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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 7, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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. good morning it's may 7th. welcome to cbs this morning saturday. more moss evacuations after fears an historic wildfire may double in size. a federal security officer is arrested in a deadly murder spree. can the life of the party united. inside donald trump's plan to defracture the republicans. history is made in england as luondon effectelected the fi
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muslim mayor. what have these last days been like? >> hell on earth. >> alberta burns. >> a massive wildfire could double in size. >> the image is apocalyptic. >> more than 80,000 people have been evacuated. >> two young kids i'm grateful we're alive. >> dick cheney is apparently now going to endorse donald trump. does that surprise you? >> a little bit. >> ever seen this guy on television? he is nasty. >> he needs to be repudiated as i have said basta! >> this is not entertaining this is not a reality show. thank you, london. >> historic day in the uk sudeke khan has been elected. a biplane missed homes, it
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flipped over in san bernardino. driver and a truck load of potatoes leads to mash devastation in north carolina. >> all that. >> big papi strikes out. and all that matters. p>> he scores! the lightning wins game four, lightning lead the series three games to one. >> on cbs this morning, saturday. they'd it couldn't happen. they said it wouldn't happen. it happened. donald trump is going to be the republican nominee for president. he said by the first 100 days the wall with mexico will be designed immigration ban on muslims will be in place and the repeal of obamacare will be in motion and all of us will be in canada.
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welcome, everyone. we have a trip inside this minneapolis home. he had the largest collection of model cars. we'll tell you it could change the lives of people he never met. a new film tells the story about a mathematician came to him in his sleep. we talk to jeremy irons. cyndi s.
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>> police say the violence started on thursday when tortile killed his wife. chris has the latest. court documents so gladys tord tordil filed a restraining order. surveillance video show how police end a deadly spree. officers tracked tordil a federal police officer wanted for murder for an hour. >> watching him as he made his way from store to store and eating lunch in the shopping center. montgomery county police chief
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says officers kept their distance hoping to avoid a gun fight. >> those officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody. >> tordil was unarmed when he was hauled off. but cops found a gun in his car. >> it's the best thing he could have done. >> did they swarm on him? >> yes. >> as you can see there's more than -- >> the violence started thursday with tordil's wife was shot dead outside his daughter's high school. gladys was a teacher at a nearby school. both schools and his estranged wife were off limits to tordil due to a protective order in march. >> we had a shooting at montgomery mall. >> friday morning outside a shopping mall police believe tordil shot and wounded a woman before shooting two men. one died, the other is in critical condition. a half hour later a woman was
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shot to death inside her car outside a grocery store five miles away. >> it's tragic we were not able to intervene prior to additional victims being harmed. >> friday's victims have not been identified. police haven't said if there's any connection between the suspected attacker and these new victims. right now, tordil has only been charged with his wife's murder but more charges are expected. he's set to appear in court on monday. >> thank you. donald trump may be just a few weeks away from claiming the republican presidential party's nomination. it's not going to be a cake walk. on friday hundreds of protesters stood outside a campaign event. shouting down with trump and trump hates women. trump is facing intense opposition from the republican party. he's scheduled high profile meetings in washington next week with gop leaders. good morning, donald trump
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may have hoped that by becoming the presumptive republican nominee he'd find the party coalescing behind him so he can take advantage of the political and fund raising operations. instead the fractured republican party is airing its dirty laundry for everyone to see. campaigning in omaha, nebraska, friday. donald trump said he was surprised by speaker paulryan's announcement he was not ready to support him. >> paul ryan, i don't know what happened. i figured routinely he'd be behind it. and he -- the other day just in a -- >> ahead of a high stakes meeting with the speaker next week in washington. he saved his blistering attacks for those who have come out against him. >> i will not talk about jeb bush i will not say he's low energy. >> ryan's office said the meeting will include house republican leaders. reince priebus says he hopes it will unify the party. >> i know he's being honest and i know how he feels.
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and so i'm comfortable with the idea that it's going to take some time in some cases for people to work through differences. >> ryan is the tip of the iceberg for trump. he won't have the backing of the last two republican presidents. be supporting trump either or attending the july convention in cleveland. on friday senator lindsey graham added himself to that list. >> i just can't go where donald trump would take us. i don't think he's qualified to be commander in chief. >> trump does count some establishment leaders in his camp. in addition to priebus he's been endorsed by mitch mcconnell. former vice president dick cheney and john boehner. while many top republican donors are sitting out or on the fence. one of its biggest sheldon adelson, said he will support trump. >> this is not entertainment.
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this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> meanwhile on friday president obama seized on the republican disorder a discord and offered a taste of what happens when he campaigned in the fall. >> there is no doubt there's a debate that's taken place inside the republican party about who they are and what they represent. their standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. >> on friday trump announced the endorsement of former senator and presidential candidate bob dole. the vice presidential pick, trump is rejecting the idea he'd be open to a democrat. that was floated earlier in the week by ben carson who is helping to lead trump's search. anthony trump says it will be a republican with washington experience. >> thank you. after the november election, donald trump is expected to testify at a trial in a class action lawsuit against him and
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his now defunct trump university. the suit alleged they were defrauded when they paid for real estate seminars. it's one of three that accused trump university of fleecing students. from appearances in court to the court of public opinion, there is plenty to talk about in the race for the white house, more on that we're joined by a reporter with talking points memo. good morning. let's start with paul ryan and this rift between ryan who is the highest elected republican at this point. can this be healed? it can't, how significant is that? >> it's certainly significant if it cannot be healed. paul ryan stands for the conservative movement in the republican party. this is a guy who has written budget blueprint after budget blueprint it's important they repair the relationship. what he'll be looking for from trump is not a tonal shift but a shift in terms of policy.
