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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it's monday, may 9. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. protesters demanding the removal of san francisco's police chief are changing tactics and calling for a city wide strike. jackie ward can explain what we are expecting to see today. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, the hunger strike may be over but the frisco 5 strike is far from over, and it's drawing the attention of hundreds on social need i can't. -- media. it has already gotten the attention of about a thousand people on the facebook event. this, after a chaotic night on friday when 30 people were arrested. today, the group who calls themselves the frisco 5 is urging people to strike from work and school and boycott corporate restaurant eating and purchasing.
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one event has already been rescheduled. >> voting's important but it's also important to bring attention to this dire that people are being injured, killed, and discriminated against on the streets every day. >> reporter: typically, a general strike is reserved for labor unions or implies that it has the support of the unions. according to the facebook event, we are expecting people to show up at 8:00 this morning and stay here until 8:00 at night. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> we heard, jackie, there might be union members supporting this strike. do we know if this is happening? >> reporter: not yet but there is still time to figure on out. back to you. >> jackie, thank you. phase 2 of construction on the bike path will install today. there will be temporary supports for the new
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observation deck. >> when you are trying to retrofit something on to an 80- year-old structure, it will be hard and it will be expensive. the redesign was supposed to cost $1.1 million now, the expected price is $2.5 million. and bike to workday is this thursday, and we want to share your bike to work stories. just post your pictures and videos, and, kenny, you will bike to work? >> i'm planning to do it. i am concerned it might be cold at 3:00 in the morning but i plan to do it. >> you plan to do it. >> and may take pictures. >> gianna, it sounds like you? >> well, i don't know at 3:00 in the morning. a look at the conditions at the bay bridge, the metering lights are on and the approach is taking a hit slow and go off 580 and 880 and once you past the metering lights, it's a
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steady slow across the upper deck into san francisco and cruxes -- the lower deck has been cleared. westbound 4 from hillcrest connecting over to 680 might be slow as well. and speaking of slow and go conditions, we have them along 680 southbound. the sunol on-ramp is blocked with an accident trying to clear over to the shoulder and it may slow you down a bit. delays are building, 36 minutes, 580 to 101, delays out of pleasanton, and a little bit better through the altamont pass. you are not doing too bad over to 680, the dublin interchange. and a live look at the san mateo bridge, filling in a bit and the drive times are looking okay, 880 to 101, and it's over
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cost, -- overcast, roberta. >> did kenny say it was too cold to ride the bike? [laughter] we live in california. just put on a coat and slap on the helmet and go. good morning, everyone. we have a gray slate and yes, we are in the 50s and the winds are picking up gradually, temperature wise 52 to 58 and we'll check in on the possibility of airport delays at sfo. so far, they have not released the information. low clouds and fog at the coast and moving inland. it's surging inland a good 50 miles and it's overcast with airs with condensation in the form of drizzle. i couldn't anticipate too much clearing of the clouds in half moon bay. otherwise, partly sunny around the peninsula, and topping out
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at 71 from san jose to santa clara, and east of the bay, 60s and 70s, and brentwood, tracy, discovery bay, 75 and low 70sin santa rosa, and up to clover dale with bright sunshine. the full forecast coming up. in murray county, three people accused of two bay area murders will head to court, suspected of killing a backpacker in san francisco's golden gate park and gunning down a dog walking hike or a scenic trail near fairfax in october. we have learned that there will be testimony from one defend ant against the other two. investigatorssay that they tracked the three suspects through a gps device in a station wagon stole friend 67- year-old steve carter, a well- known speaker. a woman is dead after a
