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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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out.. all over the your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now at noon, umbrellas out all over the bay area. people in san francisco were ready for today's rain. >> showers in the east bay, too. a look from our dublin camera
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shows it coming down steadily. >> a soaker in downtown san jose. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to roberta, who is tracking the rain from our weather center. >> we have not stopped ever since it moved into the bay area from the central valley but so far, good news is we have not seen any kind of thunderstorm activity. let's get to it. it's live our hi-def doppler radar picking up the rain showers from the city of san francisco also in the north bay from muir beach through the golden gate bridge into the sunset district. the richmond district with rain, south san francisco, sfo with delays on some arriving flights just up to about 2 hours at this particular time. you can see the san mateo bridge is definitely wet. this precipitation moved in from the central valley. and it moved to the west and sagged to the south not typical for us here in the bay area. generally, our rain moves in from the north to the south. as i take a look at all this on
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our time lapse map it is surging into the santa clara valley making tracks toward monterey bay. you have to ask now, what's in store for the weekend? how will the latest rain affect your saturday and mother's day? i have those details coming up a little later in this newscast. dana stubblefield's defense team firing back today in the high-profile sexual assault case involving the former 49ers. they are now calling on the district attorney to recuse himself from the case and be replaced with an unbiased prosecutor. >> a lot of the statements made by the district attorney's office, um, about his potential guilt and receiving a stiff sentence when he is convict, all these types of things we feel are meant to inflame prejudice and not inform the public. >> stubblefield was arrest in front of his children monday. he is accused of raping a woman who had plied to be a nanny at his morgan hill home last year. stubblefield said he is innocent and that the sex was consensual. let's get right to kpix 5 legal analyst retired judge ladoris
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cordell in palo alto. and ladoris, what are your thoughts on this? >> reporter: well, first of all, recusal request to disqualify an entire prosecutor's office is not unprecedented. it is unusual. it won't be granted because it's based on what they claim is an inflammatory press very release, the defense is going on the offense. from the moment the charges were filed they had the client make a statement about his innocence and they are coming out with both barrels saying we're not going to take it and we're going to throw everything we have at this case. that's really what's going on. >> so what happens now because of this? >> well, what happens now is that they have a motion pending. a judge will have to decide whether or not that entire office should be recused. if it is disqualified, then the
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attorney general's office would come in and prosecute the case most likely. i don't think that's going to happen. i thinthe motion will be denied but more important is the message that the defense is sending to the prosecutors. >> okay, judge cordell, thank you for that insight. just a short time ago the city of san francisco filed a lawsuit against the academy of art university. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from san francisco to explain why a long dispute has gone a step further. >> reporter: dispute with the academy of art university. this is the civil suit filed today in san francisco superior court. it says that the university was running a, quote, real estate scheme for profit and that it flagrantly ignored and flouted zoning regulations. >> academy of art is an egregious land use scofflaw and its defiance persists at the worst possible time for our residents. >> reporter: it's the largest private art school in the country, occupying 40 san
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francisco buildings and city attorney dennis herrera says at least 23 of them are being used illegally for things like offices and dorms, violations that have been ongoing for 10 years. >> the scale of aau's defiance has been breathtaking. >> reporter: the planning department admits it's given the university some breaks over the years, most recently to finish an environmental impact report that is already five years behind schedule. >> when you have parties as you do in this case that want this resolved, you don't have to file a lawsuit. >> reporter: that's one of the university's lawyers who says the university is planning to build new housing for its students and pay $10 million to the city over time. >> our plan is to wrap all this up in a resolution that is satisfactory to the planning commission. >> reporter: but city leaders say it's too little too late. >> the academy has played san francisco for a fool. but that's coming to an end today. >> reporter: now, in addition
