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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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and students now at noon, after a four-year freeze, the board of trustees is recommending charging higher tuition and students aren't happy. >> good afternoon, it's monday, may 2nd. i'm troy.
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michelle is on assignment. cu campus students are rallying against the possible hikes. jackie ward is live in san francisco state where those students are meeting. >>reporter: what's happening -- it's happening across cu campuses. student leaders tells me it's a time for them to reclaim the state university system. they call it solidarity of mayday. students are requesting -- tuition hikes is a major concern because of a four-year freeze on increases is about to end. accord to students for quality education, the board of trustees wants to increase tuition annually based on inflation. >> i want people to be angry with me because we're paying for this institution and the resources we deserve. it's time to get them so we can graduate and make
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our economy great. >> another thing students continue to focus on is the cause of ethnic studies that has been talked about a lot because of the budget cut. fssu president reiterates that no plain exists to reduce the budget for the six colleges -- so the rally is just now getting underway here. jackie ward, kpix 5. a lawmakers tries to help those drowning in loan debt. john will introduce a student lone reform bill to refinance student loan interest rate and recalculate interest rates for future borrowers and allows students to reinvest in the society without the burden of student load debt. developing out of ant okay, a student in custody after a double shooting at a convenient store just after 7:00
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this morning. chopper 5 overhead as officers pace through the parking lot. inside the shot, they found a 37-year-old woman dead from -- they found a 27-year-old woman dead. the suspect believed to be the victim's husband was arrested. the sheriff's office is searching for a missing no bury man. this is a picture of green who was seen thursday night leaving his home. he left his wallet and car. his cell phone was found friday morning in golden state park by a hiker. if you have information about green's whereabouts, you're asked to call 911. now to a kpix 5 traffic alert. a closure on gloretta boulevard. chopper 5 video showing one home's backyard is completely
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flooded. customers in the area were without water for a few hours, but it's now back on. looking ahead starting tomorrow. a break for east bay water users since last summer. households in the district that use more than 1,000 gallons of water a day were fined, but we've seen spring storms bringing relief to the park's bay area. so east bay mud is dropping that policy for now. the utility district says their goal is to educate water users on how to conserve. now to campaign 2016. the race for the white house shifts to indiana with voters heading to the polls on tuesday as cbs craig boswell reports. there's a big say whether trump can lock up the presidential nomination. >>reporter: ted cruz isn't wasting time hitting the campaign trial early monday morning at an indiana cafe. >> we're going all the way. >> cruz needs a big win to stop trump to keep him from locking up the presidential nomination
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-- >> the entire country is looking to indiana to pull us back from this cliff we're standing over. >> kasich has fallen significantly behind the businessman after pulling oust pull -- pulling out of the state. >> i'm competing against these guys since they don't have no past of victory. i don't know what they're doing. >> clinton is firing back as they prepare for a general election battle. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into trump's hands. >> clinton needs 18% of the remaining delegates to lock up the nomination, but sanders says it will be a contested convention. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by june 14th. >> sanders is calling on the democratic super delegates to change their support and vote for him at this summer's
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convention. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> here's a look at the delegate count on the republican side. trump is shy of 1,000. he needs 241 more to clinch the nomination which could happen right here in california next month. this week, the clinton's role will keep the focus on the golden state -- former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife in los angeles and next month, clinton will hold events in los angeles and oakland. she's going to speak -- joining us is barbara boxer and tickets range from 500 -- there's a plan to fast track the minimum wage hike. the governor signed a bill raising the -- san mateo is meeting to talk about phasing it faster or
