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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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suspect's trail of violence next.
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thunder. lightning. one bolt eve live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. area house. the impact so g fan [ thunder ] thunder, lightning, one bolt even struck this bay area house, the impact so powerful the ceiling fan fell off and a woman had to be hospitalized. >> taking a live look outside from treasure island now, tonight we are getting a bit of a break from the wild wire, but paul deanno says there's a chance of new thunderstorms again tomorrow. >> we may see a repeat performance, guys. we only get two thunderstorm days per year on average. this year they may be today and tomorrow. we're looking at a few showers still in southern santa clara, otherwise we are drying out tonight. look at the snow, thunder snow over the sierra, more showers and thunderstorms for northern
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california, our second consecutive rather wild day when it comes to may when. what does futurecast say? futurecast says we'll be watching things moving in from the east. thunderstorms that bubble up overnight over the sierra may turn into light to moderate rain showers impacting part of the morning commute. we could see a widespread light rain event before lunchtime tomorrow and there's still the chance of a few afternoon thunderstorms. talk about if any of this will impact your mother's day weekend coming up. the backyard.. almost co in yuba city the onlying jumping into that swimming pool today was hail, lots of it, the backyard almost covered by ice pellets. lightning bolts struck a bay area home, a school. tonight cate cauguiran shows us the damage. peta >> reporter: a light show mixed with mother nature's rumblings filled the skies in petaluma. >> right now power is being shut off to the home. >> reporter: over in oakley the light show there quickly took a scary turn. >> i just heard a big loud
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boom. i thought it was an explosion at first. >> it kept hitting. it hit about six times. >> reporter: after 1 woman was hospitalized when a bowl of lightning hit this house -- bolt of lightning hit this house. >> we didn't realize it was a lightning strike. i thought maybe the propane tank blew up. it was that severe. >> reporter: the energy blew out the base of this flagpole. it's believed the residual energy somehow shocked james douglass' sister working outside at the time. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries by paramedics. >> really a scary moment. >> reporter: kind of like the scary moment nicole harvey felt after her son jayden texted her. >> he said his school was hit by lightning and they were being evacuated. so i panicked. >> reporter: students at o'hara park middle school were evacuated from the building after firefighters believe lightning struck the school triggering the fire alarm and causing the clocks and p.a. system to malfunction. >> it was really scary because like the clocks were moving.
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i thought it was an earthquake, but then they said it was thunder. an alameda county firefighter was hurt putting out a house fire near san leandro. thick black clouds of smoke were pouring from this home on liberty street before 5:00 today. a window header from the house fell on the firefighter's head knocking him to the ground, but he should be okay. we've learned that crazy chase and shootout that sent an east bay police officer to the hospital last night was just the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: police now say the wild shootout in pittsburg was the third time in the same day the suspect opened fire with his shotgun. the motive? investigators say he was angry at his girl friend. the first was before 9 a.m. here at mcdonald's on mahogany way in antioch. his girl friend is an employee here but wasn't at work at the time. another worker was wounded by the shotgun blast. luckily no kids were in the
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play area. 15 minutes later the suspect drove to this house in pittsburg, more shot gun blasts. his girl friend was not inside. she has relatives who live here. nobody was hurt. later around 6:00 the gunman carjacked there bmw from a 17- year-old, then led police on a high speed chase through antioch on to pittsburg. he crashed starting a chain reaction car wreck injuring four people. then he traded gunfire with police. one officer was wounded, minor injuries. >> the killings and shootings all over random stupid stuff, girl friend issues, come on now. >> that's not from our city. >> reporter: the mayor of pittsburg says the crime rate here is the lowest in 10 years. >> the antioch police department chased it right into our city. obviously he hit a truck and that's what stopped the whole ball from him doing worse things maybe. >> reporter: in pittsburg joe vazquez, cbs5. >> antioch police say for now they aren't releasing the officer's name who was shot. we live in the tech capital of the world they say, but a
