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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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with rape. liz, this one will catch people by surprise. >> it will. stubblefield is a hero to many with his glory days in the 90s but a man that won a super bowl in the different light. morgan hill police releasing this mug shot. he was charged with five felony counts accused of raping a developmentally disabled woman in april of last year. prosecutors say stubblefield post add job on a baby sitting website about a job as a nanny. prosecutors say the victim in this case went to his morgan hill home for an interview, after she left stubblefield texted her that he wanted to pay her for her time and that's when the alleged rape happened. prosecutors calling it a crime of violence against a vulnerable victim. he was booked on the counts this afternoon and being processed through the santa county clara jail. he will be released in 45 minutes and we will have more
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throughout the evening. one of the three drifters charged in the murders of two people in the bay area has taken a plea deal. sean engle agreed to a second- degree murder conviction. he will testify against morrison and allgood. charged in the murder of audrey carry killed in golden gate park and steve carter killed in morein county. engle would face a prison term of 15 years ago to life. if convicted langly and allgood face life without the possibility of parole. we are learning of a mega real estate deal involving tesla. the electronic car maker is gobbling up space in livermore, a couple of huge buildings near the airport. mark kelley shows us how the car maker is expanding there. mark. >> reporter: and allen, there is one of those massive buildings behind me. now that's just one of them and
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tesla is planning on leasing space in possibly three of these buildings at the oaks logistic center. it is still under construction and once it is down from the airport. i spoke with vice mayor gary over the phone and says he is thrill with teffla will be gathering a million square feet because that means more jobs but just to be clear this will not be a new factory to replace the one in fremont. it will be additional space to spore parts and do logistic works and the work that developers had in mind when envisioning this office park. no idea how many jobs coming here and when teffla will be planning on moving in. you can bet that the leaders of this success of silicon valley is starting to overflow in the
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trivalley. >> those livermore warehouse as win after teffla blew off california and decided to build the factory in nevada. the 5 billion-dollar giga factory is being built outside of reno and will churn out batteries and be shipped to fremont. a peninsula city looking for new ways to raise money is taking ideas from professional sports. we have more on the city's appeal to ego vanity. pantherton is a city synonymous with welt. average price here for homes is 6 million-dollars so why is everything up for sale. >> in the heart of silicon valley, we don't have facebook or google or anything else with major headquarters, we don't have that. >> here is the dilemma, it wants to build a civic center and library et cetera but it needs to raise money first.
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and city leaders seeing if someone will pony up 10 million- dollars to put his or her name on the street where the new civic center would be built. >> a lot of people have money to put on a street named after them. >> upon further reflection, what looked like a colossal waste of money has potential investment in community. >> i wouldn't pay that much to name a street after me but some people might have the money and the luxury to do that. i think it is all right if that is what they want. there are many families here to make it big and i think they come to help rebuild it. >> there are some things that aren't for sale. either because it is in poor taste or ethical concern. >> there is some things we won name because it is inappropriate, like the police department. >> like the police department or a urinal.
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everything else apparently is up for grabs. devon feely. the city council will talk about the names rights idea on wednesday afternoon. >> population in the golden state grew by one percent last year. casual now home to nearly 40 million people state demographers said they gained 348,000 residents in 2014. the fastest growing county, santa clara. new at six according to a new poll by the bay area council more than a third of the people living here plan to leave. phil matero has more about the mass exodus. >> reporter: the biggest reason it is getting too expensive to live here and getting from work to home is taking too much time. we all know that there is a lot done about affordable housing and as far as the roads and the rails what is being done there,
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you take a look and see. >> if you're not out before 2:30 it takes an hour to get to the east bay. >> and no better by bus. you have a three hour commute to get in from petaluma? >> yes. >> every day three-and-a-half million bay area residents wake up and face the headaches of increasingly overcrowded ride to and from work. take bart that carries over 200,000 riders a day. >> do you have room for everybody? >> not right now. >> and the ferries are feeling the pinch. >> you would think that someone would have come up with a solution by now. >> the problem is that we don't have a meaningful plan. not one to make a difference. people can find examples of where improvements will be made. we are trying to electronic cal train but that is a ways off and not big enough to solve the
