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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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second. i'm kenny choi. this is a live shot of mission control of the solar powered plane called solar impulse 2 as it gets ready to take off from moffett field continuing its journey around the world. >> right now in mountain view the two swiss pilots are taking off from the bay area, getting ready to in one very high tech aircraft. >> and their solar powered plane is on an around the world journey. kiet do is live at moffett field where the record breaking plane is heading next. >> reporter: ground crews are going through a preflight check right now and it looks like takeoff is scheduled for 5:00 a.m. weather is perfect, calm winds
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and it is all systems go as far as we know. once in the air, a 60 person team in mission control in monaco takes over. there's a rest room in that plane and so he is ready to get through this multiday flight. now, this is what the plane looked like around 3:00 this morning as it was getting wheeled out of its portable hangar. it's made out of carbon fiber so light enough that crews can push it by hand. two pilots take turn flying the plane on alternate legs of the journey. this time around it is andres boshburg who suited up for the 16 hour flight to phoenix. it can fly in the air forever, powered by the sun, recharging its batteries at night and really the only thing from keeping it -- keeping it from doing so is the physical limitations of the pilots. they are showing that clean technology works, feasible and makes good sense. >> not only protecting the environment, it is mainly a way to sustain the chemical growth and job creation and profit for the industry because if you
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replace all the polluting, outdated devices by this new modern technology, which is cleaner, it's an incredible development that is possible for the industries who understand this. >> reporter: now, this is not a fast plane. it's all about slow and steady with solar impulse 2. cruises at about a couple thousand feet in the air, goes anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour depending on the winds. arrival time in phoenix is set for 9:00 p.m. tonight and then after that, they head out to new york and then final destination for this round the world trip is abu dhabi sometime in the springtime, maybe even early summer. we are live at moffett field, kiet do. >> what can you tell us about the electric bike that chases the plane after it takes off from the runway. >> reporter: because the plane is so light and the wing span is so large, they actually have to hold it on either side of it, two humans have to hold it once they release it from its
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holding zoo. and i see the propeller starting to spin there. the electric bikes go up to 50 miles an hour. they are not street legal but they chase a plane as it's on the ground and you can see one of the bikes there but, yeah, that's how they have to do it because it will tip over side to side without the humans holding it on either end but looks like they are getting ready to power this thing up and so long as they head across the united states to make the historic flight around the world. >> this is exciting. we are going to check back in with you in a short time. there they go. look at that. a local hunger strike now in its second week. jackie ward is live in san francisco where protesters have some issues with the police department and the mayor. jackie. >> reporter: it's day 12 now, that strikers, they are still here but they are getting increasingly frustrated with the mayor's office and now they are ready to make moves surviving on just liquids for the past week and a half. a core group of five people
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continue to demand police chief greg suhr be removed from his position. tomorrow they will march to city hall where they want to meet with mayor ed lee. mayor lee has continued to support chief suhr so the march will take place tomorrow at 12:30. in the mission district, jackie ward, kpix5. happening today the public will be able -- oh, okay. we are going to moffett field right now because solar impulse 2, if we are looking at this correctly, just took off. there we go, it was scheduled for 5:00 a.m., just a few minutes past five right now but you can see solar impulse 2 up in the sky. >> there it is. >> there's a better shot of it. there we go. all right. it is embarking on this around the world journey, it started in abu dhabi, will end in abu dhabi maybe sometime in the spring, late spring or summer. and it's been quite the journey, right? >> it has. you know, when you have a plane like this, it's a first of its kind solar powered plane trying
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to go around the world. you're going to have issues and it did have some issues, it had to stop in hawaii for nine months, it was grounded for nine months because of battery issues so they had to work on that so a lot of people have their eyes on this plane because it is a historic mission and certainly a lot of people are excited about this plane's journey. >> and this is pretty amazing because the ideal flight speed for solar impulse 2 is 28 miles per hour, but, of course, that speed can double during the day when the sun's rays are the strongest, which is pretty amazing when you're talking about a solar powered plane so it can even go faster, but 28 miles per hour is the ideal flight speed for this. >> and just a couple weeks ago or i think it was last week we saw maybe the solar impulse 2 plane coming into san francisco. there are great shots of that plane right near the golden gate bridge so that was exciting for so many people to see. >> a lot of people -- >> i think that was a week and a half ago, right? >> a lot of people are interested in this especially here i think because of silicon
