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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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im sorry to say it apperas path has been foreclosed' and with that tonight: >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> from the beginning, i have said i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say ... >> no! no! >> it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> and with that tonight, donald trump essentially seals the gop nomination. >> ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. >> kpix5's andria borba is in the news room tonight. a lot of people never thought they would see the day that a
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political outsider and reality tv star would be the presumptivive gop nominee. so now what? >> reporter: well liz, the national chair of the republican party tweeted it is time to support donald trump. and california republican leaders say the same. >> we gave it everything. >> reporter: after talking about the pouncer porches of the indiana primary, senator cruz backed out after losing badly. >> with a heavy heart, with boundless optimism of the long term future of our nation. we are suspending our campaign. >> reporter: the vice chair of the california republican party says recent losses in the northeast coupled with today's shut down cruz's path to victory. she says there was hope, just last week for the cruz fiorina ticket at the party's convention in burlingame.
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>> we had both him and his running mate in burlingame three days ago and they were all in to win. >> reporter: with donald trump closing in on the magic number of 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination, dylan says it is time for the republicans to fall in line. >> i think all republican leaders need to get behind donald trump and support our nominee. >> was that a tough sentence for you to say? >> no. look, all of us have been looking at the numbers over time and i have been a never hillary person from day one. >> reporter: support of the gop is not something donald trump has had during the primary season. >> about six weeks ago, and i was told i had a 20-point deficit. and i went there and i worked very hard and i campaigned an i made a lot of speeches and met a lot of incredible people. >> reporter: melissa cane says he has won state after state flaunting his outsider status. >> it is incredibly
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significant. the first time we have seen in modern history, a candidate get the nomination strictly on his popularity with voters and without any help from the republican establishment. >> reporter: now california was poised to play an important role in the republican primary process for the first time since barry goldwater. dylan says it is a foregone conclusion that trump will win california now on june 7. in the news room, andria borba, kpix5. >> check out the front page of tomorrow's daily new york news. an elephant in the coffin with the caption dearly beloved, we are gathered here to mourn to gop. on the democratic side in indiana tonight, bernie sanders upset if front runner hillary clinton, but he still faces an incredible uphill battle. >> i think while the path is narrow and i do not deny that for a moment, i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> sanders is challenging clinton to a debate right here
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in california later this month. no word on whether she is going to take him up on it. but, she will be back in the bay area friday for a fundraiser. chopper 5 was overhead as hundreds of protesters swarmed city hall to support the frisco5. joe vasquez says things didn't go as planned. >> reporter: the plan today was to march down to city hall and meet with the mayor but that didn't happenner. now the hunger strikers that are angry about police violence say they have a longer term plan as well. that is to try to get the police chief fired. that doesn't look like it is going to happen any time soon. a community meeting about police accountability was supposed to feature the public defender and the police chief. but the chief was a no-show. we are told there were security concerns. this was the scene just a few hours after the mayor decided not to meet with the group of
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protester. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: they marched through the streets and onto city hall. the frisco5 were on day five of their hunger strike. >> we are waiting for him. >> reporter: they demanded a meeting with the mayor. a meeting that never materialized. >> the mayor is in the bay view. he is not here today. >> reporter: mayor ed lee tweeted out a photo saying he was meeting with small business owners in the bay view district. he tried to meet with hunger strikers yesterday but they stood him up saying they wanted to wait until today. the demonstrators loudly took over the board of supervisors meeting for a while. they left city hall empty handed. >> each day we don't eat is
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another day they don't kill somebody. we will continue this hunger strike and we will be here until our stomach starts eating itself. >> reporter: a mayor staffer offered to meet with the group. they also declined that meeting and as day 14 approaches, they have no further meetings on the schedule. reporting live, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. pretty wild chase in marin county. our cameras were there as police went after three people suspected of casing cars at the village. the suspects got out of their car while it was still running so the officer pulled in front of it to stop it from slamming into two people fishing. >> the red car started to veer toward the off ramp and it looked like it was going into the bay. he ran into the cop car and the cop got out and was shaken up. >> the suspect ran into the bushes. police caught one of them. he is charged with resisting arrest and possessing stolen
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property. right now, the other two suspects are still on the loose. tonight, we are hearing an ex-niner's side of the story. a woman says she was raped. dana stubblefield says she is lying and it is all a money grab. and betty, his attorneys are trying to prove it was facebook and text messages. >> reporter: that's right liz. they gave us that evidence today to try to prove that this woman has no credibility. and, they also criticized the da for trying to sensationalize this case and they said it is all nonsense. speaking for the first time since his arrest, ex-49er star dana stubblefield admitted he had sex with the woman he found on this babysitting website after interviewing her for the job. >> i'm not a perfect man. however, the allegations against me come a year after consensual encounter with a woman are now totally false.