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problem. >> bart will be asking voters for 3-and-a-half billion dollars in fixup money. >> that will provide us with relief and we are going to the voters with a bond in november to bill a new control system to provide us with relief but we are struggling. >> and what about the talk of second bay bridge or bart? >> there isn't an appetite to raise the revenue on the tax side. there is a change on the bay area that will take billions of dollars to build more to capacity in the form of more highways or roads or more public transit and there is not an appetite in washington ar sacramento. >> it seems that the goal is to cope rather than to make it that much better. >> there is no visionary planning or thinking at a regional level. >> and there hasn't been for some time apparently. because what we wind up doing with all of those agencies is taking what money we have and putting them into individual
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pet projects. but in the end, what we wind up with is back up from here all the way to serrano and beyond. in france, kpix. governor brown is talking back at rick scott over a radio ad to poach california workers. >> ready to leave california? go to florida instead. no state income tack and governor scott cut regulations. florida is adding one million jobs, not losing them. >> in a letter, governor brown wrote rick, a fact you would like to ignore california is the 7th largest economic power in the world. we are competing with nations like brazil and france, not states like florida. he told governor scott it is serious to talk about climate change when he is visiting the state and says while you are
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enjoying the stroll on a beach don't stick your head in the sand read the rest of the report, no time to waste. wash out in morereno. the break happened at 8:30 sending the water pouring into several garages and yards. the 12-inch cast iron main broke on gloria boulevard and took an hour for utility crews to shut it off. that interrupted service to customers in the neighborhood. it caused a hole under the pavement and five feet deep. one homeowner described the scene as the flooding began on his property. the middle of the street has water surging out and crazy and beginning of the 40 days and nights. the main that failed was 70 years old. a spokeswoman acknowledged that its system of pipes is aging beyond its like cycle and averaging 3 water main breaks a day. checking bay area
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headlines. talk about right place, right time. a quick thinking good samaritan saves an elderly woman from a fast moving fire in san jose. firefighters say it started in an abandoned barn and flames jumped the fence towards the community. no word on a cause. >> just learning of a deadly accident at a construction site. an electrician was elect executed. >> it is being invested. janitors on voting whether to go on strike. their current contract expired on saturday. issues negotiated are pay, worker protection and training standards. janitors make $14.24 and california's minimum wage is $10 an hour.
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well, it is the latest creature comfort coming to airports. dogs getting their own place to go. the bay area airport that is ahead of the curb when it comes to pet perks. >> a historic clerk trying to do his job takes a bullet. how he risks his life to save a person in trouble. malia obama taking a year off before college and not just for presidents' kids, one student says a gap year was the key to her success. sunshine away from the water. concord highway 4, nothing but blue skies and temperatures topped out at 80 degrees. coming up a significant cool down and cloud cover like we have at ocean beach where the high was 59. and we are talking rain to find out which day looks the wettest
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world. one boat burned at the oakland es youary. firefighters dousing the flames and putting out hot spots. a neighboring boat left damage and started at noon. it took about a half hour to get everything under control. no report on injuries or a cause. traveling with your pet is going to get better. airports are being required to have designated areas where pets can do their business before or after the long flight. mike sugar man at sfo ahead of the curve with this new federal rule, umm, mike? >> yeah, the faa generally is not in the business of regulating your pet's business but there is a regulation to take effect in august. any airport with ten thousand passengers coming and going has to have a place for your pets to go. but if you say the bay area airport, they are ahead of the coverage.
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>> these are dog days for u.s. airports, doggy dog for loyalty, you have a choice of where you fly, in and out of a region and especially the bay area. while it might seem a case of the tail wagging the dog. sf oordered to stay out of the dog houseworking to get the dog friendly to the relief of dog owners and dogs. >> this is essentially a space that has been designated so that travelers can bring their pets to relieve themselves before or after a flight. >> three such areas here outside and in between terminals next to where smokers are allowed to be. oakland airports have them outside and sfo is about to get more areas where your dog can be free to go doggy style. after you go through security. >> these will likely be on a concourse level and in a closed room essentially probably section of astroturf.
