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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, it is wednesday, may 4. lovely look of downtown san francisco. this is from the roof of kpix 5 studios. beautiful. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. time now 4:29. let's get a check of weather this morning with roberta. how's it looking? >> my goal is to make it through the whole broadcast without sneezing or eyes watering. >> good luck. >> it's the worst allergy season ever, pharmacists are getting loads of people in for their medications. we'll have the pollen report coming up shortly. right now it's live, hi-def doppler. it appears that at this particular time we have a little bit of light rain offshore, today just a slight chance of rain, nothing measurable. you see the overcast conditions right now at sfo. temperature-wise we are into the low and mid-50s. winds will pick up later today out of the west today at 15, 20, then rotate southwest. numbers coming down only to the mid-70s at best in our inland
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areas. we'll talk more about these rain chances coming up. accident-free, that's the good news. not so good news is we have roadwork on both directions of the bay bridge. keep your eye out for that. no delays towards the toll plaza. couple of cars in the cash lanes. but pretty quiet out of oakland into san francisco. rest of our bay area bridges off to a great start including the san mateo bridge. we are suspending our campaign. >> ted cruz, i don't know if he likes moore or if he doesn't like me -- if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough smart guy. >> donald trump is now the presumptive republican nominee. his victory in indiana prompted ted cruz to bow out. now, a lot of people never thought they would see the day that a political outsider and reality tv star and provocateur would top the gop ticket. so you know what? kpix 5's andria borba finds out. >> we gave it everything we
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had. >> reporter: after talking about the importance of the indiana primary, senator ted cruz ended his run for the republican nomination. after losing the state badly to donald trump -- >> with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long- term future of our nation -- >> no! >> -- we are suspending our campaign. >> no! >> reporter: the vice chair of the california republican party says recent losses in the northeast shut down cruz's path to victory. she says there was hope just last week for the cruz-fiorina ticket at the party's convention in burlingame. >> we had both him and his running mate in burlingame like three days ago and they were all in to win. >> reporter: with donald trump closing in on the magic number of 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination, dylan says it's time for republicans to fall in line. >> i think all republican
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leaders need to get behind donald trump and support our presumptive nominee. >> reporter: was that tough for you to say? >> no. look, all of us have been looking at the numbers over time. and i have been a never hillary person from day one. >> reporter: support of the gop is not something donald trump has had during the primary season. >> about 6 weeks ago i was told i had a 20-point deficit. and i went there and i worked very hard and i campaigned and i made lots of speeches and met lots of incredible people. >> reporter: kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen says he won state after state, flaunting his outsider status. >> it's incredibly significant. it's the first time we have seen in modern history a candidate get the nomination strictly on his popularity with voters and without any help essentially from the republican establishment. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> on the democratic side in indiana, bernie sanders pulled
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a major upset over front-runner hillary clinton despite winning with 52%, he still faces an uphill battle. >> i think that while the path is narrow and i do not deny that for a moment, i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> sanders is challenging clinton to a debate right here in california later this month. no word on whether she is going to take him up on it. but she will be back in the bay area on friday for a fundraiser. at san francisco city hall, 5 hunger strikers, hundreds of protestors and no mayor in sight. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us the rowdiest showdown yet as demonstrators tried to talked police shootings with ed lee. >> reporter: a community meeting about police accountability was supposed to feature both the public defender and the police chief. but the chief was a no show. we're told there were security concerns. this was the scene a few hours after the mayor decided not to
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meet with the group of protestors. [ [ yelling ] ] >> reporter: they marched through the streets and on to city hall. [ yelling ] >> reporter: the frisco five as they're now known sat in wheelchairs on day 13 of their hunger strike. >> they need to meet with us. we're waiting for him. >> where's ed lee! >> reporter: they glanded a meeting with the -- demanded a meeting with the mayor, a meeting which never happened. >> the mayor is not here today. he is actually in the bayview. he is not -- [ [ yelling ] ] >> he is not here to talk to you. >> reporter: mayor lee was meeting with small business owners in the city's bayview district. he tried to meet with them but they stood him up say the they wanted to wait. the demonstrators loudly took over the board of supervisors meeting for a while. they left city hall empty- handed. >> each day we don't eat is another day they don't kill somebody. >> reporter: but insisted they
