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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. [ sound of thunder and lightning ] thunder rolls into the bay area. lightning, too. the east bay bearing the brunt of the storm. >> and let's get straight to kpix 5's da lin, who is live in
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oakley. da. >> reporter: yeah, kenny and michelle. lightning strikes hitting quite a few locations here in the east bay. we know of at least two locations here in oakley. this is one of those right here, o'hara park middle school. it either struck the school or near the school. but enough to -- to, um, shake some of the classrooms as we understand. in fact, the fire department came out here to respond to the location here. i have, uhm, parents and a child here. jayden is an 8th grader at the middle school. we understand that the fire department came here, so what was it like, what did you hear? >> i just heard a big loud boom. i thought it was an explosion at first. but then we were told it was lightning hit. >> reporter: yeah. and mom, nicole, tell us why you decided to come here to pick up your kid. i know quite a few parents did today. >> um, well, he had texted me and said that he was a little nervous. it happened -- it struck about 5, 6 times, i'm told.
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>> reporter: thank you. yeah, so, um, this group, um, just one of the, um, one of the groups here, um, leaving the school today. we saw quite a few other parents and -- and kids, um, leaving the school. the kids were too scared. they couldn't concentrate in school today. also, there's another location nearby on o'hara court. we understand the fire department saying a lightning -- lightning actually struck a -- struck a metal flagpole and actually injured a woman. the woman was actually outside of her house, um, and had minor injuries and was taken to the local hospital. we understand she will -- should make a full recovery, according to the fire department. for now, um, live here in oakley, i'm da lin. i'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you. roberta gonzales is here and tracking it automatic. roberta? >> you know, this is happening so quickly. this morning, to see these kind of thunderstorms pop so early in the morning, it's extremely rare because usually one of the key ingredients you need for a thunderstorm is the afternoon heating. and this happened at 9:15 this morning.
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if you look carefully, can you see that particular lightning strike? it's right over here in between the o'hara street area, the o'hara avenue and brown road and laurel, that's the lightning bolt that reportedly hit a home in the area. we want to look at our live hi- def doppler radar. you see in the fairfield area, another cell is just developing right there off highway 12. you see more heavy rain and the potential of a thunderstorm blossoming right over here in the area. and we have more hit and miss pop-up showers anywhere from a line just outside of vacaville, that's some pretty heavy rainfall at this particular time, and then over here in the yountville area. that's what's going on right now. we still expect more activity to develop this afternoon. we're going to keep tracking this with our live hi-def doppler radar a little later in this newscast. new at noon, a police chase end in a crash near a busy east bay freeway. chopper 5 overhead as crews worked to right this overturned meals on wheels truck. this is on the 580 ramp near
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redwood road in castro valley. police say the driver stole the truck from downtown fremont around 10:15. officers found the truck and chased the driver through union city and hayward until it flipped. two people are now in custody. the on-ramp is expected to re- open very soon. vta light rail service is disrupted right now and a major street is closed because of a bizarre standoff in north san jose. kpix 5's kiet do has the latest on this developing story and joins us live from vta's component station. >> reporter: yeah. good afternoon. we are heading into the 11th hour of this incident and the sheriff's office says they are thinking out of the box trying something new, something they have never done before. they have pulled a judge out of court. judge steven manley a mental health judge an expert in this kind of stuff is here to provide advice and insight to the crisis negotiators. the man is 25-year-old kyle lewis. he did take a two-hour nap but now he is back up again talking with negotiators who actually got agitated when he covered his head with a blanket and so
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they yanked that blanket away from him. sheriff's deputies say they don't want to hurt him. they don't want to hurt themselves by going up there and possibly falling from that height. so deputies have made it clear, they are going to wait him out. so check out this dramatic video from earlier this morning. at 1:20 a.m., lewis was half naked when he flagged down a train, climbed on top and dangled and spun around the electric cable. at one point, he was hanging on it upside-down. by then, crews had already cut power to the train. since it was chilly, about 50 degrees, they threw him a blanket to keep warm. negotiators have been yoursing a cherry picker to get close and talk to him. he is on probation for an unknown prior arrest. case officer and mental health officials are here. deputies defended the decision to give him a blanket. you think that was a smart decision to do? >> it's always a smart decision to try to help a person out if he is in mental distress. we're trying to help him and calm him down. >> i know it's putting a huge
