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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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rain, when your saturday will be the wettest next on kpix 5.
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who represented some high-profile murder suspects.. found stabbed to live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a defense attorney who represented high profile murder suspects found stabbed to death in her bay area home. makes you wonder what this an act of revenge. at the scene of the crime with new information about the investigation. >> reporter: a small memorial is growing outside of her home. the former defense attorney and single mother worked for the san francisco public defender's office for 30 years. >> reporter: marla zamora's belongings are pulled out of her home. once pieces of perchture are now pieces of -- furniture are
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now pieces of evidence. >> i hugged her. i hugged her before i left. >> reporter: he was just at her home last night playing piano for her. >> she was fun loving. lived life to the fullest. >> reporter: she was found stabbed to death this morning. police detained one person. neighbors say it was her nephew who lived with her. she defended a gang member in 2012. the case made national headlines because he mistook one of the sons for a gang rival. >> she was a soldier for justice. >> i think it is horrific. i hope whoever -- they find whoever did this to her and justice is brought. >> reporter: investigators say
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they are still looking for a motive in the case. in san francisco, kpix 5. >> could her murder be linked to any of her cases? he does not believe that is the case. when it rained it really came down in some spots. rain on the horizon that will impact the weekend as well. not tonight. we have been dry for the past couple hours and will remain dry over night. tracking zero rainfall here. let's head to nevada. why? because that is the leading edge of the next round of rain wrapping around the area of low pressure which is down by los angeles. morgan hill half inch of rain. 1/6 for san jose and a 10th for san francisco, hayward and mill valley. tomorrow the weekend, lots of plans, especially on weekend. there it is.
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future cast, stopped it at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning when you are getting out and bout. when the steady rain returns. how much of your saturday is going to be a washout, that is coming up. >> thank you. police pushing and shoving, it was chaos at san francisco city hall tonight as protesters demanded the police chief be fired. the protest came hours after the frisco 5 were taken to the hospital after 16 days without food. outside city hall, andria borba was there. >> reporter: that's right. police officers and sheriff's deputies pushed the protesters outside of city hall but they are still gathered on the sidewalk. it has been hours here at city hall today and the stand off continues. >> the protests began around 4:00 p.m. on the main city hall
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staircase. then moved in front of mayor ed lee's office. that is when sheriff's deputies showed up. >> letting mayor ed lee know till he fires the chief there is no business as usual in san francisco. we will shut it down. >> reporter: it looked like the ing when they opened the doors. occupying the lobby for hours. >> i want the good police officers to know if they step up the community has their back. >> the stand off continued for so long -- >> san francisco, california -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: 8:30 a dispersal order was given and ignored. at 9:00 p.m. some lights were shut off and lines formed by the sheriff's department and san francisco police department began pushing forward. and bringing down a metal
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detector. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: there was damage to city hall. you can see that cracked window. in addition a that metal detector that was torn down, 15 protesters were arrested. we caught 7 or 8 of those arrests. we are waiting for final numbers from the san francisco police department about what is going on. no word when the crowd will disperse, if they will give an order. andrea b -- andrea b -- andria borba, kpix 5. . and hillary clinton was back in the bay area today and we were able to score an interview with her. sharon chin is in san francisco where she held a fundraiser tonight. she wants the votes. >> reporter: that's right. the california primary is a month away but hillary clinton
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is already looking toward that november general election. police say 2500 people filed into the fundraiser tonight in san francisco. we weren't allowedind but many shared photos and videos over social media. barbara boxer and dianne feinstein. >> i want to get as much support behind someone who i think could effect change who has the experience and isn't just going to shoot from the hip. >> reporter: before the fundraiser she sat down for an interview with kpix 5's phil matier. she is not worried about attacks from donald trump. >> i am not really concerned about what he says about me because he traffics insults. i am concerned about what he says he will do to everybody
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else. what he says about immigrants, women, people with disabilities. it is a long list. he is dividing america. >> reporter: she did not give an opinion on california's ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana. >> i favor more research into making sure medical marijuana is being used to the best effect. >> reporter: she was in oakland at a school rally. she got a taste of bay area traffic before arriving arriving to the evening fundraiser where protesters demonstrated across the street. the protest is peaceful and small in part because they didn't widely publicize the location of the fundraiser. children c, kpix 5 -- sharon chin, kpix 5. >> you can see more of the interview with hillary clinton
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on bernie sanders is going to be in california on monday. first stop, sacramento. we spotted these banners in hayward. he needs all the support he can get. according to our poll hillary clinton leads bernie sanders in california by 20 points. vice president joe biden said we are making a mistake if we don't take donald trump seriously. >> the greatest potential is that he may pivot and get significant people around him on foreign policy. >> two more republicans are turning their backs on donald trump. on facebook today jeb bush said he would not vote for donald trump because he has not displayed a respect for the
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constitution. and u.s. senator lindsey graham said he doesn't believe trump is a reliable republican conservative. after the election donald trump is expected to testifyane class action lawsuit against -- testify in a class action lawsuit against him. guilty verdict if the man who killed a little girl. the 8-year-old was shot to death at a friend's house in oakland. the family waited three years for justice. darnell williams shot through the door of the apartment. three others were wounded. >> we appreciate the closure. >> he showed no emotion as the verdict was read. we could get the death penalty. your next pg&e bill could give you sticker shock. two proposals to pay for safety upgrades. rates could go up 9.9 or 10.7%.
