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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that's what has prosecutors in minnesota looking to see if andrew broke any laws. but his attorney insists -- >> no drugs were ever administered, there's never any intention of drugs being administered to prince by andrew or by dr. kornfeld. this is something that andrew has done for years. he has been a spokesman for the program and convinced patients to go there and how it would be in their best medical interests to go there. >> reporter: andrew, unlike his dad, is not a medical doctor. according to his facebook page, he studied neuroscience and behavior at uc-santa cruz. he worked at his dad's clinic for five years and became chief executive office of a company in berkeley he described as offering strategic marketing, consulting and design for bay area health professionals. we should mention that andrew's attorney says that he was going to give those pills to prince's doctors. now the dea is investigating.
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in mill valley, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> coming up on the kpix 5 news at 6:00, we take a deeper look at the cutting edge drugs doctors like kornfeld use to treat patients with addiction. scary scene at a medical officeling with in san jose. patients and workers started getting sick and that turned into a full-scale evacuation. it all started about 10 a.m. this morning. hazmat teams called to the indian health center on meridien avenue. kpix 5's devin fehely on the office accident that caused some big problems. >> reporter: patient after patient after patient was wheeled out of the indian health center to be decontaminated and examined for exposure to the chemical creosol. >> we have our chemicals in a locked container in the dental laboratory and they reached up and grabbed something and knocked it over. it splashed on the ground. >> reporter: creosol is commonly used in dentist offices as a sealant for tooth fillings t can be dangerous if it comes in contact with your skin or if you breathe in the
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fumes, which can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, and trouble breathing. 17 people got sick today. 7 had symptoms severe enough to go to the hospital. the spill caused its own chain reaction. the fire department called in hazmat. they shut down a stretch of meridien avenue for hours and worked feverishly to decontaminate the building. >> we have to make sure the building is cleared before we're allowing anyone else to go back to work. we don't want to walk away and -- and, you know, someone comes back and in goes, hey, you know, we start the whole process up again. >> reporter: all of the people who were exposed, including the twchildren and five adults who went to the hospital, are expected to make a full recovery. good news for a medical facility dedicated to helping people feel better that inadvertently today made them sick. devin fehely, kpix 5. today the start of a new push to legalize marijuana for recreational use here in california. right now recreational marijuana is only legal in the
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states of colorado, washington state, oregon and alaska. kpix 5 reporter phil matier on how a politician who triggered an earlier cultural shift in california is at it again. phil. >> reporter: that's right. we're talking about lieutenant governor gavin newsom. you might recall that when he was mayor of san francisco, he was the one that brought gay marriage to the country and to the world. and now he is going to be taking medical marijuana and turning it into a recreational drug if voters have their way come november. here's the story. >> this is a game changer. >> reporter: with that, lieutenant governor gavin newsom kicked off the campaign to once again try to legalize recreational marijuana in california. this time, however, the campaign appears to have an older more responsible face and message. >> california will be asked to do something that will change the debate nationally in terms of failed drug policies. >> reporter: if passed by voters this november, the law would make it legal for adults 21 and over to have or sell an
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ounce of pot and grow up to 6 plants. it would make it illegal, however, to drive under the influence. it would also impose a 15% tax on all pot sales. >> i believe this will generate billions and billions of dollars of revenue for the state of california. >> the war on drugs is the war on my community. it was not a war protecting my community. >> we're not doing this lightly. we're doing it very thoughtfully. >> reporter: still, questions remain. >> we're worried about younger people. there's the and the influence factor. we don't have -- there's the under the influence factor. we don't have a good way to determine when people are high when they are operating vehicles and machinery. >> reporter: last times voters said no 53% said no. that was years ago and a lot has changed. in case you didn't notice, the crowd on that stage was distinctively closer to 60 than to 20 which shows that this is trying to bring in a much more respectable front. and by the way, at 6:30, we
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talk to gavin newsom about how this is going over in his own home. he is a father himself. apparently, it's not all that rosie at home on this issue either. until then, phil matier in san francisco, kpix 5. back to you. >> thank you. just a few hours left for governor brown to weigh in on a stack of tobacco bills. one of the six bills aims to raise the legal buying age for tobacco from 18 to 21. that includes tobacco used for smoking, dipping, chewing and "vaping." if the governor doesn't sign, veto or return the bill to the legislature by midnight, they automatically become law tomorrow. uc-berkeley police are now offering a $10,000 reward to try to solve a homicide on grizzly peak from nearly 3 years ago. they want to find the man in this sketch. he is latino or filipino in his 20s or early 30s, about 5'8", and 200 pounds. 21-year-old alberto santana silva of fremont a student at ohlone college was slot to
