt some people that walked by so we'll alleviate the weight so no other trees fall. >> no one was hurt. as for what brought the tree down, it's still unclear. it has been windy. we have learned about the bicyclist shot and killed overnight by lake merritt. the 29-year-old just moved to oakland from texas. he was on a bike lane on lakeshore boulevard when someone shot him. robbery isn't the motive. three hours earlier on san pablo avenue in west oakland,
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several gunmen fired into a group of people on a sidewalk in front of a liquor store. four men and one woman were hit and wounded. they are expected to survive. detectives tell us from the looks of it, it is gang- related. police are holding a san jose man who they say killed his wife. officers went to a home on indigo oak lane about 1 a.m. and found a woman with a gunshot wound. 48-year-old sonya nawin died at the hospital. police arrested her husband 63- year-old james. detectives are working on motive. coming up, talk about a growing industry. job seekers flock to a bay area career fair that's all about pot. >> a brand-new development in dublin attracted about 1,000 potential home buyers to come out here. that story coming up in a live report. >> and it's the last lunch line for a popular east bay deli. how long some people were willing to wait for a sandwich. >> and what a day by the bay
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today. we'll see how long this lasts coming up. pot -- is being ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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industry. kpix 5's mark kel takes us inside the largest cannabis job fair californ's ever seen. pot is being promoted as america's fastest growing industry. kpix 5's mark kelly takes us inside the largest cannabis job fair california has ever seen. >> reporter: thousands lined up today hoping to be pioneers in a budding industry. >> manage cal moment. >> reporter: daniel from napa is hungry to make a switch from construction to cannabis. >> i used to go illegally but now that it's legal i would like to make a career out of it. >> reporter: jennifer doesn't like the idea of working in a cubicle. >> i know nothing about computers. so i do know something about growing things. >> reporter: more than 30 businesses from the latest cannabis products to well known bay area names lined up today inside the regency ballroom looking to snatch up hundreds
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of job seekers. >> did some people say a cannabis job fair, are you nuts? >> of course. my answer is, you know, what other industry is hiring literally thousands of individuals all across the state? >> reporter: and the pay isn't anything to laugh at, either. in california, an entry level cannabis job can pay anywhere from 11 to $19 an hour. a manager spot could pay as high as $31 an hour. and the types of jobs from working the land to crunching the business numbers seem endless. >> we're really looking for someone to interface with marketing. >> just hungry like data people coming out here looking for work in this industry. >> reporter: but these job seekers know that growing a cannabis industry outside california still has an uphill battle. >> hopefully, the federal government will legalize it so we can really, you know, do some stuff. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> today it's good-bye to an
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old italian deli in oakland. people lined up beginning at 7 a.m. to get food for the last time at genova deli in oakland's can he mess school district. after being in business for 90 years, it's closing because of a rent dispute. >> very sad to see the deli close. i have been coming here since 1957 with my great-grandmother since 1975. this place is history. the owners plan to keep another deli open in napa. there's a popular deli with the same name in walnut creek owned by a different branch of the same family. since we're talking about the cost of living in the bay area, let's talk about housing. we have been hearing for years that there's just not enough supply to meet the demand. prices are shooting through the roof, a little pun. but kpix 5's da lin shows us a brand-new community is popping up in dublin but not without problems for dublin. hey, da. >> reporter: yeah, brian. how about 800 units of housing?