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>> what is it about fire hydrants? >> truffles the service dog was not talking but her mom was relieved to find this area. >> normally i prepare ahead and i would make sure that she has eaten early enough and had time to go to the bathroom. but this is a great option. >> especially in the upcoming summer travel season when security lines are expected to be long and slow. soon sf owill have six for dogs to go before they go. it may be too much information for the dinner hour but there are bags that you are supposed to use, i will pick that one up, to get your dog clean enough, if you don't, the custodians will come around and clean it up. make sureman sf o5. i was thinking about the bag thing. sfo is requiring all employees to take safety training against an active
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shooter at the airport. it is an online course set up by homeland security and tells you what to do if there is a gunman on the loose. employees will have to take the course every two years. officers with the san jose police department are getting mandatory training of their own. they will take classes in crisis intervention and training designed to help officers better design situations and interact with the mentally ill. the department says the ultimate goal of that training is to connect individuals to services for help and treatment. >> the one of a kind solar plane left silicon and on its way east. let's take a live look at solar impulse two as it continues its journey around the world using energy from the sun. expected to reach phoenix, arizona at 9:00 tonight. the plane landed at moffit field and covered in solar panels that charge the batteries by day so the plane can fly at night. cruising speed is 30 to 50
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miles per hour. the team says it is proof to the world that clean technology works and can create jobs and stop climate change all at the same time. aggressive effort. no engine. some people think there is a backup. i did research. they are on their own. >> the sun and that is it. and it is working. >> nerve-wracking. >> it would be but it is working. flew from hawaii to here. pretty amazing. and i am sure they will make more steps forward and we will go backwards to temperature because today will be the warmest day of the week. a summertime spread, san francisco, 61 and livermore 81 and we get 50s in the summer but 20 degrees today on the second day of may, san jose beautiful, less windy saturday and wind is done for a while. napa is 72 and redwood city 70s. a couple of sprinkles west to ummble county and a few showers to the east of tahoe where we
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saw more snow or the week. high elevation snow has not stopped. this is the first day without it in the past nine days. we got a baseball game, mariners, 7:05 taking on the oakland a's and it will be breezy and not windy. and on the cool side, certainly a light jacket as we roll through the game, temperatures in the 50s. weather headlines looking cloudier. and already the low cloud cover, we have a marine level up to 2000 feet being brought in by the flow. temperatures tonight will be milder and fremont 53 and san francisco 52. tomorrow a mixture of clouds and that drops the temperatures and stronger flow and that drops the temperature. we will have highs in the 60s and mountain view 69 degrees and vallejo 69. napa 71 and rain. we are talking rain in the month of may. the cloudier afternoon tomorrow and as we watch future cast roll through here, rain wednesday and another chance of
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a few scattered showers on thursday. thursday is the wetter of the day. a cooler weather pattern with highs in the 60s for friday. and a sunny and warm start. once again what happens on monday does not happen the regulation of the week. it looks like a wash out. mother's day weekend looks fantastic. some may, rain. >> what do may flowers bring? >> april showers bring may flowers. >> allergies are crazy. so rain, two thumbs up. a way of life in california. is recycling worth it anymore? >> the problem that could be very expensive for all of us. and malia obama sparks a conversation about putting off college. how one student says taking a
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gap year paid off for her.
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if you took a moment to
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throw a bottle in the recycling bin, you know know it is in trouble. >> recycling as a whole is in trouble. wilson walker shows us the problem may get very expensive for all of us. >> reporter: at least we in a robbing people. >> in the dead of night, five nights a week, a man will call daniel goes to work at this san francisco dumpster. >> this whole thing takes about two hours. >> actually he goes to work inside the dumpster harvesting the drinks at one of the city's well-known tech companies. >> i know 20 of these are free every day. >> and not exactly legal, the nighttime scavengers that comb through the trash cashing in on a market. >> you are already paying for it. >> it is easy to forget but in 1987 california is encouraging and subsidizing recycling with the redemption deposit. something we pay because we
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decided that recycling is worth it. >> like you said, these are heavy and these are not. they have a lot of these. >> and the game is all about weight because all of this stuff is going to land on a scale. >> it is classic. almost 71 pounds. >> and that weight translates into cash. >> $21.80. >> where it gets messy. >> commodities are in the dumpster. >> the scrap goes down but as me on the street turning it into a recycler, they stay the same. >> so the recycling center is left managing tons of plastic worth the state reimbursement you paid for meaning the profit margin here is effectively zero. >> it is really difficult to stay in business. >> the same goes for many of the municipal recycling programs. forced to collect plastic that is impossible to sell. >> in california we are