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donald trump has been going on and making statement after statement against trade deals that ryan is supporting. he's made a couple of statements about healthcare that ryan would disagree with. i think that we need to see some unification here on policy and not just on donald trump's tone. >> they're meeting next week, a meeting everyone would love to be a fly on the wall for. ional committee said when i've been dealing with donald trump i've seen a humble man, a very different personality than what the public has seen. i think we might see that donald trump tries to sort of convey that to paul ryan. i think that's one of the things that will come up in the meeting. i think ryan will want to be what the policy changes might look like. >> you look at the list of people who will not support donald trump's candidacy. this is a extraordinary rift in this party. >> it is. look at the list of senators who are not going to support him.
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i mean, paul ryan is on the fence. there is a whole bunch of senators, lindsey graham, jeff slake of arizona who has a high hispanic population in his state. any senator who is looking to win a broader diversity voters back home is not going to be ready to support trump. >> when you look at the broader picture right now being potentially donald trump and hillary clinton. these are not -- neither of them poll very well. is it battle of the lesser evil when it comes to what voters are thinking? >> you talk to republican and democratic strategists. democrat strategists will tell you they're feeling comfortable that donald trump is the nominee. they're not so sure that hillary clinton has what it takes right now to out right beat donald trump. we have to remember this has been such an unpredictable presidential election it's hard to say this is going to be a super easy election for hillary clinton given her numbers. >> let's talk about the democratic race for a second
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given that bernie sanders appears to be staying in this until the end. how does that affect her given the delegate count at this point? >> it's clear that she has the strong hold on this nomination process. but i think that with him being in the race, it forces her a little bit to the left on issues. i don't think that will hurt her in a general election. given the shift in tone that we've seen from donald trump. but i do think that it certainly is going to make an impact on how she looks at policy. >> we could have a lengthy chat about political running mates but we don't have time. >> thank you so much. >> thank you i appreciate it. tomorrow morning on face the nation, the guests will include hillary clinton. five western states face the threat of flash flooding an inch of rain fell in ontario california. streets became canals and stalled cars. on the east coast, a tree blocked a street in newark new
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jersey when it fell on a parked car. a strong wind gust brought it down. for more on what's expected in the next 48 hours. we turn to ed curran in our chicago affiliate. along with the rains today we'll see a chance for severe thunderstorms here in california and into nebraska, kansas, a little bit of wyoming here. damaging wind, large hail. can't rule out a tornado in this area. also, from southern illinois over to indiana, ohio and kentucky, a slight chance for severe. damaging wind, large hail main threats here. louisville is in the area for a slight risk of severe weather and the running of the kentucky derby happening after 6:00 tonight. at that time future cast shows some showers and storms popping up there. so hopefully we'll keep it dry with the heavier rains later at night. for mother's day, it could be a bit of a wild day as you head out here, especially in areas of
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kansas to oklahoma. as we'll see an enhanced, a higher risk of severe in those areas. damaging wind, large hail and a tornado is possible. >> meteorologist ed curran at our chicago station. investigators looking into the death of prince plan to talk to a california doctor that treats addiction. they want to know if they had a long relationship with the singer. neither is accused of wrong doing but the son brought a medicine to prince the day before he died. pittsburgh will play the marlins in miami, instead of san juan. the players union asked for the switch. porto reeka has 800 confirmed zika cases and one death caused by the virus. london is the first major
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western city with a mayor. sadiq khan is being sworn in today. he defeated a challenger in a contentious campaign. jonathan good morning. >> the race to the mayor's office wasn't easy. his muslim faith has been targeted and main rival tried to link him to extremists. in the end, facts trumped fear. >> i therefore declare sadiq khan to be elected of the new mayor of london. >> in his acceptance speech former human rights lawyer sadiq khan promised to be a mayor for all londoners. >> i'm so proud that london has today chosen hope over fear and unity over division. >> fear became a hallmark of his opponent's campaign against him. conservative candidate zack gold smith a billionaire's son once
5:19 am
attacked his work for criminal defendants saying he gave a platform to extremists. khan has called the claim unfounded and racist. >> fair does not make us safer, it makes us weaker. and the politics of fair is simply not welcome in our city. >> in the end, khan took home 57% of the vote and became the most powerful muslim in european politics. it's an unlikely path for candidate who has said he came from nothing. khan grew up in public housing his father was a bus driver from pakistan. he intend to unite the city's diverse population. he's become very vocal in
5:20 am
american politics. he said he hopes trump loses. thank you, jonathan. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. sky news of britain reports dramatic drone footage has been released showing significant violations in a recently brokered cease fire in syria. the video shows a sustained missile attack led by an al qaeda splinter group against syrian government forces near aleppo. at least 70 people were killed. the video shows the remains of a refugee camp on the out skirts of aleppo that was bombed on thursday. the center daily times in state college pennsylvania reports new allegations surfaced suggesting joe paterno was made away of coach jerry san dusky's sexual abuse of children as far as back as the 1970's.
5:21 am
sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse years ago. national geographic magazine reports the defense department is create agnew position to oversee the military labs after reporting they are too careless when dealing with deadly diseases. it followed a report accusing personnel of not being run properly. the scrutiny comes two years after a contaminated strain of bird flu was sent to another lab without warning. usa today reports the jackpot in tonight's power ball growing has grown to $415. the lump sum would be $270 million. after the billion dollar one they all seem small. i'll take it.