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flight was forced to make an emergency landing in montana. sheriffssay that the woman had medical issues. an subpoenas scheduled to determine her cause of death. and a company in san francisco is about to do something positive with drones. kiet do is live with more on the program. >> reporter: it's amazing to think that a bay area startup is doing something to directly save lives 9000 miles away in rwanda, yes,r -- rwanda. the drone will be sent from a slingshot and will calculate the precise moments to release the payload so it lands in an area no bigger than 3 parking
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spaces. zip line will do about 150 deliveries a day and is primarying the technology to deliver immediate and blood in rwanda. the government is funding it because the lack of decent roads in that country make delivering supplies difficult. every year, 3 million children die world wide because they can't get medical supplies, and they are getting help from ups. >> we'll learn a lot about this process but this is strictly a humanitarian mission and we're excited to be part of it. >> reporter: amazon made a big splash when the company announced they were working on aerial deliveries, however, the drone delivery has stalled while feds try and come up for rules here in the united states. they hope to scale up the humanitarian effort world wide and hope to expedite the process here in the u.s. kiet
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do, kpix 5. in texas' capital city of austin, uber and lyft drivers are looking at fingerprinting the drivers despite the company's $9 million campaign to overturn the measure. right now in california, a bill to make feminine products tax free faces a looming deadline. before the end of the day, the assembly committee on revenue and taxation must pass the proposal for it to move forward. california is one of 40 state where is tampons are not considered a necessity. san francisco-based twitter is the latest tech company to tangle with the federal government and has cut off u.s. intelligence agency. a massive wildfire has
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torched almost 400,000 acres in western canada, but fire crews finally have reason for optimism. >> and a california home turns into a makeshift runway when a small plane starts to have serious mechanical problems. >> from the kpix weather center, we have the updated pollen report in case you are already sneezing and wheezing. >> and a an accident blocking lanes. we'll have the details coming up. ,,,, thank you.
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♪ a pilot in southern califora cked an unusual spot good morning. welcome to monday, may 9. the coast is not clear. in fact, we have a gray slate from the seashore to inland at least 50 miles and will be slow to clear at the beaches today. tell you what we'll do. we'll have the full forecast coming up in less than 4
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minutes. a pilot in southern california picks an unusual spot for an emergency landing. the small plane skidded to a stop on top of a house in poo -- pomona. there was a mechanical problem, and witnesses say it was clear that something was wrong. >> i realized there was no runway around here and realized this guy is going to crash. >> the pilot suffered a broken leg and head injuries. the plane is still on the roof and will be removed once federal investigators arrive today. crews have sweated over tentative wildfires but firefighters have finally got the upper hand over the blaze in canada. >> reporter: winds are blowing flames away from some of the towns in the path. the chaos has calmed, and finally, a little bit of home. >> we can really get in there and really get a handle on the fire and get a death grip on it. >> reporter: the challenge, lingering hot spots. >> it's just the embers down
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there, and they are heated up, and it could ignite any time, and the wind keeps blowing it all over the place. >> reporter: the massive wildfire has torched almost 400,000 acres. here's what it looks like from space, heavy smoke covering north america to the atlantic coast. on the ground, fort mcmurray looks like a ghost down after the residents were evacuated and structures were burned to the ground. crews have been working around the clock, exhausted but committed. >> the house was smoke filled and smoke pouring out of the roof and he was standing there watching his house and everything he had go up after he worked so hard to save things for everyone else. >> reporter: those in shelters will be able to return to their homes and for many, what's left of them.
