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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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year-old angela zamora -- angelo mazor it. -- she was found stabbed to death and neighbors and friends tell her that angela -- angelo was her great-nephew living with her on and off but police have yet to come from the relationship between angelo and marla. one person that was with her the night she was killed or the night before she was killed, i asked what her great-nephew was like. >> i had a good feeling about him. is very quiet and unassuming. i think he's a good kid. >> she was a prominent defense attorney and worked there for 30 years. she was known for defending edwin ramos in a case of mistaken identity. now memorial in front of her house is continuing to grow. people have been stopping by her house leaving flowers and cards.
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investigators are now working to figure a motive for this case. one person is in the hospital after fire at the santa fe apartment closet -- apartment complex just south of san jose state. nearly 1 dozen units or damaged, some by flames and others by smoke and water. we are not clear how many tenants were displaced. investigators are still looking for the exact cause of the fire but it appears to be accidental. another fire damage several offices in a commercial building in berkeley 30 minutes later. a neighbor called 911 to report the fire at telegraph. the property manager tells us the flames started in a ground- floor office and spread to the second story. about half of the units suffered some damage from the fire, smoke or the water. no one was hurt. the building next-door is actually also managed by us. one of the residents saw the smoke.
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, but no one was in the units where the fire was at the time. >> there were two residential apartments in the building and it's unclear if they were damaged. the gas and power have been shut up while investigators look for the cause of the fire. firefighters did have the weather on the side. some showers in berkeley earlier today, just enough to get bml is out. take a live look outside at the view from the marin headlands where things are beginning to dry out. that will set a trend for what to expect for tonight. there is a massive low in utah which is spinning showers our way but will mostly dry out this evening. some of this will turn into snow overnight in the sierra. mother's day looks mostly cloudy but also mostly dry. we will have a complete forecast including your mother's day outlook in just a few minutes. weather could be at least
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partly to blame for a deadly wreck near redwood city. a 17-year-old from saratoga was killed when his car slid off state route 35 just before noon. chp report says the roads were wet at the time and it appeared he was going too fast for the conditions. denville held a meeting today to figure out what to do about a sudden spike in home burglaries. there are some fed up homeowners fighting back. >> reporter: and upset denville woman -- day unveiled woman gets her husband for backup. the suspect opens the door and runs off. the woman chases after him. it happened thursday night. the young man had kicked open the garage door to steal tools. earlier that day in the same danville neighborhood they
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arrested a different man after he had broken into a home. the burglar kicked open the door and an alert neighbor called 911. officer tyler nelson and his k- 9 found the suspect nearby. >> one of issues came off during the pursuit. my dog was able to smell his shoe and get the scent and then we tracked him from their. the k-9 was able to follow the track where he had come to the bushes. >> reporter: danville police say there has been a spike in home burglaries. a town hall meeting was called to talk about trying prevention. g simkins is asking the city to approve the installation of license plate reading cameras. several months ago the police use the same kind of camera to capture a robbery suspect. >> we will strategically. them around town so that it would be difficult to commit a crime in danville without passing one of the cameras.
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>> reporter: danville police hope to have those license plate readers in place by the end of this year. as for the burglary suspect caught on camera, he is still on the run. in danville, kpix 5. there's a pretty bold burglar who might be the biggest steph curry fam. he was caught on camera -- fan. he was caught on camera stealing steph curry jerseys and driving off in a dark-colored nissan altima. tulsa -- tesla is on a hiring spree. many people were all charged up to work for the electric carmaker. >> reporter: for the bragging rights to say they helped make one of these, dozens lined up. >> i feel like they are going to grow.