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valley and the technology and the -- because it is a solar plane and it's run with no fuel so it's a pretty neat flight, but, again, on its way it's going to make a couple of stops in the u.s. before heading overseas. >> yeah, one day roberta is going to jump on that plane too. >> i would love to be there. >> she would. >> kiet do has the best assignment in the whole wide world today. >> but he's not on the plane. you would want to be on the plane. >> it's not going to get to phoenix until 9:00 tonight. i hope they have peanuts on board and they are getting some food. >> yes, no kidding. >> so think there's electric bikes alongside of them to hold down the wings. they are taking off at this particular time because these are when the winds are generally the lightest and we will be picking up winds today out of the southwest 20 miles per hour. last week we had record wind speeds in the area five to six straight days in a row. sfo, their winds were clocked at 40 miles per hour for five consecutive days which we had
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not seen for seven years. when we are looking out at sfo into the peninsula, into the mountain view areas, the winds are slight, under five. we have a little bit of the cloud bank out there but for the most part the clouds are above 600 feet except along the immediate seashore where we have the clouds moving very tight. it's the return of an onshore push. it's visible by our satellite and radar, that shield of clouds due west of san francisco trickling onshore. we have a return of the low clouds and fog at the beaches and that's going to bring down our numbers in comparison to the past couple of days. 61 degrees at pacifica, partly cloudy in oakland today but still mild in the mid-70s. 70s will be common in our inland areas, down from the 80s yesterday. tell you what we will do. at 5:18, the full forecast and that's just minutes away. george. here's a check from the accident century, slowing the ride for 580 into the altamont, this at grant line, and grant line crosses 580 in two locations. this is the one before the 580 interchange out there near
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twoaf -- 205 slowing up the road. for your ride on highway 80 to the bay bridge, no delays here for the westbound ride. the golden gate bridge, as you see 580 southbound down to 14 minutes from central san rafael. there's your bay bridge ride. they have cleared out the delays in the toll plaza. live look at the ride on highway 101, take a trip down to the bayshore he freeway, no delays for the northbound trip as you head up past woodside. guys. >> george, thank you. today marks the fifth anniversary of the death of al- qaeda leader osama bin laden. president barack obama spoke to cnn about the raid that killed him and the state of the war on terror. the president said that if the u.s. had not launched a raid then, that bin laden may have slipped away. >> after the discussions with the principals, it was clear to me that this was going to be our best chance to get bin
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laden. that if in fact we did not take the action that he might slip away. >> bin laden was killed in a u.s. special forces raid on his compound in pakistan. back to campaign 2016, time to break down the battle for delegates. you can see donald trump is just shy of 1000. he needs 241 more in order to gain the nomination and that could happen here in california on june 7th. on the other side of the aisle, you can see hillary clinton has a substantial lead over bernie sanders. clinton needs just 218 more delegates for the nomination. and while the clock winds down to november, the presidential race only grows more tense. over the weekend there were violent encounters at donald trump rallies leading to arrests in the bay area and beyond. and hillary clinton suggested that trump would take the country backward. bernie sanders and ted cruz made clear that they are still in the fight but the frontrunners stole the show with some fairly strong
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language. >> when you divide people against one another, you don't know what's going to happen. we are seeing violence, violence at political rallies. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they are doing. >> at tomorrow's indiana primary 57 delegates are at stake for republicans, democrats are competing for 94. time now is 5:10. the streets of san francisco get weirder than normal. next a closer look at the -- how weird streak faired. and baseball goes to the dogs. why guiness world record officials attended a professional baseball game this weekend. i'm in the kpix5 weather center. good morning, everybody. we will be raining cats and dogs this week. we've got that forecast straight ahead. and we are looking at delays now for interstate 580 and 205 in the westbound direction leading into the altamont pass, really seeing slowing with our accident at grant line. the kpix5 morning news will be right back.