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state leaders in maker have until the end of the day to reverse the state's controversial bathroom law. the law requires transgender people to use restrooms that match the sex on their birth certificate. the u.s. justice department said that the new law is a civil rights violation. yesterday, north carolina governor matt mccrory said he is still considering challenging the ruling in court. >> we're looking at all of our options, but we want to get feedback from the business community, throughout the nation that will be impacted by this and all universitys t hat -- universities that are impacted. early voting gets underway for california's june primary election. registrar offices will start to mail out ballots and allow voters to show up and cast their ballots. although the nominees are pretty much decided the secretary of state's office expects good voter turnout in
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california and there is a race for the u.s. senate seat. several candidates are vying for the seat to be vacated by retiring senator barbara boxer. the campaign of frontrunner hillary clinton will open a facility in san francisco. the organizing office will be clinton's third in california. tonight, democratic hopeful bernie sanders holds a rally in the capital city and set to hold another rally tomorrow morning in stockton. donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee said that taxes on the with they could increase if he is elected president and he said that he supports an increase in the minimum wage. those positions differ from the statements made in the peak of the republican presidential primary and coming up in the next half hour, kpix 5's political analyst will join us for more on the upcoming california primary and why the turnout to be higher than
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originally thought. alamo park overlooking the iconic painted lady will close tomorrow for upgrades including a wheelchair-accessible bathroom and a new lawn in the dog area and irrigation system. this is projected to cut down on water use by more than a third. the park is expected to re-open in december. 6:17 and let's get another check on the roads. oh, that sounded like thunder. >> it did. >> that's not in the forecast, though; right? >> not possible. i think they're working on the roof. [laughter] all right. we've got delays along the 101 unfortunately and southbound headed towards sfo, there is an accident just before you get to san francisco international airport and it's blocking two left lanes with injuries reported. and we are seeing delays beyond 380. on the southbound side, 380 connecting to 101, it may be slow as well. and northbound 101, doing okay. 19 minutes from the drive time from 92 to the 80 split, and southbound, that's what you
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want to avoid until they clear that wreck. going south and connecting to the 101, typical slow and go out of morgan hill, and southbound 880, slow as well, 238 to highway 84, a 16-minute ride and a lot of those delays out of hayward out of 238, sluggish into fremont and delays from the san mateo bridge and then on the bridge, 16 minutes between 880 and 101 but you are still traveling at decent speeds across the span. and the south bay, 101, the portion between 280 and 680 and 37, traffic is really filling in. 280 is your best bet. here's roberta. giannad you tell kenny that the newest entrant in town has to go out and clean our traffic
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and weather camera lenses? >> we forgot. >> oh, kenny. look at this as we look at our dirty sfo camera, we can see we have overcast skies, and as a result of the low ceiling, airport delays of 1 hour and 4 minutes and temperatures in the 50s. good morning to you. we have the winds on the increase out of oakland, 12 in san ramon and winds are picking up in antioch at 10, and winds will blow west and southwest today, 10 to 15 miles per hour. this is the return of the marine layer that has marched on shore and traversed at least 50 miles inland, and we have drizzle associated with the very deep marine layer. it's close to the coast but i experienced some early this morning, and bright sunshine away from the coast, no rain this weekend, all with a benign weather pattern and we have a
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chance of rain next monday. this is the futurecast and lunch hour and we have partly sunny skies around the peninsula, clearing at the beaches and partly sunny skies away from the bay and we will see the clouds gather again overnight especially around the san mateo coast. the area of pesky low pressure is moving out and high pressure is trying to nestle into the bay area and keep us on the quiet side for the next, i would say six days. 76 in the state capitol. disco --62 in the monterey bay, and 60s and 70s across the board, and the wind will usher the pollen around. if you suffer from allergys, sneezing and wheezing, it's the pollen count. we are benign through sunday, and make it a great monday. coming up, man, the giants
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got more great pitching but can they score runs? and a former cal bear snaps out of his funk in a big, big way. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hey pal? you ready?
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good morning, everyone. the sharks and warriors resume their playoff series tonight. san jose can wrap up theirs with a win over nashville. as for golden state, the warriors have listed steph curry as doubtful. curry played 3 on 3 after practice yesterday and will work out again this morning before a final decision is made. doesn't get any better than mothers day at the yahw. the giants won't be sad to see nolan arenado leave with just a homerun shy of the circle.