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to fines an penalties, this suit seeks a permanent injunction that would force the university to turn all of the units that are right now zoned as housing back into actual housing. the city attorney says that accounts for about 300 homes. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we are getting our first look this noon at the two people accused of stealing then crashing a "meals on wheels" truck. police arrested 45-year-old regal nun n and a 33-year-old man both from fremont and face a number of charges. police say the pair made off with the van after trying to carjack a woman from her vehicle in fremont. they flipped the truck on a 580 on-ramp in castro valley. no meals were on the truck at the time. hillary clinton is visiting oakland today. kiet do has a preview of the democratic front-runner's appearance just a short time from now. >> reporter: it is all quiet at la escuelita elementary school in oakland right now but in
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just a couple of hours this place will be swarming with police officers, secret service agents, bomb-sniffing dogs, national press, the whole nine yards. it's an organizing event but hillary clinton could attract all kinds of people like she did in l.a. yesterday. now, it was a lively but peaceful event in east l.a. but it was clear she is focusing her attention on california now that the primary is a month away. 100 protestors were outside demonstrating on a scattered range of issues. inside a half dozen people were ejected for disrupting the speech. clinton made an appeal to latino voters by bashing donald trump. she reminded the crowd of trump's plan for [ non-english language ] , while qualifying undocumented immigrants are exempt from deportation. >> he pledged in his first days in office to scrap daka et dapa and to finalize a design for a giant wall on the border. well, the best way to prevent that from happening is to make sure he never gets near the white house [ screaming ] !
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>> reporter: doors open at 2, goes from 4 to 5 p.m. take bart if you are coming according to the organizers. in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. >> clinton has already won 92% of the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination leaving bernie sanders a tough path to victory. senator lindsey graham says he won't vote. he joins a growing list of republicans who say they are not supporting the nominee. reporter weijia jang has more on how trump is hoping to mend the divided party. >> reporter: donald trump rallied in west virginia thursday night. his first event since becoming the presumptive nominee for the republicans. >> but everybody is out. i'm the only one left. that's okay, right? >> yeah! >> reporter: that depends on who you ask. several high-profile establishment republican insiders say they won't endorse trump yet including house speaker paul ryan. >> i hope to support his canadasty fully and i want to do that. at this point, i'm just not there right now. >> reporter: ryan and trump will meet next week in an
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attempt to smooth over their differences. rnc chairman reince priebus says they will get there in the end. >> i'm comfortable with the idea that it's going to take some time in some cases for people to work through differences. >> reporter: many republicans are concerned trump's candidacy will split the party which would hand the white house to hillary clinton. >> if they end up not working together, i can promise you not just a democratic president but a democratic senate who could even see a democratic house. >> reporter: weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> the front-runner in the race for barbara boxer's u.s. senate seat will be in downtown stay this evening. state attorney general kamala harris will deliver the key note address at the santa clara county democratic party's annual dinner. it's being held at the fairmont. polls show harris is the leading contender to replace boxer who will retire after
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this term. the u.s. economy added 160,000 jobs last month, the weakest gain in seven months. unemployment rate is still 5%. average hourly earnings rose by .3%. some paychecks are getting bigger but the president wants more. >> so the unemployment rate has been growing. unemployment has been falling. and wages have been rising. but the global economy, as many people here are aware, is not growing as fast as it should be. we are still seeing lagging growth in places like europe, japan, and now china. >> today president obama called on congress to raise the minimum wage simplify the tax code and pass new trade agreements. still ahead, a show in the sky. the latest mission from spacex. >> a warning about medical apps on your smartphone. what doctors say you need to know before you download. >> and we continue to track the rain over the bay area right now. your full forecast with roberta is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they say he may be this just in. maryland police have arrested a suspect in a deadly shooting in the suburbs of d.c. they say that he may be responsible for a series of crimes including shootings at a mall and a grocery store this morning. authorities say that a woman died at a grocery store. one man died and two others were hurt at a mall a few miles away. police say there's no reason to believe that the victims knew the shooter. a spacex falcon 9 rocket roared to life and took off from cape canaveral, florida this morning. it lit up the sky with a streak of fiery exhaust. it boosted a powerful japanese communications satellite into space. then it successfully landed on and off shore barge for the