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they are the future. >> reporter: the electric carmaker certainly is growing. we learned this week that tesla will be leasing more than 1 million more than 1,000,000 ft.2 -- 1 million square feet -- 1,000,000 in livermore. the model s took off the earlier this year. >> to see how they actually build them, that would be interesting to see how that works. >> reporter: this job applicant loves to see an american factory hiring hundreds and paying above minimum wage, $70 an hour and offering benefits including overtime. >> this is really what america is. >> reporter: andrew has construction experience in hopes to use that to build teslas and only teslas. >> i don't want to go to honda. i don't think that's the future. i feel like tesla is the future.
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>> reporter: if they are the future, maybe -- many here hope to go along for the ride. in newark mark kelley, kpix 5. dozens of protesters are facing charges after storming san francisco city hall to demand the firing of the police chief. >> [ chanting ] >> a total of 30 protesters were arrested, cited and released last night. lease had riot gear. they wanted the chief ousted after a group of deadly shootings. >> we are leading the mayor know that there is no business as usual in san francisco. we are going to shut it down. >> i want police officer to know that if they step up the community has her back. >> the so-called frisco five were taking to the hospital after the 16th day of a hunger strike. they have been doing this since april they have been doing this since april 21 demanding the
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mayor's resignation. the hospital is not releasing any details on how the strikers are doing. a chp officer is recovering from major injuries after being hid -- hit by a big rig. this was on highway 50 in sacramento when he was struck at 3:00 this morning. >> the driver of the big rig fedex truck was distracted. we will make that determination for sure. >> they did have the emergency lights on and expected to recover. fedex said, our thoughts are with the officer and others involved in this accident and we are cooperating fully with the authorities as they conduct their investigation. still ahead, the hashtag freeway challenges blowing up on social media. the dangerous new way freeway challenges blowing up on social media. the dangerous new way, california skateboarders are showing off. a warning to hikers and dog walkers about coyotes. how one
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brains. tom wait on the so-called "freeway challeng california skateboarders are using a special hashtag to show off their lack of brains. the freeway challenge, turning the freeway into an adrenaline rush. >> reporter: a dangerous stunt, skating in traffic on a freeway. it to seeing almost too surreal to believe. watch as the skateboarder hitches a ride on the back rails of a delivery truck. as his buddies keep recording, he makes his way back to the car. this is one of several clips posted online.
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professional skateboarder, smith started what could be a trend on the 110 downtown. as these drivers trudge along for the usual bumper-to-bumper traffic, and as dangerous as it looks, some drivers say they get it. l.a. traffic is so miserable this is a legitimate diversion. >> i think it's pretty amazing, actually, as long as they don't get her. it's entertainment. >> reporter: not everyone is in used. >> they are not thinking. they are not thinking. it's fun until young person eggs on their buddies and no one wants to be the one to say that's not cool. >> the chp is using the same instagram videos to try to track down the daredevils. if, they could face a traffic ticket and even jail time. a clinic for youth football coaches to reduce concussions
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and recognize the danger signs, comes as research shows the harmful effects of repeated concussions, including at the professional level. >> it's very important because of the severity of concussions. i believe there's a lot of injuries to the head that is taking over youth football. >> today's for our event in alameda also included tips on equipment fitting. usa football, the governing lobby runs the training sessions in collaboration with nfl teams. the warning signs are going up again about a spike in coyote sightings. they are being spotted wandering through neighborhoods and backyards all over the bay area it seems like there are more sightings every year. kpix 5 and neck-and-neck is live where -- ann mackovic.
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>> reporter: there are getting a warning before they do this. brian bullard was putting up one of the signs a week ago at the entrance to the trail when he noticed he wasn't alone. >> is this a joke? it watched me the entire time while i was putting this up. >> reporter: more more coyotes are appearing in the marin headlands -- marin headlands. they are migrating to san francisco where there have been recent attacks. this toxin jasmine barely escaped coyote attack in september. >> i heard screaming. she started screaming. we got around and i saw her hanging out of the coyotes mouth -- coyote's mouth.