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commute in store for many who rely on the mark train, that's because a derailment that happened yesterday morning is still being cleaned up blocking off one of the mark train routes. this csx train derailed yesterday morning sending 15 cars off the track and spilling hazardous materials and so far no reports of any injuries. >> right now the leak has been stopped. we are working with the -- with csx to figure out the next steps in getting this cleaned up, getting any spill remediated and returning the rails to services as quickly as we can. >> train officials aren't sure what caused the cars to jump the track. being referred to as black magic at sap center in downtown -- the black cat ran right across the ice. the sharks won that game 5-2 and they won again last night. now, it's not clear where it came from but now the team is working to help the good luck charm. >> going to use this
5:15 am
organization to help see if we can find the rideful owner and if a rightful owner can't be found we will go through the proper procedures to make the cat adoptable. >> and the sharks play again tomorrow in nashville. san francisco is known for having some colorful characters and they were out in full force yesterday. this is the 17th annual how weird street fair, that's on howard street. more than 10,000 people showed up in costume and there were dancers, artists, musicians and just utter strangeness. >> what is this festival about? >> self-expression. >> self-expression and being free. >> and being weird but not in a bad day. >> yeah, not in a bad way. >> gloriously weird. >> as fabulously weird as you can get. >> it's weird but cool, right? the festivities made traffic a nightmare in south of market but bad traffic was the only normal thing about it. >> that's right. time now is 5:15. any weird things happening, any weird situations in traffic,
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george? >> you know, there was something weird this morning, there was a woman who phoned the chp that said she was driving from the bay area up to winters towing a car and she lost the car somewhere between fremont and the carquinez bridge. >> whoops. >> i know. and she called the chp and says there was a car behind me and it's not there anymore and the chp is still looking for it. they haven't found it yet. we found some slow traffic for you, take a look here at the ride on interstate 580 westbound, as we are tracking two separate incidents here at north flynn road, our newest accident, two big rigs on the shoulder, also our earlier occurring accident at grant line is still tying up the ride. and we continue to monitor delays for the trip on highway -- actually, here's the 580 right westbound leading into dublin, we will show you that . first look how crowded as we head towards the 680 interchange. we started with this accident
5:17 am
on 880 northbound at dixon landing road, it is still there and slowing the ride. the chp reports this is a pretty serious injury crash and that's why it's taking so long to clear. your bay bridge ride, no delays now as you come in from the mcer -- macarthur maze. the altamont pass ride is going to continue to climb. 238 to the maze looks good from the nimitz freeway northbound. let's head over to the weather center. >> a woman lost her car on the freeway? >> she was towing it behind her. >> i lost my car at the parking lot at the shopping center. oh, okay. not even a full moon. that won't even happen until the 21st of this month. hi, everybody. good morning to you. this is our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid. we are looking due east and we are looking at some overcast conditions. it's a return of the robust sea breeze and all the low clouds, the patchy fog, we are cloudy
5:18 am
in san francisco at 53, a bit overcast in some of our inland areas to the north. santa rosa right now reporting some clouds at 51. michael, he's one of my favorite -- okay, he is my favorite caltrans worker and he is with our weather watch program. this morning he is reporting from oakland, he says beautiful morning, it's cool, calm and quiet right now at 54 degrees. shhh, it is calm. good morning. we have the winds under 5 miles per hour for the most part around the peninsula at sfo, it is at five in san francisco. across the bay in hayward at six. calm winds that allowed solar impulse 2 to go ahead and take off from moffett field. this week southwest winds 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours, here's the -- i wonder if you can hear the foghorn in san francisco this morning. haven't heard that in quite some time. clouds pushed onshore will retreat but partly cloudy skies due to an area of low pressure to the north of us. that afternoon breeze does kick in and then midweek we have an
5:19 am
unsettled weather pattern because we have the system stacking up, there's the second one out there over the open waters, computer models not in agreement at all what to do with the system. so we are calling on our futurecast. here's the clouds lining the coast in san francisco all the way to the lunch hour, hanging tight to the san mateo coast all day long. we've got the sunshine inland but we will be three to 6 degrees cooler inland. you will feel the difference at the beaches. the sunup is at 6:12, not going to see it along the coast today. sunset at 8:02, we are going to see about two minutes and three seconds of additional daylight in comparison to yesterday as our days get a little bit longer heading towards summertime. 60s beaches, 60s, 70s bay side, today 70s across the peninsula, up to about 80 degrees our outside number in the antioch, brentwood, tracy, discovery bay area, otherwise 70s at the bay, upper 50s, low 60s at the coastline, just chances of rain right now wednesday through friday. that's a look at your monday forecast. back to you, gang. >> thank you. time now is 5:19. this weekend america's love of