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raise it even higher. the city council meets at 7:00 tonight to get input from the public and local businesses. the transportation back for businesses. that's what palo alto city council wants to know. the council is meeting to launch a new poll. city lawmakers are considering adding the taxes to reduce traffic congestion. whether the voters see that on the ballot will depend on the results. overall, bay area residents are fed up. new at noon, 1,000 people pulled by the bay area council. 44% of people are considering leaving. those who have lived here five years or less are less likely want to leave. traffic is the area's biggest problems. impulse 2 is back in the area after a stop in the bay area. let's look inside the solar-powered plane
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right now. kpix 5 reporter tells us it's headed to phoenix. >>reporter: it feels like a silicon valley dream. a plane landing in the debt of moffitt field a week ago. the colorful pilots and spend -- as high tech celebrities. >> [sirens]. >> a take off in the sleepy, hazy debt of night. it felt like a dream within the dream that a plane can fly around the world and change it at the same time. >> if a few years time. hopefully the world will work with this technology. >> it's a marshal made of carbon fiber and weighs its same as a family car covered in solar panels to charge the car by day. cruising speed is 30 to
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50 miles-an-hour. the team says it's living proof to the world, clean technology works and can create jobs and stopping climate change. calling it a win-win for the environment and humanity. >> you can replace all the outdated devices by the new model and technology which is clean. >> solar impulse set to arrive in phoenix 9:00 p.m. local time and pull out the phoenix no later by wednesday to head to new york city. in mountain view, chuck, kpix. >> we've posted a link to it on -- prince's six surviving siblings appeared in court today. it's a complicated process because no will has been found.
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under minnesota law, prince's multi-million estate is divided among his surviving siblings. the hearing was quick. there's a bank to manage prince's estate until an -- a man is being -- and a big reveal, the entrepreneur who says he's the creator of bit coin. good afternoon, everybody. boy, what a difference a day makes. the fog rolls in and temperatures 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we'll talk about the cool locations at that place right now. my forecast as the news continues, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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tom angel.. chief new details this noon about a message scandal in southern california. tom angel, chief of staff of the -- he resigned after an offensive e-mail. he forwarded the e-mails from his work account. he's the second highest ranking official in the police department back in 2012. >> that's despicable because i can't believe a person of such authority can use government services using a government mixer to circulate trash against all minorities. >> angel has apologized. ironically he was hired to clean up the sheriff's department after brutality of the jail brought down the former sheriff and his top -- teachers are protesting in the rain. that's after the union instructed them to callout because the school district said it wouldn't have enough money to continue paying
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teachers this summer. hundreds of teachers and sympathizeers are gathered outside of the headquarters chanting. >> [indiscernible] and a lot of the things that are going on are unacceptable. >> 43 public schools are closed for the day. new at noon, marking a historic trip. the first u.s. cruise ship across the -- docking havana today. it marks the restart of commercial charter. hundreds of workers and passer buyers gathered to watch. some cheering as the gleaming white passenger ship pulled into the dock. right now, hazmat crews are cleaning up the mess after a freight train derailed in northeast washington, dc. 16 cars overturned this weekend and one leaked sodium hydroxide until it was
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successfully plugged. no one was hurt. crews are replacing soil and lay new track. clean up under way after storms rocked texas and arkansas over the weekend after flood waters receded in the town of palestine. a sixth drowning victim was recover could. a 30-year-old man who died in the area and a woman and her four grand children friday night. 60s miles in texas, clean up crews are out after an ef-2 tornado touched down with winds as high as 115 miles-an-hour. changes are coming to our forecast. >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday, we had temperatures from 78 degrees in san francisco to 86 degrees in concord. then the fog rolled in early this morning, cooling us down. it would be hazy. we have sunshine in the city by the day in san francisco. we're
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looking towards the port of oakland and we have 60 degrees west of the bay bridge, east of the bay bridge, 65 degrees in oakland. san jose at 70 degrees. dana is our weather watchers and she says hey, do i get the highest temperatures around the market climate. dana is checking in at 78 degrees. not far behind is charlie reporting in vallejo. the winds are going to rotate to the south and kick up to 70. a breezy evening commute. other than that, the breezes -- the return of that blanket of -- the marine causing airport delays this morning. but everything is back on schedule. high pressure, [indiscernible], but we have low pressure in the marine layer. there's a secondary one over the open waters that wants to bring us a chance of rain on wednesday. and until then we have the
