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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> thank you so much. >> and thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado in the west. it is tuesday may 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." will indiana voters hand donald trump the keys to the republican nomination? bernie sanders hopes for an upset win over hillary clinton. >> only on "cbs this morning," an emotional reunion. a victim of the brussels attack hugs his daughters for the first time since the bombing. >> super medal gives a look what it takes to shine on fashion's biggest night. >> we begin with a look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> you are the problem, politician.
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you are the problem. >> donald trump is deceiving. he's playing you for a chump. >> trump aims for a knockout blow in indiana. >> is that guy here with the sunglasses? i don't know if he's here. whoever he is, i thought he was very cool, him and his friends. they aren't going to be buffaloed by lies. >> put a lot out of jobs. >> i don't know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant. >> an american soldier has been killed fighting isis, secretary said died north of mosul. new fears about the spread of zika virus. scientists say another breed of mosquito could bring it further north. >> could be scrambling a second day after union leaders asked to strike again. >> nobody should be asked to work and not get paid. nobody. >> moving up the atlantic coast.
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>> is that not crazy? >> turkish parliament turns into a boxing match. politicians from two parties trading blows. >> all that and astronomists discovered three new planets, sizes and temperatures similar to those of venus and earth. >> the fashion world, the annual colorful, outrageous met gala in new york. >> people wearing dresses that are 19 feet long. >> all that matters. >> mississippi has become the new champions of the premier league. >> one of those incredible sporting achievements of all times. >> the world knows our name now. >> on "cbs this morning." >> carly is perfectly nice. by the way, she fell off the stage the other day, did anybody see her? >> ted cruz. >> cruz didn't do anything. even i would have helped her. >> i'm not saying she's unpopular but even carly fiorina's ankles don't support her. >> this morning's eye-opener presented by toyota, let's go
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place places. welcome to "cbs this morning." voting under way in indiana primary. this may be the last chance to force a contested republican convention. polls show trump is favored to gain many of the 57 delegates, that would keep him on track to clinch the nomination. >> ted cruz is trying his hardest to prevent that. he, his wife and carly fiorina made 10 combined stops yesterday. major garrett in south bend, indiana, where trump predicted victory at a rally last night. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ted cruz believes it has northern indiana locked down. we're coming to you from a voting precinct in south bend, one crucial to the trump fate. trump campaign equally.
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the battleground in indiana and central indiana. ted cruz is looking for advantage wherever he can find it, which is why he confronted trump supporters yesterday in the central indiana town of marion. >> if i were donald trump, i would have stayed surrounded by my supporters and i would have instructed some of them to go over and punch them in the face. >> reporter: ted cruz said his clash with donald trump supporters crystallizes the campaign. >> began with one of the protesters cursing at me and yelling at me. i was glad to see he was channeling the candidate he was supporting. >> don't want you. >> sir, you're entitled to have your opinion. >> cruz spent several unruffled minutes with a band of tenacious trump supporters and defended himself against trump broad sides. >> voters want real solutions. >> reporter: this just as cruz
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tried to flip thump's script. >> donald trump is lying about ted cruz. >> this 11th hour ad. >> lyin' ted does not have the temperament to do this. >> praised his merry band of pranksters. >> i love these guys, did you see them? we want trump, lyin' ted, that's right. >> preview coming general election attractions. >> if we win in indiana, it's over with, folks. it's over with. and then we focus on hillary clinton. we're going to win the whole thing. we're going to beat her in a landslide. right. we're going to beat her. >> reporter: trump also signaled core economic message designed to hamstring hillary clinton's defense of the obama era. >> it's us. i'm a messenger. you're tired of making less money than you did 18 years ago and working twice as hard. tired of it. i understand it. i understand it. >> if the polls are right and trump wins, his hold on the republican nomination will be ever more secure. he said last night, gayle, he
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may not need full party unity and could live without endorsements of republican luminaries if the primary campaign has been too tough for them. >> thank you very much, major. indiana primary could produce a surprise. latest polls shows hillary clinton leading 50 to 46%. the four-point gap is less than the margin of error, so that means it's a statistical tie. sanders trying to flip democratic superdelegates and improve his chances. clinton looking ahead to upcoming races in virginia and kentucky. nancy cordes in washington with how the clinton campaign hit a bit of a bump in appalachia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. indiana votes tonight but clinton trying to put out a fire in coal country. she was confronted by an emotional former m eer miner ov stance on coal. >> clinton and her husband have been greeted by demonstrators nearly everywhere they go in
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appalachia. many of them waving trump signs. they are angry about this blunt comment clinton made about the flagging coal industry at a town hall in march. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> it was a misstatement. >> clinton apologized again last night in west virginia but she got an earful from laid off coal worker anyway. >> i just want to know how you're going to say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs, and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend. those people out there don't see it as a friend. >> what i said was totally out of context from what i meant. i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time, and i did put out a plan last summer. >> 2015 duke university study found the coal industry lost more than 49,000 jobs in the
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four years after the 2008 recession. in kentucky clinton said as president she would task former president bill clinton with working to revitalize former coal and manufacturing communities. >> i told my husband he's got to come out of retirement and be in charge of this, because, you know, he's got more ideas a minute than anybody i know. >> her coal controversy could help bernie sanders there. he spent today in indiana where he hopes to pull off an upset to date. >> our ideas are the future of the democratic party. >> reporter: ironically sanders wants to move more aggressively than clinton to tax carbon usage and ban mountain top coal mining. clinton told that group in west virginia, charlie, that she had been advised just to skip the state but she wanted to go anyway and explain her position. >> thanks, nancy. john heilemann managing editor of bloomberg politics. good morning. >> hello. good morning. >> you're in a good mood.