5:20 am
dogs and baseball were brought together in one record breaking way. >> the plan was pretty simple. get over 1000 dogs to show up at a sporting event and you can see pet owners were delighted to take part. it happened yesterday at the chase field. this is in arizona. pet smarte and the diamondbacks -- petsmart and the diamondbacks teamed up to make it happen. >> it's great. i don't have to lea them at home. i know he can come and watch the game and have fun with us and actually be with other pets. so it's fun. >> word should come in soon about whether the massive pet event was in fact a guiness record. sap with the sharks trying to make it a 2-0 series lead and the warriors tip off their series against the portland trail blazers. highlights straight ahead. what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your ride slows on 580 westbound with a pair of accidents. we will update the drive time coming right up. hello, everybody from s.a.p. where the sharks and the nashville predators went at it and also the golden state warriors looking to take a 1-0 series lead in their series against the blazers. steph curry still out with a
5:24 am
sprained knee, said he hopes to be back by game 3. golden state didn't seem to miss him at all. klay thompson had seven 3- pointers onto a career high 37 points. third quarter, greene finishes with his second career postseason triple double. the warriors win game one 118- 106. the sharks coming into your living room under three minutes to play in san jose, nashville tied at one but joe pavelski scored the game winner. the sharks win 3-2, they lead the second round series two games to none. how about the giants in new york. hunter goes deep. cindergard and the giants avoid a sweep. they win that game 6-1. and at the coliseum the astros leadoff man jose al tu bayh -- altubay hit the third hit of the game.
5:25 am
houston beat the as 2-one. there's plenty of room on the bandwagon for both the sharks and the warriors. climb aboard, they are both off to great starts in the second round. i'm dennis o'donnell. >> the play of the day, go back to oakland for game one of the second round nba playoff series between the warriors and portland. >> lillard, he's had bad first quarters and a good fourth quarter. >> better angle in slow motion so you can appreciate how the warriors' klay thompson faked out the trail blazers' defenders. the warriors lead the series one game to none. we are here in the mission district this morning where hunger strikers are still camped out in front of the police department but they may be on the move soon. we will tell you about it next. that solar powered airplane making its trip around the world just took off from moffett field a few minutes ago. we will have the pictures for you coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. wn and fireworks may day festivities get out of hand at molotov cocktails are thrown and fireworks explode. and airbnb getting mixed in politics. swell plane -- we will explain. we are detecting rain for this week. we are tracking big delays here in the kcbs traffic center for the westbound 580 ride. the drive time up to 54 minutes now out of tracy heading into the dublin interchange with no less than two accidents and here at the bay bridge, the metering lights have just been
5:30 am
activated. i'll have a complete traffic check coming right up. good morning, everyone. it is monday, may 2nd, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. in mountview two swiss pilots have just taken off in one very flashy aircraft. >> yes, thinker plane is solar powered and the men at the helm are taking it around the world. kiet do tells us about the record breaking aircraft and where it's heading next. kiet. >> reporter: yeah, the plane took off less than 30 minutes ago, still quite a buzz out here in moffett field. let me step out of the way and show you, the man in the orange you see right there, he is one of the co-pilots, his name is bertrand piccard, the cofounder of the the plane and its mission to go around the world and he is out here visiting with a lot of the people who have come out this early hour to see the plane take off. he says that he got inspired when he met some astronauts at cape kennedy a couple of decades ago that he wants to make sure he reaches out to younger generations to inspire them to be the next explorers. the plane took off exactly at
5:31 am
5:03 this morning. it was completely silent. the propellers fired up and off it went in an instant. it is slow going, flies at no more than 30 to 40 miles an hour, while in darkness it is powered up with batteries but once the sun comes up, that charges the batteries and in theory the plane can fly forever, powered by the sun. next stop is phoenix and at this pace it will take about 16 hours or so. here is what the plane looked like at 3:00 this morning as it wheeled out of its portable hangar. they have been in the bay area for more than a week and have been treated like royalty. they were actually in the bay area exactly three years ago to the day and they were looking forward to being back in a place where they feel a strong connection to the innovative spirit. this plane itself is a technological marvel, been developed and built over the past 15 years. nearly every i have been of the wings are covered in solar panels. this around the world flight is meant to show the world that clean technology can accomplish amazing things. they also want to inspire the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs who will not