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had achieved a victory. >> we're going to continue this hunger strike. we'll be here until our stomach starts eating it self. today marks week 2 of the group's hunger strike. there is no plan to reschedule the meeting with mayor ed lee. may fourth, george lucas and his wife have pulled out of plans to build their museum in chicago which leaves a very real possibility of it coming to oakland. plans in the windy city fell through after a parks group filed a lawsuit challenging the site of the museum. chicago mayor rahm emanuel made it clear he doesn't want it to leave for california. >> it would be a very sad day for the city if in fact we saw this museum in los angeles or san francisco rather than where it belongs. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf has said that she would be thrilled about the project possibly coming to oakland. >> it would be great to have it in the bay area. right? >> it would be great to have it in oakland. so you said were you going
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to try to make it throughout the whole show without sneezing. it took you four minutes. [ laughter ] >> and everybody else around here, too. >> thank you for your advice last night about the little ice pad over the eyes. it helped for a while. it got me so relief until this morning when i had to come to work. out the door, grab an umbrella just to be safe. if we have any rain today it will be minuscule. very minimal precipitation. but we have some lined up off the coast right now right there and again throughout the state today we'll see that chance of a thunderstorm primarily in the higher elevations of the mountain areas of the high sierra. right now, we see that bank of low clouds and some fog towards sfo. we'll keep on the possibility of airport delays. so far there are none. temperatures right now into the 50s, very mild. later today numbers are coming down in comparison -- still a little muggy -- from 50s at the beaches, 60s santa clara valley, 71 in brentwood. and 60s across the north bay. the full forecast is minutes away but right now let's say hi
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to gianna. good morning, we have roadwork this morning along the bay bridge both directions of the deck. across the upper deck westbound from yerba buena island to the center anchorage, that is there until 5:00. two lanes blocked east 80 from center anchorage to treasure island until 6:00. keep that in mind. towards the toll plaza this morning, traffic is light. not a lot of cars making their way out of oakland into san francisco just yet so an easy ride as you commute through there. same goes to the south bay. first check of san jose traffic along 101 so far, so good not seeing any troubles this morning. 11 minutes is northbound 101, 280/680 to 237. same goes for north 280 from 101 to highway 85 and guadalupe parkway off to a great start this morning. if you are an early flight at sfo, no delays on 101 to the peninsula. we'll get a check of the east bay including 4 coming right up. thank you. former 49er dana stubblefield spoke out for the first time
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since rape accusations against him surfaced this week. with his lawyers, stubblefield addressed a room of reporters yesterday. a disabled woman claims stubblefield raped her after a babysitting interview last year. he says it was consensual and that she is after money. lawyers presented evidence at the news conference including information from the woman's babysitting profile and text messages she sent him. >> i am not a perfect man. however, the allegations against me coming a year after a consensual encounter with another woman are all totally false. >> stubblefield's lawyers also argue that the woman is not disabled. the 49ers have a fight brewing off the field. they are going to arbitration over a rent dispute with santa clara. both sides agreed that the 9ers would pay $24 million a year for the first two years at levi's stadium. but afterwards, the rent was supposed to change based on how much money the stadium rakes in. since the numbers are looking good the 49ers want to pay $20
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million a year. santa clara says that 24 would be the best. the city says that the rent plays a substantial part in covering operating costs. warriors fans are far from bugged by steph curry's knee injury. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us they are still screaming, jumping and painting their faces blue as golden state trumps the trail blazers. >> go, warriors, whoo! >> reporter: even with their star player on the bench, warriors fans were optimistic. >> we're going to win. >> reporter: yeah? >> they're going to be great even without steph curry. >> reporter: some even suggesting mvp steph curry's absence is good for the team. >> they are better because curry is gone. other players are getting the confidence to shoot. they think when he comes back everybody will feel even stronger about taking that shot. >> reporter: this could be curry's last game on the bench during the play-offs. the team struggled without him. fans told us they are ready to
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have their star player back. >> we are ready for the knee to be fixed and ready to go. let's go, curry, let's go warriors! >> we need him, come back. >> he needs to come back to get a little practice. >> they can do without him but he should probably come back before the end of the series. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> i think everyone wants him back, right? curry could be on the court on the next game saturday. as we mentioned earlier, it is may 4th which is a holiday for "star wars" fans around the galaxy. may the 4th be with you is starting to populate social media and according to, one of the first mentions of the date was in 1979 from newly elected prime minister margaret thacher. since then, "star wars" day has taken off like the millennium falcon in hyperdrive. you can celebrate right here in the bay area. danville is a few hours away from their "star wars" day