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well, this is one of 800 homes making up a brand-new community here in dublin and open house is done now. but this place was packed earlier. and i found that a lot of these folks are people priced out of sillicon valley, a few people from san francisco, as well. >> i like the dining, the way the dining is attached. >> reporter: this first time home buyer rents in santa clara and works in sunnyvale. >> we want to pick up a place where we have a good school district, at the same time we have a good neighborhood. >> reporter: after following this brand-new development for the last eight months, he and his wife finally got to see it in person. like many of these potential buyers, the software developer's priced out of sillicon valley. >> it's way too expensive. i don't want to buy something too expensive. and it's congested. >> reporter: about 1,000 people came out today for the first preview of wallace ranch, a gated community with 806 homes in east dublin on tassajara road. >> from townhomes to estate homes, averaging probably
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square footage from 1500 to 4500 square feet. >> reporter: the townhomes start at $500,000 to $600,000. the largest homes go for up to $1.5 million. >> do you have an interest? >> reporter: this retired tech worker moved to dublin from fremont a few years ago. he is ready to buy another one. >> we're looking for a house for our daughter. she lives in san francisco. rent is high. she can commute from here using the bart. >> reporter: the dublin bart station is 10 minutes away. that's also why this marin county renter is here today. >> pretty expensive in marin especially if you are looking for new construction. >> reporter: yeah. these homes will be ready to be moved into in july. it will take about 3 to 4 years to completely finish all 806 homes in the community here. live in east dublin, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
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>> about the problem for dublin. it is the fastest growing city in california. it's added 1,000 new homes in the last decade and is scrambling to building a second high school to keep up. with all the talk this week of the raiders moving to las vegas, raiders fans are saying, wait just a minute! they protested at raiders headquarters in alameda to demand owner mark davis take more initiative to get a new stadium built in oakland. >> you need to commit to oakland. we have committed to you through a lose season. and it's time for you to commit to the oakland worldwide raider nation. oakland is our capital and we want to see some leadership from you. >> just two days ago, davis spoke to a stadium committee in las vegas and he said he is willing to spend $500 million to help build a new stadium and move the team there. tomorrow at the coliseum complex, thousands of fabs will converge for two games happening at the same time at 12:30 at oracle arena the warriors playing the portland trail blazers in game one of
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the western conference semifinals. and at 1:00, the a's play the houston astros. so fans are being urged to take public transit or arrive early. the cash parking lots open at 8:30 a.m. >> what a day for sports. >> the epicenter of sports tomorrow over at the coliseum area. starting out with most his clear skies around the bay area. and looks like it's going to stay that way right through tomorrow afternoon. then a few changes coming in. here's a view of the bay bridge. still 80 at concord after 6:00 here on a saturday night. san francisco say 68. actually 67. there's a beach hazard statement for a westerly swell again so there's a threat of sneaker waves, strong relationship currents. have a care at the shoreline. satellite and radar showing us it's going to warm into the 80s for tomorrow again with the low pressure kicking east. the greatant between the low and high offshore -- the gradient between the low and
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high offshore will relax and east up the winds. tomorrow sunny, warm. cooling off monday. the next shower chance is coming in late on wednesday. meantime tomorrow looks night. 76 in the city. who 81 santa clara tomorrow. mid- to low-80s in the south bay. 78 for morgan hill. brentwood 88 degrees. livermore 82. 84 for walnut creek and 83 degrees at danville. in vallejo 80. north bay tomorrow plenty of sunshine and vern is going to take his dog chubs for a walk. finally, that dog has been neglected. 74 degrees at stinson beach. i haven't seen you at the dog park for a while. >> overdue! >> 82 novato. 78 for san leandro. heading up to lakeport or clearlake or saint helena or ukiah? the numbers tomorrow in the low 80s. in the extended forecast we see the next chance of rain midweek. this just a repeat performance of what we saw last week.
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you know, rain around midweek, not much. but then by latter half of the week we'll begin to clear out. temperatures are going to cool down. that's going to be the first thing you will notice as we head back to work on monday. the numbers begin to drop and then the mid-60s by midweek. in the meantime, tomorrow it looks awfully nice and i know one person who will enjoy it until she has to come into work. [ laughter ] >> you betcha! vern glenn is up next with your giants and a's action plus how six flags amusement parks are turning to tech to turn your stomach. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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so probably best to avoid a big lunch before taking this plunge. the daredevil dive in six flags over georgia is the first virtual reality roller coaster in america. >> it wasn't enough of a thrill so riders wear special vr headsets synchronized with the coaster's moves. >> when it goes upside-down,
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the video that you're looking at in your headset goes upside- down too. >> it takes you away like you're in different place. >> they plan to expand virtual reality to nine parks. up next magic mountain, near los angeles. >> oh, my gosh. that's sensory overload. would you do that? >> would it be enough for me to be terrified the old- fashioned way? i can primal scream with the best of them. >> i like seeing the little people down below, the real deal. oh, my goodness. roller coaster. from one role roll to another. i know what you're thinking. what did the giants and a's do today? that's what i wanted to know. a's and astros and billy burns with the high socks he got through a second inning basis loaded rbi number. a's on the board 2-0. jesse hahn, he throws hard. a punch-out of carlos correa.