5:32 am
only change but save the world from climate change. >> when you see the eyes of the children shining when they look, you know, at this airplane, you understand also what this can mean and how it can help, you know, the young generation to find its way into the future. >> reporter: back here live, quite an energetic scene at moffett field. again, this is the other co- pilot. they alternate taking turns here, this is piccard. solar impulse 2 set to arrive in phoenix around 9:00 p.m. tonight. we are live at moffett field, kiet do, kpix5 news. >> did they say -- >> reporter: they love being here. a lot of interest from companies, they have had a lot of meetings, a lot of late night outs, they have set up partnerships for the next phase of solar impulse for impulse 3. we will talk about later on in our broadcast. they say all this interest, all the friends that come and visit
5:33 am
has been very exhausting. they have not gotten as much sleep as they want to but in any event, being in silicon valley is tough but in a good way. back to you. >> thank you. developing now, the search is on for the gunman in a shooting outside the federal courthouse. police say that around 9:30 last night, two men began to argue. the fight escalated and one shot the other in the back according to authorities. they say that the gunman then made a getaway on a motorcycle. the victim is in stable condition and expected to be okay. in lake berryessa, a 14- year-old boy has drowned. it happened yesterday on the west shore of the napa county lake. investigators haven't released the boy's name or the circumstances surrounding the drowning. police in seattle say that they arrested nine people during anticapitalism protests, five officers were injured yesterday as may day demonstrations got out of hand. one officer was hit in the head with a rock and another was hit by a molotov cocktail but none of the injuries were serious. eight men and a juvenile girl
5:34 am
face charges ranging from obstruction to assault and property destruction. >> we have said all along, we will march around town with people all day long as long as they are peaceful and, unfortunately, once this all started and once property damage started, we took action. >> the rowdy evening march followed a peaceful gathering in seattle earlier by supporters of immigrants and workers. and may day scenes in the bay area were much more calm. hundreds marched in oakland yesterday calling for better wages, racial equality and an end to what they call unjust deportations. there were no reports of major problems but police kept a close eye on the protests in the wake of last year's looting on auto row. >> never been anything but people and the excessive amount of policing, that can do more to take things in the opposite direction than just the people in the streets together. >> the may day march in san jose was also without major trouble. it went from king and story roads on the east side to
5:35 am
downtown where a rally was held at city hall. protesters called for more affordable housing as well as better wages and immigration laws. some hunger strikers say they won't eat until they get a meeting with the mayor of san francisco. the reason they want major changes in the police department. kpix5's jackie ward is live in san francisco with their story. jackie. >> reporter: michelle, this is the beginning of day 12 for the hunger strikers. as you can see behind me, they haven't budged in their stance against police chief greg suhr and they are taking it to city hall soon. tomorrow afternoon they will march from the police station here in the mission to the mayor's office where they will demand a meeting. this has gone on longer than some people thought and strikers tell us they are feeling the love from the community. >> we have had people come up to us crying, this is real. people are like, wait, you guys aren't going to kill yourself out here. we are not going to let you. >> reporter: the core group out here call themselves the frisco 5 and say they have only had liquids over the past week and
5:36 am
a half. this is all in response to the recent police shootings. this group has been calling for the removal of chief greg suhr for 12 days now and tomorrow is when they will march to city hall at 12:30 in the afternoon. from the mission, jackie ward, kpix5. happening today, students at several csu campuses are protesting tuition hikes after a four-year freeze, the csu's board of trustees recommended charging higher tuition. students say that it's unfair on top of tuition increases, they are also protesting cuts at the school's college of ethnic studies. it is 5:36 right now. let's get another check on weather. a little bit of a cooldown today, right? >> we will have a cooldown, the return of the low clouds and fog along the coast. not notice it so much in our inland areas, well maybe a little bit. three to 6 degrees cooler there. you're going to notice it in san francisco. we will drop almost 14 degrees today. >> wow. >> that's a return of the stratus that we actually call the low clouds and the fog. good morning, everybody. get to our live hi-def doppler
5:37 am
radar. not a rain drop in sight. that could change by wednesday. this is the scene looking out towards the bay right now from san francisco looking due east and we do have clear skies there, but if we are looking due west, that's where we have the clouds stacked up at this hour. 44 degrees in livermore, 54 in san jose. yesterday we had a temperature span of 78 in san francisco to 86 degrees in concord. now this right here, shield of clouds pushing onshore, a cooler day ahead with partly cloudy conditions all due to a trough to the north of the bay area. 60s beaches, 60s, 70s, bay side, up to about 80-degree towards discovery bay and brentwood. that's the full forecast. that's still coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. we are tracking major delays for interstate 580 and the ride through and to the altamont pass. a pair of accidents, one at north flynn, the other at grant line and believe it or not, these are not big crashes and not even blocking lanes but they have turned the drive time into a one hour trip out