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>> reporter: his legal team held a press conference at his church in san jose and gave the media handouts of the 32-year- old woman'ssitter city profile. her bio reads i like zuma. i need a job. payment, doctor, dentist. phone, tax, light. i'm learning a zumba. i want a zunba job. i like mall and nice restaurants. they also included the about me section of the facebook page like be sexy, be nice, dress up. >> he is being targeted for celebrity status and this defense team will not let it happen. >> reporter: he says this woman is after money. stubblefield's attorneys say she is competent. >> look at what this person has done. she has filed multiple civil lawsuits. she has a criminal record. she ran a business. she had a drivers license. she was able to get on the web
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and to communicate. and, ask dana for money more than 20 something times. >> reporter: he provided the cell phone records of the text messages between the two. and in a lie detecter test, he passed. stubblefield's attorneys say the timing of this rape charge a year after the encounter is very suspicious and nothing more than a political move because the da would like to run for attorney general. now, today, the da released a statement that reads in part that they will present evidence in a court of law and they expect stubblefield will be held accountable for his crime. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. the 49ers are playing hardball tonight. they say they have no choice but to go to arbitration over a rent fight with the city of santa clara. both sides agree the team would pay $24 million a year for the first two years. after that, the rent was supposed to be based on how much money the stadium is
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bringing in. with things going well, the 9ers want it lowered to 20 million a year. the city wants its $24 million. it is important the rent amount combined with other revenue sources be enough to cover operating costs. the warriors kept us on the edge of our seats tonight. all the way until the bitter end. tonight, fans are celebrating again. this was the scene outside oracle arena about 40 minutes ago. christin ayers is there right now. christin, this one was so close. >> reporter: oh my god, it was a nail biter. really tight all throughout the game. the warriors now up two games to zero after a nail biter and a late fourth quarter comeback. some fans telling me they held their breath throughout the game. they were excited to see that the team could pull it off without curry, but they are ready to have their mvp back. >> go warriors! >> reporter: going in tonight, even with the star player on the bench, warriors fans were optimistic. >> we're going to win.
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>> they will be great even though steph curry will be on the bench. >> reporter: some even suggesting mvp steph curry's absence had been a good thing for the team. >> they are getting better because curry is gone. because other players are getting the confidence to shoot. so, when he comes back, everybody will feel even stronger about taking that shot. >> reporter: this could be curry's last game on the bench during the playoffs. and tonight, the team struggled without him. fans told us they are ready to have their star player back. >> we are ready for the knee to be fixed and ready to go. >> we are a better team with him. >> we needs to come back and get a little practice. >> they can do without him, but he needs to come back. >> reporter: fans already looking ahead to the next round. they think the warriors already have this in the bag. curry could come back as early as the next game. that would be saturday. back in portland. liz? >> he certainly was chomping at the bit on that bench. he just really wanted to be out
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there. you could tell. >> reporter: we saw him dancing a little on the sidelines. he didn't look so bad from there. >> all right. can't wait to see him play again. great job by the team as well. this just in. george lucas and his wife have pulled out of plans to build their museum in chicago. many in the bay area are wondering if the force could be with oakland. plans in the windy city fell through after a parks group filed a lawsuit challenging the site of the museum. at one point, san francisco was a contender. oakland mayor libby schaaf has said she would be thrilled act the project possibly coming to oakland. a lot of customers checked their accounts and they got a scare. zero balance. that is what showed up. veronica de la cruz is here. veronica, what happened? >> reporter: i know right? the customers here and across the west coast got cut off from their cash much of the day. the banking meltdown affected customers of the san francisco
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based union bank and they couldn't access their accounts at atms or online. their debit cards were frozen. >> it was kind of upsetting to us that we didn't get a phone call or an e-mail from them saying that they were having issues. and, worse yet, if we had been, like at safeway or something else, we wouldn't have been able to pay for anything because our account was at zero. >> bank officials say during a routine back office update, they experienced a delay of overnight processing that affected various systems. we have reached out to union bank asking if they will cover any late fees for the customers. so far, we have yet to hear back. >> that has to be the scariest thing in the world to health care your balance and there is nothing there. >> oh. that's the worst. >> thanks veronica. well, tonight, the oakland police department is apologizing for an insensitive tweet about cinco de mayo and salty margaritas.
