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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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record. >> reporter: he is targeted because he is a celebrity he says. >> she filed multiple civil lawsuits and prosecuted them herself. she has a criminal record which she entered into a plea. she ran a business, she had a driver's license. she was able to get on the web and to communicate and ask dana for money more than 20- something times. >> reporter: the lawyer showed cell phone records of 22 texts between stubblefield and the woman five days after the cone underrer of the district attorney said the victim reported the crime to police and submitted to tests which implicated stubblefield yet almost a full year passed before stubblefield was arrested. >> if they truly believed they had somebody dangerous walking around would they let that person walk around for a year? >> there are probably complications to this case which caused the delay. >> reporter: kpix 5 legal analyst and former judge ladoris cordell said with no witnesses, it's one person's word against the other. and the woman's alleged diminished capacity will be hard to prove. >> if they are saying she is
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developmentally delayed that means she maybe wasn't able to consent. well, the work that she does tends to fly in the face of that. >> reporter: this afternoon the district attorney's office sent out a message essentially saying that they stand by their case. but my sources in the santa clara county law enforcement community tell me that this case was submitted by the morgan hill police department last year complete with dna evidence and, in fact, it was resubmitted several times but for reasons that are unknown at this time, it kept on getting sent back by the district attorney's office. tonight at 6:00 we'll examine one of the reasons why in fact the attorneys say it was all politically motivated. reporting live in san jose, i'm len ramirez, kpix 5. and as len just reported, dana stubblefield's lawyers did not hold back. in fact, we put extended sound from today's news conference on our website, breaking news in the race for the white house. kpix 5's allen martin joins us with the very latest results from the indiana primary. allen. >> reporter: liz, right now,
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too, early to project a winner on the democratic side of the race. bernie sanders, though, is performing better than expected. hillary clinton and sanders tied 50/50! now, 83 delegates are up for grabs. clinton did not invest much time or money in that state. and even if bernie sanders wins indiana, he will still trail clinton in the delegates needed for the nomination. but it does give him momentum should he win to continue his fight. now, cbs news projects donald trump winning the republican primary in indiana. the early polls showed him having a 15-point lead over his rival ted cruz. at last check, it was better than that. he has 54% of the vote a nearly 20-point lead over cruz. john kasich notched 8%. 57 delegates at stake on the republican side. not enough for the front-runner to clinch the nomination. but it does put him closer and closer. back to hillary clinton, she is going to be back here in the bay area friday for a
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fundraiser. >> thank you. the race to the white house turned even more bizarre today when trump tied ted cruz's father to the man who assassinated president kennedy. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald's being, you know, shot. i mean, of the whole thing is ridiculous. >> this is not a reasonable position. this is just kooky. and while i'm at it i guess i should go ahead and admit, yes, my dad killed jfk, he is secretedly elvis and jimmy hoffa is buried in his backyard. >> trump is referring to a "national enquirer" article which says this photo from the warren commission shows rafael cruz with oswald at a pro- castro rally. we'll have much more on the race for the white house coming up at 5:30 on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." the anti-trump protestor arrested during last week's republican convention has now
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faced a judge. 27-year-old emanuel ballesteros geronimo is charged with battery for punching and kicking a sheriff's deputy part of the wild protest outside the hyatt regency in burlingame. he didn't enter a plea today. four other people were arrested. one deputy was hospitalized because he got pieces of egg shell in his eye. new at 5:00, hundreds of protestors banded together at san francisco city hall. chopper 5 overhead as the group called on chief greg suhr to resign. mark kelly tells us why some protestors were in wheelchairs today. mark? >> reporter: this is a 13th day of this hunger strike. so at this point, the hunger strikers, five of them, are very weak but their supporters certainly having a lot of strength today and showing it. at this point in this video you see now on your screen, storming the board of supervisors meeting essentially taking it over this afternoon making their point that they want a meeting with the mayor