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>> you guys all wear your galoshes today? >> that bad. >> rainy out there. >> you can survive that, i hope. >> i'll be fine. >> if donald trump wins big in indiana, what does that mean for those trying desperately to deny him the nomination. >> do you watch game p tlons, y -- "game of thrones." they laid out a flag needing magic for if you life. >> special ovover especially ify a margin like 15 or 10 points. that would put him on a glide path. he'd only have to win about 40% of the remaining delegates by the end to get to 1237 and have the republican nomination in his pocket before the convention. >> when you lay it out like that, how does ted cruz continue if donald trump wins? >> as long as you've got the money to keep going, you can keep going. >> even if the numbers are against you.
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>> the numbers against you. you've got reporters out there, nebraska, south dakota, places where cruz looks strong. if you've said donald trump is the the destruction of conservatism, destruction of republican party, that he'll ruin america, lose hillary clinton, you can argue you have an obligation to continue to fight him all the way to the very end and hope for some kind of big sea change in the electorate. but he'll be in a very big fight, big uphill fight if trump wins big tonight. cruz uphill if trump wins big tonight. >> let's turn to democrats, bernie sanders, fundraising down by $20 million and laid off a loot of staffers. what about indiana. >> he stale raising a lot of money. he was raising astronomical. >> clinton worried they will lose indiana tonight. the delegate math is favorable for her. she's almost certain to be the democratic nominee, even if he
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wins indiana, virginia by a narrow margin, he doesn't pick up that many delegates, so it doesn't solve his problem. but she's desperate to make this race end, she, hillary clinton. if sanders wins indiana, west virginia, it gives him new life, a sense, of course i'm going to go on. i'm going to fight all the way -- not just california but convention in philadelphia, not his posture. he says we're going to have a contested convention. after all these months will republicans have a contested convention, it's now the democrats looking at the possibility that a stubborn bernie sanders is going to say i'm going to fight all the way to the last day, not in california, not june 7th but in philadelphia this summer. >> all right. john heilemann, glad to see the weather has not dampened your spirits. >> i'm a happy man always, especially when i'm with you. >> thank you. we should turn now to some breaking news we have from iraq where a u.s. service member was killed in the latest fighting with isis. defense secretary ash carter said the american died north of the iraqi city of mosul.
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holly williams following the story from istanbul. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. defense department official said u.s. serviceman was a military adviser. kurdish fighters who work closely with u.s.-led coalition in iraq. isis released a new video which appears to show a battle raging in the early hours of this morning. the extremist attacked a christian town 12 miles north of mosul. mosul, of course, is iraq's second biggest city still held by isis. the u.s. serviceman was apparently at least two miles behind the frontline. but isis managed to penetrate that frontline, an he was then shot and killed. the u.s.-led coalition carried out 23 airstrikes during that battle, according to a u.s. military official, using both fighter jets and drones. we still don't know the total number of kurdish casualties. the u.s. has around 5,000
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military personnel in iraq. most have been serving as military advisers. but last month it was announced some of them would be moved closer to the front lines. >> thank you very much. holly williams reporting from turkey. more than 30 million americans could see severe thunderstorms today. a powerful storm system is sweeping across the mid-atlantic and northeast. lightning bolts struck near the capital in washington. record rainfall in the d.c. area led to flash flooding and sent trees crashing on top of the cars. >> large hail hammered parts of virginia, tennessee and north carolina. wind sent a tree slamming through this home in greensboro, north carolina. an 87-year-old woman narrowly escaped getting crushed inside this room when the roof caved in. >> my goodness. people in detroit face a growing crisis over basic services three years after the city's bankruptcy. detroit expected to turn off
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water service to thousands of households. for the second day nearly all public schools are closed calling in sick in a wage dispute. michigan lawmakers today will take up a bill to ensure teacher pay. dean reynolds is in detroit aft at one of the schools closed today. dean, good morning. >> good morning. well, despite what you may have heard about a detroit renaissance, thousands of people in the city are struggling to keep water running into their homes and the city is facing a second straight day without teachers in the schools. detroit teachers were in the streets instead of in the classrooms on monday. the sickout called because city schools are expected to run out of cash july 1st. that means no money for teachers, summer school, or special education programs. >> our school system is falling apart. >> ivy bailey is the interim union president of the detroit federation of teachers. >> nobody should be asked to
7:15 am
work and not get paid. nobody. >> late monday night the union called for another sick out on tuesday saying in a statement, we do not work for free, and therefore we do not expect you to report to school tomorrow. detroit schools include buildings in major disrepair. some infested with mold and rodents. the school is afloat taking short-term loans from the state, now owe $3.5 billion. but the motor city is facing another major problem. 20,000 house olds owe money on their water bills and have chosen not to take advantage of city payment plans. starting today the city of nearly 700,000 will turn off the water supply to those homes. gary brown is the director of the detroit water and sewage department. >> we do not want to shut anyone off. it costs me money to do that. we want to get them on a payment plan and give them the assistance that's needed. >> now, as for the schools, 93
7:16 am
of the 97 public schools, including this one here behind me, are listed as closed today a second straight day because of the standoff over teachers wages. charlie. >> dean, thanks. imagine a aaa baseball team like toledo mud hens winning the world series, that is the kind of historic upset one english city is celebrating this morning. leicester city foxes champions of englanded premier soccer league. they beat 5,000 to 1 odds. 5,000 to 1 to claim their first ever title. mark phillips in the home of the team that went from worst to first in just 13 months. mark, good morning. >> good morning. well, the word "miracle" gets thrown around a lot in sports.
7:17 am
remember '69 miracle mets or 1980 miracle on ice when college kids beat soviets in hockey at lake placid. that has nothing on this. you're talking the sporting equivalent of loaves and fishes, the parting of the red sea. okay. so winners are always happy. but for winners who are supposed to be losers, happy doesn't do it. delirious does. players of the leicester city soccer club won at the home of one of the star players where they were watching another game on tv. they needed their closest rival tottenham not to win against chelsea. spurs tied, so leicester won. the players went nuts. their fans went nuts.
