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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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> linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. now at noon, former 49er star dana stubblefield is playing defense after explosive allegations that he assaulted a
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disabled woman. good afternoon, everyone. it is tuesday, may 3. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. this afternoon, stubblefield is now vowing to fight those accusations. kpix 5's kiet do is live in north san jose where stubblefield and his attorneys just held a news conference. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. and that press conference was held here at the jubilee christian center. this is his home church and they are standing behind him. after an embarrassing day yesterday, dana stubblefield now faced the cameras on his terms. dana stubblefield walked into the press conference in a suit and tie with a team of lawyers by his side and they did not mince their words. >> we will defend this case on every level. we will fight on every hill. we will prove his innocence in every way. >> reporter: stubblefield was arrested yesterday in front of his children at their school and charged with raping a disabled woman. according to the police report, he found her on the website,, and held a job interview at his home. the police report says he then texted her saying he wanted to compensate her for her time but then carried her to a room,
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raped her and gave her $80 in april 2015. his legal time questioned, what took so long? >> absolutely ridiculous. if they truly believed that they had somebody dangerous walking around, would they let that person walk around for a year? >> reporter: at the 20-minute press conference they provided an 11-page packet of documents to prove his innocence. for example, cell phone records they provided show she texted hill 22 times over five days after the alleged rape asking for money. on her sitter city profile, she wrote, i need payment, doctor, dentist, tax phone, gas, light. on facebook she wrote, no money debt. and please, i need debt of money without drugs. >> dana stubblefield is being unfairly targeted. it's a money case and we'll prove that and we'll prove his innocence. >> reporter: the legal team said stubblefield is being turned into a political pawn. >> so much suspicions that we're heading for an election of this district attorney. >> reporter: stubblefield who has worked with special olympics for many years read a
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statement but stumbled over the word consensual both times it came up. >> but i am not a perfect man. however, the allegations against me coming a year after a con dent -- consent -- consensual encounter with another woman or all totally false. >> reporter: the district attorney's office did send a staffer to monitor the press conference. but then he left without comment. live in north san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> arraignment is postponed for several weeks. the san francisco public defender's racial justice committee calling for more police accountability measures today. kpix 5's jackie ward tells us that this comes after a series of incidents involving deadly force and racial bias. jackie. >> reporter: well, michelle, here's the letter from the racial justice committee addressed to the san francisco board of supervisors. the rjc has said that the action mayor ed lee has taken against the police department
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hasn't been enough so today the latest scandal involving former sf officers allegedly exchanging racist and homophobic text assist what these public defenders call the straw broke the camel's back. in the letter to the board of supervisors they are calling for immediate action. they also reference officer shootings like the mario woods case and said deaths like his are the result of continuously tolerated racial misconduct. >> black and brown men are unsafe in san francisco. we're being killed. we are not safe. the time for letters and internet, not on our watch, is over. we're asking for specific demands. we're asking for specific demands from the board of supervisors to take action right now to hold the san francisco police department accountable for its actions. >> reporter: so in the letter to the supervisors, the public defender is calling for three things. first, the creation of an
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independent office of citizen complaints and internal affairs to address bigotry and a formal request to the department of justice calling for an investigation into the san francisco police. they are not asking greg suhr to resign. they are asking him to do his job differently. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> how are the mayor and chief suhr reacting to the demands? >> this is tied together with the hunger strike in front of the mission police station. the protestors are marching to city hall at 12:30. we have a crew there and we are hoping to hear from mayor lee later on this afternoon so all of that will be in our evening broadcast. back to you. >> all right, jackie. thank you. and as we mentioned that news conference comes in the wake of a racist text scandal involving a now former san francisco police officer. jason lai was set to be arraigned today on separate charges but he didn't show up. his lawyer told the court lai pleads not guilty to charges which include four counts of misuse of confidential dmv
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records. lai's pretrial conference is set for next month. in a half-hour, hunger strikers upset over san francisco police rue data and brutality will march to city hall and will meet with mayor lee. here's how things went yesterday. the mayor, two staffers showed up but not a single protestor. today marks day 14 of the protestors' hunger strike. the mother of late rap artist tupac shakur has died. emergency crews responded last night to a call from the sausalito home of afeni davis. the cause of death is undetermined but sheriff's investigators say there are signs that it was heart- related. >> we have to determine such as will there be an autopsy. we need to contact the family. we need to go over existing medical reports. all of these things are going to paint the picture as far as what could have been the cause and manner of her death. >> davis died at marin general
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hospital in corte madera. she was 69. davis was part of the black panther party in the 1970s and was recently an active community member in southern marin county. her son was a highly successful recording artist with several brushes with the law. he was shot to death in las vegas in 1996 a case that is unsolved. in two hours, san francisco supervisor also consider a $3.45 million settlement from asiana airlines. a flight crashed at sfo in july 2013 killing two teenagers and leaving more hurt. the city attorney's office says the settlement money would cover san francisco's costs for legal fees and site clean-up. new at noon, a big victory for medical marijuana advocates. the feds dropped their long- time case against oakland's harborside health center, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the nation. the u.s. attorney's office first cracked down on them in 2012 and threatened to shut
