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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> okay. >> my stomach is growling. time to eat! have a good day. happy cinco de mayo! ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday may 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the gop is divided over its presumptive nominee. how will donald trump unite the republican party and choose a running mate? and out of control wildfire in canada forces a massive exodus of nearly 90,000 people. we are there with the terrifying race to escape. and cbs cameras go under cover to find out if the wine se cellars are twig to swindle you. >> you're world in 90 seconds. >> general campaign from your
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perspective starts today. >> essentially it started. yeah, started today. >> donald trump prepares for battle. >> with hillary, depends on where she's coming from. if she wants to go the low road, i'm fine with that. >> are you ready for donald trump. >> he's a loose cannon and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> you can feel the heat. alberta, canada, declared state of emergency. >> basically raining ash. >> oh, my god. >> right in the middle isis firefighter in iraq, the first look at the gunbattle that killed a navy s.e.a.l. >> president obama visited flint, michigan, personally to address the water crisis. >> the president taking a sip out of a glass of drinking water. >> i really did need a sip. that wasn't a stunt. >> the plane encountered extreme turbulence. >> near the seats. he caught it. look at the guy in the black shirt, he's trying to get a
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selfie. >> donald trump is now the presumptive gop nominee. >> i was wondering, who will trump select as his running mate. >> says he wants a qualified running mate. when said why, he said opposites attracts. all that matters. >> major nominee, someone who never held elective office since dwight d. eisenhower. >> eisenhower faced down hitler in world war ii. trump faced down -- >> i think you should put some money on. ♪ ain't no hola back, girl. ♪ it's bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. >> announcer: presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." the republican party is sharply divided over its presumptive nomine welcome to "cbs this morning" this morning. republican party sharply divided over it's candidate donald trump. the billionaire businessman knocked out 16 opponents and is the last candidate standing. are republicans still hesitating to stand around him. the last two presidents have no plans to endorse trump. george h.w. bush and george w. bush intend to sit out this election. >> nebraska senator against trump so is lindsey graham. governor charlie baker of massachusetts told reporters, the things trump said about women and muslims and religious freedom, i just can't support. >> other republicans like new hampshire center kelly ayotte will support the nominee but will not endorse him. major garrett covered this gop race sin it began a year ago. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump began the general election conversation with some
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of his biggest headline grabbers from the primaries. a temporary ban on muslim immigration and deportation of up to 11 million undocumented immigrants. democrats seized on both. republicans dbtded what to do about their new leader while trump tried to mend party fences. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward. >> after only one primary victory john kasich ended his long shot candidacy saying the politics of anger overcame his positive message. >> it wasn't sexy, it wasn't a great sound bite. >> earlier this week donald trump mocked kasich. >> i see him -- i don't get it. i've never seen a man make so many news conferences while he's eating. he's always eating. >> now with party unity on his mind, the trumpet nominee said
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kasich could be his running mate. >> i would be interested in vetting john. i like john. whether he's vice president or not, i think he'll be a big help. >> there's no formal vetting process yet but trump is already in general election mode promising he will remain unpredictable and combative. >> i don't like to change. i feel i'm a presidential candidate. >> while a recent national survey shows more than half voters are negative about clinton, more than 60% have unfavorable impressions about trump. still rnc haley barbour says clinton's poor standing gives trump a chance. >> he's got the most negative rating for any front-runner for any party's presidential nomination in the history of polling. the only saving grace is hillary clinton has the second worst. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell endorsed trump but said the burden is on trump to unify the party.
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trump said he will raise money for the election, setting a goal of $1 billion, some from him and some from gop donors, in all probable, ties to special interest. >> thank you very much. the election six months away. if held today, it shows hillary clinton would beat donald trump 54-41%. clinton has 92% of the delegate nomination. bernie sanders says he's staying in the race. nancy cordes here with what we might see between now and november. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. clinton and trump are both grappling with just how aggressive to get now with six months to go before election day. trump made his first move to the middle yesterday saying he is now open to raising the minimum wage while clinton focused on national security arguing he's too dangerous to lead. >> you've seen counter-punching more than anything else. i don't like hitting people first. >> reporter: he's known for his killer left hook.
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donald trump insisted he'll let hillary clinton set the tone of the race. >> it depends on where she's coming from. i can handle the low road if i have to do it. we've had some row loads over the last few months. >> really. >> we don't have to go that direction. >> reporter: clinton wasted no time labeling trump as risky and erratic. >> i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon. i think he is a loose cannon and loose cannons ten to misfire. >> she has at the outset a distinct advantage. a recent poll found 61% of female voters back clinton, 35% back trump. >> i think it will change rapidly, because women want security, they want strong military. they want to know they are secure in our nation. >> reporter: clinton argued this is one of his biggest weaknesses. >> donald trump said it's okay for other countries to get nuclear weapons. i think that's just down right dangerous. >> reporter: for now she's the one fighting on two front. >> i think we have a path toward victory.
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i admit it's a narrow path. >> unlike trump's opponents he's staying put. >> do we have your word in this interview that you're not going to drop out before the democratic convention? >> absolutely. we have made that commitment. i'm going to be in it until the last vote is counted. >> to catch clinton sanders would need to win 85% of the pledge delegates in the remaining primary states plus he'd have to convince superdelegates to swing his way. he's been making his case for weeks and hasn't made much headway. >> thank you. mark leibovich in washington, covered several candidates on the campaign trail including donald trump. good morning. >> hi, charlie, good to be here. >> how does trump handle the fact he's not going to be able to get the endorsement of some people that generally a republican nominee would have. >> you do it in pure trump fashion. you're dismiss of it, ignore it and say, look, i'm running a
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different kind of campaign. i'm a different candidate. i wouldn't expect traditional figures to get behind me. having said that, the general election is the time to consolidate your support within the party and this is not going to be helpful in that regard. >> donald trump says he will pivot, change his tone as we head to the general election. your article seems to indicate that you do not seem convinced, mark, of that. >> first of all he's talked about pivoting eight or nine times in the last two months. it generally holds less than 48 hours if that. his recent history is not very good at holding a pivot. look, there is this sort of -- not a blank slate but rethinking that goes on in this season once you have two presumptive nominees. the question is, has trump done too much damage and has he defined himself so deeply it's really a no turning back situation for him. >> what message does it send that president h.w. bush and president george w. bush will not endorse donald trump?
