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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cars on the road. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it's 4:29. and let's get a check with roberta. i'm beginning to think we have two seasons, winter and construction. >> that's right. >> good morning, everybody, as you are ready to begin your morning commute, overcast skies from the transamerica pyramid due east. and very mild but we are picking up condensation. temperatures in the 50s and going up to, wow, sunny bright, warmer, 60s and 70s. the full forecast is minutes away. good morning. westbound 580 we have an accident in the clearing stages, but we are seeing traffic build westbound 580 to the 205 connector out of tracy. give yourself a few extra minutes, and road work, two lanes open in both directions
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of the bay bridge. keep that in mind until 6:00 this morning. protesters haven't stopped pushing to get the chief fired. kpix 5 reporter joe vasquez shows us how they are upping the ante today to force the city's hand. >> reporter: after 17 days of dramatic demonstrations, the frisco 5 have called off their hunger strike but say they're not finished. they're now calling for a general strike. they want everybody to take monday off. >> not go to work. if children want to walk out with the permission of their parents, they can walk out and we are asking everyone to join us in a peaceful, silent protest. >> reporter: a general strike is usually a term reserved for labor unions or implies it would have the support of unions. but many unions will hold early morning meetings to talk about
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whether they will participate. >> with respect to our union, we have not decided yet expected a lot of folks in the labor movement will be making that decision. >> reporter: one political group has decided to honor the call. the san francisco reformed democrats have called off their get out the vote event at city hall. >> voting is important, and it's important to bring attention to the dire that people are discriminated and killed on the streets every day. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix 5. and a blue ribbon panel formed by the da's office is set to release preliminary findings of racest texts exchanged by officers of the department last year. a man is in custody after a crash that seriously injured a highway patrol officer. it's believed that the driver of a fedex drug was under the influence on saturday morning when the truck hit officer
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smith who was in the process of clearing an unrelated hit and run accident at the time. >> the vehicle's overhead lights were activated. they are very bright and can be seen from .50 of a mile to a mile. >> officer smith is hospitalize inside serious condition and the suspect is gregory ramirez. the fedex has released little information read being in part in a statement, we are cooperating fully with authorities as they conduct an investigation. a wet winter has done wonders for our fire season but our luck can change in an instant. >> reporter: cal fire said don't let the green hillsides fool you. even though fire season has gotten off to a thankfully slow start, the lingering effects of the drought could replace them with scenes like this and quickly. >> as the fire season progresss t continues to get drier and drier. any time during that time if we get a wind event, we are susceptible to a large and
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damaging fire. >> reporter: so far, the season has been mild with significantly fewer fires this year, 619 this year compared to last year. roughly 600 acres had burned wide through last month and 9 last 9 -- 9,000 from last year. >> this year is shaping up as not as severe as last year. however, that could change if we get fires in areas where there is an estimated 30 million trees that died. >> reporter: fire season typically peaks in mid to late summer and stretches into fall. what's mild now could be wild later on. >> it's a good time to get
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defensible space around your home. >> reporter: cal fire said that prevention and caution is the key and the overwhelming majority of wildfires are sparked by humans. devin fehely, kpix 5. and as for condition -- conditions in canada, there is some hope. crews are focused on hot spots and embers on the ground igniting small fire there is. one firefighter could only watch as his colleague's home burned down. >> the smoke was pouring from the roof and he was standing there watching everything he worked so hard for go up as he worked to save everybody else's. 4:35 and roberta, we saw
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wild and wacky weather last week. we will be calm, sunday, we saw gradual clearing. good morning, everybody. we have to scrub out the low clouds and fog. boy, the fog bank stretchs all the way inland, 50 to 60 miles. temperatures today, pretty seasonal, 60s at the beaches and 60s and 70s around the peninsula. good morning, morgan hill. 70degrees, and the temperatures as high as 79 degrees well inland. north bay numbers, 60 from stinson beach and 69 in sonoma and seasonal in windsor, low 70s. right now, let's send you to gianna. we have construction this morning across the bay bridge, both directions affected this morning, just a heads up with
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only 2 lanes open westbound 80 and that will be there for at least half an hour. you will have a closure until 6:00 on the eastbound side. and right now, we aren't seeing delays at the toll plaza. traffic is very quiet from oakland into san francisco. the rest of the bay area bridges are off to a great start. a live look at the san mateo bridge. haven't had problems or construction. westbound traveling out of hayward into foster city, a 13- minute drive time and the golden gate bridge, pretty quiet, and nice from 580 into san francisco. that will take you on a 14- minute ride and the altamont crash, we are seeing red on the sensors. slow speeds westbound 80 from 205. kenny? >> thank you. the oakland city council is breaking down the consequences of transporting crude oil. the meeting will center on
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getting it traveling through the city on trains with a stop at the oakland army base. a consultant was hired to review the plan. the hearing kicks off at 5:00 p.m. at city hall. early voting for the general election. many county offices will open for walk-in voters and registrars will start mailing out ballots. analysts expect a good voter turnout in the golden state even though the nominations appear to be se wn up, and there is a seat for retiring senator barbara boxer. bernie sanders is a long shot to get delegates needed for the no -- nomination, and we will hold a rally in