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glitch with the radio system has oakland police officers scratching their heads tonight. the department had to come up with a plan b when the equipment went down today. betty, this isn't the first time this has happened. >> reporter: that's right, ken. unfortunately this is nothing new for the oakland police department. its radio system has been going out from time to time. well, tonight a city council member said that he is tired of these breakdowns that he believes jeopardizes the safety of officers. this afternoon the oakland police radio system failed and it isn't the first time. it has a rocky history. at times it's left officers unable to communicate with each other during emergencies. opd says it went to a backup county system and everything was working again within 40 minutes, but that's not good enough for council member noel dyo. >> for me to hear our radios are off and on sometimes, it
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sets back public safety and it kind of holds back our police officers because they have no confidence in the previous radio system. >> reporter: the city council approved joining the countywide radio system in 2014, but the full transition has not yet been made. to make matters worse, during today's radio glitch opd's computer-aided dispatch or c.a.t. went out for three hours. officers and firefighters used the data business for addresses, phone numbers and information to respond to calls. during the outage dispatchers had to write down incidents on paper. >> but, you know, that's the oakland okie-doke way. well, it doesn't work that way, let's use it the way we did 20 years ago. right now other law enforcement agencies are not having the same issues we have. so we just got to get it right. >> reporter: the oakland police department did not want to go on camera tonight. i spoke to the oakland police officers association and a
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spokesperson said that going to that backup system was a very good thing today and that that c.a.t. outage was not too big of deal. live in oakland betty yu, kpix5 news. after our investigation into one of the big he is property owners in san francisco, tonight -- biggest property owners in san francisco, tonight only on 5 we've learned the city is filing a lawsuit accusing the academy of art of unfair business practices, at issue, the school's more than 40 properties spread throughout the city, many of them historic. the problem, it rarely gets permits to convert them into classrooms and dorms. fines have been issued, then put on hold multiple times over the past 10 years. we're potentially talking about millions of dollars, but so far the university's owner hasn't paid a dime. inancial benefit of its founders' family," "depriving san francisco of ousing stock." the complaint alleges the academy expanded aggressively "for the financial benefit of its founder's family depriving san francisco of critical housing stock." kpix5 has learned the academy recently proposed to build new
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student housing and pay $10 million to the city over time as a settlement. the proposal apparently was not accepted and the lawsuit will be filed tomorrow morning. in a school lawsuit in gil one of the most famous lawyers in the country is now involved in a school lawsuit in gilroy. a teacher is accused of preying on hundreds of children. maria medina says that one mother claims the district did nothing for years. y daught >> i am disgusted that the district did not do enough to protect my daughter. >> reporter: standing in front of the gilroy unified school district office celeste ben told a crowd of reporters how district leaders allegedly failed to protect students. >> our voices have not been heard. >> reporter: now one of the country's top lawyers is standing by ben's side suing the district for allegedly breaking the law. >> the district failed to report the abuse as required. >> reporter: ben said she told school staff this teacher douglas lay sent harassing
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texts to her daughter, but instead of being removed from the classroom he continued to work as a chemistry teacher two years ago. this week he was arrested accused of posing as a woman online to get hundreds of current and former gilroy lie boils to send them nude photos. >> i think the guy is sick. >> reporter: nancy gale's granddaughter is in the same district and believes more could have been done. >> fire him. they should have called the cops. you know, they should have done something right away. >> reporter: harsh lesson for the district and now it's time they pay the consequences they say. >> the school district gets an f grade on protecting the students and because they failed to take meaningful action, many more children were harmed. >> reporter: in gilroy maria medina, kpix5. >> and a district board member says that they did not take mr. lay off the job two years ago because they did not believe that he had committed a crime. lay resigned from his job last
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week. in san jose deputies said come down, but that man in a yellow towel refused to listen for 12 hours. it all started at 1:30 this morning when 25-year-old kyle lewis flagged down a vta light rail train, climbed on top of it and used the high volage power lines like a trapeze. to get him down the sheriff's department brought in a deputy who knows kyle. according to the mercury news, that deputy used trail mix to lure him down. kyle was taken for a psychiatric evaluation. we heard from a bay area mother a couple hours ago who is going toe to toe with the department of justice over her son's death. kpix5's andria borba was there for the showdown and this woman is furious. >> ken, gwen wood said she hoped her complaints did not fall on deaf ears tonight.