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>> they are acting more territorial. they typically breed of february. this is a professional.walker and wanted to make sure that other hikers got a heads up. >> it's important for people to know that they are coyotes here in the bone to be aware. you should be nervous. >> you should try to scare them away. >> coyote, move. coyote, move! yell really loud. >> reporter: experts a of the pack feels its numbers are threatened, it can lead to a feeding frenzy -- breeding frenzy. >> they are just trying to keep -- take care of their own. >> reporter: trapping in locating coyotes is illegal in california. live in marin headlands, i am anne mackovec. in the next .4 hours, it's going to rain to the east and the south and it will be drier the bay area. as we look at the golden gate bridge, this is what we have. as things begin to finally dry out, we are looking for things to look a little bit better for sunday. this is a view from
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high atop the western us. the pressure we saw the beginning of the show, you can see a few showers that are drifting south toward the bay area. they are not going to be much tonight. tomorrow we will begin to just see clearing conditions. most of what is left is north of lake tahoe, a few widely scattered showers near chico. mother's day looks mostly cloudy a milder. temperatures from 60 to about 73 degrees, and we revisit our old friend, the golden gate bridge. conquered in oakland is 62, 61 livermore, san francisco 60, santa rosa 58. it's a fairly mild might and maybe a tad wet as we might get a rogue shower or 2. mostly cloudy day for sunday. this is how it looks. showers and overnight, mostly cloudy and dry for mother's day. increasing sunshine in the week ahead. a nice day for mom at the zoo. people say this is all
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happening at the zoo. 62 degrees for tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies at the zoo. travel weather is 73 sacramento, 76 fresno, 79 reading, a few thundershowers if you are heading toward tahoe or yosemite but a drying trend aside from it. overnight lows tonight, and looking at sun up at 6:06 tomorrow morning. 49 degrees santa rosa, fairfield 51, 53 degrees in san jose. spengler two tonight would not be a surprise. tomorrow however it should be dry. 60 san francisco, 70 concordat, oakland 63 for tomorrow. we're pretty much where we are at this time of the year in terms of -- concordat -- concord , oakland 63 for tomorrow. were pretty much where we are at this time of the year in
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terms of our averages. a shower or 2 overnight could happen. look at bruntlett tomorrow, 77 degrees, 72 antioch, fairfield 75, around the 680 corridor we will be mid to upper 60s. north bay tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies but mostly cloudy with a peak or 2 of the sun. mid-sixties to upper 60s, 68 nevada, even warmer for ukiah, 74, 68 four st. helena. we have a mix of clouds and partly sunny skies for money and is a. more sunshine comes out in the middle of the week. as we head you next weekend it will be mostly sunny and mild, readings in the mid-70s. there will be a heating trend but a beautiful week once we get past the partly cloudy skies. this is an early mother's day story to tell you about. it's by a relative in colorado -- >> this is an early mother's
6:19 pm
day story to tell you about. it's written by a relative in colorado. my dad asked her to share her secret too long living. >> grandma, you turned 106 today. what do you all your longevity to? >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] getting play of rest and eating right. no jalapenos. >> that's a jalapeno a day. >> she was born in 1919? >> i thought you were going to ask me how many presidential elections she has been a part of. >> earp -- her first president was herbert hoover. >> this will be her 27th election. she will not tell us who she is
6:20 pm
voting for. she said she will tell us afterwards. >> happy mother's day to her. that's fantastic! >> a jalapeno a day. [ laughter ] he has 18 gold melville's -- gold medals but tonight michael phelps is something better, a new baby boy. a reminder, thursday is bike to work day. we wanted to share with you or have you share with us or bike to work stories. postwar -- post your videos on social media and we will put them on the air. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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champion michael phelps is w dad. he and his fiancee just welcomed baby son -- are you is? -- boomer! 18 time champion michael phelps is a new dad. he and his fiancie just welcome to be the son. what's his name? his name is boomer. >> boom! >> [ laughter ] you may be happy announcement on his instagram page today. mom and baby boomer are both feeling well.