7:18 am
>> a lot of money. the world knows our name now. >> reporter: the fans have come to the team stadium to celebrate, their joy all the greater because they never expected to be here. a little over a year ago leicester city weren't just also rans, they were so bad they were in danger of being shut out of england's top league. then something happened. something wonderful, and maybe something mysterious. remember king richard iii whose remains lost for centuries were discovered under a parking lot in the middle of leicester? remember how he was reburied with honors in the cathedral. we'll never know if he was a leicester fan, but, boy, does the team change when he's entombed. >> we have a king. >> he's real. >> and a leicester fan, i would
7:19 am
thi think. >> they went on a run since last season and near the top spot since the beginning. this is a lineup of rejects from other clubs. leicester's whole team cost less than what some of the big clubs paid for a single player. >> 5,000 to 1 odds, better odds showing up for a game here but he'd have trouble getting a ticket now. >> fabulous report. >> great story. beautifully written as well. mark phillips. many of
7:20 am
>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by nationwide. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ only on "cbs this morning," a joyful reunion after the
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brussels terror attacks. >> ahead, bombing only on "cbs this morning" -- >> michigan resident, calls his daughter for first time in more than a month. >> the news is back, right here on "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. low apr financing! woo! here's your balloon! ♪ i have the best team. oh, here i come! during toyotatime, get 0% apr financing on ten models. offer ends may 31st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit here you go. and here i go! toyota. let's go places. hello new coppertone sport. it's reformulated to feel lighter on your skin, but still protects and stays on strong. new coppertone sport. hello sunshine.
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journey around the world that de a flying to history, the stubblefield will hold a prs conference addressing claims good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. in a few hours, lawyers for former 49er dana stubblefield will hold a news conference addressing claims that he raped the disabled woman back in april of last year. and uc-berkeley announced they plan to invest $2.5 million to address sexual harassment and assault cases on campus. coming up on "cbs this morning," former basketball pro sebastien bell was badly injured in the brussels attack last month. the emotional reunion with him and his daughters. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning from the traffic center. accident blocking lanes near marshview. delays from an earlier accident south of 84 on south 680 backed up in millbrae 580 to 101. word of an accident on foothill near kill care blocking lanes so expect delays. delays continue at the bay bridge with a backup into the maze all approaches seeing stop- and-go conditions. same goes for the san mateo bridge. >> i keep calling on our live weather camera in mount vaca. we have low clouds and patchy fog at the coast and into the bay but see these clouds? these are mid- and high-level clouds associated with an area of low pressure that's enhancing the marine layer so we'll call it partly cloudy inland, cloudy at the coast and peninsula and bayside. we are in the 50s with highs today 60s and 70s. west wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. those clouds will lead to the potential of rain showers on wednesday through saturday. ,,,,,,,,
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you ready? >> mom's going to love this. >> all right, come on. you ready? >> yeah. mom is going to love this. >> happy mother's day! >> what did you guys get me? >> we made you breakfast. >> i made a card. >> oh. thanks. >> mothers do so much every day, so doesn't she deserve the very best? this year give her what she really wants. >> there is one more surprise. ♪ >> i'm john stamos. >> oh, my! >> that's hilarious. she gets very excited when john stamos comes in. >> it's funny the rest of the skit too.
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i love that. >> he hope he brings the rock with him. that would be exciting. >> meaning a piece of jewelry, a rock? >> no, i mean the rock. what's the rock got cooking that's what i mean. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up, only on "cbs this morning," we're in brussels as the bombing survivor from michigan -- this is a great story, sees his young daughter for the very first time since the terror attacks. plus the clinic accused of offering gift cards in exchange for positive reviews online. just one example of how some may abuse the business of looking at businesses. but first, time to show you some of the headlines. time reports on a breakthrough that can pave the way for personalized treatments. they uncovered 93 genes or sets of instructions that can drive development. the findings could determine individualized treatment. they may help prevent new
7:32 am
cancers. "the tennessean" reports that the state's governor left a controversial gun law become law without his signature. a permit to carry a handgun is required on the campuses and the agency responsible for law enforcement on the campus must be notified. the governor says he thinks each campus should set its own security policies. "usa today" reports on record breaking profits for the airline industry. low fuel prices helped u.s. carriers make more than $25 billion in 2015. that is way up from more than $7 billion the year before. extra charges also helped. airlines collected nearly $4 billion from passengers in baggage fees and $3 billion more for reservation change fees. >> "the boston globe" reports on the search of a mobster's home possibly in connection with the largest art heist in u.s. history. the fbi dug around robert genteels home yesterday. the third search of the
7:33 am
property. the agents may have been looking for paintings stolen in 1990 from a boston museum. the art includes three rembrandts, and estimated to be worth half a billion dollars. and the arizona republic reports on the completion of another leg in the round the world trip by solo powered airplane. it landed outside of phoenix after nearly 16-hour flight from northern california. the plane is powered by sunlight. solar impulse will make two more stops in america before heading across the atlantic. one of the survivors of the brussels attacks is reunited with his young daughters. now, this follows an earlier family reunion about a week after the attacks. >> what are you doing? >> hey. >> that was quite a moment. cbs news cameras captured his
7:34 am
dad surprising an emotional sebastian bellin. he's a former basketball pro who now lives in michigan. he was badly hurt in the march airport bombings. his family is a constant source of comfort as he recovers. only on "cbs this morning" we see this latest reunion. vlad, good morning. >> good morning. sebastian bellin's daughters cecilia and vanessa are the center of his universe. when his wife first visited a month ago, they stayed home so they wouldn't miss school. but on sunday they made the trek from michigan to brussels to see their papa. >> you think you're about to die. no no no no. >> when we first belin two days after the attacks he said it was his two daughters who gave him 2 strength to survive. >> i'm thinking i have to make it, i have to make it, i have to see my daughters again. i've got to see my girls. >> where are you going now? >> 41 days later, he finally got his wish.
7:35 am
>> here you go. >> hi. >> what are -- what's up? >> he and his wife sarah and two kids were together again. >> i didn't want them to grow up without a dad. everything worked out for the best. i'm keeping my legs, i'm alive. and my two little girls just walked into the room. so everything is going to be all right. girls, come here. i haven't had enough hugs. >> 7-year-old cecilia and 4-year-old vanessa made themselves at home. >> i'm getting glued to you. >> climbing on their dad and coloring his cast. >> done.