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>> oh, come on. she's turning the nose at the $270 million cash payout. i'll take it. the bismarck tribune reports three university of north dakota students are out and about this morning. they spent ten days inside an inflatable mars simulation habitat conducting experiments. they squeezed in entertainment baking cakes for friends and family members celebrating birthdays while they were away. >> it's an all woman team by the images. it's 22 after the hour. here's a look at the weather for your weekend. coming up, business is good for two ride sharing companies
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in one city. why are they threatening to leave town? severe cut backs in water usages has left california yards brown. one city's yards are going green. you're watching cbs this morning, saturday. ,,
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coming up these are serious frown lines. hear why you may have to get to the airport three hours before your flight. >> i don't like that number. later we sit down with prince harry to discuss his invictus game. the olympics for the world's wounded service members. we'll be right back, this is cbs this morning. saturday. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm not sure that the republican party as we know it is going to survive the election. this will be something unlike anything we have seen. >> if it's about the election what happens to it? >> it splintered into multiple parties? >> i don't know what happens. it masknaged to come back togetr in 1964 after barry goldwater led the party to a historic defeat. we may see two kind of parties, maybe a center right party, something closer to the middle or you may see these tea party folks go off on their own. this is -- you know, usually when somebody wraps up the
5:28 am
nomination, you see party leaders the next day saying thank goodness now we can unify. what people are saying this morning is oh, my god what have we done here? and it's -- we just never had anything quite like this. >> sometimes in a political campaign people say well i said things in the heat of the moment but it's time to buckle down because we do not want hillary clinton to be the next president. do you think donald trump can unify the party? he says he can. >> i think the one unifying thing they have is opposition to hillary clinton. who as we saw during the indiana primary, barely half of democratic voters in indiana said they considered trustworthy. she's not the strongest candidate the democrats have ever put out there. and if there is one thing, that will, you know, unify republicans it will probably be hillary clinton. ,, ,,,,,,
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miller. pitch. ortiz is not happy. >> boston red sox slugger david ortiz loses his cool last night. he argues over a called strike in a key moment. his manager disputes the call as well and gets tossed. on the next pitch, ortiz strikes out. he goes to the dugout, but he's so upset he charges back out to argue some more. big papi gets ejected and the yankees take the game 3-2. he is some hot. >> he's an angry papi. to our top story, voters in austin texas decides today whether the city can screen
5:31 am
drivers who work for ride sharing companies such as uber and lyft. it's the latest battle over whether car services should be regulated like taxies. >> reporter: if ride sharing service lyft leaves austin diane young is afraid she'll lose 1,000 dollars of extra income a week. >> extremely important i'm the bread winner. >> reporter: young says the service is important for the thousands who use it here too. >> for me, the satisfaction of picking up an elderly person and take them to the doctor, that's what really, really satisfies, i believe, a lyft driver. >> reporter: it's been anything but satisfying for the city's taxi drivers like this man who said he lost 40% of his business. >> we should play by the same rules. if you have to go through a process to drive for a cab you should have to do it for lyft
5:32 am
orube ur. >> reporter: last year the city agreed. they required them to undergo the same checks. uber balked. and getting 65,000 signatures to put a proposition on the ballot to do away with the city's requirements. they mounted a $9 million blitz including this call center. a tv campaign. >> that security we can count on. on may 7th vote from prop one. >> reporter: hiring austin's former mayor as a consultant. >> i would argue that uber and lyft's background check is more stringent than what we have in place. critics fear a win for uber or lyft could set precedent for the companies to change regulations in other cities. if it's any indication of what's
5:33 am
at stake this has become the most expensive election in austin's history. for cbs this morning, saturday, austin. a world war ii era russian cargo plane crashed in california. and the two people on board escaped with only minor injuries. the plane lost power as it approached an airport in san bernardino on friday. it clipped power lines before crashing upside down. it's the largest single engine biplane in the world. this morning, a pack of pachyderms is settling into their new home in florida. the elephants gave their last performance yesterday. the circus retired them after years of protests. they now have a more important role. their genes will be studied by cancer research. >> they are an impressive group. wow. a good meal looks like, too. coming up a fight in california over water for those trying to save their picture perfect lawns.
5:34 am
first here's a look at the weather for your weekend. medical news up next. our doctors on our sleep habits and why middle aged men need to get more shut eye. you're watching cbs this morning. saturday. the surface pro, it's like a multi-purpose piece of equipment for me. the fact that you can travel with it as a laptop and use it as a drawing tool, it's the only one i need.
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♪ time now for morning rounds with cbs news medical correspondent. first up this week the federal government banned the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18.
5:38 am
and it imposed heavy regulations on a multibillion dollar industry that's had almost no oversight. >> for years e cigarettes have been flying off the severals despite concerns about their health effects. the agency has the power to regulate them. >> we're finally leaving the world of the unregulated wild wild west when it comes to the sale of e cigarettes and cigars. >> he directs the fda center for tobacco products. >> more teens use e cigarettes. there was no regulation of these products whatsoever. >> manufactures will be required to get their products approved by the fda and report any harmful ingredients. >> they contain nicotine but not the cancer causing tar present in regular cigarettes. the fda and cdc has been concerned about ingredients in the vapor and the effects of
5:39 am
nicotine on adolescents. >> nicotine is addictive and no teen should be inhaling it into their lungs. >> from 2011 to 2015 e cigarette use increased today 16% of high school student. during the same period cigarette use dropped from 16% to 9%. >> is there a sense on your part the kids are using might start smoking? >> the jury is out on the gateway effect of e cigarettes. we don't need the answer oo the gate way question to be able to conclude that kids shouldn't be using them in the first place. >> when will the regulations take effect? >> there will be a grace period of three years. after that the fda will start enforcing the regulations and stop companies from selling the products that they don't meet the requirements. moving on eye opening statistics about medical mistakes. a new analysis estimates that
5:40 am
medical errors are the third leading cause of death in this country. behind hard disease and cancer. that's frightening. >> it is. it's a very alarming analysis. really stunning numbers. so they estimate more than 250,000 people die every year from unintended consequences of their care. so essentially medical errors. that includes things like mistakes in diagnosis, preventible complications like people who acquire infections while they're inside of the hospital. or inadequate discharge instructions. you might need a life saving medication once you're discharged from the hospital but you're not clear how to take it t when to take it and how much to take. so these are things that are very systemic part of the institution. and can be changed. one of the more shocking aspects though i think of the analysis was that there were far more errors than previous studies had suggested. we know some of the larger