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jesse hahn went 6 2/3 of shutout ball. top of the ninth, double play. let's go home. 6-4-3 double play we're done here.a's won the game 2-0 and a 13- 12, they are right in the mix of the division. first shutout of the season. citi field, queens, new york. giants in town at the mets. matt cain lost this second inning battle. michael conforto, two runs score, 4-0. 6th inning a two- run game and matt cain gives it up to wilmer flores a solo job makes it a three-run game but top 8 here come the giants. cut the deficit to 6-5 but blanco pinch hitting groundout to first to kill the threat and the metropolitans hung on to win 6 -5. the giants, their record is falling below .500.
6:25 pm
translate that's a losing record. >> we hope they will pick it up. >> you haven't seen the last of me. i'll be back in a few minutes with more stuff. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> we'll see you then. coming up in the next half- hour we are going back out live to the gop convention in burlingame where carly fiorina takes the stage next. >> plus, never lose your luggage again. one airline's high-tech new plan to track your bags. >> and uber reaches the tipping point. why you may want to have some cash on hand the next time you catch a ride.
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most fast food places use formulas to create their combos. but all that math, doesn't always equal something tasty. at my place, you can get a mouthwatering sourdough bacon ranch combo. with a full size beef patty, bacon, and creamy ranch sauce, on toasted sourdough bread. plus hot & salty fries and a freestyle drink for just $4.99. because flavor always beats formulas. the sourdough bacon ranch combo, just $4.99 for a limited time. combos done my way. dock. it put up a huge plum smoke.. and dest
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our top story tonight, fire crews on land and water battled a fire on an oakland dock. it put up a huge plume of smoke and destroyed half the pier. no injuries. thousands of people interested in working in the marijuana industry turned up at a job fair in san francisco. more than 30 businesses exchanged information for people looking for a career change. in california an entry level job is up to $19 an hour and managers up to $31 an hour. and the state's republicans at the midpoint of their convention in the bay area, a much different scene on day two. a single protestor with a "lyin' ted" sign. a far cry from the hundreds who turned out yesterday for donald trump's appearance. >> back out live to allen martin at the hyatt regency in burlingame where state republicans are paying $100 a ticket to catch carly fiorina at 7:30 tonight over dinner. that whole thing isn't raising a ruckus tonight. >> reporter: no. i was going to say we talked about the difference between
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yesterday and today. and yeah, that difference outside was huge. but here inside it's still active. we are here in the atrium of the hyatt regency where the lobbying you might say is taking place. candidates and delegates and attendees have been kind of mixing it up socializing before tonight's dinner and, of course, it was ted cruz earlier today who spoke at the luncheon banquet. he is still banking on support to slow down donald trump. he was clearly, clearly directing his message to the state voters. >> that's the mighty california spirit that built this state into such an incredible economic engine that you have survived and this rivalled in the face of democratic mismanagement year after year after year. >> reporter: cruz's running mate carly fiorina going to be the speaker at tonight's dinner and in the banquet hall right now maria medina has a preview.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: in just an hour, this banquet hall will be filled with people welcoming carly fiorina back home to the bay area. she was the ceo of hp a few years ago. cruz took the stage a few hours ago. she will take the stage here at 7:30. it was just a few days ago that cruz announced that she would be his vp pick and she made some national headlines during her speech when she sang a lullaby to cruz's two daughters. let's take a listen. [ singing ] >> reporter: so senator barbara boxer also jumped on the opportunity to tweet about fiorina after the vp announcement. one of them reading, i predict that the latest carly fiorina merger will be as successful as
6:31 pm
her last one. they went head to head in 2010. back out here live in the banquet hall, she is set to take the stage at 7:30. you can see behind me, the banquet hall abuzz as they get ready for the dinner. >> all the folks up here are beginning to make their way downstairs to where you are. so carly fiorina at dinner, ted cruz at lunch and donald trump yesterday. we'll send it back to you and highlights of her speech tonight for you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> the rumor floating around burlingame is that, um, donald trump may make an announcement on his running mate and it's only a rumor. but the suggestion would be that it might be marco rubio. have you heard anything about that? >> haven't heard anything about that. but you know what? his booth is just around the back over my shoulder. i'm going to go check it out. >> not a bad idea. we'll see you in a bit and coming up on kpix 5 sunday
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morning, our political insiders will be live in studio recapping the convention drama and looking ahead to the june primaries. it all starts at 7:30 tomorrow morning right here on kpix 5. well, delta is rolling out new technology so it won't lose your luggage. it will be the first airline to use baggage tags with radiofrequency identification. it gives customers realtime tracking information to reduce the risk of lost luggage during layovers. delta plans to install it at more than 80 airports. it's part of an industrywide effort to track luggage at every point of travel by the summer of 2018. state of emergency has been declared in baghdad tonight after anti-government protestors stormed the iraqi parliament. thousands poured into the heavily fortified green zone after the parliament again failed to approve a new cabinet. many lawmakers hid in the basement others fled the building in panic.