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sacramento. for the republicans, donald trump is the last candidate standing but still has a battle ahead of him. >> reporter: donald trump may be heading into the tuesday contest unopposed but his campaign to build unity is far from over. last week, house speaker paul ryan said he is not ready to endorse the presumptive nominee. adding to concerns, the billionaire candidate walks back on policies on sunday saying he would be open to raising the minimum wage. >> people have to get more. >> this is not what you said during the primary. >> reporter: his likely democratic opponent, hillary clinton, said she is getting support from republicans nervous about trump's candidacy. >> i've had a lot of outreach from republicans in the last day to say that they are interested in talking about
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that. >> reporter: the former secretary of state edges closer to securing her nomination. still, rival bernie sanders insists the race is far from over. >> at the end of the day, love trumps hatred. >> reporter: recent polls show the vermont senator leading clinton in the primary tomorrow where 29 delegates are at stake. hannah daniel, cbs news. and millions lined up at the polls to elect a new president and vice president in the philippines and half the senate and representatives and thousands of local lawmakers. if mcdonald -- mcdonalds is worried that we don't like
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garlic bread, they aren't worried anymore. they are actually out of supplies. but don't worry. we will have the garlic fries back on the menu in a few weeks. they are calling it the green rush. why so many are buying upland in one northern california county. ,,,,
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would legalize recreational in california. while marijuana advocates say they have enough signatures to get a november ballot measure to legalize recreational pot in california. while election officials work to verify the signatures, pot growers are already working to get a piece of the action. ken bastida has more on a land grab not seen in a century. >> reporter: in mountain ranch, california gold rush, and it's
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booming again. >> we call it the green rush. it's not the gold rush. this is the green rush. >> reporter: green as in marijuana, the new gold up here. bill smith has 18 escrows on his desk at the mountain ranch reality. >> we have sold 75 properties to growers and pretty much know what you are looking for. >> reporter: smith said it's going so well he is going to pack up and move to mexico. a few months ago, this town of 1500 was nearly wiped out by the 70,000 butte fire, land resettled by growers who want to get in ahead of california's initiative that could set a path for legalized recreational marijuana like this former english teacher who acquired this 20-acre parcel last year and likes to compare his crops to fine wine.
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>> every varietial is different like wine, and they have to be taken care of. you don't want them smashed or stepped on. >> reporter: he didn't want us to show his face or use his real name, but "captain" insists he is in full compliance in state law. >> we are not to go anything outside of what they regulate so far, what they allow. we're within the guidelines of california >> reporter: he is cloning his own varietys and then growing and harvesting hundreds of pounds in large, custom-built houses and drying barns. >> the rest of the country seems to be loving it, and california is wanting more all the time. we are just going to keep working as hard as we can. >> reporter: captain said he and other legitimate growers pay their taxes and are employing hundreds of people still reeling from the fire. if you add the cattle industry,
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wine grape growing industry and timber, it's $28 million. marijuana in calaveras county, it's worth $100 million. he is part of an ever-expanding co-op hoping to cash in on the green rush, planning for what they believe will be the total legalization of pot in california. >> i love wine, and we're not restricted on prohibition to make wine. we can make our own alcohol and likewise it should be the same for everybody with this product. >> reporter: ken bastida, kpix 5. >> the supervisors will meet tomorrow and make a decision on the regulation of pot. flights will leave from mineta international airport to san jose for vancouver, the
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third most requested destination from passengers according to a 2012 survey followed by london and paris. in florida, injured veterans are getting a chance to sign and many big names are cheering them on. the invictus games kicked off in orlando. prince harry founded the event that brings together 500 athletes from 14 countries to go head to head in several sports. first lady michelle obama was on happened to root for them. if you look in the skies you will be able to see mercury pass between the earth and the sun. the rare astronomical event is known as a planetary transit. mercury will look like a tiny black dot as it glides in front of the sun. the trip started about 20 minutes ago and should take 7 and a half hours. you will need a telescope or pay of binoculars to see it.
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>> that's pretty cool. >> it would be above the fog because that's an extensive deck. foggy or overcast at your homes? do you remember? >> not too bad. >> we have a little condensation. how about you? >> pretty clear from where i was. >> yeah? >> i think so. >> i don't think so. [laughter] i know you know where you live but no, i don't think so. [laughter] >> i should look up. good morning, everybody. we do have a deck of low clouds and fog hanging out. see? this is what i'm talking about. >> there's the everyday. >> right there. gray slate as you step out this morning to begin your brand new work week. temperature wise in the 50s, and it's pretty mild. this is your satellite and explains what is going on we have an extensive deck of low clouds and fog, the marine layer. look how far inland it's extending. watch, there we go. past the day inland. when will it clear out today?