7:36 am
>> they had skyped with their father from their home in michigan. but sunday marked the first time the girls saw him in person. i think kids need to touch to see the actual cast, to touch it. you know? they see that their dad is getting better. >> in the months since the bombs left him broken and bleeding on the airport floor he's undergone five surgeries and his recovery is progressing well. but reflecting on what happened is still difficult. >> life is just -- you know it's on threads. yeah. you need a lot of luck in these situations. >> luck and his family by his side. >> when you get out of something like this alive, you feel pretty confident. you feel pretty confident that you can overcome anything. because if you can beat this, you can beat anything.
7:37 am
>> he is unable to walk or stand up. he has one more scheduled surgery for may 12th to repair his broken tibia. the family will decide if he should stay in belgium or to come home. >> such a great moment. i'm so thankful that he allowed us to be there to see that moment. when he's playing with his daughter's hair and the hug he gave her, everybody needs to touch -- >> he's the kind of person you meet, the positive energy even in the days after the attack, i never felt anything like it. >> give a lot of credit to god. >> really does. only on "cbs this morning" the front lines of the fight of online review scams. anna werner goes behind the scenes at yelp. don't miss our inside look at the glamorous met gala. we'll be right back.
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♪ word of mouth can be a powerful influencer. that's no different online. consumers rely heavily on reviews before buying a product or even using a service. 2015 study by marketing research company mentel found 70% of americans seek out other's opinions online before making a purchase, but only 59% trust the recommendations. anna werner went behind the scenes with yelp's team to weed out the fake reviews. >> good morning. yelp flagged a batch of businesses it says have been paying consumers or offering other incentives to boost their online reputation. we spoke with one consumer who blew a whistle on a business who he said tried to buy his endorsement. >> my mom had a lot of pain to her knee.
7:43 am
i had some pain on the side of my body. >> reporter: scott willis says that march day got off to a bad start with a minor car accident, but got worse when he went to the local care clinic called first choice for treatment of his bruises. >> it was a really bad experience for us. >> reporter: especially after he received this postcard a week later. this is what they sent you? telling them if they gave them a rating of 3 stars or better on yelp, facebook or google they would give him a starbucks gift card in return. what did you think of that? >> i was really disgusted at that point. those are people that should be caring for your well-being and your needs, not worried about what time of review they're going to get. >> reporter: it's the kind of thing companies like yelp that rely on having authentic reviews are worried about. yelp's ian mcbean. >> if you're unfairly manipulating your reputation to appear better than you are, we think that disadvantages coop
7:44 am
supers. >> reporter: in 2012, yelp began flagging businesses with suspicious activity. for example, a home renovation company offering a $50 gift card r negative review removal. a moving card offering $20 for reviews. >> this user is offering to write two reviews for $5. >> reporter: sometimes reviews are out and out false. planted by companies like the one mcbean showed us here. promising businesses two positive reviews for $5 on a website called fiver. >> i have seen businesses generate hundreds of fake reviews. >> reporter: hundreds? >> hundreds. spanning multiple listings, entire industries. >> reporter: his team even creates decoy businesses to catch fraudsters in the act. >> we might see something on craigs list saying, hey, i'm offering $20 for positive reviews on yelp. odds are we're amongst the first person to respond on craigslist
7:45 am
or wherever else it may be. >> reporter: you want to see what they're doing. >> absolutely. >> reporter: amazon has sued more than a thousand people for allegedly selling fake reviews. >> the worst problem is the purely fake reviews. they're just made up. >> reporter: mary engel is with the federal trade commission which tracks deceptive practices. >> consumers need to know whether these reviews are independent, truly independent or not. over 70% of consumers look at online reviews before they make purchases. so it is very important. >> reporter: this month alone, yelp flagged 59 businesses including the clinic scott willis says offered him the starbucks gift card. we stopped in to ask first choice about the yelp offer, but were told to contact their corporate headquarters. >> you're hoping whether it's positive or negative to get the factual information so that you can make the best decision on where you choose to go get treated at or use your services
7:46 am
at. >> reporter: now we did reach out to that clinic's corporate headquarters as directed but didn't get a response. couple of things you can do to determine if a review is real, you can check to see how many reviews that person has written. they say sometimes if there's one positive review for a business it may not be reliable. if they're not giving a variety of opinions. the other thing that you can do is read reviews that offer more details. for you that hopefully will provide more information instead of just -- it was great. you know? maybe you get more details to let you know if they actually stayed at this hotel or actually used that service or business. >> i think it's interesting you can get a good review in exchange for a gift card at starbucks? kind of scary. >> if you gave us a three star -- >> no no. >> as long as there's plenty of ice in the cup. >> thank you, anna. all right.