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so far the protests have been relatively peaceful. >> in kenya more than 100 tons of ivory were burned. worth about $172 million came from elephants and rhinos. the elephant is one of kenya's most significant symbols. kenyan leaders say they have loves 70% of the country's elephants to poaching. today an iconic pier in southern california is open for the first time since it was torn apart by pounding surf four months ago. greg mills shows us what people think of the $1.5 million makeover. >> reporter: the ventura pier is something to see. also 2,000 feet long, a wooden peer on top of wood pilings. but el nino's visit in december snapped more than a dozen shut it down for four months. it's been rebuilt and reopened today. >> oh, they did a fantastic job. >> reporter: people packed the pier today. reran into them from san diego,
6:34 pm
orange and l.a. counties but nobody missed it more than those who live here. >> it's been here forever. storms have taken it down before and it's always been rebuilt. >> reporter: forever? seems like it. it was built in 1872 and eight times in the first 114 years it had to be rebuilt because of storm damage and since then -- >> oh. half dozen at least, yeah. >> six or seven times. >> reporter: there's something special about this pier to venturans. ernie hughes lives in san diego now but his best memories were growing up here and surfing. >> jump over on the pier when the waves were big and then paddle in catch the big waves. this was heaven on earth. >> reporter: it really disrupts the normal rhythm of life in ventura when storm damage puts the pier out of business for a few months. restaurants in the pier stay open while the pier is closeed. >> it's lost business for a bit because, you know, a lot of people come to the pier. >> reporter: with the pier re- opening today, the line was long here at the fish market on
6:35 pm
the pier and those in the market for catching fish crab stingrays were busy, too. daniel rose wrestled for 30 minutes to bring in this ray estimated to weigh about 150 pounds. i heard the fishing is good because nobody has been fishing lately. >> they caught 16 rays today. this is the biggest one so far. >> that was grigg mills reporting. coming up tonight on "48 hours," two teenaged girls murdered on the same california beach six years apart. >> 30 years later two suspects and richmond schlesinger reports one of them worked for the very police department investigating this case. >> reporter: in august 1978, 15- year-old barbara was found murdered on torrey pines state beach near san diego. her sister sue cannot forget that day. >> my dad looked at me and said your sister has been murdered. i didn't find out until years later how bad it really was. >> reporter: barbara had been
6:36 pm
camping with her boyfriend, jim alt. she was sexually assaulted, beaten, strangled and mutilated. he had been severely beaten and was in a coma for days. >> this was a serious life- threatening attack. >> i almost did not make it. >> reporter: six years later in august 1984, 14-year-old claire hough was found murdered on the same beach. claire's best friend kim jamesser had been with her a few days earlier. >> i think about her just about every day. she was my best friend. >> reporter: the cases grew cold until 2012 when advanced dna testing on evidence taken from claire hough identified two suspects. blood was licked to a convict rapist but the other dna a microscopic amount was linked to a man named kevin brown. he was a former criminalist in
6:37 pm
the san diego police lab. rebecca brown insists her husband was wrongfully accused. >> my husband didn't do it. i knew they were wrong. >> reporter: what possible connection could a mild mannered criminalist have to a violent convicted rapist? did the police get it wrong? >> we'll have that story coming up at 10:00 on "48 hours." we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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does with all its unsold fo? now: the java giant has a "grande" plan for it. john blackstone shows us how the chain's californ sh ever wonder what starbucks does with its unsold food? now they have a big plan for it. john blackstone shows us how the chain's california coffee shops are giving back. >> reporter: during the four years he worked at starbucks, jordan gelatin has often cringed while watching unsold sandwiches and other food go into the garbage every evening. >> we are affected at a human level when we see something that's perfectly good that could feed needy families going
6:40 pm
to waste. >> reporter: he wasn't alone. after many starbucks employees voiced concern the company decided to take action. after a year of research and safety testing they rolled out a food donation pilot program in arizona and here in california. in san diego, jordan manages one of 30 starbucks locations now donating all their perishable foods every day. >> for us it's simple. we take it put it in a bag, zip tie it up and put a date on it put it in the fridge. >> reporter: within hours the food is delivered to food banks and agencies like the san diego rescue mission. there the yogurt parfait may go into lunch bags for children. >> the yogurt right there. >> reporter: be served immediately along with starbucks breakfast sandwiches. >> they couldn't afford it and we can provide it with programs like this with starbucks. it's making a real difference in their lives. >> reporter: they plan to