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mandated to do this. >> and since you subsidize recycling threw your garbage bills you can expect it to rise as recycling rises. >> what will be rising rates, we will have to, we can keep losing money. >> currently we are looking at the economics and those aren't working. >> even the experts working to make the world more sustainable will admit the curb recycling model is not very sustainable. >> it will have to be funded somehow. >> the consumers or legislation or government agencies somehow will have to be funded or subsidized. >> so we are back where we started and faced with a question. if the end goal is keeping stuff like this out of the ground, how much more are we willing to pay for a system that is barely working and doesn't pay for itself. >> somebody has to pay the piper. it is not us to pay all the time. making stuff that we can't get
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rid of. >> someone is making the recycles and money through the cycle. >> it is worth through my time. $48,000 tax-free, most definitely. >> we is recycling in crisis, the answer is half a world away. we showed you how china's economic downturn has crippled recycling efforts and why it will cost us more money if we are determined to recycle. go to and click on expect more. coming up in the next half hour, a woman in trouble and a convenient store clerk steps in when an argument gets out of control. his bold move when the bullets start flying. >> tumble on the campaign trail. how donald trump is taking advantage of carly fiorina's spill on stage. >> why starbucks is in hot
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water over its ice to coffee
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ratio you are watching kpix news. our top stories at six. teffla secured leases on two
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possibly three giant warehouses there. more than a million square feet that will be used as tesla ramps us production. former 9er star dana stubblefield arrested on rape charges. being booked at the santa county jail. morgan hill authorities released this mug shot this afternoon. prosecutors say stubblefield raped a woman he interviewed for a nanny job and facing five felony charges. >> gunfire erupted inside an antioch convenient store. a woman is killed and a clerk injured trying to save her. we have reports from walnut creek where the heroic clerk is recovering this evening. >> have you talked to your son? what deshara tell you? >> he told me he is okay. >> thomas payne's son is the clerk on duty. shot on the job trying to help a woman in the middle of a reported domestic dispute. >> he was in the quick stop confronting the lady and he left to two outside to the car
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and my son came around the counter to protect her and the guy came in with the gun and shot the woman in the face and him in the arm. >> he says after his son, 27- year-old thomas payne, jr. was shot and the gunman took off and his son called police. an hour 15 minutes after the shooting the suspect walked right here in the antioch police department and turned himself in and brought a friend for moral support. the coroner arrived this afternoon to remove his body. she was 27 years old and lived in antioch. the suspect, the woman's reported boyfriend is 34 years old and also from antioch. >> as his father hearing about this, what is going through your mind? >> i don't want him going back to work there. that's for sure. it is antioch and the second time he has gotten robbed.
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antioch released the suspect's mug shot, 34-year-old thomas williams, jr. of oakland. she has been identified as 27- year-old cynthia flores of antioch. a fiery crash in the east bay left a big rig blackened and twisted. the driver suffered burns and was air lifted to a hospital around noon. two big rigs collided on interstate 580 east of livermore sparking a grass fire. there was a tie up for miles. the freeway opened later in the afternoon. the front runners are widening their lead in the golden state. the survey usa poll shows hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders and in last month's poll the lead was just at 6 points and donald trump is 34 points ahead of texas senator ted cruz.
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let's go to see the other results, ken. >> reporter: interesting numbers. the polls give us hypothetical head-to-head match-ups for the general election coming up in november. in a faceoff between hillary clinton and donald trump, clinton comes out on top, 56% of likely november voters, favored to just 34% for donald trump. now she does better in a match- up against ted cruz defeating the senator 57% to just 29 percent. and against ohio governor john kasich once again, clinton dominates, 53% to 34%. now this is some suspense to the primary in june, 132 delegates up for grabs. trump needs to collect as many as possible to avoid the contested convention that we have been talking about in cleveland this summer. still a possibility at this point.
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he needs to win each of california's 53 districts to take those delegates. interesting. the primary in indiana could be the first real test of that cruz-kaisch alliance to block donald trump. kaisch stopped campaigning in indiana and cruz was met with backlash. >> i am running for president. >> we don't want you. >> i respect that. >> cruz is trailing trump by 15 points and fighting for every vote. >> ted cruz. >> carlly fiorina took a tumble after introducing ted cruz at a rally. it appeared that cruz did not notice what happened. donald trump quick to pounce, trump says even i would have helped her. >> as for the democrats, bernie sanders promises to hang on until the end and won 17 contests so far and tells voters that he is not ready to throw in the towel yet.
