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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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may 5. it's almost the weekend. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. and it's cinco de mayo today! >> that's right. >> may 5th. so we're going to celebrate with some food. >> a lot of it. >> i celebrated last night in pleasanton, celebrating cinco de mayo early and it's going to continue through the weekend. hi, everybody. good morning to you. this is the scene as we take a look at our live hi-def doppler radar. no rain in sight but we'll monitor it as afternoon showers are back in the forecast. it is currently overcast looking out towards the bay bridge and the bay waters from kpix 5 looking due east. temperature-wise, very mild in the mid- and high 50s. later today, temperatures very similar to yesterday under 70 for the most part. southwest breeze to 15. the chances of rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. we'll track all that together but right now let's say good morning to gianna. good morning. roadwork south 880 between stevenson and mission boulevard. one lane open. very early so traffic is fine.
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looking pretty decent at the bay bridge with no delays just a couple of cars in the cash lanes but a nice ride heading into san francisco. following developing news now an antioch police officer is recovering this morning after being shot during a wild chase that ended in an eight- car pile-up on loveridge road and east leland road in pittsburg yesterday. police say a suspect carjacked this bmw. police spotted the vehicle and a chase ensued. it ended with a suspect plowing into several cars causing a chain reaction wreck. once the vehicle was stopped, the suspect opened fire on police and one of them was struck in the head. >> i watched him go down and, you know, i wasn't sure if he slipped and fell or -- but to me, it looked like he, um, was basically forced, you know, so he was zigzagging and took a shot, uhm -- i didn't realize it was to the head. >> the officer was treated for
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superficial wounds and is expected to be okay. new this morning, a child was hurt in a two-alarm fire this morning in vallejo. firefighters arrived around 1207 this morning to the 1400 block -- around 1:20 this morning to the 1400 block of call avenue. 3 adults and 4 children were inside the home. one child was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor burns. in san francisco the police department has taken a step it hopes will quiet the calls for chief greg suhr to step down. kpix 5's andria borba shows us the kind of protests that helped shape a new policy. >> in regard to the strikers -- >> reporter: just three speakers into the public comments period of the san francisco police commission meeting. this happened. >> gallons of chicken broth and chocolate shakes. >> everybody gets two minutes at a time, sir. we're going to follow the rules. [ yelling ] >> you're next. you're next. go ahead, finish. >> are you all going to do this? >> i really want to get a chance to hear from you and
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everybody. and if you don't -- [ fire chief suhr! fire chief suhr! >> reporter: and the chambers dissolved into chants. >> fire chief suhr now! >> so i don't get to hear from everybody. >> reporter: at 5:40, the police commission stopped trying to conduct business over the calls for chief greg suhr's job. >> and everybody gets two minutes. everybody gets two minutes! >> fire chief suhr! >> reporter: and left the room and turned it over to the protestors. [ chanting ] >> sfpd continues to murder people in the streets and we know they doing they jobs and it's our job to make sure they stop. so until they give us that answer, that yes, he's gone, this will not continue. >> the sanctity of life demands he be gone. >> reporter: that's what chief suhr said he had in mind. they announced friday that officers responding to homeless, personal crisis or night calls now must carry a 36" baton like this one. >> it helps the officers for have it on their person than in
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the trunk of the car. the main thing is you have it when you are actually dealing with whatever situation you're dealing with. >> reporter: the policy change comes after officers shot and killed a homeless man in the mission last month. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> after that disruption, the police commission meeting did resume after a long delay. the san francisco hunger strikers known as the "frisco five" are not a quintet anymore. selassie blackwell sent an instagram picture of himself at the hospital. his decision not to eat a bite until chief suhr's fired has given him a blood condition. but the hunger strikers still have the stamina to reach city hall yesterday from their wheelchairs. hundreds of protestors joined them at the steps to shed light on officer shootings. happening today, it is cinco de mayo and aaa is helping out in case you have one too many drinks. the company is offering something called tipsy tow. drivers who need a ride home can call for a free one way tow and you don't have to be a
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member of aaa. the service will be offered between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. today through tomorrow morning. time now 4:35. let's check the weather with roberta. >> it is going to be a day again in which you might want to carry the umbrella. it's a complex situation we have happening off the coast with the clouds streaming onshore. and the unsettled air mass. we have to keep this -- i hate to say chance of showers and not being able to just to exactly nail it. but that's the case today. actually, all the way through saturday. right now, we do have a thin overcast sky. temperature-wise, we are into the 50s. we do have the winds that have been picking up out of the west and for the most part southwest. there you have it at 9 miles per hour in the pleasanton area and in livermore. speeds as far as your wind is concerned up to 6 at sfo. a little breezy this morning in fairfield. winds will blow 10 to 15 miles per hour during the day. all right. here's the numbers you need to know today for the cinco de mayo temperatures. pretty much in the 50s across