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calls to improve pg&e's gas system came after the deadly san bruno explosion. they said we received the proposed decision and we are reviewing it. a bay area family got kicked off a flight from utah because of peanuts. the family is back in san francisco tonight. betty yu explains what happened. >> my son haz a peanut allergy. -- has a peanut allergy. can you help accommodate for that? >> reporter: he says that is what he asked after he and his wife and their son boarded boarded the allegiant plane. while one was helpful, another urged the family not to fly. >> my wife said we recognize
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the risks. thirdflint says we spoke with the captain -- third flight attend said we spoke with the pilot and we will have you be removed from the plane. >> reporter: the crew said the decision was made on a consultation with a medical expert and they arranged for another flight on a different airline. >> i think that is demoralizing for the family and the child. >> reporter: she says the family was asking for reasonable accommodations. >> they are being rejected because of a medical condition that they have no control over. >> reporter: allegiant said the airline does not guarantee an allergen free flight. it is up to each airline. betty yu, kpix 5. >> if you are flying this summer consider yourself warned. expect long security lines.
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lines during peak hours topped 90 minutes. airlines worry it will get worse with a record number of travelers expected this summer. passengers tell us they nearly missed flights because of the long wait. >> being here two hours before my flight and coming down to 10 minutes of mazing my flight -- missing my flight and the tsa was slow and short-handed. >> the tsa said it would increase staffing. an attempted murder suspect is behind bars after leading the california highway patrol on a wild freeway chase last night. this guy wove in and out of traffic, bashing the car into whatever got in his way. car fell apart before the s.w.a.t. team took the driver down. the owner of the car rented the car to the driver through a service like airbnb for high
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end vehicles. >> my god, the car is gone. after the s.w.a.t. team and the tear gas, no. i don't want to drive that car anymore. >> the owner says the suspect is the same person who rented the car 10 days ago but he didn't return it. police believe the car was used in a drive-by shooting but they are not sure if the suspect was involved. 12-year-old bay area girl went missing while in the care of social services. only on 5 tonight, christin ayers asked why it took days to tell her family. >> mom, i appreciate you. always calming me down. >> reporter: the poem was written by her daughter amber. >> i always can depend on you. >> reporter: kpix 5 was there 11 years ago when she adopted her at one-year-old. >> protect me and teach me to stay away from strangers.
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>> reporter: but this mother's day she never felt more powerless to protect her daughter. she is missing. >> if she were to call my name i can't hear her. i am broken. i am hurt. i am angry. >> reporter: police say she is among a growing number of victims forced into sex trafficking. >> snatched her and put her in the car. >> reporter: they say she disappeared in march while police investigated. she took matters into her own hands, spreading her picture on social media and then a snap chat showed her with a stranger in las vegas. she walked the streets of las vegas for five days looking for her with no luck. >> i went anywhere that would put or take her flier i gave it out. >> reporter: she returned to the bay area empty handed but then she got the call.
