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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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turned v-p hopeful carly fia -- back in the bay area... . now at 11:00, taking the vp hopeful karle fiorina back and the bay area, she is ready for a political fight she says. >> maria was at the speech. >> reporter: she believes that the government is corrupt. she got a lot of applause. >> it is great to be back in california. >> reporter: a welcome return home for fiorina.
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she definitely brought some stabs. >> i suspended my presidential campaign because there was no path to victory. i actually wish john kasich could get the memo. >> reporter: she reminded trump he is not the nominee yet. >> i am not a big football expert but even i know what the 30-yard line is not a touchdown. it is not a touchdown until it is a touchdown and we don't have a nominee until that nominee has 1327 votes. trump is not going to get it. >> she has a lot of sinkers she laid out. >> reporter: she can say the things that cruz really can't. i think that is why he chose her. although math matticly ted cruz is out from becoming the nominee, the pair made sure to
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remind the room, they are still in the game. >> california for the first time in decades is hosting the decisive primary who will decide who the republican nominee will be. >> california isive toll in the election. >> reporter: i also ant to mention -- i live in. the survey by the center for ini understand politics puts him ahead of trump by 16 points. john kasich a distant third but could be close. as for the democrats more evidence that sanders is not giving up. his second california campaign office opened up today.
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he has another campaign office in los angeles. clinton opened one in oakland last week and expected back in california thursday and friday. president obama hosted the final white house correspondence dinner tonight with plenty of bizarre twist. >> reporter: >> you captain say it but you know it is true. >> reporter: at his last dinner. >> here we are, my 8th and final appearance at the unique event. >> reporter: he first started with jokes about himself. >> hillary once questioned whether i would be ready for a 3:00 a.m. phone call, now i am a wake because i have to go the bathroom. >> reporter: then the jokes,.
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>> i am hurt bernie you have distanting yourself from me. i mean that is not just something you do to your comrade. >> reporter: from bernie sanders to the rise in approval ratings. >> even my age can't explain the rising poll numbers. what is changed? nobody can figure it out. >> reporter: jokes about clinton, republican leaders took jabs at the media and of course. >> you know i got to talk about trump. >> reporter: and he did. >> what could he possibly be doing instead? is he at home eating a trump steak? >> reporter: finally in the most greaseful way a president can wrap it up, he did it with a little bit of swag. >> with that i just have two more words to say.
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obama out. >> well the event ended with a controversial close. he was called the n-word as he praised him. social media lit up tweeting how dare using the n-word. he is the real racist. another person says reporters who ignored this are now ordered with the n-word love. back in the bay area, a mess, a massive tree toppled on to cars and homes. it crushed three cars and damaged couple houses near perry park in fairfax. crews want to make sure it stays that way. >> we are concerned that another tree may fall and hurt some. it can hurt people that walk by or some of the general neighbors in the area. so we will alleviate the weight
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of the trees. >> i hope not. it is not quite clear. even high earners are being priced out of hot spots like san francisco and silicon valley. one said come on over. let's see where they are building hundreds of new homes to ease the crunch. >> i like the dining. >> reporter: this first time home buyer works and rents in santa clara. >> we have a good neighborhood. >> reporter: after following this brand new development for the last eight months, they finally got to see it in person. >> what do you think about this? >> reporter: like many of these potential buyers. >> it is way
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fastest-growing city in the entire state. it's added a few thousand new homes in the lt
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decade. now, it's scrambling to build a second high school... to keep up with the increases in population. the business of pot -- is booming. and they need help. kpix 5's mark kelly takes us in bis job the business of pot is the booming and boy do they need help. mark kelly taking us inside the largest cannabis job. >> it is a magical plant. >> reporter: they are hungry to make a switch from construction to cannabis. >> now that it is becoming legal i would like to make a career out of it. >> reporter: jennifer doesn't like the idea of work not guilty a cube cal -- cube cubicle -- ewe car length -- cubicle. >> some people say a cannabis