6:41 pm
donate 5 million meals to individuals and families in need this year and hopes to extend the program to all of its 7600 company-operated stores in the u.s. over the next 12 months. >> if other companies emulate this, if we can move that needle just a little bit, we're going to make a real difference in fighting hunger. >> reporter: john blackstone, san diego. uber drivers may have to carry cash for tips. rival ride service lyft already allows for tipping inside its app but uber doesn't. under the terms of a $100 million class action settlement, drivers with the cashless car service been allowed to start soliciting them. if you don't oblige your passenger rating could soviet union the san francisco suffer. a judge needs to approve the settlement. court documents reveal most will receive less than $25 depending how many miles they drove. still to come, girl scouts stage a massive march across
6:42 pm
the golden gate bridge. we'll tell you what it's all about. >> and we're also going to talk about this spectacular weather we had on saturday. can sunday live up to it? we'll see. big changes ahead. >> nfl draft team. we have the local teams here for draft day 3. who were the big winners? round 4 through 7. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to cel "bridging da 6,000 girl scouts strolled across the golden gate bridge today to celebrate, what else, bridging day. it marks their graduation from juniors to cadets. park service rangers also joined in to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the national park service. the two groups have made this an event for the last 35 years because the scouts are the future of the parks. >> today is a really special day to show that girls can be empowered to be junior rangers, girl scouts or maybe they can be rangers if they want to in the future. it's a terrific way to get to know your parks. >> the girl scouts ended the walk with a festival at crissy field. nba play-offs nba play- offs, it's the eve of the warriors-blazers for the second round. .but the highlight at "dubs" practice today, the assistant coach.
6:46 pm
luke walton on the left is the next head coach of the los angeles lakers. he will remain with golden state as steve kerr's top assistant until the end of the post-season. he was understandably anxious when he had to break the news to kerr. >> a little nervous about making the call because, um, you know, we have such a good thing going here and i respect him so much. but he was blown away. he couldn't believe how quickly it had happened but he was so excited. it was like two friends talking. he was really, really happy for me and offered to me --we had that call and i was at his house three hours later for dinner. >> look, jules. a little black kitty on the ice. >> but it's not bad luck for the sharks. five goals in the third to beat national last night. joel ward put them ahead for good. the head coach says ward is a player built for the post- season. >> you get to this time of year there's eight teams left in the
6:47 pm
nhl and 22 sitting at home. and there's very little separating the teams talent wise. it's usually will and strength and how hard you're willing to play. and i think that's why he thrives. those are his characteristics. they don't show up as much in the regular season as they do at this time of year when things get really tough and really hard. nfl draft, 2016 is in the books. the local teams were busy. well, you see number 18 in green, that's quarterback connor cook. michigan state's spartans star now with the raiders. fourth round pick to be derek carr's understudy. he was 34-5 for spartans. the other three picks for the raiders today, texas tech running back deandre washington, likely to back up murray. linebacker james and alexander. quarterback jeff driscoll from louisiana tech taken by the 49ers in the sixth round. he threw for 5,000 yards in his season with the bulldogs after transferring in florida. the 49ers got running back
6:48 pm
kelvin tailor son of fred tailor. son the former pro bowler fred taylor in the 6th round. in the sixth round they used their other picks on two cornerbacks, two offensive linemen, receiver and a defensive tackle. what a day for quarterbacks. stanford's kevin hogan drafted by the kansas city chiefs in the fifth round to back up alex smith. during his time in palo alto hogan won three pac-12 titles and two rose bowls. other picks: martinez and davis both picked by green bay. and san jose state running back tyler irvin was drafted by texans in the fourth round. give me some soccer. they were festive in philadelphia. earthquakes in white and attacking. look at simon dawkins. end of the game antics! the game ended in a 1-1 draw.