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kickoff. the events include a scavenger hunt. jedi lessons for kids and a special screening of the force awakens at the village theater at 8:00. >> i want a jedi lesson! mind tricks? >> may the fourth be with you! time now 4:42. an old navy ad sparks a twitter war. the reaction and why the bay area company is standing its ground. ,,
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months. now local scientiste scrambling to fight it. doctors have dis some health officials predict zika virus could hit the bay area in months and now local scientists are scrambling to fight it. doctors have discovered fetal problems in up to 30% of pregnant women who have zika. and now researchers from uc- berkeley, ucsf and private companies are studying the virus in secure labs. one team produced a dna map of the mosquito that spread zika. another group is studying how
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it invades a pregnant woman's placenta. >> understand which cells are most infected and most importantly how we can prevent that infection. >> we all want to, you know, produce something that's very helpful to people. >> fortunately many experts believe the united states won't see a pandemic of zika, only localized outbreaks. old navy isn't backing down after sharp criticism of their latest ad featuring a happy family which is interracial. kpix 5's cate caugiran on what the internet had to say about it reporter: old navy posted this picture to promote a sale that twitterverse saw as pushing an agenda. >> diversity is the new normal. >> reporter: it shows an interracial couple with their son. >> interracial is what's making the advertisement more viewable. >> i think they were trying to appeal to the generation that we are now. >> reporter: based on internet's response the picture is worth more than 140 characters. bob is the executive creative director for baker street advertising and has worked on national campaigns for honda an
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levi's. >> they're a fashion company. so i think they can afford to be a little riskier. >> reporter: bob says typically advertisers tend to shy away from ads like these in order to appeal to a bigger demographic. but not old navy. >> anybody that they detract from this or anybody that they offend, i don't think they really care that much. >> reporter: but in the world of advertising, bob says there's no such thing as bad pr. so far, old navy's post generated tens of thousands of likes, retweets and trolls, one person saying absolutely disgusting, what's next, gender- neutral bathrooms? pedophilia acceptance propaganda? never shopping here again. others called the picture an example of white genocide. but it's not all that. with the hashtag love wins others posted their support for the san francisco-based company showing off pictures of their own interracial families. >> if you fall in love with someone of a different color it shouldn't matter what color
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they are. it's the heart that matters. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> we talked to an old navy rep who says that the clothing chain has a proud history of championing diversity. tonight's powerball jackpot could help you win back your may rent and have still over $300 million to spare. who wouldn't love that? there's still time to buy a ticket. the pot is $348 million. but for the fine print involved, taking the money immediately would score you $226 million. opt be for annual installments would spread the $348 million over 30 years. >> get your dream car finally. >> yeah. exactly. and i still have money to spend after a tesla. mcdonald's is tapping into some local bay area flavor. they are adding gilroy garlic fries to the menu and mcdonald's is testing made-to- order fries using gilroy garlic, parsley and parmesan cheese. right now you can get them at four bay area mcdonald's, three
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in san jose and one in santa clara. so far, locals are loving the gilroy garlic fries. >> i think it's great for our area. you know? it brings in a lot of people and this is something that's really nice. it's new, tasty, why not. i love it. i don't have to go to gilroy to go get them now. i can get them here in my own backyard. >> if all goes well, mcdonald's plans to roll out the gilroy garlic fries to 250 locations in the bay area in august. i'm in. >> yeah. it's such a staple in the bay area. have you had them? >> i have. i had it at the giants ballpark. >> i was just about to say, you and i sunday get to have garlic fries! go giants against colorado rockies. >> mm-hm. the weather is going to warm up. it will be nicer, not, you know, balmy but it's going to be pleasant at the ballpark for mother's day. hi, everybody? heading out the door this morning, our live hi-def doppler radar is picking up a little bit of light precipitation off the immediate coast and all that green cluster you see by i-5 back into the eastern portion of san francisco that's all ground
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clutter as our radar is so sensitive it's picking that up. the clouds at sfo, we'll keep an eye on the -- on the airports for the possibility of airport delays. 57 degrees in san jose. well, okay, let's look at our wind speeds right now. northwest winds at 6 miles per hour in the hayward area. 7 in redwood city. 13 in oakland. southwest winds at 17. that southwest breeze is what's making it feel so muggy outside. we'll feel a little steamy during the afternoon hours with this right here. we a cutoff low that will continue to enhance our marine layer so we have that fog. we'll have some partly cloudy skies well inland, just some sunny breaks and then we continue to see more clouds from today all the way through saturday. this is the area of low pressure right here. it is cut off from the jet stream itself, which is bringing in that southerly flow and the precipitation from the south. any kind of rain showers we see from the system because it's so disorganized will be very minimal at best.