5:41 am
studies have said there might be 100,000 deaths per year. and this showed 250,000. and the researchers here say that might be an underestimate. >> they say it's hard to know. on the death certificate it doesn't say and by the way this was caused by a medical error. >> what is causing the errors, john? >> there are different types. there is individual. and for sure, individual doctors make mistakes. i certainly have. over the years, you try to learn from the mistakes and go forward. there are systemic mistakes that holly was talking about. that means the whole institution. how are the computers set up? are they set up in a way that's not efficient in terms of preventing medication errors. in terms of infections when people are doing hand washing. are the sinks in the right location, tand then there are things that they've instituted. believe me hospitals are all over this these days. for example, i'm a gasti
5:42 am
gastroenterologi gastroenterologist. there is something called a timeout. i say timeout and we make sure is this the right patient. is it the right procedure. do i understand which side of the body i'm working on. it's an old fashioned timeout. i love that part of it. >> as patient, we can't say are you doing a timeout? what are we supposed to do to help this? >> when you look at the data closely, there are limitations to what the patients can do themselves. you know, certainly asking a lot of questions, if you think something might be going wrong, don't hesitate to speak up. it's important to have someone with you when you're in the hospital ideally by your bedside. two sets of eyes are better than one. but i recall several years ago i had surgery. and i had a medical record number, right on my wrist band. and the morning after the surgery the nurse came in and said here are your five medications, this is your blood
5:43 am
pressure medication and i remember saying i'm not on these meds. are you sure? and it turned out it was a computer glitch where my medical record number was attached to somebody else's treatment requirements. so these are things where i think measuring the problem is the first step. identifying where institutions can improve themselves. and then getting it done. >> finally from us this morning, interesting and new data on how we sleep. captured with the help of a smartphone app. the study by the university of michigan researchers used a free app to gather data from thousands of people in 100 countries. among the findings, cultural pressures can override our natural sleep schedules. >> they also found later bedtimes were linked to loss of sleep. and as for who gets the least amount of sleep? that would be middle aged men. yes. >> clearly they did not include mothers who have just had babies as a separate group. >> they're all appreciating that comment. >> men often get left out in the
5:44 am
recommended seven to eight hours. >> thank you both so much. up next the tsa lines at the airport are getting longer and we aren't even at peak travel season yet. what's going on and what can we do to cut the waiting time? expert answers coming up. you're watching cbs this morning. saturday. just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot®. better together™. people can forget their quiltbathroom experience. well but sir froggy can never forget. "what's worse", he thinks... "that my arms can never relax or my eyes can never look away?" ♪
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♪ if you've been to an airport recently you're probably aware that the tsa security lines are even longer than usual. and as we head into the busiest travel season of the year, it's only expected to get worse. >> what is driving these long lines? and what if anything can you do about it? let's find out from our cbs news national safety expert and former chairman of the ntsb. good morning. i fear it's always budget related. is that what's causing the long
5:48 am
lines? >> that's one of the issues. another one is we're seeing significantly more travellers going through the system. and also, we've seen a significant amount of terrorism activity with a focus on aviation. then finally, the agency itself is trying to recover from some very bad grades it got last year when their inspector general was able to sneak by 95% of the time fake bombs and fake weapons. >> 95% of the time? >> even the chief of operations said this is going to be a rough summer. will there be more agents on the lines? >> they're trying to do that. they're trying to get additional money. they'll be able to hire 768 new agents and try to get another $26 million for overtime so they can pay the agents already to be able to spend more time on the line. >> what about what's happening in san francisco and kansas city international? they realized there's a problem, looked to private firms. could that be the future, out
5:49 am
source it more? >> it's been an issue under debate. we don't know if there's an what caused the entire federalization of security was the 9/11 accidents. 9/11 issues when, in fact, the entire system was under private contractors. >> so if you're a traveller this summer what should you do? is there anything you can do besides getting there two or three hours early which the airlines are recommending. >> there are a number of things you can do. call your airline, see if the apps you may be able to find on the internet can find you a continuing information and updates about how much time it's taking to get through the security system at the airport. >> what about tsa prechecks? some people have that now. are you going to be fine if you're opted into the programs? >> that's a program that is spectacular. now you do have to apply for it. you do have to spend $85. but once you get authorization.
5:50 am
once you're cleared to use it. the lines are significantly less populated. we're talking about people you don't have to take your shoes off. you don't have to take your belt off, you don't have to take your jacket off. you don't have to take the electronics out of your brief case. you have a much more expedited security process. >> same is true if you're traveling internationally? >> absolutely. that's a great program. if you get into global entry you're automatically going to be in the tsa precheck. >> sometimes when you're at the airport that line is empty and they will funnel passengers from the regular check in into that line, are they going to end that program where you can't move over? >> no, what happens is if it's totally empty, on the fast pass if you will, they want to be able to make sure people will go through that process. but those people will have to take their shoes off, they will have to take out things from their brief case. remember, that this is a risk mitigation issue. if they know who you are they
5:51 am
don't have to spend as much time with you as for those that we don't know who they are. >> bottom line two hours or longer? >> i certainly like to get to the airport anywhere between two hours or 90 minutes ahead of my flight. clearly i want to do that if i'm going internationally. >> one more reason i want to fly private. thank you so much. up next playing the odds in today's kentucky derby. finding out what history tells us about finding the favorite in the run. another interesting numbers behind the annual event. you're watching cbs this morning. saturday. ♪ the race is on and it looks like heart ache and the winner loses all ♪
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you can feel the excitement in the air. you cannot get better than this. >> it's derby day at churchill downs and the question on everybody's mind who will win this year's big race. >> they're off. >> well, a look at kentucky derby history might offer clues. american pharoah's ride to victory last year, overall the horse with the best odds has won about 35% of the time. since 1908. post position is also key. horses who start five through 10 finish in the money about 20% of
5:56 am
the time. >> nyquist is unbeaten. >> and good news for one of this year's popular picks. nyquist. nine of the last 14 derby heroes won their final race before the run for the roses. >> perhaps more importantly 127,000 mint juleps will be served. >> when i went i certainly had a lot of those. have you gone? >> i have never been but my step father painted the postage stamps of the 100th anniversary. it was a $0.10 stamp. i remember having to lick a lot of stamps. >> i cannot that did not guarantee access for the rest of your lives. >> i got a lot of stamps. >> coming up next, nora o'donnell's interview with britain's prince harry that created the invictus games in florida. you're watching cbs this morning, saturday.