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you expect we might hear the same from mitt romney. >> i do expect there will be a mitt romney, probably a few senators and governors along the way. but i think it sends a huge message. it's very easy to dismiss the bushes as yesterday's politics, yesterday's republican party, but there's a lot of suburban republicans, mainstream republicans who i don't know if they revere them but certainly respect them a great deal and will follow this lead. i think it's a very, very big statement. >> a lot of people that support trump would say, i don't care if bush is supportive or not. does it matter more in fundraising this money trump wants to raise? >> i think it matters more in a general election. i think a lot of people that support trump in a republican primary counts for 20, 25% of the overall electorate. this is a very different population that he is trying to appeal to. it involves, again, mainstream republicans, people who wouldn't have supported him in the primaries and also swing voters. again, that's an important move. i think that it will -- i don't
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know if it will haunt him. especially right out of the gate, it's a big statement. >> i hear from political reporters that the clinton campaign already has a war room and a lot of negative stuff ready to go. what exactly is it they have that hasn't been said? >> there's probably a lot. there's a lot of books that have been written about donald trump. there's a lot of information out there i assume they have or other journalists or other news organizations will have. i think this is a strange election in that both these candidates are so thoroughly defined. probably two of the biggest celebrities that have ever run for president. so i think new information is not the kind of thing that's going to move this. i think the negative impressions of these two people are pretty solidified at this point. it's sort of how can they reverse this at the margins and whether can get close enough for trump to get over the line. >> it's certainly going to be interesting to watch. thank you, mark leibovich. a wildfire forced evacuation of three more communities this
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morning. >> feel the heat. >> the huge flames -- take a look at that -- have forced nearly 90,000 people to flee. the fire has destroyed an area estimated to be the size of manhattan. the entire province of alberta is under a state of emergency. ben tracy in anzack alberta, one of the towns evacuated over night. ben, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the evacuation centers where people fled from ft. mcmurray. last night when the winds changed direction and the fire started heading this way, they had to evacuate this evacuation center. one more problem caused by this massive and unpredictable wildfire. >> i can feel the heat here. this is insane. >> towering walls of flames surrounded thousands of drivers trying to evacuate ft. mcmurray on wednesday. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods are now piles of
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ash and charred metal. 1600 homes and buildings have been destroyed. >> didn't even let us take our -- we lost everything. we have what we have on our backs. >> reporter: the city's only major highway quickly became gridlocked as drivers headed towards evacuation centers north and south of the city. >> once i looked up and basically it's raining ash, your eyes are burning, you know it's time to back up and leave. >> a webcam showed the flames overtaking ft. mcmurray international airport where all commercial flights have been canceled. >> let's go, let's go, let's go. >> people were ordered to board buses for the five-hour trip south to edmonton. >> i'm very scared and very nervous. i don't know if i have a home to come back. i have my dog and my family, and that's all i need. >> reporter: drivers have lined up for hours waiting for fuel. at many stations, it's run out.
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canada's prime minister justin trudeau pledged his government total support. >> certainly in ft. mcmurray, the difficult times they are going through right now is something that we're going to unite around across the country. >> the canadian armed forces are helping more than 250 firefighters, helicopters and air tankers battle the raging flames. darby allen is ft. mcmurray's fire chief. >> it's been the worst day of my career. the community is devastated. this is going to go on. this is going to take us a while to come back from. >> reporter: as for the weather today, there is good news and bad news. the good news is the temperatures have really dropped dramatically. the bad news is the winds are still expected to be strong and that is what's fueling this fire. >> ben, thank you. ben tracy in alberta, canada. dramatic new battlefield video shows the firefighter that killed an american navy s.e.a.l. in iraq.
7:15 am
the deadly firefighter took place north of mosul. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this new video shows part of the intense battle around the iraqi town of tel asqof. u.s. troops and kurdish fighters they are supporting apparently running for cover. we see what appears to be a black hawk helicopter bearing medical insignia. as we know petty officer charles keating shot in the battle, medevac'd out by helicopter but later died, third combat death in iraq since it began. there are 5,000 working in iraq mostly working as military advisers. the u.s. says this is not a
7:16 am
combat mission. this video seems to clearly show that at least some of those american troops are involved in combat. norah. >> an important distinction. thank you so much, holly williams in istanbul. a new revelation points to prescription painkillers being the focus of the investigation into prince's death. the minneapolis tribune reports percocet was found in the music icon's system. the paper cites a source familiar with the investigation that says it's not yet clear if the powerful painkiller contributed to prince's death. jamie yuccas outside the compound in minnesota with dramatic details about efforts to save prince. jamie, good morning. >> good morning. we now know the dea as well as u.s. attorneys office are both involved in prince's death investigation. at the same time we've learned that prince's people reached out to a california doctor to help the singer with painkiller addiction less than 24 hours
7:17 am
before he died. >> the mission was to get prince to a doctor in minnesota thursday morning. >> the attorney says dr. howard kornfeld, who runs an addiction facility in california, could not immediately clear his schedule. instead his son andrew kornfeld took a red eye flight to meet with the singer. andrew wanted to convince prince to check into his father's recovery without walls clinic in california after he was evaluated in minnesota. but when andrew arrived at prince's paisley park estate, it was already too late. >> andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator where he saw that prince because unconscious. >> andrew kornfeld made the call to 911. in the transcript of that call kornfeld tells the dispatcher. we're at prince's house. the person is dead here and the people are just distraught. his attorney said kornfeld had a sup apply of medicine used for pain management. >> those pills were to be delivered to the minnesota doctor.