5:38 am
towards the dublin interchange. so disregard that sign that you see at the bottom of your screen. here at the bay bridge, metering lights are active and that started to push the backup toward the maze but it's not there yet. your drive times about 16 to 17 minutes and a quick look at the bayshore freeway. this live shot shows 101 in the northbound direction and the ride looks pretty good. the delays are southbound with a stalled big rig at marsh road. michelle. >> thank you. airbnb wants to make political allies in order to keep home sharing afloat in the bay area. the city's ethics commission claims that airbnb, the home sharing site, poured $257,000 late last week into campaigns for moderate democratic candidates and their issues. the donations come just days after progressives at the board of supervisor threatened fines and even misdemeanor charges for home sharers violating city laws. >> they are intensely swaying
5:39 am
the election. they have just dropped a quarter of a million dollars and 25,000 additional dollars for the progress slate that is friendly to their interest. it is unheard of. >> last year airbnb helped defeat a local proposition that would have put different restrictions on home sharing sites. round 2 of the nba playoffs off to a nice start for the warriors. in oakland yesterday they beat the trail blazers in game one, 118-106. the win over portland came despite the absence of steph curry who is unable to play because of a knee injury. fans don't be surprised that the team is able to succeed without curry. >> it's not going to be easy, but if they stick to the game plan, they will be just fine. >> we got this. curry is out but we are averaging 30 points over. it's good no matter what. >> all good. game 2 is tomorrow evening in oakland. the sharks are also looking pretty good in round two of the stanley cup playoffs. joe pavelski scoring this goal for san jose, one of three
5:40 am
goals for san jose yesterday evening as the sharks won 3-2 at home over the predators. san jose now has a two games two none lead in the series. game 3 is tomorrow evening in nashville. new this morning, puerto rico will miss its largest payment to date. the $422 million debt payment was scheduled to be paid to the u.s. government today. the territory's governor said he ordered a debt moratorium and blocked the payment. in a televised address, he said he had to invoke emergency powers because no help was coming from washington, d.c. the payment was owed by the island's powerful government development bank which has raised money for various branches of government. time now is 5:40. well, nissan isn't taking chances when it comes to air bags. >> joe wagner tells us why the company is recalling millions of cars in the u.s. >> reporter: investors are waiting for the april jobs report, comes out friday. last weeks the markets finished lower, the dow fell 57 points
5:41 am
on friday, the nasdaq jumped 29. baker hughes are abandoning plans to merge. the justice department opposed that merger arguing it would eliminate competition. the adonia cruise ship set sail for havana. it's the first ship in 50 years to sail from the u.s. to cuba, 700 passengers are aboard including a dozen americans who were born there. and nissan is recalling more than 3 million vehicles in the united states because of a problem with an air bag sensor. the recall includes maxima, leaf and pathfinder models from 2013 to 2017. an illinois woman is suing starbucks for putting too much ice in its drinks. explain that one. >> reporter: she says there's too much ice and not enough coffee. customers, for example if you get a venti, you're really paying for 24 ounces of coffee, ice takes up 10 ounces of that. this woman is seeking $5
5:42 am
million in damages. starbucks calls the lawsuit absurd. >> not surprised. jill wagner of thank you very much. bidding farewell to a time honored tradition. circus elephants performing for the last time. we are taking a live look out at 880 in oakland. you can see traffic seems to be moving along smoothly right there. george is going to be back to let us know where there are hot spots in the bay area. we will be back. ,,,,,,
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5:45 am
the chances of rain back in the forecast and we will tell you exactly when to expect that. that's coming up at 49 minutes after the hour. new video this morning of a massive cathedral fire that sparked last night in manhattan. as you can see the roof completely gone leaving just a skeleton of the name and that hole in the front used to be beautiful stained glass. luckily no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. in just a few hours, a judge will begin examining how prince's estate should be divided up. prince's full sister tyka nelson filed papers last week saying prince had no known will. under minnesota law that means his fortune should be distributed equally among his surviving siblings. prince's estimated worth is $300 million and that's not including his vast music catalog. hillary clinton is heading back to the bay area on friday to pick up some campaign cash here in san francisco. some very well known women will also be cheering her on. senator barbara boxer as well as actress elizabeth banks are among those on the guest list.