5:57 am
i think the family dynamics what everybody loves about the show, too. >> absolutely. >> the family dinner. >> yeah. >> the family dinner is something i think everybody talks about if i'm on an airplane or subway. everyone talks about the family dinner. i think why they do if you come from a big family you can relate. if you don't you can live vicariously through the reagans. it's a very traditional show. traditional shows became uncool for a long time. this came back in the midst of all these unique family shows. it's become one of the most popular shows. >> you have eight siblings. how often do you get together? >> mostly holidays. >> thanksgiving. >> yes. thanksgiving, christmas. but ironically our restaurants
5:58 am
in the tv show we do has given a chance to get together a lot more often. mark is always in some far corner of the world. i'm here shooting or touring with my band. the other family members are spread out. the show and restaurants have given us a chance to get together. >> you are married to jenny mccarthy. you did a reality show. i was worried because after the shooting there is a divorce sometimes. >> reality shows don't divorce couples, couples divorce couples. we set out to celebrate love in this. we're blending two teenage boys together. we really love each other. we made a pact with each other we were going to showcase our relationship in all of its goodness and not get caught up in the salaciousness and not throwing drinks in each other faces and staging fights. we love each other and have a great time and that's what we show. the new chase freedom unlimited card
5:59 am
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6:00 am
welcome to cbs this morning, saturday. i'm anthony mason. >> coming up this half hour a turf battle in a california community. why some water conscious homeowners are balking after being ordered to make their lawns lush again. >> hollywood finds a winning formula in a film about a math genius. we'll talk with the stars. all things great and small how a man's monstrous collection of tiny cars will make a huge difference for some people. first our top story it's a race against time in western canada. where that massive wildfire burning in the province of alberta is expected to double in
6:01 am
size by day's end. fire officials say the fire is unstoppable without rain. there's a 40% chance of it on sunday. at the moment, that's little relief in combatting the rapidly spreading smoke and flames that have destroyed more than a thousand buildings and burned almost 390 square miles. alberta premier rachel knotly on friday said they are using all tools available. >> we've all seen the heart breaking images taken by citizens traveling through fort mcmurray today. there is no doubt the damage is extensive and we'll take many months to repair. >> thousands more residents are expected to be evacuated from the hard hit city of fort mcmurray today where convoys are navigating through dense traffic and thick smoke. the smoke has gone through the carolinas and was recently seen in florida. donald trump the republican's presumptive presidential nominee is ramping
6:02 am
up his shots at his expected democratic opponent. during an appearance friday trump not only went after hillary clinton he attacked her husband. former president bill clinton. >> bill clinton was the worst in history and i have to listen to her talking about it? and just remember this, she was an unbelievably nasty mean enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. so put that in her bonnet and let's see what happens, okay? >> hillary clinton is firing back. addressing supporters in oakland, california. she said even if she weren't running for president she would be doing everything she could to make sure the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. the invictus games start tomorrow in orlando, florida. and britain's prince harry will be on hand to see wounded warriors from 15 nations compete. the cause is close to his heart. harry founded the games two years ago.
6:03 am
our nora o'donnell asked him about his relationship with the games' competitors. >> reporter: there's a lot of camaraderie with you and the men and women here. how do you describe sthat? >> i view myself as captain wales first and prince harry second. times like this it's sort of equal. i've done what these guys have done and been lucky enough not to be injured. being in the position i'm in it makes sense having had ten years military service and had the honor of being able to work alongside of these guys if not every single nation. it seemed fitting for me to be able to use my name and status to bring a spotlight on to these individuals, create the platform and allow them to flourish. >> great cause. you can see more of nora's conversation with prince harry monday on cbs this morning. that will be a good one. the problem wasn't how often fell in california it was how fast. a sudden down pour stalled cars
6:04 am
and stranded drivers in the city of ontario. an interstate was closed for hours. a lack of rain is causing a spat in a california town. the residents stopped watering their lawns, but now they're being ordered to water them. >> an exclusive community of million dollar plus homes, warning has gone out. no more brown lawns. over the past year some black hawk residents let their lawns die as californians were ordered to reduce water use. now, the black hawk homeowner's association is telling residents they must beautify their front yards, even though officially california is still in a drought. >> a lot of lawns were let go and it's created problems of the atmosphere of black hawk not looking proper for the type of homes we have in here. you want everything to look nice. >> the association declined to
6:05 am
comment. but block hawk homeowner gary shank confirmed he got a letter demanding the improvements be made. he agreed to meet us outside the gates. >> they've recommended you put in bark and drought tolerant plants. they've offered suggestions. if you don't put in proper landscaping they're going to ask you in a nice way to improve it. >> if those living there do not improve their lawns the association is threatened to fine them and deactivate the device that opens the entrance gates. if homeowners refuse to start watering their grass again? state drought regulations could be on their side. >> it's illegal. it's a state law right now that homeowner's associations cannot fine anyone for refusing to water the grass. >> they've been saving a lot of water and el nino storms brought rain and snow to the state helping fill some bill reserv r
6:06 am
reservoirs. last fall one of the largest s reservoirs was empty but now it's full. the storms were not enough to quench the drought which could mean an end to a golden state staple. >> this drought may really be the end of the green lawn in california. just to use so much water i think we have to get over it. >> some residents have responded to water restrictions by replacing grass with drought tolerant plants. others have gone to artificial turf. in black hawk green grass is a point of pride. >> home values have to stay up. if you cut back so much where the lawns are back people won't want to buy. >> the homeowner's association made it clear we're not welcome behind these gates. here at black hawk, they value their privacy as much as their landscaping. for cbs this morning, john
6:07 am
blackstone, black hawk california. the life and >> how cool is that? >> stevie wonder led the singing of purple rain, very cool. thousands who dressed in purple gathered outside city hall. prince died last month at the age of 57. the cause of his death is under investigation. hasn't it been amazing to watch how many artists were influenced by him? >> something cyndi lauper talks about in her interview you'll see later today. here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
6:08 am
and coming up this morning. >> a quiet usher in a upper midwest church had a secret revealed only by his death. his home was filled with 30,000 model cars, one of the largest private collections in the world. coming up on cbs this morning saturday, we'll show you the model from heaven that will soon transform lives. ♪ ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. it almost feels like we'refrom inside the house.lish not that i've been in there... or have i? now get select 1.5-gallon hanging baskets 2 for $12,
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6:11 am
a church in minnesota is giving thanks for a remarkable donation. it came from a member of the congregation whose generosity was revealed only after his death. in life his gift was a carefully guarded secret. it will affect generations to come. mark albert has the story.