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>> that would be good at their own music festivals. we have a who's who of classic rock, brittney hopper affectionately dubbed old child. some of the biggest names in rock 'n roll coming -- >> reporter: some of the biggest names in rock 'n roll are coming together on stage. >> at some of the end of an era because when will you ever get these together again over a three-day period in one place. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: radio disc jockey from los angeles, for more than 30 years, he knows all too well this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> ♪ >> reporter: the stones, paul mccartney, neil young, and the who will be coming together for the first time ever to play at this three-day music festival in october at the indio polo grounds. the festival is put on by the same people that brought you
6:24 pm
stagecoach. many have begun nicknaming this. >> people have been making fun of this whole thing and calling it these are palooza. someone called -- geezer palooza. someone called it the "deadpool" . these guys a been going for a long time. this is rock 'n roll history. >> ♪ >> reporter: tickets go on sale may 9 what they are going to cost you. they start at about $500 for the three-day event. in los angeles brittney hopper, kpix 5. you can buy a whole bunch of concert tickets if you hit the powerball jackpot tonight. it's up to $415 million. if the seventh-largest prize in the game's history. powerball players were lining up in san lorenzo today. if you want in you have about 30 minutes left to get your ticket. >> we have a show to do.
6:25 pm
>> we could buy a lot of giants season tickets with that money. >> absolutely! a little baseball here as we segue to this. the giants had nine innings, that wasn't enough. look at him show his love today. they face the colorado rockies. he struck out 3 to and the second, 8 1/3 shutout winnings. scoreless in the 10th. that is when colorado's tony walters doubled in the first run of the game. after a brandon belt triple, brendan barber ties the game and we play on. we go to the 13th in. here is a herculean play. look at this. he's called safe but after the play was reviewed, it is over. matt duffy in the 13th, let's
6:26 pm
go home. we are done. giants when it in and it -- in a marathon, 2-1 in the 13th inning. baltimore, double-header day, game 1 top of the fifth, hit it solidly here. off the wall, billy burns came on down and it was 3-0. now they got jonathan schoop they got jonathan schoop way that it. these now 3-0 on the road this year. jed lowrie, the back gets down a two rbi blue it 6:oh -- 6-0. he blasted this one. power from the night spot in the order. a two run shot made it a-1. they won the first game a-4. the second game is ongoing. we will have -- 8-1. they won
6:27 pm
the game first -- the first game a-4. the second game is ongoing. we will have that later. a child vanishes while in the care of social services. a mexican drug lord known for his brazen escapes is near the u.s. border and on the move. it was like a light went off. that's exactly what my little guy has. >> saved by social media, the california mom will read a facebook post and her own intuition tells her her son has cancer that they catch early. ,,
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relative of a prominent san francisco defense attorney n custody, for murder. marla zamora was found stabbed to death in her erday. her friends the relative of a prominent san francisco defense attorney to using custody -- is in custody. friends tell kpix angelo zamora had been living with her and he is now in jail. coyote sightings are on the rise. at the time of year when the pups are born and the parents are gorging to feed them. one dog walker is pasting -- posting his own warning signs on the trail, he had seen so many coyotes. they didn't follow protocol. >> a 12-year-old bay area girl goes missing while under the care of social services and no one told her family for days. only on five tonight will we have the news.