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bring out a large turnout tomorrow, indiana will be the 18th victory. the latest poll shows a tight race in indiana. hillary clinton has a four point edge over sanders. >> malia obama sparking conversation about putting off college. taking a gap year before starting harvard. reporter kelly ryan on why it works on some students. >> a gap year is more common for students in europe and australia and with malia obama's choice officials say more students may be opting for the gap. >> i don't see myself in college next year. >> those were allison's thoughts so she took a different route. >> i took a year off and became an exchange student in belgium. >> the only student in her school that took a gap year and now she says it was critical for her success. >> i picked up a double major and didn't go through the first
6:36 pm
year of switching my major and knew what i wanted to do. >> not all freshman are encouraged to take a gap year but may honor the student's request. >> some students travel and they go abroad or volunteer with certain civic organizations to become more mature and get different like experience. >> the gap year involves european travel and a pricey option for many students. >> i felt like we can adjust it in a way or it is like the views are being changed. >> allison's year began a love of travel and pursuing a major in international relations. >> it was amazing once in a lifetime experience. >> students looking for adventure and a paycheck can
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opt for programs like a mare ra core. a junior won a national science contest. the five team members got a trophy, individual medals and one thousand dollars for their school's science department. in the high school division another and jose school, lynnbrook took second place, congregations to both schools. a woman claiming her ice coffee is a lot more ice than coffee. the court battle brewing against starbucks. >> and how a barrier breaking ballerina is giving barbie fans
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a new role model. starbucks is being sued again. not because the coffee is too hot and causes burns. maria shows us that one customer is claiming the java giant uses too much ice in its col drink. >> i am there once or twice a week. >> eric simon's choice of drink
6:40 pm
at starbucks. >> the mochas for the most part. >> but one illinois woman says the coffee chain is duping customers. >> the woman is suing starbucks claims the barista underfills its ice drink and serving less coffee or tea than advertised. >> i don't think about that too much. i am not aware that it is that significant an amount. >> so we wanted to know is there really a difference in how much coffee you get between an ice grande and a hot grande. both 16 ounces. this is how much filled the cup when i asked her for no ice. and as you can see the latte from the ice cup doesn't fill up the hot cup. this is how much lotte you get when you pour it in the hot cup. >> i am surprised at how much less it is in the 16-ounce cup. >> it is aal bit more than half really. >> i was surprised that it was that much of a difference. my son orders low ice or no ice
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and he has an issue already. >> starbucks released a statement calling the claims frivolous and that customers ice is an essential ingredient in its cold beverages. allison smith is a half glass full starbucks customer. >> you know what you are getting for and ask for less ice. >> will starbucks leave the woman steaming hot over her lawsuit and give her the ice cold shoulder. >> do you agree she should be suing starbucks. >> if she wants the change. >> marie medina. kpix. the woman that filed the lawsuit says starbucks is misleading by advertising the cup's size and not the amount of drink that the customer is getting. a wisconsin mom thinks she has the answer to stop bullying. a fine of $361 and a second offense $686 and they are asking what do you think about
6:42 pm
this? could fining parents stop school bullying. you head to the final vote veronica cruz is the place and we will have the results on our sister station. this is the golden gate bridge in june and july and august and september. low cover breeze and temperatures chilly in the mid to upper 50s in san francisco. and we will talk about everybody cooling do you know how chilly we get and which one day looks the wettest in the seven-day forecast. coming up, the latest news on pablo sandoval. how is clay thompson summing up his hot hand. >> he is not the only one with a hot hand. >> as monday got you feeling down? put on your dancing shoes.
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sports straight ahead. missy copeland has danced her way into history and now dancing her way to the toy aisle. copeland unveiled the new
6:46 pm
barbie doll bearing her likeness. she was hand on and made sure the doll reflected her muscular type. she has said that anything is possible, even your own barbie doll. it is definitely going to make a change to someone else's life just being different is okay. and that you can overcome a challenge. >> copeland learned to dance at a southern california studio. the 33-year-old became the first african-american principle dancer with the american ballet theater. >> a mystery in the music world. known for creep and how to disappear completely has, get this, gone off the radar as in no social media. nothing on its web site. rumor has it that the group will release its 9th studio album after a 5 year hiatus radio head kicks off its tour
6:47 pm
this month. they haven't physically disappeared, haven't positioned on facebook. >> there is more music coming. >> the last chapter has not been written. all right. peek outdoors, low cloud cover in the berkeley hills and oakland hills. smooth trailing and traffic into downtown san francisco on the bay bridge and only 57 in the city. we did hit 81 in livermore and you have cooled off with a breeze and good evening to you in santa rosa. radar is clear and a few showers and a few flakes of snow. it has been a snowy may in the sierras. tip typically we are the driest states for all three months combined. 92 days of real estate and less than an inch of rain and talking about rain in the seven- day forecast. we go cloudy and the onshore
6:48 pm
flow is there that cops temperatures down and allows them to stay milder. fairfield tonight 52 and santa rosa and san rafael 50s. the onshore flow along the coastline and temperatures kept down and pushes its way inland temperature so concord and alamo and danville and the tribe valley. the temperatures will go to 71 or 72 degrees. a cloudier and cooler day tomorrow. let's fast forward on cooler cast. this is what the upper atmosphere will look like. see this counter clock flow. a big broad area of low pressure centered down towards santa barbara. unstable air and the continuation of the onshore flow and let's look at future cast for clouds and rainfall. tuesday, no rain. a lot of cloud cover. this time tomorrow will be mostly cloudy. the stuff along the coastline. everybody with cloud cover and wednesday a few scattered showers.