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the as gave up 6 homeruns in the game and manny machado homered twice. baltimore wins, 11-3. and hahn, who missed the cut in his last 8 events, earns a spot in the pga championship later this summer. and by the way, the $1.3 million paycheck, that are wasn't so bad, either. okay. so the warriors tonight. the sharks tonight. and we have it all for you tonight on the late show. have a great monday. it's sex:25 right now and the only winner of the $400 million powerball jackpot is thousands of miles away but someone in the bay area also struck it rich. after a 17-day hunger strike, the frisco 5 is organizing a peaceful picket and are asking everyone to get
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involved. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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packages in the truc c1 a chp officer is seriously hurt after a crash with a fedex vehicle, and police learned there was a lot more than just packages in the truck. >> and i'm kiet do. we are in half moon bay why a startup is leading the way in package deliveries by self- flying drones. that is so interesting. good morning, everyone, from the weather center. no rain in the forecast but i'll tell when you you may need the umbrella. good morning. it's monday, may 9. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego.
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hundreds are expecting at san francisco's city hall to demand the firing of the police chief. jackie ward has more outside city hall with more on the protests. >> reporter: that's right, michelle. first, it was a 17-day hunger strike and then, protesters stormed city hall, the frisco 5 now calling for a peaceful protest that we expect to start in an hour and a half. the move settlement far from over in the fight over the police chief and it seems like more people are joining the frisco 5. a general strike typically has labor unions supporting the movement but that remains unclear. >> not go to work. if children want to walk out with permission of their parents, they can walk out and we're asking everyone to join us in a peaceful, silent
6:31 am
protest in front of city hall. >> reporter: the strikers are asking people to boycott corporate restaurant eating or purchasing, and sfpd is calling on extra officers to patrol this area around city hall. we are not sure if that's for today or will continue through the rest of the week. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> jackie, have any events at city hall been affected by the planned picket? >> reporter: only one that we know of, a get out the vote event posted by the sf reform democrats. that was postponed. who knows if more events will be canceled. we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. a public hearing will have on health and safety downsides of hauling crude oil through the city by train until it hits it is oakland army base. a consultant was hired to weigh the pros and cons at 5:00 in city hall.
6:32 am
a sole powerball winner in new jersey has yet to come forward. >> no surprise that the $429 million jackpot matched all 6 numbers in the drawing. it was sold at a 7-eleven in the state capitol of trenton. it was a cash ticket and the largest sold in jersey. here in the bay area, someone else is waking up $1.3 million richer. a powerball ticket was sold matching 5 out of 6 numbers, and do you have any cousins in san jose or -- >> kenny meisner does, and kenny goes and collects all the money for the pool, and we didn't get a phone call. >> ugh. i think i saw him. i was looking for the same thing. last week, he approached and said do you want to contribute? i was like, that's okay.
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>> these in mexico. >> and then i was like, wait. >> our producers have told us that ken is here. >> oh, all right. i was looking forward to a special mother's day. hey, everybody, good morning. we have delays in sfo at 1 hour due to a low ceiling. low clouds and fog have saturated the bay area, and there is the scene at sfo. no reports of delays at mineta or oakland international. winds are up to 16, and you can see the deck of stratus lining the coast, hugging the bay and marching inland. we will see clearing everywhere. in the 60s today and 70 degrees right there in redwood city and morgan hill, 73 and wrapping around the eastern portion of the bay area, topping out at 75 towards brentwood and tracy. and also back in discovery bay, 70 a piece in danville and san ramon with a west southwest wind at 15. petaluma at 70 and partly sunny
6:34 am
skies and counting on 74 in cloverdale. pollen, are you sneezing and wheezing? that report is coming up. gianna? we have major delays for an injury accident. i am counting about 6 vehicles involved in the wreck and 3 lanes are shut down as they clear this accident, and it will take time to squeeze through here. use ace. it might be a better choice. and 80 has been busy all morning long with speeds down to 8 miles per hour in spots, backed up well into tracy slow and go, and once you get past that an 18 minute right from the altamont pass to 680 and as you connect to 6 eighth -- 680, it shouldn't be should bad. south 680 at 84, once you approach the area, look out for an overturned vehicle blocking one lane.