6:49 pm
san jose is now 4-3-2. if you're scoring at home. i'm sorry, maybe it's just me, but 1-1 draws, not working for me. i have to have a winner and a loser! >> you have to have a loser. >> i have to have finality. >> there's so much brouhaha about steph curry the status of his knee the most watched knee and ankle and basically leg probably in the history of the bay area. >> yup. >> what -- how long is steph curry signed with the warriors? when is his contract up? >> his contract is not up for a while. you can breathe a sigh of relief for the warriors. he says that he thinks he can return to action before this two-week window that the doctors have placed on him in that ankle but we shall see. i do not expect to see him tomorrow unless he is in street clothes on the bench. >> all right. boy, he had a huge smile when he saw his team win. even though he is on the sidelines he is so happy for
6:50 pm
them. >> he pick up his teammate! he wasn't supposed to do that. coach is like, what are you doing! >> that's true. >> he got caught up in the moment. >> it will be exciting for tomorrow. i want to also mention, it is genova deli, not geneva. i have eaten there a million times. i'm sorry to see it go. it's an institution. i want to make a correction of my pronunciation. >> now i'm hungry. >> you're an east bay girl. >> absolutely. >> okay. all right. thank you, vern. and coming up, the california community college helping undocumented students achieve their dreams without the bureaucratic nightmare. ,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone.
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oh, what a saturday it was. plenty of sunshine around the bay area and it looks like a repeat performance for sunday. then changes coming into the bay area. but right now, it's all looking nice and blue from high atop the transamerica pyramid. it is still 80 degrees in concord. san francisco it's in the mid- 60s. san jose 76 degrees. in santa rosa 79. if you are headed toward the shoreline there is a beach hazard statement posted for a strong rip current and big breakers out there through 9:00. tomorrow will be beautiful. temperatures warm again foot 80s. but then changes as we head into midweek. tomorrow sunny and warm, beginning to cool off on mon. chance of rain late on wednesday. tonight mild, temperatures in the mid 50s every 50s. and then we are going to be looking for forecast highs tomorrow to be 76 in san francisco. tomorrow mid 50s. tomorrow 85 at concord. oakland 81. in campbell tomorrow 85 degrees. south bay mid-80s. east bay mid-80s. north bay cooler than that but still plenty warm up in the north bay and for ukiah, we are
6:54 pm
going to be look at 83 degrees tomorrow and 83 for saint helena. extended forecast, chance of showers on wednesday. not a big chance. not a lot of rain at least not yet. but tomorrow and monday, look pretty nice and sunny and then after that chance we go back to partly cloudy. coming up tonight at 11, a vacation to paradise turns know a nightmare. >> i thought i was dead. i thoughts of never, ever going to see my children again. >> a zipline accident sent this woman crashing into the trees and tonight at 11, she shares a terrifying moment and a warning for others. and finally tonight, the california "dream act" made it legal for undocumented students to apply for state and federal college aid. but many quickly found a process could be a nightmare. brin whitaker on one community
6:55 pm
college that took notice and action. >> reporter: adrianna gonzalez came to salinas undocumented when she was 7 years old. >> college was always in my mind. i didn't know if it was attainable because i was undocumented. >> reporter: she always dreamed of going to college but without a social security number or residency status students like her don't have access to state and federal financial aid and many can't get jobs without a social security number. >> some of the everyday comfort that we could take for granted if you have u.s. citizenship or permanent residency, uhm, these students don't have yet. they have chosen to persevere and pursue higher education. >> reporter: hartnell college has more than 700 illegal immigrant students roughly 7% of the student body. the california "dream act" made it legal for these students to apply for and receive financial aid so the administration took note creating this dream center
6:56 pm
called mi casa. >> we get help from you know, the counselors here with anything that has to do with "dream act" applications for scholarships. >> reporter: it's a place where undocumented students can come for help in fining jobs, getting financial aid, and according to wanna sanchez, most importantly a group of people who understands them. >> you realize that you're not alone. that's the number one thing. you're not alone. >> we have a path now that gets us closer to our goals. after working with the center she qualified for the "dream act." and she will be getting financial aid to help her get through school. >> and as you know, coming up later at 7:30 tonight, carly fiorina is speaking in burlingame at the state republican convention. we'll have the latest on all that and all the news tonight at 11:00. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado
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i feel very happy. i don't know how to explain it. she looks brand-new. >> interpreter: he gets upset when he drinks because it falls out of his mouth. before, he looked so different, but now he looks good, and that makes me happy. he's very handsome now. >> interpreter: people say he was born like a monster. we have prayed for this moment to happen. he's gorgeous, precious - very precious. no one is going to recognize him at home. ♪ >> imagine if your child were born with a cleft lip or cleft palate and you were too poor to afford the surgery to repair it. you'd feel helpless, left to watch your child grow up rejected and bullied. that's the heartbreaking reality


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