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and they want the police chief gone [ yelling ] >> reporter: side by sound the hunger strikers known as the frisco five were joined by thousands of supporters this afternoon taking over city hall. [ chanting ] >> reporter: ma'am, what are you thinking about right now? >> that it's beautiful to see the black and brown communities united for justice. >> reporter: very emotional moment for you? >> happy moment. >> reporter: but that happiness was quickly dashed when the strikers' sole reason for marching to city hall, a one-on- one meeting with mayor ed lee, he was not in his office office. >> he need to meet with us. >> reporter: how long will you wait? >> as long as it takes. he is only in the bayview. >> reporter: the mayor's office told us he is in meetings with homeless organizations today and will not be meeting with the hunger strikers. the mayor tried meeting with them yesterday at the mission police station where they are camped out but the hunger strikers stood him up for 30
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minutes before he left. >> the mayor felt like they want to hear from me and talk to me, i will hear from them and talk to them and he went out there to try and do that. that's what happened. >> reporter: why didn't the hunger strikers speak with the mayor? >> because they wanted to come to his office. this is not something where the chief or the mayor should be incognito to slip in to say he met with the hunger strikers, business as usual. >> reporter: so here we are back live at city hall. the march starting to break up just a little bit now. but keep in mind, all of this started at 12:30 this afternoon. here we are at 5:00. and they are still here and they are still planning to stick around saying that they are going to go to an event tonight that the police chief is at in order to once again make their point that they want him fired. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. a former san francisco police officer at the center of a racist text scandal pleaded not guilty today on separate
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charges. jason lai is accused of misusing criminal and state dmv databases. police say he was arrested in march after an investigation into claims of sexual assault made against him last august. retired lieutenant curtis liu also appeared in court this afternoon. he entered a not guilty plea to felony and misdemeanor charges. prosecutors say liu tried to cover uplays sex assault investigations -- up lai's section assault investigations. [ rap ] ♪[ music ] she was the inspiration and mother of legendary rap artist tupac shakur. word she died today. firefighters were called to her sausalito home last night. she was taken to marin general hospital where she died about 10:30 off a possible heart attack. juliette goodrich is live tonight in sausalito. >> reporter: liz, family
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members and friends have been bringing flowers by by afeni's home. she was a fill lap throw philanthropist. everyone knew her. her son wrote great mama. >> i was pregnant in jail. i thought i would have a baby i was acquitted a month and three days before tupac was born. i was real happy because i had a son. >> reporter: many of his songs paid tribute to his mother afeni shakur. the marin county sheriff's department responded to a call at afeni's sausalito home after a possible cardiac arrest. she died last night at marin general hospital. >> tupac had come to this community years ago as a result of the fact that she and other members of the family lived here in marin and southern
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marin county and again she was well loved, well respected by many people in the community. >> reporter: family and friends had been arriving to her sausalito home a home on the water to leave flowers. >> my son was a magic person, a magical person. and our personal lives he was our star. he made our whole lives shine and, um, we love him because he was so very, very talented. >> reporter: afeni is best known as tupac's mom. but she was also a black panther activist and philanthropist. >> a lot of people will miss remember. >> reporter: a sports lawyer is a long-time family friend. >> and so she -- >> reporter: in particular, a feeney. >> she was afeni. >> she was a black panther. she was the only one to be acquitted in the trial representing herself. and she never lost that fight for social justice and quality. >> reporter: on september 7,
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1996, tupac was shot to death in a drive-by shooting in las vegas. he says afeni became instrumental in maintaining his legacy. >> she ran an estate for somebody that was legendary. no different than kurt cobain, elvis. >> reporter: that hit song, dear mama, came out a year before tupac was shot and killed in las vegas. as for afeni, the coroner is investigating the cause of death. she died at the age of 69. in sausalito, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new at 5:00, some panic today for some union bank customers checking their accounts trying to use their debit cards. they logged in to find zero account balance there and bank debit cards were frozen. the san francisco-based bank says it has had a problem with
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its computer network. a routine upgrade did not go as planned. the frustration for customers lasted until 2:00 this afternoon. the bank apologized for the glitch. californians hit the mark in march when it comes to saving water. people cut water use by 24.3% last month. that beats the 20% we were asked to save. it's likely due to rain and more seasonal temperatures. the mandatory cutbacks started last summer. we could learn this month how much water we'll have to save starting in june. a young california woman breaking barriers. how friends of a teenaged muslim helped make her the prom queening. >> cooler and cloudier today. here comes fog and low clouds moving through and over the golden gate bridge. next up, how about a chance of rain? how about three chances of rain! we'll talk about them and why they're all tied to one weather