7:18 am
>> prince was notoriously private. friends and people who worked with the singer over the years told us they never saw any addiction to pain pills. however, cbs news confirmed prescription painkillers were found inside his home. officials have not released the cause of death. toxicology as well as autopsy results are not expected for the next couple of weeks. when mauzy was asked about the medications transported to the home, he declined to comment. a controversial new law, justice department sent a warning to governor pat mccrory. it says the law accused of limiting protections to lgtb people violates the civil rights act. backlash began when lawmakers passed a measure in march. it requires transgender people to use bathrooms that match the sex of their birth certificates. north carolina faces losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. more than 30 airline
7:19 am
passengers are hurt after their flight hit severe and unexpected turbulence. very frightening. dramatic video inside the cabin of the flight yesterday shows the passengers crying out as the plane shakes. a video shows a hole in the overhead department and serious damage to the ceiling. the plane did land safely in jakarta, indonesia. north korea shows military might for visiting journalists. adriana diaz takes us inside the carefully scripted
7:20 am
donald trump is on the brink of become could the gop's nominee for president, but who will run with him? will. >> ahead, what shop kohl's
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non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. wine sellers accused of misleading customers about what's inside their bottles. ahead, the undercover investigation. monday, our interview with prince harry about the upcoming
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invictus games, his career, and the royal family face during a suspect pursu yesterday. before the good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. an officer is recovering after he was shot in the face during a suspect pursuit yesterday. before the suspect surrendered he crashed into eight other cars injuring four. the california smoking age has officially been raised from 18 to 21. governor brown signed the bill yesterday, which becomes law on june 9. coming up on "cbs this morning," now that donald trump is the presumed nominee, he is drafting a short list of potential running mates. reporter chip reid weighs in on his options. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
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southbound 101, we have reports of an accident possibly blocking at least one lane so
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it is causing a busy ride, busy all morning long south 101 out of novato into san rafael delays. once you get to 580 improves a bit heading towards the golden gate bridge. no delays at least across the span heading into san francisco. over on 680, southbound at livorna getting word of an accident there southbound southbound 680 busy away from 24 anyway. the bay bridge sluggish. metering lights are on with the backup into the maze. roberta? >> good morning, everybody. happy cinco de mayo. out the door this morning, mostly cloudy skies an interesting weather day today. you might want to keep that umbrella handy in the event that we have a light shower popping at any point of the day, also the potential for a thunderstorm. we have all the ingredients there. we just need them to line up. right now temperatures are in the 50s going up to 50s and 60s and about 70 degrees warmest spot inland. the unsettled weather pattern will continue with mostly cloudy skies through saturday. hey, mother's day partly sunny. ,,,,
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ted cruz dropped out of the race. dropped out. yeah. when donald trump heard that cruz dropped out, trump told supporters, see, i've already kept one hispanic from taking an american's job. >> trump was very presidential, even offering an early olive branch to his former rival. >> just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me. >> i can answer that one! >> you nicknamed him lyin' ted. you insulted his wife. you perpetuated a story that his dad had something to do with the assassination of jfk. i'm going to go out on a limb and say he's probably not a fan. >> not really the ingredients for a friendship.
7:31 am
he did extend the olive branch, so we'll see. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> a long olive branch to extend. >> that's right. coming up in this half hour, speculation is growing over who donald trump will tap to be his running mate. his controversial policies may discourage some from serving as his vice president. we'll examine the possible short list. north korea is carefully choreographing every move to show off its military power. ahead, adriana diaz is there to show us how the country is trying to prove its ability to build weapons. time to show some of the headlines. our cbs los angeles station reports a major earthquake fault in southern california is locked, loaded, and ready to roll. the januasan andreas fault stre through the state, but the danger zone runs from san luis obispo to palm springs. the last major quake on the fault line was in 1857. experts say it has been too quiet since. the "los angeles times"
7:32 am
reports the detectives on a murder case in the city found an undisclosed way to hock an iphone -- hack an iphone. it belonged to the wife of michael jakes, who had a tv role in "the shield." he's awaiting trial. the phone was unlocked this year as apple and the government feuded. a woman who received a groundbreaking facial transplant is back in the hospital today. charla nash had the face transplant five years ago after being attacked by a chimpanzee. a doctor said she had a moderate rejection episode in the process of being weaned off anti-rejekds drugs. her -- rejection drugs. her transplant, they say, is not in jeopardy. she is expected to leave the hospital in the next day or two. donald trump tells "the new york times" he will soon announce a committee handle the selection of his running mate. there's growing speculation over who will run on the trump ticket. chip reid looks at the people he may be considering. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:33 am
trump told "the new york times" he'll announce his choice for vice presidential candidate in july before the republican convention. it's not sure exactly who is on his list, but he is giving hints. >> i am considering a number of people. i think we'll have a great choice. >> reporter: when it comes to picking a vice presidential candidate, donald trump is a washington outsider looking for an insider. >> think i'll probably go the political route. somebody that can help me with legislation and somebody could help he get thingsed passed, somebody -- things passed, somebody that's been friends with the senators and congressmen. >> reporter: wednesday he laid out qualifications for perhaps his biggest job opening yet. while early, he said he'll be open to considering former rivals marco rubio and john kasich. >> i would be interested in vetting john. i like john. i've had a good relationship with john. i've gotten along with him well. >> reporter: the feeling might not be mutual. >> would you run with him? >> zero chance. >> reporter: the ohio governor and then-presidential candidate
7:34 am
told "cbs this morning" no way. he joins south carolina governor nikki haley who said in a statement, "my plate is full, and i'm not interested in serving as vice president." >> i don't think the list is going to be very long. donald trump is highly controversial. >> you know who's going to pay for that wall -- >> and the vice presidential nominee would end up having to defend virtually anything and everything that donald trump has said. >> who the hell do you want as your president, right? >> or will say. >> i think chris christie is fantastic. >> still, not everyone is trying to keep their distance. new jersey governor chris christie has been by trump's side since just after he quit the race in february. and oklahoma governor mary fallon who said she hasn't been approached about the position admit she'd be flattered. >> overall, politicians like to have power. i don't think this will be a shortage of people who want to be on the trump ticket. >> reporter: whomever trump picks, everybody seems to agree it will have to be someone who can help bridge a divided
7:35 am
republican party. >> the number-two pick must be able to go some of those people who said never trump and say, let's give this guy a second look. he can beat hillary clinton, that's what we need to focus on. >> reporter: alabama senator jeff sessions and former speaker of the house newt gingrich have also been mentioned as possibly being on the list. before trump makes his decision, he'll be checking in with ben carson who's expected to be on the committee trump is putting korea's efforts to shape the way the country is viewed. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. our second full day here in north korea was carefully
7:36 am
curated that show off the country's military might. we were escorted around monuments and given history lessons about the country's weapons development program. in pyongyang, hundreds are nailing down choreography ahead of tomorrow's meeting of the workers party. the country's only party. we spent the day being shuttled around to historic sites. our visit to a gun factory-turned-museum of a thinly veiled effort to highlighted north korea's military self-reliance. their message -- the country makes its own weapons and is packing. we were told it was here that as a child, former leader kim jong-il fired one of the first american-made rifles. his sharpshooter-like aim was presented as absolute fact. [ speaking native language ] >> reporter: they got bull's- e bull's-eye. how old at the time? >> 7-year-old. >> reporter: three bull's-eyes?