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damper on the city right now at this point. >> what do you think about this guy? >> i hope he gets the help he needs. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it is not clear why he jumped on the roof of that train to begin with. but he did at one point say end to, quote, mess up the commute. and yes, there is a big backup on first street. also vta has been running a bus bridge, delaying commuters by at least 30 minutes this morning. and so back here live, it is cool and breezy out here with a sprinkle every now and then. if it rains and he gets soaking wet and cold, he may come down on his only. live here in north san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. california's highest court hearing arguments today on governor brown's plan to reduce the state's prison population. he hopes to put it before voters in november. kpix 5's anne makovec on the major sticking point with the measure. >> reporter: right now, signatures are being gathered in an attempt to get this measure on the ballot this november. but its fate is first in the hands of the court. governor jerry brown's plan is
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meant to reduce the state's prison population. his ballot initiative would relax strict sentencing standards making it easier for nonviolent offenders to get paroled. but challengers say it's the way the governor went about it that could be the measure's undoing. >> the governor has basically hijacked an initiative that had been filed previously. >> reporter: he attached his plan on another initiative, one that would take away a prosecutor's discretion to try teenagers as adults. a lawyer representing a group of california district attorneys sued and in february, a lower court ruled that the initiative had been improperly filed. >> we don't think the voters were given an opportunity to even comment on it in the beginning of the process. >> the amendments were hidden in plain sight. they were posted on the attorney general's website. >> reporter: the state supreme court justices have 90 days to rule on this case. but they will likely do it a lot sooner than that. the deadline to get measures on to the ballot is june 30th. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> governor brown who is termed
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out of office in 2018 has about $24 million in his campaign account that he can spend on initiatives or candidate campaigns. ecigarettes will soon be controlled by federal regulators. today the food and drug administration finalized some new rules. ecigarette sales to people younger than 18 will be banned. buyers will have to show photo identification to prove their age. these measures are already in effect in several states and go nationwide in 90 days. as for traditional cigarettes, smokers will have been to be 21 or older to legally buy tobacco products in california. governor brown signed the bill yesterday set to take effect june 9. the latest government report shows a sharp increase in the number of sexual assaults on college campuses. the number of reported attacks more than doubled from 2001 to 2013 nationwide. that could be attributed to a higher percentage of attacks being reported as more attention is focused on the problem. the report was released by the
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justice department and national center for education statistics. here in the bay area, in 2014, stanford university had 26 cases of rape. uc-berkeley 15 reported cases. san francisco state had 5 reported rapes. and san jose state university had 2. an antioch police officer and at least three other people are being treated for injuries after someone in a carjacked vehicle opened fire. investigators say it followed a pursuit that began in bay point yesterday evening. the chase ended with a multi- vehicle crash at east leland and loveridge roads in pittsburg. >> i rolled up to the scene. i saw the accident. i heard the pops. just pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. he was just, you know, firing up the officers. they just started firing back. >> the suspect was not hit but later surrendered. meanwhile, police say they are looking into a likely connection between that incident and a shooting at a fast-food restaurant. they say a man opened fire yesterday morning at a mcdonald's on mahogany way. in that case, some of the
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restaurant's windows were shattered and a man inside suffered minor injuries. a child is being treated for minor burns after an overnight fire in vallejo. three adults and four kids were in the home on carle avenue when the fire started around 1:00. everyone else made it out without significant injuries. investigators say there is extensive damage to the home and it's not safe to live in. the cause is under investigation. still ahead, a bay area company picking up stakes and moving its headquarters to texas. what happens to its employees? >> plus, campaign to put down your cell phone, a bay area company's answer to get to you take a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the health and wellness com announced: it's moving from emeryville.. to the dallas .. in order to jamming ba juice is going to north texas. the health and wellness company announced it's moving were emeryville to the dallas suburb
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of frisco in order to better position themselves for sustainable long-term growth. the company expects to employ 100 workers there and some of them will be relocating. others will be new hires at jamba juice. some people can't put down the phones. a bay area startup is creating no phone zones by locking up the device. john blackstone reports. >> reporter: in their attachment to their smartphones, the students at mercy high in burlingame are physical teenagers. but when they enter the english class, the phones get locked into little bags which can't be opened until class is over. >> by separating something that's primarily for their social life, i'm hoping that it brings them more into the moment. >> reporter: these bags are made by a startup, attempting nothing less than breaking cell phone addiction. >> you that's we needed new etiquette for the digital age? >> yes, something to help people engage with each other in a real way.