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system, coming up. >> then the special fries mcdonald's is bringing only to the bay area. bout his health... >> and the black cat that took over a san jose sharks game gets a check-up. what the vet is saying about his health. ,, ,,
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a little over two hours from now the warriors will be taking on the trail blazers in game 2 of the western conference semifinals. kpix 5's sports director dennis o'donnell is live inside oakland oracle arena. hey, dennis. >> reporter: hello, elizabeth. warriors, they may be without their mvp, steph curry, but there's no shortage of talent on this roster. they are playing well without
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curry. it's getting draymond green even more recognition. >> he did it five times. all i know is -- >> you must protect yourself. >> the way i would phrase it, um, instead of superstar, is he a top 10 player in the nba? and in draymond's case, 100%. >> he is really happy with the play recently. he is calling you a top ten player. >> that's amazing. i saw that. i'm shocked! steve hates me! [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. the numbers don't lie. listen to draymond green's numbers. 23 points, 13 rebounds, play- off career high 11 assists in game 1. he is an indispensable warrior. they are carrying on without curry who could be back in game 3 when the series goes to portland. the warriors looking to take a 2-0 series win. at 6:00 we'll look at oakland native trying to even the series for the trail blazers. live at oracle arena, dennis
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dennis o'donnell, back to you. >> thank you. also in the news tonight, takata is getting ready to recall another 35 millionaire bag inflaters. -- 35 million airbag inflaters after they recalled 29 million already. they can rupture and spra spray shrapnel. tacoma is already suffering large stock declines. new at 5:00 a swirling online buzz over uber's plan to drop the surge pricing. but despite the headlines, the company says it's only looking to reduce it. surge pricing ups the cost of a ride and kicks in when there's a big event that creates high demand. some drivers seek out these situations to make extra cash. however, uber says it hopes to solve that. the ridesharing company's long-
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term goal is to use self- driving cars to mitigate the problem of limited drivers. mcdonald's is testing out a new locally inspired flavor of french fries at four in the south bay, three in san jose and one in santa clara. the fries are made using a puree mix that includes ingredients like gilroy garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese. if successful gilroy garlic fries will be available at 250 mcdonald's across the bay area. >> hm. >> sounds good. >> got to wonder why somebody hasn't tried garlic fries. >> they are the best. you can't eat just one. a huge honor today for a bay area coffee chain. san rafael-based equator coffee has been named small business of the year for the entire country. today the ownerrers received their a-- the owners received their award in washington, dc from the u.s. small business administration. it's the first lgbt-owned business to win the award.
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the company has three retail shops in the bay area and plans to add three more locations by the end of the year. good for them. >> we love our coffee. coffee is important. >> oddly enough, i want garlic fries and coffee for dinner! there may be something done at 7:00 when we have a little dinner break. outside enjoying the day today, you had cooler weather, cloudier weather. tomorrow you may or may not need your umbrella. there's an interesting area of low pressure that's going to be hanging out close to us for a few days increasing our rain chance by this time tomorrow. look at the temperature spread once again, folks. it's only 57 and breezy in san francisco with the fog rolling in along the coast. contrast that with 78 even though it's cloudy, humid and warm in concord and livermore. in between we find 70 for san jose and 71 for santa rosa. radar is already getting active. not here in the bay area. we'll put it in a time lapse mode. north of tahoe in the sierra, couple of thunderstorms. an isolated thunderstorm is now popping up just to the west of mount shasta right over the trinity lake reservoir and up
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towar eureka. the atmosphere is already priming itself for the rain chance tomorrow. a's tonight trying to take game 2 in the series against the mariners. it will be milder but still cool. 63 cloudy degrees for first pitch 7:05 and, of course, right across the street the warriors will be taking on the portland trail blazers so it's us against the northwest. cloudy san rafael 52. mid-50s oakland, san jose, 54 degrees. the cutoff area of low pressure, we call it that because it's cut off from the main flow of the jet stream. things are just racing by in parts of the atmosphere at 150 miles per hour. this guy is separate from that. kind of like in a stream if you have an eddy that spins apart from the main flow and goes where it wants. this low will hang out to the south and west a couple of days. cutoff areas of low pressure are notorious for not following what we think will happen with computer models. so any day tomorrow or thursday or friday, we could see some widespread showers firing up.