7:37 am
pretty impressive. the right to develop and bear arms is the government's top priority. with highly publicized nuclear and missile tests, north korea wants to prove it can defend itself against its so-called enemies like the u.s. after our tour, we returned to the hotel. it's on an island. when we're not out shooting, we spend a lot of time working here at this hotel which we're not allowed to leave without a government guide. was built in the 1980s. as you can see by this telephone, it hasn't changed much since. it was at this hotel that american student otto warmbreir was caught trying to steal a propaganda poster. in march, the 21-year-old from ohio was sentenced to 15 years of hard --. we've been treated very well here with big smiles and warm welcomes. that said, the country's official newspaper referred to america this week as a chieftan
7:38 am
of evil. >> that reminds me of the story that one time kim jong-il posted, i think he had a 38 under par. he shot a 34 playing golf in 18 holes which is totally impossible. impossible. >> yes. like a 7-year-old hitting a bull's-eye -- >> three times. >> i love her reaction, uh-huh. >> interesting. coming up, is that bottle of wine you're buying the same one promised by the sign on the shelf? ahead, we'll look into accusations of bait and switch tactics at a major liquor chain. and if you're heading out, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. you won't want to miss gayle's interview with dolly parton. we'll be right back. you know when i first started out, it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist
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when you go to your liquor store, are you buying the wine you think you're buying?
7:43 am
kcbs checked out claims in a lawsuit seeking class-action status. it says at least one chain is deliberately misleading consumers with multiple cases where the wines on the shelf are different from the bottles in stock. carter evans looks into the charges. red blend 2013 for $17.95. bottle says it's 2012. >> reporter: bottle after bottle after bottle. cbs went to five bev locations in northern california and discovered mismatches between the highly rated design described on the signs and what's on the shelves. >> what's the better bottle? >> reporter: it's not just bevmo and not just california. we found similar discrepancies at three liquor stores in new jersey. bevmo is the only retailer targeted in this lawsuit seeking class-action status. claims consumers are being misled even though there's a
7:44 am
disclaimer printed on each shelf tag. >> we're suing bevmo because bevmo is engaging in an intentional bait and switch fraud. >> reporter: not just in the store. we're going to order four wines. we ordered four bottles of highly rated wine on bevmo's website for in-store pickup. we even clicked the option that says we didn't want vintage substitutes. when we showed up, we got wines from four different years. three with lower ratings. the bevmo clerk offered an explanation. he said we could get a refunds if we didn't like the wine. internal emails obtained by cbs news confirm bevmo has been aware of the issue since at least 2010. one reads, "this is a corporate problem. we all have heard this complaint about vintages many times." we asked los angeles sommelier
7:45 am
what she thought. >> i don't think it matters. >> reporter: how much does vintage matter? >> when you're talking about vintage wines, it matters. >> reporter: $25 and under? >> in that price range, it doesn't make a difference. >> reporter: still, wine sellers have an ethical obligation to tell the truth. >> there should be a level of trust between the consumer and wine merchants. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs news, bevmo said, "meeting our customers' needs and expectations is our number-one priority. while we cannot comment on pending litigation, we take this very seriously. we are confident our policies and practices fully comply with the law." >> if we look at their disclaimer, it's down here. and the reason you can't read it or even see it is because the way their advertisements are designed, you can't read it. >> reporter: the lawsuit has been in legal limbo since 2014,
7:46 am
but a hearing is set for next week. for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> i was going to say something about politics, not about that very good piece about wine. >> yeah. >> what were you going to say about politics? >> would you like to hear that? >> yes, i would. >> it's interesting to me that in america we thought long and hard about somebody emerging as a presidential candidate who comes not from politics but from business or from some other institution, the military. >> right. >> then we get one, and it's so controversial. >> and to hear that he just became a registered republican in 2012. i did not know that until "the new york times" piece yesterday. we'll be there every step of the way. >> do you know what else was fun to watch yesterday? >> what? >> gwen stefani. >> that's a perfect segue, norah o'donnell. gwen stefani, how about that, helps james corden. the girl's good. >> also a couple of other people in the back seat. >> yeah. some familiar faces back seat, too. roll tape, please.
7:47 am
>> thank you very much for helping me get to work today. i can't tell you how much i appreciate it. >> it's fine. you look really cute today. >> really? >> yeah. i feel like we're in a band now. you're in black -- >> no doubt. >> no doubt. cute. >> thank you, james corden. carpool karaoke returns with superstars. look at them in the back seat. that's george clooney and -- >> julia roberts. >> the lovely julia roberts. >> in a new movie together -- >> i know. "money monster." the producer said, do we have time for this story?,,
7:48 am
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ain't no hollaback girl ♪ ♪ b-a-n-a-n-a go bananas ♪ >> spelling is important. george clooney and jewelera roberts provided a superstar surprise when they appeared on "carpool karaoke." they helped james corden and gwen stefani belt out her song. so fun. >> how many cameras do you think they have in the car? >> a lot. ahead, country music legend dolly parton. ♪
7:53 am
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professionals have kicked o campaign... to legalize pote measure would let adults 21 over p good morning. i'm kenny choi. gavin newsom and a group of medical professionals have kicked off the campaign to legalize pot. it would let adults 21 and over possess or sell an ounce of marijuana. you can now roam these east bay glassy hills. a park just opened to the public. the park district warned getting there is tough so it's best to carpool or bike. coming up on "cbs this morning," nick thompson weighs in on whether ping pong sales prove tech startups are in trouble. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. i'm gianna franco in the
7:58 am