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job fair, are you nuts? i mean of course, of course right. my answer is, you know, what other industry is hiring literally thousands of individuals all across the state. >> reporter: and the pay isn't thinking -- anything to laugh at either. it can pay 11 to 19 $dollar an hour. a magger spot can pay as much as $31 an hour. >> we are looking for someone to interface with marketing. >> hungry data people. >> reporter: these job seekers know that it still has an uphill battle. >> hopefully the federal government will legalize it so we can do some stuff. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly. a hunger strike outside the mission police station is in
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the 11th day. they are angry over a string of fatal police shootings and they want the chief's resignation and won't compromise on the understand. >> the support has been incredible. the reason we want to raise awareness, we can't let the names go forgotten. >> the hinger strikers say they will march to the mayor's office and demand that the chief be fired. a san jose man suspected of killing his wife. the 63 year old was arrested. they are trying to establish a motive. just before 1:00 officers found the victim with a gunshot wound in san jose and she later died at the hospital: a bicyclist was shot and killed overnight
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el. 29 year old ernesto just moved from texas. he was in a bike lane when someone shot him. robbery does not appear to be the motive. about three hours earlier a gunman fired into a group of people on a sidewalk. four men approximate one woman were wounded. investigators think that may be gang related. you may have seen it in the sky, the big cloud of black smoke in oakland today. a burning fire on a dock near the milling company. fire crews got a hand on it before it could destroy the whole pier. no boats were attached to the dock. well devoted oakland raiders fans say not so fast about moving the team to las vegas. they demonstrated outside of headquarters today. the team owner take more initiative to get a stadium
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built in oakland. davis said he would move the team out of the bay area. >> we gave you a free by and you want more. it is time for mark davis to -- davis to commit to oakland. >> davis is not putting his money where oakland s. he spoke to a committee in las vegas and says he is willing to spend 570 million-dollars to help build a stadium there. only on a a bay area recovering after her zip line broke during a day excursion. she is lucky to be alive and wanted to tell her story to us as a warning to others. >> i mean i thought i was dead. i thought i was never going to see my children again. >> reporter: heather and her husband went on a vacation cruise to mexico and supposed to be relaxing. >> i know i am alive but my
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mind can't grasp it. >> reporter: the couple decided to take a day excurse and go zip lining across a gorge. this is the video. >> so they put me on the line and pushed me. >> reporter: heather only made it halfway across the gorge. >> i heard the trees and the noise of the tree branches and a hard yank. when i opened up my eyes i was upside down in the tree. >> reporter: her husband was ahead of her and new something -- knew something was not right. >> i saw the wire go through my legs and i told the guy what happened, he said i don't know this never happened before. >> at that point in time i didn't think i was going to make it. >> reporter: monica and john were on the same zip line waiting to go next. >> we heard the line snap. >> reporter: then she they say
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saw heather plunge. >> it was unbelievable. i could not believe what happened. >> you could hear her yelling and screaming. >> reporter: her husband rushed down the canyon listening for the screams desperate to find her. >> i was desperate to find her. i look up and there she is dangling from the tree upside down. >> reporter: after 30 minutes, ryan and the employees lowered her to the ground and directly on to an ambulance. >> i have bruising throughout my right leg with nasty cablable burns and a possible torn acl. >> reporter: the zip line company did not return our repeated calls or emails but a manager told the press democrat that the cable on the zip line did not detach or break at the end but only drooped when a mechanism failed. she believes it was a slow drop but that is not what heather
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says. >> i want tourist to know we need to have some kind of safety. >> unfortunately no. >> reporter: bill weaver a nationwide agency setting standards for challenge courses and zip lines says most companies do comply with a safety industry standard. however. >> in mexico currently there's no mandatory requirement that is placed upon them to comply with any industry standard. >> reporter: his advice to participants anywhere, read all terms of the waiver you sign. pay attention to weight height and medical requirements and restrictions. ask the question has the company passed a safety inspection and is there a secondary breaking system on all the zip lines. he says make sure that the guides wait for the arrival of a previous rider before sending the next rider out. >> the mental nightmares are horrible. it replays over and over and