6:49 pm
thursday, a few more scattered showers and friday a few more scattered showers. we have three days with the chance of a few drips throughout the bay area. mixture of sun and clouds and we have three days for the chance of rain in may. san jose normal with 71 and tomorrow down to the 72 area. palo alto 71 and walnut creek 71 and pittsburg 74 and berkeley you hit 66 as well as petaluma. it looks ominous than it is. a few scattered showers wednesday, thursday and friday. mother's day weekend. rain is gone and sunshine returns and 60s and 70s. dennis returns with sports and he is two minutes away.
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>> steph curry has been ruled out. the warriors dominated and there were questions are changes coming? >> most likely. maybe we will get off to a better start. >> portland fell behind by 20 points in the first quarter as the warriors played a nearly
6:53 pm
perfect 12 minutes. clay thompson scored 18 in that 1st quarter and with curry out he continues to fill the void from way downtown. i see stepf do a lot so i am trying to be like him. >> if you make five or six in a row and you feel the guy is off of you, if it goes in i will live with it and the guys have seen me taking bad shots. the sharks have taken a 2-0 lead against the predators. the series shift nashville with the sharks with the best record on the nh lon the road. goalie martin jones had 37 saves last night to run his record to 6-1 and it is proof that these are not the same old sharks. haven't been around here that long but the sharks have been in position where they have been favorites and have not lived up to expectations
6:54 pm
but this year they are flying under the radar and how much are you enjoying this? >> we like it. >> we know what we are capable of as a team and nothing else really matters too much. you know we have a lot of belief in our dressing room. it is a tough road ahead of us and we got to keep moving forward. johnny cueto making his first start in cincinnati since being traded by reds. joey votto welcomed cueto back with a three-run homerun. cueto lasted only five innings. but the giants bat would bail them out with a big inning and brandon crawford a three run shot put san francisco back up on top. they lead the reds 8-6 and thank you cs nfor those highlights. pab belong sandoval undergoing shoulder surgery. played in only three games before getting hurt and under
6:55 pm
contract in boston for three more years. if you were busy hanging out with jimmy buffet and downing a few margarita, here is what you missed. >> check out what scooby's reaction when he found he got drafted? where is the pool? i'm going in, baby. >> this guy picked in the 7th round. brandon phillips may want to think about trying out for the globetrotters. a nice play. the dunk contest in january but george paul thought it was last night and throws down the 360 and the rafters beat the pacers to advance to the 2nd round. i mean these strings are ... >> don't, don't. don't. >> dimitroff felt his racquet let him down and he retired after the outburst and for the
6:56 pm
racquet found a new opener that had a happier time with it. and the dodgers let loose after snapping their 7 game losing streak. popcorn, popcorn in the house for everybody. that's what a win after 7 games will do for you. how about the local team? the warriors making it two in a row and the sharks under the radar but this has the look of a stanley cup finals team much to the disappointment of the news director that may have to spend money on the road with the sharks and warriors. >> you know how to do it, don't you? way to go. >> nashville is beautiful. >> wants to travel. the latest always on night beat at 10:00 and back here at 11.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering] steve: how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank you, madam. ha ha! i appreciate it. ha ha ha! thank you very much. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from louisville, kentucky, it's the champs. it's the hare family. [cheering and applause] and from pearland, texas, it's the lovelady family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of- the-art ford edge. [applause]
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give me dave. give me valerie. steve: top 6 answers on the board. we asked 100 married men: name something you wish you could be honest about with your wife. valerie. valerie: her weight. steve: her weight. [scattered applause] woman: ha ha ha! dave: not me, steve, but cooking. cooking. steve: her cooking. dave: cooking. steve: you don't care for your wife's cooking? well, that's what it's gonna sound like when you go back over there. we're about to find out. be honest about her cooking. [applause] dave: we're gonna play. we're gonna play. [cheering] steve: hi, margaret.


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