traffic center. let's head straight to the south bay right now where we have an overturned vehicle clearing north 101 at bayshore. big backup out of san jose this morning. delays of 25 minutes northbound 280/680 to 237. looks like 280 busy, as well. 30-minute right for you northbound 101 from 680 -- or 280 rather to 85. and 237, sluggish westbound through milpitas this morning. also seeing brake lights northbound 880 as you pass the coliseum. roberta. >> i love this live weather camera view from the transasia airways where we're looking south towards the peninsula. you can see the layer on top of layer on top of layer of clouds. we will have mainly cloudy skies today. a few sunny breaks. the potential of an isolated light shower or thunderstorm containing lightning and hail. we are currently up to 60 going up to a high today inland at 70. wind pick up out of the southwest 10 to 20. so unsettled weather today. remaining cloudy through saturday. ,, ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, may 5th, cinco de mayo, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including republicans who still cannot support donald trump. can a divided party get behind him? first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> trump has now said he will raise money for the general election, some from him and from gop donors with, in all probability, ties to special interests. >> while clinton and trump are both grandpaing with just how aggressive to get now. >> there is a rethinking that goes on once you have two presumptive nominees. the question is, has trump done too much damage? >> wind suddenly changed
8:01 am
direction, and the fire started heading this way. they had to evacuate this evacuation center. one more problem caused by this massive and unpredictable wildfire. >> part of the intense battle around the iraqi town. as we know, petty officer first class charles keating was shot during that battle. >> we spent a lot of our time working here at this hotel, which we're not allowed to leave without a government guide. >> trump told "the new york times" he'll announce his choice for vice presidential candidate sometime in early july. it's not clear exactly who is on his list, but he is giving some hints. >> now that donald trump is the nominee, some republicans are saying they'll vote for hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] republicans are saying they'll vote for hillary clinton. in fact, hillary's gotten so confident, today she strolled into congress and said, hey, who wants to talk benghazi, huh? come on, ask me anything. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. donald trump has outrun all of his republican presidential rivals, but he's left with a sharply divided party. many republicans say they need more time to decide if they can support him, and already some big names are saying no thanks. >> president george w. bush and president george h.w. bush say they do not expect to endorse donald trump. some gop officials are falling in line behind trump, and still others are sticking by their vows never to support him. bob is in washington. we love when he comes on the broadcast. hello, bob. >> good morning, guys. >> what do you make of this? both former president bushes say we're not going to endorse him. a lot of people are saying -- john kasich on this show said to norah never would he consider running as a vermoice president candidate. what does this say to you, and how important are these endorsements? >> it's been a long time since
8:03 am
we've had somebody wrap up the nomination for either party and get the kind of reactions we're seeing to donald trump. the two most recent republican presidents say thanks, no thanks, we'll be sitting out this year's election. i think one of the most telling statements this morning was in "the washington post." fred malik, who's the fundraiser of all fundraisers among republicans, he's been chairman of the republican conventions in the past. he was john mccain's campaign manager. this morning he's quoted in the post, quote, i don't see any way they can raise the money to be competitive. he's talking about donald trump. you also have here a former
8:04 am
member of the bush administration, elliott coyne, in an op-ed page this morning saying we need to form a third party. on the other side of the republican party, you have ben sass, the republican tea party senator from out in nebraska, saying we need to form a third party. i am not sure, and i mean this, i'm not sure that the republican party as we now know it is going to survive this election. this is going to be something unlike anything we have seen. >> so if it doesn't survive the election, bob, what happens to it? you mean it splinters into multiple parties? >> i don't know what happens. i mean, it managed to come back together in 1964 after barry goldwater led the party to, you know, at that point a historic landslide defeat. we may see two kinds of parties, maybe a center-right party, something closer to the middle, or you may see these tea party folks go off on their own. this is -- you know, usually when somebody wraps up the nomination, you see party
8:05 am
leaders the next day saying, thank goodness, now we can unify. what people are saying this morning is, oh, my god, what have we done here? we just never had anything quite like this. >> bob, sometimes in a political campaign, people say, well, i said things in the heat of the moment, but now it's time to buckle down because we do not want hillary clinton to be the next president. do you think donald trump can unify the party? he says he can. >> well, i mean, i think the one unifying thing they have is opposition to hillary clinton, who, as we saw during the indiana primary, barely half of democratic voters in indiana said they considered her trustworthy. so she's not the strongest candidate the democrats have ever put out there. if there is one thing that will, you know, unify republicans, it will probably be hillary clinton. i mean, look at "the wall street
8:06 am
journal" lead editorial this morning. we're going to examine both candidates, but it's not much of a choice. i think if the republicans are to have a chance, i think that's what it will be. by the same token, i think you're going to see a lot of democrats who are just lukewarm maybe about hillary clinton who are saying we cannot let donald trump be president. i guess what i think the bottom line in all of this is, is we're about to see the nastiest general election campaign in modern history. i just don't see any other way this thing is going to go. people keep talking about, let's get back to the issues, but i think it's going to be -- trump said, well, if they want to go the low road, i'm happy to go the low road. i've done it before. i think we're going to see a lot of low road traffic on this one. >> have you talked to anyone in
8:07 am
washington who sees a way for donald trump to win? >> yeah. i mean, for all of the reasons that i've just talked about, that he is going to bring new people into the campaign. you know, people who maybe haven't voted before. but what is so difficult, what's going to be so difficult here for him, charlie, is -- and i keep going back to this. i've said it a hundred times. ronald reagan got a smaller percentage of the white vote when he was elected in 1980 than mitt romney got the last time out. the demographics are just very much against donald trump. he's run a campaign that, you know, his core support is white people. you would have to have a turnout of white people unlike anything we've ever seen for him to win because he's not going to get much on the minority side. >> thanks, bob. >> always good to see you, bob.