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[ can't hear audio ] >> reporter: in front of a packed room filled with supporters for the justice for mario woods coalition three representatives from the department of justice's cops program got an earful tonight about the san francisco police department. mario woods' mother gwen said the racest text message scandal is directly linked to her son's death. >> they stand it's animals. it's a black one, they said any day is a good day for lynching. they said to lower high blood pressure, guess what? they like to shoot negroes because i still think if someone would have called them to task and not let that sit, my child may be here to tell his side of the story. >> reporter: the crowd was loud and angry calling the doj reps political pawns called in by mayor ed lee and chief greg
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suhr to assess sfpd and not much else. >> investigate is not a word they use because they don't have that authority. that's correct? >> that's a question. you need to answer that. is that correct? >> no, we're not investigating. >> reporter: the crowd demanded more from the reps, more from the doj, reform action from anyone. >> that's the message. go tell your higher-ups give us what we need and what this community deserves! [ applause ] >> and stop playing games! [ applause ] enough is enough! [ applause ] ustice -- similar >> reporter: now the coalition wants a full civil rights investigation of the san francisco police department by the department of justice similar to what attorney general loretta lynch ordered in chicago. andria borba, kpix5 news. hillary clinton is in california tonight, the democratic presidential candidate held this rally at east los angeles college. tomorrow she'll be in oakland holding a campaign event at la
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escolita elementary school. on the republican side some top gop leaders are turning their backs on donald trump tonight. house speaker paul ryan says he's not ready to endorse him. >> i'm just not ready to endorse him at this point. i'm not there right now and i hope to and i want to, but i think what's required is that we unify this party. >> in a statement mr. trump came back and said he's not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda but hopes to work together in the future. also tonight the presuch active republican nominee is catching a -- presumptive republican nominee is catching a little heat for this tweet that reads happy cinco de mayo. the best taco bowls are made in the trump tower grill. i love hispanics. the thing is the trump tower grill does not serve taco bowls, but the cafe does.. police chased a murder suspect inside a black mercedes for hours tonight. eventually the car blew tires on a spike victim, scraped
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along a guardrail and police fired tear gas and they captured the suspect about an hour ago. investigators say the man under arrest is suspected in an attempted drive-by shooting on monday. well, this is driving the largest evacuation in north america in decades happening right now tonight, an entire city in canada has been forced out. fire hasn't threatened an entire city on this scale since the san francisco earthquake 110 years ago. the fire in alberta exploded in size since sunday and tonight it has grown to 200 10,000 acres. 10,000 ache -- 210,000 acres, larger than the city of chicago. >> reporter: 49 fires are raging, at least seven out of control. >> air tankers will not stop this fire. this is an extreme fire event. >> i can feel the heat here. this is insane. >> reporter: the fire tore through the town of ft.
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mcmurray, population 88,000. hundreds of homes, whole neighborhoods were destroyed. >> there's nothing there. there's nothing left. there's so many homes gone. ough industry >> reporter: the canadian government sent in reinforcements as huge plumes of smoke grew in the sky. >> it's very stressful. you don't know what's burned and what's not burned, when you can go back and now you're sitting here and all you see is red flames. it's pretty scary. >> these fires brought the oil sands industry in alberta to a halt because the oil companies have to make sure their employees are safe. the good news, so far no loss of life. allen martin, kpix5. a new warning about the san andreas fault. a leading quake scientist says it's locked, loaded and ready to roll. at the national earthquake conference in long beach emergency officials said they're ready. the san andreas is one of the most dangerous faults in california. it's been quiet a long time, too long says scientists. the advice? get that earthquake kit ready.
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>> however much water you already storm, get some more because we're going to lose all of the aqueducts coming into southern california and we're going to lose most of the pipes going into people's houses. >> officials say a magnitude 7.8 quake on the southern portion of the san andreas could kill hundreds of people. you might want to get away and if you're planning to jet away this summer, you're in luck. according to the air fare site hopper, flight prices are expected to be the cheapest they've been in seven years. the drop in costs of jet fuel may be the biggest reason. an average domestic round trip flight will cost about 240 bucks in june, 20% less than it would have cost two years ago. do you get jetlag when you fly across time zones? only on 5 tonight sharon chin on the portable silicon valley- based tool that could be the cure. >> reporter: when stanford phd student tim frank flies to germany for an engineering
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conference, he knows he'll struggle with jetlag in his first workshop. >> i find it difficult to stay away in the afternoon. >> reporter: but on this trip he felt fine. he credits a sleep mask. >> wearing it the night before and the first night i arrived i was ready to go. >> reporter: the mask uses light therapy to help your body clock adjust to a new time zone while you sleep. the product comes from researcher jamie zeitzer of stanford's sleep study center and startup lumos tech. the mask will flashlights when the sun rises in new york to fool your brain into thinking you're on east coast time. >> what we're doing basically with these flashes of light is we're mimicking what's occurring with the sun except it's occurring while you're asleep. >> reporter: so when you wake up? >> your brain is almost all the way in new york. >> reporter: you program the map by entering the information
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by the app. inside the mask you can see flashes of light underneath the diffuser kind of like camera flashes, very short. most people say they don't disrupt their sleep. about 200 people have tested the technology, some of them here at stanford sleep lab. lumos tech ceo vanessa burn said the light therapy can adjust a person's body clock by about two to three hours a night. >> if you're traveling to europe or going somewhere transcontinental so more than three hours, you can use it multiple nights and it could have an additive effect. >> reporter: tech executive big reichert wore the mask to china on business. he had to get used to wearing the mask but said he did not have his usual problem sleeping through the night. >> i'll give national credit to the sleep mask and partial credit to the fact -- partial credit to the sleep mask and partial credit to the fact i was just exhausted. >> reporter: graveyard shift workers who need to get to bed when it's still daylight can ice the plastic.