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them down. >> and we in oakland have a first in the nation system that's been a success and harborside is emblematic of that success that we have dispensaries that are clean and safe that provide good service to their patients, good jobs to their workers, and they contribute positively to the community around them. >> we reached out to the justice department. they have declined comment since they say litigation is still pending. the race for the white house goes through indiana today as hoosiers vote in republican and democratic primaries. craig boswell shows us how the republican race is dipping into the tabloids. >> reporter: it's primary day in indiana and voters are outcasting their ballots. 57 delegates are at stake and ted cruz needs a big win if he hopes to stop donald trump from clinching the nomination. >> pretty much over if donald trump wins especially if he wins by the margins that the polls show. >> reporter: heading into today, trump has a 15-point lead over cruz in the latest polls. >> if we win in indiana, it's
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over with, folks! >> reporter: the race for the white house turned bizarre when trump tied ted cruz's father to the man who assassinated president john f. kennedy. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald's being shot. i mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. >> reporter: trump is referring to a "national enquirer" article which says this photo from the warren commission shows rafael cruz with oswald at a pro-castro rally. >> this is nuts! this is not a reasonable position. this is just kooky. and while i'm at it i guess i should go ahead and admit that yes, my dad killed jfk. he is secretly elvis and jimmy hoffa is buried in his backyard. >> reporter: on the democratic side bernie sanders hopes to pull off an upset against hillary clinton. he had coffee with voters in indianapolis today but even if sanders does pull off the upset, he is unlikely to gain ground on clinton in the delegate race. clinton is campaigning in west virginia ahead of that state's
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primary next week. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> clinton has a four-point lead over sanders in the latest poll of indiana but that's within the poll's margin offer the san francisco board of supervisors will consider inviting 16-year-olds to the ballot box for local elections. they will meet at 5:00 to talk about lowering the voting age. if agreed upon today, the proposal could appear on the november ballot. as that meeting happens, those backing "vote 16 sf" will rally on the steps of city hall. at uc-davis, congressman john garamendi is introducing a bill to help students across the state drowning in loan debt. it aims to refinance student loan interest rates and recalculate interest rates for future borrowers. it also allows students to reinvest in the economy and society without the burden of student loan debt. more bay area news now. graffiti is such a problem in san jose that the city is mulling a plan to pay people to report vandals. this afternoon, the city
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council will consider offering up to $1,000 to anyone who makes a report leading to an arrest and recovery of damage costs. the report and reward program would also apply to illegal dumping of household items like couches and mattresses. and you could soon have to pay more for sugary drinks in oakland. the city council is considering a ballot measure that would add a tax of a penny an ounce. supporters say it would encourage people to drink healthier beverages and bring in money. if approved by the council, it wouldn't november ballot citywide. -- it would be on the november ballot citywide. coming up, how much teams say they spend on tablets and why. >> the bay area city that a tech giant is looking at to expand fiber-optics. >> our live hi-def doppler radar is picking up green on the screen. first a look at san francisco under a gray slate. we'll talk about the chances of
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rain and when you could see that rain coming up.
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helping kurdish troops in northern iraq.. was killed. the latest battle with isi developing news this noon. we are learning a u.s. navy seal helping kurdish troops in northern iraq was killed in the latest battle with isis. he was two miles behind the kurdish front line when he was killed. isis used truck bombs and bulldozers to breakthrough the barrier. the conflict was so intense that the u.s.-led coalition fired 23 air strikes with both jet fighters and drones to help kurdish forces fight back. the united nations is now weighing in on the water crisis in flint, michigan. three u.n. experts say flint residents may have had their human rights violations because of a lack of regular access to save drinking water over the last two years -- to safe drinking weaver over the last
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two years with -- to save drinking water over the last two years. right now 45,000 detroit public school students are missing class for the second day after teachers called out sick over pay issues. the district does not have enough money to pay teachers after june 30th. the cash shortage affects teachers who decided to have their paychecks spread out over 52 weeks and continued to receive paychecks during the summer. parts of east texas are bracing for another round of flooding. because of heavy rains, kotter lake is expected to reach major flood stage for the second time in a month. harrison county emergency officials are urging everyone in the area to leave and bring along their pets and medications. let's check our forecast with roberta. >> and we have been updating it as the morning goes along because we have this area of low pressure off the coast. and what it has done is largely responsible for enhancing our marine layer so we have had a little bit of condensation
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early this morning in the form of drizzle all associated with that fog bank that was roughly about 1500 feet deep. now this is our live hi-def doppler radar. and when you see the green on the screen, you easily could say, well, it's raining outside. but no, a lot of this is virga where the rain is leaving the cloud and evaporates before it hits the ground. where you see the darker shades of green that could be some light showers or even drizzle off the coast. this is the impressive marine layer inching its way onshore. this is our live weather camera on sutro tower looking out towards mount tamalpais. you can barely see the tip-top earlier this morning so it's low-level clouds. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. dana, she is one of our weather watcher in novato, she is reporting high 60s. we're going to have several days of clouds coming up. that forecast momentarily but right now wind speeds, san francisco 12. nine in hayward. we have 15-mile-an-hour winds in sfo where we still have
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delays on some arriving flights. they are calm in the fairfield area. winds will whip around to the west and pick up 10 to 15 miles per hour. this is that impressive area of low pressure roughly about 500 miles off the coast of san francisco. as it continues to enhance our marine layer we'll see some heavy pockets of fog overnight tonight with the shield of clouds. the unsettled weather pattern will continue with daily chances of rain. this is our futurecast. and you can clearly see we're in and out of the clouds. a little sunny break here and there, rain off the coast. this is the scenario for wednesday through lunch hour. it is currently 69 going up to 79 in sacramento. chance of a thunderstorm in the high sierra back through yosemite. 63 degrees in monterey. our temperatures today in the 60s to the mid-70s well inland, with partly cloudy skies the first east you go. sunset 8:08. tomorrow morning sunrise will be clouded over. we do have cloud cover with daily chances of rain wednesday through sense. but just in time for michelle's day on sunday!