6:12 am
♪ i believe in god our father >> reporter: inside celebration church near minneapolis is a congregation most grateful and in awe. >> it blew my mind. >> i was truly amazed. >> reporter: on a recent sunday pastor derrick ross delivered a sermon about generosity. >> the bible says that generosity is that it will enlarge your world. >> reporter: it had been preached about often here through the years. no one had any idea just how closely one of their flock had been listening. >> dennis left more than a gift of money. he truly left his life to us. >> reporter: dennis erickson served as an usher here for 15 years. the church really was his family. he had no spouse, no kids, no brother or sisters. instead, he devoted himself to his church, and his collection. a collection of cars. and when he died in his sleep in december, dennis left his historic automobiles and his
6:13 am
modest two story home in egan, minnesota to celebration church. and boy are they celebrating. you walk into the house for the first time, and what went through your mind? >> a lot went through my mind. not much came out of my mouth. >> reporter: you were speechless. >> for a guy who talks a lot, it was not often that i'm found at a lack of words. it was in that moment that i became overwhelmed with his generosity. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. it's hard not to be overwhelmed. >> it's breath taking. >> reporter: seeing for the first time all the model cars, trucks, tractors and buses dennis collected for six decades. ever since he was nine years old. they're stacked one on top of the other on top of the other. >> these are lamborghinis. these are the cadillacs here. >> reporter: fire engines gl the tractor collection is intense here. >> reporter: some are no bigger than an inch long.
6:14 am
but together, they are quite the treasure. this one container holds 48 cars. there are more than 32,000. believed to be one of the largest private collections in the world. >> this was originally his bedroom. >> reporter: the 69-year-old engineer designed cabinets and cases to showcase the collection. which he parked in the living room, bathroom laundry room closets. basement, and even in the bedrooms. oh, my goodness this is a bed. they're on the bed. >> he parked them on the bed, too. >> reporter: they're all the way under the bed. this is the kitchen. for lisa, a member of the church board and the executor of the estate it was a real revelation. >> awe and wonder was going through my head. >> reporter: you said you experienced wonder. >> yes. >> reporter: why did you choose that word? >> because wonder to me means not only the wonder of seeing
6:15 am
cars. just the wonder of this man's life. >> reporter: he saves the boxes it still has the plastic wrapper around it. the bible said it is more blessed to give than to receive. for dennis' religious family the blessings kept coming. cars he ordered were still being delivered even after his death. look up, wow. they total more than one day for his entire 69 years on god's green earth. >> this is a '66 rambler. >> reporter: dennis' devotion runneth over. filling his two garages. >> this is a caprice. >> reporter: five preserved classics including a 1959 edsel. there is 72,000 miles. and henry ford's second mechanical marvel. >> this is a 1931 ford model a. >> reporter: dennis would enter these in car shows with his
6:16 am
father. this is unreal. for lisa, her surprise quickly gave way to something else. a feeling of divine responsibility. >> i feel that one day, i will be seeing my mom and dad and dennis in heaven. and i know probably one of the first things i'm going to have to answer to dennis for is what happened to all of his cars. not just dollar wise or where they went. but how his gifts was used to help so many people. >> this whole area will be classrooms going down. >> reporter: the collection's price tag will make it possible to make more classrooms and expand the school. the pastor says the congregation has doubled in size in the past nine months. the church hopes to break ground by december. a year after dennis' death. >> one year later, his impact will be visible from the road. >> reporter: i'm reminded that the tenth commandment is thou shalt not covet. this is a nice gift to have
6:17 am
isn't it? >> it was so funny. it is hard to not take pride in the gift of one man, because there is nothing i did or we did to earn it or deserve it. it was just dennis leaving his possessions to his family. which is his church family. >> reporter: a collection that's turned into a vehicle for generosity. and topped off this church's faith. for cbs this morning saturday, mark albert, egan, minnesota. it really is incredible. mark says serious buyers have come forward. but they want to keep the collection together. >> it would be nice, 32,000 cars that would be difficult. i was impressed with how organized it was. they were even in the bathroom drawer. >> i enjoyed him go under the bed they're under here? the man who knew infinity. the film explores a
6:18 am
mathematician. we sit down with the stars to discuss how the film impacted their lives making it. you're watching cbs this morning saturday. this portion sponsored by -- mom, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. a branch catches me here.our.
6:19 am
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6:21 am
let me ask you something, why do you do any of this? >> because i have to. i see it. >> form for its own sake? an art unto itself. and like all art it reflects truth. it's the only truth i know. it's my church. and you just as mozart could hear music in his head. >> the film is based on a true story of a self taught genius in india who said formulas came to him in his head. we caught up with jeremy irons and patel. >> welcome, am i pronouncing
6:22 am
that properly? >> as men tore and genius jeremy irons and deb patel has a chemist chemistry. it applies off screen as well. >> he's very astute. >> go ahead. you can look. >> their movie set in the early 1,900's tells a story of a poor shipping clerk obsessed with mathematical formulas and functions. >> in math, these patterns reveal themselves in the most incredible form. >> desperate to share his ideas, he sends them to england. >> i took the liberty of doing some of your proofs myself. >> where a scholar g.h. hardy reveals it.