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death on mother's day in 2013. he tried to break up a fight between two groups of people before he was shot. and it happened at a lookout spot along grizzly peak boulevard, one of several turnouts with views of san francisco bay. well, today the victim's sister joined the call for help from the public. >> so nothing will ever bring my brother back but i beg anyone with information no matter how small to come forward on if it's anonymous. >> uc-berkeley police say they have identified several people of interest in the case but have made no arrests. other bay area headlines. crime tape at a mcdonald's in antioch after a shooting that injured an employee. someone in the parking lot fired a gun hitting the worker who was near the window. the suspect took off in a white chevy pickup and is still on the loose. police don't believe the shooting was random, but say the victim likely was not the intended target. meanwhile, in los altos, firefighters tweeted this photo of a car that crashed into a
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power lines. and brought down it happened around 10:30 on east brook avenue and sent water gushing into the street. the 74-year-old driver and 1- year-old passenger were not hurt. $8 million to strengthen san francisco's seawall, mayor lee announcing the two-year investment today to protect the area from fisherman's wharf and telegraph hill to south beach and mission creek from earthquakes and sea level rising. the seawall is 100 years old. it would be vulnerable in a major quake. new at 5:00 one of the hunger strikers protesting san francisco police was hospitalized today. his instagram account has a picture of him in a hospital gown at ucsf medical center. a spokesman for the hunger striker says blackwell has a blood condition. >> strikers calling themselves the "frisco five" led a march
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yesterday. they have been in front of the mission police station for two weeks upset about police shootings and texts sent by an officer. they want chief suhr out of the. a north carolina law that limits protects to the lgbt community violates federal civil rights laws, the law bans transgender individuals from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. the justice department says the law discriminates against employees and students on the basis of sex. that means north carolina could lose out on millions of dollars in federal funds. campaign 2016 started with 17 candidates on the republican side. now we're down to one, donald trump. now the last man in the race for the white house. [ pause ] >> ohio governor john kasich officially suspended his campaign this afternoon. allen martin with the latest from the campaign trail. allen. >> reporter: well, ken, john kasich made the decision to drop out less than 24 hours
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after ted cruz did the same. >> and as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> reporter: now the hard work begins as donald trump attempts to unify a fractured republican party. >> because we want to bring unity to the republican party. >> yes! >> we have to bring unity. >> reporter: 90% of republicans say their party is divided and nearly half say it can't be put back together. >> i would be lying to you all if i said okay this is going to be easy we're going to pivot. >> reporter: but if there's one person who can get republicans on the same page, it's the likely democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> we're going after hillary clinton. >> i said really? [ laughter ] >> not like i haven't been dealing with that for 25 years. [ laughter ] >> he will throw everything at her. but she is very good under attack. >> reporter: hillary clinton has won about 92% of the
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delegates she needs to clinch the democratic nomination but senator bernie sanders says he will stay in the race until the end. meantime a new poll showing clinton heading into the likely national matchup with a 13- point lead over donald trump. and now we're all waiting to see who he is going to pick as a running mate. >> interesting because kasich, even last night up until last night, he was saying he is in it. >> yeah. >> a little bit of a shock. >> a little bit. >> thank you. a funny moment earlier today when vice president joe biden was asked what he thinks of donald trump being the gop presumptive nominee. take a look. >> i'm anticipating he will ask me to be vice president. [ laughter ] >> i have nothing serious to say. [ laughter ] >> a little earlier today, i posted on facebook asked the question, if you still plan to vote in the california primary next month? terry wrote, people should vote
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regardless of the hype. it is the only mechanism that allows the citizens [ indiscernible ] power to a perspective leader. es .... first thing in the morning ju voting for bernie sanders! i'm 72 years old." >> another posted yes. first thing in the morning on june 7th voting for bernie sanders. i'm 72 years old. wendy wrote, of course i will vote. if you don't vote, you can't complain about the outcome. michael said, yes, i'll be voting for hillary clinton. angel posted, heck no! our votes don't count. either way, we are screwed. >> much more on what's next in the race for the white house, i can't wait, coming up at 5:30 on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." ♪[ music ] kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar is actually quite active to our north and to our east. around here we're cloudy and cooler but we're dry for now. coming up, when that changes and the rain chance now that