8:08 am
>> thank you, guys. >> gayle is wearing purple for you today. >> donald trump used unorthodox tactics to become the presumptive republican nominee. they included some tough language, identifying many of his 16 opponents the way he wanted voters to see them. juliana goldman looks at how trump could ride his marketing skills to the white house. good morning. >> good morning. well, in the business world, donald trump was known as a master brander, and he won the nomination by bringing those tactics to presidential politics, zeroing in on vulnerabilities and turning them into labels his opponents could not shake. and until now, hillary clinton has been watching from afar. >> lying ted cruz. we know lying ted. little marco! we have low-energy jeb bush. you have to brand people a certain way when they're your
8:09 am
opponents. >> donald trump has made good on his word by branding his rivals. >> lying ted. he lies like nobody can lie. >> lying ted cruz. >> lying ted. >> relentlessly repeating catchy, demeaning nicknames. >> little marco. little marco. >> from debate stages to twitter >> republican stat gist frank luntz says trump brought his reality tv star persona to presidential politics. >> the reason why it's so effective is so many americans are so angry with politics that they're willing to listen to these attacks, and they're willing to believe it because they hate profession politicians. >> from former texas governor rick perry -- >> he put dplaszs on so people will think he's smart. >> to long-time senator lindsay graham. >> lindsay graham, a total lightweight. >> he doesn't really see natural boundaries. >> a behavior therapist says we gravitate to leaders, real or perceived. >> we want to believe that there's somebody out there bigger than we are that can take care of us. >> one by one, trump's mind games brought down the rest of the republican field. >> i am sick and tired of him
8:10 am
going after my family. >> first, there was low-energy jeb bush. marco rubio initially tried to take the high road and ignore trump's barbs, but initially he couldn't avoid some attacks of his own. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> which led to this moment in campaign history. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? and he referred to my hands. if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. >> with the gop field eliminated, trump has zeroed in on his next opponent. >> an election between crooked hillary and wonderful donald. >> but if there's alessn to clinton can take from the republican primary -- >> i have yet to see a single candidate who's been successful by trying to outtrump trump. >> clinton says she's been in the arena for 25 years and everything that can be thrown at someone in politics has come her way, but gayle, trump has shown himself ready and willing to go
8:11 am
where no candidate has gone before and doing whatever it takes to get under his rival's skin. >> well, he is certainly not predictable. thank you very much. ahead, are
8:12 am
this morning this morning, our conversation with the one and only unstoppable, lovely dolly parton and how she embraces being the center of attention. >> you know when they used to always say that, you know, less is more, i always said, no, less is less, more is more. >> live by that. >> that's dolly parton. >> sure is. dolly parton ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:13 am
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8:16 am
what about revenue? >> it's to make money. >> no, if you show revenue, people will ask how much, and it will never be enough. the company that was the 100 x or 1,000 x becomes the 2 x dog. if you have no revenue, you can say you're potential pure play. it's not about how much you
8:17 am
earn, it's about what your worth. who's worth the most? companies that lose many. >> hbo silicon valley saying revenue is not equal. can ping pong determine if a tech sbubl bubble is pop? one hole saler says the sales of tables rise and fall with startups that rise and fall. this year, sales plunged 50%. nicholas thompson is with us to sort it out. hello, nick thompson. so ping pong sales are anecdotable. what does that say to you? about a tech sfwhubl. >> i think it's -- bubble? >> i think it's one of most interesting data points. when people are no longer enthusiastic about the future, they stop buyi ing ping pong dabls. it shows there's a little bit of dampening of enthusiasm. >> as the clip showed, the
8:18 am
valuation of a company is not always tied to revenue especially in silicon valley. the "wall street journal" tallied at least 145 companies valued over a billion dollars. >> yeah. >> what does that tell us? >> the way silicon valley works is very different from the rest of the world. typically with the startup company, the first step is you get a profit. the second step is you get users. that's when you get funded. the third step is you make money. you get money from venture capitalists and set valuation before you actually know whether you can make money. we can say, that's ridiculous, that shouldn't happen. that's how google got big. that's how facebook got big. >> how amazon got big. >> right. but sometimes it doesn't work as well. with twitter -- twitter got a huge number of users and couldn't figure out how to make money. it's having troubles. creates a lot of the confusion in the markets. it's not necessarily a completely bad thing. >> and it's not necessarily revenue. it's how much money goes to the bottom line and how much of that money is reinvested in the business model. >> right. you can get a lot of revenue if
8:19 am
you spend money to get money. i have a business, i'll say i'll give you $10 if you give me $5, i can get revenue but will lose money in the long run. that's what happened the last time there was hyper enthusiasm in silicon valley in about 2000. >> what are your venture capital friends saying to you? >> there's little concern now because so many people are putting money into venture capital funds. there's still excitement that this is where the money is made in silicon valley. the venture capitalists don't have as many places to invest it. either all this money will go to a small number of trumpians which could cause problems, or the venture capital people saying we might give money back. we may shut down a fund or two. there's too much venture capital and not enough startups now. >> can you compare to the dotcom bubble of the '90s? >> yeah. in business generally, there's about, say, this much malarkey. in silicon valley now, there's maybe this much malarkey. in silicon valley in the late '90s, there was this much malarkey. we're in a different period now.
8:20 am
>> amazon is interesting, for years they didn't make money. they were getting revenues by investing in things. as of this season, amazon has reported the best profits of any of them. >> the model is absolutely working at amazon now. >> yep. >> thank you, nick thompson. good to see you. next, your first look at team usa getting ready for the america's cup. we're on the hudson river as new york celebrates something that has not happened in nearly a century. you're watching "cbs this morning." and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. i smbut ended up nowhere.a lot now i use this.
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8:25 am
treated for minor burns in a hospital... after an early morning fire in vallejo. three adults and four kids good morning. it's 8:25. i'm torea child is being treated for burns in a hospital after an early-morning fire in vallejo. three adults and four children were inside the home on karl avenue when the fire began. everyone else made it out unscathed. stanley cup play-offs the sharks and predators will play game 4 in nashville this evening. san jose is up two games to one in the series. the puck drops at 6:00 pacific time. in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning" morning, dolly parton is interviewed. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. lots of company along the nimitz freeway northbound as you make your way past the coliseum. a lot of brake lights there. drive times almost 40 minutes to go from 238 as you head into the maze. of course, you're going to see delays at the bay bridge. metering lights were turned on at 5:30 this morning. you have a backup there and all approaches slow-and-go, that includes 580, 880, as well as the eastshore freeway. taking a look at the san mateo bridge. no relief just yet. typical slow-and-go conditions from 880 to 101. 101 delays along the peninsula. golden gate bridge, one of our bright spots, no delays across
8:28 am
the span in both directions. a little sluggish though south 580 heading towards the bridge. 18 minutes into san francisco. sfo from 92 to the 80 split along 101, 36 minutes. our live hi-def doppler radar is getting very, very busy now. if you live in the tassajara area in the east bay, let me know on our kpix 5 facebook page if you have any activity going there. there may be thunderstorms in the mount diablo area and something in the north bay. we'll keep an eye on it today. mainly cloudy conditions, temperatures in the 50s to 60 degrees at this hour. later today, anywhere from the 50s at the seashore to 70 for the warmest locations, southwest winds at 20. here's the deal. we could see a light shower minimal accumulation, but also the chance of a thunderstorm throughout any point of the day today containing lightning and small hail. ditto on friday. unsettled conditions saturday and on mother's day, dry and in the 70s. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, dolly parton. she's working far beyond "9 to 5." what a way to make living. remember that song? getting ready for her biggest con interstate decades. we'll -- concert in decades. we'll get a taste of what to expect, her special memory of whitney houston, and how dolly's husband, yes, of 50 years is making a rare trip into the spotlight. and time for some of the headlines. the "los angeles times" reports that california's smoking age will go up, the bill signed by the governor raised the legal age for purchasing tobacco from 18 to 21. california's the second state following hawaii.