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maybe a sprinkle here on there. if we see rain, it will be tomorrow. we are not looking at measurable precipitation, only enough to wet the pavement for the most part. here's your wednesday outlook at lunchtime inverness light precipitation. some sprinkles. that's about it. all the precip wants to stay off the san mateo coast. thursday better chances of light rain. today 79 in sacramento. thunder in the high sierra. sun-up at 6:10. by the time it sets our temperatures will come down compared to yesterday but muggy with a southwest breed breeze at 15. 50s beaches, 70s away from the bay into our inland areas. each and every day through friday and saturday, a daily chance of a shower. we'll have dry conditions under partly cloudy skies for mother's day on sunday. good morning. checking the roads right now, we go straight to highway 24 where we have our photographer standing by to give you a live look at conditions westbound through orinda. so of traffic is moving at nice speeds as you work your way through there. towards 580, shouldn't have any
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troubles this morning including towards the bay bridge. jumping over to our maps right now, we do have some roadwork this morning along the bay bridge so just a heads up. i'll show you that in just a second. but the toll plaza looks pretty nice, no days out of oakland into san francisco. westbound yerba buena island to center anchorage will be there for another 10 more minutes. on the flip side the lower deck will see roadwork until 6 a.m. this morning located between the center anchorage over towards treasure island. elsewhere taking a look at conditions along 880 right now, so far traffic is pretty lightly traveled. northbound 238 to the maze, 16 minutes for your drive time. not seeing any delays yet on that southbound side as you head into hayward. don't forget later on though you have some mariners taking on the a's at the coliseum. first pitch at 12:35. so a nice day game there. you're going to see some delays out to the coliseum later on so do plan for that. you can always use mass transit. that's a great choice. if you are taking mass transit this morning, so far everything is on time. no delays for bart, ace, caltrain or muni. rest of the roadways look just
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like this. really nice. we're not seeing any delays across the san mateo bridge. right now, if you are traveling out of hayward towards foster city, it will only take you 13 minutes for your drive time. once you get towards 101, traffic is pretty light in both directions. taking a look at the golden gate bridge, i just watched the zipper truck do the lane changes a couple of minutes ago. right now you can see traffic is moving pretty nicely on that southbound side as you head out of marin into san francisco. if you plan on traveling from 580 down to the golden gate bridge toll plaza, a 14-minute drive time there. extra volume westbound 580 out of tracy. looks pretty good from the altamont pass to 680. that's a look at your morning driving every drive. back to you. move over big wheels, kid driving toys are getting an upgrade. radio flyer will begin shipping these mini tesla model s cars for kids. it's the first ride-on car that uses lithium ion battery technology. how fancy. and it comes with the same high- end features as the real teslas including working headlines,
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turbine rims and authentic model s colors. it will cost $499. >> that's a tesla i can afford! [ laughter ] a 10-year-old kid just earned a huge paycheck by hacking a well-known social media site. he figured out how to get into the instagram server and delete user posts. facebook, which owns instagram, paid the boy $10,000 to do it. it's part of facebook's bug bounty program which offers cash to people who expose flaws in its digital network. 4:53. many working mothers and fathers are making ends meet on their own. we'll explain next.
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customers of san francisco-d "union bank." their account balances were zero. for much of yesterday,
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it was an unwelcome surprise for customers of union bank in san francisco. their account balances were zero for much of yesterday. customers across the west coast could not get access to their accounts including online and at atms. debit cards were frozen. >> it was kind of upsetting to us that we didn't get a phone call or an email from them saying that they were having issues. and worse yet, if we had been like at safeway or something else we wouldn't have been able to pay for anything because our account was at zero. >> a statement from union bank reads, quote, during a routine back office update, we experienced an unanticipated delay in overnight processing that affected various systems. union bank has not commented on whether it will cover any late fees for its customers. budget problems could force uc-berkeley to cut a medical program that offers free health and social services. the berkeley ucsf joint medical program trains physicians for three years before they begin
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clinical rotations at uc-san francisco. now, the program could lose its $600,000 subsidy form. the university's school of public health. that's because uc-berkeley is cutting costs to close a 150 million-dollar budget gap. while the majority of working mothers feel they have everything they want between parenting and their careers, that sentiment may not extend to their income level. a new career builder survey shows working fathers are almost three times more likely to earn $50,000 or more. where working mothers may be winning is in the amount of quality time they spend with their children. 58% say they spend at least four hours a day with their children compared to 40% of fathers. time now 4:57. it looks like a normal $20 bill but it turns out it's fake. why police are asking for your help in finding more like them across the bay. >> reporter: it was already the largest automotive recall in history. now it's set to more than double in size.
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we are talking about airbags coming up. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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this is a live look at the beautiful bay bridge this morning. it is wednesday, may 4. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. happening today in san francisco, politicians and medical professionals are putting marijuana in the spotlight. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco, where they will announce a big step in the push to legalize recreational pot in california reporter: this is a launch we are going to hear a lot about between now and november. it is a new campaign in favor of the adult use of marijuana act. supporters are gathering here on post street at the commonwealth club later on this afternoon to officially announce that they have gathered more than enough signatures to


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