6:31 pm
>> mom, i do appreciate you. always coming to calm me down when i am sad or mad. >> reporter: this poem was written by her daughter amber. >> i always can depend on you. >> [ shouting ] >> reporter: kpix 5 was there when she adopted amber one-year- old. >> you protect me and teach me to stay away from strangers. >> reporter: trudy has never felt more powerless to protect her daughter. 12-year-old amber is missing. >> i can't hear her if she were to reach out for me -- call my name, i am broken hurt and angry. she is among a growing number of the them's forced into sex trafficking in adolescence. >> they snatched her and put her in the car. >> trudi says her daughter disappeared in march. she spread ambres picture on
6:32 pm
social media. then a snapchat surfaced on her account showing her with a stranger in las vegas. >> i was like, i have to go. >> reporter: sheep did walking the street -- so she did walking the streets of las vegas with no luck. >> i went everywhere i could and eye -- and i put flyers everywhere. >> reporter: she then got the call. in a 22 days that she was gone, amber said she was forced onto the streets and raped repeatedly. >> she's different. they have scars that you and i can't help them with. >> reporter: ambres mother realized she needed more intensive care and enrolled her in a residential therapy program. but that was not the end of the story. there aren't good statistics out there but children who have been sexually ask -- exploited runner high risk of returning to their exploiters. 12-year-old amber walked away
6:33 pm
from a care facility last week. no one told her mother for four days. >> they did not follow protocol. they didn't do it. >> reporter: we sat down with social services to ask what that protocol is. is it normal for a parent to not find out that their child is missing for 4 days. >> i would say that is not the norm. staff should be notifying the parents. we are not allowed in this facility, to restrain children. we can't physically do anything to keep them there. >> tell me that my 12-year-old has a right to walk in and out of some place when she is not healthy. how dare you. >> a lot of the ladies -- >> reporter: alameda county acknowledges there are gaps in the system. >> there aren't safe places for people to be. after they had been separated or rescued away from a trafficker, there's no safe place. >> reporter: trudi believes
6:34 pm
hundreds of girls have been allowed to slip through the cracks. >> in the bay area, there are many missing and no one is speaking about it. >> reporter: they say they are speaking for all of those girls and for amber. >> i want her back. >> if you see amber or have any information that might help, give police a call. after a pair of daring jailbreaks, the notorious drug lord "el chapo" guzman is on the move again in mexico. he was transferred today from a maximum security prison to jail in ciudad juarez near the texas border. that may not be his last stop. the move comes one month after guzman's attorneys said he wanted to be extradited to the u.s. u.s. officials have been preparing for a possible transfer four months. coming up in 48 hours, an army soldier returns home to his wife and shooter with an assault weapon.
6:35 pm
>> he says it was an accident. but she erin moriarty as the question, how could such an authority on firearms make this mistake. >> this was something you would read in fairytales. >> reporter: jeanette watched as their son skyler, a 20-year- old soldier fell along -- fell in love with a buoyant high school cheerleader, danielle. there's nothing that you keep them apart. in fact danielle dropped out of her northern california high school to mary skyler and live with him close to the fort lewis army base in washington -- marry skyler and live with him close to the fort lewis army base in washington. in 2014, skyler namath was returning from a training mission but within hours of his return danielle nemeth was dead, shot in the head with her own ar 15 rifle. >> can someone help me?
6:36 pm
>> did you intentionally kill your wife skyler? why did -- didn't he tried to revive his wife or call 911. >> he has seen this as an accident. his family sees this as an accident. we believe he murdered his wife. >> reporter: prosecutors believe he shot and killed's 19- year-old wife in a jealous rage and then they charged him with first-degree murder. >> they found him guilty before they investigated >> i can live with i am the reason that danielle died but i can't live with being called a murderer. >> that story is coming up on 10:00 -- at 10:00 on 48 hours. ,, the new chase freedom unlimited card earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy. that's 1.5% cash back
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weekend. but brook silva-braga shows us: the billionaire businessman is' sh tonight. now to campaign 2016. donald trump is ramping up his attack on hillary clinton this weekend. the billionaire businessman isn't the only one talking
6:39 pm
trash tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton has a new name for the republican presumptive nominee. >> otherwise called the presumptuous 90. >> reporter: sheep -- presumptuous nominee. >> t doesn't think much of equal pay for women because he doesn't believe -- think much of women. >> he said he had secured his nomination before she had eliminated bernie sanders. >> she can put the deal away. we can. we know how to close the deal. >> reporter: trump still needs to close the deal with leaders of his own party including house speaker paul ryan who said thursday, he is not ready to endorse trump. it's not just because i disagree with him. it's because they don't think he is able to win in november.