8:31 am
it restricts the use of ecigarettes in public. the laws take effect next month. cbs' dallas station ktvt reports on new trouble for a couple sued for posting a bad review yelp. earlier this year, michelle duquette and her husband were sued by a petsitting company after they gave it only one star. prestigious pets demanded $6,700 in damages but dropped the suit after our story aired. >> now the company has filed a new lawsuit. prestigious pets is seeking up to $1 million for violating a non-disparagement clause. it claims the negative attention destroyed its business. meantime, yelp added consumer alerts this week to prevent these type of situations. a pop-up will appear on the profiles for companies that have threatened or taken legal action against a reviewer. ktvt reached out to prestigious pets, but they declined to comment. and politico reports on the rolling stones being the latest band to tell donald trump to stop using their music. trump played "start me up"
8:32 am
tuesday after winning indiana's primary. he's also played other stones' songs in the past. the band says it never gave permission and wants trump to cease all use immediately. there's no comment from the trump campaign. >> they'll find another song that will work. dolly parton is a national treasure. she's a prolific songwriter, success actress, and opened up her own theme park. that is dolly parton. she turns 70 years old this year. instead of hanging up her guitar after decades of musical success, she's going on the road. her life has been the quintessential rags-to-riches story, but she's no cliche. dolly does things her own way with a little, you could say, dolly flair. when you had the money that you could do whatever you want when you want, what has been the biggest splurge? >> the first time i spent big money office a cadillac. i thought like the big hair, you can't be country if you ain't got big hair. you can't be country if you don't have a cadillac. >> what color? >> it was gold. >> gold?
8:33 am
>> of course. gold. ♪ back through the years >> before the cadillac, costumes, or big hair, dolly parton was simply the fourth of 12 children. i want to hear the names of the kids in order with you in it. >> wella dean, david, denver, dolly, bobby, cassie, randy, floyd, larry, and rachel. i can say it faster than that. >> they grew up poor like practically everybody else in locust ridge, tennessee. there's all sorts of stereotypical jokes about that. not about your family but living in that area, that they were poor, hillbillies, that it was trash. >> we were all that. >> hillbillies and trash? >> what they call white trash. i don't like anybody else calling me that. to be called a hillbilly, i always take pride in that. >> nice job. >> reporter: in 1967, country music star porter waggoner plucked dolly from obscurity. >> a song from her -- >> let's do a little bit of "dumb blondes." that's what i am. >> he offered her a spot on his variety show. ♪
8:34 am
with all this time in the music business, there's never been anybody who looks like you, that sounds like you. i'm wondering when you were starting, was that your game plan? i'm going do something that nobody else can do, there's only going to be one of me? is that what you were thinking? >> no, i wasn't. i just was me. i was not a natural beauty. and i always wanted to be pretty. i always, you know, wanted to be flashy. >> do you ever think let me take it down, take down personality, let me take down looks -- ♪ >> i patterned my look after the town tramp, and that's the truth. she wore the make-up, red nails,
8:35 am
red high heels, tie clothes. i thought she was the prettiest thing i ever seen. people said, she ain't nothing but trash. in my mind, i thought that's what i'm going to be when i grow up. >> going to do that, yeah. after seven years, she left the show. in 1974, dolly went solo. ♪ ♪ jolene jolene jolene jolene ♪ >> "jolene" was a crossover hit. >> kind of based on a little bit of truth in my own life. my husband when we first got married, there was this beautiful red-headed, long-legged girl working down at the bank. ♪ jolene please don't take him just because you can ♪ of course, he thought she was the cutest thing in the world. she had everything i didn't like legs. there was not an affair or anything. but you know how sometimes you just think, you don't need to be going down there. we ain't got that kind of money. ♪ stumble to the kitchen pour myself a cup of ambition ♪ ♪ and yawn and stretch and try to come to life ♪ >> reporter: then dolly took her
8:36 am
back woods image to hollywood. starring in the 1980 comedy "9 to 5." she agreed to the part under one condition -- she wanted to write the theme song. ♪ working 9 to 5 >> "9 to 5" went to number one, and dolly was nominated for an oscar. >> nobody around here ever wants a manicure. >> reporter: she played the role of a quick-witted southern belle in 1989's "steel magnolias." >> i'm going to needs one, too. >> i'm going to paint my front door red and change my name to elizabeth arden. >> reporter: dolly had turned the town tramp into a million-dollar brand. >> i like the business end of it. i get that from my dad. he wasn't educated, but ain't nobody starter than my dad. he raised 12 kids with bargaining. my dad made ends meet. i get my music and spiritual side from my mom. ♪ >> reporter: it was that spiritual side that inspired dolly's most famous song -- ♪ i would only be in your way
8:37 am
>> reporter: 19 years after writing "i will always love you," dolly turned on the radio in her cadillac and heard whitney houston whisper her words -- >> i heard that, if i -- that a cappella part -- >> yeah. ♪ if i should stay >> then it was -- it kept going, and i thought, oh, god. ♪ i would only be in your way >> and then when she went into the chorus -- ♪ and i will always love you ♪ >> his to pull over because i was -- i was afraid i'd wreck -- >> the car? >> pull out in front of somebody. ♪ you >> people say, well, that's whitney's song. i say, you got that right.
8:38 am
people get -- they say, no, that's dolly parton's song. i said, look, she can have the credit. i just want the cash. and i made plenty of it all over whitney. thank you god. >> as for her own love -- ♪ >> dolly and her husband, carl dean, plan on renewing their wedding vows after 50 years together. we never see mr. dean. do you -- >> you will now. >> is he shy? >> he's shy about the public. i was surprised that he was willing to do this. he's so proud, too, that we lasted 50 years. he says, who in the hell else can say they've been married 50 years in this business? i can't imagine being with anybody else. ♪ back through the years i go wondering once again ♪ >> reporter: then she'll launch her biggest return in 25 years, a return to her acoustic roots. do you have a song that you're most excited about that we could hear just a line? >> let me see.