5:46 am
tickets range from $125 to 2700. after 145 years, the greatest elephant show on earth is no more. the elephants of the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey perform their final -- performed their final acts over the weekend. the move comes after decades of protests from animal rights activists. fans in rhode island and pennsylvania got to see the final shows with the elephants. >> elephants are such a major part of the show and i understand the whole peta side of it but it's going to be a sad experience. >> the elephants will retire to ringling bros.' 200-acre conservation center in florida. a san jose resident soon be making a lot of new friends because they just won $1 million playing powerball. valero gas station on saratoga avenue sold a power ticket with five of the six numbers. no one hit the full powerball jackpot making wednesday's jackpot worth nearly $350 million. >> i don't know who it is but i
5:47 am
think it's my cousin. that's all i'm saying. >> i was in southern california, the guy walked in and he was right in front of me and he bought $40 worth of powerball tickets and i'm going what? what don't i know here? >> you missed out. >> i don't even know how to play. i don't. >> you just buy. you let them pick. >> you let the computer pick it out or unless you want to. >> and the odds, you know, the odds. close enough to zero. >> really? >> right. >> better chance of getting hit by lightning. >> that's right. >> thank you. i hope not. take a look at traffic for you this morning as we continue to monitor delays here, 54 minutes is your trip time for westbound interstate 580. this is the hot spot this morning. we had two separate accidents. the backup on 205, look at that, reaches all the way out toward i-5. so they are especially slow, also been reports of debris in the lane. we are not doing much better as you head towards the dublin interchange, look how slowly the traffic continues to move
5:48 am
here on interstate 580. and at the bay bridge the backup is building rather rapidly as you can see there right in the center right of your screen, that's the 880 approach to the bridge and it's now backed up over the westbound lanes of the toll plaza. and taking a look at your san mateo bridge ride, you can see it's only 13 minutes from one end of the span to the other. that makes this a pretty good trip, about 6:30 we will start to see things back up there. and remember, the mariners are playing tonight at the oakland coliseum, so we are going see a little heavier than usual traffic for your ride on highway 880 this evening. remember, the game time is at 7:05. head over to the weather center now. here's roberta. >> and we are heading to san jose. good morning, everybody, it's our live weather camera looking downtown san jose and the santa clara valley and you see a hint of fog worked its way over the santa cruz mountains. yesterday it was 84 degrees in san jose. we will be cooling down significantly but right now
5:49 am
it's mild. we have temperatures pretty much in the 50s. not that bad at all and it looks like later today about 14 degrees cooler along the coast and into the bay. now, here we go with some of the wind speeds right now, pretty much under 10 miles per hour, except in fairfield, a wind up to 15 miles per hour. we will see those winds increasing later today, southwest 10 to 20, not as gusty as when we left you last week. big change right here. it's a shield of low clouds and fog, roughly about 1000 feet deep. it's pushed onshore, more of an onshore flow this morning so the temperatures will be coming down. you're going to notice a difference in san francisco where yesterday it was 78, tumbling into the 60s today with partly cloudy conditions. here's our satellite and radar, we have a couple of different systems out over the ocean. here's the first one that will produce some partly cloudy conditions today and tonight. the secondary one right here promises a chance of rain on wednesday. it's a minimal chance with minimal precipitation but we got to put it in the forecast. here's your futurecast, we still are overcast along the beaches from ocean beach
5:50 am
through half moon bay by lunch hour. we fill in with the low clouds and fog in the overnight hours and we wake up tomorrow again with mostly cloudy skies. sun up at 6:12 and by the time it sets tonight at 8:02, smack in between our numbers, cooler than yesterday, three to 6 degrees cooler in our inland areas, we did have 86, however, in concord on sunday. today 78 degrees, down from 84 to 78 in san jose but look at the coastal areas. in san francisco down from 78 to 65 degrees and again you got to factor in that afternoon breeze. here is your extended forecast, additional cooling takes place on tuesday. we will call it mostly cloudy with daily chances of rain and the potential of a thunderstorm on wednesday through friday. otherwise pretty seasonal conditions by next weekend. that's your monday forecast. make it a great day. temperatures are dropping but bay area gas prices are climbing back toward the $3 mark. here are the average prices for regular unleaded in our local metro areas. this is according to
5:51 am okay. we are going to be with that story in just a minute. we will be back. ,,,, on his legendary quest, jack created a breakfast worth waking up for. the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito.