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second month in a row. the same thing happened on april 8 during a space station supply run for nasa. a live look now from wall street as we close out the week and the dow is up 71 points. lottery retailers will be busy today and tomorrow. the jackpot for the powerball drawing for tomorrow night is estimated at $415 million. if someone wins it and decides to take a lump sum, he will get about $270 million. no one has won the full powerball jackpot since march 2 so the prize keeps growing. on the healthwatch, many patients are relying more on mobile health and wellness apps to diagnose and deal with illnesses. but doctors say don't trust everything you actual his click on. cbs reporter chris martinez looks at what you should know before you download. >> then i turned it on. >> reporter: every morning 88- year-old milton meissner checks and reports his vitals like weight, temperature and blood pressure using his ipad. >> now, it is transmitting. >> reporter: his stats are
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instantly sent to his doctors through an online app. >> and the numbers are accurate. you can't fool around with the numbers. >> reporter: milton's healthcare app approved by physicians at usc's medical center works the way it should. but dr. saxon says that's not always the case. >> we see applications that run the gamut, super responsible great applications and applications that don't do anything near what they claim to do. >> reporter: right now, there are more than 165,000 health and wellness apps available on your phone or your tablet. but only a fraction of them have been validated by the fda. >> the fda has approved over 160 regulated medical applications. >> reporter: dr. saxon says many other apps on the market today haven't been tested enough for accuracy and others have gone entirely unvetted. a study from johns hopkins university found one popular blood pressure app gave measurements that were flat-out wrong. it's been pulled off the market. >> it looks too good to be true, it probably is. >> reporter: the doctor is now
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part of an fda panel working to develop global guidelines and regulations for healthcare apps. doctors say to consult with your physician if you plan to use an app to find out if it will benefit your healthcare. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. now back to our rainy weather, roberta. >> our live hi-def doppler radar has been very busy this morning and it has been pretty spot on where the precipitation is and where it is going. at this particular time we're calling on this live image and we see the wraparound moisture associated with the cutoff low that's to the south of the bay area. heaviest rainfall is in daly city streaming into pacifica, burlingame across from the san mateo bridge, as well. and then we have the rain showers pretty much still link, around the tri-valley which so far we have picked up to .10" of rain in some neighborhoods. we'll see more rain as the
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afternoon progresses. bill moon from orinda picked up .07" of rain today. thank you, bill, for checking in. i got to tell you i'm just loving futurecast. yesterday it was absolutely accurate on the timing of the rain. today, same story. lunchtime right here, there's the rainfall. we buy a bit of a break during the afternoon. but we could still see the possibility of a thunderstorm pop at any time. santa rosa you will wake up to raindrops on the rooftops tomorrow morning. hit-and-miss scattered showers beginning late afternoon hours entering the concord, clayton and walnut creek areas. and as we forge ahead we just want to give you a taste of mom's day. partly to mostly cloudy skies. but it will be precipitation- free. all right. let's get to it. this is the scene right now at the san mateo bridge. we showed you it was raining and we have some raindrops on the camera lens. temperatures right now pretty mild into the 50s at all locations. meanwhile, the winds have been at 10 miles per hour. so we had the random shower and thunderstorm today. this is our satellite and radar. we have the area of low
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pressure right here. precipitation is lifting up to the north and then to the west. so today -- [ dog barking ] >> -- we have this area of low pressure. the rain is wrapping around and moving from the inland locations to the coast. very different scenario for us. and while we have the rain, it's snow above 8,000 feet in the highest elevations of the greater lake tahoe area. rain below that. about 3 inches expected over the next 24 hours. we can anticipate some minor rising in the local creeks and streams in the greater lake tahoe area and the possibility of some flooding. temperatures here locally today in the 60s with a southwest wind 20 miles an hour. by the time the sun goes down, we will have realized temperatures today pretty much 50s beaches, 60s inland. there you have it. we have to increase the rain again on saturday. and then on sunday for mother's day we are taking about some mild conditions, a warming trend through thursday. you know, i think it was raining cats and dogs for a moment there. [ laughter ] >> that's why you heard the bark! >> someone wants to be on tv
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really soon. >> we have pay big dog in the studio! [ laughter ] >> a -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> interrupting my weather with that! >> our pet expert is here with what owners need to know about prostate disease. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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disease can also be a serio issue for male dogs. our pet expert, dr. jill chase here along with "oliver junior"... what do owners need to look out for? prostate disease can be a serious issue for male dogs. our pet expert is here with oliver.