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i think what it symbolizes is a movement and the bag is just the tool. >> reporter: the pouch locks much like a security tag in a clothing store. if someone needs to access his phone, he can choose to leave the phone free zone. the bags are now mandatory for everyone attending a performance by comedian dave chappell. >> we have had a strict no cell phone rule for years. obviously, if you look on youtube, you will see very few people adhere to it. >> reporter: before the bags, chappell often found himself telling jokes to people distracted by their devices. >> it would be very hard for you to talk to anybody if he was doing this the whole time you're talking. >> reporter: back at mercy high, jr. daniela clinton had to bag her phone for three days on a school retreat. >> i could hear it vibrating but couldn't use it and i hated it so much. >> reporter: did you see any benefit it when it was over. it was like a break from reality. i completely for get to about everything, even school.
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it was nice. >> reporter: and old-fashioned solution to a 21st century problem. john blackstone, burlingame, california. let's take a live look at the big board on wall street. the dow is down about 18 points. . we saw thunder and lightning. >> yesterday in the northern half of the state of california not so much in the bay area, but to the north, 244 lightning strikes recorded. look at all the lightning strikes. the state is lit up right now anywhere from the san francisco bay area to the north. tahoe has been getting pounded, as well. zooming in on mount vaca, can you see the lying by our radar site there? it's about 1, 2, 3, 4. here's another one that just popped up on the way towards kelseyville. ing this cloud-to-cloud lightning outside the lakeport
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area. they can hear the rumble of thunder. i had a lightning strike here a moment ago. it's now dissipated. but it was really crazy because at the same time i received an email from one of our weather watchers and she said she could hear the lightning and thunder. that was dana in novato. look at the dramatic sky over the tri-valley in the east bay right now. layers of clouds. if you see any rain today, it will be very minimal, nothing as far as accumulation is concerned. it's the thunderstorms that are keeping our eyes to the sky. it's 67 in livermore. here's our satellite and radar and you can see that we have the counterclockwise rotation of the precipitation spilling over the state right now. overcast skies, mild temperatures, a random shower and thunderstorm will occur this afternoon. and then the warming trend by mother's day. satellite-radar, here's the frontal boundary over the state. cutoff low is way over here. as it inches its way closer and closer to the state of california, that's when we start to get the unstable air mass with the daytime warming and that's when the thunderstorms pop. so it's really crazy to see those thunderstorms early this
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morning. here's our futurecast. and you can see that we still have some spotty showers in the forecast in the afternoon hours. but for the most part, boy, the dangerous thunder and lightning strikes, it seems to have ceased and we're in a bit of a lull at this time. our temperature today into the 50s and 60s. and while our temperatures are here a little bit seasonal, look what's happening at the "sierra at tahoe" area. they were hammered this morning with thunder, lightning, lots of rainfall and even snow at inclineville -- incline village at "sierra at tahoe." sunset at 8:04. tomorrow morning, sunrise promises to be cloudy. and a chance of rain on friday and saturday. by sunday, we begin to settle down and that will set the scene for a warming trend monday through wednesday but again, the activity we saw this morning was very rare because of the hour of the day. we still have that potential of a thunderstorm popping at any time at any location primarily
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i'm thinking east bay and north bay. but can't rule out the possibility for south bay. san francisco is quiet. >> okay. we know you'll be tracking it all, too. all right, roberta. beyonce fans, another bay area tour date is announced in addition to her sold-out may 16 convert at levi's stadium. she will bring her formation world tour again to levi's stadium. this time, september 17th. the first show was announced right after her super bowl 50 halftime performance. tickets for the september show go on sale to the general public a week from tomorrow. still ahead, a two-time cancer survivor giving back. how she is helping other patients know that they are not alone. >> "bike to work" day is one week away. and we want you to share your bike to work story. what's your most memorable mile? post your pictures and videos on our kpix 5 facebook, twitter or instagram and we'll put some of them on air. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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words: "you have cancer." for one south bay woman, hearing that... began a 40- mission to make ever . sharon chin has they are devastating words, you have cancer. for one south bay woman, hearing that began a 40-year mission to make every day count for others. sharon chin has today's jeffrey thomas carney. -- has today's jeffrey thomas carney jeff jefferson award winner. -- sharon chin has today's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: gay crawford knows how it feels to get a cancer diagnosis, and she has been wrapping her arms of care and comfort around cancer survivors in sillicon valley. theresa heger takes a qi gong movement class to fight her second bout with breast cancer. >> when you first get diagnosed, it's really frightening. >> reporter: she has found empathy and compassion here at cancer carepoint. >> also people here understand if you are having a good day or
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a bad day. >> these blankets are made by volunteers. >> reporter: gay crawford co- founded cancer carepoint three years ago. the san jose nonprofit provides free support services for patients and their families so they need not go through cancer alone. >> a place where they can be safe. >> reporter: gay designed cancer carepoint to be a warm welcoming place from the fireplace near the entry to the personal greeting at the front door. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: a two-time cancer survivor, gay was first diagnosed in 1974, when there wasn't much support for patients. but she changed that through cancer carepoint. 2500 people have used its resources from exercise and nutrition classes to counseling. >> we serve everybody. >> reporter: executive director rob tufel says gay touches people in the fight of their lives. >> she understands what they are going through. and she still makes that personal connection. >> reporter: over four decades, gay started a county program to visit breast cancer patients in hospitals. she co-founded california's second hospice, hospice of the valley, helped create a statewide registry of new cases, and led the effort to make the new stanford cancer center patient-friendly.
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>> started going to it while i was still on treatment. >> reporter: but she is especially proud she began courageous kids day at great america 27 years ago for hundreds of children with cancer. >> they call it a day away from cancer. and, of course, it really isn't away. but they come and they have a good time . >> reporter: jennie magid's >> reporter: cherishes gay and her teams years after her husband and daughter died of cancer. >> they are like another family. they embrace you. >> patients say i walk through that door and i found my home. makes it all worthwhile. >> reporter: so for creating a family of cancer support in the sillicon valley, this week's jefferson award winner goes to gay crawford. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> if you or someone you know could use the service and support of cancer carepoint, go to our website, we'll be right back. ,,
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wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. a man sitting on top of a v train... disrupting th s. let's check back on a developing situation in san jose. a man sitting on top of a vta train disrupting the commute for hours. >> kiet do is live at the scene. >> reporter: yeah. this has been going on for 11 hours now. 25-year-old kyle lewis climbed on a vta light rail at 1:20
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a.m. negotiators say he makes sense one moment and in the next moment he is speaking gibberish. it's not clear why he is up there. he said he wanted to mess up the morning commute. he has been arrested and convicted for unknown prior crime. his probation officer is here. they will wait him out. kiet do, kpix 5. thank you. and that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,
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>> julius: i don't know what you're thinking, nicole, but that tone of voice is unacceptable. now, you might be old enough to call yourself an adult, but i am still your father, and you will respect that. >> nicole: oh, yes. because you've taken the role of father so seriously over the years. >> vivienne: nicole, what are you getting at? >> nicole: tell her, dad. or i will. >> katie: so the doctor was telling the truth. the baby isn't yours. and if you're not the father... who is? >> thomas: i wonder what he dreams about. >> caroline: eating, i suppose.


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