7:47 am
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7:52 am
drops from the royal family and the obamas and i'm proud to be an ambassador for the games that prince harry started for the wounded service members. we'll bring you an interview with prince harry on monday. >> looking forward that. i'm looking forward to you dropping the mike. a supermodel gives us a glimpse into future of fashion. >> hi, join me for the inside look at the met gal what. one of the most glamorous nights. coming up on "cbs this morning." this is the nicest ride sharing service i've ever been in. i'm so comfortable...i could take a nap right now. so, our rates are a little bit different... okay we charge by the amount of gas consumed. ooh since we traveled 4.43 miles, and this car offers an epa estimated 47 miles per gallon city. your total is... 20 cents. (both) noo way. i can afford that! 23 cents. do you have a quarter? hahaha the all new 2016 chevy malibu hybrid. it's just so smart. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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stood up mayor ed lee yesterday... say they're marching to city hall around 12:30 today. th want to hear lee's perspecte on officer sho good morning. the hunger strikers in san francisco who stood up mayor ed lee yesterday say they are marching to city hall around 12:30 today to hear his perspective on officer shootings. atherton city leaders propose to raise $20 million for a new civic center by offering street and building names to the highest bidder. >> and coming up on morning today's indiana primary. we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. let's head straight to 280 northbound as you work your way near john daly boulevard. an accidents blocking a lane causing a busy ride through there. 101 northbound also busy out of
7:58 am
san bruno as you head into san francisco. northbound 101 whipple an accident also you can see some stop-and-go conditions as you head through that area connecting from 84 and 92. drive times in the south bay, slow-and-go north 101, 280/680 to 237 almost half-hour to make that trek. busy southbound 680 through the sunol grade. we had a couple earlier accidents. the damage is done backedded up well beyond 580 slow 45 minutes to 101. the clouds have gathered at the coast and surged into the bay this morning. it's on the peninsula. now we have overcast skies. it's a gray slate in san jose. good morning. partly cloudy skies inland and clouds at the beaches and the bay. currently in the 50s. and later with the west wind 10 to 15 miles per hour, highs 60 to 78, 79 degrees but that's far inland. we have a chance of rain and thunderstorms from wednesday through saturday. dry on mother's day. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is may 3, 2016. a $255 million jury award raising concerns about the safety of if sanders wins, if gives him new life, a sense of of course i'm going on. >> defense department officials
8:01 am
say the u.s. serviceman was a military advisor. >> despite what you may have heard, the city is facing a second strait day without teachers. >> yelp flagged a batch of businesses that say they have been paying consumers to try to boost their online reputation. the word miracle gets thrown around a lot. this is like the loves and the fishes and the parting of a red sea. the parents of a baby who was born on a plane are naming their child jet star. >> the mother exceeded her carry on limit and had to pay an extra $100. i'm charlie rose.
8:02 am
donald trump is expected to win the largest sale of indiana delegates. voters came out this morning. ted cruz made five stops in the state that is crucial to his chances. he spent 11 days in indiana, more than double what trump has. >> at a stop in marion, they faced a small be tenacious group of trump voters. >> do you know donald said he is not building a wall and he is not deporting anyone. >> lying ted. >> trump mocked cruise az. >> then he picks carley.
8:03 am
cruz didn't do anything. even i would have helped her. p>> she fell while introducing >> cruz didn't even seem to notice. they hugged and greeted each other on stage. >> clinton has her sets on coal country. she met with voters who share her views on coal and pollution. she said coal miners will not be forgotten. they have labored for generations, and that we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> it was a misstatement.
8:04 am
what i was saying was that the way things are going now we're going to continue to lose jobs. that's what i meant to say and it is supported by the facts. i didn't say we would do it, it was that it would happen unless we try to prevent it. >> last year, clinton proposed a $30 billion plan to ensure the coal miners are and their families get the benefits they have earned. >> nancy as covered the democratic race for the past year. good morning. >> good morning. >> hillary clinton suggested a role for her husband focusing on jobs. >> that's right a lot of people wondered what kind of role bill clinton would play in a hillary clinton administration and she came right out with it yesterday. she said she would make him like a jobs czar in communities that lost a lot of jobs say in coal country or manufacturing communities. she would put him to work figuring out how to revitalize
8:05 am
those communities. a kind of domestic marshall plan if you will. you can say that's a natural fit for him because he is still broadly popular in the democratic party and his presidency is associated with job increases. >> she said it was a misstatement and she has apologized. do you think it has hurt her? will it stick? >> she is acknowledging it is hurting her. she got some suggestions that she should just skip coal country and move to california because the damage has been done, but she says she felt bad about the impression she left so she wanted to go there anywheay and make her case that she will not put people out of business, but that it is a dieing industry and her administration will focus on how to help them.
8:06 am
what was fascinating was watching her in that exchange with the coal miner yesterday was not buying it and he turned to the west virginia senator at one point and said your support of her is hurting you. that just shows the kind of work she needs to do there. >> okay, nancy, thank you very much. president obama is opening up for the first time since announcing his daughter's college plans will be to go to harvard. i could not be prouder of her, but it is tough. this is my first one leaving, and my daughter's are wonderful and one of the great pleasures of being in the white house is because i live above the store i have been able to spend every night i'm in town with them and i will miss her terribly. >> the is taking a gap year for the first year.
8:07 am
>> you think about the empty nest syndrome, right? hollywood heads to the white house tonight as michelle obama makes a cameo on "ncis." >> i can't thank you enough. >> ann, we should be thanking you. we know the sacrifices our military families are making as well as of our veterans. >> it is to promote her nationwide initiative. mrs. obama and dr. jill biden started the program together. you can watch it tonight here on cbs. >> first they wanted her to come to l.a. to shoot, and they said would you like to come to the white house? oh, yeah. shoot inside the white house? no one has done that before. >> i like the white house more than the hollywood set.
8:08 am
>> ahead we're going to bring,,
8:09 am
c.j. diplo was hungry to nd t dj diplo was hungry to attend the met gala. >> there is free food i heard, it's a buffet? >> i'm here for the buffet, chicken wings, mac and cheese -- >> others were crazing fashion. ahead, glitz and glamour cross paths with technology on the industry's biggest night. you were there. we have more coming up on "cbs this morning." poor mouth breather. allergies?
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johnson & johnson this morning vows to a johnson and johnson this morning vows to johnson and johnson this morning vows to appeal a ruling over it's signature products. they awarded $355 million to an ovarian cancer survivor. she says decades of talcum powder use made her sick. this is the second defeat this year for the company. >> johnson and johnson insists the product is safe. more than 1,000 plaintiffs have
8:14 am
said they failed to warn talc caused an increase risk for ovarian cancer. >> it is a huge public health concern. >> the attorney for the woman who won a $55 million award. she is 62 and says she used johnson's baby powder for decades. she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer for a long time. talcum powder, she cams, is c carcenogenic and they knew about it. >> the company began selling baby powder more than 100 years
8:15 am
ago. ♪ >> what we're hoping is that johnson and johnson will finally do what they should have done decades ago and put a warning on the product. >> but johnson and johnson said scientific and regulatory reviews have determined that talc is safe for the yoous use cosmetic products. in february, a $72 million payout was rewarded to a woman's family. the chief officer of the company denies is. >> there is no association between talc and ovarian cancer. >> there have been about 20 studies suggesting the association. >> dr. daniel brigham was a plaintiff for both of the lawsuits back in 1982.