8:39 am
actually, the "pure and simple" song. that's the name of the tour. that's also the name of the cd. ♪ it's so pure it's almost sacred ♪ ♪ simply put it feels divine ♪ i just love you pure and pimple -- pure and simple pure and simple and sublime ♪ >> she remembers the first song she sang at 5, now "pure and simple" she says captures her perfectly. she was lovely and fun. what you see on camera is exactly what she's like off camera. >> terrific. great interview. i love that she's a songwriter. she's written all those iconic songs that we know the words to. >> you'll like this, charlie, at 70 she has no intention of slowing down. she says, it only makes me stronger, younger. i feel better than i ever have. i can relate. >> i like the line, "they can take the credit, just send me the cash." >> that's right. more at cbsthismorning.
8:40 am
she talks about the first song she wrote at 5 years old. and how long could you go without your phone? next, john blackstone meets the founder of a startup that's trying to
8:41 am
8:42 am
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we went around our office and asked people on our staff to real real text was their real
8:44 am
moms. this is what we got. >> christina, it's your mother. where are you? i haven't heard or seen you in four days. this is not a hotel. this is a family home. >> thought you'd want to say penny mcflicker's birthday photo. who wouldn't want to see pen mcflicker's birthday photo? >> i am out with a woman who dadateted d fofor a a lolongng trtrump.p. >> mom texts. >> funny. >> what do you -- what do you text? >> i like when she said, i haven't heard from you in two days. >> i know. >> this is not a hotel. this a family home -- >> you go, what do you want? i don't want anything. you're device.
8:45 am
john blackstone shows how the startup with david chappell, is fueling the trend. >> reporter: the start -- the students that enter the class in burlingame can't open the box with their phones until the class is over. >> i hope it brings them more into the moment. >> reporter: these bags are made by a startup called yonder. the founder, graham dugoni, says the aim is to break cell phone addiction. you thought we wanted something for the digital age? >> something to help people engage with each mother a real way. i -- each other in a real way. i think it symbolizes a movement. the bag is a tool. tripoli locks like a clothing tag in a store. if you want to use a phone, leave the zone-free zone. the bags were first introduced in tech-centric san francisco.
8:46 am
>> sometimes you see someone come in and kind of -- they're clutching at their phone like it's a baby. you can read it on their face, share itting, don't take my -- they're saying, don't take my phone. >> reporter: viewing the world through the screen of a smartphone. the yonder bags are now mandatory for everyone attending a performance by comedian dave chappelle. >> we've had a strict no cell phone rule for years. obviously if you look on youtube you will see that very few people adhere to it. >> reporter: before the bags, chappelle often found himself telling jokes to people distracted by their devices. >> it would be hard for you to talk to anybody if he was doing this the whole time you're talking. >> reporter: dugoni hopes to see the bags in arena that's seat as many as 20,000. >> after the first five minutes, twitchy hands and looking for their phone. people forget about it and slip into that kind of natural mode of interaction. that's the kind of golden moment. >> reporter: back at mercy high,
8:47 am
administrator summer at hditmer admit to having no phone anxiety. >> at a club they said, you need to put your phone in here, or you can't see anything happening at the venue. they gave me the thing to put the phone in. put it in my purse. >> reporter: you were separated from it. you couldn't use it. >> i was. it's like being separated from your own limb. in the end, i remembered more than i typically do at a concert. >> reporter: that experience prompted her to lease the bags for her school. for senior alli ick, it was a social adjustment. >> i could be on social media. i could be tempted to want to check my phone every second. the patches take away the feeling. off to worry about it so much. >> reporter: this junior had to bag her phone for three days on a school retreat. >> i could her it vibrating but couldn't grab it and use it. >> reporter: you hated it? >> i hated it so much. >> reporter: did you see any benefit when it was over?
8:48 am
>> it was a break from reality. i completely forgot about everything, even school. it was nice. >> reporter: not everyone is ready to let go of their electronic addictions. this concert-goer was caught red-handed. >> you're no longer welcome in -- >> i understand why people use their phones and why people are addicted to the technology. i'm not any different from them. people actually watch the show and they're in the moment, and they're vastly more fun to speak. >> reporter: an old-fashioned solution to a 21st century problem. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, burlingame, california. >> it has to be distracting for an art whift you're on stage and -- artist when you're on stage and see a sea of phones. rihanna said, i'm right here. we could have a moment, and you're looking at your phone. >> then others like bono have you put the lights and see -- >> the moment. true. a sailing event that hasn't taken place in new york in nearly 100 years. we'll show you what we're
8:49 am
talking about after the break. ,,
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be raised from 18 to 21. governor brown signed 'll take effe i'm kenny choi. time for some news headlines. the smoking age in california will be raised from 18 to 21. governor jerry brown signed the bill yesterday and it will take effect on june 9. the new vargas plateau regional park is over to the public above niles canyon in fremont. officials say it's best to carpool or by bicycle to get there. a child is being treated for minor burns in a hospital after an early-morning fire in vallejo. three adults and four children were in the home on karl avenue when the fire started. everyone else got out safely. now for a check of weather, here's roberta gonzales. >> it's getting very active on our hi-def doppler radar page. in fact, right now we're looking out towards mostly cloudy skies in dublin and it's hard to tell if we have light
8:56 am
rainfall. it looks like it moved into the tassajara area, lifted up north, could be a thunderstorm waiting to get more verification on that. also, picking up the possibility of a thunderstorm developing just right off highway 29 and look at the cell that's beginning to move into the healdsburg area. right now we have temperatures into the 50s and the low 60s. later today, from the 50s to the seashore up to 70 degrees inland. warmest locations southwest winds 10 to 20. a chance of a light shower, bank on it today at any time. a thunderstorm blossoming at any point of the day continued lightning and small hail. the unsettled weather pattern will continue on friday and saturday. then high pressure builds in. sunny dry, partly sunny, 64 to 74 degrees. gianna is next with traffic.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. if you are traveling along 680 as you head out of walnut creek this morning it's still busy no accidents. the good news though is stop- and-go conditions clear up past danville. you get a much better ride towards 580. but still 30 minutes to go from 24 to 580 this morning. a lot of the delays bog down at the connector over 24 through orinda and lafayette. conditions if you are going towards the bay bridge this morning heads up with stop-and- go conditions coming out of albany. stays slow through berkeley. looks like you have sluggish speeds still towards the bay bridge. with the metering lights on, northbound 101 out of the south bay still a 30-minute ride 280/680 to 237. northbound 280 not too much better. 101 to 680 to 85, that will
8:59 am
take you 20 minutes this morning. drive safe.
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