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extends into part of your weekend. find out what's going on with that next. bevmo! is famous for its in store labels describing various wines. now a cbs investigation finds you shouldn't believe everything you read. >> and janet jackson is nearly 50 years old and she is about to become a mother. the risks and rewards of having a baby later in life. ,,,,
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investigation that may chan the way you shop for wine. consumerwatch rep an exclusive statewide cbs investigation that may change the way you shop for wine. >> consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us what she found that raises questions about whether you're really getting what you pay for. jules. >> the product should be what it says. >> reporter: but what nicole rodriguez found again and
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again, bevmo! price signs with ratings for specific vintages that didn't match the bottles actually for sale on the shelf. >> 2012 on the bottle, 2013. that's crazy. how do they do that? >> reporter: like many, nicole says she relies on those price signs with reviews and vintage ratings to decide how much she is willing to spend on a bottle. >> the year matters. and if it's not right then you kind of feel like you have been swindled. >> reporter: and nicole's bevmo! is not alone. just this morning, in a san francisco bevmo! , on the first display we came to, we found two signs advertising 2013 vintage award winning wines but the bottles for sale, 2014. >> it was the 2014 the gold medal "chronicle" wine. >> yes. it's still the same wine. >> reporter: even though it's a different year? >> yes. >> reporter: later another employee said they couldn't guarantee it was the same wine. the "san francisco chronicle" wine competition tells us it's now looking into the issue.
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>> bevmo! is engaging in an intentional systemic bait-and-switch fraud in california. >> reporter: the attorney filed a class action lawsuit against bevmo! , citing similar discrepancies in store and online. in court documents, bevmo! says it prominently displays a disclaimer about substitutions. here's what one looks like in stores. in a statement they say in part, while we cannot comment on pending litigations, we always recommend customers check the bottles for vintage if they are looking for a certain vintage. but nicole suggests going one step further. >> ask. this says 2011. but this bottle says 2012. are you out of the 2011? what am i getting? >> reporter: bottom line, wine can vary from year to year vintage to vintage. so before grabbing a bottle based on the store's posted signs, you want to check the vintage on the bottle to confirm which wine you are actually getting. on the consumerwatch, i'm julie watts. well, there's still time to try your luck at tonight's huge powerball jackpot. right now it's worth $348
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million. the drawing will take place at 8:00 tonight pacific time. no one has won the full jackpot since early march. the odds of winning powerball are one in 292 million. that's equal to flipping a coin 28 times and getting heads each time. >> hm >> state of emergency in alberta canada has a raging wildfire prompting the biggest evacuation in that area's history. flames have taken over much of fort mcmurray and 88,000 people have been evacuated. it's very dry and it's a tinderbox. 18,000 acres have burned since sunday. there are no reports of injuries from the fire. unbelievable to see those images. it's reminiscent of what's happened in california. >> it's early in the spring. some parts of the country or
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north america are already really drying out. for us, we're wetter than normal. may is typically one of our driest months. we have a rain chance tomorrow and coming up on friday and now saturday morning looks like we'll also perhaps have a chance of showers or isolated thunderstorms. temperatures kept down by the cloud cover today. concord 69. san jose 69. livermore warm at 71 and san francisco 62. i want to show you the radar. it may not be raining for you but it's raining in far northern california, numerous lightning strikes. more than 500 since lunchtime today. and look at the sierra. right around tahoe, some thunderstorms now to the north and west. but right over the lake itself, right around 4:15 and 4:30. so the weather is active. the closest rain to us right now is in northeast lake county. about a 30-mile drive north and east of upper lake, due north of clearlake it's not over a populated area. this shows the atmosphere is pretty unstable and we are primed for a rain chance tomorrow and friday. not tonight. the first wednesday street party downtown pleasanton going