8:16 am
he suggested they needed a talc warning. >> my advice has been not to use talc on a regular basis in the genital area. i have not changed that opinion for 30 years. >> they say it is women affected by ovarian cancer looking for answers. as a russian. the company has not paid a dime of that $72 million to the late woman's family, but there are a lot of pending lawsuits, thousands. this will take time, thank you very much. coming up, a super model lets us tag along as she gets ready for the met gala. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter
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♪ the fashion world offered a glimpse of the future with a high-tech styles at the industry's biggest night. it's met gala with a guest list of 600 celebrities including karlie kloss. she gives us an inside look at how stars prepare for the very posh event. jamie shows us a range of people and charlie rose struck a pose. jamie, good morning. >> good morning. the annual met ball raises millions for the costume institute and launches the spring exhibit. this year's theme, fashion in an age of technology meant silicon's valley's most powerful
8:21 am
paraded alongside the most beautiful and fashionable. even a supermodel like karlie kloss -- >> i feel like a million bucks sitting in this car right now. we're a block away. ♪ >> is excited to climb the famous steps at the met gala. known for its elegant and outrageous outfits, the tech-inspired theme gave stars every opportunity to make an impact and they took it. >> wow. >> model's dress a collaboration of ibm and designer markaza changed color based on twitter traffic. >> i'm all lit up. every flower with a led chip. wires hidden. >> how's that incorporating the sneem. >> this is kinesiolog tape.
8:22 am
look. >> this gown is made of fiber optic organza that glowed in the dark and taylor swift edgy with a futuristic silver dress defying the strict dress code, kanye was in ripped jeans. >> how do you think anna feels about jeans? >> it's the vibe. >> as for the feelings of the exhibit, more than 170 man and machine-made looks, co-chair anna couldn't pick just one favorite. >> there are pieces in the exhibition which completely astounding to me that they were -- they look like vintage but they're all made by machines. so it's an extraordinary glimpse into the future. >> reporter: and what is the future of fashion in the age of technology? costume institute head curator says the possibilities are exciting. >> the idea 3d printing is revolutiona revolutionary, a sewing machine.
8:23 am
a 3d printing in your house and printing a dress, it's designed for your body. >> reporter: hours before karlie kloss hit the red carpet -- >> mom, you have to watch tomorrow morning cbs. >> reporter: we talked to her. >> fashion prom. the biggest night of the year. kind of a balance of a little bit of skin, a little bit of kind of structural shape to the dress. and it's just classic white an it's really going to pop on that red carpet. ♪ >> reporter: she chose this custom dress of brandon maxwell. >> not bad, right? >> right here. >> reporter: the friend sy of paparazzi, fans and media jockey for position to capture the perfect shot or maybe the perfect shot from every angle. >> the people that you get to see here, you don't get this group anywhere. >> it's great people watching. >> even for you? >> oh my god, of course.
8:24 am
>> how late are you going to party tonight? >> to be determined. >> she had fun. kloss taking no chances with the look, either shechlt had two of the white gowns on hand just in case which may be why for the after party, look at this -- they cut off the bottom of the dress to make it a mini. >> that's spectacular. i saw that. looked beautiful. he is a terrific designer. >> it was stunning in i think translated so well through the photography. >> an interesting mix of people and designs on the red carpet last night. it was fun to watch. >> how did charlie look? how did charlie look? >> i didn't see you on the red carpet. >> i was late. >> beyonce late? >> about that, yes. i had a black tux. that was it. very stylish. >> what were you wearing? >> a black tux. >> thank you, jamie. >> his own. can you predict success?
8:25 am
psychologist ahead looking at new quiz and book researching grit. toyota the oakland city council wi consider a ballot measure, sweetened good morning, it is 8:25. time for news headlines. this evening, the oakland city council will consider a ballot measure that would tax sugar- sweetened drinks one penny an ounce. if approved by the council it would be on the november ballot. the nba play-offs with the golden state warriors in oakland tonight. they lead the best-of-seven series against portland one game to none. coming up on "cbs this morning" this year's tony award nominees are revealed. we have have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. daly city northbound 280 at john daly boulevard an accident in the right lane. we have a busy ride along 280. northbound if you are traveling between 380 and 101, 18 minutes this morning. looks like north 101 stop-and- go, as well. extra volume northbound away from sfo. southbound 680, pretty busy all morning long. we had a couple of trouble spots through the sunol grade that have been cleared for quite some time but still 44 minutes to go from 580 to 101. northbound 680 seeing a few delays as you work your way out of pleasanton. if you are heading along 980 a heads up westbound near 580
8:28 am
reports of an accident blocking one lane. westbound st. stevens an accident there as well so expect delays heading towards the bay bridge. metering lights are on, all approaches are very slow. roberta? >> good morning, everybody. our live weather camera is atop sutro tower. we are looking towards mount tam and we're seeing the tip- top at 2800 feet. low clouds and patchy fog pouring on show. slow to clear today. temperatures right now in the 50s. once the clouds do lift, we have mid- and high-level clouds so let's call it cloudy at the coast, and peninsula. away from the bay inland partly cloudy conditions up to the high 70s. the winds will blow out of the west at 15. we have a chance of rain showers and thunderstorms on wednesday through saturday. otherwise, high pressure nestles into the bay area, partly cloudy, slightly warmer for mother's day on sunday. ,, ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
the olympic flame made the way to brazil. it arrived this morning in a lantern of geneva. the fire will be used to light the olympic torch to embark on a three-month journey through the country. the tour ends in august when the 2016 summer olympic games open up in rio. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, talent may be getting too much credit for helping people reach their dreams. psychologist angela duckworth is in the green room. hello! the scientific view of grit. also, only on cbs this morning, the tony nominations from broadway. ahead, we'll look at which shows and stars could find themselves duelling with "hamilton." some of the headlines.