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what does our computer model think? tomorrow not much showers. more numerous thursday. our computer models are banking on friday where we could see widespread light showers and a tiny chance of a late-day thunderstorm. so there's a chance over the next three days. right now if i had to take a strongest, i would say friday. we're going to stay unsettled for the next couple of days, cool and cloudy. and it will clear out in time for mom on sunday. highs tomorrow, not that warm. fremont 67. cloudy in vallejo, 68. livermore 70. so a chance of showers each day for the next three. no washouts but some showers out there. weekend looks good albeit not a banner weekend for warmth. next week we get warmer 80 returning by next tuesday. so cutoff lows have done it time and time again. we think it's this day and moves a day. we are just going to broad brush and say one of the next three days there will be a chance of -- a solid chance of rainfall. >> that's great. a little extra bonus. >> and get the allergens out of the air. it's been rough. >> thank you, paul. check this out. san jose shark fans, this is a look at joe the black cat who
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became famous last week at the shark tank. this is cat cam from a few minutes ago at the san jose humane society. joe has a pretty nice hangout right there. >> that's a great pad. joe the cat gained fame by running on to the ice at the shark tank on friday. she was taken to the humane society in sillicon valley. but she didn't have a chip. she is considered a very lucky charm. the sharks won that game as well as a second game of the series. jo has been given a good bill of health and may soon be available for adoption. we'll be right back. >> she will have a great life. [ laughter ] ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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by becoming prom queen! a high school student in southern california broke barriers and made school history by becoming prom queen. she did it with a little help from her friends. >> reporter: it's been quite a year for [ non-english name ] after the terror attack in san bernardino. the teenager was too scared to go to work on even leave the
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house. her hijab made it clear, she is muslim. >> some people doesn't like muslims. some people see muslims as all of us as terrorists even though terrorism isn't our religion. >> reporter: but the senior at summit high school was able to move beyond the hate and do something that for her was unthinkable. >> my mom is very sick. she doesn't allow me to go to home come if my friends have a party she goes -- that was my first basically party. i have never been to an event like that before. so for my first time going to something like that and winning prom queen that was just crazy. >> reporter: she says if you asked her earlier in the year if prom queen was in her future, she would have laughed. but after she made the prom court, she realized this whole prom queen thing could really happen. her friends were determined for her to win and they campaigned hard. each wearing a hijab like their best friend coming up with a slogan, don't be a badie, vote
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for the hijabi and it worked. >> when they announced my name, i was in total shock. i, like, -- i like the top five candidates that were there but i thought that they are more well known in life and school so i thought they had a better chance than me so for me to win was crazy. >> reporter: the end is like a fairy tale. underdog wins prom queen a sparkling crown on a hijab. she hopes her prom queen win will inspire other young women to follow their dreams even if they seem out of reach. kpix 5. >> great story. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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paying people to snitch.. to keep the streets clean. how much one bay area city is willing to pony up.. to crac i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 tonight, paying people to snitch to keep the streets clean. how much one bay area city is willing to pony up to crack down on trash and graffiti. >> and a message about margaritas that missed the mark. why a bay area police department is now saying it's sorry for its warning about cinco de mayo. those stories and much more for you tonight at 6:00. >> thank you. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> allen and veronica will see you back here at 6:00. we might even check in with joe the cat. see how he is doing. >> all that sharks paraphernalia. >> perfect cat condo. >> dennis will be along with sports, too. warriors tonight. >> warriors, a's, sharks, all tonight. >> and rain this evening. >> couple of sprinkles. >> love it. >> thank you. captions by: caption colorado
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th "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. indiana in, this has been decisive in the republican to the race to the dodge nation. >> campaign 2016 update, it appears no one can stop donald caump on his march toward the republican nomination. cbs news projects trump has won the indiana primary tonight and at least 30 of the 57 delegates in state. ted cruz was second, john kasich a distant third. on the democratic side it is still too early to project the race between hillary clinton and nernie sanders. john dickerson, your thoughts? >> reporter: downtown, a, he is a novice and looks like he is


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