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[ laughter ] >> it's your day, too. >> i like that. >> sunday for michelle. >> we are going to the giants game. that's our mom's day gift. >> absolutely right! >> and it will be dry and warmer. >> thank you. uber is moving its driver support center from san francisco to daly city and it will be bigger. the rideshare company will open the new set on monday. its where 40,000 bay area drives can get face-to-face help for a variety of issues. more than a dozen staffers will be on hand, many multilingual, which is crucial as more drivers speak different languages. google is looking to bring high speed fiber optic internet service to its hometown. later today, the tech giant will present its plans to the mountain view city council. currently, the service is only available in six cities, none in california. new at noon, shares of twitter have hit an all-time low. the san francisco-based social network has been struggling to recruit new active users and generate revenue. in early trading stocks fell 3%
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to a little under $14 a share. that number not seen since twitter went public in november of 2013. and let's take a look at the big board now and see how we're doing. not too well. the dow is down about 142 points. all right. are you addicted to your phone? more than half of teenagers admit that they are. common sense media conducted a poll on phone just and in it, 50% of teens they interviewed freed that they are addicted to their mobile devices. nearly 80% of teens said they check their phones hourly. >> my 16-year-old is the opposite. i have to get her to answer her phone. a packed night ahead in oakland as the warriors and a's play. what you need to know if you are heading to the games. that's next. ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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wanna drink more water? with sodastream you turn plain water into sparkling water
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in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. the warriors will host the portland t n-b-a playoffs. a busy night ahead in oakland for bay area sports fans. the warriors will host the portland trail blazers in the nba play-offs. golden state won the first game of the second round series. game 2 begins at 7:30 tonight. and right next door at the coliseum, the a's host the seattle mariners at 7:05 this evening. there are usually major parking and traffic issues when both teams play at home the same night. so allow yourself some extra time if you plan to attend either game. as for the stanley cup play- offs, you can catch the sharks tonight at your favorite sports bar or the comfort of your home. that's because the sharks are on the road in nashville for
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game 3 of the second round series against the predators. san jose leads the series 2-0 games. puck drops at 6 p.m. pacific time. >> roberta is pumped and i'm pumped too for this. >> we're all pumped. the sharks and warriors, it's wonderful. as you watch the game tonight you might be loading up on snacks. >> today our fresh grocer tony tantillo has a healthy spin on what you can add to your spread. >> reporter: today's tip of the day is green peppers. for this time of year stuffing them on the grill, you can't beat it. the nutritional value is there 110% of the vitamins you need for the day. they are super foods the peppers and they hold up so well! selection and storage is very important. when you buy them, you want to make sure they're green all the way around. make sure the stem is attached nice and green and no decaying. it starts on the crown. they feel to feel nice and fresh just like this.
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nice and firm. when you bring them home, in the refrigerator, right away. shelf life, not too long. you can keep them 7 days but try to enjoy them two or three days after you buy them. green peppers, great for us, sauteed with all the other colors. or just by themselves. fabulous. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> they're good stuff, too. ed, you should try that. if you have a consumer problem or question, email out hotline or call us. ============b r e a k ============== that story and,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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treat mom to one today! at affordable tri pretty pricey... but that c be changing. the future of surging coming up later todn kpix 5 news at five. that's it for the k uber's surge pricing can make an affordable trip pricy but that could be changing. the future of surging coming up today on kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> julius: you have convinced yourself you know something about me, little girl. >> nicole: i never would've thought that you would hurt mom this way. >> julius: i know you haven't gone to your mother with this foolishness, have you? >> nicole: not yet. >> julius: because it's easy to accuse a man of wrongdoing, and a woman will always believe another woman before she'll -- >> nicole: sasha is my sister, your daughter. >> julius: sasha is a liar. she stole your boyfriend. now, are you gonna let her rob you of your father, too? >> zende: what about mr. avant? >> sasha: so wrong. >> zende: did something happen?


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