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the message was to warn people against drunk driving. they said the celebration had become synonymous with fiestas and salty margaritas which would be a recipe for disasters. >> this is where the police lack sensitivity. today, there is a lack of trust. >> the department quickly backtracked calling the original message "completely insensitive." old navy is not apologizing tonight after catching some heat from some people for a new ad featuring a happy family. a happy interracial family. kpix5's cate caugurian shows us. >> reporter: old navy posted this picture to promote a sale the twitter verse thought as pushing an agenda. >> diversity is the new normal. >> reporter: it shows an interracial couple with their kid. >> interration is what is making the advertisement more viewable. >> they were trying to appeal to the generation we are in now. >> reporter: based on the internet's response, the
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picture is worth more than 140 characters. bob is the executive creative director for baker street advertising and has worked on national campaigns for honda and levi's. >> they are a fashion company. so, i think they can afford to be a little riskier. >> reporter: bob says typically advertisers tend to shy away from ads like these in order to appeal to a bigger demographic. but, not old navy. >> anybody that they detract from this or anybody that they offend, i don't think they really care that much. >> reporter: but in the world of advertising, bob says there is no such thing as bad pr. so far, old navy's post generated tens of thousands of likes, retweets, and trolls. one person tweeting absolutely disgusting. what's next? gender neutral bathrooms? pedpedophilia prop propaganda?
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others posted love and support showing pictures of their own interracial families. >> if you fall in love with someone of a different color, it doesn't matter. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> so we talked to an old navy rep who says the clothing chain has a proud history of championing diversity. tonight, the fda is warning about a prescription drug that can cause uncontrollable urges like gambling, eating, having sex, shopping. it is called abilify. the fda says the impulse reactions are rare, but they do happen. scary new prediction tonight about the zika virus. it could be here in the bay area in a matter of months. only on 5 tonight, allen martin finds out how bay area scientists are racing to stop it. >> reporter: spread with just a bite or through sex, the notorious zika virus may be more dangerous than we
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imagined. just ask the scientists. >> this mosquito borne virus is spreading at an incredible rate. >> we are playing catchup with it. >> as a father i'm scared. >> reporter: doctors have detected fetal problems in up to 30% of pregnant women affected with zika. there were four zika related fatalities in columbia in a two- year-old and three adults. a man died in puerto rico over the weekend. >> we essentially know nothing. >> reporter: now, bay area scientists have joined forces to fight the virus and the major mosquito known to carry it. >> we have many of the same mosquitoes and we will have the same problems here. >> we all want to produce something that is very helpful to people. >> it is absolutely crucial. i'm really happy to see that the community is working together. >> reporter: dr. jonas corlof is chief scientist officer in menlo park.
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his company pioneered a new sequencing technology. a state of the art dna map of the mosquito that carries zika. it may have clues on how to defeat the virus. >> it is important to attack this from as many angles as we can. >> reporter: pacific bio scientists have collaborated with ucsf scientists who are sharing the information with researchers nationwide. here at mission bay, scientists are studying the virus. dr. mark wants to understand why zika spares the mosquito, but not the humans. >> and understanding that could be critical in order to controlling the virus. >> so we are looking for zika virus. >> reporter: actual zika virus from the current outbreak is also under intense scrutiny at uc berkeley. at cal, they are attacking the culprit on many different fronts. one study, how the virus affects a pregnant woman's placenta to harm the fetus. >> understanding which cells
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are most infected and how we can prevent that infection. >> reporter: time is of the essence. >> we are going to be in quite a fight. >> reporter: today, 4 # countries in more than 2 billion people are now at risk and the threat is coming here. the outbreak is expected to spread throughout most of the americas by the end of this year. in the news room, allen martin, kpix5. >> but experts believe that we won't see a pandemic or widespread transmission of the virus in the united states. but, there may be some localized outbreaks. okay. so, is there anything you can do to reduce your risk of infection? and we have that answer on switching gears, paul, it is possible to see a little rain in the future? >> tomorrow is bike or walk day. so not tomorrow morning. millions of kids will be heading out walking to school and the weather should cooperate. low to mid 50s , cloudy skies. we are in the 60s now in a few
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spots. 65 in concord. the cool spots are santa rosa and san francisco in the mid 50s . livermore, 53. walking or biking to work or school. in santa rosa tomorrow, 50. and san francisco, a low of 54 degrees. not only are we talking a low pressure area. but a low pressure area cut off from the jet stream. computer forecast models do their best work as things move along at a predicted path. we can see that with the storm tracker. you get a low like this separated from the jet stream like an eddy in a pool of water, we have this low pressure area which can kind of do whatever it wants and typically does what computer models don't think it will do. so this guy is going to sit off the california coastline feeding in unstable air and giving us a rain chance in may for three consecutive days. we know the rain chance window is wednesday, thursday, friday. which day will be the wettest? the jury is still out. it is predicting a few showers wednesday. a few more showers or thunderstorms on thursday.