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it looks like by lunch hour, partly sunny away from the bay and inland areas but socked in around the san mateo coast. we'll clear out in the afternoon only to have the cloud rest gather tonight overnight and we will see sunshine and a dry weather pattern. this is the pesky area of low pressure that stayed with us from wednesday through saturday, producing at least .05" of rain on saturday. we'll take it. that's beneficial rainfall. 6:08 is the sun up, and by the time it sets tonight, temperature wise, seasonal, 60s and mid-70s and winds slight until later this afternoon. here is the forecast, 75, bested by nearly 80 on today and wednesday, we'll hang on to the 70s each and every day as we slip by into the weekend. it's never too early to start talking about the weekend. >> that's right. monday's here and you're ready
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for friday. taking a look at the roadways, 880, both directions very quiet near the coliseum. haven't had any troubles. overall, traffic will be quiet. 238 at the maze, an easy 16- minute ride as you head into oakland. taking a look at conditions southbound 880, no problems and if you are headed across san mateo bridge into foster city, very light, no accidents or incidents. we're clear across the peninsula as well once we hit 101 in foster city. heading to the toll plaza, metering lights are off and you're clear. a couple of snags of construction, 2 lanes open in both directions on the upper and lower deck. the good news is it will clear in about 10 minutes on the upper deck. everything is in the green which means the speeds are no problem this morning and taking
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a look at traffic out of the south bay, so far pretty light on north 101. no delays from capitol expressway to 237. and 286 over to the 101, pretty quiet with no delays along 380. back to you. all eyes were on seven goats who decided that a ceremony was their shot at freedom. moments before the rung -- running of the goats took off, they were cool as cucumbers, but then they took off in every direction. the town of covington, kentucky turned into a search and rescue team. >> it was a lot of fun. i wanted to bring the community together and expose them to agriculture. this wasn't the way i wanted to do it, but we accomplished our task. >> time to go home. >> every goat was found but two of them can boast that they
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stayed out all night snoozing in a park. wow. young and old are digging through bins at garage sales and stores, hunting for the perfect record. more on the comeback of vinyls next. ,,
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over the winter put a dampe the peach crop. good morning. it's monday, may 9. time check for you now. it's 4:54. these are the temperatures to anticipate today, yes, it's warmer and partly sunny skies around the peninsula. east of the bay, climbing to 73 degrees and a bit of a wind whipping up at stinson beach at 20 and petaluma, 70 degrees with lots of sunshine.
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good morning, clear lake at 77 degrees. and good morning to the super commuters as they head to the altamont pass. slow to greenville and then a bit of a break towards 680 at the dublin interchange, looking good in both directions. sub zero temperatures put damage on the peach crops this winter. many growers say they will likely have to buy peaches from california and the deep south to sell at a higher price. the golden state is the nation's biggest producer. the national peach council said it's too early to determine what affect it will have on the crops nationally. the lundberg survey shows that the national average for regular gas has priced to $2.27 a gallon, and it's more expensive in our local metro
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areas, $2.81 in oakland, and $2.96 in san francisco but are still 85 cents lower than a year ago. apple is looking to make big changes to the music service. it plans to better combine streaming and downloading serves and plans to expand its online radio offering to. we expect to learn more next month in san francisco where the cupertino-based company will hold its world wide conference much. and the album that is topping charts and breaking records, drake's new album debuted at number 1, celling 1 million copys and -- copies and broke a streaming record at 245 million times. and more people are turning their back on downloadable music and turning to vinyls. 25million albums were pressed
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last year up from 300,000 back in the 1990s. in all, 12 million vinyl records ended up in home last year. >> nothing like the sound of vinyl. love that. it's 4:57, and a bay area community is helping to put drones around the world and how aerial drone deliveries could soon be saving lives. some members of the frisco 5 may be eating this morning but they are fighting the mayor's office and police department. ,,,, 'm kenny choi.
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good morning. it's may 9. this is a live look at the bay bridge. you can see we have blue and yellow lights in the building right there, on top of the building celebrating the golden state warriors who are playing tonight. good morning. i'm kenny choi.
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>> and i'm michelle griego. 5 protesters survived 17 days on liquids alone. the fast had to end but today, they are upping the ante calling for a general strike. jackie ward is live at city hall calling on two plans to support them. jackie? >> reporter: the hunger strike may be over, michelle, but the fight is continuing and is getting a lot of support on social media, more than 1000 people on facebook. this is after a can a thetic night at city hall on friday after several people were arrested. the frisco 5 is urging people to skip work and school and protest. >> voting is important but it's also important to bring


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