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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the presumption that i was doing something wrong and perhaps in an area that i should not have been in. it was highly insulting.>> reporter: the sf pd does not provide enough information for inigators to study. every time they make a stop -- >> they have to fill out a form and one problem is they are not keeping the data. as a result, we are not able to get a full picture.>> we are already 400 cops short.>> reporter: they have nothing good to say about the finding or anything in it. >> if we are going to have cops filling out reports every time they think something is wrong on the streets, you will have fewer cops on the streets. we know the problems we have
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internally and we know any racially insensitive officers that we have is a small percentage. we also know that the chief is trying to further his political career. he's one of the worst political opportunists that i have seen in my life.>> reporter: there were five officers undergoing a hunger strike. that is what they are here for. they were taken to the hospital a few days ago and they have all eaten and now they are out. coming up we will tell you about another report from the federal government that says that sfpd is actually not doing such a bad job .>> some of the protesters were calling for a general strike to shut down the city. it didn't happen, did it? >> reporter: no, i don't think many businesses were impacted.
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there was a call not to eat at corporate shops read it corporate stores. there was a general strike and that's the only thing that was canceled today.>> that is mike sugerman outside of city hall. thank you mike. a total of 33 people were arrested and we were there this morning as crews removed it for -- a broken window. the full extent of the damage will not be known until the repairs have been completed. it could be in the thousands of dollars. tense moments on board a southwest airlines flight bound for san francisco. the pilot made an emergency landing after smoke was smelled in the cockpit. it was on its way from phoenix to sfo with over 100 people on board. they touched down at mineta san
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jose international airport. >> reporter: southwest has issued a written statement saying that it was the captain's pilot -- it was the captain's decision to land the plane. everything looked okay from the outside, but they are croup reported mechanical problems and the smell of smoke inside the cabin. the boeing 737 800 was able to taxi in on its own power. they made arrangements to get the passengers to sfo and the plane was taken out of service for inspection. i am kiet do , kpix 5 a singapore airlines boeing 777 was accelerating along the runway in seoul, korea on thursday when it reached about 120 miles per hour.
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a korean air jet crossed in front of it. the tower ordered the singapore pilot to abort takeoff. the pilot slammed on the brakes and the quick stop shredded the tires. none of the people on board were hurt. to san jose brothers charged with killing their parents were in front of a judge this morning. the brothers were in court for a preliminary hearing. right now they are held without bail. they are charged in the deadly shootings of their parents in their home last month. we caught up with a friend of the family briefly outside the courthouse this morning. we are going through emotional strain and i have nothing to say about the case. it is very hard. >> reporter: the hearing picks up again on wednesday. a drifter charged in the bay area murder broke down in
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the courtroom. lila scott alligood sobbed at the preliminary hearing . the wife of steve carter talked about the last time she had seen her husband. in the other case, a tourist from canada was found shot and killed in golden gate park. the -- they were charged in both crimes. sfpd said that she would testify against -- sean michael angold in morrison haze lampley the north carolina requiring transgender people to use the restroom of the gender on their birth certificate. >> this is about the dignity and the respect we accord our fellow citizens in the laws that we as a people in our country have enacted to protect
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them.>> the state of north carolina and its governor welcome the opportunity to be part of the solution.>> reporter: the north carolina governor attempted a preemptive strike by suing the federal government and asking the courts to clarify of house bill 2 discriminates against anybody. the state risks this -- losing billions of dollars in federal a at the jute -- in federal aid if the justice department prevails. kpix 5 is here with more. bernie sanders is trailing hillary clinton by almost 300 delegates in the race to become the democratic residential nominee. he is in california holding a campaign event in sacramento right now before heading to stockton tomorrow. he started this morning in new jersey.>> don't let anybody tell you that this campaign is over. we are going to fight for the last vote. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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had one scheduled event in stone ridge, virginia today. she focused on women's and family issues. >> it is clear there are so many challenges facing and families today that we have to cut -- that we have to come to grips with. >> reporter: clinton is a strong candidate. >> i would rather go with somebody who can prompt -- deliver on their promises.>> reporter: the presumptive republican dominique -- republican nominee, donald trump may choose chris kitty as his running mate if he wins the nomination -- chris christie as his running mate if he wins the nomination. paul ryan said he will step aside as the chair -- the gop chair if trump asked him to resign. county election offices are open for walk-in voters and ballots will be mailed out.