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and, more widespread showers coming up on friday. if i had to make a guess at which one it is going to be, i would say friday. though there is a rain chance starting tomorrow lasting all the way through the end of this week. so we are staying unsettled the next three dais. there will be clearing for mom's day. mother's day looking good and dry. cooler cloudier, that's the guarantee. scattered showers are possible. fremont, 67. vallejo, 68. san rafael, 67 degrees. scattered showers thursday and friday. we will dry out for the weekend. not terribly warm. much warmer, much sunnier, monday and tuesday of next week. that is weather. time for sports. hello dennis. >> reporter: we are live at oracle tonight. can the warriors overcome a 17 point deficit? highlights and reaction next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> and dennis o'donnell has tonight's sports report from oracle arena. dennis? >> reporter: yeah, i tell you what, i think the blazers look like a completely different team than the one that got whacked by the warriors here on sunday. that was until the fourth quarter. that is when klay thompson, had
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37 in game one. cold much of the first half tonight. oakland's damian lillard on fire. he shot from deep. beat the buzzer. 11-point portland lead. klay hit the shots when it mattered. knocked one from the corner to tie the game. he nails it from the wing. the joint was jumping. warriors go on top 94-93. thompson, 27 point to go with five threes. and then, they play defense. mason plumlee in the paint. the warriors win 110-99. azele didn't even play in game one. >> he stayed ready. i'm really proud of him. because he hasn't played much lately. in the houston series, he didn't get much of a flow going when he was out there. so, this was a good response. >> earlier today, after shoot- around, i walked to the weight room, he was in there doing
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cardio. i said be ready tonight big fellow. we need you. and he showed up. >> reporter: the numbers proved through tonight. can the sharks remain undefeated against nashville? the sharks and the giants straight ahead. ,,,, ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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[snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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cat stuff... is it possible luck is gone??? 1st period, predat >> the predators mascot clearly sick of the black cat stuff. is it possible the luck is gone for the sharks? they probably want this one back. marleau glides into the net. a weber slap shot. that draws iron and went in. predators win 4-1. but the sharks still lead the series 2- 1. baseball, jeff struck out five reds in eightennings. but not satisfied at the plate. tomlinson drives in a bunt. giants win 3-1. they will go for the sweep tomorrow. what's the deal with sonny gray? shelved in the last two starts against detroit. served up two more shots to the
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mariners this evening. one by martin, the other by cano. kyle seger added another one. seattle wins big over sonny gray and the as . here at oracle, the warriors win. now goes to portland. we will be back in a moment. ,, when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you.
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> you hear that? that's the sound of people cheering in oakland because the warriors won their second semi.
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see you tomorrow morning. >> good game. >> highlights. >> stephen: hey, dakota johnson, thank you so much for being here. >> hi, stephen. >> stephen: i'm really looking forward to your new movie "a bigger splash." >> thank you. >> stephen: it must be so fun to work with tomming hanks. >> what do you mean? >> stephen: "a bigger splash." it's a sequel to big and splash where tom hanks wishes to be a mermaid and learns a lesson about love. >> no, this one is actually sort of a gripping drama that's sort of erotic. >> stephen: yeah, yeah. gripping, erotic drama, tom hanks. >> no, it's about a rock star played by tilde squintop and she her ex-boyfriend ray fines comes to see her


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