6:23 am
>> mathematics weaves the story together. of course, like any film worth talking about it's about relationships. and particularly about the relationships between these two. >> were you a little intimidated when you knew he was going -- >> i was terrified. >> you weren't. >> i was, i was. yeah yeah. i came in so overprepared it was embarrassing. >> patel says he wasn't prepared for was the global success of his first film, slumdog millionaire. >> bring me all your elderly. >> after that the 26-year-old was cast as a prince in the last air bender. followed by a manager in the best marigold hotel. >> are they surprised you're not from india? >> wait you're not from a slum in india. >> to have a great movie as
6:24 am
slumdog millionaire as your first movie it was hard to find footing is that accurate? >> yes. >> how old were you? >> 17. it was my first real film. and it was -- it's a complete blessing, it made my career. no doubts about that. but you kind of thrust into the space where you're walking red carpets with screen icons. after putting in so much time and really honed their craft. you know, i think a little part of me didn't feel quite worthy of the position. >> at 67 in a a position irons has earned. in theater, on the small screen and in blockbuster movies. >> he is not our enemy. >> most recently he signed on to reprise his role as alfred. he said it's the roles he walked away from like james bond in the
6:25 am
1970's that have defined him. do you ever think back i wish i had done that? >> no, never. i never regret anything. at the time, i made a decision which was right at the time. >> there wasn't a tiny part that saw how big it was and thought maybe i should have considered this. >> i worry that there's great iconic parts can box you a little bit. >> does that happen a lot? do they try to box you in? >> there are -- i mean having a reputation for someone who will have a go at doing anything that could have been a possibility i'd gone to hollywood, i didn't want to do that. iate kn i knew that. i wanted an odder career. >> that's a big smile. >> i love that. >> my estimation as a man of numbers -- >> an appreciation of what is awed and unknown versus what is traditional and expected.
6:26 am
is at the core of the man who knew infinity. >> what's the best piece of advice he's given you? >> i don't think there's been a particular piece of advice, but i think being in his gravitational pull for two months has been a very, very nourishing experience for me. like playing tennis with roger federer. the ball, comes right back where you want it. it's wonderful. >> it's just about playing. and you get two of us, you know, and this guy is really good. and we just play together. >> as they said the movie is about so much more than mathematics. i had to ask -- detective and jeremy said they don't have any prowess. they said it took him more time to memorize what to put on a black board than memorizing the whole script. coming up in the dish a recipe for becoming a great
6:27 am
shift. learned how to kick in your grandmother's cooking and get your higher education from emeril lugassy. it was a spiritual side that inspired dolly's most spiritual song. ♪ i would only be -- >> 19 years after recording, she heard whitney houston sing her words. ♪ if i should stay >> and then it was -- it kept going. i thought oh, my god. ♪ i would only be in your way >> and then when she went into the chorus.
6:28 am
♪ and i will always love you >> oh, i mean i had to pull over. i to pull over because i was afraid i'd wreck, pull out in front of somebody. people always said that's whitney's song. i said you got that right. and they said that's dolly parton's song. look, she can have the credit i just want the cash. i made plenty of it all over whitney. thank god. as for her own love. dolly and her husband carl dean plan on renewing their wedding vows after 50 years together. >> we never seen mr. dean. >> he's shy about the public. i was surprised that he was willing to do this. but he's so proud, too. we lasted 50 years. who said who the hell else can say they've been married 50 years in this business. ,,,,,,,,
6:29 am
6:30 am
in the dish this morning. the chef who fell into food in new orleans. born and raised in the crescent city of french sicilian and german anancestry he was cookin by the age of 8. >> he moved west and is co-owner of the los angeles little dom's and mini bar which opened last year. we're excited to welcome chef brandon bodet.
6:31 am
these meat balls are huge. >> thank you thank you. we have rice balls from little dom's also. large balls there, too. and we have spaghetti and meat balls and a little call -- risotto. fried potatoes with garlic and lemon. and then start off the meal we have a cocktail called the bernard. >> this is delicious what is to our left? >> that's a cult favorite from the 101 coffee shop waffci coff brownie sunday. >> you were influenced by your grandmother and you had two amazing chefs. i love you said your grandmother seem to be a bigger influence you realize. >> all the different events that happened in our family's household was always surrounded by food. just like, food was always a
6:32 am
major part of it. >> but now i understand you came up with a clever little recipe when you were about seven years old you think was influential? >> yes, so the first grade vallen di valentine's day to our mother was a cook book created by the teacher. everyone came up with their recipe. most of the recipes were not that great. mine was like, very very detailed. very detailed. it was banana toast. toast the bread, lightly butter it, sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar, preheat broiler. >> you tested this out already. >> it had been tested out. >> premeheat broiler is impresse for an eight-year-old. >> at that point i kind of knew. >> how influential did emeril be in your career? >> it showed me how to like, run
6:33 am
a restaurant and just see how just like there was like love put into that food. it wasn't like, crazy eccentric out of the way food. it was like, down home really good understood. >> you were with emeril early on, he wasn't a rock star. >> it was before those days. >> i want do ask you about the simple philosophy. i saw you said things rarely need more than green ingredients. do chefs often make the mistake do you think? >> we talk about that. it just needs just sort of simple, three, four things on the plate. and like, everything needs to be edible on the plate. and it shouldn't be too high or too low or whatever. just something to capture -- just it's not about the food all the time. it's about the atmosphere and everything that you go into and you have that dining experience. i think that's where people kind of lose it a little bit. they don't quite understand. >> you've said that a chef has to be humble. >> yes. >> why is that important? >> i think a little bit of
6:34 am
insecurity goes a long way. i do, i do. >> in what sense though? do you feel like it has made you work harder all the time? >> just i think a little bit of self-doubt. it just helps you. you can't like, harp on it. but, like, just that a little bit of insecurity about is that the best it can be? and sometimes you walk away and you're like, do you know what? that's the best. we nailed it. it's great. and then there's sometimes where it's like, do you know what i could have done a better job. it's like, you constantly have to do that throughout life for it -- yourself to be successful. >> you should not be insecure about the meet walballs. if you could have this meal with anyone past or present, who would it be? >> allen toussant was a favorite musician of mine. and of course family. one of my uncles that's recovering from surgery, i think
6:35 am
that would be a super fun dinner to have. >> this would be a perfect post surgery meal. thank you so much. and for more on brandon and the dish head to our website at >> here's a look at the weather for the weekend. up next, grammy and tony winner cyndi lauper anthony will talk with the pop star about her career and going country for her new album. she'll perform in our saturday session. you're watching cbs this morning. saturday. what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor.