6:40 pm
the latest poll shows clinton leading trump by 13 points. they are trying to drag a third- party candidate. >> trump and speaker ryan are set to sit down for a turk -- a talk next week. rallies and sacrament on monday and stockton on tuesday, you need all the support you can get. according to the latest kpix 5 survey, clinton lead sanders in california by nearly 20 points. the democratic front runner cast in a san francisco fundraiser last night, about 2500 people packed the masonic auditorium. this was $2700 apiece to see her. clinton campaigned on the other side of the bay holding rallies after new campaign office on 13th street.
6:41 pm
tomorrow people -- political insiders will weigh in on this campaign. >> he has to thread the needle a little bit. so much of a people know about him is his off-the-cuff speaking and irreverent style. now he's trying to be more presidential. he has set the bar really low. >> [ laughter ] >> much more coming up on 7:30 a.m. right here on kpix 5. one of the most beautiful spots on earth but you better book your vacation now before this island paradise is underwater. on the other hand we will be drying out. good news for mother's day but is there any more rain on the way for the rest of the week? we gave you a giants win and oakland a's and now we will have the rest of the story. are we on the verge of another triple crown run? ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 pm
double by the end of the da the fire toward the massive wildfire in alberta canada is now the size of hong kong and could double by the end of the day. the wind is expanding the fire, forcing tens of thousands of people in the fort mcmurray area to flee south. it has covered 400 -- 800 square
6:45 pm
-- 800 mi.2 already. -- square miles. the seychelles are a honeymooners paradise with stunning sunsets over the turquoise indian ocean. but there are storm crowds -- storm clouds over the horizon. -- >> over the next 30 years, business as usual, the coast could be under the sea. >> reporter: the sea level is rising almost 1/4 inch a year threatening the island which lies only a few feet above sea level. at the luxury hotel ways are creeping closer to its beach villas. >> we just had a situation last week where we had one of the highest tides on the beach. >> reporter: the seychelles is one of the island nations that could receive the most from the
6:46 pm
signing of the harris -- harris -- paris global warming agreement. warmer sea temperatures are killing the coral also. environmental groups have teamed up with four seasons seychelles. there is a bigger threat than loss of tourism. because of climate change, more than 90,000 residents of the seychelles could be in danger of losing the island they call home. back in the bay area we have clearing trends, mostly cloudy conditions tomorrow which isn't much of a clearing trends yet. we may have a sprinkle her two tonight and then man -- morro bay drying trend coming up for tomorrow.
6:47 pm
we could have a possible shower or 2. as we look at the golden great ridge -- golden gate bridge, we can see mostly low 60s. week high pressure replaces the low which is heading for colorado. is showers will mostly in tonight and leave us with a little bit of sun tomorrow. there will also be clouds. to sum it all up, say goodbye to the showers, mostly cloudy for mother's day. as we get into the week ahead, that we kite pressure begins to build in and give us partly cloudy skies. that will happen monday and tuesday and then we will have more sunshine in the latter half of the week. upper 40s and low 50s, a mild night tonight and sunrise will be 6 minutes after 6:00. mother's day, mostly cloudy and mild. temperatures will range mostly in the 60s and 70s and some spots. we will late at all out for you, 75 fairfield, 70 cochran, santa rosa 70, 65 vallejo -- 67
6:48 pm
vallejo, oakland 63. 60 degrees for san francisco, 69 in san jose. mostly cloudy for mother's day and more sunshine. tuesday and wednesday as well as thursday and friday more son will be coming out. temperatures will warm into the mid-70s. if you are looking for sunshine, you will have to look toward the latter half of the week. have a great mother's day. speaking of sunshine, back the rest of the day, nba playoffs, that gets our attention. warriors and lasers without steph curry. not that great for the warriors as we approach half-time. that will be coming up in the late show. the raptors [ indiscernible ] miami dwayne wade, just doing his thing. the jumper tied the game. they trail by 13.