8:31 am
"usa today" says three earth-like plan etds might be the most promising source of life outside our solar system. an artist envisions looking at the other two. they circle a dwarf star about 40 light years away from earth. scientists will now try to determine if the planets have the right combination of water and warmth to support life. entertainment weekly says game of thrones actor kit harrington apologizing to fans. spoiler alert -- i haven't seen sunday's episode. i did read the paper this morning so now i know. after his death last season, fans were left guessing the fate of his character, john snow. in the new season 6, he was brought back to life. max here today? >> yeah. >> we knew it. harrington says he's sorry for lying to keep his resurrection a secret. the secret code name for lord commander was used referring the character on set and let me just say, as the game of thrones fan,
8:32 am
hallelujah! we love john snow. >> this is good? >> good guy. >> i keep saying -- >> i know. >> very excited. very excited. >> i say i'll catch up. >> how many years? >> how many seasons? >> catch up. >> i think we're in season four or five. >> i hear great things about it. >> six? >> "game of thrones" expert. she's got it at the table. providence journal reports on a wreckage of a ship. researchers think they found the spot where james cook's endeavor went down. the british deliberately sank it in the revolutionary war. before the war, he sailed around the world and claimed australia for the british crown. what drives a person to become successful? that question fuels the research of psychologist angela duckworth. the 2013 macarthur genius grant fellow learned that grit is the best sign. she explained this in her popular ted talk. >> one characteristic emerged as
8:33 am
a significant predictor of success. and it wasn't social intelligence. it wasn't good looks. physical health. and it wasn't iq. it was grit. grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. grit is having stamina. grit is sticking with your future. day in, day out. not just for the week. not just for the month. but for years. and working really hard to make that future a reality. >> angela duckworth's first book "grit" is published by scribner a division of cbs. good morning. so great to meet you. i've been reading about your work for a while. >> thank you. >> so this is terrific. we praise talent. we have shows called "america's got talent" but what's more important in success, talent or effort? >> i think overrate talent in
8:34 am
our society. we're obsessed with whether our kids are picked for the gifted and talented program. what matters in the long run is sticking with things and working daily to get better at them. >> so what do gritty people do specifically? >> so, gritty people do at least four things. one is rather than skipping around in their interests, you know, oh, i'll click over here and it will be something new, they deepen their interest. the second thing is submit themselves to the hardest kind of practice, deliberate practice and makes you befrter which is largely working on the weaknesses with feedback. the third thing they do is they find some other centered purpose. even when you study people gritty and seemingly do selfish things like wine tasting or, you know, an individual sport where they're the one who wins the gold medal, they're actually extraordinarily other center and think about how their work is important to other people than them and finally knocked down they get up again.
8:35 am
they're resilient. >> you said fall down seven and get up eight. >> there's an expression in japan, fall seven, rise eight. truly if i got a tattoo an i'm not that's what i would get. >> why not? >> the other day charlie said he was thinking about getting a tattoo. >> here's my question. does it have anything to do with social economic group? born poor more likely to have the grit to understand that that's the way you pull yourself up by your bootstraps? >> people asked me this question on both sides f. you're wealthy are you more likely to be gritty or from a disadvantaged background more likely to be gritty? i haven't examined that myself in my data but from working with kids from across the socio economic spectrum, people are more than the same than different and never met someone who said because i was born in this situation i didn't need to work hard. >> are colleges looking more and more at grit and so it's called
8:36 am
the x-factor rather than simply test scores and iq scores. >> one of the people i interviewed for my book is my own college admissions officer bill fitzsimmons and still the director of admissions for harvard university and if you ask what do colleges want? they say kids that work hard and have a passion about something, not just faking the way through school, looking like they do. checking off boxes. i did this, i did this, i did this. but truly and in sincere way trying to get better at something they care about. >> you say gritty people don't quit and then you say for kids sometimes you should quit. seems a contradiction. help me understand what point you're mablging. >> early in life, you don't know what you want to do and i don't know about you guys for me it took me until i was 32 to figure out i wanted to be a psychologist and a psychologist to help improve the lives of kids. before 32 i was quitting things, quitting being a speechwriting
8:37 am
intern for the white house, quitting the job as a consultant, quitting being a teacher in the classroom. importantly, in that quitting i was trying to find something. it wasn't just quitting for quitting's sake but to find something that i could be loyal to for the rest of my life and i finally did find that. >> we all love sports so much at this table and we talk about it a lot and i think looking at great athletes we think, wow, they were born with a natural talent but you actually go through studies including one called the mundanity of excellence but it's a series of small achievements. >> sports is such a great example because if you turn on a sports broadcast you will hear the word talent within a minute. right? we just love to anoint our most successful athletes as prodigiously talented and a thing i learned in my research from talking to a sociologist living with swim teams for six years, all the way from club team around the corner to
8:38 am
olympic hopefuls and the summary conclusion of his work is that excellence really is mundane. it's a thousand little things. each of which you could practice, each of which you can improve upon. you put them together and it's dazzling. >> but some people do have more eye/hand coordination than others. >> speaking perhaps of someone you know? yeah. >> no, no. i think it's a fact some people have a skill they're born with. but then those achieving the ultimate are those that exercise that particular skill. >> quickly, can you teach grit? >> yeah. i would say this. while we are not all born with the same amount of talent for different things, i do believe grit is enormously important and absolutely teachable. >> all right. such a great book. thank you so much. and "grit" goes on sale today. to take the scale quiz, go to cbs this we took the quiz. we'll tell you and share with you our results, as well.
8:39 am
>> i think we are gritty people sitting here. only on cbs this morning, the tony nominations coming up. can "hamilton" go from kuala lumpur capturing american,, from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas.