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>> this will enable -- can use the mask. >> this will enable night workers to use it. >> the team is working on how to make the mask more efficient so that one night of light therapy can adjust a person's sleep schedule of six to eight hours. >> what if you had eight hours sleep in the last 20 years, paul? >> i don't think the mask would help. eighth time in 10 days late april and early may it's snowing in the sierra again in and around tahoe. yes, it's high elevation snow, but man, we are still adding to the snowpack in early may. around the bay area we are plainly dry and will stay dry the next couple hours but more rain and chance of thunderstorms once again tomorrow. temperatures outside are mild. it is humid, probably felt sticky today outside, great
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sunset from our san jose camera where it's 60 currently, santa rows upper 50s. -- santa rosa upper 50s, friday morning in santa rosa 51, redwood city 51 degrees. we told you there would be some showers and a few thunderstorms because of this area of low pressure. that happened, but where that low is centers really determines how much rain we get because that is the steering path of the storms. the past 24 hours it's moved from southeast to northwest. that meant places like antioch and travis air force base in the north. you got the rain, but san francisco didn't see a drop. tomorrow low pressure is centered over bakersfield and the san joaquin valley which means the counterclockwise flow around it will take all the unstable air over the sierra tomorrow morning and send it east to west back toward the bay area, so a better opportunity for widespread light rain and that small chance of thunderstorms exists again. 9:00 tomorrow morning we'll have some showers out there, scattered showers, isolated
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thunderstorms at about 4:00 tomorrow evening, even the chance of a few showers overnight into saturday morning and even a chance of a few showers impacting the beginning of your weekend, but by lunchtime saturday the rain is done. mother's day should be fine. rain chances again, tiny chance of a thunderstorm. showers are out of here by saturday afternoon. livermore 67, napa 66, redwood city 65. a couple sprinkles saturday morning and then we're done. mother's day looks good, not that warm but nice, warmer monday and by the middle of next week we're talking sunshine and 70s and 80s, but we may see another thunderstorm tomorrow. >> great. >> we need it, more rain. >> thanks, paul. tonight why metallica spent the day at a bay area beach. >> coming up on the late show with stephen colbert judge judy and jack poulson. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. day at the beach. musicians kirk hammett and robe they're known for their hit song enter sand man and today members of metallica spent the day at the beach. >> makes sense. giants pitcher jeff the shark
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samardzija participated in a clean-up at ocean beach with the band. tomorrow is the fourth annual metallica night at at&t park. history on the ice this evening, the longest game in nashville history, just how many overtimes did it take? sharks and predators, a game four thriller next. ,,,, at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. our partnership with habitat for humanity ,,,, allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most.
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the nissan sports report come up next on kpix5. be with -- coming up next on kpix5. the longest hockey game ended just after 1 a.m. in tennessee. a nashville loss tonight and their playoff hope would hang by a thread. another five minutes left, sharks leading 3 -2, but a pass to martin jones and the game goes to overtime. joel pavelski appears to score the game winning goal, but it's waved off after a review. the referees ruled pavelski interfered with the goalie and we will play on, controversial. game goes all the way to the third overtime where the predators mike fisher scored off the rebound to end it. after 109 minutes nashville wins 4-3 to tie the series now 2-2. game five is saturday.
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>> just take us through the game winner, if you, would please. >> i'm so tired i almost forgot. it was a good play to get eckel free in the middle. i got the rebound and got it home. >> big daddy cain has a big giant e.r.a. allowing eight earned runs in four innings against colorado. the rockies teed off sending 17 men to the plate collecting 10 hits scoring 13 runs to turn a game that was 4-3 colorado. >> where's time? >> 17-7 the final there. time for your daily steph curry update. head coach steve kerr says curry is unlikely to play in saturday's game three in portland. the mvp has missed the last three games with a sprained
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knee. warriors getting ready in portland in better shape than the sharks are right now, but you mentioned lincecum. tomorrow he'll pitch audition for over 20 major league teams. he wants a starting league spot and the giants are among those teams. he's e.r.a. is over 7 and the giants is over 9. he may have a spot in that rotation. >> time come home. >> we'll be right back. -- timmy come home. >> we'll be right back. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois?
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> judge judy is on. >> stephen, stephen, i need to talk to you about a pizza. got a minute? >> no. gotcha! now, it's at the top of the show or act five. >> don't ask him. it's just my stunt double. >> how much do you even pay for this stunt double? >> gotta go. (theme song playing) >> tonight, stephen welcomes judge judy! zac posen! and w. ka-mao bell!


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