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the board, little peeks of sunshine at the beaches. 60s approaching 70 at the peninsula and into downtown san jose. these numbers are all very pretty much spot on for this time of the year where we should be for this fifth day of the month. 70 fairfield. 67 dublin. 68 suisun bay. 65 petaluma. low 60s in sausalito. meanwhile, upstream 70 in cloverdale. an afternoon shower or thunderstorm possible. we'll talk more about that and the mother's day forecast but right now, let's send it over to one of my favorite moms, "lady g." >> thank you very much, roberta. let's jump over to the freeways right now. we have reports of an accident westbound 580 right at 205. not blocking lanes. it's in the center divide. but we are starting to see the "super commuters" stack up on the freeway. a backup out of tracy westbound towards livermore. good news, once you get past that your drive times not too bad. 14 minutes altamont pass and 680. no delays making that connector at the dublin interchange. no delays on the nimitz freeway right now north- or southbound
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through oakland. northbound if you are heading to the bay bridge no troubles there. southbound keep in mind, between stevenson and mission boulevard, only one lane open for roadwork for just about 20 more minutes. no heavy delays, traffic still very light because it's early this morning and as you work your way towards the bay bridge so far, so good metering lights are off. no delays once you get past the toll plaza. things are clear into san francisco. same story for the rest of our bay area bridges with nice rides to report. it's clear all the way across the san mateo bridge between 880 and 101. and the golden gate bridge not a bad ride at all out of marin. a mill valley clinic is getting national attention after discovering prince's reps reached out to the clinic a day before the singer died. the clinic is called recovery without walls. it's led by nationally recognized addiction treatment specialist dr. howard kornfeld. his attorney says that the doctor couldn't meet with prince right away, so he sent his son instead, andrew, on a red eye flight from sfo to minneapolis. >> he set into motion a plan to
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deal with what he felt was a life-saving mission. and that mission was to get prince to a doctor in minnesota on thursday morning. >> officials say that andrew unlike his father is not a medical doctor but flew with a backpack full of synthetic opiates used to help addicts break their addiction to opiates. andrew was the one who called 911 after prince was found unresponsive. in an interview with the "chronicle," dr. kornfeld said, quote, if this disease was not stigmatized, patients would seek care earlier and there would be less deaths. following campaign 2016, this morning hillary clinton and donald trump are shifting their focus to the general election. that means short list for possible running mates. hena daniels has the latest from new york reporter: with his path to the republican nomination now clear, donald trump is mapping out his strategy to win in
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november. part of that plan involves vetting possible choices for vice president including former rival john kasich. >> john, whether he is vice president or not, i think he will be very, very helpful with ohio. >> reporter: several key republican leaders including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell have indicated they will back trump. but the last republicans to occupy the oval office bush 41 and bush 43 made clear they are sitting this out. trump looking to unify the gop and defeat hillary clinton. >> if she wants to go the low road, i'm fine with that. and if she wants to go the high road, which probably i would prefer, i would be fine with that. >> reporter: recent polls show the billionaire businessman trailing clinton in a general election matchup. the former secretary of state took her own jabs at trump yesterday. >> i don't think we can tacoma a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. >> reporter: clinton still faces a challenge from rival bernie sanders who lags far behind in the delegate count. >> we think everybody in this country, people in california,
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in kentucky and west virginia, have a right to determine who they want to see as president. >> reporter: sanders remains focused on swaying superdelegates his way at the democratic convention in july. hena daniels, cbs news. >> donald trump is still short the 200 remaining delegates needed to officially secure the nomination. but today, he will get a boost. we have learned five former louisiana delegates who supported marco rubio will announce their support for trump in a few hours. well, donald trump is gaining delegates. he is losing the classic rock vote. the rolling stones are the latest act to tell trump to stop using their music at campaign events. start me up was a song used tuesday night in indiana but it is the last time he will be able to use that song. adele, steven tyler and others have also told trump to stop using their songs. a former president sang the praises of hillary clinton in koreatown in l.a. >> if you want to get america
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on the move again, you better elect hillary president. that's my message. we thank you. thank you very much. >> before mingling with guests, president clinton assured the crowd of his wife's commitment of serving asians. hillary clinton will visit east los angeles college today marking her 11th trip to l.a. since she started her campaign. she heads to the bay area on friday. time now is 4:41. a local officer trapped in his burning police cruiser. next, hear from the good samaritans who helped him walk away from the crash.