6:49 pm
a little over 2 minutes left. here's a big shot. this was an 82 tie and he broke the tie. raptors have a 2-1 series lead. the sharks host the national predators tonight. is game 5. the sharks, the series is tied at 2 apiece. 109 minutes of hockey with all of these overtimes. what about the coaches? players are tired. >> are you okay. >> the coaches are okay. we had a couple of beers in nashville the night before the game. i had enough fluid in me that i didn't get too dehydrated. >> reporter: there abrade -- thoroughbred racing, the coven -- kentucky derby is in the books. look at this crowd, second- largest ever, 167,000 and nyquist written by mario gutierrez was the 2 to 1
6:50 pm
favorite and the coal delivered. nyquist and exaggerator, they are they are together. and nyquist has one the kentucky derby. -- won the kentucky derby. >> he was named after gustav nyquist. he improves to 8-1 at churchill downs. the next race is the preakness on may try first. pga 3rd round in charlotte, north carolina at quail hollow. rory mcelroy, he 79 feet away. he's not supposed to make these shots. 25 feet of break and this happens. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> unbelievable! we had to put that in the highlights. here is rickie fowler, chipping from here and puts it on the green to set it up for a
6:51 pm
birdie. he shot for under and has a one -- 4 under and has a one-shot lead going into sunday. why can't i make shots like that? to what's the longest putt you have ever made? have you ever done anything to radically that? had shots on the fairway -- >> i have had shots on the fairway. jules can hit too. she has in power. >> [ laughter ] after the break, these brave california kids are battling cancer together after facebook made them unlikely friends. how one mom's civil post may have saved the other child's life. -- simple post may have saved the other child's life. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 pm
their parts -- leaving owne out of luck. the bay area is coming up tonight at 11:00, one in seconds, cars stolen and then stripped of their parts living alone he's -- leaving owners avalos. the bay area is the leading spot in the united states for vehicle thefts. tonight how you can fight back and protect herself. in the california mom has a facebook post to thank and run intuition for catching her sons leukemia early. when doctors dismissed her son's strange systems -- symptoms as a cold, she went to social media. >> a bond that doesn't need words to explain. >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> reporter: 7-year-old reese and 3-year-old fritz are still connected. they were diagnosed with leukemia. her mom went to facebook to
6:55 pm
inform others and share the symptoms. >> it was supposed to be a post. i thought was, it was like, in my heart, if it helps one person, it is worth putting it out there. >> reporter: and that one person was anna. in the city 15 miles away another mother happen to come across this post shared by one of her facebook friends. >> it was like a light bulb went off. i read through what she had posted. it was about their world changing with the diagnosis and what the symptoms were. i read the symptoms and said, this is exactly what my little guy has. >> reporter: she immediately took little 3-year-old fritz to have him check for leukemia. only to learn that he has the same type of cancer. >> my intuition and -- that this is something bigger than a fever and he just being set -- sick. to meet someone immediately that was going to
6:56 pm
walk into the same area, maybe is -- this is something that can be shared and we can support each other. >> reporter: and they were instantly bonded. >> he is so cute. >> reporter: heart wrenching time that these parents have managed to make fun for their kids. >> we are connected together. i think it's wonderful. i learn her -- from her every day that -- now that we are connected. i can keep it all in perspective. >> reporter: all with high hopes that little reese and fritz can beat cancer and have a lifelong friendship. these kids are battling cancer but i can tell you that their treatments are progressing well. >> that is the upside of the internet. >> absolutely! a big smile. angst for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. the latest always on our
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[ music ] >> announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children
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that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life, >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal. [ music ] >> roma downey: as a mother, i would do anything i could to help my child live a normal life. and i'm sure you would, too. but what if you couldn't do anything? what if you were totally helpless?


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