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kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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8:43 am
♪ i want to be in the room that is leslie odom jr. in mega hit "broadway" about one of america's founding faerls already won a grammy and a pulitzer. now only on cbs this morning, we're about to see how many tony nominations "hamilton" will land. >> the nominations announced this morning in the theater district. contributor, actor and playwright jamie breaks down the snubs and let's hear the tony winner and andrew reynolds announce the contenders. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the 2016 tony award nominations. we are coming to you live from the pair mount hotel's diamond horse shoe in new york city for the nominations for the 70th annual tony awards. and now for the year's nominees. the nominees for best performance of an actor in a leading role in a play railroad,
8:44 am
gabriel byrne, jeff daniels, frank langella, tim pigott-smith, mark strong. the nominees for best performance by an actress in a leading role in a play are, jessica lange, laurie metcalf, lupita nyongo, sophie okonedo, michelle williams. >> the nominees of best performance of an actor in a leading role in a musical are alex brightman, danny burstein, zachary levi, lin-manuel miranda, leslie odom jr. the nominees for best performance by an actress in a leading role in a musical are laura benanti, carmen cusack,
8:45 am
cynthia erivo, jes sigh mueller, phillipa soo. >> the nominees of best revival of a play are "the crucible," "a view from the bridge," "blackbird," "long journeys into night" long way off. best revival of a musical, the color purple, fiddler on the roof, she loves me, spring awakening. >> the nominees for best play are eclipsed, the father, the humans, king charles iii. the nominees for best musical are bright star, hamilton, school of rock the musical, shuffle along or the making of
8:46 am
the musical sensation of 1921 and all that followed, waitress. there are a few more nominations to get to this morning but for all of you watching cbs this morning, we're going to go send it back to charlie, gayle and nora. we'll see you all in june. >> yes, you will. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. so many choices here. >> jamie, let's dissect. >> it's a phenomenal year. of course, the year of "hamilton" as everyone at this table knows. you are all big fans. i have to say it's impressive. "hamilton" is poised to break the record for nominations. looks like it's receiving 16 nominations. >> wow. >> which puts it one ahead of the 2001 15 held by "the producers" and then ill by elliott. >> has to win everything? >> nominated in all 13 categories. it was eligible for -- plus three nods in featured actor. you have george washington, king
8:47 am
george and lafayette battling it out and leslie odom and it got multiple nominations and those categories and nominated in all 13 categories it's eligible for. >> and lupita in "eclipse." >> terrific play and i think the play category is really between "eclipsed" and "the humans." fantastic american plays. really, really good stuff. >> you have a full list there. a notable snub is jennifer hudson. >> that's right. very surprising. lots of -- >> "the color purple." >> also audrey mcdonald in the category. the most -- >> "shuffle along." >> the history of the tonies, not nominated. >> we like both of them a lot. >> that's a bit surprising. also benjamin walker of "american psycho." it is not everybody's cup of tea but a lot of people are really loving it and he was expected to
8:48 am
be nominated for lead actor in a musical. >> "purple" was nominated for best revival. >> absolutely. >> can anybody beat "hamilton"? >> sometimes the tonies are tricky, cases of people might not think it needs the win but the nominations don't indicate that. they really went for it and nominated in every single place it could. >> you love the humans? >> i do. i think "the humans" is a terrific play. i think representative of contemporary theater with a nod to the history of great american playwriting. >> all right. very exciting. the tonies i think june 12th? >> june 12th. right here on cbs. >> james corbin. that's right. >> he likes to sing and dance as we know. >> i hope there's a car pool karaoke. >> very good show. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. soccer fans enthusiasm burned hot at one high stakes game. ahead, we'll show you the incredible display from the stands inside the stadium.
8:49 am
you're watches "cbs the morning." the stadium. you're watching cbs this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ polish soccer fans put on wild displays at the country's cup final firing flames on to the field after the only goal. they lit up one end of the warsaw's national stadium. fans for the other team unleashed a huge wall of smoke. they cleared the air for 12 minutes. >> seems distracting. >> and dangerous. >> dangerous, too. >> that does it for us. tune in to the "cbs evening news tonight." we'll see you tomorrow. >> they're always on fire. >> indeed, they are.
8:53 am
right here on cbs this morning. >> good-bye.
8:54 am
8:55 am
the hunger strikers who stop mayor ed lee yesterday... s they're marching to city ha today. they want it is 8:55. time for news headlines. in san francisco the hunger strikers who stood up mayor ed lee yesterday say they are marching to city hall at 12:30 today to hear his perspective on officer-involved shootings. in an effort to crack down on graffiti in san jose, the city could soon pay you to report vandals. today the city council will consider offering up to $1,000. and stanley cup play-offs the sharks hope to take a commanding lead tonight in the second round series against the predators. san jose leads the series two games to none. game time in nashville this evening is 6 p.m. pacific time. now for a check of weather, here's roberta. >> the sharks are looking really good. they're doing great with pavelski and thornton. and we have the warriors tonight. and we have the a's playing at home with first pitch of 60
8:56 am
degrees and mostly cloudy skies. right now we have clouds pouring in off the coast. it's the return of the low clouds and areas of fog. and once that scrubs out we have mid- and high-level clouds above. we currently have air temperatures still hanging out into the 50s. winds will be blowing later today onshore west 10 to 15 miles per hour. later today, numbers from 60 degrees in pacifica to 79 degrees away from the bay, partly cloudy well inland. cloudy along the coast, bay and peninsula. and that will set the stage for an area of low pressure to produce a daily chance of rain showers with a chance of showers through saturday, partly sunny on mother's day on sunday. gianna with traffic next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. bart days continue from san francisco to the peninsula. 10- to 15-minute delays. but they are recovering from earlier problems. so should be back on track shortly. a's train caltrain muni all are on time this morning. bay bridge a problem this morning. we had reports of an accident. they got it out of lanes quickly. but there's still activity off to the side. you have delays well into the maze all approaches seeing a backup, as well. you can see 580 slow westbound 24 also taking a hit. northbound 13 sluggish out of oakland this morning. speaking of, northbound 880 through oakland a lot of backup here 32 minutes from 238 to the maze. thank you.
8:59 am
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