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into flames. but when a cop cruiser caught fire in alameda... people 't just stare. only on five... christin ayers shows us howy save it's hard not to panic when a car catches fire. when a cop cruiser caught fire in alameda, they saved an officer from the worst. christin ayers reports. >> reporter: neighbors say the collision sounded like an explosion. >> thought it was like a, you know, a bomb sound. >> reporter: they never expected to find a mangled alameda police patrol car hood on fire t-boned by the white
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car you see here. frank realized the officer was trapped. his only way out, the driver's side window. >> he is actually reaching out behind him on the window frame trying to get out because the doors were jammed and racked. but just grabbed him around the chest, pulled him out and needed some help getting him to the curb. >> reporter: he scrambled to find a fire extinguisher in the shop where he works. >> tried to put it out. >> reporter: you can see the dent in the pole where the officer's patrol car came to he is are. police say the man who hit the officer took off running and left his passenger behind. that passenger spoke to police and not long after, the driver who allegedly took off was found, wheeled into an ambulance and arrested. frank was relieved to find out officer russell wise's injuries were minor. he says he was simply in the right place at the right time. >> kind of interesting, not an ordinary thing, not a daily activity going on. >> reporter: to pay it forward
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to police. in alameda, christin ayers, kpix 5.. >> the man responsible for the crash will face charges. buying cigarettes will be illegal for anyone under 21 in california. governor jerry brown signed the bill yesterday raising the smoking age from 18 to 21. it takes effect on june 9. the lawmaker who sponsored it said california is setting the example. >> i hope that this is going to be a national trend and we'll see more and more states emulate what california did. >> he also signed a bill placing the same restrictions on ecigarettes as tobacco. no "vaping" at work, school or in restaurants or hospitals. israel came to a standstill today to mark holocaust remembrance day. [ sirens ] >> sirens sounded across the country in memory of the jews
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killed by germany and collaborators. ceremonies are expected to be held throughout the day. a state of emergency is now in effectas massive wildfires threaten to destroy an entire city in alberta canada. all 80,000 residents were ordered to evacuate as flames engulfed entire residential neighborhoods. with the sudden shift in the winds last night, the fast- moving wildfire changed direction fanning the flames towards the city's center. >> all you see is red flames. it's scary. >> mort mcmurray is surrounded by wilderness. unseasonably hot temperatures and dry conditions have transformed the forest into a tinderbox. more than 1500 homes have been burned now. >> they need relief. >> it's very hard to watch. to put it in perspective, fort mcmurray is the community of 80,000 people like the town of pleasanton and every person is
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evacuated. it's in the north province of alberta. it's the national petroleum place for where they do produce all of their gas. and so you got watch gas prices and see how that's going to affect us, as well. they have temperatures in the 90s there and the winds are up to 40 miles per hour. not a good thing for them there. unseasonably hot conditions, a dire situation in alberta. good morning, everybody. locally at home, we need some rain and we have a chance of it this afternoon and also a chance of a thunderstorm. not a raindrop in sight right now. thin overcast skies looking out over the bay. temperatures into the 50s and it's 59 in oakland and 58 degrees in san jose. here's the deal. this is our satellite and radar. remember yesterday at this time we were talking about a frontal boundary just draped across the state? same deal. that's the same story. very slow to kick out. in addition to that, we have a cutoff low offshore. so we'll continue to see the coastal clouds. we'll have that light shower possible this morning but more likely this afternoon with that potential of a thunderstorm. and then we'll have the warming trend begin by mother's day. this is really interesting. here's the cutoff area of low
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pressure this right here and then you can notice the counterclockwise circulation around it. that's very important to note. the reason is, here's the frontal boundary bringing us a chance of rain. that area of low pressure that center that core as it moves closer and closer, that's when the weather gets a little more unsettled and unstable and the potential of a thunderstorm. so let's walk you through your day. now, our futurecast does play again the precipitation in a counterclockwise position lifting up from the south moving into the south bay and the east bay by lunch hour. we'll keep a watch out for that. there's are strong cells so we have a chance of thunderstorms over the mount hamilton area by the evening commute. look at the activity over the central valley later this afternoon, the potential moderate to heavy rainfall at times and also thunderstorms. meanwhile today across the bay area we are talking about temperatures pretty seasonal. 50s, 60s up to 70 degrees with a southwest breeze, west- southwest as well up to 15 miles per hour. we'll call it unsettled friday and saturday.