6:35 am
and that's inching up our drive time. sfo, southbound 2 lanes are blocked for an injury accident and you are backed up along 380. kenny? >> thank you. and we could learn more about the man accused of murdering marla zamora. angelo zamora is scheduled to be in court today. neighbors tell us that he is related to marla and had been living with her. friends and colleagues of a chp officer are hoping for the best after he was struck by a fedex truck over the weekend. vincent smith is hospitalized in serious condition. >> a well-respected officer in our department. >> the accident happened on saturday as officer smith was clearing the scene of an unrelated accident. the suspect, gregory ramirez, of san lorenzo is in custody. investigates believe he was under the flps -- influence
6:36 am
and believe he had drugs in the truck. d e tails on a new humanitarian delivery company. kiet do has more. >> reporter: that's right. zip line planes tries their destination after being launched from a slingshot like delivery, and the plane flies itself and are connected to the rwanda cell tower network. the drone will calculate the precise moment to open the bay doors and drop the package on to a paper parachute on to a target area no bigger than three parking spaces. there are only two airports in
6:37 am
the area making delivering medical supplies such as blood and medicine difficult. every year, 3 million children die world wide because they can't get medical supplies in time. >> the main goal is to use the work that the government is doing as a model to expand globally and do global vaccination campaigns in other countries as well. >> reporter: zip line plans on 150 deliverys a day, and paul allen and ups are involved, helping to frame out a delivery here in the u.s. the rwanda deliveries start in july. kiet do, kpix 5. >> all right, thank you. and at least 20 million
6:38 am
more takata airbags will be recalled. honda has not made it certain yet but they have been linked to 10 deaths in the u.s. and one death in asia as well as more than 100 injuries. time now is 6:38. voting by mail starts today in the primaries. our political analyst will join us to discuss what an increase in early voting means for the candidates. >> it appears that mcdonald's decision to add garlic fries has worked a little too well.
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we'll explain. good morning, everyone. taking a look at your tv
6:42 am
screen. time to talk about the pollen report and it's going up again. you can blame it on the oak, mulberry, and my problem is the grass. we'll have the full forecast in a matter of 4 minutes. big news regarding one of the nation's biggest companies. >> jason, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and kenny. krispy kreme won't have to worry about making its business sweet must have for public shareholders. it's being taken private in a deal worth more than $1.3 billion by jab who also owns keurig green mountain, so there are possible partnerships. krispy kreme never took off as a public firm, the stock sliding but it's up more than 10% since the beginning of the year. and talk about a couple of brutal weeks for the ceo of twitter and square. the companies reporting earning, and each took a big dive off the disappointment of
6:43 am
the earnings. the stock went down 20%, and combining the loss over those companies in the past two weeks, and dorsey's holdings, which are significant, he has lost $55 million off those investments. tough times for both companies indeed. the stock market is pretty platt in the early going. it was positive on friday over challenging weeks. let's look at the big board and see how we're doing so far this morning. the dow up 20 points and the nasdaq up 13 and square is now rebounding, up 1% this morning. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. mcdonald's know that garlic fries come with bad breath and greasy fingers. >> but is it worth it? the answer is worth a resounding yes or duh. they started to serve the
6:44 am
garlic fries at four bay area restaurants two weeks ago and the company said that we gobbled up so many that the restaurants ran out of supplies and swear that the guilty pleasure will be back in a few weeks. >> i'll be heading over there. >> yeah, why not? >> after the show. well, when they get the fries back. want to join us? sounds good. haven't had a chance to try them. i'm sure they're delicious. checking the roadways, good news and bad news. the good news, westbound 580 that accident has been cleared with 6 vehicles reported but we are seeing major delays out of tracy. and an accident at westbound 205 at mount house and it's adding to a busy ride. and our radio partner is saying at least 2.5 hours to commute out of tracy towards the altamont pass. you can as you ace to fremont or the south bay. and ace trains are on time.