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over again. >> so cruz lines and some travel agencies make sure their land activities meet the required safety standards but many tourist by tours on their own. so that is what heather and her husband did along with the heyward couple there that was there to comfort each other. they met zip lining and they aim to know each other. >> in watching that, and i knew we were going to air the story tonight, how did she survive that fall? 500 feet? >> she believes, you know, that the tree, the canopy of trees broke her fall. had that not be in there, she would have went straight down. even that, she said she department have markings on her face, a lot on the leg, she is very lucky. she will say that the mental nightmares are awful. >> i can imagine. how do you tell? because the website for this
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company looks like a professional website. >> that's the tricky thing too, you see the great websites and the safety inspector said anyone can make a great website. look for the accreditations at the bottom. >> what an incredible experience. thank you. speaking of that, deadly storms left six people dead along a grandmother and four grandchildren. they were swept away as they try to escape their homes. flood waters reaching the roof. >> within 15 minutes water was eight or ten feet high. once the water reseeded they found the bodies. >> storm systems spotted hail and tornadoes over east texas. employees there survived by running into a fitting room. tis the season, when we got the cold air left over from
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winter collieding into the first breath of spring. but here, it is quite a different story. some of the most stable weather on earth. you can see it in a live look from treasure island. our ace video journalist is going to give a slow and gentle push toward the bay bridge. beautiful night in the abbey area. now the opposite direction, that is how it looks and the numbers right now. oakland with 65, san francisco 61. it was windy but the winds will leave as a battle between the high pressure in the pacific and the low pressure that is kicking east and giving them all sorts of nasty wetter to deal with. this is actually replaced by tranquil weather. the future cast shows calming down tomorrow. kind of windy last night, not
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so tomorrow. watch, clear, leer, clear. then the low clouds filling in tomorrow afternoon and by this time tomorrow night it will be packed in along the shoreline. so the pacific air-conditioner is going to kick in by tomorrow evening and that will begin to really cool us down for monday. coastline will begin to cool tomorrow afternoon. so for most of us, sunny and warm tomorrow and it will cool off as the work week begins. big time by midweek. we will be back in the mid 60's. shower chance by wednesday, not much of a chance. and if it happens, not much rain. never theless a return to a more cool and possiblily shower rei regime next week. how about the south bay? low to mid 85's.
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-- low to mid 80's. north bay looking pretty good, upper 70's. extend touchdown forecast, nice tomorrow and monday nice too and partly cloudy on tuesday. by wednesday showers moving into the bay area maybe and by the weekend, clear it up and warm it up. oh my gosh, a lot happen not guilty sportsingly thought you were going to say speaking of sunny and warm, some segway like that. major league baseball next. the local team also tie it up in a bow for you. giants bad game. why the long face, man? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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head b banal up top. the local teams. head banging metal ka. look out. carlos here, got him looking. here's the old six, four, three, double play. we are done here. 2-nothing final. first shut out of the season. giants matt cane
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struggling. near walker didn't help. how at a two rbi single. next inning, striking back, here come the giants who close it to a one run game. the mets walker, my gosh, boom. that is michael, they grab a 6- 3 lead and win 6-5. jeeps lost another to the mets and on the surge of getting swept in new york. ahead you know i got more game. nfl graft 2016 has come and gone. i got game day three details. ,,,,,,
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back with the in fact,
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49ers made some noise today. nfl draft day three. conner cook, michigan state star picked up by oakland in the 4th round. he wept 34-5 for party. -- sparty. undertsandably anxious whene had to let kerr know. . to philadelphia.. you bet, he was understandably anxious when he had to let him inoglia was a little nervous about making the call because, you know, we have such a good thing going here and i respect him so much. but he was blown away. he told me he was so excite. he was really happy for me and
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the opportunity. we had that call and i was at his house three hours later for dinner. soccer because you waited long enough. in philadelphia. attacking. simon dawkins banging the back of the net. san jose 4-3-2 if you are scoring at home. back after this. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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looking for a double win in oakland. done. we have it figured out. what do you think? >> i think the call sunny and warm would be stating the obvious. >> have a great night. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow. always on cbs-sf ,,,,,,,,
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