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a good turnout is expected despite the democratic at -- the democratic and republican presidential nominations appearing to be sewed up. there is also a seat vacated by the retiring barbara boxer. the ugly incident involving a student's yearbook photo. sheryl sandberg admits that she was wrong. her mother's day confession. a beautiful site at the bay. a tourist attraction with these whales. ,,
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weekend andberg posting new at 5:00. and emotional admission from a powerful tech executive this weekend. sheryl sandberg says she got it wrong when she talked about rising kit --
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raising kids. >> reaction from one single mom at the facebook campus. >> reporter: sandberg says that she wishes she would have written more about being a single parent in her book. she said she will never understand being a single mom. for one bay area parent, if -- the story brought her to tears. >> reporter: you think it was worth the struggle? >> i am emotional. >> reporter: tricia was a single parent for nearly 20 years raising her three girls on her own. >> we want to do what we would normally do is a two-parent household. >> reporter: and said she was on welfare living paycheck to paycheck. i would -- >> i was always borrowing from one bill to pay another bill. >> reporter: tricia's life was what coo for facebook wrote about.
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she writes, i will never understand and experience all the challenges that most single moms face. i understand more than i did a year ago. sandberg suddenly lost her husband last year.>> physically and financially and everything, it's hard. >> reporter: she said stayed home with her kids was never an option. >> if you miss work, they let you go and i find someone else. >> reporter: sandberg said that almost a third of working members -- mothers do not have paid leave. we need to rethink the corporate workforce policies and broaden the understanding of what a family is in looks like. >> i absolutely agree. >> reporter: tricia says that it was worth the struggle. her girls are now successful women and one of them is soon to be a mom. >> i think they saw strength and perseverance. >> reporter: tricia says that if there is one thing that she could change, she wishes that employers would be more sympathetic and flexible.
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kpix 5 today uber and lyft hit the brakes on offering service in austin, texas. that is after the people in that city voted to require the ride companies to require fingerprints as part of the background checks. the company prefers the name- based check. nearly 2000 uber driver's and lyft drivers are out of work. upset about being called isis and what may be a case of bullying. she was identified in the high school yearbook as isis phillips. that's not her real name. school administrators say it was a typo, but she doubts the explanation. her friends are sympathetic. >> it it makes it -- it makes a lot of us feel alone.>> the first name of another student on campus is isis. that was obviously a misidentification.
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>> reporter: the superintendent said the incident will be fully investigated with the local share's office possibly helping out. the girl herself posted on facebook that she was extraneous -- extremely saddened, disgusted, hurt and embarrassed. a test run by mcdonald's of a new menu item in south bay was such a success that people cannot find the new food. >> in search of the elusive garlic fries.>> reporter: i cannot believe they have not tried it sooner. mcdonald's likely feels the same way. the new look -- the new garlic fries are so popular that the garlic breath they cause last longer -- lasts longer than the fries themselves. they were gone before some customers even had a chance to try them. >> it seemed like an obvious reference -- obvious recipe and they have been popular at at&t park and other locations. >> reporter: the fries were unveiled at four locations.
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customers snatch them up so quickly that they banished from the menu in just two weeks.>> we are sold out. i am's -- i am sort of bomb that we will just come another day. >> reporter: mcdonald's issued a statement saying that the test of the garlic fries was a huge success and they are now experiencing a temporary shortage of supplies. they anticipate serving garlic fries again in a few weeks. mcdonald's said that they would consider serving garlic fries at all of the 250 new restaurants if the initial test is a success. clearly customers have demonstrated their desire for garlic fries and there is nothing stinky about it. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5 direct flights to the china silk road . nonstop shirt -- nonstop service between sfo in
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china. passengers will be able to travel on a boeing 787 dream liner three times a week. this is the first transpacific route since they started serving the chinese city. today city leaders held a ceremony to celebrate the inaugural air canada flight between the encounter in san jose. the airline will now fly out of south bay airport twice a day. just last week, tiki 35 offered nonstop service be up british airways -- via british airways. a couple of whales were spotted swimming in the bay. chopper 5 spotted the whales and they were swimming side-by- side. it was a stop and watch moment in the newsroom. as the whales came up for air and then went back down and then came back up for air and then went back down. they splashed their huge tales.