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she had been found. she told police in the 22 days she was gone she was forced on to the streets and raped. >> she is -- she is different. >> they have scars that we can't help them with. >> reporter: she realized she needed more care and enrolled her in a therapy program. children run a high risk of returning to their traffickers. last week while in custody of social services she walked away from a care facility. no one told her mother for four days. >> they did not follow protocol. they didn't do it. >> reporter: we sat down with social services to ask what the protocol is. >> is it normal for a parent to not find out their child is missing for four days? >> that is not the norm. as soon as our staff are aware
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we notify the parent. we are not allowed to restrain children. we can't do anything to keep them there. >> to tell me my 12-year-old has a right to walk in and out of some place when she is not healthy how dare you. >> reporter: they acknowledge there are gaps in the system. >> there aren't houses or safe places for our people to be placed after they have been separated or rescued from a trafficker. >> reporter: they believe authorities allowed hundreds of girls like amber to slip through the cracks. >> a bunch of babies missing in the bay area. and nobody is speaking on it. [ music playing ] >> reporter: they are speaking for all of the girls and for amber. >> i want her back. >> hard story to tell and to hear that. it is unusual to hear from a family that is going through
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this right now. >> that is what made the story unique. we covered stories and this is the first time we spoke to a family in real time as they were experiencing this. the family wanted to speak out and not give into the stigma. the child is a victim and they want people to be on the look out for her. >> 12 years old. >> hopefully somebody will see her and call police. >> thank you. in los angeles county this mudslide shut down the freeway. thousands were stranded. the road is back open. flash flood hit southern california this afternoon. >> sounds like we will get rain tomorrow morning. >> more rain tomorrow morning. the center of the area of low pressure over southern
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california. we received light to moderate rain. we will push the repeat button tomorrow. tomorrow is your weekend. kpix 5 radar, nothing out there tonight. there is rain building that will arrive tomorrow. san jose 55. oakland 58. 56 concord. gray day. temperatures 10 degrees below average. over night temperatures are mild because of the cloud cover. napa 52 tomorrow morning. livermore 53. low 50s for fremont, redwood city and san francisco. we have been tracking the low for 5 days. it moved inland. it is now over southern california. its influence is huge. raining from concord to colorado. even though the low will move away tomorrow, it is still going to give us rain. showers and thunderstorms over the sierra over night and tomorrow morning. moving from northeast to
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southwest. a rain flow for us. that is what we will see tomorrow. showers. the central valley first and then your backyard. hour by hour, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning the leading edge of the rain arrives. it will be widespread at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. not heavy rainfall. but a widespread light to moderate rainfall event. that is all we need to slow things down. by noon the rain begins to move out. by the afternoon the rain is gone. isolated showers for the mountains that is it. tomorrow morning looking more and more soggy. unsettled tomorrow. couple showers over night. main event is 7:00 a.m. till lunchtime tomorrow. rain, no, dry on mother's day. highs tomorrow upper 60s. concord 67. san francisco 63. dry but not that warm on sunday. low 70s inland.
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mid-60s near the bay. next week monday through friday sunshine across the board. warm but not hot. not above 80 inland. really nice outdoor weather next week. fire up the dvd collection tomorrow morning. wet. >> gfor mom on sunday. >> perfect. can't rain on mom. >> no. these might be illegal at your next celebration. why there is a push to ban these balloons in the state. . >> coming up with stephen colbert, lily tomlin.
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it threatens to take the air out new bill moving through the state capitol that could be a real party pooper. taking the air out of the metallic balloons. too many get caught in power lines. last year 47omers lost power because of the balloons. retailers aren't happy about
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the potential ban. >> we would lose 33% of our revenue. >> if it passes the law could go into effect in 2018. all right. wait till you see this. i love doing fridays. we have action above the rim. with the nba. that, the giants. not another nightmare, was it? just that good. ♪
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how would the giants respond, ...the a's were washed out at the orio breathless, he is here and he has a lot to talk about. >> i have a lot of wind -- [ talking at the same time ] >> don't call me a windbag but i have a lot to give. baseball up top. a's washed out at the orioles and how would the giants arespond after last night where the rockies dropped 17 runs on them -- respond after last night where the rockies dropped 17 runs on them. off the bat of crawford in the second. within a run. mean time madison bumgarner running up 10 strikeouts in 7
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innings. they tied the game 4-4 and hunter pence, here is the fifth inning rbi. bounce back night. the giants final of 6-4. nba, spurs in oklahoma city. game three. thunder in white. the three. thunder a 4th period lead but you know the spurs. come on. jumping, jumping, jumping, the boys are up to something. spurs back up by two. costly late turnovers are the story. oklahoma city had 14. that was one of them. leonard made them pay. spurs grab the lead. lebron james and the cavs. trying to go 3-0. cleveland 25
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threes in game two, 21 tonight. here is one from lebron james. cavs 121-108. they take a 3-0 lead. they remain unbeaten in the playoffs. they are unbeaten and number one in the state. lacrosse. got the mustangs on the board. hit the 20 win mark tonight. won 8-6. playoff seedings come out on sunday. number one in the state and 4 4th ranked in the nation. >> no kidding? >> yeah. >> these boys don't play. >> national championships, will they go -- [ talking at the same time ] >> state championships first. playoff seeds on sunday and they start the playoff next week. >> tim lincecum today.
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>> big time tim lincecum in front of 20 scouts. >> through 91 miles per hour fastball. >> i got to believe, timmy, the love, come help us. >> love to have him back. >> 91 on the gun. >> let timmy pitch. >> we will be right back.
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late show with steve con bear is next. >> do us a favor -- stephen
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colbert is next. >> do us a favor, say hi to mom. see you monday. >> stephen: so explain this to me. simirillian, there is a grorfindle whoidize, but in the fellowship of the ring in the fight to the ford, there is another elford named galorad findle, is that the same guide? >> no hablos english. captioning sponsored by cbs >> tonight, stephen welcomes lily tomlin kumail nanjiani and a performance by comedian ryan hamilton.


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