6:45 am
a look at the conditions past the action to 680, not bad connecting over to it but once you get on 680 southbound, an accident at 84 an overturned vehicle with injuries, and southbound 101 near sfo we have an accident in the two left lanes, a major injury accident at sfo. 12-minute drive times from 380 down to 92, and northbound we are seeing delays past the airport there and it looks like traffic is pretty clowe beyond 380, and that connector, eastbound 380 to the 101 is slow. give yourself extra time and west 80 at abernathy, an accident stuck in lanes with the slow and go ride. it was gray this morning, roberta. will it stick around? it will, and did you see drizzle this morning? >> i did leaving the coast.
6:46 am
>> and i did, too, in the trivalley and it will greet you. the airport, no delays but we do have over 1-hour delays at sfo on some arriving flights. we're in the 50s across the board. 53 in benicia, and tim woods theres hey, it will be a great day. get outside and i guess enjoy; right? unless you suffer from allergys -- allergies. so be prepared as the day worsens for the pollen. we have localized drizzle and slow to clear at the beaches. otherwise, partly sunny skies. and here is the futurecast if you want to plan your day accordingly. clouds will retreat to partly sunny skies and a sliver of
6:47 am
hope of sunshine around redwood city. otherwise, the san ma at -- mateo coastline stays socked in for a majority of the day. the satellite and radar showing us the low pressure that brought us days and days of cloud cover and drizzle and rain, and that's out of here and we'll have a benign weather pattern each day. 76 right now and cloudy in sacramento and sunshine later. and our temperatures today in the 60s and 70s, seasonal for this nice day of the month of may. and we have the extended forecast with a slight warming trend on tuesday and wednesday and, again, a quiet weather pattern through sunday. hey, it's toronto. they're in town tonight as the giants play host. game time at 7:15. aaron sanchez will be on the mound for the blue jays. make it a good day. did you mark your
6:48 am
calendars? today is the first day of vote by mail in california. >> now that election season has taken off, our political analyst can tell us how this will affect candidates campaigning right here. >> that's right. but before we begin, i have news. everyone should know over the weekend, hillary clinton juan the guam democratic primary. that's right. she picked up 4 pledged delegates and bernie sanders got 3. tomorrow, west virginia holds its primary and bernie sanders is projected to win but sanders is not in west virginia. oh, no. he is in sacramento holding two rallies today. and he is here because today is california's election day and tomorrow, and every day after that until june 7 because as of today, people have signed up to vote by mail and can start sending in their ballots. that's not all. if you live in the bay area, you may be able to vote at your local election office. some election offices are
6:49 am
operating as permanent polling places. as you can see, if you live in alameda county, san francisco or san mateo or even santa clara county, you can go to a local elections department during regular business hours and cast a vote starting today. >> so, the question is how many people usually vote in the traditional way, melissa, versus the other way? >> so in california as in a lot of states, we've expanded the number of people who can vote by mail so a surprisingly small number of people vote the traditional way in the booth on election day. with all the other options in the last presidential primary in 2012, 35% of votes were cast in the booth on election day. think about that. 65% of people voted in one of these non-traditional way, mailing it in or going to a permanent early polling place. >> that's a lot of people. what does this mean for the candidates? >> you have to to be here right
6:50 am
now, today. and hillary clinton was here over the weekend and bernie sanders holding events today, and the campaigns like to ramp up 2 weeks before election day when people start usually paying attention but in california you can't wait that think low. - - l o n g. you have to ramp up and spend more money with ads at 4 weeks, not 2 and get your ad out there. and we like this. 65% of us are voting this way but we can't react as well to things that happen. if you cast your vote to a candidate and then they say something horrifying, there is nothing you can do. you can't say, hey, give me my ballot back. i would like to change that. but if you know who you are voting for now and want to get it over with and get the robocalls, get your name off the list, you can do it starting today. >> bottom line get out and
6:51 am