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and then for mother's day, turning partly sunny and slightly warmer. 64 to 74. warming trend on monday through wednesday. that's a look at your forecast. here's gianna. and we have a couple of hot spots out there this morning. first one is along 205. this is as you connect to 580. reports of an accident, two cars involved in the center divide. but still causing some spectator slowing as you pass the scene. it's a business is ride out of tracy, westbound 580 delays heading into livermore. looks like eastbound bogged down, as well. possibly roadwork in and around that area. once you got past that, things are very quiet at the dublin interchange with no troubles making that connector over to 680. checking your drive times right now in the south bay, everything in the green. that's good news. we are accident-free along 101, 280 and 87. you can see we're clocking in nice speeds north 101 out of san jose as you work your way towards the peninsula this morning. if you have an early flight to catch at sfo, things are good so far, no delays along 101. 18 minutes to it go from 92 to
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the 80 split. an overturned vehicle eastbound 92 at foster city. no word if lanes are blocked. more on that as chp gives us information. fire crews are heading to the scene. 880 not bad, if you have to take 880 northbound to 238 to the maze that will take you 16 minutes once you get to the bay bridge no troubles at all. the metering lights are off. traffic is very quiet as you travel out of oakland across the upper deck into san francisco. no roadwork on the upper or lower decks of the bay bridge right now. westbound 92, 880 to 101, 13 minutes. so traffic across the san mateo bridge pretty light and they just did the lane changes giving you one extra lane on the southbound side of 101 as you head across the golden gate bridge out of marin, so far 580 into san francisco that's only 14 minutes right now for your drive time. so things looking pretty good if you are traveling at least from novato southbound all the way into san francisco. and mass transit right on time. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. the next time you spot a dusty old nintendo game, grab it google it and make some
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money. that's what happened for a texas man whose fortunes changed at a yard sale. michael found a game called stadium events. it cost him about 3 bucks but google revealed it was actually worth thousands. so sold it to a videogame expert for $7,500. >> to have it in my store for the sole purposes of getting hands on with it to verify it was real, phenomenal. >> you have to constantly pick it up and go, how lucky am i! [ laughter ] >> yeah. it's pretty lucky. michael plans to put the $7,500 toward a down payment on a house and now he has bragging rights since there are only about 200 copies of stadium games worldwide but he got rid of it so -- >> yeah. >> no longer his. can't play it anymore. the world's videogame hall of fame is set to reveal its class of 2016 this morning. this year's finals include space invaders john madden football and the sims. last year in the hall's first
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year, the inductees included pong and super mario brothers. the world videogame is located in rochester, new york. my favorite was mike tyson's punchout. >> what about yours? >> where's that? >> good one. >> super mario brothers. i'm good in duck hunt! [ laughter ] 4:52. has the tech bubble burst? well, something called the ping pong effect says it's a possibility. we'll explain. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. nissan is recalling more th ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the company says the rear h door could fall on people without warning. t nissan is recalling more than 108,000 rogue small suvs. the company says the rear hatch
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door to call on people without warning. the recall covers rogues from the 2014 to 2016 model years. support struts have malfunctioning. self-driving cars may be on the road sooner than you think. fiat chrysler and google are teaming up to produce 100 self- driving cars. the chrysler pacifica minivans will be outfitted with google sensors and software so the vans can drive themselves. the vehicles will be used to expand real world testing. a double dose of bad news for palo alto-based tesla motors. two manufacturing executives are leaving and the electric car company lost $282 million in the 1st quarter. the company's stock also fell more than 4% yesterday. and it has been on a downward slope in the past few weeks. well, tesla's not the only company dealing with losses. as betty yu reports, sales of
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ping pong tables can reflect the local economy. >> reporter: it's a must have amenity at any sillicon valley startup or big name tech company. the ping pong table. a symbol of the millennial workplace. many of the big companies buy them at billiard wholesale in san jose. >> cisco and google and twitter buying a lot. they are regular customers. they always buy it when they either expanding or just replacing the old tables. >> reporter: but the owner noticed that twitter stopped coming in at the beginning of last year. at the same time, its user growth slowed. >> definitely concerned a little bit. yeah, everybody is talking about tech bubble a pull-back in the stock. >> reporter: billiard wholesale says that big tech companies always go for top of the line ping pong tables like this one at $2,500 each. in the 1st quarter of this year, sales fell 50% from the last quarter. >> it's an indicator of mood.
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if these companies are entrenched, if these companies are bearing down, they are not in the mood to do things that seem frivolous. >> reporter: president of joint venture says it's too soon to say if the sillicon valley downturn is a long-term trend. >> this is facetious. we are being silly and playful by fixing on the ping pong tables but you do gauge a company's success by their spending habits. >> reporter: google tells kpix 5, it has not changed its ping pong buying habits. twitter had no comment. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. it's 4:57. a developing story it morning after a police officer is injured -- this morning after a police officer is injured. more on the shootout and chase that led to a cop getting shot. >> reporter: and detailed data for on-campus sexual assaults is now available. we'll tell how in the bay area tops the list. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. it is thursday, it's may 5. it's cinco de mayo! this is a beautiful shot of the bay right there. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. following some developing news. it started as a carjacking in bay point yesterday shortly after a car chase led to an eight-car pile-up and an office shot in pittsburg. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is there now. how is that officer doing? >> reporter: the officer is okay. in fact, he has already been released from the hospital. so that's the good news. the intersection here behind me is still slow as you can see. one of the vehicles that was involved in the chain reaction crash there on the flatbed truck. they are trying to clean up where it was a really big me


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