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return of the low clouds and fog later on tonight after midnight, even penetrating inland to the east, for at least a good 50 miles. everybody wakes up -- 79 degrees. sacramento, we're in the high 50s. it's 53 and going up to 56 in monterey. the sierra is 55. here's our numbers coming down. down from 78 in san francisco to 65. down from 86 and concord to 78. down from 84 to 78 degrees in san jose. more seasonable. there's your sunset tonight at 8:02. 2 minutes and 3 seconds of additional sunlight today as we have the longer day this time of year. here's your forecast on wednesday through friday, i have to tell you right now, computer models are driving me insane. they're arguing with each other. one says yes and the other says, it's not going to happen. we're seeing a chance of rain everyday. if we see rain, it will be minimal and a chance of thunderstorms as well. >> i got to cancel my
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tennis plays, possibly. >> don't cancel. >> all right, we'll keep it. thanks, roberta. a man has come forward saying he's the creative of bit coin. he says he's the known as bitcoin. he launched currency in 2009 with the help of brothers and came clean with misinformation about about bitcoin. a customer is suing starbucks saying it's too much ice. tracy is filing -- the suit claims that starbucks advertises its cold drinks by fluid ounce, but the advise is not the size customers receive of the a spokesperson for starbucks says the company believes the claim is without merit. looking at how stocks are doing right now. the dow jumping up 115 points.
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after visiting a top bay area, malia obama is making a decision. where she plans to go and what it means for the future of the first family. and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail us your nomination at coolschool we may come and feature your school on the broadcast. sodastream.
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will attend harvard the day -- i did tip
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my name [indiscernible]. so it has been around for a while. it's the sugar -- the sugar is at its peak. it's important, when you buy them, nice and orange all the way around. heavy for the sides like all citrus, nice and shiny and fresh. make sure the naval is small. you got a dead peel. when you bring them home, put them in the refrigerator on the counter. naval oranges loaded with vitamin c and they're heavy right now, it means the sugar is there. it's its peak of the season. they're beautiful. and i'm tony, your fresh i'm your-- i'm your grocier. there's a house fire. multiple boats on fire according to the oakland fire department. you can see the smoke in the air. we'll have
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more tonight on kpix 5. president obama's older daughter will attend harvard university. malia obama will return there after taking a gap year. he'll be the class of 2021. president obama says the -- his family plans to stay in washington for two years after his presidency ends so their younger daughter sasha can finish high school. these new photos were released. it shows the little girl at her home in eastern england. the duchess kate of cambridge took the pictures herself. the statement reads that prince william and kate are happy to share these important family moments. next, hurt but healing, when warrior star curry is set to step back on the court as golden state works
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towards another playoff win.
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we're back. more on the breaking news we told you before the break. a boat fire at the oakland -- oakland fire department reporting that multiple boats on fire. you can see the smoke there. it's white. we'll have much more on this tonight on kpix 5 news at 5:00. warriors of curry is
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out with a sprained knee and hopes to be back by game three. golden state didn't miss him. thompson had seven three pointers. greene finished with his second career post triple double as the warriors won the game. one 1, 118-106. >> that's strength in numbers. >> go warriors. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> nicole: wait. back up. what did you just say? >> sasha: nothing. >> nicole: you just said we were sisters. >> sasha: i-i thought we were, nicole, but my sister wouldn't be ordering me out of her life. >> nicole: no, that's not how you meant it. you were saying something else. you're my real sister? >> sasha: no, nicole, o-of course not. >> nicole: then why would you say that? >> zende: that's weird. sasha didn't mention anything about going away. >> maya: it's just a possibility. >> zende: a modeling thing? >> rick: she doesn't know about it, so... discretion. >> zende: yeah, sure.


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