vote. >> however you can do it, do it. >> melissa caen, thank you so much. our time is 6:50 and a potential turning point in the battle against the destructive wildfire that has burned thousands of homes to the ground. >> extra barricades are out front of san francisco city hall. be prepared for yet another protest involving the frisco 5. five t know at the 55-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ cooler temperatures have he slow the spread of a massive wildfire burning in parts of alberta. the fire has o 400- 5 things to know at 5:55. cooler temperatures may help with the wildfire in alberta. the fire has scorched close to
6:55 am
400,000 acres in the last week. more than 80,000 people were forced in their homes. officialssay that the fire is now about the size of rhode island. north carolina's governor has until today to respond to a letter from the justice department pounding the state's transgender law. the doj said that requiring people to use bathrooms based on the sex on their birth certificate is a civil rights violation. governor mccrory said he will answer before the deadline. and the 2016 candidates are stumping for votes. donald trump heads into tomorrow's contest unopposed. democrat bernie sanders is looking to upset rival hillary clinton in west virginia to keep her from clinching the party nomination. and early voting in the california primaries begins today. you can start sending in your ballots if you signed up to vote by mail. some elections offices will allow voters in during regular
6:56 am
business owners. - - hours. in less than two hours, a pair of brothers accused of murdering their parents are expected in court. policesay that the two shot their mother and father in their san jose moment last month and have pleaded not guilty. i'm jackie ward in front of the san francisco city hall. the hunger strike may be over but the fight against the police chief is continuing and is gaining support especially from people on social media with a peaceful ticket. picket. the riskery on 5 is urging people to strike from work and school and boycott any corporate restaurant eating and purchasing. so far, a press conference that was to be hosted by the san francisco reform democrats have been re-scheduled. >> voting is important but it's also important to bring attention to the dire that
6:57 am
people are killed and discriminated against on the streets every day. >> reporter: they are implying that they have the support of a labor union but we are waiting to hear if that's the case. from san francisco city hall, jackie ward, kpix 5. a couple of hot spots, 680 at 84, 56 minutes now, an hour south 680 and 580 down to the 101. 28miles is how far the backup is out of tracy. you will see some t heys and -- delays and a couple of accidents on 205 and the altamont pass. westbound 580, an accident over to the shoulder but the damage is done with a slow ride and south 101 at sfo, that has cleared out but the drive times are 13 minutes from 380 to 92. metering lights are on at the
6:58 am
bay bridge and traffic is backed up. and westbound 80, carquinas bridge, 32 minutes this morning. good morning, everybody. we have delays over 1 hour at sfo and the gray slate over the city of san francisco and throughout were of the bay area right now. currently, we're in the 50s, and the winds to 1015 out of the west and southwest. and beaches with very little clearing there and lots of sunshine inland and 70s. partly sunny in oakland and 68 and morning overcast on today and sunshine and slightly warmer conditions. it's a a benign weather pattern, but perhaps the rain will turn on monday. and it's too late to hop on a plane to nashville but we can catch a flight to portland to support our warriors [laughter] espn is reporting that
6:59 am
warrior's guard steph curry will be named most valuable player for the second straight season and it's doubtful that his knee has healed must have for him -- enough to play tonight in portland. and the sharks lead the series with the predators 3-2 and a win would launch the sharks into the western conference finals. the puck drops at 6:00 p.m. and i know roberta wants it to end but i personally like game 7 drama. >> i've been a season ticket holder for 25 years with the sharks and never seen them look this strong in the playoffs. so this is it. >> this is their year you're saying? >> looks good. knock on wood. no injuries. they will wrap it up tonight. no game 7. >> they will? we'll see.
7:00 am
>> i am rooting for the sharks but you know, i love game 7 drama. have a good day, everyone. captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west, mon down and away, may 9, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning. "donald trump says he does not need a unified party to win the presidency. north korea decides to boost its nuclear program. we're inside where a western reporter was expelled overnight. and the invictus games are under way. norah talked to prince harry about why he created the competition and what princess diana would be most proud of. a lock at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. it's just more drama. does the party have to be


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