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5:54 am
comparison to sunday. southwest breeze to 20. hello redwood city in the low 70s. good morning san jose at 77 degrees, down from 84 yesterday. concord, you will tumble 10 degrees from 86 degrees on sunday and north bay numbers under partly cloudy skies, 60s and low 70s. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the westbound ride continues to back up to the foot of the maze, now tracking about an 18 minute trip time into san francisco and still major delays for the altamont pass with a pair of accidents coming out of tracy on 580 westbound. kenny, michelle. it is getting more expensive for drivers in the bay area when it comes to gas prices. here are the average prices for regular unleaded in our local metro areas, this is according to it's $2.81 per gallon in san jose, $2.80 in oakland and $2.94 in san francisco and these prices are about a nickel higher than just a week ago. new this morning, millennials can soon take home
5:55 am
whole foods groceries without groaning at the receipt because the chain's lower cost stores are set to open by the end of the month. whole foods will team up with local vendors to offer food and beverages that suit a nontechy salary but one rumor about the stores has been shattered. it was originally reported as a possibility but whole foods confirming that none of them will include tattoo parlors. sports authority is throwing in the towel. it is closing all of its stores. it filed for chapter 11 in march. at the time the plan was to close 140 stores and reorganize but that didn't fix its billion dollar problem. now it has to close all of its 450 stores across the country, including those here in the bay area. in the competitive market of tv streaming, hulu announced they will be coming out with new cablelike packages for customers. the santa monica based company plans on rolling out the new digital tv plan by 2017. it's in hopes of giving them an edge over competition like netflix and amazon.
5:56 am
until then, hulu is nearing a deal with disney and fox for access to their channels. no word on a possible price tag. apple may be tweaking its auto correct feature on inns to help -- iphones to help you from sending unwanted text. tech company filed a patent for a system that will let your system know when auto correct changes a potential word. 5:56. you're being watched. u.s. senator is calling for an investigation into high tech billboards that are apparently tracking your movements. and that solar powered airplane that's making its way around the world just took off from the bay area less than an hour ago. we will have a live interview with one of the pilots. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out.
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,, live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
6:00 am
and i good morning, everyone. it is monday, may 2nd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. right now a plane powered only by the sun is continuing its historic journey around the world. >> kpix5 reporter kiet do is live at moffett field where the aircraft took off just about an hour ago. and, kiet, is everything going smoothly so far? >> reporter: yeah, so far, so good. they have been in the air now for about an hour or so. the entities team telling -- swiss team telling us that being in america is fantastic, that we understand their mission, especially when we are here in the bay area, in the silicon valley, they don't need to explain what they are doing, their mission, that we just get it. solar impulse 2 took off exactly at 5:03 this morning. they fired up immediately and with that giant wing span it took right off. and off she went to phoenix. their staff meteorologist very sensitive about cross winds so they chose this date for the calm weather. the plane goes at about 30 to 50 miles per hour so it will take roughly about 16 hours to get to phoenix. they will swing by the


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