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it is not clear if this was a mother and her calf. they were heading out toward the golden gate on their way undoubtedly to hawaii to party and hang out. firefighters battling one of the worst fires in canada's history. the fire showing signs of slowing down. cooler weather is forecast of four alberta and they are anticipating the return of nearly 1000 evacuated people. -- 100,000 evacuated people. they are returning to piles of charred rubble. more than 1600 homes and buildings have been destroyed since the fire started a week ago. a massive tornado outside of oklahoma city this afternoon. >> this road is no longer passable in front of me. there are trees in the road. the tornado has all but stalled at this point.>> a stormtracker encountered the funnel cloud that ahead of him. a meteorologist at a local tv station said the twister was at least an ef 2 or possibly an ef-
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3. there was hail the size of tennis balls. the tornado destroyed at least three homes as well as mobile homes and barlett's. the buildings were reduced to rubble -- and barnes. the buildings were reduced to rubble and at least one person was killed in the storm. that is so terrifying. we are lucky to live in california where we don't have those experiences. >> per square mile, california gets fewer tornadoes than any other state. around here, it was partly cloudy. the low pressure has impacted our weather. you did not see the sun, but you've also did not see this because that little black speck moving across the sun. the little small thing is the planet mercury moving across the sun. we can see that about one time every decade and it happen today. it is called the solar transit.
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that is a very large star in a very small planet. guess what, we are not much larger than mercury and that puts us in perspective as well. we are cloudy and there is no sunshine is not -- at all at the golden gate. concord 71 degrees. there was nothing in the sierra and nothing in northern california or the bay area. the kpix high definition doppler is drive . we were nowhere close on friday -- over the weekend. we have been below average. 72 for the high and livermore will be in the 80s tomorrow. i will explain why coming up. livermore 50. san francisco 53. the wind is changing tomorrow and it will go from the southwest went to westwind. the unsold -- the onshore flow is not equal. the westwind at equal speed and strength will give us left --
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less cloud cover and generally more sunshine away from the water. at the coastline you will stay cool and cloudy. inland you will get warm. you go from the 70s to the 80s. as for rainfall, i don't see any. there is an upper-level low over eastern colorado and kansas. high pressure builds in closer to us. temperatures are not going to be anywhere near above average, but we will see them climbing tomorrow and stain above average for a couple of days. we will have low cloud cover and caught -- and fog tomorrow and it will burn off quicker. by 1:00 only clouds along the coastline near san mateo. it will be a sound -- a warmer tuesday. if you like a cooler, we will trend back in that direction later this week. so, a wide temperature sped. 59 at pacifica and 82 with sunshine in livermore. vallejo at 75. san francisco with a little
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afternoon sunshine and a high of 63. the onshore flow get stronger as we move toward the weekend. it knocks the inland temperatures down and at the coast we will stay chilly. that means we are acting more like summer that we have been recently. so, there it is. drive for seven days. >> i like the color of your tyke, by the way. -- tie, by the way. the warriors take on the trailblazers in portland. honoring superstore seth curry even though he does not take the core this evening. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the governor announcing tod the conservation limits putn place two years ago -- will stay. specifics on new limi will come later, but some tt will remai el niño or not, we will not see and into water restrictions. the governor announced today that the conservation limits put in place two years ago will stay. new limits will come later, but some that will remain in place is a ban on washing cars without a shot off nozzle on your house. spray down driveways the spraying down try flies and
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sidewalks. also running sprinklers during rain. local areas will have permission to set conservation limits. game 4 of the western conference semi's against the portland trail blazers. they lead to games to 1. there is a change that -- the chance that seth curry could play tonight. espn is raising the status from doubtful to questionable. he looked good earlier today. in the meantime, it looks like curry will greet taine his leg -- will retain his lead. he is also a contender to become the first unanimously chosen mvp for this season. he challenged his record that she shattered his record and led the league -- he shattered his record and led the league. nla-based architect created
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this microclimate chair that lets athletes get quick heating or cooling therapy by simply sitting in the chair rather than hopping into a nice bath or wrapping themselves in mounds of towels. it was for the nature in motion exhibition. right now there are no plans to put the chair up for sale. the u.s. meant says it will begin producing -- mint says it will begin producing pink coins and the proceeds will go toward breast cancer research. a contest will be held to pick the out -- the artwork for the coins. we will be back after a quick break. >> stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight: on paper it's one of the safest cities in thet bay. ".pittsburg claims that they have a low i am allen martin in the tiki what newsroom. -- the kpix newsroom. >> they have a lower crime rate than walnut creek. >> the police department has been cooking the books to downplay the crime. it will not be a bike path to know where much longer. cycle list from the east bay. that coming up tonight at 6:00. that is it for kpix 5 at 5:00. scott pelley is coming up next. remember the latest news and weather is always on our website at
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>> pelley: tornadoes on the move. hwolent weather descends on the southwest. also tonight, the united states sues north carolina for violating transgender civil rights. >> this is about the dignity and the respect that we accord our fellow citizens. >> pelley: tonight, we're on the from the lines in the war against isis. >> they warned us they believe g ey have seen a car bomb driving through this territory. s> pelley: and, wounded warriors battling back. >> this is a way to keep who you are now and tie together the ieat things you did in you life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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