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what dopers need to look out for? -- what do owners need to look out for? >> this is oliver. so the thing about unneuter male dogs is they have the potential for infection and prostate disease. we don't see it too often because most owners have their dogs neutered but oliver is a perfect example. he is an unneuterred male. he was a sire, he had a puppy. he has been having blood in his urine which is one of the signs of prostate disease. it's easy to deal with usually if you neuter them so he is actually getting neutered we think next week. that's the plan. and i wanted to mention it because sometimes it's a silent disease. people don't know it's going on. or urinary tract infection. >> what are the symptoms? >> sometimes they will drink more water and sometimes urinate more than usual. not always. but that's one of the things. but biggest find is usually blood in the urine and we can diagnose usually by doing an ultrasound of the abdomen and look at the prostate and see the changes there consistent
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with infection or disease that might be treatable by just removing the testicles and getting rid of the hormones. >> any other treatments for the dogs? >> antibiotics. so right now oliver is on antibiotics. oliver! [ laughter ] >> he is on antibiotics right now but thing is he would be on antibiotics for a very long time and so the expense of that versus neutering him, you know, donors have to make that decision. >> dr. chase, thank you for >ç joining us. and oliver thank you for joining us, as well. if you have questions about your pet's health and well- being, just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. good-looking dog. a reminder now, "bike to work" day is next thursday. we want to share your bike to work stories. post your pictures and videos on our social media sites and we'll put them on the air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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great willie mays is celebrg his 85th birthday -- and is g honored by san f coming up later on kpix 5 news at 5:00 baseball great willie mays is celebrating his 85th birthday and is being honored by san francisco. how his number 24 will live on for years. that story and more at 5. it is a rainy friday. let's get one last check with roberta. >> we have seen up to about a tenth inch of rain. we'll take it! to wet our gardens. this is it the wraparound moisture is going south. hard hit now with moderate to heavy rainfall, no
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thunderstorms, pacifica to the santa clara valley. alviso with plenty of rain showers. moderate rain in the santa clara valley. and you can see the heaviest rain right there. it's streaming across modesto south of san jose to morgan hill and gilroy. seeing a little bit of clearing right there in brentwood. but light rain behind it in discovery bay. it will be dry by mother's day. >> you promise. i promise. >> okay. >> have a great happy mother's day weekend. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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♪ >> caroline: we cannot be having this conversation. >> katie: ridge said that it was a sperm donor. >> caroline: then just leave it at that. >> katie: but you just said -- >> caroline: forget what i said! >> katie: it's the truth. thomas is the father of your baby. >> thomas: look, dad, i can do this. frankly, you need me to do this -- take on more responsibility. call it paternity leave. i-i would want the same thing if i were a new father. [ door opens ] >> rick: sorry i'm late. >> ridge: i'm impressed you showed up at all. >> rick: well, fatherhood. you know all about that. >> thomas: actually, we were just talking about that. >> rick: oh, yeah? >> thomas: i'm trying to convince dad to throttle back a little bit, take some time off. >> rick: that's a great idea, thomas. i can take care of c.e.o. you can run design. when do we start? >> liam: been a while.


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