6:36 am
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6:39 am
with cyndi lauper at the gibson show room here in new york. ♪ girls want to have fun >> for more than three decades since her debut album in 1983. ♪ your true colors and that's why i love you ♪ >> cyndi lauper has been one of music's most compelling performers. >> before i go on stage i ask -- i think what is my intention? and i try and throw myself into it and lose myself. although my friends -- i have a friend who would say, no, you find yourself. but it's not about yourself anymore. it's about something else. and i think that's the part of it that's addictive. >> lauper is on tour behind her latest record a country album
6:40 am
call called detour. >> every time i would move forward, i was realized i'm going back again. even the country record i thought, all new territory. then i start singing it and i have all these memories flooding. >> growing up in queens lauper remembers watching patsy cline with her grandmother. >> when i saw patsy cline on tv i thought i want to do that. >> detour is an album of country classics. is it indtimidating singing som of those songs? >> at first, yeah. then we started doing the wanda jackson song. and then i remembered oh, man, i know this stuff. it's blue angel. ♪
6:41 am
>> blue angel lauper's first bond played rock abilly. early on her mother's record collection which included barba barbara strie snd and show tunes. >> the duets were interesting. >> you were totally ready for kinky boots? >> i didn't know that. until i started doing it. and then i remembered everything that i loved. i thought what if i take everything i love and put it in what i'm doing now? >> her score for the broadway musical would win lauper the grammy and a tony in 2013. >> that i won the tony, i realized that all this time broadway would have welcomed me. i didn't really need to constantly go around the world
6:42 am
looking for acceptance when it could have been in my own back yard. you know? but i wouldn't have been the artist -- i want to be great artist that's what i want to be. >> what does that mean? >> like, really do great work. like, not just one genre of music but study music constantly. become a great painter of words and sounds. you know? like bowie, like prince. >> when you see prince and everybody else we've lost in the last year. >> yeah, i know. ♪ when you were mine >> lauper who covered a prince song on her debut album said his unexpected death compelled her to schedule a doctor's appointment. p>> it broke my heart. really. there's only one him. anyway. i can't -- don't want to start crying again and feeling bad.
6:43 am
but yeah, i got -- i saw my own mortality and said, okay, superwoman, you had a few years on him. ♪ you will find it >> like prince and bowie cyndi lauper said she wants to be an artist to the end. >> isn't that the way to go? i think i'll stuff myself and have my arm out so people can step next to me. and go she looks a lot better. she looks good. for dead she looks good. maybe a recording for dead i look good, right? i don't know. >> now performing a track off her new album detour, here is cyndi lauper with heart earthquakes hard ac -- heart aches by the number. ♪
6:44 am
♪ heart ache number one was when you left me ♪ ♪ i never knew that i could hurt this way ♪ ♪ and heart ache number two was when you come back again ♪ ♪ you came back never meant to stay ♪ ♪ now i've got heart aches by the number ♪ ♪ troubles by the score ♪ every day you love me less each day i love you more ♪ ♪ yes i've got heart aches by the number ♪ ♪ a love that i can't win ♪ but the day that i stop counting ♪ ♪ that's the day my world will
6:45 am
end ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ heart ache number three was when you called me ♪ ♪ and said that you were coming back to stay ♪ ♪ with hopeful heart i waited for your knock on the door ♪ ♪ but yyou must have lost your ♪
6:46 am
♪ but i got heart aches by the number troubles by the score ♪ ♪ every day you love me less ♪ each day i love you more ♪ now i got heart aches by the number ♪ ♪ love that i can't win ♪ but the day i stop counting them ♪ ♪ is the day my world will end ♪ oh, the day that i stop counting is the day my world will end ♪ >> don't go away we'll be right back with more music from cyndi lauper, you're watching cbs this morning, saturday. saturday sessions are sponsored by blue buffalo, you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue.
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♪ ♪ have a wonderful saturday,
6:54 am
mind ♪ ♪ oh, but i can't just the thought of you ♪ ♪ turns my whole world misty blue ♪ ♪ just the mention of your name ♪ ♪ turns the flicker to a flame ♪ listen i think of the things to do ♪ ♪ and my whole world turns misty blue ♪
6:55 am
♪ i should forget you ♪ heaven knows i tried ♪ when i say i'm glad we're through ♪ ♪ deep in my heart i know i've li lied ♪ ♪ ♪
6:56 am
♪ it's been such a long long time ♪ ♪ looks like i'd get you off my mind ♪ ♪ but i can't just the thought of you ♪ ♪ turns my whole world misty blue ♪ ♪ oh, i just the thought of you ♪ ♪ turns my whole world a misty blue ♪
6:57 am
for those of you still with us we have one ♪ here i go going down down ♪ my mind is a blank ♪ my head is spinning around and around ♪ ♪ as i go deep into the funnel of love ♪ ♪ ♪ it's such a crazy crazy feeling ♪ ♪ i get weak in the knees ♪ my poor old head is a reeling ♪ ♪ as i go deep into the funnel of love ♪
6:58 am
♪ i tried and i tried to run and hide ♪ ♪ i even tried to run away ♪ you just can't hide from the funnel of love ♪ ♪ it's going to get you someday ♪ ♪ ♪ it's such a crazy crazy feeling ♪ ♪ i get weak in the knees ♪ my poor old head is a reeling ♪ ♪ as i go deep into the funnel of love ♪ ♪ ♪ i tried and i tried to run and hide ♪ ♪ i even tried to run away ♪ you just can't hide from the funnel of love ♪
6:59 am
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now on kpix 5 news: taking their fight. the arrests made after deputies gear clashed with protesters at n now on kpix 5 news, taking up their fight arrest made after deputies clash with protesters at san francisco city hall. the man's the group has now for the mayor. >> donald trump returning to the campaign trail the ring in on hillary clinton pick who else disputing with. powerful -- powerball


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