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soon. mainly cloudy. it won't be that sunny but it will be pleasant with temperatures around 70 at 6:00 this evening. we stay cloudy tonight mid-50s. oakland, san francisco, san jose, 54. napa tonight 51 degrees. so an area of low pressure but it's not moving quickly with the jet stream. it's cut off from the jet stream. and this cutoff low is now spinning just to the south and west of san francisco. so what happens from here? well, it's not going to move quickly but it's going to move in our general direction as the atmosphere destabilizes. futurecast shows, yeah, rain chance tomorrow. 5:00 we could see some showers or thunderstorms in the north bay mountains and also over the diablo range south and east of livermore. friday morning our best chance of some widespread light rain as the remnants of thunderstorms over the sierra kind of work their way from east to west back over the bay area. another round or another chance of a couple of showers friday evening. and even saturday morning as you begin your weekend in the north bay that's mendocino county, lake county, sonoma county, napa county. you could see a couple weekend morning showers on saturday. so unstable air hanging out for a couple more days. if we had to put a percentage
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chance on it we would say 20% chance of rain tomorrow, not big or widespread but it's there. we'll stay unsettled all the way through saturday morning. temperatures kept down by the clouds and the onshore flow. livermore 68. napa 67. the best news out of all this, we're getting the rain but it's done for mom. it's not going to rain on mom sunday. mother's day, it's just fine. 60s at the bay, 70s inland. sunshine next week. >> all those wet moms mad. >> we don't want that! >> no. >> mom works too hard all year long to get rained on, on sunday. >> exactly! >> mother nature is on our side. >> she is a mom, too. >> she is a mother. >> she understands. she can relate. [ laughter ] >> i think. >> thank you, paul. well, almost 50 isn't stopping janet jackson from becoming a mother. the challenges of pregnancy at her age coming up. >> and why you might want to sit next to a crying baby on your next flight. you might want to. stay with us. [ baby crying ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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biggest project yet: pregna
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this news comes nearly two s 50th birthday. singer janet jackson is reportedly tackling her biggest project yet, pregnancy. this news comes two weeks before jackson's 50th birthday. kristine lazar on the challenges with pregnancy at 50. >> reporter: word that janet jackson is going to be a mom comes just two weeks shy of her 50th birthday. >> my husband and i are planning our family. so i'm going to have to delay the tour. >> reporter: last month the singer announced she was canceling her world tour but didn't go into much detail. now we know she is expecting her first child. >> the chance that a woman who is 49 years old will get pregnant on her own is very low. probably less than 1%. >> reporter: dr. kristin bendixson is a fertility specialty at usc. she said jackson probably did ivf but probably not with her own eggs unless she froze them in her 30s. >> as a woman gets older the quantity and quality of her
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eggs goes down. her eggs have always been there since before she was born so those eggs are aging just like all body cells. >> reporter: a woman's uterus doesn't age so a woman in her 50s or 40s can get pregnant with a donor egg coming from a woman in her 20s. >> you can be menopausal and use an egg donor and get pregnant. >> reporter: the doctor says more and more middle-aged women are coming into her office but she wants those women to have realistic expectations. >> i think it's just important for women to have accurate information so they don't change their family planning in the future based on what they're seeing in television and what's going on with celebrities. >> reporter: a woman's fertility starts to decline when she is 30. and then it takes an even steeper drop around 35. once a woman's past 40, the chances of her conceiving on her own are very slim. no word on when jackson is due. this is video of her in rehearsals earlier this year. she hasn't commented on the pregnancy. kristine lazar, kpix 5.
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in honor of mother's day jetblue held a special promotion on a flight from new york to long beach. it had passengers cheering for moms and babies on board instead of throwing them dirty looks. [ screaming baby ] >> let's give it up for them all! [ applause ] >> i love this. why were fellow flyers so supportive? jetblue awarded them each a 25% discount on their next trip for each time a baby cried. [ laughter ] >> yeah! >> aw. four cries mean a roundtrip flight for free. [ screaming baby ] >> give that man a quarter! >> poor little guy. >> that's the greatest thing they could ever do. >> it is. >> awesome. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a closer look.. at the drugt may have saved prince's lif why i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 tonight, a closer look at the drug that may have saved prince's life. why it's been called a safer way of treating addiction and the critics who say it is just another way to keep patients hooked. >> and the sleek new way to fly from sillicon valley across the pond. the latest step on this local airport's rise to major international hub. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up
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next. we'll see you tonight at 6:00. have a great night. dictio >> pelley: kasich follows cruz to the exit. trump will be the republican nominee. also tonight, bernie sanders on his future. do we have your word in this interview that you're not going be drop out before the democratic convention? >> get on the buses, please! >> pelley: 90,000 residents flee a wall of flames that has devoured their city. y: we lost everything. >> pelley: and remembering one of america's finest, gunned down by isis in iraq. >> he had a big heart, big smile, happy-go-lucky kid. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. an outsider who read the mood of republican voters better than


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